Steve Sailer doesn’t ask whether there are any two human races further apart than wolves and coyotes, because he’s a nice guy.

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  • spandrell Says:

    His commenters were quick to make the point of him; alongside the claim that gloriously white Irish heads are too big to come out of Asian female birth canals. Even though Asian heads are actually larger on average.

    White nationalism is retarded. Which is a pity because white countries used to be quite nice.


    Michael Reply:

    The logistics of undoing multi cultural countries aside. Can someone explain why this hostility to ,as you put it nationalism ;Though i think you meant ethno nationalism.
    The derision seems to imply there can be no nationalism without socialism.and hate,while socialism might actually be less expensive in white states i think capitalism would work so well we would abandon socialism entirely in favor of insurance plans.
    HBD which is the foundation of DENRX screams for ethno states as the only thing that can possibly work,.supposedly DENRX has no qualms about facing hard truths or imagining fantastic futures so why not the only one that could work and has a chance to be brought about.? Its the only system foundation that could accommodate the more cultural aspects of DENRX like religion patriarchy western civilization even capitalism; and its the only motivator powerful enough to be used to force change.Any IQ elite state has a problem of mean reversion and whites being squeezed from below and above [lets stipulate DENRX is a white question} they also have the problem of thats basically what we have. also they would have the problem of legacy non elites and disparity and the social acrimony it engenders.
    obviously I would have been horrified at such a proposal earlier in my life [ cookie please] but at this point its clear rather than being the hateful solution its a more humane solution.
    It neednt take all the fum out of the D and D game we can still imagine AI Thrones and Alter neo fascism whatever but on a background that would work


    spandrell Reply:

    You´re either on drugs, 13 years old, or very, very stupid.


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  • boozhwah Says:

    Yes, white nationalism is retarded. First you have the problem of what is white:English,Russian, German? all of those cultures are “white,” none are similar. Second, whites are not equal within group: which would you rather have in your society an 80 “IQ” white or a 130 IQ “black.” Third, nationalism init of itself is socialism that discriminates, which group of these have more in common Chinese noblemen, French noblemen, Russian peasants, Croatian peasants? (Its not the white group)


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  • Igitur Says:

    Darwin makes quite an explicit point of doing away with the discrete genera in favor of adaptive continuums t in The Origin of Species. But we’re far too Aristotelian for that I guess.

    In a way, though, there’s a pragmatic, generative (yet very abstract) problematics of genericity that’s neither orthogonal neither parallel to the problem of _generality_ in metaphysics. I wish I had more time to develop this but it doesn’t quite fit the margins of this blog.


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