Flea Politics

One time-tested way to shed parasites is to take a dip:

Foxes will actually take a stick when they have fleas and get into the water slowly. They let the water raise up to their necks and hold the stick up in the air. As the water goes higher up their face, the fleas will climb higher. Eventually the fox will just have it’s nose out of the water while holding the stick. The fleas will climb up the stick and the fox will sink under the water and let the flea infested stick float down the river to the flea’s watery grave.

As Balaji Srinivasan remarked (on Ultimate Exit): “… but the best part is this: the people who think this is weird, the people who sneer at the frontier, who hate technology — they won’t follow you out there.”

Did you really think it was going to be that easy?

Space de-colonization is already preparing to queer-up the escape trajectory:

As venture capitalist space entrepreneurs and aerospace contractors compete to profit from space exploration, we’re running up against increasingly conflicting visions for human futures in outer space. Narratives of military tactical dominance alongside “NewSpace” ventures like asteroid mining projects call for the defense, privatization, and commodification of space and other worlds, framing space as a resource-rich “frontier” to be “settled” in what amounts to a new era of colonization … […] we have to stake a claim in the territory of space programs now. We need to add our voices, perspectives, plans, our cares. There isn’t time to wait. We can’t sit back and say: Space isn’t urgently important, we should be looking at problems here on Earth. First of all, much of space science is looking at and working on problems here on Earth (from conflict, migration, and drought to climate change, deforestation, and more). Secondly, SpaceX, Boeing, and others are preparing new craft and taking humans into space now — and human technology is leaving the solar system. Perhaps it’s not happening on the timeline you would prefer, but it’s already happening and has been for decades, and they’re pretty much doing it without us … So what’s next? We — all us queer, trans, disabled, black, native, etc. folk and more — we need to fight back, take back, de-colonize and re-imagine our futures in outer space, we need to pop up where they least expect us. (Emphasis in original.)

Leaving those ‘cares’ behind is going to take a colder exit.

ADDED: From VXXC on twitter — “In space no one can hear you whine.”

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  • wenshuang Says:

    A truly amazing article. This is the second time I’ve seen it, and I read it each time I encounter it. It’s a beautiful reminder.

    He’s no fringe academic either, he pops up everywhere. He’s the same guy crusading against Oxford Dictionary for recording how people use language.


    admin Reply:

    It perfectly epitomizes what the cold frontier has to shuck off.


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  • Flea Politics | Neoreactive Says:

    […] By admin […]

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  • James Johnston Says:

    A literal ‘safespace’


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  • pyrrhus Says:

    This kind of disparate emigration is called “boiling off” in the lexicon of geneticists like Cochran and Harpending, who have written about the way that boiling off is making the Amish steadily more Amish….


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  • Erebus Says:

    Fitting that you should post this on the 30th anniversary of the Challenger disaster. That event illustrates why engineering should be the only priority — and why human management concerns, grievance politics, etc. have no place in space. (“Take off your engineer hat, and put on your management hat”, said the NASA bureaucrats who doomed the shuttle and dealt NASA a terrible blow from which it never fully recovered.)

    Not a very good idea to send subhumans, mentally ill “queer” folks, and other undesirables into space. Not good for them. It is a harsh and unforgiving environment and they will not survive. (Of course, they know this, and they want to drag the rest of us down with them. We must not allow this to happen.)

    The final frontier may be the last and greatest meritocracy. The cold void doesn’t care about one’s minority status or sexual perversions — only the competent will survive… and hopefully, eventually, thrive.


    admin Reply:

    How do you defend things from politics without creating more politics? — The only right-wing question that ultimately matters.


    Marxist toady Reply:

    Excellently stated. I would especially to see you write about more on constitutionalism/republicanism (lower-case) as answers to this, as in the XS post “Casino Royale” or your reflections on Godel from UF1.

    (Also be interested in your thoughts on some of the older, but now-canon scholarly literature on republicanism, e.g., J. G. A. Pocock or Paul Ruhe’s massive “Republics Ancient and Modern.”)


    michael Reply:

    “How do you defend things from politics without creating more politics? — The only right-wing question that ultimately matters.”-you kill everyone that disagrees with you, or at least enough the others dare not express their thoughts to another living soul, while you brainwash the next generation. war swims right.They are not going to allow their slaves to run off and mock them from afar.
    Any so called collapse will be an excuse to impose some form of martial law for our protection anarcho tyranny.\
    If you haven’t the stomach for that, the riskier route is buy off enough to muddle through a transition but lots can go wrong.
    If you were serious and not larping You could ally with someone like Putin exchange talent for nuclear protected turf,Hes got a lot of clients in need of talent.
    I wouldnt trust the chinese theyre racist youll see.
    These tech hopes are a long way off.The camp of the saints is already disembarking and getting right to work


    Aeroguy Reply:

    “War swims right”, only the most historically ignorant spout such nonsense. The world wars ended colonialism, the Chinese nationalists lost, the White army lost, the confederates lost, the loyalists lost, the Jacobins lost. Look at Rome, oh that’s right the Optimates lost there too.

    How about a quick look at every notable armed conflict inside the USA?
    There’s Shay’s Rebellion which helped pave the way for the birth of USG and Washington DC. You have the whiskey rebellion, the bleeding of Kansas before the civil war itself, and the Battle of Blair Mountain which all strengthened the grip of USG domestic military power.

    In contrast there are events like the Dorr Rebellion which resulted in expanded suffrage in Rhode Island The Ludlow massacre that enabled an advance in centralized regulation. While the ATF massacre in Waco TX resulted in nothing which resulted in the Oklahoma City bombing which resulted in an advance in centralized regulation giving Washington a taste for anti-terrorism legislation.

    Range wars ultimately lead to the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934 which increased centralized regulation. The war of 1812 ended reliance on state/local militia in favor of a federal standing military.

    There is also the expulsion of Mormons from Missouri to consider. “Anti-Mormon goals were reached in a few simple stages. Executive paralysis permitted terrorism, which forced Mormons to self-defense, which was immediately labeled as an “insurrection,” and was put down by the activated militia of the county. Once Latter Day Saints were disarmed, mounted squads visited Mormon settlements with threats and enough beatings and destruction of homes to force flight.”

    In the entire history of the USG, domestically wielded force have never been successfully utilized against it, never moved power away from the Washington, and the only remotely right wing cause it assisted was in putting down union labor rebellions with the help of USG military before those unions aligned themselves with the central power.

    While the case can be made that force moves things right in the context of competing civilizations across millennia (specifically where there’s a lopsided tech advantage, like the Indian wars), really it’s leftist rot leaving the nation weak to barbarians/competitors on the outside rather than an internal right wing insurrection (Romans, Greeks, Persians, Samerians). I can only think of one example in history of a successful long lasting (the restorations I’m familiar with were temporary victories in the face of an avalanche of defeats and contrition) right wing insurrection, the establishment of the aristocratic Roman Senate over the democratically elected Rex, please inform me of any others you can find.

    The French can rest easy because there’s a group with a bigger losing streak than them, the RIGHT. Incidentally the French First Republic kicked monarchist ass in the French Revolutionary wars.

    The right builds as it consumes energy, it is the accumulation of energy stored in increasingly complex systems of order, it is the expansion and growth of complex order. It is literally an engine propelled by the production of entropy (that isn’t a metaphor but a precise description about reality). The left is internal decay, the ever present slope downward, the urge to release that stored up energy and break the bonds of order, the second law of thermodynamics decrees that a toll in energy must be paid to hold off the destruction of this monster.

    michael Reply:

    @Aeroguy I guess we can count you out of any fight then, and youre not in favor of political strategies, So I guess your just going to wait for the call from Davos?
    Nice history lesson thing is the essence of order / civilization is superior force. Civilization is organized force, the rest is a side benefit.So yeah the left uses it too, your argument is essentially the ‘religion caused all the worlds wars’ argument. Humans will use whatever social organizational tool to gain power for their goals, all the other things they use are a proxy for physical force. Politics is the posturing before the fight testing for weakness who might jump in whether the opponent can be bluffed or intimidated. USG can be beat just like all the other empires were,I promise you if you all would put your minds to that instead of arguing over ideology you would see how easy it would be.

    Erebus Reply:

    That’s a good question. I’ll need to give it some thought.

    Would you characterize the recent Thai military coup as an example of defending things from politics without creating more politics? Thailand was nearing a state of civil war, the coup was swift and bloodless, and the unelected military government has proven extremely successful at stabilizing the nation. (Over the frenetic objections of the State Department and the rest of the Cathedral.)


    michael Reply:

    Dinner party couple nights ago in Brooklyn all my far left friends [realized last month in 55 years I have only met one other conservative in NYC and he asked I keep it confidential],Space X came up and I found almost a dozen people were all adamantly opposed to it, Even when I pointed out it was private money because I assumed this was a relic of the nasa vs head start meme. But no They knew all about it and were already alligned, some basically wouldnt concede such a thing as private capital. Others essentially implied private talent should not be autonomous and others that it was bad for the environment lol.Thing is these are white rich tech, finance ,media ,and arts people but dedicated marxists. Everyone of them was offended if I implied they were liberals yet not one of them failed to support any leftist cause that came up and these days most leftist causes are extremely leftist. I have noted the past decade that of all the people I know in NYC while not one of them is a conservative not one of them admits to being a liberal yet all are further left than say obama.Too many of them are too young to remember Dukakis something else is going on, it could simply be that I can not discern that far far leftism is so normalized that far far far far leftism is now considered liberal but what does that look like I cant ever get a lefty to say anything is too far left.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Mike I love it…”just wait for the call from Davos”.

    We could of course counter that fuck Moldbug, politics doesn’t only swim left.

    And War swims reliably Right. Enough to say that War swims Right.

    In conducting it war always swims right in the execution.

    Especially when you’ve lost your combat veterans – no one, NONE have claim on us, even between us we’re peers – and pretty much have alienated your police and military as thoroughly as the Progs have.

    For war to have Left Wing results the Progs must sign the Treaties. That doesn’t happen in Civil Wars against Progs.

    They’re out no matter who wins. Victory requires men.

    And honestly I’d rather be ruled by an unlikely enough Stalin or Mao then the train wreck trannies and their cares above.


    jay Reply:

    If war swims right then what are socialist states coming to existence as a result of war like Rojava?

    A left-wing paradise of gender equality and socialism.

    vxxc2014 Reply:


    NYC is not America.

    It just isn’t.

    and it’s only 8 million.

    It will be less soon enough. Finance is going.


    michael Reply:

    no its not america but for the last 25 years been going back and forth between nyc and rural idaho and spend time across the US as i commute. Idaho gets more like nyc yearly. They dont see what their future is so they cant prepare a defense, California refugees bring the plague with them. Rural politics are not left right as we think of them they are still informed by things like remnant agricultural interests from the turn of the last century commodity prices being controlled by far off events.But have gone from wizard of oz to alex jones
    I also move a lot between classes have my whole strange life and the same problem exists, The elites only experience is with elite minorities in elite environments they have cartoon ideas of what their co ethnics are like.No matter how smart they are they are brainwashed by media This is so multi generational and total every topic is now intricately politicized and framed as good v evil no amount of counter fact is going to penetrate youre essentially asking them to be evil. The lower classes are paranoid in a different way than the rurals interestingly they can be converted to almost anything if they think you know what youre talking about. The middle classes are all about football and kids they dont want to know anything but they want to fit in so would follow. youre right the northwest and im sure all over the us is full of veterans that do not like usg v usa and theres probably more vets than actives and while theyree not as heavily armed with the big stuff I suspect they would come into a lot of it if it came to that nudge wink. as for small arms as Im sure you know people on the right in the US are armed to the teeth and the left wouldnt know how to take the safety off. Personally I think the US is a powder keg and could go off on some minor thing like that fruit vendor in Tunisia but it could as easily go on as is indefinitely the DENRX ought to have a serious plan if they want power but I dont think they do I think they want to feel masculine as internet superheros.I credit Moldbug with actually getting through to leftists something I never could do but because they were leftists they dont recognize he wasn’t the first to have most of those ideas though he had a unique way of framing them. Politics and war are organizational in that sense they are right the left is chaos and so it needs the tools of the right like their economics they think they can have it both ways they play this delicate game of trying to ratchet left while using right tools and since they cant concede their destination is chaos they are trying to keep from completely falling over at the same time. its pretty impressive actually, and if these DENRX are correct that democracy politics etc can not be salvaged in any form they couldnt do better than taking over the cathedrals controls.I think an intelligence center should start assessing whats really going on I think we have friends in high places.

    Erebus Reply:

    >private talent should not be autonomous

    This is an incredibly dangerous attitude to take, for obvious reasons.
    (If not autonomous — in whose hands? Who decides what the “greater good” is? What of freedom of association? And, as “talents” are in fact hard-won skills, what sane man would bother cultivating them when it only leads to indentured servitude — a career in “public service” or academia?)

    >others that it was bad for the environment lol

    “The environment” is an all-purpose cudgel. If a man of the left doesn’t like something, even if only for the vaguest of reasons, it’s easy to claim that the hated object or policy will have a negative environmental impact. This is sometimes paradoxical: In Europe, most of the left is anti-Nuclear power for “environmental” reasons, a position which could not possibly be more stupid or inane.

    …And, yeah, the far-left has been normalized and mainstreamed. The new “left” now espouses positions that would be considered insane only a decade or two ago. The left’s preoccupation with equality — which primarily involves degrading the best and most noble of us, as we can see in this SpaceX case — has led it to absurdities.


    michael Reply:

    yeah its incredibly dangerous. but remember “you didnt build that”. You can find many examples that support this fundamental belief of theirs. Though not one of them would admit to be a liberal and all claimed to be anti communist they are all actually quite communist.
    What I see is the commies abandoned central economies in the 80s and adopted the parasitical model which they euphemistically call socialism now.At the same time they abandoned the working class whites essentially the same way Stalin went after the kulaks and are importing third world peasants. communism was a hard sell to the our kulaks who were not bad off and yet we didnt have enough peasants so they imported them. wealth redistribution was a hard sell and the opposition optimized to oppose it so they marched through the institutions selling minority “equality” a very western value so it seemed, but the enlightenment egalitarianism was essentially a meritocracy that respected no class distinctions the commies were actually selling racial redistribution. Since it wasnt outright wealth but “programs” and forced access to institutions like AA, and since there was indeed some historical grievance that seemed in need of justice reasonable people of all politics gave it a try for american blacks not realizing it would never stop and be applied without discussion to any conceivable minority and expanded to europe as colonial reparations.
    So its essentially understanding marxism has gone from redistributing wealth to lower classes to redistributing power to minority races genders etc and your power is your ability which you owe to those you oppressed through your privilege. They are no more going to let you flee with that ability than they are going to let you flee with your wealth that would be white flight which is racist.To get into a good university you must demonstrate how you use your white abilities for others or how you are oppressed by whites, If you are successful you had better be sharing that power prestige etc with minorities. This is why talk of secession will never go anywhere, the left will pretend they think cities are contributing more to the tax base than rural areas but they will not concede who in those cities is creating the wealth thats taxed. They understand if secession were an option and liberals had to support and control minorities alone their utopia would end up as Johannesburg. Its why they now target white areas for sect 8 housing and Syrian refugees. welcome to the hotel california.

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    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Henk Says:

    The cost effective way to get a return on capital in space very likely omits the monkeys. If this happens at all, the new frontier should be predicted to be populated by pure capital. It’s still a tech-comm NRx dream show, of course, because unreliable slow multi-second latency links can’t fail to motivate ever more autonomy for our assets out there…


    admin Reply:

    Shhh …


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  • Thales Says:

    “…we need to pop up where they least expect us..


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  • Skilluminati Says:

    “To travel in space you must learn to leave the old verbal garbage behind: God talk, priest talk, mother talk, family talk, love talk, party talk, and country talk. You must learn to exist with no religion no country no allies. You must learn to see what is in front of you with no preconceptions.”



    Grotesque Body Reply:



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  • John Hannon Says:

    Maybe disabled people will indeed go into space one day (recall Hawking’s famous zero-gravity flight), although certain disabilities in some situations may be more problematic than others –



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  • Contaminated NEET Says:

    “Queer-up?” Admin, I didn’t think you had it in you.


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  • Grotesque Body Says:

    “He rose and stood tottering in that cold autistic dark with his arms outheld for balance while the vestibular calculations in his skull cranked out their reckonings…”


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    BTW I just found the true originator of Exit politics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGi6Q1pNbS0

    Srinivasan pwned, Dr Land pwned


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  • First Bayes Says:

    What I find frightening is the possibility that some bureaucrat will decide that the best way to achieve a time-local optima is to send Muslims to space. A fanatic desert culture with expansion ingrained into their very religion, sending them out, the bureaucrat will reason, will be the best way to get them out of our hair, and, as a nice side-effect, guarantee her a tenured job as a ‘space diversity czar’.

    Sending hyper-masculine desert fanatics to space will be much more disastrous than sending emotional trainwrecks there who won’t have a bureaucracy to coddle them in the middle of nowhere. If crashing planes into buildings can cause so much destruction, imagine giving the principals access to rockets. And knowing the short time preference of the powers-that-be in such scenarios (2008 financial crisis being the most recent demonstration of their impressive powers of can-kicking), this could be a very real scenario in the near future.


    frank Reply:

    Are beta males driven by ressentiment considered hyper-masculine now?


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    On the internet sure.


    Gentile Ben Reply:



    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    I’ve been biting my tongue on making a Fremen joke since I read this post


    R. J. Moore II Reply:

    Muslims don’t have the IQ or trust levels to operate a space station, unless they’re all Han converts (who are not the people ‘wez at war with’).


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    There are also no planets (to my knowledge) with generous welfare gibsmedats.


    R. J. Moore II Reply:

    Before Star Trek went full on gay there were Vulcan merchants, it was a strict private property society, and wives were owned by their husbands. Can we move to Vulcan?

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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Facebook has some cares.

    Unintended Irony winner of the day…

    “For Facebook and other platforms like it, incidents such as the bullfighting kerfuffle betray a larger, existential difficulty: How can you possibly impose a single moral framework on a vast and varying patchwork of global communities?”



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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    I do love The Cold Frontier.



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  • hm Says:

    It’s funny. Do these people realize that if it came down to it, and humanity was forced to choose whether to save them and their lefty journalist abilities, and save Musk and his engineering and organizational/scientific abilities… it would take literally 1 second to figure out which is worth more.

    I think there is a huge lack of perspective in these people. They have no humility or respect for what is truly valuable. They think they can just take dumps everywhere and still be respected.

    The two left articles are just…yeeesesssh…. rough stuff.

    They’re about ten times rougher because I know a good 40 people who all love that stuff and pretty much act like that constantly. It just gets under my skin for some reason. And I know it gets under everyone here’s skin too. Why else would we all be so committed to this idea of the new right.

    Anyway lol…

    I think it’s healthy to try to determine this sort of right way of looking at these articles. Getting angry about them is pretty irrational. Getting annoyed. The right thing is to more or less just kind of smile about them. They’re funny. It’s like a kid who has just kind of lost the plot and you know, he’s doing what he thinks is cool. It’s like looking at a teenager who hasn’t grown up yet who just got some really crappy pop record and he’s playing it to try to look cool for his friends and the girls at school. I honestly think that’s the best way to look at this stuff.

    The problem is that the people writing it take it very seriously. Yeah. I forgot about that part. So, just step up how strongly you are convinced that they simply resemble little kids and teenagers. I’m pretty convinced that I’m an adult and these people are the Platonic actualization of the Plantonic form: “naive, awkward teenager desperately trying to fit in and someday, by hell, he’ll make it! but right now he’s really, really awkward! teehee!”

    that kind of thing. Yes, I am insane. but think about it

    Anger and negativity are just playing into their hands. When I can see that stuff and just know in my very being that it is simply “naive, awkward teenager” behavior, then I think I’ll feel a lot more comfortable about my own views. Not to mention that it will spread our ideas like wildfire and the bastards won’t even know what’s going on.


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  • R. J. Moore II Says:

    The Left used to really be into futurism, science and tech. Now they believe in outright pseudoscience, engage in Creationist-level biological denialism, and can apparently think of no reason why homosexuality might be maladaptive. What happened to the Left? Communism is crazy and murderous, but modern leftism seems more utterly retarded than vicious.


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    […] Flea politics. […]

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    […] demarcations of property rights.” If that’s what counts as dark, then… Related: Flea Politics. (But at Xenosystems, everything’s related.) Also, Land sends A correction my way. Standing […]

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  • Kjell Says:

    The first sentence of this post links to a girl’s journal entry about her outing with Mom to the Lakota Wolf Preserve in NJ (“…these wolves were like superstars and the preserve was like a little piece of heaven. They even howls for us! Twice!”) The subtle levity does not go unappreciated, with the time-tested veracity of what she learned being besides the point.

    More Flea Politics in today’s news.

    Whether it’s a severe case of Whitey on the Moon bleeding-edge Exit pioneerism as an ideological attractor for a (self-conceived) demographic elite blasting boldly inside their tin cans into the tempting bottleneck contours of the void (shredding far more than their IQs in the process), or an Afrofuturist hue-man ark setting fancifully and inclusively out, I remain doubtful that Space Is the Place. Does galactic expansion have any realistic chance of preceding terrestrial succession by AI? Would advanced postbiological entities of circuitous technical ancestry share hominid romanticism for space colonization? I rather suspect it/they will know far more interesting paths to fold into.


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