Future Mutation

Our first Time Spiral Press product is up on Amazon. (Yet to update the TSP site in recognition, though — Dunhuang and all.)

We put it up in a Jing’an District bar, over a few cocktails, which somehow rubbed-in the revolutionary aspect. It was hard not to imagine Rimbaud and his Absinthe-sozzled crew producing some delirious poetry and sticking it up on Kindle before the end of the evening. Amazon is going to disintermediate publishing so hard. In my experience, this fate never befalls an industry before it has abused its position to such an incredible extent that its calamity is necessarily a matter of near-universal celebration. Broadcast media, publishers, academia — into the vortex of cyber-hell they go …


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  • Rorschach Romanov Says:

    Indeed, but is it reasonable to think that, with the proliferation of voices as if by viral replication, there may be a kind of blowback? Where people clamor once more for a sense of direction, of rootedness. It’s all quite Pynchonian, information overload, too much fungibility. what happens when the Ancient fires of hope are just one more item on the buffet line?


    admin Reply:

    Important questions, certainly. People clamor for a lot of things they cannot have.


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  • VXXC Says:

    A cyber Hell sentence I can endorse.


    Posted on April 11th, 2014 at 10:49 am Reply | Quote
  • Future Mutation | noir realism Says:

    […] on a post on Nick Land’s Outside In blog on this short work by Anna Greenspan, Suzanne, Livingston, Future Mutation: Technology and the […]

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