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German authorities expect up to 1.5 million asylum seekers to arrive in Germany this year, the Bild daily said in a report to be published on Monday, up from a previous estimate of 800,000 to 1 million.

Whatever it is that’s happening here should be over fairly quickly.

Also worth noting: “The authorities’ report also cited concerns that those who are granted asylum will bring their families over to Germany too, Bild said. […] Given family structures in the Middle East, this would mean each individual from that region who is granted asylum bringing an average of four to eight family members over to Germany in due course, Bild quoted the report as saying.” (So we can crank the binary exponent up by another 2-3 notches straight away.)

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  • RorschachRomanov Says:

    This Cathedral has ratcheted up demographic annihilation with such reckless abandon that I’ve begun to ask myself, as with Modernity, the logic of which is ultimately suicide, is this an expression of its own suicidal ideation?

    Perhaps this is little more than my own desperate attempt to find some light in the darkness.


    Xoth Reply:

    It could be the migrant skeptics are growing quickly enough that the migrophiles want to put in a fait accompli before the next elections roll around.


    Bettega Reply:

    That’s not suicide, it’s homicide. The Cathedral has wanted to destroy Germany ever since World War II. Now they have the means.



    Remeber these guys the next time David Brin comes claiming the Marshall Plan for the progressives.

    And then there is also this guy.


    “During World War II, Hooton proposed to eradicate the German people by infiltrating them slowly with masses of non-European male immigrants, thereby breed “war strains” out of them.”

    I’m not fond of conspiracy theory, but when a political and social group expresses wishes for certain policies to be enacted, and then these policies are enacted when this group has finally gained the power to do so, I tend to believe there is a causal nexus.


    Alrenous Reply:

    >I’m not fond of conspiracy theory, but when a political and social group expresses wishes for certain policies to be enacted, and then these policies are enacted when this group has finally gained the power to do so, I tend to believe there is a causal nexus.



    Lucian of Samosata Reply:

    Morgenthau, of course! Those nefarious white neo-Puritans are always up to no good!


    Yvjrolu Reply:

    oy vey goyim, do you want to be part of a boring race that never gets to be “the jews?”

    Erebus Reply:

    The Morganthau plan? Vae victis.

    The Germans will have to decide for themselves whether they live or die as a nation. In either case, it will be by their own hand. To state anything else would be to deny the Germans agency — to suggest that they’re thralls or drones. (i.e. that they’re so thoroughly brainwashed, so absolutely incapable of defending themselves, that national self-preservation cannot be expected — and that Cathedral mind-killers are responsible for this, and are therefore wholly responsible for the German race’s impending doom. I don’t see how this can be taken entirely seriously. And if it is to be taken seriously, what does that say about the Germans?)


    Bettega Reply:

    Germany is an occupied country. See how much their “agency” can do about getting their gold back, for example. What does that say about the Germans? It says that they have been utterly defeated.

    Erebus Reply:

    How would you define “occupied”? Do you mean “occupied by the Cathedral’s propaganda”, or “a country which hosts US military bases”, or what?

    Japan is occupied by any definition of the word. They were also utterly defeated, and subject to terrible humiliations in the post-war years. If it weren’t for the Soviets ravaging Germany’s eastern territories, I’d argue that the Japanese populace actually received worse treatment than the Germans. And as far as propaganda is concerned, you haven’t seen a damn thing until you’ve seen how the US government incessantly tried to brainwash the Japanese with “democracy.”
    …And yet Japan isn’t rushing to commit national suicide. To the contrary, its leaders seem refreshingly sane. And although they haven’t finished crawling out from under the US Government’s thumb, the Japanese are nonetheless a proud nation which is capable of determining its own destiny. Against global opposition, the Japanese have just recently reaffirmed their right as a nation to wage war, which is extremely encouraging. (He has his faults, but Shinzo Abe is a man of integrity. When he says he’s going to do something, he means it sincerely.)

    If the Germans have been so utterly defeated that they have forever lost all sense of national pride, all vigor, every last instinct which would implore them to defend their fatherland and its ways of life… well… then they have been vanquished, and they shall inevitably share the fate of vanquished peoples, which is annihilation.
    I hope that this is not the case. What we can be certain of is the fact that it is for the Germans, and only the Germans, to decide. They need to figure out what being German means to them & then act accordingly. In this, at least, they have agency. People can still choose how they die.

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  • Thales Says:

    Tun Sie noch lange für mich?


    John Hannon Reply:

    But in the sense that it’s him who is being atoned for, he never went away.


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  • michael Says:

    are you just understanding this is existential do you think we tuned in to hate thought because we redneck racists. its not personal its us or them. in fact their only chance of surviving is if we do. and this cant wait in fact it couylsnt wait it seems now its over lights out door to door race war some time soon for sure. NRX will be remembered as being just as complicit in the do nothing camp


    Tryptophan Reply:

    >Democracy self-immolates for the 43rd time
    >The only western group opposing Democracy is to blame because its the wrong flavour of Democracy, I wanted the less-competitive Nationalist flavour that caused the self-immolations in the past.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    mike, head over to FB and check out enlisted company nine.

    or any of their links or similar vein.

    Mike neoreaction is a tiny group so don’t think it representative.

    Nor is the counsel of despair the only voice in neoreaction. Social Matter blog has more grounded voices.

    Of course we have to fight, you’re just coming to the give up on humanity period blog.
    Admin is transhumanist and the father of accelerationism. You’re not coming to the right place for self-defense, fight or die, rally and win back our countries. Nor will ye rouse them, at least not with words. Cheer up and go looking for the fighters, not attempting to rally the other types.

    Mike you gotta find workers in the right place. This is the disability compensation dept, no wet work even considered here.


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  • Stirner (@heresiologist) Says:

    Vox Day’s quote on this matter is too good to miss.

    “Meanwhile, in Germany, the government has admitted that they are expecting 1.5 million migrants this year, nearly twice as many as they previously reported. They seem surprisingly unconcerned, perhaps because past German governments have demonstrated their ability to deal with four times that number.”



    John Hannon Reply:

    They’re already sending migrants to Dachau –



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  • Exponential | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • NRx_N00B Says:

    Some speculation; let’s face it, the refugee situation in Germany is highly anomalous. There is much going on that we are not privy to. It’s possible that, in Syria, the shit’s about to get real—this war is about to go massively kinetic. Expecting this, Turkey had to clear out their camps to make room for the coming deluge.


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  • Lucian of Samosata Says:

    A masterpiece of black comedy if juxtaposed against Germany:

    Resettling refugees in Gulf states is impermissible as, it is feared, this might augur instability for Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc.

    “Additionally, the influx of thousands of Syrians at once would threaten to overturn a highly delicate demographic balance that the Gulf states rely on to keep functioning.”



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