They had buried him deep, shuddering all the while, scattering their incantations of protection on the accursed grave, as if to entomb their memories there, interring everything they had known in the infinitely forgiving clay. What they begged silently to forget, most of all, was the prophecy that when the stars were right he — it — would return for some hideous completion. Time passed, in the exact measure that had always been necessary, until the moonless night came, unheralded, and unstirred by the slightest breeze, when the stars were — in icy, twinkling fact — perfectly and pitilessly right

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  • neovictorian23 Says:

    It’s striking how remarkably sane the excerpts from HPL’s letters seem. They were written 80-90 years ago or more, yet if compared to a New York Times editorial or Salon article, the observations seem remarkably mature, serious and objective. But of course, we’re so much smarter now, more scientific, better educated, healthier, adjusted. And medicated.


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  • Exhumation | Reaction Times Says:

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  • Max Says:

    That might be my favorite issue of Radish ever. Just superb from beginning to end, and really does a fantastic job of illustrating how much wisdom has been lost in the modern age.


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  • Konkvistador Says:

    An excellent piece! Radish did well.

    Having only ever read Lovecraft’s fiction and not very much else, I expected some overlap but not this much. Reading the quotes of the reactionary rationalist Lovecraft who’s imagination dwelt on horror and beauty, I can’t help but think “this is my worldview with very few noticeable deviations”.

    One of us. One of us.

    The lost and alien 20th century reveals new surprises.


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  • Konkvistador Says:

    “(a) Love of the strange and the fantastic. (b) Love of the abstract truth and of scientific logick. (c) Love of the ancient and the permanent. ”

    The Neoreactionary Trinity reemerges.


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  • nyan_sandwich Says:

    I was going to write about the importance of Lovecraftian Cosmology to NRx. Perhaps I still will, but Radish has treated this one very well, and I almost wonder why I even bother.


    Izak Reply:

    Well, yes, it will be hard to top that Radish article.

    But maybe you can write about Conan, Nyan Sandwich. In some ways I see him as a sort of application of Lovecraft’s ideas. Conan has an attitude about the eternal elusiveness of the cosmos similar to Lovecraft’s, but his attitude is to intentionally avoid penetrating the questions which cannot be answered. Much of the Sword & Sorcery genre on the whole seems like an extension of this perspective, at least when it’s done right.


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  • Exumação – Outlandish Says:

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  • Queen of The Wilis Says:



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