Five Stages of HBD

Stage-1 (Denial): “What is this naziish-sounding “HBD” of which you speak? Actually, I’d rather you didn’t answer that.”

Stage-2 (Anger): “RAAAAAAACISSSST!!!”

Stage-3 (Bargaining): “… but even if HBD is real, it doesn’t mean anything, does it? You know, comparative advantage, or postmodernism … (or something).”

Stage-4 (Depression): “Who could possibly have imagined that reality was so evil?”

Stage-5 (Acceptance): “Blank slate liberalism really has been a mountain of dishonest garbage, hasn’t it? Guess it’s time for it to die …”

[Thanks to Thales for the prompt]

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  • Mark Warburton Says:

    This will sound like an AA meeting – but – yeah, from stages 1-to-5 here. Although I don’t feel strongly about the stark reality (race, IQ etc. infact I think maximising for intelligence is over-stated around these parts) – it’s more the hysterical incredulity I left behind that amazes me.


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  • fake_username Says:

    Surprisingly accurate. Well, other than for the reality that a combination of cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias locks most people into stage 2 or 3 indefinitely.


    admin Reply:

    That oscillation definitely traces out the respectable equilibrium right now.


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  • Solex Says:

    I can see that peoples are pulling away from each other in the world, developing at different rates, in different directions… but is race really the most intelligent way of demarcating these differences? Surely the suspicion of HBD is precisely that is not at all a matter of realism, but of ideological – or at least historically constructed – convenience pretending to the truth. There are plenty of low-IQ whites in my neck of the world, and the high IQ ones have far more in common with their black/Jewish/hispanic peers than with other whites… And speaking of Jewish, we never did hear anything about Israel during the middle east discussions – can we now have some thoughts on the Jews in relation to HBD?


    admin Reply:

    The primary value of HBD, from a political perspective, is that it takes race out of the equation, by demolishing the edifice of ‘disparate impact’ grievance remedy.


    VXXC Reply:


    Ah. Brilliant. take it out completely.

    The problem is the logical conclusion is eugenics. However that problem is a club for good behavior.

    As to intelligence maximizing – this works for the Rule of The Smart.

    Well that’s what we’ve got, and humanity is moving to the Dark Ages of it’s own volition. The Barbarians who destroyed the Western Empire were just negotiating a deal with Rome that went south. They didn’t intend the Dark Ages. No, the Dark Ages are not a good thing.

    If you know everyone has to work, then there is less opportunity for mischief. See: Economics.

    As to the Jews it was a requirement of the ghetto that the Rabbi’s have gainful employment.

    Our New England Rabbi’s DO NOT .


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  • Thales Says:

    Stage-1 (Denial): “What is this cavemanish-sounding “Game” of which you speak? Actually, I’d rather you didn’t answer that.”

    Stage-2 (Anger): “SEEEXIIISST!!!”

    Stage-3 (Bargaining): “… but even if Game is real, it doesn’t mean anything, does it? You know, women like soft cuddly fat guys, right? Game only works on a certain kind of girl… (or something).”

    Stage-4 (Depression): “Who could possibly have imagined that reality was so evil?”

    Stage-5 (Acceptance): “Feminism really has been a mountain of dishonest garbage, hasn’t it? Guess it’s time to learn Game or die lonely in Mom’s basement playing World of Warcraft…”


    Rasputin's Severed Penis Reply:

    Recent instances of Thales SOH is making not having a ‘LIKE’ button increasingly problematic…


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  • VXXC Says:

    What’s wrong with Nazi?

    Never doubt my people again.


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  • underground-man Says:

    It was quite late in life that I found out you’re supposed to believe in absolute equality. Before that I thought everyone commonsensically subscribed to HBD.


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  • spandrell Says:

    90% of people stay in stage 2.


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  • spandrell Says:

    cf. this monumental piece of cherry-picking turd:


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  • Rasputin's Severed Penis Says:

    Cherry picking aside, this seems to be a fairly sizable – and in parts persuasive – piece of work surely deserving of some serious engagement?


    spandrell Reply:

    You can’t engage people who say with a straight face that thanks to the Flynn Effect , the average IQ of americans in 2010 was 5 points higher than in 2000.

    If the standard to use is who has more academic studies to back them, it’s natural that the modern somali-welcoming transexual polyamorous non-breeding people feel superior to the nasty traditionalists.

    That post is the blogging equivalent of a filibuster.


    Rasputin's Severed Penis Reply:

    “That post is the blogging equivalent of a filibuster.” Bit harsh. I think he is genuinely trying to work out a position, and, marinated in progressive ideology as he may be, some of his points e.g. problems with Neocameralism don’t stay a million miles away from some of the neoreactionary critique they have already received in these circles, which he no doubt based his own response on.

    I am looking forward to MA’s full response, since much of the first part targeted him specifically. Personally I thought point 6) What if the king is an idiot or psycho? of MA’s ‘Ten Objections to Traditionalism and Monarchism, With Answers’ was wishful thinking, at best.


    spandrell Reply:

    For the record, I think neocameralism is stupid, as is MA’s neomonarchism. Having an “anti-reactionary FAQ” by saying monarchism has its problems is a huge strawman.

    It all falls down when he calls neoreaction “utopian”. Of course some people are, but that’s around 10% of the movement. Most people know we don’t have a good answer about how to fix the mess. But it doesn’t follow that there is no mess.

    Thales Reply:

    “I also suspect (though I have no evidence) that it is primarily the hotter women who have been socialized to be irrationally attracted to “bad boys”…”

    You don’t know? Shit — I’m SOLD! I’ll forget everything about framing, flipping the script, escalation and everything else that’s ever landed a girl in my lap (and kept her there) even before I knew there was a word for it in favor of a party-line Proggressive guess.

    Honestly, the whole blog post reads that way. The objections are oblique, if not downright orthogonal.

    Mister Scott, if Progs were not deontologically hamstrung from exploring their own taboos, Reaction would find no purchase, would it?


    nydwracu Reply:

    read: I also suspect (though I have more evidence) that it is primarily the more desirable women who have been socialized to be irrationally attracted to “bad boys”

    So even if the suspicion is completely accurate, it doesn’t matter in the slightest, without the further claim that hotness is irrelevant to desirability and it’s a progressive’s moral duty to ignore game and land a 4 for justice, which no one will ever make.


    Thales Reply:

    #bangamanatee4justice #hashtagsthatwillnevertrend

    Antisthenes Reply:

    Brb, deconstructing the covert privileging of facial symmetry in Western metaphysics. My tutorial group leader will love this.

    DB Reply:

    In fairness, I’m pretty sure Scott is genuinely indifferent to hotness. (I know it’s possible, since I’m also that way. It’s well known that smart nerd girl 4s have it waaay better than other 4s because of the relative surplus of men like Scott and myself.) So he is making an honest attempt at extrapolation, it just doesn’t work because most people are wired fundamentally differently from both him and the mates he prefers.

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  • Lesser Bull Says:

    Some of you guys must be better people than me, because it never bothered me much.


    admin Reply:

    Coercive diversitocracy doesn’t bother you much? (My hackles go up like a werewolf.)

    My investment is Rothbardian, i.e. defensive. Beyond specialist scientific investigation, HBD is necessitated by the race-politics onslaught from the Cathedral.


    Lesser Bull Reply:

    Of course that bothers me. How could it not? No, the realization that there was considerable scientific evidence for average group differences didn’t feel like a kick in the gut to me, since I hadn’t really invested a whole lot in the United Colors of Benetton anyhow.


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  • RJ Miller Says:

    Oh my goodness…

    I feel so relieved to know that the crisis of realization I went through over the past couple years is not unique to me!

    My gateway drug/red pill was “The Bell Curve,” followed by the Norwegian documentary series “Brainwash.” From there I kept finding more and more information online about the subject, and most recently I had the chance to finish a copy of “A Troublesome Inheritance.”

    And recently I had the honor of getting a tweet by the Godfather himself:

    People in the HBD camp seem to fall into two categories:

    1. Those who followed the evidence where it led and came to accept it for what it was.

    2. Those who *started* with a prejudicial premise of some sort and sought anything that could possibly be used to justify it.

    I will make it a part time hobby of mine to increase the number of category 1’s so something good can actually come out of this line of evidence. It looks like the easiest way to do so is to aggregate some of the scientific literature on HBD-related matters and draw attention to it to those who have no opinion on the matter.

    HBD is the nuclear physics of social science. It can be used to generate better policy (public or private) or it could potentially be used for destructive purposes.

    As enthusiastic as I am about HBD, I do feel a little anxious about what some elements of the blogosphere are trying to use this info for.


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  • Mark Citadel Says:

    This remains true all these years later


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  • Wagner Says:

    Anyone who beautifies a braindead future is a criminal with the soul of a gnat. This shouldn’t be controversial. And here we are in a time when saying that puts your life in jeopardy.


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  • Wagner Says:

    Think Hindu caste-system applied globally. “Ruh-roh.”

    Of course anyone who suggests this is, in the current backwards caste-system’s valuation, a chandala.


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  • Wagner Says:


    Wagner Reply:

    Been paranoid about Atavisionary’s silence. There’s a reason people don’t talk to me directly… Hey look I’m in your DMs, oops now you’re on all the Lists I’m on.

    Once most reach Stage-5 I can be a normal person again, maybe. Am I seen as a terrorist too? eh so maybe it’s a forever curse.

    They don’t want us to collectively reach Stage-5 though. Their entire Plan is about preventing that from ever happening. Better everyone simian-looking and unable to read too good than for the screams in the above clip to take place.


    Posted on September 2nd, 2019 at 9:15 pm Reply | Quote

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