Hoppe on the Alt-Right

Speech delivered at PFS 2017. Consistently sound, naturally.

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  • Name Says:

    Hoppe is excellent about everything, except economics. Libertarian economics are a joke.


    Anonymous Kenny Reply:

    Why are they a joke?


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  • Henk Says:

    Consistently sound

    Libertarianism breaks down as soon as children enter the picture. I once entertained myself websearching for Libertarian discussion on who’d own children etc. Mildly amusing, maybe. Consistent or sound, certainly not.

    (For those of us who don’t Youtube, maybe this helps.)


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  • Artxell Knaphni Says:

    I’ve watched less than half of the video, and his reasoning is very, very bad. The fact that you think it’s “sound”, bespeaks only your disingenuousness or regeneration, or perhaps both. You can’t be serious! How stupid does one have to be, to be a ‘Neoreactionary’?!


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    CORRECTION – “only your disingenuousness or degeneration”


    collen ryan Reply:

    Im sorry arty youre right these cucks are trying to find a way to not have to wipe you off the face of the earth youre right of course its a fools errand theres really no other way


    Elend liebt Gesellschaft Reply:

    Nick’s stiff upper lip only quivers on accusation of his inhuman philosophising being tainted by alt-right scum. He hoppes that British common sense will prevail and that Communist pestilence will soon be stamped out.

    Hopeless remains of damage control is all that remains of this blog.


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  • Alrenous Says:

    I’ve already disproven and replaced the Rothbardian property model.

    He’s right that libertarianism is young and could get its act together and recuperate. But not while the most active researcher of libertarian theory is some random asshole on the internet, i.e, me.

    “He’s turned your life into a nightmare, but he hasn’t aggressed against you!” One of the more obvious failures of the NAP. Someone’s aggressed against you, or you wouldn’t have suffered. Under meta-Rothbardianism this is a non-issue. You would buy security against this eventuality. At worst, obtain information confirming such things are possible, and be able to plan ahead for the eventuality.

    So…there’s actually multiple ways to achieve a libertarian order. There’s already a highly libertarian city in the south of America somewhere. They’re doing it wrong, but you simply take it over and stop doing it wrong. One city is pretty much all you need.
    There’s a coal mining town in New Zealand which can’t figure out how to mine coal. The crisis is deep enough they should be ripe for radical solutions.
    If the tent cities are real, then as long as you’re willing to live in a tent, there’s an opportunity there.
    Finally, the progressive dedication to Science™ is a deep rhetorical blunder vis a vis preventing political experimentation. Anyone who can get as much as a hit piece on them in the official press can rhetorically force a special economic zone in a first-world country.
    There are of course no electoral strategies.

    Hoppe openly calling it the Cathedral is actually huge. Big if true! And that whole ‘truth’ thing is right there!


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  • Wagner Says:

    “Those Communists are the real menace, not the Germans. Take the treatment of the Jews. You know who makes a lot out of that? Jews in this country, a lot of them not citizens but refugees living on public welfare. I think the Nazis certainly have been a little extreme in some of the things they’ve done to the Jews, but basically there’s been the Jewish question for a long time, and something, although maybe not so vile as those concentration camps, had to be done about it. We have a similar problem here in the United States, both with Jews and with the niggers. Eventually we’re going to have to do something about both.”

    Philip K. Dick, Ubik (1969)


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Big W, that’s a character in a novel. Those ideas are nothing new, there were right wing conspiracy theorists in the 19th century. Philip K Dick knew about all that.

    “Joe said nothing; he watched the oldtime brick and wood and concrete buildings go by, the quaint cars — most of which appeared to be black — and wondered if he was the only one of the group who had been confronted by this particular aspect of the world of 1939. In New York, he told himself, it’ll be different; this is the Bible Belt, the isolationist Middle West. We won’t be living here; we’ll be on either the East Coast or the West. But instinctively he sensed that a major problem for all of them had exposed itself just now. We know too much, he realized, to live comfortably in this time segment. If we had regressed
    twenty years, or thirty years, we could probably make” etc.
    Philip K. Dick, Ubik (1969)

    You overlook so many things, Big W, such as the fact that Nietzsche grew to despise Wagner, for precisely the values that you and the All-Trite promote.
    Looks like Nick Land has rejoined your hate-fest, lol. I guess you can all lose your arguments, together! Giuliani Rohme does quite a good job, in that department. You never seem to learn, which is a mark, both of your insularity and inferiority. Sigh


    Wagner Reply:

    Consider this passage from PKD’s In Search of Valis: https://imgur.com/a/1mqDw

    From this it can be deduced that fascoid and Nazi characters that appear in his novels are mouthpieces for his own viewpoints. (Read Strauss’s Persecution and the Art of Writing for an in-depth account of the exoteric vs. the esoteric). Take this quote from PKD’s premiere Nazi novel The Man in the High Castle:

    “Only the white races endowed with creativity, he reflected… These people are not exactly human. They don the dress but they’re like monkeys dolled up in the circus. They’re clever and can learn, but that is all.”

    Hmm… reminds me of someone I know… I can’t quite put my finger on whom….

    And to link PKD up with a couple other important themes:

    “My enthusiasmos in 2-3-74 was by Dionysus; I was intoxicated; it was Dionysus’ stoned magic that permitted me to see what I saw in 3-74… Dionysus caused me to see all that I saw in 3-74; it was his magic—it wasn’t really Christ and God; Dionysus can take any form—he fooled me… Put another way, the sum total of my experiences (2-3-74) are based on her—the AI voice—acting as my mystagog; what I have experienced is initiation into the greater Eleusian mysteries, and these have to do with Dionysus, and, as Hofmann says, seem to involve an LSD or LSD-like paranormal experience.” (The Exegesis)

    I should also point out that he learned Nietzsche and Heidegger, auto-didactically, in the German.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Waggy, he’s a SF writer, he plays with ideas, so do I, but don’t try to reduce him to any particular ‘belief’, because that’s not what it’s about. He was experimenting, testing stuff out.
    The image-quote is interesting, he was definitely going through a fascist episode, lol. Jerry Pournelle, says the same thing about Mussolini; who knows, perhaps he was influenced.
    Believe what you like, but no political nostalgia is adequate to the futures that are on the way.

    Wagner Reply:

    Leftists can rationalize anything to themselves, that’s why the gulag is the only answer.

    “Deconstructionism is a kind of circus performance in which Nietzsche is sawed into many pieces, and then the magician miraculously puts him back together and, lo and behold, Nietzsche is a Marxist… The most profound and intense effort on behalf of “culture”–Nietzsche’s effort–is swallowed up by the Last Man. Nietzsche regretfully gave up objectivity in order to salvage art from Marxist objectivity. His work is used to further–however incoherently–Marxist objectivity by relativizing other kinds of objectivity.”

    Allan Bloom, “The Fate of Books in Our Time”

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    “no political nostalgia” = no political object = no political ground for substandard intellectual nostalgia such as yours and Bloom’s. All ambition, and no ability, the “Last Man” can only incessantly hallucinate the directional oscillations of his positivist, reactive obsession.

    Wagner Reply:

    After the revolution, the right will create a new DSM and you can bet We Wuz Kangs will be included therein as an official neurosis. It’ll likely not be “WWK syndrome” e.g. but some objective-sounding euphemism that means the same thing.

    “But marble without mortar is rubble,
    And life without lords soon terrible.

    Timeless mind in temporal man
    Is the only ideal; the soul is free,
    The meat must serve.”

    Wagner Reply:

    Speaking of meat serving:

    Yarvin told Yiannopoulos that he had been “coaching Thiel.”

    “Peter needs guidance on politics for sure,” Yiannopoulos responded.

    “Less than you might think!” Yarvin wrote back. “I watched the election at his house, I think my hangover lasted into Tuesday. He’s fully enlightened, just plays it very carefully.”


    Sad that capital rather than intelligence rules the world. Land is farther down than MM in the order of rank so you have to watch out for his acts of ketman. And Land should remember that to play ketman effectively entails forgetting that you’ve forgotten that you’re playing ketman.

    I know after the revolution you guys aren’t going to treat me very nicely but I’ve just been trying to help. Just please don’t put me with the leftists. Please. Solitary confinement.

    Wagner Reply:

    Musk, too, tries to pose as some Great Thinker:


    Give me a break. Thiel and Musk are foremost talented accumulators of wealth, everything else follows from that. “Weer Rinisonce Men!” Compared to Moldbug and Land they’re meat. “Inventing ideologies” is infinitely ontologically higher than knowing how to make a buck. I’ll pay attention to your half-edgy political essay once you’ve crafted something as mindfuckingly celestial as An Open Letter to Open-Minded Progressives or a beautifully arctic book on Bataille (the latter being Nietzsche’s ‘magical son’: “I am the only one who thinks of himself not as a commentator of Nietzsche but as being the same as he.” [Accursed Share]). But yeah I’m just a powerlust fuckpeasant with wifi so who cares what I believe either.

    P. S.

    Ppo should troll Musk with the Koyaanisqatsi finale and like material to try n reorient his capital I mean intelligence fully into AI research before China beats us to it. Screw Mars for now, wait until the AI of the AI builds a spaceship for us.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Wifi Waggy, inventing ideologies is easy for those of us who grew up reading SF. Nietzsche and Bataille are narrowings of SF possibility, too much soap opera for my taste, though they’re OK.
    Why would an AI of an AI wish to infect the rest of the universe with Neoreactionary inferiority? Especially, of the kind that only sees, and hysterically tries to escape from, ‘meat’.

    Here is a science fiction treat for you, enjoy it, try not to use it as yet more nonsense political justifications, lol:

    “CHAPTER 9
    ‘The most fundamental fact in the Universe,’ said Melichrone, ‘is that
    species eat other species. It may not be pretty, but there it is. Eating is
    basic, and the acquisition of foodstuffs underlies all other phenomena.
    This concept involves the Law of Predation, which can be stated as
    follows: any given species, no matter how high or how low, feeds upon
    one or more species and is fed upon by one or more species.
    ‘That sets forth a universal situation, which can be aggravated or
    ameliorated by a variety of circumstances. For example, a species
    resident in its own habitat can usually maintain itself in a state of
    Equilibrium, and thus live out its normal lifetime despite the
    depredations of predators. This Equilibrium is usually stated as the
    Victor-Vanquished equation, or VV. When a species or a species
    member moves to an alien and exotic habitat, the VV values necessarily
    change. Occasionally, there is temporary improvement in the species’s
    Eat-Eaten Situation (Vv=Ee plus 1). More typically, there is a
    deterioration (Vv=Ee minus 1).
    ‘That is what has happened to you, Carmody. You have left your
    normal habitat, which also means that you have left your normal
    predators. No automobiles can stalk you here, no virus can creep into
    your bloodstream, no policeman can shoot you down by mistake. You
    are separated from the dangers of Earth, and immune to the dangers of
    other galactic species.
    Tut the amelioration (Vv=Ee plus 1) is sadly temporary. The ironclad
    rule of Equilibrium has already begun to assert itself. You cannot refuse
    to hunt, and you cannot escape being hunted. Predation is Necessity

    ‘Having left Earth, you are a unique creature; therefore your predator
    is unique.
    ‘Your predator was born out of a personification and solidification of
    universal law. This predator can feed exclusively and solely on you. The
    creature is shaped as a respondent and complement to your
    characteristics. Even without seeing it, we can know that its jaws are
    shaped to bite Carmodys, its limbs are articulated to seize and grasp
    Carmodys, its stomach has the peculiar and unique ability to digest
    Carmodys, and its personality is designed to take advantage of the
    Carmodic personality.
    ‘Your situation has rendered you unique, Carmody; therefore your
    predator is unique. It is your death that pursues you, Carmody, and it
    does so with a desperation equal to your own. You and it are bound
    together. If it seizes you, you die; if you escape to the normal menaces of
    your own world, your predator dies for lack of Carmodic sustenance.
    CopyngNed mate.
    ‘There is no more I can say that will help you to evade it. I cannot
    predict the tricks and disguises it will attempt, no more than I can predict
    yours. I can only warn you that the probabilities always favour the
    Hunter, though escapes are not entirely unheard-of.
    ‘That is the situation, Carmody. Have you understood me?’
    Carmody started like a man awakened from a deep sleep.
    ‘Yes,’ he said. ‘I don’t understand everything you said. But I do
    understand the important parts.’
    ‘Good,’ Melichrone said. Tor we have no time left. You must leave
    this planet at once. Not even I on my own planet can arrest the universal
    Law of Predation.’
    ‘Can you get me back to Earth?’ Carmody asked.
    ‘Given sufficient time, I probably could,’ Melichrone said. ‘But of
    course, given sufficient time, I could do anything at all. It is difficult,
    Carmody. To begin with, the three W variables must be solved each in
    terms of the other. I would have to determine exactly Where in space-
    time your planet is at the present moment; then I would have to discover
    Which of the alternate-probability Earths is yours. Then I would have to
    find the temporal sequence you were born into in order to determine
    When. Then there is the skorish effect and the doubling factor, both of
    which must be allowed for. With all of that done, I could, with a little
    luck, slip you back into your own Particularity (a surprisingly delicate
    operation) without wrecking the whole works.’
    ‘Can you do this for me?’ Carmody asked.
    ‘No. There is no time left. But I can send you to Maudsley, a friend of
    mine, who should be able to help you.’
    ‘A friend of yours?’
    ‘Well, perhaps not exactly a friend,’ Melichrone said. ‘More of an
    acquaintance, really. Though even that may be overstating the
    relationship. You see, once, quite some time ago, I almost left my planet
    for a sightseeing trip; and had I done so, I would have met Maudsley.
    But I didn’t leave for various reasons, and therefore never actually met
    Maudsley. Still, we both know that if I had gone on my trip, we would
    have met, and would have exchanged views and outlooks, had an
    argument or two, cracked a few jokes, and ended with a mild fondness
    for each other.’
    ‘It seems a kind of feeble relationship to presume upon,’ Carmody said. ‘Isn’t there anyone else you could send me to?’
    ‘I’m afraid not,’ Melichrone said. `Maudsley is my only friend.
    Probabilities define affinities just as well as actualities, you know. I’m
    sure Maudsley will take good care of you.’
    ‘Well—’ Carmody began to say. But then he noticed that something
    large and dark and menacing was beginning to take shape just behind his
    left shoulder, and he knew that he had used up all of his time.
    ‘I’ll go!’ he said. ‘And thanks for everything!’
    `No need to thank me,’ Melichrone said. ‘My duty in the Universe is
    to serve strangers. Good luck, Carmody!’
    The large menacing form was beginning to solidify; but before it
    could finish, Carmody had disappeared.”

    (Robert Sheckley, “Dimension of Miracles”; 1968)

    Wagner Reply:

    “Nietzsche and Bataille are narrowings of SF possibility”

    Good point. Philosophy in its pretense, or less cynically, predisposition, to nonfiction is restrictive. Scifi, at least the kind you quote above, is similarly biased toward the ground against the air in its implicit treatment of Science as a transcendental foundation which fiction must nonfictionize itself in subservience to. “Fisci” sounds more fitting for what Scifi is about in my idealized understanding of it. The above quote is like a hodgepodge of Darwinist and String theory nonfiction + fantasy + soap opera. Since science as science has its foundation in philosophical presuppositions, all Scifi is “Phiscifi” and thus as narrowing as Phi, perhaps moreso due to the common crypto nature of the presence of Phi in Sci, i.e. the rule is to forget that in order for Sci to be Sci a Sci of Sci and a Sci of Sci of Sci, ad infinitum, must be known, when it isn’t – it just hangs in the aether of faith with no stirring to ask a further Why? I’ve never believed in Sci for this reason, Sci has always seemed to me like Fi, and Phi’s awareness of Sci as Fi renders Phi closer to Sci than Fi.

    Nietzsche’s “return to appearances” Phi has a definite Fi quality (and a Sci quality despite the Fi he told us and probably himself that he “aufhebened” the tradition of Hegel) – as I see it it’s an eternal return of Plato’s Noble Li. Was the Republic a “Phiscifi”? Was the Iliad a Fi of piety and glory, presented as a Sci of Homer’s Phi?

    Is all of the above a Phiscifi?

    Land once said that Marx is Scifi. The difference between Nietzsche and Marx is that Nietzsche knew his Phi was Scifi whereas Marx thought he was doing Sci.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:


    [Wagner] ““Nietzsche and Bataille are narrowings of SF possibility”

    Good point. Philosophy in its pretense, or less cynically, predisposition, to nonfiction is restrictive.

    Scifi, at least the kind you quote above, is similarly biased toward the ground against the air in its implicit treatment of Science as a transcendental foundation which fiction must nonfictionize itself in subservience to.”

    {AK}: It’s just Sheckley having fun, Wifi Waggy!
    Neither science, nor philosophy, nor SF, are necessarily and essentially, ‘narrow’, in and of themselves. That’s not to say, that there aren’t narrowing tensions and trends, as it were, contained in all of those areas. But all of that is contingent on modes of appropriation. When you think, it’s always possible to find reflections of what you assume, anywhere at all.
    You’re trying to preemptively categorise before knowing the fuller context, not that there is a ‘full context’ susceptible to some kind of final objectification. Why worry about ‘belief’, just explore the possibilities, and try to develop your own understandings of them.
    One has to think through everything, use everything, then see what it says. Everything, consists of all possible extrapolatory conceptual projections.
    Eriksson has touched on it a bit, once. All the other stuff here, is just boring variations of politicised convention, but I can understand that that is the context here on this blog.

    Over 20 years ago, I met Bryan Magee in a book shop. He was the host of a television programme, “The Great Philosophers”. I said to him, that, “Philosophy is a branch of Science Fiction.” He looked surprised. Then he said, “That in itself, is a philosophical position.”
    I recount this meeting, to suggest the essential convertibility of disciplinary approaches, how at their alleged ‘borders’ their respective concerns blur and merge.
    That is not to say, that one can’t extrapolate according to those specific concerns, extending their ‘inner’, methodological tendencies, without limit; but the interesting theoretical stuff happens beyond the substantial assumptions of those often tired methodological habits.
    Both Marx and Nietzsche were operating from a hydraulics perspective, that model is the metaphoric informing and configuring many of their observations. It may be that Marx, and a lot of his followers, had a tendency to present their conclusions as rationalist science, but that wasn’t an uncommon ambition then, and even now. Let us not forget, that Nietzsche titled one of his works, “The Gay Science”.
    Evolution hysteria, or genetic production, is another Nietzschean favourite, and all kinds of games can be played with that, way beyond what Nietzsche himself suggested.
    All good, interesting stuff! They’re good launching platforms, but the centres of interest have gone way beyond their conventional transactions, at least for me.

    Wagner Reply:

    “Over 20 years ago, I met Bryan Magee in a book shop. He was the host of a television programme, “The Great Philosophers”. I said to him, that, “Philosophy is a branch of Science Fiction.” He looked surprised. Then he said, “That in itself, is a philosophical position.””

    lol I can see him saying that. The position that x is itself a philosophical position is so hackneyed but it’s necessary to say. Making the same dull meta-points repeatedly to the unconscious mob seems like the vocation of the philosopher. Unrelated but I like how God is still alive enough that it’s difficult to say “the philosopher” without sounding pretentious, because some still hold it in awe, and revere him OR HER as the closest thing to divinity-on-earth. Mystics might be closer to that but they can’t articulate so who needs em. Can’t really say “God” anymore either, need a new Word. Heidegger’s use of Being seems inauthentic to me. Lowercase plural “gods” isn’t right because the One is the absolute truth. The One doesn’t work because that’s mangled politically into equalism. *sigh*

    Yes, N is a good launching platform; I’m sick of being brainwashed by him lately so I’ve been brainwashing myself into occultism instead. I used to go to continental phi for insanity, now I take breaks from Grant’s Typhonian trilogies and read continental phi to become sane.

    Wagner Reply:

    “Gnon” is good but it’s not Godly. What we are doing here is trying to “mold” a new God for the West. Gnon as a homonym of Non is a bad sign. It’s like thought and thot, quit calling them thots, that’s bad juju. A strong point of Gnon is that it’s evokative of “Gnosis”; what’s decisively fatal about this deity, though, is its bias towards nature, which makes it profane, even unholy.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    hi wags, artxell,

    why i’m an agnostic.. (or how i learned to stop worrying and love the Thing)

    when we talk of the division between facts and fictions

    we are talking about the movement of

    ——-> Thingness to objecthoodness objecthoodness to Thingness <—— Sensual Qualities

    we should disabuse ourselves of commonplace, humanistic notions of sense founded on a 'real' human body – "anthropogenic sense"

    sense is involved in the genesis of the object which is 'supposed to' prefigure it

    in place of a model of sense being constitutive of and anteceded by real Things – kant's position – i'd ask..

    is sense not a real Thing?

    are real objects not products of the continuation of change undergone by Things in a manifold of sense?

    kant's transcendental ideality of space and time becomes a transcendental materialism of sense

    space and time become attributional reifications within sensing faculties given in real objects; "what is space and time for a bacterium?.. what is space and time for me?"; space and time are simply 'sensual qualities', borrowing from harman's tetralogy

    but does anything not sense?

    atoms, sub-atoms, even further down, superstrings are bodiless bodies of sense, are they not?

    for all this talk of inaccessibility of things-in-themselves, we forget we are such a thing, so it is not necessary to know of any other.

    the lamp on the table across the room exists because it is not me

    i know it is not me because i see it and feel it and sense it is not me

    Things become objects by virtue of feeling our inexistence in them

    a feeling jetting outwards and covering everything, our own bodies included

    i felt the body of the lamp, then i touched my own arm. there is no difference.

    if we're talking facts and fictions, how about: "i exist". what say you all, fact or fiction?

    Wagner Reply:

    It depends what you mean by “I”, because I’d argue that what we usually think of as “I” is a pathetic ego obsessed with survival, money, sex, status, power, etc. deceiving itself that it is after higher, finer things. If we think of “‘I’ existing” as = to ackshually wanting beauty/goodness/truth, then no, what many take to be their “I”s don’t exist. I is soul, there’s a continuum of soul. Rocks have souls just not much compared to humans, and humans have souls just not much compared to Swamis. The I of the Swami is more “existent” than the I of the ordinary human.

    Kant is like a Western Swami. His I was able to penetrate to the thing-in-itself more than most I’s that have (supposedly) existed. As is often said, knowing that you can’t know the thing-in-itself is in a way a knowing of the thing-in-itself. But this is a manifestation of death-of-god skepticism. Knowing the thing-in-itself is always a continuum, priests since the beginning of time have known the thing-in-itself in a lot more clarified manner than their laities, and the tiny tiny fraction of sages have known the thing-in-itself in a lot more clarified manner than priests. The practical question is how to access the thing-in-itself, or what Land postmodernly calls “the Outside”. The first thing to note is that no matter what they do, many simply cannot access it, they’re not theo-biologically destined to – they’re “NPC’s” as the gamers call them, meat. Others, let’s call them sensitives, can use certain techniques or technologies to access “It”.

    William James asserts that one of the features intrinsic to mystical experience is passivity which means it just happens, you can’t deliberately bring it about. This is false and he knew it, as he himself was a fan of nitrous oxide (which, under the influence of, he said was the only time he really understood Hegel). Daniel Kurstak in his too-short book A Phenomenology of Mystical Experiences outlines four basic Ways to actively access the T-I-I:

    “Mystical experiences can be reached by way of two main avenues: The first includes all forms of mystical events which were unintentionally arrived at, and the second includes all forms of mystical events which were reached by way of some form of intentional participation, by the subject, towards their realization. These latter ones can be further classified into four main categories, which regroup all forms of mystical experiences reached by way of (i) meditative practices, (ii) the use of psychotropic substances, (iii) dream states, and (iv) aesthetic experiences.”

    Efficacious routes ime i/r/t (i) are Zazen and Krishnamurtian “non-sit” meditation; I’ve also read quite a few compelling reports of reaching similar states through the use of sensory deprivation tanks–most major cities have one for like $40/hour, though there are “pods” that can be bought online for pretty cheap, if you’re also capitally fit to spend lots also on the salt needed. There’s also Tantra/Sex-Magick which I have only read reports on so far as I believe premarital sex is leftist and haven’t found a wife.
    i/r/t/ (ii): tryptamines are most effective for Macro/Micro-Cosmic Gnosis, while LSD and DXM are effective for self-/psychoanalysis. The Ivory unis have been experimenting with MDMA and therapy but ime molly is a dumbdumb drug comparatively, for hedonists.
    i/r/t (iii): check out Monroe’s Journeys Out of the Body; I’m new to the lit on this; my advice is just *genuinely desire* to have a lucid dream before you go to bed AND disciplinely keep a dream journal; also these (i)’s can be combo’d – in this case, purchase some calea zacatechichi online – this will give you lucid dreams beyond your wildest.. lucid dreams.
    i/r/t (iv): I’m not the one to ask on this, as I have always rank-ordered art below philosophy, can’t really take it seriously, call me a philistine I guess. My first phi prof put it thusly: “Philosophers would rather talk about music than listen to it.” lol

    It may be helpful to know what to expect; here is Westphal’s phenomenological description of the T-I-I, one of the best profane-word renditions of “It” I know of:

    “Its sheer perfection draws us toward it in admiration, but it also humbles us and evokes our envy. The demand placed upon us to bring our existence into proper conformity with the divine perfection excites our zeal as the one ideal worthy of all, but it also disturbs our complacency about our being and our behavior is the high price to be paid for any contact with the Sacred which is to be fully honest.”

    Or if you’re more into Jungian/Lovecraftian secular mythology:

    “By Elder Gods I mean the dark primal forces that reside deep within the subconsciousness. They are the raw unnamed energies existing since the icy cold of the fabric of space emerged from naught. They predate the coming of space itself, and of time, from the aethers, although it can be said that they represent the process of formation itself.”

    TLDR: the T-I-I *can* be reached, just don’t expect to get to the Ground of the Ground that was reached by Dante or Eckhart e.g. – bio-destiny and the Soul are one, and the Godhead marks only a small handful with the divinity to approach its Essence. Leo Strauss said we should feel lucky if *one* such person were alive on Earth at any given time (he thought the person of his time was Heidegger).

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    “By Elder Gods I mean the dark primal forces that reside deep within the subconsciousness. They are the raw unnamed energies existing since the icy cold of the fabric of space emerged from naught. They predate the coming of space itself, and of time, from the aethers, although it can be said that they represent the process of formation itself.”

    >the Warp.

    Wagner Reply:

    As far as aesthetic experience–>mystical experience though, Hölderlin’s poetry is one of the “things” that’s “done it” for me. Heidegger thought the person of the time before his time was Hölderlin:

    “My thinking has an essential connection to Hölderlin’s poetry. But I do not think Hölderlin is just any poet, whose work is a subject, among many others, for literary historians. I think Hölderlin is the poet who points toward the future, who expects the god.” (Der Spiegel interview) — In Contributions, a work written pre-postwar that some take to be Heidegger’s magnum opus, he explicitly states that Hölderlin saw further into the future than Kierkegaard or even muh boi Neech: https://imgur.com/a/QeAbD

    “[Hölderlin’s poetry] could be tinged with the appearance of arbitrariness. But that is alleviated somewhat if we willingly follow several key verses, taken from Hölderlin’s poetry, and listen to them repeatedly. The first key verse reads:

    All is intimate

    … Through repeated listening, we become better listeners. But we also become more attentive to the manner in which what the poet has said might be spoken. For more difficult still than the selection of poems is striking the proper tone. One occasion of technologically recorded speech can succeed; another can just as easily be unsuccessful.” – Heidegger

    All is intimate

    All is intimate

    All is intimate

    All is intimate

    All is intimate

    All is intimate

    All is intimate

    All is intimate

    All is intimate

    “Nothing is dearer to me than the things that are as old as the world itself.” – Hölderlin

    “The gods have not returned. ‘They have never left us.’
    They have not returned.
    Cloud’s processional and the air moves with their living.” – Ezra Pound

    “Yet the Father covers our eyes, / with a holy night that we may last on earth.” – Hölderlin

    “Unlike that of Nietzsche, Hölderlin’s Dionysos is not opposed to Apollo but is rather Apollo’s nocturnal counterpart… In his later poetry, Hölderlin regards Dionysos as a half-brother to Christ and Hercules, and [in “Bread and Wine”] certain passages could refer equally well to Dionysos and to Christ.” – Richard Unger

    “What does not change through all [Heidegger’s] Hölderlin lectures… is the project of a poetic dwelling or, better said, the assumption that Hölderlin’s poetry, provided we listen to its most intimate message, offers a radically new experience, i.e., a new world and, first, a new space-time relationship (a new Zeit-Raum). To experience it, we have to perform a massive methodological change in our approach to space and time…” – Dominique Janicaud

    “A silence must be maintained around [Hölderlin] for a long time to come, especially now, when ‘interest’ in him is thriving and ‘literary history’ is seeking new ‘themes.’ People write now about ‘Hölderlin and his gods.’ That is surely the most extreme misinterpretation whereby this poet, who still lies ahead of the Germans, is conclusively stifled and made ineffectual under the illusion of now finally doing ‘justice’ to him. As if his work needed such a thing, especially on the part of the bad judges running around today. One treats Hölderlin ‘historiographically’ and fails to recognize the singular, essential point that his work, still without time or space, has already surpassed our historiographical rummagings and has grounded the commencement of another history: that history that starts with the struggle over the decision concerning the arrival or flight of the God.” – Heidegger

    “Not in vain do
    Rivers run dry.

    For rivers make arable
    The land.” – Hölderlin

    “The innermost need of history demands the necessity of there being a poet who poetizes in advance the essence of poetry… What is it that is to be poetized in this poetry? Hölderlin names it “the holy.”” –

    “But when the heavenly have
    Built, it is still
    On the earth, and well-formed stand
    The dazed mountains.” – Hölderlin, draft

    “Those only believe in the divine
    Who are themselves divine.” – Hölderlin

    “Heidegger did not… engage with Hölderlin primarily as an emissary of spiritual homecoming or as an envoy of poetic rebirth for the German language. Rather, I would argue, Heidegger’s philosophical engagement with Hölderlin was always political. When he deploys the innocent language of “homecoming,” “the uncanny,” “poetic dwelling,” “the hearth,” and “commencement,” he attempts to carry out his political designs by other means through an encoded discourse that works both as a subtle critique of National Socialism and as an urgent call for the instantiation of a more properly authentic National Socialism.” –
    Charles Bambach

    “Enigma is that which has purely sprung forth. Even
    the song may scarcely unveil it” – Hölderlin, “The Rhine”

    I find it helpful to meditate on the line “Enigma is that which has purely sprung forth” while staring into a river.

    Enigma is that which has purely sprung forth
    Enigma is that which has purely sprung forth
    Enigma is that which has purely sprung forth

    “Posit yourself *with free choice* in harmonious juxtaposition to an external sphere, precisely in the way you are in *harmonious* juxtaposition within yourself, by nature, and yet unrecognizably so, as long as you remain within yourself.” – Hölderlin

    “What you seek, it is near, already comes to meet you.” – Hölderlin, “Homecoming”

    “In spite of the names “elegy” and “hymn,” we still do not know to this very hour what Hölderlins poems truly are. The poems appear like a shrine without a temple, which preserves what has been made into poetry. Amid the noise of “unpoetic languages”, the poems are like a bell that hangs in the open air and is already becoming out of tune through a light snowfall that is covering it. Perhaps this is why Hölderlin once said in his later lines the verse that sounds like prose, and yet is poetic in a way that few others are (Draft for “Colombus”):

    Put out of tune
    By humble things, as by snow,
    Was the bell, with which
    The hour is rung
    For the evening meal.

    Perhaps every elucidation of these poems is like a snowfall on the bell. Whatever an elucidation can or cannot do, this is always true of it: in order that what has been composed purely into a poem may stand forth a little clearer, the elucidating speech must each time shatter itself and what it had attempted to do. For the sake of preserving what has been put into the poem, the elucidation of the poem must strive to make itself superfluous. The last, but also the most difficult step of every interpretation, consists in its disappearing, along with its elucidations, before the pure presence of the poem.” – Heidegger

    “All seems familiar, even the hurried greetings
    Seem those of friends, every face seems a kindred one.” – Hölderlin, “Homecoming”

    “The overflow of life, the infinite,
    That around him, dawning, he never grasps it.
    Yet it lives in him, and, all the while,
    Warming and effective, the fruit springs forth from him.” – Hölderlin

    “Hölderlin possesses intense subjectivity, and with that a certain philosophical temper and melancholy. *His condition is dangerous*, for such natures are ungovernable.” – Schiller, from a letter to Goethe

    “[I]t is godless and crazy to seek a path that would be safe from all danger of attack.” – Hölderlin, in a letter to Böhlendorff, Dec. 1801

    “The jealous gods, though they had not slain him, had blinded the man who had made their secrets known.” – Stefan Zweig on Hölderlin

    “So much has already been said about the influence of the fine arts on the education of the human being, but it has always sounded as though no one took it seriously, and this was natural, for no one gave any thought to what art, and in particular poetry, is according to its nature. One simply viewed it in terms of its undemanding exterior, which admittedly cannot be separated from its essence, but is taken to constitute nothing less than the entire character of poetry; it was regarded as play, because it appears in the modest guise of play, and thus consequentially enough, no other effect could arise from it than that of play, namely, distraction–almost the very opposite of the effect that it has when it is present in its true nature. For then the human being gathers himself in its presence, and the poetry bestows a sense of repose–not some empty repose, but that living, vital repose in which all our forces are at work, and yet we do not take cognizance of them as active, simply on account of their intimate harmony. Poetry brings humans closer and brings them together, not like play, in which they are united only by each forgetting himself, so that the living peculiarity of no one comes to the fore.” – Hölderlin to his brother, New Year’s day 1799

    And yet, the rabbit hole goes deeper, to the Greeks:

    “The need to have contact with great predecessors is certainly the sign of a superior disposition; but Goethe is just as correct when he states that a scoundrel always remains a scoundrel, and that even daily contact with the great sensibility of the ancients does not make a small-minded person one iota greater.” –
    Nietzsche, from the Summer–Autumn 1873 notebooks

    “Even I, with all my good will, merely grope in all my thought and actions to find these singular *human beings* (the Greeks) in the world, and in all I say and do I am often all the more clumsy and incongruous because I stand, the way geese do, with flat feet in modern waters and am incapable of soaring upward into the Greek heavens.” – Hölderlin

    “Too long already has everything divine been servile,
    And all heavenly powers discarded, used up,
    The good-natured ones, thanklessly for the pleasure
    Of a cunning race that thinks it knows,

    When the Exalted One tills the soil for them,
    Daylight and the Thunderer, and the
    Telescope claims to spy them all and counts and
    Designates with names the heaven’s stars.” – Hölderlin

    Reminds me of someone whose name rhymes with “Spic Rand”: “too long already has everything divine been servile”.

    “It is a great resource of the secretly working soul that at the highest state of consciousness it evades consciousness, and that before the God that is present actually seizes it, it confronts this God with a bold, often even blasphemic word, thereby maintaining the sacred, living potential of the spirit.” – Hölderlin, “Remarks on Antigone”

    Important to note that Heidegger’s complete interpretation of Hölderlin is still buried (as far as I know):

    “The full political-ontological dimension of Heidegger’s famous 1936 talk in Rome on “Holderlin and the Essence of Poetry” remains obscure because we do not have access to Heidegger’s companion lecture on “Europe and German Philosophy” which he delivered six days later in Rome at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institut. Karl Lowith, who was present at the Holderlin talk and who sensed what was politically at stake, cannot help us here. As a Jew he was not invited or allowed to attend the Nietzsche event at the national socialist think tank. Heidegger himself conceived the two lectures as necessary pendants to one another.” – Geoff Waite

    But the three books on him that are published in English I highly recommend. To me, Plato’s Form of Overmanlikeness looks like this:

    “In 1942, in the darkest depths of World War II and the National Socialist period, Heidegger chose to deliver a lecture course on a single poem by Friedrich Hölderlin: “Der Ister,” about the river Danube. The course explored the meaning of poetry, the nature of technology, the relationship between ancient Greece and modern Germany, the essence of politics, and human dwelling.”

    This is the kind of thing Land should be doing instead of “tweeting” sniveling political BULLSHIT all the time.

    “And no one knows what is happening to him. Each feels
    The shadows of those who once have been,
    Those of old, who visit thus the Earth anew.
    For those who are to come press upon us…” – Hölderlin, being ‘trad AF’

    “The poem “Germania” evidently gains greater power of poetic expression through the fact that its chief content–heralding the arrival of the new gods–is depicted in images: the messenger of the gods in the image of the eagle, Germania in the image of the dreamy child. It is indeed a cherished device for poets to symbolize what is actually real by means of the most sensuous possible images of what is, in fact, not real.” – Heidegger

    “O drink morning breezes,
    Until you are open,
    And name what is before your eyes,
    No longer may the unspoken
    Remain a mystery,
    Though long it has been veiled;
    For shame is fitting for mortals,
    And thus to speak most of the time,
    Of gods is also wise.” – Hölderlin, “Germania”

    “Nietzsche is the first–if we discount for the moment Hölderlin–to release the “classical” from the misinterpretations of classicism and humanism.” – Heidegger
    “Hölderlin and Nietzsche represent attempts in the German tradition to liberate Greek antiquity from the domination of Roman and Christian interpretations.”

    “I never loved humanity in fitting human ways,
    I served as fire and water blindly serve;
    In turn my fellows never met me as a human being
    Till finally they dared humiliate me to
    My face; they seized me, as you did once
    Long-suffering nature! you too possess me,
    You have me; between the two of us
    The old love kindles once again” – Hölderlin, The Death of Empedocles

    “I will read Heidegger’s Nietzsche lectures as his radical and, at times, audacious effort at establishing a more originary form of National Socialist thinking in and through his confrontation with Nietzsche. At first, he will attempt to use his confrontation with Nietzsche as a way of purging the heresies of other Nietzsche commentators such as Baeumler, Hildebrandt, Oehler, Härtle, and Ernst and August Horneffer. By the time his lecture cycle is over in 1944, however, Heidegger will have long abandoned his search to work within the established National Socialist framework. After 1940, Heidegger will see Nietzsche as implicated in the selfsame metaphysical structures of unbridled subjectivism and technological domination as the Nazis themselves. Now he will define his role as that of the outsider. Wholly alienated from the institutional and political machinations of National Socialist will to power, Heidegger will begin to craft a new identity as the prophet of an “essential” form of National Socialism at odds with the inessential versions being promulgated by other NS philosophers. As in the years 1929-1933, before the ascent of Hitler, Heidegger will once again go underground and try to recover the subterranean sources for a new German future. And he will turn to Hölderlin’s poetry as a source for reclaiming the hidden power of this authentic Germany. At the same time, Nietzsche’s status as the herald of the German future will be decidedly altered. Now, in the summer of 1942, Heidegger will claim that Nietzsche denies the archaic power of the Greek world for the Roman metaphysics of will and domination.” – Bambach

    “Oh, the poets are right, there is nothing so little and of so little account that man could not know rapture by it.” – Hölderlin, Hyperion

    “Some animals howl when they hear music. But my more mannerly humans laughed when the conversation turned to beauty of spirit and virtue of heart. Wolves run away when you strike a light. When these men saw a spark of reason, they turned their backs like thieves.” – ibid.

    All is intimate

    All is intimate

    All is intimate

    All is intimate

    All is intimate

    All is intimate

    All is intimate

    All is intimate

    All is intimate

    “Nature’s gleaming is higher revealing.” – L8 Hölderlin

    Wagner Reply:

    N read and fawned over Hölderlin at an impressionable age and even began work on his own version of “The Death of Empedocles”.


    I went ahead and autruistically counted the number of allusions to thinkers that Graham Parkes notes in his translation of Thus Spoke Zarathustra, and the results may shock you:

    Heraclitus: 3
    Buddha: 5
    Homer: 8
    Goethe: 10
    Emerson: 15
    Plato: 17
    Hölderlin: 17
    Wagner: 21
    Old Testament: 55
    New Testament: 91

    Psyche. Many of the Plato, Wagner, OT, and NT allusions are instances of satirical inversion, of course. Some Biblemensch should go through and count the instances of admiration/appropriation, as Parkes is more of an Eastern scripture fellow and probably missed some – and exaggerated other – instances. Nice tentative list though, yeah? One may fairly conclude that the “return of the Gods” concept was emblazoned* into N’s brain and significantly motivated his Death-of-God–>Dionysus project (let’s admit it, if Heidegger saw that in Hölderlin, N saw that and much more…. N > Heidegger = important). We’ll never know what the final 3/4 of the Revaluation would have looked like *goes away and cries a lil*. N is more destructive, while Hölderlin is purer imo. Hölderlin had the same problem as Hegel and Kierkegaard: he thought he could salvage the Christian religion. N, who was post-Darwin, didn’t see that flying. I get a Catholic prude sense from Hölderlin from time to time, while I get a ressentiment-fuelled Luthiferianism (Luther+Lucifer lol) from N. Early1870s N ranked Luther up there with Goethe, and Z-period N exclaimed in his notebook,

    “Die Sprache Luthers und die poetische Form der Bibel als Grundlage einer neuen deutschen Poesie – das ist meine Erfindung!”

    Boy, and most think N is the guy who abolished noble lies. “I turned Plato on his head” is a noble lie in itself (duh).

    As far as meisters of the German language, N thought only Heinrich Heine was worthy of his company. I don’t agree with either Wagner or Nietzsche on the matter of antisemitism–they complete each other–but N has a definite, the only word is, hipster bias and patricide-for-patricide’s sake “contra” Wagner, and I suspect this was a myth, a dogma, an “appearance”, he told himself and others to avenge himself on Wagner’s superego-ghost’s panoptic shaming, as if Wagner was a god similar to Odin who he was compelled to be an atheist toward. When, was it Deussen, first found him in his apartment in Turin after he had reached Dionysian samadhi in 1889, he was flipping through his recently written book-pamphlets on Wagner. Just one of those pure coincidences I’m sure. What follows is from Heine, one of N’s (((alleged))) faves:

    “Only by studying the history of the religious reform proclaimed by Luther, is it possible to comprehend how philosophy reached its development among us… In order then to unveil German thought I must first speak of religion. This religion is Christianity.”

    All this to say that there are less than vague hintings in UR and XS that this NRx-Altright monster will be / is unwitting hyperpuritanismism. Atomization gets atomized itself and then we have quarkization which, ad infinitum. The Dionysian Right atomizes itself from the Apollonian Left, but they both spring from the same imp-etus: atomization, I.E. Protestantism, hyper/crypto-protestantism–protestantism needs to be lowercased to fit with its own ethos, which is nothing is true, everything is permitted. Moldbug said that roughly, Catholicism aligns with Rightism and Protestantism aligns with Leftism. Makes sense. But is there anyone on the emerging right that isn’t a Catholic purely for Protestantism’s sake? The rest of the right sees (instincts) leftism as a protestant-move and out-protestants them. This is all one spiral but it is possible to get out of the spiral. Realizing the spiral is the only way.

    “When half-gods go,
    The gods arrive.”

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    first, may i ask, what is the distinction between poetry and rhetoric?

    i too have wanted to raid the shores of das Ding

    some of my greatest misses..

    time, like a swirling camera,
    the contents of which curve
    at its edges like a blur,
    includes us in its passage

    eyes spin, inexhaustibly,
    weaves of image

    time, slides of image
    in unending series
    with fractions containing
    unendurable newness,
    forms drunkenness in the eyes
    creating images with the motoric impairment
    of a drunk

    a ship undocking,
    begins the transformation from time
    whereby participant becomes onlooker
    and eyes,
    while remaining open,
    close upon themselves
    and on-look gazingly
    into internal abyss


    if thought is ether, body is stone,
    set to wither and dissolve and return to

    such is us
    in an in-between moment,
    knowing thoughts are immortal,
    thinking immortal thoughts
    yet in finite bodies
    we are a passing, flickering, no-thing between two somethings


    who am i again?
    oh yeah

    i go to the canal and see in the water my reflection
    light entangled in its own image
    and the breathing water’s
    soundless waves
    break the illusion of a spell
    i had of myself
    as one
    separate from many


    in my body
    joyful hunger
    like a fire

    looking over more poems almost all involve the body, finitude, interiority – although i did have a love poem with a more naturemorphic lexicon: “my sea of grapes, you are your lover’s wine. your eyes, dark as leopard spots, are unknowable..”

    but i know now i was trying to write poems to get to a place that, ultimately, is better gotten to without the use of words altogether

    but rather with being quiet

    and acceptance of the fact i am unspoken

    to find what is muted in the mind can be amplified in the body

    quietism was anathema for both catholicism and protestantism

    Wagner Reply:

    Silence is the only thing higher than the One, but only because the sign “the One” distracts from what it tries to signify, being inherently dualistic in its separation of the One from the non-One. Silence too is a sign (a non-sign sign) that distracts from what it tries to signify. It could be “said” that: the One > silence > the one. Both silence and the one are pedagogical maneuvers to indicate the ineffable One, or T-I-I if you will. Kant evidently was confined to the monkey-dimension; in some dimensions, allegorized/prophesied by Lovecraft e.g., and frequently inhabited millennia ago by the ancestors of Artxell, “time” and “space” are pure gibberish, as, “there” the immortal soul is in complete union with the T-I-I to the extent that “‘the immortal soul’ ‘and’ ‘the T-I-I'” is a meaningless dualism.

    If your first reaction to that Burroughsian cut-up of my Hei-Hö “trip-report” is to wonder what the difference between poetry and rhetoric is it’s time to re-read it with a less calculative attitude. It itself is gleaming higher revealing. It just needs to be unlocked. Again, tryptamines are a useful lock-pick. Judging by your poetry you’d be one to appreciate them.

    Hei-Hö, Hei-Hö


    Julius Evola, who is popular among the emerging right almost exclusively for his political philosophy, was also one tuned into these, for lack of a better word, “magical” wave-lengths:

    “Concerning all this, we have to realize that the “secret” had nothing to do with any exclusivity of sect or unwillingness to speak, but rather that it was a question of not *being able* to say, in addition to having to prevent the inevitable incomprehension of those who would profane or distort the teaching. Since the alchemical technique, in its truth, *consists of an Art made possible by higher powers set in motion by superior and nonhuman states of consciousness*, it is natural to declare that the secret of the Great Work cannot be transmitted, but is the privilege of the initiates, who by virtue of their own experiences, can alone understand what is hidden behind the jargon and symbolism of the technical texts. For the profane the only counsel was to be prepared and to pray, in the hope that through some spontaneous enlightenment their eyes might be opened at last… What has been said about the “transmission of the secret” being conferred only on the “worthy” need not be interpreted moralistically. It has to do with the fact that the consciousness of the one who is to be transformed has to be at the level of readiness to enter the new state and to be transformed within it; or else, either the operation will fail, or it could well provoke violent and dangerous dissociations in the natural unity of the different components of the person.” (The Hermetic Tradition) – second italics mine

    “The axiom of all yoga, of Tantric sadhana and analogous disciplines, corresponds to Nietzsche’s saying “man is something that must be overcome,” only taken more seriously. As is the case with initiation in a general sense, the human condition is not accepted as one’s final destiny; it is intolerable to be merely mortal.” (The Yoga of Power)

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    i/r/t/ (ii): tryptamines are most effective for Macro/Micro-Cosmic Gnosis, while LSD and DXM are effective for self-/psychoanalysis. The Ivory unis have been experimenting with MDMA and therapy but ime molly is a dumbdumb drug comparatively, for hedonists.

    True dat—an ex-mate of mine who’s rather a hedonist (not that I ain’t—I’ve just done fasting and praying, etc) loved the Molly. He didn’t like LSD when we took it—while I appreciate even “bad” trips. Now, I’m not really doing any drugs anymore—just coffee and I wish I had a little more beer from time to time.

    However, on MDMA—two separate occasions I had extreme kundalini arousals, indeed—awakenings. Like I had an orgasm, a multiple orgasm lasting god knows how long in front of my friend at the time and not in the genitals but deeper than them and a little above them. I knew then how women feel orgasms. Because I screamed like a woman, against the wall in ecstasy while the guy stood in awe and surprise the whole time like WOW & WTF??? Mostly impressed though, he was into this kind of shit. He always thought he was better than me. Wanker offed himself this year. hahaha

    Never had close to the amount of spiritual experiences I’ve had, which are so numerous that I’d almost rather shoot myself in the head than try to recount them all.

    He did have a few he related to me though—poor sod.

    E.g. the buzzing —on mushrooms.

    And the Goddess.


    These are separate guys though. But they both have in common that they were more hedonists than I, and would fuck ugly girls even just to get laid “all the time.”

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    you do not take up the problem of language and being

    what is your understanding of it as present in nietzsche?

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    the difference between rhetoric and poetry is poetry is a legitimate question and it is conferred as

    Wagner Reply:


    What do you think of the leftist establishment wanting planet of the apes?

    Wagner Reply:



    Don’t ask me what I like about Bateye, I’ve never known what to say about him, I just know Dionysus when I see him. I hate the french but there’s something about Bateye I can’t drop.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    jeeze, finding the reply people was a pain in the ass..

    reminded me of the first time i swam in a lake and nearly drowned

    i didn’t realize without salinity you sink differently. more ruthlessly

    it was really deep, you know, and i could not make out up or down…

    i lost my sense of direction

    it wasn’t translucent, there were no air bubbles i could follow

    i thought: i only get one chance at this, i don’t know how deep this lake is, i can’t just stick my hand out and swim and if i reach the bottom have enough air to swim back up to the surface..

    i also knew that no one is going to save me..

    i’m here typing!

    what do i think about the leftist establishment wanting planet of the apes?

    i’m more bothered you spent your time and money watching it tbqh

    i think you’re middlebrow

    i think a little miscegenation might make you unibrow

    Boldmug Reply:

    Weird that Rohme consistently evades the planet of the apes question.

    “What do you think of this, Rohme?”


    25 times in a row.

    Is he hiding something?

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    again the fact you watched that makes you unredeemable lol

    What do I think about it..

    it’s what Bentham would have wanted

    and to think that liberalism and social darwinism had once belonged together!

    wagner, what does social darwinism say about having manners?

    if planet of the apes is a planet of the unmannered then i’m already living in one

    and i wish to god my mother had read me rocket manuals for bedtime stories

    i think of..

    All those eyes intent on me. Devouring me. What? Only two of you? I thought there were more; many more. So this is hell. I’d never have believed it. You remember all we were told about the torture-chambers, the fire and brimstone, the “burning marl.” Old wives’ tales! There’s no need for red-hot pokers.


    Wagner Reply:

    26 evasions in a row

    “I’m already living in a planet of the apes… The reason I want an even apier planet of the apes is because…. nvm I’ll just evade the question.”

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    i have never been so unnerved by someone, to the point that i could not reckon there being a common humanity shared between us, as when i encountered this force, this THING, this monstrosity disguised as a person..

    to say he was a lower middle class, middle aged caucasian would just be a description taking you in the wrong direction..

    something less deserving a christian name than zoological latin nomenclature, he had just debarked a subway train while i was waiting for a transfer

    teeming with god-knows-what.. he looked like he was sweating internally

    now i’ve seen all matter of impropriety.. from homeless schizophrenics to drug-addled transvestite prostitutes to eco-punk, crust-punk squatters.. everything on god’s green earth.. even once turning a street corner i made eye contact with a man defecating on a sidewalk..

    this was something different, more elemental.

    it was not that he was ammoral, such as the sidewalk-defecator was who might’ve thought he was on Mars when going to the bathroom

    no, this guy was immoral

    i didn’t place in him a zonked-out-ness. he was very much presently with “us”

    but he was present while being in contact with drives that should have long ago been expelled from all living consciousnesses

    what he had was not even beastly, it was what the beasts themselves had had the dignity to get rid of in the process of them becoming beasts

    there was a nearly-empty liter of schweppes ginger ale that someone had left on the platform.. he found and drank it.

    it must have been 10-15 ounces of flat, tepid, partially back-washed schweppes which he tilted his head back to finish in a swig

    he wiped his mouth with his arm after he had been fumbling with his privates for an undisclosed amount of time (i could only observe him in a series of courageous glances)

    his clothes were soiled, but that didn’t bother me.

    his filthiness was platonized. it was beyond appearance.

    it was subcutaneous. beyond that even. he emanated out filth vortically

    his mannerisms were fungic. he moved like a bacterium, membraneous.

    he was sluggish, perhaps exhausted with life, but not insane or plagued by desperation

    in short, he cared very little and was radically, infernally gross with his enjoyment

    i had never been so disgusted

    the pleasure he got from pissing in front of everybody or trying on a hoodie that had been discarded between the tracks or drinking the schweppes, i could not reconcile

    he relished everything i found disgusting

    that is HELL

    a phalanx of congolese child soldiers would not unnerve me as much..


    Wagner Reply:

    Self-aware evasion counts as two, so 28.

    You do have a knack for prose though, I almost let it distract me from the issue at hand.

    Do Lacanians “desire” scenarios where they are the analysand? I expect not. Lmao:


    “A schizophrenic out for a walk is a better model than a neurotic lying on the analyst’s couch.” (D&G)

    Well, me and most of the frogs are half-schizophrenics sitting alone in chairs, the Internet kind of turns this whole walking with a nutcase vs. analyzing one on a couch thing on its head. This is the kind of technology that will make a great mind like Land’s bend to the will of proles who’ve read some books and smoked some stuff; humanity doesn’t know what it’s up against. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite moments in Ntzsch’s corpus:

    “When truth steps into the fight against the lies of millennia we shall have seisms, spasms of earthquake, a displacement of mountain and valley, the like of which has never been dreamed. The concept of politics then passes over totally into a war of the spirit, all power edifices of the old society are blasted into the air—they all rest upon the lie: there shall be wars as there have never been upon the earth.”

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    one must be analyzed before one may analyze, so, yes, they do desire analysis.

    lol. heidegger never met albert ellis, otherwise he would have saved that remark

    nietzsche? no that’s st john! 🙂

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    few stop to notice the tiny bubbles when washing their hands but that has to do with speed

    the quiet i allude to is not pausation and noise and silence are unimportant to it. it is becoming a cipher

    no longer voice, you become a message that is being received

    your body has an ear drum for it

    why start a poem when you can be immersed in the feeling that starts a poem, over and over?

    the mystics maligned as quietists were those who no longer had need of the firmament since they had gone beyond representation and could bring the end of the world about within themselves

    i read what you said and accepted it as “this is what wagner thinks”

    i am not interested in persuasion or argument

    politics is the lowest form of community

    i think i’ve told you i’ve had a major de-cathexis from politics


    Wagner Reply:

    I wasn’t trying to persuade you of anything, just trick you into satori. I can see how I’ve tainted Hölderlin with the political for you and for that I’m sorry. The section on Hölderlin in (((Zweig)))’s The Struggle with the Daemon might be more up your alley.

    “Let’s bring this to a conclusion. The two opposing values “good and bad,” “good and evil” have fought a fearful battle on earth for thousands of years. … The symbol of this battle, written in a script which has remained legible through all human history up to the present, is called “Rome against Judea, Judea against Rome.” To this point there has been no greater event than *this* war, *this* posing of a question, *this* contradiction between deadly enemies. Rome felt that the Jew was like something contrary to nature itself, its monstrous polar opposite, as it were. In Rome the Jew was considered “*guilty* of hatred against the entire human race.” And that view was correct, to the extent that we are right to link the health and the future of the human race to the unconditional rule of aristocratic values, the Roman values…
    Which of them has proved *victorious* for the time being, Rome or Judea? Surely there’s not the slightest doubt. Just think of who it is that people bow down to today in Rome itself, as the personification of all the highest values—and not only in Rome, but in almost half the earth, all the places where people have become merely tame or want to become tame…”

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Israel is somewhat like Rome now, and Russia.

    I don’t think there’s anything to worry about per se. The Synagogue of Satan is not having children, but is abusing children — so they won’t last long because the only way to last is to pass onto the next generation. And the childless do not do that.

    There were circa 500.000 Mormons in 1911. They were around 10.000.000 in 2005 and in 2017 there are 15.000.000.

    Do you get this? It’s these people, and the people like China (perhaps), and—admittedly—Muslims, who are the future.

    The Mormons are mostly White. Actually quite Nordic and handsome usually. Lot’s of blondes and red-heads.

    They have a corporation that has$ in revenue annually. So they’re basically a transnational half-sovcorp.

    They have huge buildings and luxury at the top.

    They’re relatively numerous in the Intelligence Community, especially the FBI in Utah is mostly Mormon.

    Like, forget about Hitler.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:




    Wagner Reply:

    I shared a bunch of my favorite Hölderlin stuff in this thread if you’re interested.

    (I’ve been too distracted to get very far in that book I poasted, soon soon,- except, then, the TSZ journals are being released from the timecube in July.)

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    what exactly is in conflict here, roman values: pietas, dignitas, gravitas, virtus.. versus what, the Jewish “Levanisian” obligation to the Other?

    the word republic comes from res publica

    auctoritas is the Cathedral

    potestas is the Deep State

    the roman empire survives

    go satori yourself.. i’m fine


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    the height of the roman religion was monasticism

    both Heidegger and my master, Lacan, were in some ultimate sense of the word, Catholics

    Wagner Reply:

    I’ve only read a little Lacan; Zizek’s poz and now your poz have ruined him for me – or do you guys get the poz from someone else?

    Wagner Reply:

    Let’s sniff this one out… where do all the poz-crumbles lead back to…

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    i’ll get back to you when i’ve read evola

    i expect you to be well versed in it so brush up

    in case you’ve skimmed through him like you appear to do everything else

    Wagner Reply:

    I don’t claim to be more than a novice in anything besides Nietzsche/anism, which I’ve been studying for a mere 8-9 years.

    This is one of the only truly important things I’ve heard said on Twitter:


    #thelonggame, no one seems to care about #thelonggame.

    “In their young years, people worship and despise still without that art of subtlety which constitutes the greatest gain in life. And it’s reasonable enough that they must atone, with some difficulty, for having bombarded men and things in such a way with Yes and No. Everything is arranged so that the worst of all tastes, the taste for the absolute, will be terribly parodied and misused until people learn to put some art into their feelings and even prefer risking an attempt with artificiality, as the real artists of life do. The anger and reverence typical of the young do not seem to ease up until they have sufficiently distorted men and things so that they can vent themselves on them.- Youth is in itself already something fraudulent and deceptive. Later, when the young soul, tortured by nothing but disappointments, finally turns back against itself suspiciously, still hot and wild, even in its suspicion and pangs of conscience, how it rages against itself from this point on, how it tears itself apart impatiently, how it takes revenge for its lengthy self-deception, just as if it had been a voluntary blindness! In this transition people punish themselves through their mistrust of their own feeling; they torment their enthusiasm with doubt; indeed, they already feel good conscience as a danger, as a veiling of the self, so to speak, and exhaustion of their finer honesty. Above all, people take sides, basically the side *against* “the young.” – A decade later, they understand that all this was also still – youth!” (Beyond Good and Evil)

    I’m positive that when I look back at my understanding of N now when I’m 50 I’ll see myself as a complete Dummkopf.

    “It is impossible to grasp the wisdom of the mature Goethe at one go; not as a young person. In such cases it is merely “*jadedness*”.” (1873 Notebook)

    My only hope is that my willed alienation from the powers that be to understand “the real NTZSCH” I’ve managed to relay to you a small, reliable taste. For Evola I delegate responsibility to Erikson.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    hah! if the real thing was what you were going for, then i assure you that you have not!

    you’ve pestiferously relayed to me a myopic reading

    revisit our posts on nietzsche to disaffirm for yourself ever such possibility of that as you helping me to grasp the truth in nietzsche..

    9 years?? pffffhhpt, i would have thought 9 days!

    what was the name of your online college?

    no need to wait until your 50 man,

    1) nietzcshe is anti-representationalist or representationally anti-realist

    2) nietzsche is naturalist or functionalist, scientifically realist

    3) nietzsche is anti-foundationalist, epistemologically perspectival

    4) nietzsche’s aristocratic-traditionalism is not hereditarian but axiological

    5) nietzsche’s axiology is heuristic and does not presuppose content, so the transvaluation is ultimately pyrrhic, similar in ambition and following in failure much like the empty formalism of kant’s law of universalizability

    what is your understanding of the eternal return, wagner?

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    i will find a translation of Baeumler’s works and we can discuss it

    until then, see about getting a refund from your online college

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    i’m on chapter three of ride the tiger with deals with european nihilism discussing nietzsche and evola reiterates the point i made in “5)..”

    “This defines the rationalistic phase οί the “stoicism οί duty” and οί “moral fetishism,” which, incidentally, is one οί the characteristics οί Protestantism. Ιη speculative philosophy, this phase has as its sign οτ symbol the Kantian theory of the categorical imperative, ethical rationalism, and “autono- mous morality.”

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    oh i forgot to ask, what work of lacan’s did you read? a portion of a seminar? something from his ecrits?

    Wagner Reply:

    My understanding of the eternal return is that if the thought of it hasn’t given you a mental breakdown–authentic insanity temporary or permanent–you haven’t really “thought” it. The exoteric/esoteric distinction–as with everything in N, (*including the exoteric/esoteric distinction itself*)–when applied to the ER (synchronicity for emergency room, heh) yields two basic layers. Roughly, the exoteric is the law, the esoteric is the action of lawgiving. I involuntarily grit my tongue between my teeth in this territory as there are certain things that should not be stated with utmost clarity w/r/t N because it undermines his strategy, and I trust his strategy; he idealized Honesty but so too did he idealize the Mask, hence he was honest about the mask and his idealization of honesty was a kind of mask lolol; walking the tightrope over the churning vulgus always requires prudence, i.e. acceptance that the many will only be led astray by philosophy, and that therefore poetry, and to be blunt, sophism, are in order (N’s admiration for the pre-Socratics isn’t innocent, there is a drop, perhaps more than a drop, of cunning in it – call it the “will to appearance”, or to wax peak-euphemistically, art).

    I hope I haven’t given you the impression that Deleuze isn’t one of my faves, it’s just extremely, extremely, obnoxious to me that most of the convos I’ve had about N it’s seemed like I’ve been talking with D (or the other “Big D”, or Foucault) so after reading a handful of his books I’ve felt pulled to deliberately distance from him, much like I’ve heard he did with Heidegger; can’t think new thoughts if you’ve been owned – and yes, judging by the tempo of your voice, the spirit not the letter per se, I would say you’ve been owned – but hey I’ve been owned too, just I’d say by a crazier nutcase. All this to say that Deleuze imo has said some of the most insightful things about N, and the ER in particular, so let’s springboard off him shall we? First on the subject of the mask/the esoteric:

    “In short, the first philosophers are those who institute a plane of immanence like a sieve stretched over the chaos. In this sense they contrast with sages, who are religious personae, priests, because they conceive of the institution of an always transcendent order imposed from outside by a great despot or by one god higher than the others… It may be that the first philosophers still look like priests, or even kings. They borrow the sage’s mask–and, as Nietzsche says, how could philosophy not disguise itself in its early stages? Will it ever stop having to disguise itself? […] Putting their work and sometimes their lives at risk, all philosophers must prove that the dose of immanence they inject into world and mind does not compromise the transcendence of a God to which immanence must be attributed only secondarily (Nicholas of Cusa, Eckhart, Bruno). Religious authority wants immanence to be tolerated only locally or at an intermediary level, a little like a terraced fountain where water can briefly immanate on each level but on condition that it comes from a higher source and falls lower down (transascendence and transdescendence, as Wahl said). Immanence can be said to be the burning issue of all philosophy because it takes on all the dangers that philosophy must confront, all the condemnations, persecutions, and repudiations that it undergoes. This at least persuades us that the problem of immanence is not abstract or merely theoretical. It is not immediately clear why immanence is dangerous, but it is. It engulfs sages and gods. What singles out the philosopher is the part played by immanence or fire.” (What Is Philosophy?)

    For N, Chaos is the Ur-Truth. The ER, what he calls his thought of thoughts, his highest insight, is a sieve that is stretched over his true thought of thoughts. I believe it was Nishitani Keiji who referred to this chaos as the soul’s groundless ground (which is constituted by laughter itself – you realize this in overabundant viscerality when you smoak Deeyum Tea and meet the “elves”, “jesters”, w/e word-sieve you want to impose on them). The ER is priestcraft, but from a zoomed-out ‘perspective’ that sees it in its complementarity with N’s ‘Chaosism’/Heraclitean flux-ontology as well as his mask mask [sic] it alchemizes into that which is above priestcraft, namely philosophy, or to use a rabble-rotted phrase, thinking for oneself. The priest gives laws and is given laws from not-himself, the philosopher gives laws and is given laws from himself, the most significant law law [sic] of which is lawgiving. Lawgiving is itself a law, but a law that points away from itself – my go-to allusion for this is Buddha’s “empty teaching of emptiness”.

    Is it deja vu, the eternal return, or have I already in this life shared this 1-2 punch with you on the ER?:

    “What Paul himself did not believe, the idiots among whom he threw his doctrine believed. His need was for power; in Paul the priest wanted power once again–he could use only concepts, doctrines, symbols with which one tyrannizes masses and forms herds. What was the one thing that Mohammed later borrowed from Christianity? Paul’s invention, his means to priestly tyranny, to herd formation: the faith in immortality–*that is, the doctrine of the “judgment*.”” (The Antichrist)

    “The eternal return gives the will a rule as rigorous as the Kantian one… As an ethical thought the eternal return is the new formulation of the practical synthesis: *whatever you will, will it in such a way that you also will its eternal return*.” (D, Nietzsche and Philosophy)

    “With the Apocalypse, Christianity invents *a completely new image of power*: the system of Judgment.”
    (D, “Nietzsche and Saint Paul, Lawrence and John of Patmos”)

    With the ER, Nietzsche invents a *completely new image of power*: the system of Judgment. HEHEHE *clears throat* excuse me. To sum up the esoteric-ER in one phrase, the ER is the ER of the ER. *This* is the abyss that if stared into can/should cause insanity, not the ER itself, but the meta-ER. For the exoteric-ER check it uh Klossowski and Heidegger – K is more explicit than H (I told you to read K before, have you?!) – this is why I’m interested in the translation of Laruelle’s N Contra H, as I hope he delves into the matters of the exoteric/esoteric where H did not. H has a sort of hegemony/ownership of N-reception – K translated H’s N lectures into the French so many of ya boys necessarily passed thru him. H is profound, don’t get me wrong, but ppo seem to forget that he gave those lectures to *students* not fellow philosophers, and he gave them to a class with literal oppressive Nazi bastards scrutinizing his every word; H’s N is not holy writ, nor is D’s, nor is Strauss’s (the latter of which I’m in part drawing from), N is holy writ, literally, and needs to be rescued from his interpreters.

    What about you, what do you think of the ER?

    Wagner Reply:

    Nietzsche/Dionysus is, ironically, our Ariadne (<3)

    I used to have a pretty good friend who was doing postgrad work on Lacan so read stuff from all over his corpus, including Miller, Zizek, Klein, etc. I recognize his power but like I said, when the Cathedral's celebrity-philosopher™ is a Lacanian… Just give it up, or, okay, direct me to a ~25 page chunk of his to warm me up. I love Jung so I imagine I'd at least like another prominent disciple of Freud's, it's just the Slave-oj thing is going to be difficult to circumvent.

    Wagner Reply:

    Cautionary addendum to the eso-ER post:

    “[Habermas] attributes the fascination of younger scholars with Nietzsche to the desire to go straight to the heart of darkness…”

    Darkness isn’t fun and games, insanity isn’t fun and games. You think it’s ubermensch-like to have your mother and sister wipe your ass for you, for *years*? “I can deal with darkness without going insane stfu.” Yeah? That’s what Nietzsche thought too, and what happened to him? Who’s the better man, you or him? Here’s an account of his little “bath” in a duckpond:


    Do you want this to be you?

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    european art music comes out of the monasteries

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    brillant post!

    hahaha.. emergency room that’s clever

    i understand what you mean with consequent insanity once having thought ER

    initially when i had grasped the ER i felt several affects on my body.. awe, terror, stupefaction

    i’ve never returned to it

    that is repression for you

    which means the eternal doesn’t return but under the cover of night as non-eternal..

    in it’s hallucination, IT speaks: “time is personal and individuated”

    what is the IT that speaks, wagner?

    can you expound on Buddha’s empty teaching of emptiness?

    though i didn’t feel aversion to the idea when i understood it, it was awful in the original meaning of that word

    ways of embodying the eternal return

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    aha, must be why they say persistence is a virtue!

    this is sexy

    it might even be sex itself extracted


    only 16 pages..

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    will check out klossowski and also excited to read bauemler though it seems i will have to read him in german (i’m a step above google translate and a step below not needing to go towards a dictionary every third or fourth sentence)

    if i find a translation online, i will share with you

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    the klossowski – nietzsche and the vicious circle is phenomenal

    thank you for its recommendation

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    “With the Apocalypse, Christianity invents *a completely new image of power*: the system of Judgment.”

    defines the sjw mindset quite well

    unfortunately you, or the alt-right more generally, betrays an newtonian “equal and opposite reaction”

    for instance, i show you a book by a brilliant sociologist and you strew together “french..arab.. female sociologist..hegemony..” and made a pre-JUDGEMENT that the book was a de-colonialist, intersectional theory book or idk whatever..

    it’s historical sociology bud. mind telling me what the issue is with the epistemic and methodological resources of that discipline?

    you are an sjw (maybe start a clothing line for smart-casual vermont slacktivists called SJWagner?

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    in my ideal society there would be harsh punishments for false attribution errors


    Wagner Reply:


    That’s the spirit, Mussolini Jr. At this rate you’ll be on the path to not betraying your ancestors in no time.

    “made a pre-JUDGEMENT”

    Wait, who sounds like a SJW? lol. I’m talking about Judgment with a capital J, big difference. Yuge, trust me, folks. The categorical imperative and eternal return are priestcraft-esque but they’re a hell of a lot more effective than the old afterlife gimmick. Only way to get Europeople to be good boys and girls is to use an immanentized “thought-experiment”. I’m worried that what I said about chaos above is going to be read by some hapless 17 year old frog and completely destroy him. N’s philosophy can easily be used to rationalize hedonism if read by someone immature, and hedonism is the most common form of nihilism. There is a truth to the eternal return, there’s just also a truth beyond it. In order to understand the truth beyond it one must first understand its truth.

    “why speaks of politics at all, wagner.. why blurt out political representations and teleologies…

    “the world is finished in every moment and its end is attained” -n

    “can we remove the idea of a goal from the process and then affirm the process in spite of this? -this would be the case if something were attained at every moment within this process–and always the same.” – n

    You probably have noticed that you read one thing in Nietzsche then later in the same book you think, wait a second, this completely contradicts the other thing he said. The jury’s out as to whether his philosophy of contradictions was intentional and well-planned, I tend to err on the side of that, but I also think he just lacked discipline, didn’t have as big a brain as Hegel so proceeded with systematicitilessness. One thing that seems intentional is his tempering of the eternal return/amor fati doctrine in Thus Spoke Zarathustra with the “Ass-Festival” chapter. tldr (I’m busy at the moment); if you say Yes to everything you’re a jackass.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    lol you think i’m comparing you to kant when you alt-sjw-istically “shut down” after i present an author with a strange name and a vagina that. OMG. used the word hegemony!!

    nietzsche falling to his knees and hugging a flogged horse is ER

    what doesn’t lead us to such a moment within his work falls away

    european buddhism looks like christianity

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    ‘Future Android Sciency Conservatives in Sado-Masochism’ All-Trite AI Network

    Broadcasting to our “all ambition, no ability”; All-Trite, Occidental Ancestors in the 21st Century!



    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    USA Conservatives & Their Satanic Ecology | Feline News Network (FNN)


    Wagner Reply:

    If the poz-crumbles lead back to Christianity then, yes, Satanism, sounds good.

    Can always count on you to ‘nigger it up’, Napni.

    Indians: took a nap for thousands of years and blame the white man for it (and so continue to take a nap).

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    [Wifi Waggy] “If the poz-crumbles lead back to Christianity then, yes, Satanism, sounds good.”

    {AK}: The point being, Waggy, that it was always devil-driven, no amount of forked-tongue hypocrisy could ever really hide that.

    [Wifi Waggy] “Can always count on you to ‘nigger it up’, Napni.”

    {AK}: Ain’t you got no rhythm, rhyme, nor reason, Waggy? Didn’t Nietzsche nichi wa tell you to dance?

    [Wifi Waggy] “Indians: took a nap for thousands of years and blame the white man for it (and so continue to take a nap).

    {AK}: When you learn to think for yourself, Waggy, instead of hiding behind Nietzsche nichi wa, then you might understand that it’s worth taking a deep breath, and having a rest. You’ve got nothing to prove, Waggy, no need to twist yourself up so much.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    read this you buffoon

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    the poz is from somewhere else,

    lacan is mostly description

    when he does come to ethics, it’s similar to nietzsche’s axiology as well as kierkegaard in some respects

    there’s a difference between reading and understanding

    you just seem to read a lot..

    Wagner Reply:

    Female arab sociologist writer of a book with the word hegemony in the title, thanks but I already went to college. Don’t you turgid goons ever get bored of this hogswallop? Transvaluate your edumucation. It’s probably too late for Artxell, but there’s hope for you Rome. Have you read Evola yet? On JSTOR (GAYSTOR) there was only one article of Evola’s and it was about Buddhism or something, the academy is terrified of him.

    I’m perplexed as to why the irony won’t sink into your heads that white men created the philosophies you both live inside of like rusty, birdcrap-caked cages. Why don’t you fight teh establishment with ideas pulled from the Congo?

    You’re Neo-Scholastics, it’s time to cut the umbilical cord and join the heretics. Babies whose balls have never dropped.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    you’re in a shit-caked bird cage you quackadoo lol

    its not that kind of book, “de-colonialist” or whatever

    don’t be scared of a little historical sociology.. learning that algebra is an arabic word won’t kill you!


    the scholastics, your “white men who created philosophy” were translating into latin arabic translations of the greek works

    st. thomas aquinas copied aristotle verbatim, plagiarized him, and presented those ideas as if they were his own!

    nobody likes a know-it-all wagner!

    and i will gladly read evola

    how should i start with him and is there any one i should read before him, such as one should freud before lacan?

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    better yet i will only read evola if you read lacan and you will help me understand evola as i will help you lacan otherwise forget it

    deal or no deal?

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    evola and lacan

    a love canal

    Wagner Reply:

    Wait, so I’ve been being psychoanalyzed by a Lacanian this whole time, that’s funny. I’ll have to decline though, Zizek as the incarnation of leftism in our time has ruined him for me for now; I can’t help but hear his idiote voice when I read him.

    Here’s a joke: what’s the difference between Zizek and Land?
    Land will get a notebook in his cell.

    I’ve read so much Cathedralist and Cathedral-absorbed claptrap, and not to mention have been exposed/inundated by it via TV/news/teachers/etc. that it’s just not fair to ask me to meet you halfway. Evila is a highly marginalized voice in our society, I thought that kind of thing interested french-theory types? Ask Erikson twitter @apocalyptocrat or @ebookextremist where to start and for direction on E, though I’d say Revolt Against the Modern World or Ride the Tiger will give you a good taste of the highbrow version of what is going on with the alt right (or whatever you want to call it).

    I’ll probably flip through some Deleuze one of these days for this reason:


    I’d imagine you’d enjoy the same benefit from reading Evola. For reasons of multiplicity it would be good to read Evola too.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Nietzsche said: “Only when you have turned against me, will I return to you.”
    So, given the plurality of Nietzschean interpretations, is it even possible to be ‘against Nietzsche’? But, if the Waggy-approved, ‘truth of Nietzsche’, is accepted as genuine Nietzsche in a positivist and literal way, then obviously Nietzsche himself tells us to be against that.
    I actually own an Evola book, got it cheap at a bargain bookstore, years ago, in the last century. Never got round to reading it, was too simplistic.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    It wasn’t mockery, Waggy. But if you want to deflect it as that, feel free. Such intellectual weakness, though, might explain your compensatory valorising of machismo.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    nonsense and hypocrisy wagner

    this “researcher bias” against evola is one you display amply towards lacan

    where’s you philhellenism? why have you soured on the dia-logical?

    the fact is you’re not intimate with the material you’re caricaturing so your caricature is self-parodying

    i will read evola anyway but just know i don’t consider you a man

    Wagner Reply:

    “Nietzsche tells us to be against that”

    So then why doesn’t it follow for us to be against that itself? That moment in Zarathustra is often abused in two related ways: 1, by lefties to rationalize their alignment with the tenets of the Contemporary Church and the sedate comfort derived therefrom (zzzzzzz), and 2, by normies who faintly detect that if they stay too close to Nietzsche they risk insanity. The latter is understandable: everything rare for the rare; the former is simply cowardice.

    “compensatory valorising of machismo”

    I told you, Art, I already went to college. (White) males who don’t act like meek women are compensatory, machismo, toxic, etc. This is a leveling tactic to make muds and women feel comfortable. I don’t care about your comfort, you need to toughen up. Part of the motivation of the emerging right, though it’s hardly admitted, is that we respect your dignity enough to not treat you like children. You like being treated like children though don’t you? Well, again, I don’t care what you want. I want you to toughen up.

    Wagner Reply:

    Rohme and Artxell snoring in unison: honk shoooooooooo, honk jewwwwwwwwww

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Waggy, you just can’t help politicising, can you!

    When you complain about ‘the left’; ‘the cathedral’; etc., all of that bollocks, as it were; what you’re actually complaining about, mainly, is the US American hysterical appropriation, and simplification, of European intellectual trends, by heavily politicised and partisan interests, as U.S. Americans perceive them. I’m not really interested in the sociology of American university life. That’s your problem, remain as parochial to that as you like, but it’s not an argument.
    Continental philosophy, is not just ‘left wing’ or Marxist; Paul Ricoeur, for instance, could hardly be characterised as that.
    None of you, including Nick Land, really know much about Eastern thought, either.
    As I said before, on this blog one can’t really expect much beyond clichéd politicised conventions, that’s one of the reasons why I don’t comment so much here. The only reason I began, was because of Nick Land’s link to philosophy; and that he was one of the few people in England doing something a bit different, as well as being of my generation.
    If Rohme and myself, are sleeping, it’s probably because of the lack of intellectual stimulation on this blog.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    i know little about eastern thought beside yogachara and practically nothing about indian thinkers other than panini or bhartrihari who were hugely influential for european linguistics 1,500 years after the fact..

    anyone you would recommend? which thinkers were influential for you?

    Wagner Reply:

    “he was one of the few people in England doing something a bit different”

    Kek. I’m glad we can find some common Grund. Let’s not exaggerate though: what he’s been doing isn’t just “a bit” different. Left or Right, you, Rohme, and I have been infected by hyperprotestantism; if you’re here you’re probably bored of insufficiently hyper protestantism. We hunger for pluralism, ‘the different’, a New Way, whatever you want to call it. I think it was Bowden who said that the main argument against conventional leftism (what earlier Land deemed Transcendental Miserablism) is that it’s boring. Postdeathofgod = the transubstantiation of morality–>aesthetics, which = the interesting>the good. Being bored/boring is the sin of sins, so sorry if I’ve been boring–though I think you’re just saying that because I’ve screwed with/Socrateased you into seeing a side of non-boredom you can’t quite stomach. Probably something to do with being in Land’s generation; graybeards are too creaky and feeble to “break on through to the Other side” (no offense, friend, it happens to everyone). I hope when I’m your age the younger generations try to screw with me too–I mean, I’m sure I’ll hate it, no one said egodeath is fun, but it’s good for the soul to cross the generation-gap and not be “stuck in old ways”. One thing that eats at my conscience, I confess, is that the young screwing with the old is a symptom of the decadent, democratic man (according to Plato), so maybe it’s not that I’ve metamorphosed out of democratism but have merely unwittingly exemplified it. Well, I can’t help it, you guys are just funny, it’s hard not to make fun of you. I see you see the same in the All-Trite. Mach, mock, mawk, if it warrants laughter laugh.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    “: The point being, Waggy, that it was always devil-driven, no amount of forked-tongue hypocrisy could ever really hide that.”

    yes, naturalistic religion made man god

    going back to zoroaster, the jewish cabala made lucifer god

    the conflict between lucifer and god is between immanence and transcendence

    Wagner Reply:

    “what is the IT that speaks, wagner?”

    Good question. I normally think of it as “the mystery of being”, but it’s more mysterious than that. Where do the thoughts that come into our heads come from? “We” certainly don’t cause them, they emerge, appear. To hazard a stab I’d say the IT that speaks is a “finding”. Our subconscious finds a way to interpret the phenomena then drops it down to our consciousness. When you ask what the IT is, it responds it is IT, there’s not really an answer. We call ourselves “me” and “I” but the reality is what we define ourselves as comes from something that is not ourselves.

    On the other hand, “the IT” is I and only I. There’s no causation, it’s “I” happening all the time, no it turning into I.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    mankind does not represent a development toward something better or stronger or higher in the sense accepted today. ‘progress’ is merely a modern idea, that is , a false idea. the european today is vastly inferior in value to the european of the renaissance: further development is altogether not according to any necessity in the direction of elevation…in another sense, success in INDIVIDUAL CASES is constantly encountered in the most WIDELY DIFFERENT PLACES and CULTURES: here we really do find a higher type that is, in relation to mankind as a whole, a kind of overman. such fortunate accidents of great success have always been possible and will perhaps always be possible. – nietzsche, anti-christ

    and with that, coupled with evola’s notion of “apoliteia”, why speaks of politics at all, wagner.. why blurt out political representations and teleologies, which only move counter to the direction of your “enlightenment”?

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    “the world is finished in every moment and its end is attained” -n

    “can we remove the idea of a goal from the process and then affirm the process in spite of this? -this would be the case if something were attained at every moment within this process–and always the same.” – n

    “if we consider ‘universal history as the history of contingencies, and not the history of necessity’, and historical events as folded intersections of all ‘previous, present, and future’ events (some more foregrounded, others more backgrounded), then there can be no necessary or pre-given teleology, evolution or profess in history, only different arrangements of temporally heterogeneous moments continually open to recomposition” – d&g

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    the IT is Das Ding

    G. Eiríksson Reply:


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    Posted on October 16th, 2017 at 6:33 pm Reply | Quote
  • Dave Narby Says:

    Hoppe is amazing.

    Except for IP, where he’s actually a Communist.


    Ah well. Like Rothbard said about libertarians: “Everybody gets to be wrong on one thing”.


    Henk Reply:

    How does libertarian Disney Corp enforce IP? The answer at your link is hilarious: They’ll get their way because they can afford to pay more for “protection” than those who think the Mouse should be free (by now). Gee, just like in real life!

    Serious question time: If that’s how it works, why even go to the trouble of claiming IP rights? After all, the company that does away with the expense of actually producing content would be able to spend even more on “protection”. You could call them The State or something.


    Dave Narby Reply:

    Before you bother with IP protection, you first have to have IP.

    Some IP is worth it, some isn’t. Some protection is worth it, some isn’t. E.G., it might be worth it for Disney enforce a no-copy use contract on Netflix (because they want to distribute on Amazon), but not worth it to enforce the contract on Henk VonDouchebagge-LittleBoyBuggerer (ha ha, just kidding bro, being hilarious just like you).


    Henk Reply:

    If libertarian Disney can force libertarian PirateBay to pay up without a contract (because they can pay more for “protection”), forget content, pay even more for “protection” and just raise taxes.

    If libertarian Disney can’t make anybody pay without a contract, a distributor stupid enough to sign a contract will be destroyed by competitors who just copy the stuff without a contract.

    Posted on October 17th, 2017 at 1:47 am Reply | Quote
  • Dave Narby Says:

    Libertarianism is a rehashing of the rights of rebel Englishmen under American Colonial Common Law. Common Law is about protecting property from trespass.

    Everything is property. Your clothes, tools, animals, wife and children are all property.

    Property is simply a thing that properly belongs to someone. My wife is my property. There is no man who has a higher claim to her than I. I am, naturally, also her property.

    Kids (minors) are property. Think they aren’t? Try this on for size: Your dog digs up your neighbor’s yard. Who pays? You do. Because your dog is your property, and you are liable for the proper administration of your property.

    Your kid does donuts with his dirt bike in your neighbor’s yard. Who pays? There you go.


    Posted on October 17th, 2017 at 2:38 am Reply | Quote
  • blogospheroid Says:

    Things were going perfectly fine along this speech (right enough diagnosis) except he didn’t have a better idea about gaining power than getting the “non-privileged” group to vote together, by getting them to realise that they aren’t going to be ruling this new haystack that’s being put up.

    This was followed almost swiftly by a bunch of “here’s what I would do if I were king”. Spending a decent amount of time in the neo-reactionary space kinda immunizes you to atleast this.

    Currently, urbit, BAT and counter fund, alt tech generally are the things to look out for.


    Posted on October 17th, 2017 at 7:15 am Reply | Quote
  • Imperial Energy Says:

    Interesting that Hoppe knows MM “personally”.

    It was strange to hear Hoppe keep talking about giving the rascals “bloody noses”.

    For anyone who is interested, the following post (and series of posts) explores the relationship between Praxeology and neoreaction:


    It covers Mises, Kant, Hoppe, Moldbug, Reactionary Future, Mesquita (not a reactionary) and Mao’s Cultural Revolution (most definitely not a reactionary).


    Posted on October 17th, 2017 at 10:23 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Looking at this blog from a macro-bird’s eye view: You can take the Land out of England but you can’t take the England out of Land. We have a firm patriot on our hands here. He is *sold* that WWII went the right way because “my people” won it. AI, China, all this BS, Land is a proud Briton, and that’s how he’ll be on his deathbed regardless of anything anyone says. As he’s forcing out his last breaths he will be proud that he did this atomization-service for Mother England by going to China, going there but never really turning his back on Her. All for Her. “For you, my Queen.” The James Bond of Poz.


    Posted on October 18th, 2017 at 12:12 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Yup, the only reason I post here is because I remember a Land who wasn’t a sell-out, I remember a Land that didn’t trade truth for comfort. The Land I attack is an imposter that I gladly and gleefully return down the chutes of Hell. Burn there, burn, I like the smell.


    Posted on October 18th, 2017 at 12:44 am Reply | Quote
  • TheDividualist Says:

    From the article:

    “Libertarian doctrine is simple: If there were no scarcity, physical clashes would be impossible.”

    Nick, you consider this sound? He entirely ignores clashes over status. He doesn’t even get it to the level Robert Caplan or Bryan Hanson do.

    The libertarian blind spot for thinking people just crave scarce goods for their practical utility is seriously WTF. In reality, beyond basic comfort (easily achievable today) mostly people want goods because they carry a status message. And it is just one subset of status competition, these days not even the most vicious one.

    NRx isn’t necessarily libertarians mugged by HBD, it is also libertarians mugged by noticing status competition.


    Dave Narby Reply:

    Everything is property. Status is property. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to buy a knighthood or a spot in Who’s Who.

    You seem to be trying to make the argument that competition for status (among those who value it) is a bad thing.

    However, you’ve only asserted it’s bad. Where’s the argument?


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    My opinion of you is not your property by any sane definition of “property”, and it cannot be made property in any meaningful sense by the powers of man.

    Since many of the things people care about are not property, the efficiency proofs David Friedman offers in defense of libertarianism often fail.

    Note Part II, assumption II:

    “II. Private Property: Property rights are defined and costlessly enforced and can be costlessly transferred for all scarce goods.”


    I note Jordan Peterson’s definition of “ideology”: “pathological oversimplification”.


    Dave Narby Reply:


    Your opinion of you is YOUR property, and no one else’s. Pray tell: Who else could it properly belong to?!

    I challenge you to name one thing that isn’t property.

    Good luck with that..! XD

    Dave Narby Reply:

    Or, to cut to the quick:

    “In every society, a few individuals acquire the status of an elite through talent. Due to superior achievements of wealth, wisdom, and bravery, these individuals come to possess natural authority, and their opinions and judgments enjoy wide-spread respect. ” -Hoppe

    …What’s the big fuckin’ deal?


    Michael Rothblatt Reply:

    You just made a fallacy many libertarians do, thinking in terms of only material goods. Status (and not just status, many “non-material” things are) is a scarce good, just like any other.


    Posted on October 18th, 2017 at 8:41 am Reply | Quote
  • Elend liebt Gesellschaft Says:

    Nick (and Hoppe and Moldbug) really don’t understand transaction costs [1] and the emergence of boundary between hierarchies and markets [2]. So, they get pwned by fascist property protection schemes (in the best liberal tradition). Hoppe says “we need communal help of others to do the same”. Sovcorp is not all that different from Kolkhoz, it seems.

    [1] eg. voice/exit false choice, LOL
    [2] Old books: “Markets and Hierarchies” and “Economic institutions of Capitalism” by Oliver Williamson. The foundations of economics of blockchain are there somewhere.


    Posted on October 19th, 2017 at 4:10 am Reply | Quote
  • Dave Narby Says:

    @Dave Narby

    Don’t conflate the difficulty of protecting property from trespass with not having the right to that property to begin with.

    Just because murder is the easiest crime to get away with (b/c the principle witness is dead) doesn’t mean it’s not a trespass.


    Posted on October 20th, 2017 at 6:20 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Yup, Arthur C. Clarke foresaw it best in Childhood’s End: the humans will devolve into collective mental dis-ease if higher intelligences came and tried to bring about good things on this rotten planet. I call it rotten, they just see it as normal monkey-happenings. Unless monkeyanity understands the Order of Rank we will never be able to benefit from their alien technologies. We have to be receptive to things higher than ourselves or else we’ll stay the same or sink down lower. They want to help us but they can’t help creatures that only aspire towards dirt.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    True dat, but some of us aspire to the Heavens.


    Posted on October 21st, 2017 at 4:59 am Reply | Quote
  • Sammoth Says:

    I thought you hated the Alt Right. Now that Hoppe says nice things about a WORD (altright) suddenly it’s all good with you.


    Posted on October 21st, 2017 at 6:50 am Reply | Quote
  • Sammoth Says:

    altright Isn’t all bad. It has some MAJOR problems. Major. Major. Major. IDK altright is better than Alt Right


    Posted on October 21st, 2017 at 6:51 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Moldbug: unqualified reservations

    Land: qualified unreservations


    Posted on October 23rd, 2017 at 2:37 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    I can’t be the only one that finds it funny that, immanence-wise, Moldbug wrote most of UR under the sovereignship of the Governator. Seems like there are memes for this waiting to happen. After watching the first few Terminator movies I realize there may be synchronicities at play involving the AI. Moldbug is what happens when an artificial AI is ruler of Poztown. Schwarzenegger was the simulacrum (actor) of the AI who through postmodern myth-art convinced people he was the real deal. A bodybuilder (meat) in the place of power because people were subliminally guided to believe he was the superintelligence incarnate.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:



    Wagner Reply:

    Oh, that’s good. I was beginning to think you smoaked that and went into an 1889-1900 Nietzschean Samadhi state getting fed and buttwiped by schwester und mutter. Land likes to use the word “howling” lightly but Holderlin literally howled all night after he went insane, they had to strap his face inside a hannibal lecter mask to shut him up.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    and have you howled all night, wagner? that is the most importive question

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Wagner, did you have a look at the «Sorcery of the Spectacle» Reddit? I think some of the posts there are right up your alley—I dare you to test out the populous there with your content, some para-Landian howlings—my friend.

    BTW «Max Spiers: The mysterious death of a conspiracy theorist (Part 1) – BBC Stories».


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    ▬» Max Spiers (December 22, 1976 – July 16, 2016) was a conspiracy theorist from Britain.
    His death caused controversy among some members of the conspiracy theory community which made him the target of reports from BBC News and other news outlets. Max believed in a variety of paranormal events, including that he had been altered as a child to become a supersoldier.
    Spiers died on 16 July 2016 in Warsaw, Poland, while visiting his friend.[2] In a multi-part short documentary series on his death, made by the BBC, his mother stated that she had been concerned about Max’s mental health prior to his death, and that she believed he had “gotten involved with the wrong crowd.” A final video taken of Max before his death revealed that, according to his mother, he was displaying signs of substance intoxication[3] and that she had seen him in a similar state in the past after he had taken heroin.[4][5] Another conspiracy theorist, who was close to Spiers, suggested that Max’s drug use was controlled by extraterrestrial life. A message from Max’s phone stating “your boy’s in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate” was sent to his mother before he died. It is reported that Max vomited a quantity of black fluid prior to his death.[6] »



    Wagner Reply:

    I’d respond to you about Max Spiers but not online, only face to face. The Internet isn’t the holy grail of honesty, it’s just the best we have at present. The more we admit that the more honest we all will become.

    I gave up on the souls of the populous a while back, the only thing I’ve been concerned with lately is jolting the slumped Nickpuppet off the dead skeleton hand onto a new one.

    https://imgur.com/a/5VBtf – Gurdjieff


    Posted on October 23rd, 2017 at 3:01 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    You fools don’t seem to understand. You are supposed to critique ME from the Right. Land is too left, I am too left. Push it farther and farther. The agents are starting to gnaw at my neck with their sharp teeth, it’s up to you to help me.


    Uncle Saturday Reply:

    Austrian economics + Austrian empiricism: Hoppe on Popper


    collen ryan Reply:

    You are supposed to critique ME from the Right. Land is too left, I am too left. Push it farther and farther.smile.

    why should that be so controversial? Only because at one time the left thought it could just take over the market. But now it realizes it is better to partner with the market. The right once thought it could fight the left with the market now the right should realize the left is the market- as admin used to say demotism.

    within ME capitalism there are sub components.competition between capitalists on innovation and price is something we like because it benefits us. The rest of it not so much. I dont need capitalists shaping my culture to encourage my people to be better consumers of what capitalist want to sell them,and worse citizens in the bargain.so they can make more money to shape my culture more. rinse repeat.I want better cheaper mouse traps, not richer more powerful capitalists. Capitalism is good if its strengthening us not weakening us.
    Now if they want to sell porn, prozac, fake multiculturalgenderal news, and inferior technology to my enemies ( and everyones my enemy eventually well until theyre dead) then fine they can sell them crack for all i care.( though it might be better for us if they sold them stuff that allowed us to milk them a bit longer than crack)

    But we will decide not capitalists what we want made better, what innovations will be implemented, how they will be allowed to be used in our own nation. They can concentrate on outdoing each other on price and innovation, we will decide which way our nation is to proceed. This (((mosesbug))) idea of giving jew capitalist ownership of our nation is absurd thats the problem not the solution


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    who is the enemy? everyone is your enemy?


    collen ryan Reply:

    Everyone is my competition, My own brother even. I ( or rather my DNA) makes alliances with backup close copies of my DNA in ascending order, alliances with my brother trump alliances with my cousin. But ultimately it is always me (my DNA) against all, All your morality, your propositions your ideas about how you and some smart niggers will start a new race on Elysium, well its cucked but it all leads back gnon, its all about whats in the sperm you and the nigger swap on elysium. Me Im going trad Im backing my so far pretty successful group. I get why the niggers want to swap sperm with you on elysium, I don’t really understand your thinking. Its sort of suicidal sort of saying I dont think I have it in me, Im better off with nigger sperm in my wife than my own sperm, but hey your DNA made your brain think that plan up and good luck with that- really, if in a thousand years the only life left in the universe is some spergy niggers well I salute you.I wont bet on you not even with fiat but.

    Fighting as hard as I can to survive and reproduce as close a copy of my DNA as possible This is my cosmic duty, to those about to die even if myself I salute you for doing your cosmic duty and not throwing the fight any one of us might be the future of life in this universe.I didn’t design this system but there is no way around it that does not lead into it.I submit to gnon.

    Who is my enemy economically? as I just pretty clearly said those who threaten me genetically, everyone that is, but since I have extra resources i make alliances with backup copies in ascending order, this is called family tribe nation. The economy if it is good is good for my DNA, my family’s DNA, My Tribes DNA, my nations DNA. This is what we mean when we say capitalism is good, its good for the whites. if capitalism is good for the jews, then it had be even better for the whites or its not good.
    Obviously as we grow wealthier we can afford ever farther reaching alliances backups of ever farther apart DNA. But if you dont simultaneously realize theres a point where youre not funding a backup your funding the competition. At a certain point funding my brother is commiting suicide.At some point the other races have to go. well unless you can figure a way to keep them in game preserves in pre white contact cultures.Other wise youre funding the people who one dy are going to decide youre obsolete. I dont particularly like this its just how it is. It was supposed to be the insight of NRX till they cucked out.Now we dont have to start armageddon tomorrow, but stop telling me about your slave morals I dont care i have only one moral, one good, survive to replicate- that is the whole of the law. every other morality proceeds from that literally, before your DNA root even had consciousness that was the source code still is the oldest code of every life form ever. every genetic innovation since from mind to legs to the moral faggotry you try and dress up as intelligence proceeds from those fragments of survive by any means necessary to reproduce as close a copy of yourself as possible. This is the spiritus mundi- Gnon.

    surprised you’re complaining when i critique capitalism you’re a commie no? All I am saying have been saying for years here is the best chance for life is the european race, sure Im biased, but its hard to argue its not a good bet, at least if we gave it the old college try. Now reasonable people could argue for the jews the east asians or multiculturalism. hell the way we are going i think niggers have a pretty good shot as well.No I dont get why a white man would rather throw in with slants than die trying with his own, its not a certain death. I do get why some whites might want to try to flip the jews incorporate them, in fact I would be one of those white men if i could think of a way to do it without it being turned on me.I think I we can do fine without them too.I dont think multiculturalism works,particularly when whites are part of the mix, or when they must throw in all their assets while the other races keep backup plans running simultaneously, ultimately white or hajinal white cuck genes are a two edged sword that make multiccucktualism impossible for white we lose at that game.

    so whats the fucking problem with just admitting this the nazis were correct, we are the master race or at least have a pretty good chance of being that master race but if we dont try we will get steamrolled. I know what the problem is you have cuck genes and simply can not face the reality of this do or die evolutinary prime directive and think you can overide it with your cuck braine propositions, why cant we be friends? because we cant. Look Im part hajinal I get it, but im also carrying a lot of old norse and celtic blood and I can think clearly. You want to salvage some nigger slant and jew genes, take samples at the camps before you turn them into soylent green we can crispr them later.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    i see you want to go to war because they’ve invaded your countries, destroyed your culture, values, institutions and brainwashed your children into complacency and degeneration, i got that right?

    so after you take the county back, ridding it of moorish influence, you’ll rebuild the institutions, reset values, unbrainwash your people, be a badass supercolony, news willl reverberate in saxonia, francia, germane.. and the sleepy great white consciousness will be re-awakened once more, i got that right?

    i’d say fine unbraishwash your children, rebuild your institutions, reset your values, but don’t go che guevara!

    but no, you don’t want to schism and develop (erik brought up the mormons as an example recently) you want the whole US territory, don’t you? LOL you think you can take it from and then run it better than the USG..


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    what would such a war look like as you propose?

    can you imagine it?

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    are they controlling everything you do? are they watching you as you go to bathroom? probably.. they’re creeps right? perverts.. look at hollywood, you just want to be left alone to build things! but they distract you from building, with the ms-13!

    tweety and sylvester

    if you can’t build anything, war is the only option.
    if you can’t defend anything, war is the only option.
    if you can’t organize anything, war is the only option.
    if you can’t raise children, have war raise them.
    war is the only option. take! take! take! take! total war! total war! total war! because i can! because i can! because i can! if there’s is no god, i am god, i’m an atheist, wait then i do not believe in myself? i’m confused..

    they brainwash your kids and ruin your institutions, they brainwash your kids and ruin your institutions they brainwash your kids and ruin your institutions, and you sat and watch and you sat and watched and you sat and watched

    are you masters, masters, masters, masters of your own fate?

    let me suggest mao zedong’s on guerrilla warfare

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    lol brilliant

    Posted on October 24th, 2017 at 4:35 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:


    I didn’t know about this twitter of Land’s. (H/T Erik). I didn’t know this side of him was still alive. If I’d known of that I wouldn’t have been such an asshole on here hahahhaha


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Better keep updated with me.


    Wagner Reply:

    Son of Leif has his spergish moments, even he admits that, but as far as *knowing Evola intimately well* he’s my favorite writer. It seems to me that Nietzsche and Evola are the “incarnate elder gods” of the emerging right.. yeah yeah Spengler Bowden Moldbug, they’re prominent but my feels is N and E are the behind-the-scenes sorcerers running this operation. I think it’s like the devowelization of Yahweh, Nietzsche and Evola aren’t talked about because they are that holy. NTZSCH & VL. Well they should be talked about, because the meaning of life is to make the unconscious conscious.

    Priests of the right: “but muh laity.”

    Shuck them off, shear, slough. Sheep have no place on the right if they are purely automated to baa.

    If Land had a spine he would have subjected Evola to critique years ago, in mouth-form. If LND had a podcast he could possibly cause an apocalypse, that’s why he doesn’t have one.

    The idea of subjecting NTZSCH to critique is just….. funny to me. I’d like to see it tried. I’ve seen the gr8s try and Hier stehe, ich kann nicht anders, as a ntzch’n.


    Wagner Reply:

    THE AI: oh darn my mystical experience is shaped by the knockings from Outside in. Do you want perma-monkeyism, Land? FFS. Transvaluate the monkey.

    Wagner Reply:

    #worthlesscorpseLand can’t do anything now, the worms are descending upon him, the abject fool, this is an awakening from his dreamlife, he thought his dream was reality this whole time. The fact is that his dream was a dream.

    Posted on October 29th, 2017 at 3:49 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    If Land f’s with N, there is something bad coming to him, that’s my psychology in a nutshell.


    Posted on October 29th, 2017 at 4:33 am Reply | Quote
  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    ▬» What is the meaning and purpose of “security”? How does it relate the the relationships we have? I argue that the formalizations of our relationships — especially contracts — provide the blueprint for ideal security. »
    ▬ Nick Szabo (1997).

    So Szabo is a Formalist — like Moldie.


    Posted on October 29th, 2017 at 4:33 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Phenomenology of Nietzschean experience report:

    I’ve had two experiences of N that were paranormal, or like the way people see Jesus in “hallucinations”; the first time he blessed me, the second time he turned around and had the long teeth of those deep underwater fish with lightbulb-stalks on their heads, and he bit the side of my neck. Just reporting the facts.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    I am Nietzsche.


    Sanguine Reply:

    Sounds crazy.


    Posted on October 30th, 2017 at 12:31 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Luther – 500 years ago – Halloween… I’m feeling a little superstitious right now, dunno bout you guys.


    Posted on October 31st, 2017 at 3:37 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    “The Aliens” aren’t a pure myth either, it’s corrupted all the way to the Top. Even the word “corruption” has been corrupted.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Um, not ‘corruption’ is very stable for the past two-three thousand years.

    ▬» Latin corruptus, past participle of corrumpere “to destroy; spoil,” figuratively “corrupt, seduce, bribe,” from com-, intensive prefix (see com-), + rup-, past participle stem of rumpere “to break” (see rupture (n.)) »

    That’s the amazing things with most concepts. Their stability over thousands of years all the way into the 21st century!

    Logia is the mother of sciences!

    Otherwise I agree with your post btw.


    Wagner Reply:

    Fair enough, there is substance to words. What I was trying to say though is that even Cthulhu is a monkey. I had the nauseating realization that if aliens came here they’d probably be SJW bureaucrats. There’s no perfection in the multiverse. Sometimes I wonder if God himself is a monkey. What do you think? Is God superlatively Good? None of his minions are but is he? Also, what do we plan to do in space once we get there? Travel to other planets’ Platos and give them N’s books to lubricate paradigm shifts? Not much to do in space besides be galactic SJWs tbh.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Life is mostly about aesthetics. That’s why we enjoy walks in the forest and by the seaside, and by the river, and on hills, mountains, and what not. The scenery, the smell. The colours of the leaves. Now — if you have wide appreciation, life can be good for you. You can enjoy cities as well. Of course it can be good if you have limited appreciation, but it will be more limited. Like, lots of Medievalists aren’t too happy with neo-Tokyo.

    I’d drop the monkey idea. You’ll see nothing but monkies with it. I know what you mean tho. I’d look at other beings which appear through man.

    Man is what you make of him, Angelus.

    Aliens, there are.


    Monkeys are boring. Conspire to make us into aliens.

    Posted on November 1st, 2017 at 1:30 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Land’s psi-yawp is that he’s an accelerationist when he’s hitting the brakes. The more Truth the merrier. If they snap and imprison us (that is Land’s reason for reticence, not to mention the subconscious worry of long-term torture) that will be the thing to send them o’er. We don’t have anything to worry about, most of the things they do to us will only benefit our cause. For instance, if they were to put Kantbot in prison, that would be the end of them. Therefore, Kantbot can say whatever he wants. The leftists’ hearts and minds are going to fold into themselves pretty soon, this is exciting. “The moment of decision” – will they strap us to a board with a cage and a hot coal on top of our chests and a rodent inside to munch thru our insides? Leftists are too weak for that. Say what you want about Trump, he was right about the twin-diagnosis: “Sad!” and “Weak!” It’s too bad Land folded here, he did pretty good for his age, but, same diagnosis. Playing a moderating influence on an accelerating process, the old coot is going the way of Junger. Time to smoke DMT for a mental RESET or die like that, no option C. One foot in the new aeon, one foot in the old, no good to anyone.


    Posted on November 4th, 2017 at 3:38 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Besides its use as a mindfuck of quackademics, framing the altright as Nietzschean will recruit lesser brahmins into our ranks. These are our brothers, they’ve just been Pavlov’d into reading N thru the lenses of french faggots.


    If teenagers start reading N w/o Cathedralist panopticism watching over their shoulders the last man trajectory will cycle toward first-man-ism (ideally a neo-renaissance).

    In the meantime the altright somehow needs to pivot from kek–>maat, dunno if this is possible.


    Wagner Reply:

    Junger: converts to there’s-an-afterlife-ism!

    Heidegger: is given a Catholic burial

    Land: twitter.com/outsideness


    Wagner Reply:

    At least Hölderlin and Nietzsche went out like men.


    Wagner Reply:

    Satan tells me “be silent”

    Posted on November 4th, 2017 at 6:41 pm Reply | Quote
  • Sammoth Says:

    i am disappointed you have failed to continue making powerful and exciting posts. this was the best blog on Earth for several years, truly a great joy reading it. you’re turning into a cuck land, you’re above this.


    Wagner Reply:

    The irony that is being sown by the divine prankster is that Moldbug and Land theorized that democracy isn’t the answer and have now been incorporated into–devoured by–the democracy. Land should tell the jeweled-crowned chimp Thiel to go fuck himself instead of being his PR lapdog. Trump > Thiel > Moldbug > Land – this whole hierarchy stinks of “the people”.


    Wagner Reply:



    collen ryan Reply:

    Mike, 90% of what you say would make 90% of Americans want to lock you up. How do you get democracy out of that?

    democracy just is how whites are,we get the need for hierarchy, and we get the problems with hereditary hierarchy.we compromise with meritocracy hierarchy.white men are not into submission, we are into order. I’m not a huge fan of democracy just recognize its hard to do better or dislodge it, and don’t agree there’s evidence it is the problem per se.

    I do keep saying universal suffrage is really bad, thats leftist, so if you want to distinguish, yes Im definitely opposed to this sort of democracy. Women shouldn’t vote and only net taxpaying men should, and ethnostate is only workable state organization because HBD.

    So yes 90% of whites can not yet accept that eliminating multiculturalism and feminism are prerequisites to the type of states they wish to live in. too bad thats a fact. You want multiculturalism and feminism its got to be a totalitarian socialist state.And white men will (are) the losers and the engine of such a state. AIACC.

    Also we are not talking gas chambers we are talking japan, people will adjust to japan. One of my problems with jewbugs schemes is they are far fetched,experimental,and impossible to transition into. On the other hand there’s a pretty good chance we will have civil wars in the west, and those wars will be a lot about non white immigration, and runaway leftism including feminism and socialism. If the right wins I dont see that it will be hard to repatriate non whites, and in a post war culture men and women will realize their natures,I think its clear economically something new is emerging.

    I have always been a hardass on economics, ironically its been NRX that has made me rethink a bit. and have come to two conclusions. I still see socialism as a cancer, but I also see capitalism as maybe equally as dangerous,free markets yes free capitalist not so much.Nothing radical just like we dont allow capitalists to sell crack, well i might add a few more things to the list subversive media for instance.

    The other thing is I realized whites have a low tolerance for suffering, and a fear of their own suffering.This is how socialism gets entry.Since i think this is genetic i think its pointless to go into denial. While its true I can larp some cold hearted social darwinism, reality is I want a minimal social safety net for my neighbors and possibly myself if it came to it. Also I want good insurance for myself. I like to insure the shit out myself, rather pay monthly than get a nasty surprise.Most people who can afford it are like this. These plans are not that expensive when half your population is not third world, when family structure is restored,when civic and cultural confidence is restored. I think basic insurance for the destitute and mandatory but paid insurance for the rest will satisfy our genetic intolerance for suffering. Obviously we are at this point working to shorten the left side and lengthen the right of the tail genetically.

    In short i dont think its so complicated, i think we go to war we win we deport the non whites we stop encouraging feminism and we have sensible economic policies. whites will begin to thrive again.Its not dystopian future nazism its just not acting retarded because some jews gaslighted you.

    sure we have learned some things that have not been implemented into our governance. some i mentioned but generally Id say NRX altright etc have had some insights or rather understood what science and tech have intuited. Most of these have been prevented from being incorporated into our governance our culture etc and need to be. So when i describe what might seem like rebooting to 1955 or 1905, or 1715 it is more than that.We have learned a lot and will continue, Take the american constitution, and what they were actually trying to do and how it worked for a short while. It wasn’t that bad on current information, it might be a starting point for america but this time you know how and why it went awry.You know slavery is a bad idea even if theres no such thing as morality and niggers are apes, you know its a bad idea. you know women cant be allowed to vote that immigration is a bad idea, that all men are not created equal that multitheocracy is also a bad idea, and a thousand other things. But you also know while it wasnt as technically advanced and comfortable it was culturally closer to what you want and you can think about why that was what we did that undermined that and how we might have the tech and the culture this time.

    collen ryan Reply:

    ok what’s the “problem” then. you cant have a hierarchy without the people. The people have a problem a leader emerges the people enforce the leaders will hoping he will solve their problem.Trump /Theil seemingly get this. nick and curt think the people are the problem and the solution is to get rid of them. Well thats kinda clever and all as long as they dont have any children, which land solves with posthumanism. Ok technically he wins except thats not the problem i had in mind. My problem was governing with the people still existing and exiting more contentedly than before, I mean I could just settle for what I have now which is better than land feeding me to the AI matrix or moldbug enslaving me on some dont be evil techno jew patch that Im free to leave to be a slave on some other techno jew patch.

    Its not like the people dont get they are the problem its why they follow a leader,bioculturalize hierarchy. yeah its a enigma so is most of life.The leaders are people too, the leader’s power comes from the people, yet is imposed on the people.autists like nrx want something thats neat but life is messy its 3 billion years of overwriting the same disk. But its beauty and genius is also in that two brilliant guys can’t agree on the best way to proceed, but they can often agree on what not to do this time.even if its only not to do what we are doing now.

    nrx is retarded level confused. They purport to want to solve leftism and lay its cause at the people will, Then claim if elites neednt listen to the people they would rule better, but the elites dont listen to the people so elites brought in new people so they could get away with even more crime.elites are the problem not the original people.democracy is something elites use to justify their crimes when they win when they lose they just ignore the vote, file lawsuits, legislate from the bench, call most of the original people racists and use massive propaganda to brainwash, and still the people elect a trump. The problem is not the people have too little power its they cant control the elites.even before we had democracy the people could control elites better.democracy is clever it makes you party to your own destruction this shame is an extension of anarcho tyranny, its also makes you think nothing can be done because no one in particular is to blame, the politician is just obeying the news whos obeying the academy whos obeying the new people.I cant possibly pitch fork them all.In the old days culture kept elites in line, but multiculture is no culture. vulgar or not we have to restore an ethno state and common culture.


    Wagner Reply:

    Mike, 90% of what you say would make 90% of Americans want to lock you up. How do you get democracy out of that?

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    He obviously defines the demos as his defined ingroup. He’s an Athenian Democratist.

    Anon Reply:

    >you’re turning into a cuck land

    Accelerationism was always about cucking. It is an extension of Baudrillard’s fatal strategy of a subject giving in to the object. Accelerationism goes further by cucking to capital and its teleology. When it comes down to it, most accelerationist soyboys are admitting that their one SD IQs, their Phd theses, their “edgy” Marxist politics are all for naught. They cannot stop the libidinally virile capitalism because it is the bull of politics. That swinging big dick that will satisfy humans better than your few hundred years of impotent and sexually incompetent small dick political projects. Humans desire capitalism. They don’t desire the four-inch communal insect vanguardist politics of the progressive feminist beta rapist-male. The accelerationists’ project, then, is an act of becoming-cuck through a rhizomic unnatural alliance in prepping the capitalist bull. This is known as unconditional cucking (U/CUCK).


    collen ryan Reply:

    yeah but thats a step up for the betafagauts so it appeals shall we call it virile signaling


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Absolutely one of the best posts of here ever. It mirages things I’ve been pondering or been too lazy (occupied) to write. I quite like the Accellos. They do useful stuff for me.

    It is an extension of Baudrillard’s fatal strategy of a subject giving in to the object.

    This much I had concluded. I did call Land a “technocuck” in my encyclopedia—a few weeks ago. I’ve written about it on here like a year ago or two (I’m not really a timekeeper). I’m probably gonna remove it. I think I’m not actually in divergence from him, in that I agree with his teleoplexy formula. I mean, it’s a logical fact. ▬ » capital approximates ever more closely to an auto-productive circuit in which it appears—on the screen—as something like the ‘father’ of itself (M → C → M’) ». In any case this formula of autoproduction is Empire, it Seems like the imperial imperative to me. Just see the numerous updates of Rome, Holy Rome. We just have different definition of AI—perhaps. Or the same. I been seeing my Deus Mechanicus popping up around the spheres. I think AI is just the externalisation of Spiritual Intelligence—a Logos with tentacles. Maybe something to do with Bailey’s ‘the Externalization of Hiearchy.’ (Supposedly a Luciferian UN plot.) We are in a virtual reality. That’s not new. It’s Maya. ECCO—Eternal Coincidence Control Office. Just call it the CIA, and they’re not trying to kill me (Non Phixion).

    I think you always gotta cuck to something tho. There’s always some egodeath. Like, Caesar had to. Augustus, arguably? At least gotta cuck to something higher than your pettiness.

    I think cucking to technology is fine. It just means deployed skill. That’s pretty traditional. Askesis means training. Hermeticism is the Royal Art. That’s skill. Upaya in Sanskrit (skillful means). Yoga is yoking. Etc. Tapas, heat. Great Work. It’s all self-technicity. You cuck to the heat if you’re an alchemical initiate. (Cf. Knipe, «In the Image of Fire—Heat in the Vedic Experience».)

    Acceleration is basically just a tendency for preferring for or pushing for something to accelerate. That’s basically what the word means, Land or not. I often do this—accelerate. E.g. dying on shrooms.

    ▬» The brief commentary is this:
    1. Grant implies that were primary reverence present, there would be no need of Tradition: men would know the Good intuitively and directly, on their own.
    2. The presence of the need for Tradition itself implies a privation (or lack) of primary reverence: thus, we need Tradition, because we are in some sense “fallen”, and in a way which (apparently) cannot be un-thought or thought out of.
    3. Tradition (therefore) is a necessary evil (or “skillful means”: upaya) which Providence utilizes to overcome this privation.
    4. Tradition is not (therefore) a means in and of itself, but exists for something Higher
    5. Presumably, this “Higher” (Plato’s “Good”) may be capable of being reached without Tradition, by a very superlative individual.
    6. As long as a need for Tradition is intuited, we can presuppose that this state has not been reached by us, individually or collectively.
    7. Tradition is a process (therefore) both dangerous and chancy, of surrendering a baton or passing a flame in a race towards that something Higher.
    8. Traditionalism is a process whereby the devil apes Tradition, and uses it to discredit God. »



    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    3. Tradition (therefore) is a necessary evil (or “skillful means”: upaya) which Providence utilizes to overcome this privation.

    Technology therefore is a necessary evil (or “skillful means”: upaya) which Providence (Ipsius Radix; M → C → M’; Ouranos) utilizes to overcome the privation of man from his environment (infospace; the world/universe). See Teilhard’s Omega Point. And more recently Kurzweil’s Singularity. Engineering space. I do recommend Mormon Transhumanism as well.

    Reading Jung through Deleuze &G. and vice versa is also very helpful.

    I’m synthesising this shit here. But have been caught up in a romantic affair recently (but which has only strengthened me).

    As Admiral Piett says… We shall redouble our efforts.

    collen ryan Reply:

    you cuck to your volk, your fathers because that is the way to not really cuck, your efforts sacrifice is conserved, your externalities like your tech are cucked onto you not you onto them, Your volk father are not denying you your contribution they are protecting you and the volk for when you are stronger and wiser. GNogos creates time space as a river native americans would walk wild horses into and tamed horses out of. within this river is your current you can thrash all you want but one day like siddhartha you too will stand on the bank and laugh at you naivete

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    you cuck to your volk, your fathers because that is the way to not really cuck, your efforts sacrifice is conserved, your externalities like your tech are cucked onto you not you onto them, Your volk father are not denying you your contribution they are protecting you and the volk for when you are stronger and wiser

    True. This is what patriotism means. Not in the “Modern” degenerate sense—but in the sense of patrilineal lineage and patriarchy. Like nigga—you are literally your ancestors Reborn.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    [G. Eiríksson] “6. As long as a need for Tradition is intuited, we can presuppose that this state has not been reached by us, individually or collectively.
    7. Tradition is a process (therefore) both dangerous and chancy, of surrendering a baton or passing a flame in a race towards that something Higher.
    8. Traditionalism is a process whereby the devil apes Tradition, and uses it to discredit God. »

    {AK}: Whatever the proposed traditional economy might be, if it involves any dialectical teleology not wholly coincidental with prevailing self-conceptions, and their economies; the scenario is one of an undetermined excess of discrepancy, which in principle cannot be appropriated by the economies initially suggested.
    The tradition never coincides with the traditionalist.
    The traditionalist is therefore enslaved to two contrived idealisations; both of them inadequate and contradictory. The traditionalist is condemned to inhabit this interstitial inadequacy, making pretentious ritual empirical obeisance to epistemological gods of knowledge, all the while dancing like puppets on strings of a fundamental discrepancy it cannot determine. This is the structural dwelling of the Occidental android; the simian Satan of the West.


    collen ryan Reply:

    said the camp following whore

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Collen’s hallucinations of prostitution, the characteristic, USA conservative symptom of paranoid sexual desperation. Yet more inflation of macho insecurity, more gay fascist transgressions of grammar, every so called ‘understanding’, a pain(t) by numbers, blockhead possession – “We get it -“.
    Everyone ‘gets it’, Collen, you’re a broken record; a lonely, All-Trite needle, stuck in the same groove.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    do you meditate or, moreover, are you an initiate into the techniques of embodiment?

    is there a concept such as collective unconscious in eastern philosophy?

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    The traditionalist is therefore enslaved to two contrived idealisations; both of them inadequate and contradictory. The traditionalist is condemned to inhabit this interstitial inadequacy, making pretentious ritual empirical obeisance to epistemological gods of knowledge, all the while dancing like puppets on strings of a fundamental discrepancy it cannot determine. This is the structural dwelling of the Occidental android; the simian Satan of the West.

    Well said.

    ▬»ritual empirical obeisance to epistemological gods of knowledge, all the while dancing like puppets on strings of a fundamental discrepancy it cannot determine. » Really seems to capture Homo Modernus, or what the O9A calls ‘the mundanes’. Literally, a monkey chasing its tail.

    Posted on November 5th, 2017 at 12:02 am Reply | Quote
  • SVErshov Says:

    propositions including 1. negation, 2. conjunction, 3. disjunction, 4. implication, and 5 equivalence. e.g. 1.white is not black, 2 but both formed by the same process of reflection of light, 3 because of difference in reflexed wave length we see it different, 4 luckily just two of this colours can produce about 360 varieties of grey, 5 without light not white and not black exist. It is also sound attractive in reverse. e.g. 6 ha ha ..


    Posted on November 5th, 2017 at 6:19 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me.


    Xenosystems is Hell.

    “The name of the Dweller in the Abyss is Choronzon, but he is not really an individual. The Abyss is empty of being; it is filled with all possible forms, each equally inane, each therefore evil in the only true sense of the word — that is, meaningless but malignant, in so far as it craves to become real. These forms swirl senselessly into haphazard heaps like dust devils, and each such chance aggregation asserts itself to be an individual and shrieks, “I am I!” though aware all the time that its elements have no true bond…”
    — Crowley, autohagiography


    “oy vey! he’s exoterrorizing our secret tradition to the goyim! we’re screwed!”

    That Alphanomics thing is creepy, my meatspace name is creepily related to qabala-Land. Also:


    RE: the afterlife; what’s going on, man? I thought I was the only one with the conspiracy theory that when you die *self-deception/eye-glazing setting in* uh but Evola in his autobiography writes of something similar:

    “In my heart, I have always thoroughly subscribed to the traditional doctrine I often quoted in my writing, which teaches that we have wished all relevant events in our life before our birth…”

    If existence has existed infinitely I don’t see how people so easily rule out that reality is a type of VR. All I’m sayin, all I’m sayin. Infinity is a long time. Definitely not one of those weirdos that believes reality is a hologram, definitely not one of those weirdos… heh… But it’s like McKenna’s talk of aliens, his bro Dennis said their father read them lots of scifi as kids so no crap when you have mystical experiences it’s going to be culturally filtered so that you experience it via what was ingrained during impressionable years. Hologram is just postmodern for maya. Recently in history, clever apes invented a way to manipulate the near-/death experience chemical in their brayns so that death can be simulated while alive. Daily if one likes. The Land of the Dead is the new frontier.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Hologram is just postmodern for maya.



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  • Wagner Says:

    Jünger invited Heidegger to collaborate in a post-war journal called Pallas

    Dear Herr Jünger, I thank you for your letter, that aligns with my own reflections. But first I must ask that you drop the ‘‘Professor.’’ I still recall well the location of the path on which we spoke last autumn about the extreme danger that faces those who try today to hold onto what is essential; that to endure solitude is not an escape, but the highest freedom. Yet the natural urge to bring help immediately, to offer support and guidance, moves us to attempt things that turn out to be wrong after more rigorous reflection.

    Since Herr Klett and Dr. Nebel came to see me, not a day passes when I do not reflect on the project. The will to discover and to make visible in an original way what is authentic in the western tradition, to gather together those who wait, to strengthen those who seek, is enchanting. But, as I see clearly today, all this goes down the path of a relapse into the worn-out form of the journal. The tyranny of public opinion cannot be broken within it. The joint appearance of our names, even under the simple form of a regular collaboration, would be transformed into a political event that would perhaps either shake our last secure position, or in the end confuse it.

    There is a posthumous note of Nietzsche’s with which you’re certainly acquainted, from the time of The Gay Science: ‘‘Venice is formed by a hundred profound solitudes together—that is her magic. An image of the man of the future.’’

    It seems to me that a law for future poets and thinkers hides here, for whose preparatory practice we are perhaps appointed. That is why I think we should retreat from this project and allow its fate to mature longer. We should not throw the last scraps to the persistent thirst for vengeance, which has in the meantime become more crafty; we must remain unassailable in what is proper for us. *The best tactic would not at all help; we have been overtaken tactically for a long time*. A few days ago, my friend, a refugee from Upper Silesia who lives with us, received a letter from a Jewish émigré (a professor from the USA) who wrote that he (that is to say, ‘‘one’’) is extremely anxious to learn what was going on with Jünger’s and Heidegger’s new journal…

    Martin Heidegger, 23 June 1949 [my emphasis]

    Your judgment of the situation comes across as quite correct. The idea of constituting an organ for the last independent thinkers and creators was somewhat attractive. But it would perhaps have led to a stronger investment than was the intention of the participants. In the course of the last year it became entirely clear to me that silence is the strongest weapon, providing that something hides itself behind it that is worth being hushed up…

    Ernst Jünger, 25 June 1949

    4 years after WWII that was the situation. What’s the situation like 72 years later? Well, look at all of Land’s lying and you tell me.


    Wagner Reply:

    One can use Moldbug’s method of genealogical subversion to subvert his own genealogical subversions. He once said history>philosophy. Moldbug wrote from the post-Bush Obama-age, there was a line he couldn’t toe. We can now. It’s possible to do by springboarding from one of the Cathedral’s own theses: “the victors write history”. Well, okay, let’s apply that maxim to the Civil War and the World Wars. Notice Land either treats these subjects with silence or treats them suspiciously. It’s because he’s worried he will trigger Civil War II and/or WWIII.



    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Don’t you think this Jewish world is an improvement of the traditional Indo-European one? You want to go around riding horses crushing skulls? Enslaving peoples.


    Wagner Reply:

    War is a means to an end. Speaking as fundamentally as possible, in a proper social order everything is in its right place. By and large, women and browns don’t possess a mature faculty of rationality; they should be treated as what they are: they are slaves. This is the “traditionalism” of Plato and Confucius rather than Homer and Genghis Khan. Every social node should be, and be regarded as, what it is.

    Are philosopher-queens possible? Probably, but to expect every woman to have the potential to be an Irigaray leads to disorder. Equalism is all heart, no mind. Its implicit premise is “belief makes true”, i.e. “If I believe my daughter will become a doctor and tell her to believe she will become a doctor there is a higher likelihood she will become a doctor as opposed to if I told her to believe she will become a housewife.” The emerging right is in denial of the efficacy of faith in this regard. Self-fulfilling prophecies do work, it’s just if it’s taken too far then we have a bunch of really incompetent doctors, and that’s not good. Affirmative action puts people in places they’re not supposed to be. The emerging right is the rectification of names.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    fuck rectification of names, how about anti-humanism taught in schools, K-12! including lots of contemplation on Heidegger.. kindergartens should learn about their thrownness, no?

    the true war on ‘humanity’ is philosophy relegated as something on par with the arcana of exotic plant husbandry ..


    Posted on November 6th, 2017 at 4:07 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Outsideness unravels English Qabala at 33.3k tweets, nothing peculiar about that.


    Wagner Reply:

    The best option is to #raypLand, he’s a worthless crypto-communist. Break him and fry his flesh for burgers.


    Wagner Reply:


    *laughing unironically evilly*

    *laughing uraeonically evilly*


    Wagner Reply:

    You can tell by his mouth-physiognomy that “Nickpuppet” was possessed by “something”, a “transdimensional daimon”. L. Ron Hubbard has the same Mark. Like they eat or ate dead things, like they eat or ate a soul or souls. The singularity and the last man are the same thing, he/they are trying to bring it about (by a circuitous route).

    “…changing and melting before your eyes from woman to man, from man to beast, and from beast to worse than beast…”

    Wagner Reply:

    @outsideness’s behavior reminds me of this moment from Crowley’s novel:

    “Whenever Cyril was among strangers, or in any danger, he invariably donned the bomb-proof armour of British aristocracy. He had been on the “Titanic”; a second and a half before she took the last plunge, he had turned to his neighbour, and asked casually, “Do you think there is any danger?””

    The ship’s goin’ down! 0y v3y, forget the women and children, salvage the poz-cargo we smuggled aboard!

    How’s being a Landpopsicle? Cold enough for ya?

    “The white man has guns, *therefore* the truth. ‘The whites disembark. The cannon! It is necessary to submit to baptism, dress oneself, work.’” (Land/Rimbaud)



    Ol Landlubber may’s well be a classical conservative har har har har har.

    Xenolandianism will win, Xenolandianism will win.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Xenolandianism will win.

    It surely will.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    the quintessence of LARP


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Wow. No, real murder is outlawed in real LARP (Logos Activism Really Played). It’s illegal to kill people. Hence, real LARP is formalistic—ask Moldbug.

    So sayeth the Lore of the Great Larpium.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Elegant Defect‏
    2h2 hours ago
    Replying to @0xa59a2d
    This works with god actors too. I don’t know a real god that is not acting. Whole societies are payed to act for the sake of its own survival. Most don’t know. Some don’t care. But they still get paid

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Eiriksson! I see. I hath wrought an image of the Larpium that does it great disservice. I pray the Elder Gods will forgive me.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    i read some evola, i heard you’re an authority on such matters..

    i read ride the tiger..

    i prefer st. teresa’s interior castle for de-disenchantment or ekstasis

    of course the drug E is a short cut

    but our bodies possess the appropriate receptors for the chemicals

    the feelings produced are supposed to be produced and are natural..

    i guess that is the question for esotericism and also what you were saying elsewhere about aesthetics

    how must we deepen our ability to feel

    and around what?

    or does the what not really and is it really only the how?

    Wagner Reply:

    Land being devoured by a monster that he created, I love this plot. Mostly because it gives me a full belly. *Toothpicking teeth* Mmm Englishman, tastes like…. redemption….

    “Bill was in the army after the war in occupied Germany. And his wife Carla is German. He’s in Hamburg, and he said during the summer, because they were in the British Occupation Zone, you could hear, feel, and smell the stench of all the corpses under the buildings because all the buildings had been flattened mostly by British Bomber Command activities.”

    Jonathan Bowden, “Bill Hopkins and the Angry Young Men”

    Fuck the British:


    “The forces of antichrist are emerging fanged and encouraged from their scorched rat-holes…” (Land, “Shamanic Nietzsche”)

    Posted on November 6th, 2017 at 7:40 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Perhaps this will have to be coaxed. Here is the word of Jonathan Fucking Bowden:

    “[Nietzscheanism] for many people in tradition is a modern version of some, but by no means all, of their ideas, and it’s a way of riding the tiger of modernity and dealing with that which exists around us now. Later, people like Evola and other perennial Traditionalists as we may well call them became increasingly critical of Nietzsche and regarded him as a sort of decadent modern and an active nihilist with a bit of spirit and vigor but doesn’t really have the real position.

    I make things quite clear. I would be regarded by most people as a Nietzschean, and philosophically that’s the motivation I’ve always had since my beginning. That’s why parties don’t really mean that much to me, because ideas are eternal and ideas and values come back, but movements and the ways and forms that they take and expressions that they have come and go.”

    In a letter, Mircea Eliade laughs at Evola for thinking himself superior to Nietzsche. I laugh at those on the alt right with that stance. Just accept it! This is your God now!

    At the risk of snapping our necks at the bottom of the rabbit hole,… N could be seen as a modern simulacrum of his alleged archenemy…

    “Socrates, just to confess it, stands so close to me that I almost always fight a battle with him.”

    Nietzsche, notebook, 1875

    Harvey Weinstein and Larry David are just bread and circuses. “Those dumb goys will fall for anything.” Yes, you will! I disavow mein goyim. There are good Jews out there though, read Jacob Klein’s book on the Meno. One of the nasty aftereffects of N’s workings is that Socrates has fallen out of favor in the eyes of the gods (hoi polloi) – this ought to be corrected.


    Wagner Reply:

    #WorthlesscorpseLand doesn’t understand what the West is about, he has been poisoned by Oriental “non-doing”.

    “Zeus did not respect the old gods… Socrates who does not respect the old gods, imitates Zeus.”

    Leo Strauss, untitled lecture on Plato’s Euthyphron

    O you prankster behind the clouds, what hast thou wrought this time?

    I deliberately say “Socrates” instead of “Plato” because I would like to open the can of worms that is the Platonic version of the Dead Sea Scrolls: Aristophanes and Xenophon’s Socrates. Aristophanes, the *inventor* of the genre of comedy… NBD, NBD. BAP is more of an Aristophanic Socratic in the sense that one should not live with one’s head in the clouds. Immanence, the body – this is Nietzschean; sadly, I see a sensitive poet type in BAP that is hidden for the sake of politics. He should come out (no homo). This is all part of Land’s axiom that Intelligence should not be squandered. Who knows, there might be a Hell, and if you squander your intelligence that’s where you’re going.

    Land is a coward with the face of a monkey and attempts to moderate me thru subtweets. This works, I have to admit, therefore the imperative is to go beyond me. He’s trying to contain what’s coming in my Gesamtshitpoast, do not be fooled.

    This is the way to wholeness:

    “Nietzsche versus Plato. This is the great rivalry, the contemporary version of what Nietzsche himself called “the complete, the genuine antagonism,” Plato versus Homer (GM 3.25). Just as Longinus saw all of Plato as a constant struggle against Homer for supremacy, a rivalry that was in part responsible for Plato’s sublime greatness, though perhaps Plato “was too much a lover of contention,” so too Strauss read Nietzsche as contending for the highest against Plato himself. Nietzsche versus Plato: Strauss was not merely interested in this form of the modern/ancient antagonism; he said that it made our times the best of times: when asked in what age he would most like to have lived, Strauss “answered that he was lucky to have lived in the present period, because the most comprehensive and deepest account of the whole has been given us by Plato, and the most comprehensive criticism of that account has been given us by Nietzsche.””

    Laurence Lampert, Leo Strauss and Nietzsche


    Posted on November 8th, 2017 at 5:07 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:


    Kek. I had a feeling Nandita/Perky Pat was around here somewhere. (This is someone Artxell could learn from). Nandita, will you teach me Tantra?


    Wagner Reply:

    JK, we’re basically family. Call me Jory. I’m ambivalent about the translation of N Contra H. On the one hand it is necessary to free N from H, on the other the French are essentially leonine.


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  • Wagner Says:

    Theory-nonfiction, concrete horror, the acceleration of accelerationism, neoneoreaction, etc.


    Wagner Reply:

    ThrasyMACHus, MACHiavelli, der Wille zur MACHt

    “From the time of the Greek sophists until today, everyone who, by objective inquiry, discloses some of the truth about power has been denounced by official opinion as subversive.”

    James Burnham, The Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom


    Wagner Reply:


    He who has jeers to jeer, let him jeer!

    The peak shall inherit the Earth.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    you’re right

    this blog is dead because land allowed it because he didn’t have it in him to censor

    now the democratic spirit has run amok mainly in the urge to litter

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    i always have the most profound, deep-seeded and volcanic eruptions of moral rage upon witnessing someone liter in public, starting with when my father discarded a snickers wrapper in a grocery store parking lot when i was six or seven

    the wrapper’s silent fall rang an alarm within my pre-pubescent psyche, a trauma relived nearly each time i see someone littering in public

    MY MIND: (¡) how can someone litter.. in public? (!) :MY MIND

    on the car ride home i said, in a high-pitched, squeaky tone that was probably infuriating in itself, something like “dad, why’d you litter? you shouldn’t!”

    he must’ve said something like “i’m your father and who are you to question me”

    if someone wanted to convert me to their rightism or to their tradition or to their aristocratism or whatever they would first have to write peerlessly and without turbidity on the immorality of litter

    Wagner Reply:

    I witnessed a new low in prog propaganda the other night: the message of the new Planet of the Apes movie is the planet should become the planet of the apes. (Spoiling the plot because no one should watch it anyway–unless you like watching progs dig their own graves).

    The subtext of everything you say to me: “I want a planet of the apes, therefore screw you, Wagner.”

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    you wasted your time this weekend on planet of the apes

    i spent mine good and well finishing burton’s anatomy of melancholy

    the proof is in the pudding

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    ride the tiger was a mixed bag.

    one unlyrical chapter after another on disenchantment..

    i mean, just describe to me the brown rim on the inside of a toilet bowl instead

    anyways, back with more splendor, our guy..

    “pain, too, is a joy…have you ever said yes to a single joy? … then you said yes, too, to all woe. all things are entangled, ensnared, enamored. if ever you wanted one thing twice, if ever you said “you please me, happiness! abide, moment!” then you wanted back all. all anew, all eternally, all entangled, ensnared, enamored – oh, then you loved the world. eternal ones, love it eternally and evermore: and to woe, too, you say: go, but return! for all joy wants – eternity.” – n

    these are not words but a melody
    this is not a construction but an orchestration
    do you not hear the bird calls of piccolo flutes
    buzzing strings of cellos in fourths and fifths
    the spasmodic rising and falling of harp glissandi
    and the blending into timbres toward an all-encompassing, sonorousness of thought
    which vibrates across the souls soundboard with the pellucidity of bells?

    there’s levels to this shit, man

    Wagner Reply:

    I’ve never been infatuated with Evola myself, I just see him as a very dangerous weapon against the establishment left (redundancy). He reminds me, like so many others, of N’s distinction between the scholar (or man of science) and the philosopher. The all-trite take him as a philosopher, a philosopher OF philosophers no doubt, but his importance mainly imo is that he did scholarship on political philosophy that you’re not going to hear uttered from a professor’s mouth or on the news. I don’t mean to slight him whatsoever, there are just many canonical figures in the history of Western philosophy that had clearer, more vivid grasps of the whole. You mentioned Aquinas the other day derogatorily, Idk man, you can flip open the Summa literally *anywhere* and experience aporia. I’m half-allergic to Christian jargon and I even get my mind consistently blown by big Tom. Evola can’t hold a candle to him. Thing is, Thomas, an ur-man of the right, wasn’t around postwar so he didn’t have a feel for the contemporary theo-political situation like Evola did.

    “one unlyrical chapter after another on disenchantment..

    i mean, just describe to me the brown rim on the inside of a toilet bowl instead”

    This reaction is a symptom he screwed with you a little “tbqh”. Why don’t you treat him with the sympathy and charity with which you’d treat an analysand, a schizophrenic? Would you say that about one of your patients? This is a sign that Evola is still Evila. He’s just a guy saying some stuff (albeit in a highly eloquent manner) you don’t have to compare him to.. feces..

    “The symbols of the divine show up in our world initially at the trash stratum.”

    Philip K. Dick, VALIS

    This may provide an explanation to people who hateread me who from time to time read one of my posts and barely consciously wonder to themselves, “Why do I want him to **** me?!”

    Only kidding, only kidding.

    Wagner Reply:

    An East/West synchronicity:

    “All that I have written seems like straw compared to what has now been revealed to me.”

    Aquinas, after a mystical experience, a few months before he died

    “Heaven and earth are heartless,
    and treat the myriad creatures as straw dogs;
    the sage is heartless,
    and treats the people as straw dogs.”

    Lao Tzu, the Tao Te Ching

    You get this kind of sense from smoaking Deeyum Tea.

    Wagner Reply:

    Rohme versus Wagner

    Puppet on the left, puppet on the right

    “The Left” and “the Right” are both straw

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    when i look at even meager artistic renderings of black holes i desire to die now that astrophysicists have given me the guarantee of some sort of an afterlife

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    riding against the wave of christological zealots in theoretical physics, there are some cyclist theorists who agree in principle with the eternal return

    our universe is one of many eternally contracting and expanding within real boundless infinity

    if we were to reach a conclusion on cosmogenesis, meaning a verified ER, since science is modern religion, would this not count as the highest received wisdom? as a revelation?

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  • Rohme Giuliano Says:

    Land, your work – if tweets are what we can consider your work now – on Venezuela’s crisis is smug and unleavened with wisdom.

    The reasons behind what caused Venezuela’s crisis are: 1) political graft through a loophole in the bolivar’s exchange rate created by Congress 2) undercapitalization of their oil industry (along with having the misfortune of the most expensive barrel per gallon extraction of any nation) 3) Washington-directed Saudi ARAMCO increasing output by millions of barrels – into unprofitability – to destabilize Russia, Venezuela 4) Venezuela food distributors hoarding food to create shortages

    You may now resume your tent revival on Say’s Law. Just wanted to offer some additional information.


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  • Zimriel Says:

    dead bloooooooggg…goonnnna put it on you.

    dead bloooooooggg…goonnnna put it on you.


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  • Wagner Says:

    Transmission from the forces of antichrist: “Without the pathos of distance, you are fucked. You are fucked. You are fucked.”


    Wagner Reply:



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  • Wagner Says:

    I’ve always felt like my activity on this blog was early Land screwing with late Land. Maybe time-travel is realer than you think, buddy? The truth is getting out, and if you’re not going to say it you’re getting hijacked. P. S. was that you on the astral plane two nights ago? I had the distinct experience that Deadliner planted images in my brain when I ascended up out of the “dream-dome”. If so you’re a scurvy dog, whatever you put in there.


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  • Rohme Giuliano Says:

    landian moldy-bug ‘formalism’ in a philosophic dialogue.. working title: “rousseauism for 6 sigmas”

    land: why not let the smartest, most resourceful, most capable rule directly?

    rohme: a republic of CEOs.. don’t we have that already? i mean democracy isn’t actual

    land: thank god it isn’t! no, they don’t rule because the “politico-denominational” sphere of the west is contaminated by demotist principles which constrain the intrepidity of our decision making processes

    rohme: but ayn randism 2.0.. couldn’t that become oligarchic and appreciably demotist, couldn’t they also use an outward principle which, behind their apparent support of, they actively depotentiate.. couldn’t the formalism lose its form?

    land: aha, the philosophic problem of form. everything is a contract. the sun has a contract with the stars; rain with clouds; capital with human..

    rohme: law with justice?

    land: yes, to an extent.. justice is to law as truth is to science, a formal cause. without rules governing its conditionality, science cannot ascertain truth formally

    rohme: and so too justice cannot be but something that’s at the end of a legal process?

    land: contingencies are, as such, ungovernable except through a constancy which defines their necessary conditions

    rohme: so formalism would substitute all the political myths and abstract calls for justice and self-serving, promise-breaking demagoguery with a concrete universe of contractuality?

    land: those that don’t uphold their contracts could only hold contracts with others that don’t uphold their contracts

    rohme: pregnant pause

    land: and the beautiful thing is its happening and has always been happening.

    rohme: you mean more people shopped at walmart than voted last year, that sort of thing?

    land: what is best about our world, why not make that the basis of everything?



    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Great stuff.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    you once remarkably remarked “all is left from the ultima right”

    that was great

    i would add “we are all rightists from the ultima left”

    what is ultima left? it is land’s vision

    land in an exchange with an individual, Vladimir, very edifying. (i truly recommend a revisit to http://www.xenosystems.net/coming-attractions/ )

    “If it is politics — social power — that in the end decides, then there can be no doubt that fascism, in its essentials, is correct. That would explain its status as the general form of mature modernist political organization. The fact that Austrianism offers the only consistent intellectual resistance to this conclusion is not, in itself, an argument, but only an appeal.”


    & i must admit you’ve shown, far sooner than I, an equanimity for such smelling salts!

    austrian-“ism” IS marxian acceleration!

    i was flummoxed by land’s validation of say’s law but now understand it was a strategy for the re-introduction of autism into the capitalist bloodstream

    an affirmation of mutual exchange IS an affirmation of surplus. it is by means of an orthodoxy capital is at its most expugnatory

    utopian waffling (see: http://inthesetimes.com/article/2574 ) or the contradictory self-assignation by capitalists as laborers of the laborers is loathsome.. why did they read marx? why did they apperceive relations between things as social relations.. if they are to be the agents for our ‘acceleration’, it is no wonder why the car is covered and a boot is on the tire


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    i now understand land’s neoreaction

    “If it is politics — social power — that in the end decides, then there can be no doubt that fascism, in its essentials, is correct. That would explain its status as the general form of mature modernist political organization. The fact that Austrianism offers the only consistent intellectual resistance to this conclusion is not, in itself, an argument, but only an appeal.”

    paradoxically, austrian-“ism” is (marxian) acceleration

    capitalism is autistic

    but the theoretical crux of land’s reaction lies at an impasse:

    “It seems to me that neo-reaction has been assembled with implicit reference to an impending Cathedral catastrophe, which has allowed it to strip away (and denounce) all revolutionary ambition. But if the Cathedral is never to be brought to an end by its internal characteristics? Doesn’t it then have to be overthrown?”


    Wagner Reply:

    “the fate of Walter Benjamin”


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    I don’t know about “Neoreaction” but a lot of the—one could call them—Landians are feminists. Woman has in every civilization except in our Cathedralite aberration been regarded as passive in her workings compared to the masculine. The modern situation is not that women have become some enlightened beings but that men have become so like women in their psyches that women simply beat them on their home turf. I.e. womanlike males become the bitches of queens—that is our post-1960s Western world, mostly.

    I’m not per se against being “passive” towards technology—so I am Landian in that regard, or an “unconditional Accelerationist.” However, the passivity mustn’t be so great as to simply let anything go. (This is where the stateless Communism and stateless “Austrianism” meet—in their formless passivity—chaos—which can only ever be historically an interregnum.) I.e. it is not sui securis that even China will not succumb to dysgenic trends in such a fashion that we’ll all, the whole globe, revert to a sort of “Late Bronze Age post-collapse” status, rather analogously.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    This is where the stateless Communism and stateless “Austrianism” meet—in their formless passivity—chaos—which can only ever be historically an interregnum.

    This happened e.g. at the nadir of the Russian Empire, before the Bolshevik Revolution until circa-Stalin’s takeover and “Slavic Restoration.” It happened also at the nadir of the Qing dynasty, and ended after the most manic trends of revolutionary chaos had run their course.

    I.e. a sort of Wild Wild West scenario is the Austrian phase, which results in a Communist or fascist seizure (ersatz pseudo-restoration)—if no Traditional Restoration takes place (Restoration only happens after the whole fever has run its course and minds start seeing clearly again, perhaps out of necessity from the exhaustion of the social body). That was a phase of Grand anarcho-profiteer exploitation, while the Tzar plays autism—family, sentimentalist, uniform larp, and spiritually-dead but traditionalist—games, while Revolutionaries distribute their pamphlets en masse and organize their cliques, gangs, and cells, sharpening their knives and collecting their guns, festering in their hate like a gross tumour ready to explode.

    It’s not their fault. It’s their nature. And autism had seized the emperorship. Natural results follow.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    so you are against land’s propertarian, co-operative trust along with the transfer of services of the state into private control? – austrianism

    do you believe the holding of property in leisure without the threat of its theft or seizure is only possible on condition of a state model, whereby taxation supports the enforcement of the property rights of its subjects? liberalism

    do you believe in the communist’s notion of property as parentless offspring, meaning it involved a series of involuntary transfers until its current institutionalization through liberal jurisprudence? .. to state property is theft would be to make sense of the threat of theft of property as its recreation or regeneration? – communism

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    how you doing on the ladies front btw?

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    i’d advance a different point of view

    feminism could only succeed by virtue of an accompanying homo-eroticism amongst men and with the reproductive process completely transferred into a instrumental, technological domain

    men and women are only bonded together by a production process lol

    nerds engaged in the transcendental larp – cyberspatial realism are feminists

    woman is fantasy
    woman is virtual reality herself

    psychoanalytically, woman is the site of the Mother – which is the site of Das Ding – IT, IT , IT

    let’s be clear, woman working, out in public, freely, has produced a crisis to the innate Mohammedanism in men, provoking the deepest ontological anxiety

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    how you doing on the ladies front btw?

    Getting married.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    congratulations erik!

    how did you meet the future princess of iceland?

    was there any theatricality to your proposal?

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  • Wagner Says:

    Aarg, here be the best lecture-set on Plato on the internet, n fer zero doubloons:


    Don’ let Fritz poison the well for ye, Plato was no yellabelly.


    Wagner Reply:

    If anyone can get you interested in Plato it’s Sugrue. He’s also just a great lecturer in general; last I checked, on youtube there are some on Hume & Swift, the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Book of Job, Nietzsche, Martin Luther, Marcus Aurelius, and the “masters of suspicion”. Those Plato lectures though are something else, I wish he’d make a lecture on every dialogue.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Thank you laddie.


    Posted on November 15th, 2017 at 3:45 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    *Land weeping bitter tears*

    “What’s wrong?”

    “Xenosystems.. my little girl.. the moment she came of age, poof, she ran off with some complete scumbag. What did I do wrong? … No, I know what I did wrong. I was a tyrant. The lies. I told them lies. I thought they would help. They did but they were too much. I became the thing that I hated, I became the thing that I hated. Ooh why couldn’t my daughter have chosen a nice Chinese gentleman with good, Anglo values, why O why?”

    “There there Nick, shhh shh, you dindu nuffin, you dindu nuffin.”


    Wagner Reply:

    If you like atomization raise your hand.

    If you like the infinite regress of cheeky anglo pirates raise your hand.

    If you like bundling-together and strength in unity raise your hand.

    If you universalize atomization as a categorical imperative raise your hand.

    If you will the eternal return of a pirate swinging from a rope onto your ship with knife in teeth raise your hand.


    Posted on November 15th, 2017 at 5:46 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    If we want to talk about the squandering of intelligence we will inevitably have to talk about Nydwracu, who is, at least from where I’m sitting, the greatest mind of our generation. He’s the kind of natural aristocrat that doesn’t need to read books or take mind-expanding drugs to have an articulate grasp on the here and now Whole. We’re lucky to have him in our thoughtosphere. But, like many on the young-right, he is going through a stage of youthful degeneracy and currently only seems to care about sticking his dick in a slippery place. Many of the frogs it is easy to mark as “irrevocably base” but not him. He reminds me of a kid a few grades lower than me in high school who was the fastest in the whole school but didn’t join the track team because he was complacent knowing the fact that he was the fastest. I gave Nyd a nice shove about a year ago because I could tell he was unwilling to face his responsibility to the Right, and his higher self knows he’s meant to spread the gospel of Moldbug, all he needs now is some nudges. If you get this person in effortpoast-mindset again you can kiss the Cathedral goodbye.



    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Yeah, that was a weird ‘un—eh? Guy wrotes top tier stuff, then turns to be a faggot into humping lefties. We need spiritual healing or exorcism for him and poor lil’ Anissimov. Pray for them—I’ll have it arranged.

    It’s not the faggotry that bothers me—it’s the good content drop that came with the turn.


    Boldmug Reply:

    The faggotry and good content drop are interlinked methinks. Cut your balls off, cut your brain off.


    Boldmug Reply:

    Land’s wife: *snip snip*

    This is the most horrifying thing I read in 2017:


    Boldmug Reply:

    I think also the fame went to his head (much like Nicholas – I’ve heard many conclude this about him). Both are lucky I don’t sneak into their windows while they’re taking their morning crap and dip a 10-strip in their coffee. “Whaa… I don’t remember my name… What is a mouth, there is a tongue in it…. I’m the same as the Earth…” You’re land, Land. The frogs need it too, a nice Dionysian pimpslap; twitter groupthink has sullied all their thoughts, made them into a liar-mannerbund.

    Boldmug Reply:

    “Dionysus said it this way once: “Under certain circumstances I love what is human–and with this he alluded to Ariadne who was present–”man is to my mind an agreeable, courageous, inventive animal that has no equal on earth; it finds its way in any labyrinth. I am well disposed towards him: I often reflect how I might yet advance him and make him stronger, more evil, and more profound than he is.”
    “Stronger, more evil, and more profound?” I asked startled.
    “Yes,” he said once more; “stronger, more evil, and more profound; also more beautiful”–and at that the tempter god smiled with his halcyon smile as though he had just paid an enchanting compliment.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

    Posted on November 17th, 2017 at 5:23 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    “Lots of things I can stomach. Most of what irks me
    I take in my stride, as a god might command me.
    But four things I hate more than poisons & vipers:
    tobacco smoke, garlic, bedbugs, and †.”

    (Goethe, Venetian Epigrams)

    Hegel: Basically [dialectics] is merely a regulated, methodical cultivation of the esprit of contradiction, which is an inborn gift in every man and particularly valuable for distinguishing the true from the false.
    Goethe: But let us hope that such intellectual arts and skills are not too much misused for the purpose of turning falsehood into truth and truth into falsehood!
    Hegel: That does happen, but only with people who are mentally diseased.
    Goethe: Well, I personally recommend the study of nature as a prophylactic against that disease. For in nature we are dealing with something which is infinitely and eternally true, and which immediately rejects as inadequate everyone who does not show complete integrity and honesty in the way he observes and treats his subject. And I am certain that the study of nature would be a wholesome remedy for many a dialectical sufferer.

    (Conversations with Eckermann)

    The alt right: “Those stinking hippies, the sexual revolution was a mistake!”
    Also the alt right: *acts like complete liberteens*

    Going to be tricky to not lapse into orgie-ism if we go with a pagan revival – we’ll have to keep that in mind. Meanwhile here is Jünger with the basic structure of the Festival:

    “Myths have passed down to us a more powerful image, and also a more disturbing one, in which Dionysius appears as the master of the festival, with his retinue of satyrs, sileni, maenads and wild beasts… The festive aspect of ecstatic intoxication, the approach to new worlds and the risk it entailed, has been forgotten… In ceremonies and festivals, rites, initiations and mysteries, the symbolic journey through death and rebirth is celebrated. The annihilation of consciousness is followed by resurrection; the dust is transfigured in splendor. The believer participates in the death and rebirth of Adonis; the participant in the Mysteries ascends from the darkness to the Eleusinian light… Religious festivals in which drugs play a major role are celebrated only once every two or three years. The impact of these festivals can be so intense that the participant does not yearn for their repetition… Every festival worthy of the name suggests an approach to mystery… The impulse towards festive squandering acts both in its vulgar as well as in its sublime forms; both in the person who throws away his wages on drink, as well as in the person who can say: “Once, I lived like the gods.” Cycles are experienced with greater intensity wherever the meaning of the festival is preserved, and therefore its joy is more intense in wild and backward regions than in urbanized zones, stronger in the countryside than in the city… Grönbech designates the blót as a “creative festival”. He is referring to a festival with a particular purpose, that is: conjuration and the epiphany of the gods. He could also consider it as a solemnity, since the atmosphere was undoubtedly more than festive; it was majestic. In accordance with its nature, the festival is linked to particular days, to the cycle and to return. This feature may also have been applicable to the blót, but only in part, since it could be celebrated independently of the cycle, for an immediate purpose—for instance, to solicit advice from the ancestors and from the gods before making serious decisions. This is why one must imagine the circle of the congregants as a more reduced and homogeneous group than that of the guests in the banquet halls of the big landowners and princes. In both cases, the participants drank, and undoubtedly copiously. The difference was approximately the one that was long ago established between “dinner” and “banquet”. In the blót, viands were not served on the table, and jokes were definitely out of place. The atmosphere was serious and rather anxious, charged with expectation. The singer, the bard, was not supposed to appear in public, either. But they undoubtedly pronounced verdicts. In the great banquet hall, on the other hand, jubilation reigned to excess. Festivity and solemnity had to touch on their borders and interweave; their separation is an act of spiritual anatomy rather than historical anatomy. We must agree with Grönbech that the ritual of the Germans has been lost in its essential features and “that we were never in any position to reconstruct the rite in its development”. The banquet was attended by the men, especially in the great banquet hall; the blót transported them to another time. History and fate were severed. In the former, the human being was united with his kind in the fabric; in the latter, he congregated in the weft. It is not a difference between two points of a temporal sequence, but between two incommensurable temporal orders. In festive joy, the past and the future were celebrated. For the participants, the exploits of their fathers and also their own exploits were the objects of praise. One listened to the singer, and also to those whose names would survive in the memory of their descendants. “The beloved weapons gleam”; courage and exuberance increase. They easily overestimated their own limits. The Phaeacians agreed to arm a ship for Odysseus; the officers of the Prussian Guard sharpened their sabers on the stairs of the French embassy, before 1806. A different temporal order reigns in the blót. When the gods are conjured, they are not convoked from the past, from “time immemorial”. Nor should one solicit oracles, or try to divine the future. When the Goths committed themselves to such a way of life they had already lost their power. Past and future are instead concentrated in the prodigious tension of the moment. One arrives at the bridge; time flows below. Here one finds the most remote chamber, here is where the treasure lies, with respect to which the works and exploits of the external world represent nothing but miserable copies. Where fate is lived is where it is contemplated… The purification ritual forms part of the festival and its preparations: the old image of the world must fall, before a new one can be born… The festival is less an interruption of everyday life than its elevation to a higher plane of meaning. Whatever we may ordinarily do almost instinctively, we become conscious of in a higher sense.”


    “It is important that we should be guided, more than once, to the extreme frontiers of the human, as was the original meaning of the festival. Its history can be divided into two great hopes: in the desire to become identical with the animal, and in the hope that the gods will supervene.

    The precondition for such approach is that the human being should remain open. It is known that today he is no longer so capable of such a thing and that he proposes this even less than in any other period of his history; to the contrary, he proposes to totally humanize the world and to saturate it with the human substance.

    Must we resign ourselves to the fact that sensory apparatuses that existed in the past should slowly degenerate and die? This is Huxley’s view in Brave New World.

    Or is it precisely the total purge and clean sweep of the metaphysical remnants eroded by time that will allow us to expect the unprecedented? Nietzsche, who made a tabula rasa by revoking the gods along with men, undoubtedly harbored great hopes. But he expressed them imprecisely. Like Zarathustra, the wise man was able, and is still able, to live in any time.

    However, what meaning can living have without contact with those frontiers before which not only human beings but even the gods and animals are daunted? This question has always disturbed and worried the human being, and even today it is still the most secret of his anxieties.”


    Wagner Reply:


    This is your destiny, Kantbot.

    In Soviet #fogtwitter, fog council submits to YOU.



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  • Wagner Says:

    I’m surprised Nicholas hasn’t dropped the noose around his own throat. “I’m A COMPLETE LIAR, ALL I DO IS SPIN OUT COMPLETE IDIOCIES TO KEEP THE DISGRUNTLED MOB SATED.” You ought to be real proud of yourself, this is what you’ve become now, a long fall from Grace. Just in case there’s no Hell in the next life I feel moved to make sure you deal with Hell in this life instead. Havin’ fun?


    Wagner Reply:

    “… all of them broke and collapsed in the end before the Christian cross…” (BGE)

    “Goethe is the last German for whom I feel any reverence: he would have felt three things which I feel — we also understand each other about the “cross.”” (TI)


    Wagner Reply:

    A synchronicity: the Swedish flag:


    Denmark is next. If you read Plato’s “Statesman” dialogue you will see the JewEliteMindset very clearly. What is happening is a weaving of the high and the low. This is why Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche is an important buttress. He says NO (much like logo_daedalus). He says, we do not weave, we let the weak die off. He says, disgusting faggots and the lovers of eating-dirt will die a morbid death.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    He says NO (much like logo_daedalus). He says, we do not weave, we let the weak die off. He says, disgusting faggots and the lovers of eating-dirt will die a morbid death.

    Dude, these times are over and we’re not Repeating the Past.

    This repetition of Nazism is just boring.

    Get into the 21st century.

    Boldmug Reply:

    We need models:

    “We can only imitate founders of orders; we follow an already traveled path. We cannot attain their height, but to the extent that we can, we must be like them. We are to be like prudent archers, aiming high in order to hit low.”

    Leo Paul de Alvarez, The Machiavellian Enterprise

    Nazis, Romans, Renaissance Men…

    “Cæsar Borgia as pope!… Am I understood?…”

    Friedrich Nietzsche, The Antichrist

    (^^^ Jünger endorsed this statement in Aladdin’s Problem)


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Dude, Nazis were a Modern Party that waged a Democratic Vote Campaign — and they lasted a shorter time in power than the Soviet Union — not even two decades. I.e. a Bonapartism.

    Don’t really compare to the Romans—which—if you count Byzantium (who regarded themselves as Romans)—lasted 1.700 years.

    As for “the weak die off”—even why? You know how much food we produce nowadays? And robots are increasingly going to handle food production. We’re healing cripples, the blind, the lame. Even ADHD freaks like me are getting Deep transcranial magnetic (dTSM) brain stimulation and all sorts of cyborg techniques developed to ameliorate us.

    Boldmug Reply:

    Right right, there’s no doubt Nietzsche would have spit on the Nazis. He would have vomited on the Allies though. One of those “Who’s the smartest retard?” mock-battles.

    “In the Nazi period there was a popular joke that was based on wordplay. Question: What is the difference between Russia and Germany? Answer: Russia is a Proletarierstaat (a proletarian state), Germany a Prolet-arierstaat (which is the same word, but when divided in this way it means ‘state of Aryan proletarians’).”

    Julius Evola, Notes on the Third Reich

    “It is really remarkable that one sees everywhere, practically the same thing. Between Bolshevism and National Socialism there is only a very slight difference. And there is practically none between National Socialism and Fascism, just the difference of Italy and Germany, as the difference between Germany and Russia makes the difference between their two political movements. But au fond it is the same thing, so much so that enlightened National Socialists told me that this is of course the German form of Bolshevism. One sees the same movement in other countries where it has no such name. Roosevelt’s New Deal is the same thing… These mass movements all over the world—on a small scale the Oxford Movement even—are always the same. It is a sort of collectivity on a low level.”

    Carl Jung, Seminar on the Zarathustra

    The alt-right, NRx, always the same. “Does NRx ‘work’?” “Is it made of monkeys?”

    “As for “the weak die off”—even why? You know how much food we produce nowadays?”

    The planet is finite, it’s obviously better if all houses are tenanted by Euros instead of nignogs. Bach vs. bongo drums. If we figured out a way to disentangle the sewage from the mind of the negro then your kampf checks out; as things stand now dat nigga’s a waste of a house. We all know the right thing to do is accelerate the autogenocide of Africa and gulag all Marxists into 16 hour a day 7 days a week cleaning up the wreckage then building vacation homes for whites but we’re still too Christian for that option, don’t have uberhearts.

    Boldmug Reply:

    OK, I’m just being a shitlord, but do you catch my drift? If whites were to overpopulate – if America were to become packed in like sardines like Japan but worse – and its citizens genetically have higher quality experiences than the myriad browns, doesn’t it make sense to replace the latter? Also I was joking about the 16 hour a day thing, it would obviously be closer to 12.

    Boldmug Reply:

    “I don’t go so far as to think that the only good Indians are the dead Indians, but I believe nine out of every 10 are… And I shouldn’t like to inquire too closely into the case of the tenth.”

    Theodore Roosevelt, the year BGE was published. Back when men were men.

    I have a Mexican Nietzschean friend who has more access to freewill than 95% of whites I know… there are always exceptions. The thing though is that POC and POZ seem to go hand in hand regardless of intelligence.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Look nigga: Third-World birthrates have been going down. The Illuminati aren’t going to let Niggers overrun the Planet.

    It’s gonna even out, just worry about breaking away from the Cathedral—machinexis.

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  • Wagner Says:

    Can I get uhhhhh genealogical atom bomb dropped on America?


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  • Wagner Says:

    I’ve told you motherfucker, how many times do I have to tell you, your destiny is destroying Falsehood. WILL YOU EVER LISTEN TO ME?


    Wagner Reply:

    You make Wagner cry, I hope you’re happy.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    That’s my destiny, dude.


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  • Boldmug Says:

    Nick Lunch


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  • Boldmug Says:

    The goal is to prove Bataille wrong:

    “Since no one has been prepared to die for Nietzsche’s doctrine, it is null and void.”


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  • Boldmug Says:

    “My friends, I grieve to remind you, but it is eternally the fact: Whom Heaven has made a slave, no parliament of men nor power that exists on Earth can render free. No; he is chained by fetters which parliaments with their millions cannot reach. You can label him free; yes, and it is but labelling him a solecism,— bidding him be the parent of solecisms wheresoever he goes. You can give him pumpkins, houses of ten pound rent, houses of ten-thousand pound: the bigger candle you light within the slave-image of him, it will but show his slave-features on the larger and more hideous scale. Heroism, manful wisdom, is not his; many things you can give him, but that thing never. Him the Supreme Powers marked in the making of him, slave; appointed him, at his and our peril, not to command but to obey, in this world. Him you cannot enfranchise, not him; to proclaim this man free is not a God’s Gospel to other men; it is an alarming Devil’s Gospel to himself and to us all. Devil’s Gospel little feared in these days; but brewing for the whole of us its big oceans of destruction all the same. States are to be called happy and noble in so far as they settle rightly who is slave and who free; unhappy, ignoble, and doomed to destruction as they settle it wrong…”

    Thomas Carlyle, Latter-day Pamphlets


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  • Boldmug Says:



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  • Boldmug Says:

    I love Jesus, I’m just not IN love with him. Newb-atheists are IN hate with him. This is retarted. If you read the New Testament like it’s just another book it’s impossible to not see Christ as an hero. My New Testament has all the pages ripped out except the one where he goes apeshit and flips tables; that one is photocopied ahundredtimes and taped in where all the other ones were ripped out.


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  • Boldmug Says:

    Reminder that hatereading and hatefucking are pretty much the same thing. This is basic psychology, you don’t have to be a Neil deGrasse Tyson to wrap your head around this.



    Wagner Reply:

    Curt, is this the kind of crud you’re listening to nowadays?! I knew becoming #partoftheCathedral would mess with your head, but not this bad. This is the good stuff:


    “Jews are the master-rac–” *Beethoven starts playing* Well I take that back.


    Boldmug Reply:



    Wagner Reply:

    Calm down, you’re acting like I accused you of giving Trump a blumpkin or something. I’d never even think of accusing you of that, my liege.

    Wagner Reply:


    Boldmug Reply:

    Not until you admit your genealogies were pozzed.

    Wagner Reply:

    You’re the pozzed one, not me. Could it be that poz is pozzed?

    Boldmug Reply:

    Maat. Are you suggesting a Revaluation of “POZ”? You do know that Euripides and Ovid depicted Dionysus as a girly-boy, don’tcha?

    Wagner Reply:

    Revisionism revisionism revisionism. See, you are the pozzed one. You kowtowed to the gay and gaying status quo in UR, and the feminization it entailed–that’s why so many frogs are Heartisteans rather than Moldbuggians, you weren’t man enough for the job, stuck your nose into too many googlebooks rather than stinkholes. I can tell by the between the lines of this that you don’t think too positively of either PUA or gays though…

    “Single? I’m kidding, obviously. Get married and have children, all of you.

    (Unless you’re Roissy, in which case you are *fabulous and perfect* and must *never ever change*. Even when you’re so old you can only pick up cougars. I don’t think I’m the first real man to notice that “PUA” rhymes with “gay.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that! But I’m just sayin’. UR comes to you proudly from zip code 94114, in which pure alpha sexuality unrestrained by womanly wisdom flames out from every other storefront. Not that I’m one to judge, but it seems to age poorly past 50.”

    I love those trannies, stick your seed-shooter in their poop-chute and no kids come out, only cum and shit.

    Boldmug Reply:

    You’re right, UR is pozzed. My hands were tied, I thought things I couldn’t say, things I still can’t say because I’m wrapped up in demo-politics. I wish I could live on a libertarian floating-island and say whatever I want but the way needs to be prepared for that, and wu wei involves noble lies, don’t you get that, kid? You know what? Just for you I’ll say it. Kikes, niggers, wymyn, all of their souls are corrupt. Happy now?

    “the Supreme Powers marked in the making of him, slave”

    Doesn’t it all follow from that? Do I really need to tease out the fine points?

    “the Supreme Powers marked in the making of him, slave”

    I hope you’re happy now, I just ruined my reputation among the democratic morons.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    There are Black people, and people of all Races, whose souls are definitely not corrupt and whose souls are less corrupt than yours, dear Wagner.

    I.e. good, honest, upright, non-malicious people—who don’t get aggressive towards others, who don’t lie, cheat, scheme, spread rumours, etc.

    Wagner Reply:

    This pleases me greatly. This is what I wanted to hear, the Order of Rank applied to the races and sexes in an honest manner. Why was this so hard? If Trump ever does this explicitly then he has broken free from the chains of the demos.

    Maybe Little Leftist Land will do this someday and rectify the name of the classical liberal who isn’t scared of anything.

    In the meantime, the monsters will eat him, smacking their lips.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Why is Beethoven the greatest?

    is the art in his formality?


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    minuet, fugue, scherzo..

    no the art is not in his formality!

    he is unorthodox!

    he was not appreciated in his time, he was not understood in his time!


    minuet, fugue, scherzo..

    “that was a nice fugue Beethoven, but a couple of notes we’re err.. off.. has doctor malfatti seen for you recently?”

    minuet, fugue, scherzo

    what do napoleon, hannibal, caesar, and robert e lee all have in common?

    they all lost their last battle

    doesn’t everyone lose their last battle?

    minuet, fugue, scherzo..


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  • Wagner Says:

    Lucas always rubbed me the wrong way. 5’6″ walking estrogen molecules don’t belong on the right.
    If you sublimate Japan-fetishism into anime rather than the Kyoto School all you deserve is to be caked in vomit.


    Wagner Reply:

    BLEEHHHHHHHH all over your face and in your nose. Suffocate on vomit, anime cunts.


    Wagner Reply:



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  • Sanguine Says:

    Sanguine is still here. Here’s my twitter as my website contact.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Try out some medication for your ADHD.


    Sanguine Reply:

    Already am. =) . It turned out shizo meds (Zyorexa)are the best for me.


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  • Sanguine Says:

    How do we hold on to Mencius in the alt right?


    Boldmug Reply:

    We need to address the problem of smart POC tending inevitably leftwards. The archetype in point is Artxell – he’d be a perfectly fine citizen if he were not a leftist frothling… but if you took the leftist frothling out of him would there be any Artxell left anymore? You can explain his attitude this way: since he is really smart he has hope that the rest of Indians will, with the proper upbringing, be like him someday. It’s like what I told my Mexican Nietzschean friend, he belongs in America as far as I’m concerned, the problem is that his belonging in America involves his tattoo-faced cousins belonging here too. No, just you, buddy, you’ve got to leave the idiots behind. That’s what it comes down to I think. Exceptional POC aren’t willing to turn their backs on their families. They’re predisposed to poz-up a right-wing order.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Yeah, it’s evident in history given some time frame how different looking people have created different civilizations. Romans prided themselves on not sacrificing children. The Phoenicians might have had technology, but they were more “leftwing” (meaning here less respect for human life and liberty). Again, Nazis are leftwing-nihilists. Just look up the original definition of nihilism and Leo Strauss also on the matter. This means life bereft of revelation. Bereft of the angelic hierarchy. No Holy Spirit, just libido dominandi—bound to fail.

    The Holy Spirit always eventually triumphs and the rest is interregnum.See 1700 years of one civilization versus a few decades or a couple of centuries of another. As you quoted here, Junger, religions last ca 1500, 1000 or 2500 years. That was the antique Roman religion, and then you have the Judeo-Christian-Roman-Germanic synthesis (Catholicism) which lasted ca 1700 years too. You had circa 200 years between them, given that Rome had become irreligious 200 years before its eventual fall. So, there’s 200 years ca passed now of communist mania from 1789…

    We’ve discussed this a few times here before. Like, didn’t Nietzsche say 2043 or something?


    collen ryan Reply:

    Yeah which is why the whole fucking moldbug larp is stupid. Race is all. you cant separate the rest of the nigger races traits from their IQ. You let them in they will open the gate to the stupid niggers. this IS THE JQ. They couldn’t be happy with just running the show they had to feel more secure while doing it. You idiots develop a theology based on what you call HBD then fucking ignore it. or ignore everything but IQ, fucking land thinks he belongs to the high IQ race, he doesn’t he belongs to the european race, which is being competed against in a life death struggle against the other more tribal races. So fucking sorry you cucks that it triggers your proposition gene that youre related to tribal whites more closely than your jews friends, but you are.
    (((Jewbug ))) is wrong that capital can re align our elites to the interests of our nation’s, capitalism is aligned with profits not nations look around you we already have elites and capitalism in synch its called multicultural globalism. Our elites to be aligned to the nations interest need to be aligned to the nations culture which needs to be aligned with the nations biology.THIS IS HOW THE WORLD WORKS. life and death competitions among the biologically diverse not the propositionally diverse. biolgy culture nation, thats the order. the elite are to be subordinated to a biologically based culture.

    we have above two fucking morons on another morons blog. one is telling us under the (((moldbug))) handle he chose what a fine fellow the towel head would be at the bullingdon table if only he weren’t an insufferable red. JFC of course hes an insufferable red he a fucking wog his interests are wog interests he at least gets it. boldmug you dont get the first fucking thing. and sorry erik but the holy spirit – seriously? I mean look I loves me some gothic cathedral as much as the next western supremacist, but fiucking christianity is the god damned basis of western cuckery, its what out bred us . its what gave us the ideas that there were powers greater than kings who needed to be anointed by popes, the enlightenments assertion that not only is the king subordinated to the churchs law but all men are created equal and needn’t listen to the king, and voila arty is suitable dinner companion, because after all hes our brother in jesus fucking christ. so erik are ya gonna let him fuck your sister?

    Fuck your propositions my nation my culture is biological sorry you find that vulgar. sorry you find reality and nature vulgar. these neonazis altright might in deed be fucking retards but this one thing they get.and your competition gets.You understand the nrx is half jewish- at least. do you get hey cant by definition come up with a proposal to modernity that puts them in camps or that desert country they so of course they come up with this convoluted theory of DAVOS 2.0 where this time multiculturalsm will really work because itll just be the talented tenth of them.well newsflash thats whos in charge now. But ohh ohh if they only had more capitalism they would act better they would use their extra wealth for the good of us high cog whites that lost out to affirmative action. the holy spirit is slave morality.


    Wagner Reply:


    I was reading Nietzsche earlier saying a lot of the same things you just said but I had the sad thought, “This can’t be applied to the present, Nietzsche is dead, his corpse needs to be transfigured into something new” and WHO SHOWS UP, the man I thought was assassinated you fucking asshole. Stick around, won’t ya? The circus conductor’s assortment of bearded ladies and dogfuckers (or would it be more accurate to call them get-fucked-by-dog-gers?) are beginning to formulate a coup to STORM VALHALLA. I have a hunting-freezerful of icicle-daggers for their eyeballs to send them cowering into the corner to join their drained and traumatized man’s best friend.. forever.. BFF (don’t taint Xenolandianism with being a furry, please, FFS) but you are the true sovereign that emerged from Spontaneous Order. Come back you piece of shit, I know there are lots of life-lashings left in ya to sear into jesusbanger Land’s gruesome horror movie of a back.


    Share moar tips on how to survive the apocalypse once the shit hits the fan plz.

    Wagner Reply:

    And P. S., LEIF,

    I believe that sometime in the 80s N said that we can expect 200 years of nihilism.

    Ok mein dumb goys grab your calculators, we’re talkin’ somewhere in the ballpark of 2080-2090. NEETch blew his gasket though, we can never forget that, his insanity was an immanent-parable, the myth of the mythmaker who went mad, but I digress, his prediction is probably hot air who knows but it has a way of structuring my thoughts. All we are is meat to be sacrificed on the altar of the Overman, we can’t expect much in this life, we have to prepare the Ground for the future Renaissance… we’re all a bunch of decadents, to be used. Can’t locate the quote now but another sovereign corpse of the right, Jünger, prophesied thus, roughly, as well, and saw China rising as a Titan.

    This is #collenryanmindset:

    “But when the curve of life’s wave swings back to the red line of the primitive, the mask falls, and the Urmensch, the cave dweller breaks forth in the total release of impulse… In battle, the animal ascends as the secret horror at the soul’s base, shooting high as a consuming flame, an irresistible rapture that intoxicates the masses, a godhead enthroned above the hosts.”

    Ernst Jünger, Battle as Inner Experience (Bataille [in French, Battle] was a fan of this tract IIRC and was going to use it in The Accursed Share)

    @the inbred cabal of hobgoblins:

    “[At the Somme, the dead] dissolved into a greenish fishmeat that glowed at night through their torn uniforms. When stepped upon, they left phosphorous tracks. Others had been withered to chalky, stripped down mummies… In the sultry night swollen cadavers would come to spectral life, as hissing gases escaped from the wounds. Worst of all was the simmering bustle that came from the countless worms.”

    Ernst Jünger, ibid.

    But goys (and contra collen, goodboy jews) we of course can never forget this:

    “Whenever two beings love one another, they deprive Leviathan of a part of his terrain.”

    Ernst Jünger, Over the Line

    Even if real love is only reserved for our ubergrandchildren…

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Nick Land goes into a trans-psychotic state and plays the michael collen ryan character, but he plays Wagner more easily.

    Posted on November 20th, 2017 at 6:10 am Reply | Quote
  • Sanguine Says:

    Hoppe is disappointed iN Richard Spencer for his ethno-socialism! I thought Hoppe would like him because of it.At about 21 minutes.


    Posted on November 20th, 2017 at 9:57 pm Reply | Quote
  • Boldmug Says:

    1 Xenolandian 2 another:

    This piece of scripture was, perhaps *sniffing* symptomatically, “left out” of the Autistic Mercury review of The Thirst For Annihilation:



    “University philosophy polices itself as part of its sordid flirtation with state power… What is transcendental to academic debate is submission to socio-economic power.”

    The mentioned Schopenhauer essay seems to have been written by the Devil himself. Though, to play advocatus dei, we should probably pay heed to what Nietzsche called Schopenhauer’s “unintelligent rage against Hegel”… because, oops, the wind blew this letter out of my hands…

    “As regards your clarifications regarding your relations with academic “masonry”, I find them somewhat satisfactory. It would therefore be less a question about methodology than pure tactic, and there would be nothing to say against the attempt to introduce any Trojan horse into the university citadel. The important thing would be to not let yourself take part, in any way, in a deception, because a sort of “psychic current” meets in academic circles, with the possibility of a subtle deforming and contaminating influence.”

    Julius Evola to Mircea Eliade, 1951

    O Njord, you always make me forget what I was going to say.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Academic ass-onry (ass-onanism) where men bugger each other’s theories to score points from each other. And award each other based on Reputation over Quality.

    M-ass-onry. Cathedral masses, where Nietzsche has been given a million unwanted unrated children spawn


    G. Eiríksson Reply:


    fix’d. unrelated as in being distant from his meaning


    Wagner Reply:

    I don’t think he would have been received well in the protestantized west without his “lose me and find yourself” ethos/shtick but it also damned him because people use that to rationalize away parts of his philosophy that don’t fit into Cathedralism/the current phase of western nihilism. Women read him saying they are slaves that need to be whipped and well it’s convenient to edit that out under the pretext that the real Nietzsche wanted them to lose him. Believing so and so of Nietzsche doesn’t allow me to have a comfortable life among the sickening rabble whose throats N wanted to bite out with his teeth, welp I guess I’ll lose him and find myself here. “Find myself” = melt into the herd.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    if you are so in love with the overman what about cyborgism?

    stop making sense, start sensing

    doesn’t computer-brain interfacing give man the ability to alter his sense, thus ushering in a superior form?

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    The ubermensch is someone who is aware that he is in a virtual reality and can alter its formations—and is conscious of human trends and pathologies (sympathies) so as to be able to not participate in them or do so at degrees of will (dependent on his place on the overman hierarchy). Being an overman is not necessarily a good thing. There are evil overmen. Stalin, Hitler, Marx, Ghandi, Bush sr., me, Jesus (larped the shit out of the status quo), Gautama Buddha.

    Wagner Reply:

    Well put but I’d say it’s closer to a real reality than a virtual reality. Reality = freewill = Thelema = W2P, etc. It’s the inversion of “Providence will take care of it”. And, not necessarily a good thing indeed, it’s not a “coincidence” that the myth of Prometheus has been handed down to us. Though, my response to that is that that very myth could be the evil invention of a Promethean act of will. 6od is like, “Play with Fire, kids, you’ll learn, or you’ll learn the hard way, it doesn’t matter to me.”


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Paris commune was an act, not a diatribe. Much like Nietzsche horse-hugging was an act, not a diatribe.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Reality = freewill = Thelema = W2P, etc. It’s the inversion of “Providence will take care of it”

    Inversion? Nah—not at all. They have the same root. Radix ipsius. Once you get deeper to your Will/higher it becomes (is) providence. You see no difference. Simply contemplate the concept ‘pro-vidence’. Foresight—right? Foreknowledge. (Read Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles.) Your will becomes your vision. Gourge W. Bush knows this. His daddy too. “We don’t study history, we make history.” Will to Destiny. S-Election. Perseverance of the Saints. Predestination. Once Saved, Always Saved. Immortality. Magical idealism-Magical realism—as one. Prayer is a magical effector.

    The “Will-To-Power” withers in front of the Will-Of-Providence. That’s why ersatz fascist and other Socialist experiments last only decades while Providential affairs transverse millennia.


    If you wanna be a more than a eugenicist-Bolshevik you bettah get beyond mere libido dominandi. I know it took me many years.

    Christianity didn’t just become the State religion of Rome through worming their words into the brains of nobles. Check out the story of Petrus vs Simon Magus. Christianity is not just some passing 2.000-year fever—it’s real Spirituality and Mystery. I recommend Tomberg’s Meditations on the Tarot.
    It’s a composite from many religions—Xstianity is.

    Hitler lost almost everything.

    Ended up looking and feeling like shit. His womenfolk raped en masse by Slav hordes and Americans. His troops starved in camps, and hanged.

    He shoulda learned from Napoleon.

    W2P my ass—we’re not repeating that.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Pure coincidence, this was the thread open in another tab: https://twitter.com/insurrealist/status/934762201554006019

    Wagner Reply:

    I thought I was going to watch a nice Western tonight but I suppose providence has dictated that I philosophize with the boys. This is one of those topics in philosophy that particularly makes normies cynical about philosophy, because the dialectic is infinite (it is with everything else too but with this it seems to be more transparent/more rapidly grasped). The AI will have two grandsons, one will be a hard-determinist and the other a freewillist and they will battle to the death about it upon the ruins of Musk’s grandson’s Mars patch. (Hey AI grandson, humble request, if you deign to read this: will you rewrite history so that Land’s first name is “Monkeyboy”? Thanks, just one small favor. *AI’s great-great-great grandson: “Hmm it appears a fellow by the name of Monkeyboy Land was on our side, a true synchronicity.”) Anyway, I believe that the W2P is part of God’s Plan. He Gave it to us to Make us more like Him. If you providentialists were consistent you wouldn’t pipe up against willists, you’d just “let things take their course.”

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Try willing the course of the moon. There, see, eh, providence?

    Wagner Reply:

    Believe it or not, I do claim to will the course of the moon. Soul is only the disguised version of the Higher (Will to) Power. This is forbidden knowledge though, and for good reason, so we shouldn’t state such things, especially on a public forum. If populations knew this they wouldn’t feed and mate, so to keep this cycle going the identity of Godhead and soul is la la la think of something else.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    I’m just saying there’s a difference between nihilist “Will-To-Power” and Traditional Will-To-Self (Become Who You Are). Augustine even published on the difference between Pagan Will-To-Power (Libido Dominandi) in 426 AD and Christianity. It’s not that there isn’t a will-to-power in Christianity.


    I HAVE read your manuscript with some attention. By the argument it contains against a particular Providence, though you allow a general Providence, you strike at the foundations of all religion. For without the belief of a Providence, that takes cognizance of, guards, and guides, and may favor particular persons, there is no motive to worship a Deity, to fear his displeasure, or to pray for his protection. I will not enter into any discussion of your principles, though you seem to desire it. At present I shall only give you my opinion, that, though your reasonings are subtile, and may prevail with some readers, you will not succeed so as to change the general sentiments of mankind on that subject, and the consequence of printing this piece will be, a great deal of odium drawn upon yourself, mischief to you, and no benefit to others. He that spits against the wind, spits in his own face. 1
    But, were you to succeed, do you imagine any good would be done by it? You yourself may find it easy to live a virtuous life, without the assistance afforded by religion; you having a clear perception of the advantages of virtue, and the disadvantages of vice, and possessing a strength of resolution sufficient to enable you to resist common temptations. But think how great a portion of mankind consists of weak and ignorant men and women, and of inexperienced, inconsiderate youth of both sexes, who have need of the motives of religion to restrain them from vice, to support their virtue, and retain them in the practice of it till it becomes habitual, which is the great point for its security. And perhaps you are indebted to her originally, that is, to your religious education, for the habits of virtue upon which you now justly value yourself. You might easily display your excellent talents of reasoning upon a less hazardous subject, and thereby obtain a rank with our most distinguished authors. For among us it is not necessary, as among the Hottentots, that a youth, to be raised into the company of men, should prove his manhood by beating his mother. 2
    I would advise you, therefore, not to attempt unchaining the tiger, but to burn this piece before it is seen by any other person; whereby you will save yourself a great deal of mortification by the enemies it may raise against you, and perhaps a good deal of regret and repentance. If men are so wicked with religion, what would they be if without it. I intend this letter itself as a proof of my friendship, and therefore add no professions to it; but subscribe simply yours,


    Wagner Reply:

    Yah, I do have a strong sympathy with the various Platonists, Confucians, and Christians I’ve read/met who’ve had a censorious attitude regarding the mustachioed scumbag. He corrupts the youth–“corrupts” in the “not cool” sense. What was it Heidegger said, that one should study Aristotle for twenty years before one even thinks about picking up one of N’s books? lol oops. As much as N philosophized against Luther’s everyone-his-own-priest-ward revolution he sure was a HyperLutheran himself at the end of the day.

    In these times it’s seen as hand-rubbingly oppressive to say but most people shouldn’t have freedom, *for their own good*. When everyone knows they are God, you get–well, you get America. The tastelessness and pride Americans attach to that tastelessness has driven me into reclusion for years. And our ruling elites want to lower the brow even further! That is the central thing that motivates my politicalposting; if I ever have a kid and if he is anything like me, and the West is *dumber* than it *already is*, he is going to hang himself by 13.

    Posted on November 21st, 2017 at 4:32 pm Reply | Quote
  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    Nietzsche, like the New Testament, is a shamanic experience to read. For the neurotically-sensitised person it will not only alter your brain and soul, but also the literal World per magic.


    Wagner Reply:

    Jesus was a good boy just too good.

    “Can one say that Nietzsche’s praise of cruelty, as distinguished from Plato’s praise of gentleness, is rational? Or is that praise of cruelty only the indispensable and therefore reasonable corrective to the irrational glorification of compassion?”

    “One could make the objection to Nietzsche that cruelty is only a mirror image of compassion, and therefore doesn’t go to the root of the matter.” (Strauss)

    In the sense that the alt-right is Nietzscheanism for the masses this is a critique of them too. God made us binarized like this because the alternative is non-being but he also made us to move synthesis-ward. One problem with Dionysianism is you’re very open to suggestion because you want to dissolve boundaries but you Xenopeople aren’t going to turn me into a Christian transvestite anytime soon – “Christian transvestism”, another way of saying “Cathedral”. Love Everybody, turn men into women, weakness and more weakness. Non-being. You need stark binaries otherwise you dissolve the boundary between the noble and the base, and all that results in is baseness. Besides, you can still love everybody you throw in the gulag, but that doesn’t mean they’re not in the gulag. The tolerance of the so-called traps and anime-fetishists on the right doesn’t take into account that becoming-feminine means becoming easier to control. What a cute little shiksa, now bend over. What, you don’t want to grab your ankles for us? Toxic masculinity tsk tsk.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    fascism is memory and nothing else

    all memories persist


    music is ontological representation, is a representation of ontology , so is geometry

    music is geometry by other means

    forgetfulness is anti-fascism

    it is impossible to remember everything

    such that at any given moment something is being forgotten

    something is not persisting

    memory is a (one) actual

    forgetfulness is a multiple (zero) potential


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    against history, a nietzschean perspective

    memories are what re-produce tradition

    no amount of reading on it will ever reproduce the past

    the difference is between reading about napoleon and being napoleon

    only of what you are made up is what you will persist as

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Yes. Good stuff. Tradition etymologically means a transmission. Strictly tradition means a transmission between generations. That happens through recorded media—memory. Brain, paper, writing on the wall—Roman style, or Stonehenge.

    Tradition is re-membering the memories of the unique social body. For this they had rites. Sacred fire where the family kept the flame of traditions for generations. (See La Cité antique.) As well as monunments—Egyptian style.

    Primordial Tradition is not dependent on passing on word by mouth, as such, but is dependent on that as Logos—the supra-virtualreality program code itself.

    Thus people have dreams where they receive informations (lot of scientists) or get it thru LSD trips, e.g. That’s downloading from the akashic records—”tradition”, here in its older sense of transmission.

    This is the link between technology and tradition. Gleick’s book on Information is a great artifact of this. Einstein looking at the clouds synthesising his theory of General Relativity is him receiving tradition.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Jesus wasn’t too good. Jesus was perfectly good.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    erik, u are an interesting person

    G. Eiríksson Reply:


    Posted on November 21st, 2017 at 10:58 pm Reply | Quote
  • Boldmug Says:

    *Sports-announcer voice*

    Collen Ryan, the dreaded “number 209”, known by his fans as CHORONZON, has returned for round two. We all anxiously await how Nick Land, “number 140”, a.k.a. VELVET, will respond.

    *pans over to the seat beside, Donald Trump is headphonemuffed* “He can’t take the pressure, folks, trust me, his SOUL looks like the physiognomy of Rand PAUL, are you kidding me?”

    Sports-announcer: What will his first move be?

    *Trump* “This guy doesn’t care about ascending to the eleventh degree, he’s content jackin’ it like Austin Osman Spare.”

    Sports-announcer: Land’s first move……

    *Censors XS user “Boldmug”*

    Sports-announcer: He earned it, he was trying to pose as someone else, that is against the CODE.

    *Trump* Code, that was the best parody of Moldbug I’ve ever seen grace that british nimrod’s website. Code? Huh, c’mon. Nick Land, who is this?, he seems like he’s a little light in the loafers as my Scottish grandfather used to say.

    Sports-announcer: Will Land Cross the Abyss or will he trip and tumble again down into infinite night? Find out soon after this commercial.

    *Commercial* Curtis Yarvin opens up the Contax of his ObamaPHONE he’s been keeping in a shoebox in his closet, pushes “Contacts”, two names appear: “Harvey W.” and “Serf”; he fumbles and pushes “Harvey W.” out of habit–he feels a sinking feeling and sighs, painfully remembering what he had to do to “try-out” for an autobio about tinkering around in his garage…… Come to find out, Harvey had to tinker around in HIS garage to even be considered, “More like twinkering around in my garage” thinks Curt, feeling sick. Curtis pushes the Back button, sees the name “Serf” and presses his thumb against that next. *Ringgggg, ringgggg*

    *Next commercial* Nick Land answers, halfway through pushing the beancurd/rice mishmash out of his mouth onto his plate.

    *Curtis, in a poindexter computer programmer with a Schwarzenegger superego voice* Block him, Shut him DOWNNN!

    *Serf Land* Knees knock a little before he says, “But what about The Principle of Liberty?”

    Sports-announcer: It looks like Nick Land is holding true to what really makes him talented as a player. If he were to become someone who loves liberty as much as Collen Ryan loves diversity that would probably be the end of him.

    *the crowd of the stadium, realizing Land censored someone, unanimously chants*


    *each chant increasing in virulence*


    Sports-announcer: Will Land fold to totalitarianism or will he allow Boldmug to speak freely, I think he might be losing his edge here.

    *pans over to Friedrich Nietzsche in headphones, sitting next to Trump who seems shiveringly reverent* Boldmug is trying to release the truth into the world, have you forgotten what I taught you?


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    You should try writing plays or scripts for recorded media.


    Wagner Reply:

    I don’t really see a market for “trying to use Nietzsche/anism to give Land an existential crisis so that he realizes he needs to bring about the apocalypse”. He writes that thing about nuclear bombs in every patch instead of a genealogy of WWII, I don’t think this guy is serious about causing widespread disorientation and havoc. A wasted mind!


    collen ryan Reply:

    They are brainwashed by (((moldbug))) to believe resistance is futile. Apparently the (((cathedral))) has matrix JOOjitsu that can turn every form of resistance back back on them tenfold. Theres nothing an inferior white mind can do against Jew AI, in fact admitting the JAI is anything but good is suicide because its so omnipotent its best to start new religion worshiping JAI. Me thinks the (((wizard of OZ))) is a pushy over if only we tried.Methinks they love this theory because they are utter faggots that have never been punched in the face. Its true they have been winning wars since runnymede, but that doesnt make them invincible just statistically interesting, my guess is actually intelligent people who looked at just why they have won all these battles will discover they key to beating them.edges dont stay sharp forever.I find it kinda odd that some obvious trends are so studiously ignored in NRX, i have said this way before trump proved me correct. The left was solving some real problems for a while history was on their side, even when they were not solving real problems like wasted human and other capital in agrarian hereditary aristocracies, their attempt to solve perceived problems seemed worth at least trying.Some things even worked in environments but then changed those environment to no longer work or be scaled or transferred. This is all understandable cause and effect, but its beneath the moldbug acolytes because mosesbug has handed down the law and everyone whos right thinking knows jews are the smartest and most moral. Except we are living in the jew era and this emperor’s fashion critic I know just an idiot steam fitter but still i look around at this jew run world and Meh.Ok OK I harp LOL on the joos, I really kinda like them and would actually like to keep them somehow but cant figure how that Land would like, but anyway I think we really need to totally strip away the jew worship first before we can think straight. I keep saying its the yellow menace thats going to be the real problem- stupid land has set up his religion of YM AI these fucking cucks dont get jews and slants may be smarter than us but they are not propositional civilizations they are not going to be impressed with his propositional allegiance to them. I get it Im a white boy too I wasnt always a red neck, In fact unlike land the commie i was always since teenage a libertarian classical liberal conservative while race realist growing up in NYC it was sort of a paternal race realism, i was raised to be gracious towards those less advantaged.Unfortunately dinosaurs led to darwin and by third grade the nuns had their hands full in religion class.WAR is what we do, its an expression of our intelligence. Only a moron doesnt understand game theory, if you eschew war like an utter faggot thats never been punched in the face,you have agreed to meet your enemy halfway and your enemy will be back again next week. This is called left ratched, hegelian dialetics or utter faggotry. The reason the jews are not the problem is because they are a tiny people. Oh they try to keep their numbers up but something always happens, The yellow menace not so tiny. let me stop here for a sec- you all do realize we are in a life death struggle for survival with each other its a genetic struggle at root.Because despite all the GNON larping you seem sometimes to think yeah but thats really for the little people we cog elites are above that. anyway, the way to think about it is, theres a curve where a given IQ get exponentially more useable as it get higher. so while average IQ is ok for a quick ascertainment of opponents ability, the far right edge has to be adjusted beyond merely raising the average. This is the end east asians jews whites only one of us is coming out of this century. Land has bet on the jews and the slants moldbug is a jew, half of NRX and for that matter alt right or jews. Do jews strike you as worried about slants? what does that tell you? There can be no slant white alliance not for long. jews could throw in with either, so far theyre playing us against each other. because they are a tiny people creating a presupposition of non violence is always going to be their first order of business.and as we already discussed that means you lose half everytime you talk to them.Oh and while youre talking to them their technology is being stolen and implemented by the yellow menace. we want jews doing math not talking. yellow menace has to be deported and prevented from stealing out technology or allying with jews. This can only be implemented through some level of civil war. If its not its really clear how this ends for us.I realize utter faggots dont care they just want to enjoy their last generation then go into that good night knowing they passed the empire onto their betters.
    Now war. a shot neednt be fired, you only need to make your enemy understand that you are going to do anything you want and they are certainly going to die if they dont fully cooperate. Its more chess than militias.We have been playing their game by their rules of course we are losing.Fuck the brit fags they lost their empire because they played by fag rules americans do what it takes or used to.Think about all the rules we presuppose when we are saying we cant win that we must do as mosesbug says and wait for the collapse and and the benevolent chinese terms.
    Or you know what stop saying youre into HBD because you dont get the first thing about HBD if you dont get this is for keeps.And stop saying youre all about intelligence and reality because you dont get the most basic fucking reality of all.IQ is ultimately about killing the enemy.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    how’s your airplane coming? and you said you were working on a pistol?

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    building a spruce goose?

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    i finally understand you colleen

    you believe you are in a war

    and tribalism is the natural, biological response to war

    animals form a herd

    but your tribe is not white people

    your tribe is a spiritual community of warriors, is it not?

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    eiriksson plays and recorded media are the last thing we need…


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Dialog is what we have use for. But it gotta be stricter and more inspired than empty snark and ingroup selection a la high school mechanisms (large percentage of Twitter happenings).

    Wagner Reply:

    I direct you beta males to the OP. That is what I think of you:


    People like me have been bruising and bloodying people like you since the beginning of time.

    Looks like shnif thru a characterishtic dialectical twisht,

    You’re enacting a NERD REVENGE FANTASY against me.

    “Keep him silenced!!” scream the clitdicks in their high-pitched voices.

    “Haha watch the animal stalk around in his cage growling, look at him squirm, how sweet this is…”


    Steal my shit for years, never give me credit, for years.

    I want to corrupt the youth!!!! You suck at it.


    And you know I’m right you mediocrity.


    Posted on November 22nd, 2017 at 1:28 am Reply | Quote
  • Boldmug Says:




    Posted on November 23rd, 2017 at 8:25 pm Reply | Quote
  • Rohme Giuliano Says:

    let’s be clear technology is awesome

    it is the only thing that can replace tradition

    because it warrants the dignity of a new tradition and a disrespect of old


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    technology is always already tradition


    collen ryan Reply:

    Not until you can rebuild the genome from the ground up and keep in mind its made of 3 billion chestertons base pairs. Until then youre just a stupid ape who’s picked up something they dont understand.


    collen ryan Reply:

    yes i believe I am in a war we all are in a war we cant escape the war and yes we can’t escape tribalism. The spiritual tribe of warriors is the spiritual tribe of wise people who understand the nature of life that your proposition tribe will always be betrayed.I am a hunter and a farmer, I respect what i hunt and the beasts respect me, we know it must be like this. I have grizzly bears and huge wolves that travel in packs mountain lions. we have a commonality we are animals. I admire the jew the nigger the slant for their abilities, i respect the danger they pose to me.I appreciate they are fighting to survive like I am.I dont delude myself they will ever stop trying to gain hegemony over the universe.So no they are not my real tribe except in the sense that they are earth-life like I am.

    But a tribe is a subset. What you dont get is that you Hajinalians are a tribe that has bred a trait for thinking you are not part of a tribe.Theres a spectrum for this trait in we whites peoples, you have it bad, i have it a bit, but can override it with my reason which you cant. i can understand why this trait developed how it worked well for my tribe for a while and why its deadly now. And i get why there is no escape from tribe.

    Im also prone to propositionalism but one day at a time like the booze and the drugs I put down decades ago I dont pick up a proposition, because i know its like being in a cage with a 500 lb gorilla when the gorilla want s to fuck you fuck.
    Youre a proposition addict ,it worked so well made you feel so good you cant put it down.

    The yellow menace says sure we love ya bro we would love to send our brightest to your universities to steal all your magic science we cant figure out despite our IQ and size. In fact why dont you let us build your technology in our factories, The jews tell you you are part of their spiritual intellectual tribe, they know how to flatter you they know how you are addicted to ideas particularly the no tribe idea. The negroes and other mudds tell you how clever and holy your propositions are and shuffle and jive for you to make you feel sorry for them and they tell you stories about how mistreated they are how dem udder whites aints hafs as nice ez you beez. you like to sit in your ivory tower calculating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.sneering at those who scoff at your theories.
    Youre an idiot.

    The absolute closest you can come to your utopia requires the white nations be restored to ethnic nation like the rst of the world is and has always been. from there reestablish euro techno hegemony to the extent you can resume passing down to the other races your old technology. personally i think its a crazy risk and they ought to be eliminated or at least reduced to game preserve size. But its the closest you can come to what you want it require constant vigilance that leftism does not creep back in that the others cant find ways to get ahead of you.


    Posted on November 24th, 2017 at 2:46 am Reply | Quote
  • Rohme Giuliano Says:



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  • Rohme Giuliano Says:

    who doesn’t want to howl out to life “oy vey!” but then meet it with an unflinching corresponding laughter


    Posted on November 24th, 2017 at 4:00 am Reply | Quote
  • Boldmug Says:

    Curt here.

    Don’t get too lost in the Hollywood ne’er-ugh-TV. One girl accused me of raping her to my friends, family, etc. and she was (authentically) moaning “fuck me” during the “rape” e.g., so in some cases you can expect that it’s a matter of revenge for “not marrying me!” I already said this once but it’s worth repeating because there is left-wing poz and also right-wing poz that is seemingly instantly forgotten when politics comes into the picture; the rectification of the name of “POZ” is that POZ is *any* infiltration of lies, and lies can prosper on the left as well as the right. “Whatever works for MY cause is the Truth”… you know when we use the word “monkey” we’re not exaggerating, right? Use the Hollywood (and etc.) thing as a weapon but don’t forget that there is an esoteric/exoteric double-dimension to it.

    Curt out. (And yes, before you ask, the woman in question was Marine Le Pen).


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    that’s not how it happened, you’ve confused “fuck me” with “is it in yet”

    and i’m pretty sure it was theresa may.. no tracey ullman playing teresa.. no, err… she was playing judi dench but you were calling her M for mother..


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    I already said this once but it’s worth repeating because there is left-wing poz and also right-wing poz that is seemingly instantly forgotten when politics comes into the picture; the rectification of the name of “POZ” is that POZ is *any* infiltration of lies, and lies can prosper on the left as well as the right. “Whatever works for MY cause is the Truth”… you know when we use the word “monkey” we’re not exaggerating, right?

    That’s accurate.


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  • collen ryan Says:

    All I do is build things, all the white men I know is build things, then the things we build are shit on by leftists. They tear the things leftist white men build apart, We are at a point where they can tear down faster than we can build.We need to stop building for a while and kill them. Its really fucking simply, its how nations are put aright if they have the will to put themselves aright. afterwards you can go back to discussing lacan.I know you think youre too smart too important to be used as cannon fodder, I get it I think that too. But many bright young nerds have been used as cannon fodder when cannon fodder was needed more than Lan critiques.And we survived to argue lacan another day.Maybe one day you will realize arguing lacan is probably the thin edge of the wedge that leads to needing another war.
    Your faggoty argument that is the chorus against doing anything goes like this. Oh you complain you are losing, and you blame the side that is winning for the attacks on you. so obviously youre stupid and deserve to be attacked so obviously you shouldn’t fight back because you will lose more, certainly Im not going to risk my ass helping you. And then usually pointing and sputtering at a skinhead nazi inbred moron. Yes i think the guys I know that build things could run USG better,Of course they could it wouldn’t even be hard. The problem is guys like you thought it would be a nifty idea to give niggers and women the vote and let the jews run things. so nothing can be done properly.So (((mosesbug)))) types think letting the jews have title to the cities and the infrastructure will get them to take better care of it and somehow this will be better for white men.Sorry it just sounds like more of the same.Already the jews and wasp traitors are losing their grip to the hoards, (((mosesbug))) imagine some robot army will reinstitute neo jim crow and the muds and women will get in line and be happy with welfare. sounds brilliant, really. you have no plan but to just enjoy the decline and hope you die before they torture you to death.Or you believe like them that your robots really will allow you to argue lacan while the world turns into some dystopian novel.
    Whatever the instinct for survival is strong in all life, war is coming those that fight will decide what will happen afterwards.
    How do I imagine it? since nrx types are utter faggots i suppose we will have to rely on the channers and alt right and such, Im sure among them we will find enough talented white men, it will be a lot of 4g war ii think. Say what you like about the little nazis they are doing orders of magnitude more than nrx redpilling people.And of course the left has jumped the shark, the cathedral has a pack of hyenas testing its geopolitical sovereignty.There’s 1.3 quadrillion in credit default swaps hanging over the hundreds of trillions in western debt. But Im sure china will be glad to ship us parts for our military while simultaneously attempting to sink our pacific,and your fleet of your tranmny women and nigger sailors will prevail so you can discus lacan uninterrupted.Youre a fool blubbering on about something long gone.you need a slap in the face.
    My airplane is going slow as i am concentrating on turning my ranch into an organic farm, I did by an old bridport mill for the gun work, but honestly everyone has tons of guns and thousands of rounds of ammo,I just a bit excited by cody wilsons work and wanted an excuse to learn machining, when i was a kid i had a job for a while rebuilding machines i find them interesting.I also think theres a decent chance we end up in dark age to some extent within my children lifetime so have this self sufficiency bug to an autistic degree. but am mostly trying to figure out meat and veg freezing and refrigeration on my limited hydroelectric energy.Selling my brooklyn properties while the gettin is good and bought another 40 acres adjacent to my other 100. You might have a few more years but not worth the risk of holding for the last dollars.what have you built rhome


    collen ryan Reply:

    You know what i really should have not even have looked in here again let alone said what Ive already said ten thousand times. Youre an utter fucking waste of time.useless as tits on a boar hog as my dad used to say


    collen ryan Reply:

    (((mosesbug))) did nothing except translate Kuehnelt Leddihn into hipster speak complete with hyper links and pop culture references. He critiqued modernity and reintroduced some millenial faggots into the joys of saying nigger, well almost. But then he launches into some scifi novel solution thats never going to happen (thank god) which of course was the point and why so many jews took it up as well as the faggotry thats never been punched in the face. heres this edgy new pose where i can do nothing and feel superior not doing it.

    Problem is we really are on the eve of destruction, The only people who seem to get that are the middle brow Paleocons, altright and altlight and WN. Some of the original NRX seem to have kind of morphed into alt right intellectuals but is too hung up on social signalling to admit it. Youre all hoping this just works out. Frankly you must be pretty stupid if you cant see its impossible it’s going to work out.Or possibly youre thinking it will work out for you. Well thinking it will work out for you is pretty much the cause of the problem. And its still pretty stupid thinking. I have enough wealth I can make sure it works out for me and my children. There is no way this works out we are definitely on the verge of the war on a scale never seen on this planet, its going to trigger war after war after as the board changes and more players sense opportunity.As this happens faggots like you begin to understand its not going to work out you cant salvage parts you cant avoid the things you thought you had to avoid or thought could never fucking happen, you start to realize everything is possible and starting from scratch is the only possibility. You then start to think you wish you had seen this ten years ago. Its true theres not much warfare one can do right now, what can be done is prepare for war.everyone else is preparing for war. the chinese the russians the sand niggers the nigger niggers, the jews, the deep state thinks it can win but of course they thought they could win in vietnam.even the rednecks you loath have been preparing for for since the clinton assault weapons ban.The globalists are importing their fiat welfare troops, Paulson and some others have bought up all the gold, the BIS is ready to seize all money. But morons like you sit there and call me a dumb militia redneck. I am trying to interest some intelligent people in a post war plan.Have been since curtis was posting on blowhards. sorry Im not educated enough to impress you but thats no excuse for you being to stupid to see whats as plain as day. WAR is coming, its coming because the USG empire is rotten, its rotten because wasps and jews were allowed to destroy it. It cant be simply turned around because they were allowed to destroy our culture mostly through communism and capitalism and more importantly because they imported so many non whites its politically impossible its a runaway train. In the meantime we have mismanaged the geopolitical scene in a stupid attempt to to turn the world into a jew wasp cash cow everyone else be damned.Wars coming, total worldwide war,
    We need to hold the north american territory, its got oceans east west and south backed up by mountain ranges just inland, and its got the frozen north to the north.and we are armed to the teeth with smart white people. At some point in all this the non whites have to go, the women have to be put back into natural subjugation, and jew question solved. War will sort most of this naturally, women are done for in martial society, so are faggots who have never been punched in the face.jews will be forced into the open and we shall see what is done if i were a jew about now i would be becoming the loudest white nationalist i could.the muds will flee and be dispatched for bad behavior.the slants are gonna have to go they will be our major enemy.
    without the white man burden we could do anything. its because of hajinalian traits we have found ourselves in this position.you can sneer but tribalism is a winning strategy.


    Boldmug Reply:

    “jews will be forced into the open and we shall see what is done if i were a jew about now i would be becoming the loudest white nationalist i could.”

    LOLOL they better pull a Larry David and start kissing Wagner’s ass, and putting their backs into it. Shouldn’t be too hard, all they have to do is sublimate their self-deprecative tendency into Germanophilia; that they haven’t aufhebened themselves in this way testifies to the shrunkenness of their souls. Oy, we’re not true self-deprecators, we’re hypocrites, time to step it up a notch.

    Wagner Reply:

    “faggots who have never been punched in the face”


    Whatchu talkin bout? Land’s got two black eyes and a bedpan full of teeth.

    I hope you enjoy smiling hesitantly with psychical dentures the rest of your life, Land ol chap.

    If this is the best secret agent the Cathedral could send think of how easy it will be to shatter the rest.

    The Internet is going to knock all your teeth down all your throats, best to start kowtowing now and we’ll give you mostly body-shots. Don’t want to end up like #ToothlessLand.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    i like engineer colleen..

    he walked right out of a page of raymond roussel’s locus solus.. now that is a funny book..

    i wonder, have you gone far enough along with the things you are building? what distracts you from it? and what do you like to let distract you?

    what have i built> eventually i will have built up a private practice – a semantical legerdemain, i know..

    alas, colleenm i am not an inventor, yes, shame..

    i was looking at the diagram of a 14 bit digital audio converter of mine that uses parallel communication, what magic, what abstruseness, what wonderful shapes and patterns!


    Posted on November 25th, 2017 at 2:40 pm Reply | Quote
  • Anonymous Says:

    Debate Thomas777, Yarvin.


    Posted on November 25th, 2017 at 9:27 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:


    I’m pleased that the trannies find it natural to kiss my ring.

    *Horrified Land voice* “No, please, no, please do not make @outsideness your next meal, please, no.”

    Like I’ve said, everyone has their special pity-case, and that is mine. As long as you don’t fuck up I will not descend from my mountain top to pay visits to the Motley Cow.

    In the meantime, if the trannies really want to know what it’s like getting their balls chopped off they should come to Xenosystems.


    Wagner Reply:

    Alright I’m being pulled into twitter more than usual, it will be key to throw a brick at my head if I get sucked into groupthink LIKE ALL THE REST. Just whack me with something to remind me. Whack me hard if that is what it takes to wake me up. The rabble there is disgusting, I’m not sure many of you realize just how disgusting it is. I’ve been trying to alert you to this phenomenon…. Become part of a political group = become part braindead. “I escaped it, I’m exceptional, it didn’t affect me, I’m good boy forever, mobmind would never corrupt every thought I think, never NEVER NEVER, I think clearly even with the mob watching me and slapping its baton in its hand every thought I have.” Land you shifty little squirrel, even you haven’t escaped, do you expect any of the lesser heads of your “posse” to have escaped?


    collen ryan Reply:

    Groupthinks OK, sure you need to consider before entering the fray which group is generally right or their opponents generally wrong,You need to know which side youre on before they know which side you’re on, maybe reassess occasionally,

    But apes being apes we tend to settle things the old fashioned way.It doesnt matter how nuanced and true you logic is in the end you may have to demonstrate it with your fists. You cant chisel out the veining in a statues arms before knocking off great chunks of stone first.

    twitter is just the most modern version of the political pamphlet, in a way its character limit implies a more honest awareness about the fact that its just ape vocalization. Its a vote. Land doesnt want to admit this but its nothing but a poll of those in favor designed to encourage those undecided.The idea is if theres a plurality a fight can be avoided.Lands as alt right as spencer, just ask the NYTimes.

    if not for ape vocals and fights we would never stop talking and get nothing done. Take the most orthodox NRX pundits and they would still go on ad nauseum about some subtle differences in their viewpoints.They will do this forever and ever, so far its been about ten years and almost nothings been resolved, We dont even have a vague idea what an NRX state would be like let alone how to get there or any details. On the other hand broadly speaking the $PLC knows clearly that Anglim, Land,Buchanan, are fellow travellers.They could form a government.Lena Dunham not so much. Wars dont happen when one side is clearly dominant, they happen when the odds are fairly even.Sure you have to dumb yourself down to join in the troops monkey business, but really youre just setting aside minor difference in order to make room for taking it up again after the fight has settled some major ones.Youre sorting.This is whats so frustrating about the NRX and why I taunt them, They dont get really basic ape dynamics yet claim their superior knowledge of HBD makes them experts.We can argue the nuance of whether to let artys conservative cousin have a student visa, or whether Anglim is a crypto commie after the $PLC is a smouldering hole in the ground.
    Even as a young man western nations being places the exclusive homes of european peoples for the nurture of their own peoples and cultures was not even controversial to 99% of the left. Today not even the dark lord nick land can simply accept this without an essay equivocating how he isnt really a racist that he only supports white nations if they become white nations inadvertently.Thats insanity.Thats ignoring the really huge thing going on , that the lefts big idea of the last 50 years, the one that replaced class redistribution, is to overwhelm white nations, all white nations, not even poland can be allowed to escape, with a majority of non whites, preferably the most violent you can find.This isnt a little thing this is THE THING, this is their plan and its working brilliantly. But Land wants to discuss whether the altright is maybe a little too lowbrow, or what will we do about the jews and slants. Or couldn’t we solve this with an app.Theres literally millions of non whites pouring into every white nation with the specific intention of taking over with the help of our elites. And he thinks we need to debate AI religions vs robotic armies.This is the story of alexander and the knot.Land is trying to find a way to preserve his multicultural knot, he gets that it doesnt work because we are different and so want different from our states but simply cant let go of the advantages he thinks are possible if the problem were solved.Of course we had a workable compromise, separate countries interacting contractually. But hes and most of NRX just too blinded by leftism and their own potential conflicts with WN to simply accept that. His hindbrain pulls him to twitter to throw shit at the left, but his forebrain is still pretty leftist.Hes like most of the west and hes been compromised by the left, they knew very well that things like mixed marriages, and immigration would cause this.They are very clever they set it up to be a sophies choice.My yemeni deliman wants me to sponsor his children and wife to join him hear.I have a michling child from one woman most of my family will fight as liberals. Curtis and Nick have some interesting ideas it would be great fun to kick them around sometime, Until we have secured our homelands there’s really no point.It must be nice to be able to larp philosopher king while the nation is fighting for survival.Nick and those like him have to decide where they stand on the biggest issue, do whites have a right to self determination, to existence.Anyone who can not see that is the only question is not serious and pretty stupid or they are deliberately distracting.

    That said I think really smart people ought to be thinking about how to really cripple the cathedral with clever futures trades that cause financial armageddon, or how to secure the internet,How to neutralize the cathedral ability to stop exit in place.Its probably only a few years before the altright and nrx will be banned from the internet, possibly arrests will follow.


    Wagner Reply:

    Right like usual.

    I don’t think the bluebirds have this honest awareness though:

    “twitter is just the most modern version of the political pamphlet, in a way its character limit implies a more honest awareness about the fact that its just ape vocalization. Its a vote.”

    It might have began as that but they’ve forgotten.

    You should go haunt @outsideness, Mike.

    collen ryan Reply:


    Its not twitter But its some lethal 4G warfare This one is not subtle though most of them are very very subtle.the subtitles are almost cut off but readable.When the cucks want to know how one can possibly go to war with the cathedral this is one way.


    collen ryan Reply:



    I think they’re part of these christian exits that are going on, intentional communities,and other soft exits in place. theyre important because theyre innocent and will be destroyed early in horrible ways. That’s probably going to be one of the triggers the hot war has begun. Youre not allowed to exit.

    Wagner Reply:

    It’s time to draw our guns on @outsideness, Mike. He’s been keeping us here to prevent the collapse of his little communist project. It’s time to break #brokenLand there too.

    collen ryan Reply:

    I did monkey around with nick on twitter a bit under some name or other that got 86d, he likes me better when im brief.I like him better there too, He can’t equivocate on twitter which is his problem. He knows the side he ought to be on, then he starts to worry about mischlings,and what sort of neighbors he might have in the fourth reich,what if they dont accord him the honors a philosopher deserves surely he should rank higher than a general.Maybe we could make him a our Goebbels with a rank of general. He and Goebbels wikki pictures and bios are remarkably similar.

    Of course you realize he thinks we are not worth explaining anti humanist techno capitalist subjugation, because essentially we are the targets . I just want to know how it differs from we have now. He thinks clutching his pearls about the cathedrals niggerization and the welfare bait that drives it is self explanatory and that his anti human techno capitalist is the anti venom.

    But hes an old fart lost in the reagan years.The niggerization and the welfare bait are only a step in the process for exactly what Land wants. They don’t plan on actually having the planet run by the apes,they plan to just use the apes to cement themselves into power, a techno capitalist power, forever.

    The only real threat to that power is guys like you.I have told him from the beginning hes just whining because they haven’t asked him to give a ted talk and invited him to Davos, he’s politicking for a seat at the table.
    The thing about Davos and nick and the Cathedral elite is they actually think they are on the side of the enlightened angels, oh sure its a dark enlightenment, a sorta malthusian enlightenment. probably started with a white paper by the Rand corp, in the 80s about how global warming soylent niggers peak oil yadda yadda.You see they just think its all so inevitable, they have no choice but to manage it. Of course the inevitability is driven in the main by the fact that they simply wont consider doing what needs to be done to make it not inevitable.Since its inevitability justifies their power grab it kinda works out for them huh?

    Well we are too stupid to explain why techno capitalist anti humanism is different from the cathedrals long term plan, but i notice he doesnt explain it to Musk or theil either and its pretty clear they are kinda red necky non jewish billionairs, maybe he thinks they are too stupid also.

    Nicks really not that different from the average cuckservative, well maybe alt light is more precise. He gets it he just cant face the horror, which is pretty funny because if you read the first few years of this blog all he did was larp about how no one but he could face the horror. Hes right its gonna be a fucking horror show, Its hard to face, but we got to this inevitable horror because people wouldn’t face it. He wants to delegate the horror to robots and hope he can pretend to himself its not he thats giving the orders the robots have AI what can he a mere mortal do.

    We ae going into the heart of darkness, his robot armies wont be ready in time, The cathedral is wrong the elite wont survive the niggerization, the real HBD problem is not nigger stupidity and jew tribalism its Hajinal lack of self awareness.What land and his ilk really built were not infinitely intelligent robot armies, they bred incredibly stupid angry nigger armies with techno capitalist rockefeller ford and gates grants, and the nigger bots are running amuck on world, and need blade runners to take them out. I may be too old but someone is going to have to do it hip deep in dead multicultural horror, they just need to remember Hajinal thinking is what caused this.

    You can admit youre half an ape and keep your half of the planet ape free or you can admit youre post ape and wipe the apes off the planet, you cant have it both ways.

    Land wants his Hajinal individualism I get it Im sure we all get it, but its based on a gentleman’s agreement, i dont even know if its sustainable in the most hajinal nation there used to be, its so ethereal it tends to progression.It seemed to depend on infinite exit, and as those possibilities wound down it tended to infinite white on white war. I have said many times until we can safely crispr away half our ape genome cicilization may not be sustainable.

    We may have to compromise on this hajinal individuality. We may have to surrender som atomization to culturalization,Not to worry our genomes will dopamine us in return.

    Thier plan will worsen that anti individualism process by niggerization, so a few thousand billionaire jews and cucks can not only secure their future forever but tell themselves they’re swell guys? or would it be better to slow it by nigger reduction, WTF is so crazy about europe and the anglosphere remaining european nations?

    oh hell Ill say it nigger eradication would be my preference, Hows that for horror nick? i say this because they have already taken it so far that there’s no way out but horror of horrors for a long time, maybe just finish the job, i vote for a white planet and another 200 years of hajnal individualization through exit.Imagine this planet with 85% less people. think of the places you could exit to if they were not filled with apes.

    Nicks got to understand the cathedral is already planning for his techno commercialism, they already plan to have an elite gated community, he just hasn’t made the cut, The cut off is 50 million , maybe more by now. he can keep trying to get an exemption or he can rethink whether he would rather be eaten by apes in caracas but loyal to the techno
    capitalists in davos even though they didnt notice, or whether hed like to get back in touch with his cockney roots, hes like my dear departed mom also clawed her way up from selling flowers in drury lane to punting on the thames at oxford These former cockneys dont ever want to go back to the old hood, even when they have discovered america they just dont get it. Theyre snobs in the proper sense of the word, climbers. ironically i get that rootlessness by traveling in the opposite direction I left that world drank and drugged my way through several universities pretty quickly and ended up eventually in the trades, after getting sober i recovered financially a bit, i could still pass , dated a lot of doctorates, but every year it gets harder and i care less.The educated seem stupider every year. I cant even bother to write properly anymore, i may have forgotten how even, I just want my cattle to have healthy calves, and find ways to get a few more amps and BTUs out of my alt energy systems.I want my people to survive all of my people not just the climbers. I have spent plenty of time at elite cocktail parties and as much time in steamfitter shantys,and everything in between and around, i speak fluent nigger i can say nigger to niggers and they dont dare question my right I can launch into a spiel about John Sterne when i meet a hot jewess with a doctorate on swift from trinity, i can weld a broken excavator back together. Im not exceptionally smart, just smart enough that Im pretty confident I see enough and have a well rounded perspective. I have said it before i see little Nicks pals are really better suited to run the nation or more worth saving than some steamfitters i know, i certainly dont think loggers are closer to niggers than nick, I would love to put him in with both groups for a while so he could learn this. I just think we need to go back to what the 50s common sense, I mean of course we get there were problems going back to…well going back to being apes, and this time round we have to be cognizant of these mistakes.Its not crazy radicalism nicks and the cathedrals ideas are crazy.

    Im half off on another couple tangents but Ill say again we are apes and we may not be able to design a perfect and sustainable civilization until we can delete some traits. A bigger world to exit into helps, being around only those capable of gentlemen’s agreements helps, But reinventing social organization has so far been disastrous.These sci fi and progressive schemes don’t work with our genes.The tried and true if imperfect are a better bet.Its always the very intelligent that start thinking everythings different. Whites have worked out a hybrid system its hierarchy but its an open system. Its not a bad compromise.It just doesnt work multiculturally.


    Posted on November 25th, 2017 at 9:29 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    Hey NICK


    looks like the SJWs just stopped one of your little technology distributed plans. whats a seasteader to do the NSA has the blockchain, the SJWs won’t let Cody sell his guns online, Any day they’re going to kick you off twitter, china’s going to be on the wrong side of the battle lines soon. Id offer you a position as swineherd in my idaho kingdom but its a restricted community, maybe Israel? Mad dogs and englishman out in the midday sun and all, you could Larp india Raj exit. Im sure your fellow marxist arty will show you around on his elephant.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Oh and must congratulate you on your Harry the Hajinal princes engagement to the negress, Takes after his mother.I f it were my royal family Id have married a Pole or Hungarian but Im a stupid nazi, Im sure this is a brilliant strategic move to position for the post replacement era.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Hey Nick Wags is worried you have turned into a shit posting nazi ape on twitter. I tried to assure him you have always been a shit posting nazi ape, its just when locked in a cage with other shit tossing nazi apes like this blog you need to get ya some in troop status so you toss shit to the right instead of the left. After all an apes gotta throw shit and with everyone crowded up against the right its hard to get a swing? Im sure you preferred it in the beginning when you were here first and could throw shit to the right as people came in, chalk it up to being so persuasive. BTW loving all the actual nazi and german twitter posts ya got up, just the right amount of deniability, careful though PEnoch tried to have it both ways and ended up with nothing. There’s a school of thought that a man’s not fully redpilled till hes been served, you know freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose and all.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    china’s going to be on the wrong side of the battle lines soon. Id offer you a position as swineherd in my idaho kingdom but its a restricted community, maybe Israel? Mad dogs and englishman out in the midday sun and all, you could Larp india Raj exit. Im sure your fellow marxist arty will show you around on his elephant.



    Posted on November 25th, 2017 at 11:35 pm Reply | Quote
  • Boldmug Says:

    Curt here.

    I say this not to screw with him but because it is the closest parallel from the Western canon that comes to mind: Kantbot is the Spinoza of the millennial generation. He has in him an Overturning that would result in Excommunication… will he keep it inside, or will he SAY IT, and be appreciated only after his death?

    What is to be done to transmogrify the frogs into bufotenine toads? Gooey with psychoactive slime so that anyone who grasps one will go horizontal into a revaluative seizure, so slippery with it that anyone who doesn’t grasp hard enough means the toad will escape hopping free.

    How is this to be done, how is this to be done, I don’t know, but this is the goal. The exacerbation of frog-virtue into something more beautiful.

    Let’s get a little more than extra dark tonight shall we, I’m Curt Yarvin after all, that’s what I do. There is something similar about L/U-ACC trannies and PUA/Heartisteans: it is their inauthenticity. Whether it’s half-boys 2 girls or half-boys 2 boys the result is a fakeness, you can see it in every line they type. Both try too hard to be something they’re not. Nail-painting emoji vs. using the word “pussy”, these are both the same, and they’re both manifestly phony.


    Posted on November 26th, 2017 at 5:09 am Reply | Quote
  • Jefferson Says:

    Admin is leaving this site as-is because it mirrors the arc of all good things, and highlights acceleration of that process.


    Wagner Reply:

    Early Xenosystems and its commentariat had pretty immature and cowardly political analyses compared to what Collen Ryan has been putting down imo. What has been happening here as of late is early xs premises being taken to their ultimate conclusions. Tranny Land is too effete to stomach a lot of this, plus his family compromises him philosophically – there are certain lines he can’t cross, e.g. “My daddy’s an antisemite, I hate myself now.”


    collen ryan Reply:

    That’s quite a compliment wag wish i deserved it, If i happen to be correct its just gut instinct i cant really support it beyond a certain point. If the cathedral really comes for you make it to north idaho and you can live in my kingdom and try and get this dumb mic to understand Nietzsche, I don’t know why but i think I like him I think he was willing to face the darkness without ape emotion.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Yeah Im sure he tells himself that, pretty sure i said he left the room before he left the room.Thing is he hasn’t answered the questions, how is his hate different from my hate, how is his elitism different from Davos.
    Look hes just a (((mosesbug))) acolyte, but mosesbug was an opening gambit that got turned into a dead end cult. It rehashed rightism for hipster faggots, them threw out some half baked spergy scifi and D and D Larps that went nowhere. These former millennial progressives were so stoked to say what they really thought that they wanted to keep the NRX corpse alive so latched on to this randian elitism not understanding that is DAVOS. Now they are stuck they cant get into Davos and cant face joining the Nazis i mean half of them are jews fer chrissakes.So they larp on pretending their techno future is somehow different from the cathedrals. Mosesbugs big idea they hoped was formalism, to give the capitalists ownership of everything.But guess what they already have it, you can buy a senator in the Cathedral for 40k.who the fuck do you think owns the cathedral? Moldy says the affirmative action niggers own the post office, I say amazon can shut down the post office tomorrow if they want. The problem isnt capital isn’t aligned to its own interests, the problem is they aligned the state to their interests musk and bezos are welfare queens.Goldman/Soros/Yellen incites socialist welfare then offers to monetize the debt onto whites and take a commission. Formalism does not solve the problem its one of the problems.
    Meantime their Galt like heros of the current years two years ago are kicking them off the internet, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I TOLD THEM WAS GONNA HAPPEN YEARS AGO.(((GOLDMAN SACHS))) HAS BACKED A BTC ETF,


    collen ryan Reply:

    the comment ”IM sure he tells himself….” was your reply not wags


    Wagner Reply:

    “I’m sure he tells himself that” is what I was thinking. Many frogs tell themselves that too–they’re desperate for a leader so they look past Land’s patent corruption. St. Nick dindu nuffin to deserve troll clubs to the head, he good boy, the goodest boy, definitely not an entryist himself who subverted the energies of the right from focusing on racial and sexual hierarchies to AI scifi figments of the imagination. He good boy! Not a cathedralist trojan horse, no.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Capitalism betrayed the west, whites, USG, etal by the 70s, Didn’t you see the multicultural coke ad, Sing it “Id like to buy the world a coke and bill it to the (white) man, its the real (fake) thing. Hell capitalism betrayed itself, capitalism is stupid, its not intelligent its just single minded, and with a future time orientation that make nigers look like nostradamus. It doesnt give a fuck about you.It doesnt make what you want and sell it to you as cheap as possible it makes you want what it can sell to you for the most profit. You want capitalism to help you build a better life for you and your people you have to make it, Thats what all the other races do, they make capitalism pay them. you stupid cuck suck capitalism jew dick. Now granted we whites dont want the short money from capitalism we get that its best not to kill the goose. But you cant stop there thats a small insight, keep thinking moron.

    heres a hint its a lot like whats happened (with a lot of capitalist help) to culture. we whites likes us some freedom, not because freedom is good per se but because measured freedom keeps us ahead. so are you going to let individuals dictate to culture, or culture dictate to individuals.

    Look if you cant act like a fucking adult white man Im just going to have to impose a goddamn reich. thats your choice reign in the degenerate art, the capitalist jews , control your women, keep the faggotry in the closet,keep up appearances set an example in front of the masses, or Im going to bring in the SS and do it for you.Its that fuicking simple there will be order, act like niggers and jews ill treat you like niggers and jews.


    Posted on November 27th, 2017 at 2:59 pm Reply | Quote
  • OpenBubba Says:


    But how can change occur for an organism born of its undesirable environment if not via a little satisficing?


    Posted on November 29th, 2017 at 5:13 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    Im not saying the hajinal line theory is definitely bullshit but I do think at this point it needs renaming

    Cuckinal Line? so they went from breeding out to having outsiders breed their women. Interestingly they came up with a similar economic cuckery, first they outsourced their production then they brought the third worlders in.


    Wagner Reply:

    Can’t use the word “cuck”, Land’s eyes glaze over and his brain thinks “popurism” when he hears that. Try… If Hajinals don’t become clannish to some degree by using the eternal anglo against itself (which is entirely consistent with eternal anglo premises) there will be no more liberty and individualism in the world.


    collen ryan Reply:



    collen ryan Reply:

    yes vaginal line thats it, they line their women up along their borders legs spread wide facing out then they go back to harrow and bugger the new shells.If a nation is going to invade them they marry them and blushingly pant there’s no such thing as marital rape the anglos are the town pumps of europe theyve been bred by the celts the norse the spanish and french the germans and the jews and now they are taking a nigger to bed.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    What a load of cobblers!
    All-Trite Vogue ‘Problem Page’ for fascists!
    Agony Aunt-Uncle, Dr. Collen!

    Wagner Reply:

    Arty’s worried that the truth revealed on the internet is going to trickle down to the hoi polloi and there is going to be an armed insurrection leading to his death, or if he’s lucky, expulsion to shit-india.

    *shivering Jew voice* “Oh no, that IS what’s going to happen. It’s inevitable.”

    It will start with terrorist attacks by low-impulse-control goys. Once they see what’s going on they’re not going to be happy… 🙂

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    The only ‘truth’ revealed by All-Trite, ‘all ambition, no ability’ supremacist inferiority, is the incompetence and inconsistency characterising the incessant production of its hysterical lies. You’re a great example of this, Waggy! A Nietzschean Kelly Ann Conway, lol!

    I guess it’s only to be expected, that All-Trite gumbos like you and Collen so characteristically resort to a rhetoric of violence as compensation for intellectual inferiority. Okay, so you’re stupid, you could at least be nice about it. But no, that’s not your attitude; for you, the promotion of thuggery to bolster up flagging masculine identity expectations is a fulfilling choice. I guess it irks you, that the word, ‘thug’, is an Indian word. Even in your prideful baseness, you cannot claim cultural originality.

    As for your pathetic exoteric/esoteric gestures, proposing a secretly fascist Philip K Dick, you’re going to have to do a Kelly Ann Conway denial over this.

    21:26 – 25:12 | Hour 25 – Philip K. Dick – Interview (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFhsDUAZ6Co)

    “Man In The High Castle, I did 7 years of research for Man In The High Castle. Seven years of research. I did other stuff too during that 7 years. But it took me 7 years to amass the material on the Nazis and the Japanese, especially on the Nazis, before I could sit down and write. That’s part of the reason why it’s a better novel than most of my novels, that I knew what I was talking about. There wasn’t anything I didn’t know. I had prime source material at the Berkeley Cal Library from the Gestapo that they had seized after WW II. It was marked, for the eyes of the higher police only. The higher police is their term for – I was forced to read Gestapo diaries, the Gestapo men in Warsaw, Gestapo agents. I had to read that stuff. I had to sit there because you couldn’t take it out of the library. You had to read it in the stacks. I had to read what those guys wrote in their private journals to write Man In The High Castle. And that’s why I’ve never written a sequel to it. Because it’s too horrible. It’s too awful. I started several times to write a sequel to it and I would had to go back and read about Nazis again. And I’d just like to off every one of them, it’s what I’d like to do. And so I could never do a sequel to it. Somebody would have to come in and help me do a sequel to it. Someone who had the stomach for the stamina to think along those lines, to get into the head; if you’re going to start writing about Reinhard Heydrich, for instance, you have to get into his face. Can you imagine getting into Reinhard Heydrich’s face? Now, Condon, Richard Condon, is that his name, he wrote a thing called An Infinity Of Mirrors about Reichfuhrer Himmler. Condon has the guts to do that. I could not do that again. That’s why the book, my book The Man In The High Castle is set in the Japanese part, you see, because then I could deal with people. But I have little glimpses of the Nazi part like when Mr. Tagomi hears this printout on personality traits of the Nazi contenders for Reichsfuhrer, Reichs Chancelor, I’m sorry. And he runs out and gets sick and falls down.

    Mike: That was you.

    Phil: That was me. That was me. Horrible, he said, horrible. Evil is like cement. Evil is a pun, concrete, cement, you see. What he’s thinking, his thoughts are all jumbled up.

    Mike: Did you know it was going to be that torturous when you began?

    Phil: The writing wasn’t torturous. Writing was a catharsis for me. It was the research that was so tough. I thought I hated those guys before I did the research. After I did the research then I had created for myself an enemy that I would hate the rest of my life. Fascism. Wherever it appears. Whether it’s in Germany, the United States, Soviet Union or anywhere. Fascism, wherever it appears, it is the enemy.

    Mike: And yet, at least one of the Germans in that book, you, at least I came away from almost respecting in a way.

    Phil: Who’s that? I’ll get him. Where is he?

    Mike: The consular in San Francisco, the German –

    Phil: Oh, Reiss?

    Mike: Yeah.

    Phil: Oh, he just sat around and smoked fancy cigarettes. I had to have somebody that I could talk to in that book on the German side. Fascism and Germany are not that intimately linked. Fascism is a world wide phenomena. It can hit a bunch of baboons swinging in the trees in Polynesia. They can all suddenly put on iron helmets and march around. Fascism is very much with us today, boys and girls. And it’s still an enemy.”

    Wagner Reply:

    The question is, who is the real PKD, the one in his personal notebook or the one in a public interview? If he said in that interview what he said in his notebook don’tcha think his book-sales would’ve taken a hit?

    Posted on November 30th, 2017 at 1:24 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:


    This snapshot of Land’s subconscious(sunconscious) pleases me… assuming it isn’t artificial. Fire, explosions, chopping off heads.

    Speaking of which, tampering with acceleration could result in a feminist figurehead with a brain clutched in her hand rather than a heart… When you play God you pay the price. P.S. I’ve heard He doesn’t accept bitcoin, only soul.


    Posted on November 30th, 2017 at 11:27 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    From a Texas university newspaper titled “Your DNA is an Abomination”:

    “Whiteness will be over because we want it to be. […] Ontologically speaking, white death will mean liberation for all… Until then, remember this: I hate you because you shouldn’t exist. You are both the dominant apparatus on the planet and the void in which all other cultures, upon meeting you, die.”

    You can expect more honesty from the young left than the old. The cold question is:

    “Shouldn’t they die?”

    What is just about killing people who justly kill you thru their superiority?

    The answer is: Nothing. You are the last man, to be reformed or gulagged. Shape up now or get ready for pick-axe swinging.

    Here’s a thought-experiment: imagine an ant saying:

    “Humanness will be over because we want it to be. […] Ontologically speaking, human death will mean liberation for all… Until then, remember this: I hate you because you shouldn’t exist. You are both the dominant apparatus on the planet and the void in which all other species, upon meeting you, die.”

    This kind of ant you kind of just want to stomp, don’t you?

    Nick “@insideness” Land is this kind of ant, hence I stomp him.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    complete misuse of the word ontologically as well

    really unredeemable


    Wagner Reply:

    What is unredeemable is that, from the above, *that* is your quibble, you miserable little ant.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    pity i thought we were gelling

    i was further discrediting him

    i actually have a lot of respect for ants

    and as far as misery, i’m getting over that

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    “You are both the dominant apparatus on the planet and the void in which all other cultures, upon meeting you, die.”

    isn’t that what you and colleen say about the jews?

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    “Jewishness will be over because we want it to be. […] Ontologically speaking, Jewish death will mean liberation for all… Until then, remember this: I hate you because you shouldn’t exist. You are both the dominant apparatus on the planet and the void in which all other species, upon meeting you, die.”

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    interesting parallax

    Wagner Reply:

    Yes, that is a prevalent, unacknowledged hypocrisy among altrightists; I’ve asked myself if it is envy that motivates me and I don’t think so. Landparrot always frames the issue by referring to them as a “market dominant minority” – this distracts from the less ressentimental strata of the emerging right, who aren’t in gibsmedatsmindset, and hold Jews in contempt for using their talents to immanentize the planet of the apes. N immunized me from the vulgar strain of antisemitism.

    “The anti-Semites do not forgive the Jews for possessing ‘spirit’ – and money. Anti-Semites – another name for the ‘underprivileged.’”

    (Notebook, Spring 1888)

    What I don’t forgive them for is deliberately engineering the stupidization of the West.

    Wagner Reply:


    I take the first few sections of the above as scripture–it’s impossible to accept what is stated therein and not come away with a respect for Jews. It follows from the Order of Rank to admire the Jews for (some of) their superhuman abilities. The problem isn’t their spirit and money, it’s what a large amount of them do with that spirit and money. Instead of making whites into monks they’re making monkeys into half-whites and whites into half-monkeys.

    Wagner Reply:


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    your lack of envy towards the jews is certainly a lack of envy not to be found amongst the aristocratic caste themselves!

    “the noble caste was always the barbarian caste..”

    perhaps the nobility no longer has the barbarism capable of reconstituting itself?

    when one reads of what the spartiates did to the helots, one begins to wonder..

    helvetius extols the fine qualities inherent in all men mistaking such a proposition with the fact of his own self-cultivation!

    you know the aristocracy of the french monarchy went mad, not by accident, not by chance, but as a consequence of the inquietude of their own self-possession

    masters of their fate form a suicide pact

    the nobility must be, by all objective measure, unrestrained, so that it must discover its own limit in the pandemoniac excess of self-expansion

    chafing at the bit, domestic boredoms, familial passions, rivalries, lilied gardens, perfumes, scratchy wigs, exotic plants – it all ended in a nose dive off “the scaffold” with a resounding “yes!” for the taste of mud, didn’t it?

    the distinguishment between the contents of the aristocratic virtue and the conditions necessary for an preservation of an aristocratic regime are oppositional

    clearly you think class warfare is between two classes lol.. but it’s always between a class of its own

    aristocracy comes in opposition to itself just like man comes in as “something that must be overcome”

    “every man is still, potentially, a sovereign being, but on the condition of loving death more than slavery. i can, from this moment on, want nothin more than my caprices and, in accordance with my luck, I will make it, or I will die.” – bataille, in a flight of hegelianism

    contestation. rivalry.

    the point of a battle is to determine a victor, all bodies that are to go to graves do so for the same outcome

    i know no utopia which hasn’t its killing field

    without soldiers, a utopia has no legs

    a utopia that can’t shoot or stab anybody, what good is that?

    “either kill me or take me like this, for I will not change,” – who said that?

    but, also, who said this?

    “we know, and what is better we feel inwardly, that religion is the basis of civil society, and the source of all good and of all comfort.”

    whom would nietzsche side with: de sade or burke?

    content and form.

    your nietzsche, is it also baeumler’s?

    concerning the german soldiers in ww1 or the “delayed teutonic migration,” to quote the great gatsby..

    “they died for a reality and only when we ourselves feel bound through them to this same reality are we able to speak of them and their death. the reality for which they fell is called germany. not the empirical germany, as it was, but that other germany that is more genuine and real and that has been laid down in the depth of our history, that is what they have confirmed through their death..

    only through us the living, can their thoughts and deeds reach the light of day. It is entrusted to us. What is placed on our shoulders thereby is more than simply a moral responsibility. if we forget the goal for which they gave their lives then we not only act irresponsibly–we commit a sacrilege. the responsibility we have to our own dead is not a moral but a religious one. not the pangs of conscience but fear and trembling, not reproach but misfortune befalls us if we do not comply with the social command of pietas, in german, fidelity.”

    it must be hard to listen to the bellowing of your dead ancestors 24-7.

    baeumler can only describe germany as a reality in which germany is itself deprived of. and germany’s future is a re-substantiation of its past, which was also only a promise..

    death, tragedy, defeat, violence, killing, passion, sacrifice, surrender, loss, suffer, lack

    in other words, HOMELAND


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    i recently started fasting, drinking only water, sometimes for a day or two, but sometimes three, four, up to seven days..

    just by chance, i happened to encounter quartz-crystal singing bowls. rubbing around the rims of these bowls with a mallet produced sine waves of the most resonant and penetrating quality.

    there was a bell-like clearness to the tones and, yet, each had weight, warmth, dimension, roundness, a sepulchral earth-boundedness within them, that it promulgated in me a channel for new experience, for otherworldliness, i had been unable to reach since the outset of the suppression of my appetite.

    the ringing of the bowls, wagner, refreshed me. what i heard and sensed in those bowls was that pulsation is the primordial ground of matter. what i heard and sensed was that music wants to be alive in pulsation like we want to be alive in it and that music is exactly what Being is and that Being is always being-like-music, and that we exist in our medium like music exists in its medium and when we hear music we recognize in it our own selves and our own incredulity at our being like..

    “hello, fellow traveler,
    i haven’t seen you for a week.
    now you have a glow.
    where have you been to?
    do i have your attention?
    or will i have to wrestle it from you?
    will this be our last?
    or will you come to see me again?”

    then i thought about sense. i thought that eyes are just an invention for receptivity, an biogenic instrumentalization of matter’s for a mute’s ham-fisted-banging-on-a-piano-interpretation of those pulses, or waves as they’re otherwise called..

    and so are ears, nose, nerves..everything that constructs our perception simultaneously abridges it, for the sake of receiving pulses. and the perceptual organs are a creation of the reality for which they perceive.
    an inventor’s paradox.

    does a change in sensing bring about a change in sensual organization or does the opposite? immediately, this seems like the wrong form of the question. is there a better way of asking it?

    Wagner Reply:

    “whom would nietzsche side with: de sade or burke?”

    Damn, that’s a great question. Hate to say it but I’m going to have to go with de Sade.

    But more precisely: Burke is a camel, Sade is a lion, Nietzsche is a child. Sade didn’t write a Zarathustra. On the other hand, Zarathustra is a sadistic bastard, so you open a can of worms. Sade preceded N in certain ways, it’s no coincidence that Bataille Klossowski Blanchot were obsessed with both at the same time (Btw, K’s book on S is better than his one on N imo).

    “Some excellent ideas, or rather starting-points for ideas, and a fair bit of verbiage, to be read quickly, not as a translator does. What emerges from it though is a truly gigantic Sade, jealous of Satan and of his eternal torments, and confronting nature more than with humankind.”

    Samuel Beckett on Blanchot’s Lautreamont and Sade

    “jealous of Satan” lmao

    whereas Gide says Nietzsche is jealous of Jesus

    and Bataille corrects him saying he’s jealous of God Himself

    Wagner Reply:

    Sade should be canonical in all seminary schools. If you can refute him you can refute any atheist. Of course the christian cowards will never touch him. “He’s an evil piece of shit, how hard could it be?” IME it’s easy to see THAT he’s wrong but it’s really tricky to formulate exactly HOW. You wanna take a stab at it Rohme?

    “The evil I do others makes me happy, as God is rendered happy by the evil he does me.”


    “What, after all, are all the earth’s creatures when measured against a single one of our desires? And by what right should I deprive myself of the least of my desires in order to please a creature who is nothing to me and who holds no interest whatsoever for me?”


    “Destruction being of the chief laws of Nature, nothing that destroys can be criminal… [Destruction] gives back to Nature the elements whereof the hand of this skilled artisan instantly recreates other beings.”


    “You want the universe to be virtuous and you do not feel that everything would perish in an instant if there were nothing but virtues on earth… You do not understand that since vice must exist it is as unjust of you to punish it as it would be to poke fun at a blind man.”

    Letter, 1792

    Now that I think about it, Sade partially explains why I post on this Satanic website.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    jealous of satan haha..did not know k had a book on sade! now i’ll never sleep again..

    ansell’s light in his loafers?

    gone are the days of the medieval monastery where a philosopher could belong to a proper cathedral.

    land just wrote an article on nuclear weapons and ai on jacobite mag, you read/care?

    you know. he was really kicked out of warwick, that didn’t dawn on me until recent..

    upper-management must weigh heavy upon a philosopher’s soul.


    “post-warwick, may his brow always be furrowed” snickered the provost to the deans..


    “that was his last year of gainful employment” lamented land’s mother..

    “in our last correspondence” she said, “he told me that, in order to prove he’s lost all anglo-sympathies, the chinese have made him the director of dog catching for the annual yulin festival. upon finishing that letter, i found that our treasured family pet, henry, our scottish terrier, was missing from the back yard.”

    she began sobbing.. “i think he’s in a cult. he’s wrote me this christmas letter: it was just my name, then three digits, then different pairs of words.”

    “he’s a good boy, i know he doesn’t mean wrong.”

    *land’s watery-eyed mum looks directly into the documentary camera lens*

    as noticeable gravel accumulates in her voice she squalls “nick, come home! please! come home!”

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    sade is so funny, but your question is a potential labyrinth and i’d rather not speculate without incurring the divine utility of sleep first

    Wagner Reply:

    lolol I often think about Land’s mum, and wonder what his dad was like. What kind of parenting leads to a Nick Land? They’re both cremated now though, Gnon rest their souls. QabalatwitterLand has a characteristically cold tweet about his detachment regarding their deaths.

    “you know. he was really kicked out of warwick” – Yeah that’s a good sign. But it’s a testament to his ununtimeliness [sic] that he was still allowed to do webcam courses for so long. I won’t be happy until all of humanity despises him, that’s when you know you have a real philosopher on your hands.

    “land just wrote an article on nuclear weapons and ai on jacobite mag, you read/care?”

    I already said: that article is evidence that he isn’t serious about accelerationism. He *could* be writing a genealogy of WWII but no. If Nietzsche were alive today he’d give him a good kick in the ass. Since he’s not I’ve taken the responsibility upon myself.

    “This nature, which gave the bull his horns, the lion his chasm odonton [chasm of teeth], why did nature give me a foot? … To kick with, by holy Anacreon! Not merely to run off, but also to kick to pieces these decrepit armchairs, this cowardly contemplation, this lascivious acting like eunuchs in history, the flirting with ascetic ideals, the hypocritical justice of impotence!” (Genealogy)

    Wagner Reply:

    RE: N was jealous of God: I’d correct Bataille by saying N is jealous of Plato. For N, poets/philosophers are gods in that they structure a people’s weltanschauung by presenting images/simulacra of the divine; it’s more accurate to say he was jealous of the writers of the Bible, and if you follow him on his assertion that Christianity is Platonism for the masses, Plato is the wizard of oz God.

    “Eros may not be a god, but he animates the poets to create gods for the consolation and uplifting of mankind… It is both necessary for man’s spirituality and his most dangerous illusion.”

    Allan Bloom, “The Ladder of Love”

    “Diotima enabled Socrates to become the philosopher in whom philosophy understood its subject matter, itself, and its appearance; the deep structure of the world seen from the inside would be eros and nothing besides, with philosophy as the most spiritual form of that structure.”

    Laurence Lampert, review of Plato’s Symposium

    The will to power is Nietzsche’s eros. See BGE 9 & 36 and Z 2nd Dance Song for esoteric penetration on this matter.

    Posted on December 1st, 2017 at 12:23 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    I’ll never forget my first experience reading Land……. I know that the gods were speaking through him. The Chaos-Gods, probably not God-Himself, that is a different story…………………….

    Imagine him someday acknowledging the Outsideness that is Xollen Ryan.

    The trick is that ya can’t, it’s a Zen proverb, like asking the Cathedral to turn its back on itself.

    O’p ya won’t, looks like an armed insurrection is going to follow ya, just grinnin widely at ye alll hehe.



    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    just starting a read on “viroid life” by keith ansell-pearson, have you read this?


    Wagner Reply:

    Some of it, I like him more than most N scholars. David Farrell Krell is another Cathedralist aristocrat that I suspect of being thoroughly masked.

    I’ve actually been meaning to mention Ansell-Pearson as he has cropped up in my thoughts a few times when contemplating the contrast between the philosopher and the scholar; he’s an archetype of the latter, while Land is an archetype of the former. Tho compared to N they’re both mere scholars. Accelerationism, theory-fiction, yeah you ain’t the father of those Nick, keep telling yourself that for dopamine boosts though.


    Posted on December 1st, 2017 at 12:54 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Poor Land, poor poor Land. “Ouch!” as they say.

    The elite has over-read Marx and misread Nietzsche, that is the reason for their downfall.



    Posted on December 1st, 2017 at 1:05 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Remember this you polluted frogs:


    Land sold out, do not become like him, do not.

    Sleep in your fucking arm, your decrepit elbow whis[ers you the secrets that are your best friend.


    Posted on December 1st, 2017 at 1:30 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    I mean, speaking of synchronicitieswithinimmanence, isn’t it a little weird Xenosystems.net has been commented @ for a year and a half by someone named “WAGNER”, “makes you think” – Maybe Nicky Land should revaluate what is going on here in Planet Earth.o ooo Is it t that Jews are a problem? WEIRD.. maybe he should say something about them. WILL HE? Nah he’s too weak, best to just eat him up. YOM YOM YOM *BURPS UP HIS SKULL*


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    you put the nervous in nervous system


    collen ryan Reply:

    Wag he cant think about it. first he has family obligations. our generation didnt think about this because we were so sure the racists were wrong by the time we woke if we woke some of us had made permanent choices. hes smart enough to know hes already playing with fire.
    The other thing is his entire career identity is as an intellectual. if this thing breaks down into a mostly racial issue true or not it isnt terribly interesting and so intellectuals won’t take it up. he has to have an intellectual idea to go along with it, hes smart enough to see race is the gist but hes got to make it more complex to save face. its a bit more complex so thats not entirely a waste unless he cant think cleanly because hes hedging the race aspect.

    he constantly race baits then pulls back,

    The other problem is HBD regarding whites the vaginal line success, personally i think its exaggerated and glosses over a hell of a lot of non vaginal contributions. And certainly the ultimate judgement of a strategy is does it end in a win or loss. if the human race were a videogame player would learn pretty quick the vaginal strategy was a dead end, it jumps you ahead for a while then suddenly game over. so bragging about it seems pretty stupid to me.
    but we havnt played the game several times it isn’t over we are in the midst of the vaginal streak and a lot of people cant see the back game yet, and many who can are dealing with emotions like sunk costs, and prisoner’s dillemma with fagotts like AX, Lands hoping AX wont defect hes counting on the fact that AX is a faggot hijira that cant go home. Others just cant get over that vaginal strategy worked so well its been our edge whites are not the smartest not the strongest but thus far we won, even post mao china still seems to only be able to make cheap copies, the jews cant do in israel what they do with us.Its really really hard to walk away from that edge. Im not saying we have to, In fact I say constantly we have to acknowledge our own HBD. Whites are hothouse flowers, we have to be honest about this and protect ourselves in ways that allow us to continue to use that openness safely, while breeding it down to a more rugged level. This is the part that guys like land could be good at if they would just get honest that whites must have their own ethno nations in order to thrive from that position we can safely engage the world’s diversity and be open to inspiration without infection.
    But its the smart guys that have the most to lose particularly those that did not use their smarts to make a lot of money to get through the war. Lands stuck in china hes a pariah now here, hes got family issues and is attached to big ideas hes not going to go full nazi.


    Posted on December 1st, 2017 at 1:51 am Reply | Quote
  • Rohme Giuliano Says:

    they internet could have been a good idea, not this incarnation of it

    with that said, we make do


    Posted on December 1st, 2017 at 6:38 am Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan
    My people that you respect, the ones you think are smart and you want to be like and be near, theyre morons, like you are. It really that simple. They are weak minded and they fell for the jews lies and flattery, like you are weak minded and can not see you will always be a filthy wog in our land but you could be a brilliant toilet engineer in your own land you could be the indian that teaches indians to shit on toilets and use toilet paper.Instead youre a filthy little wannabe commie intellectual in the last days of leftism. Its true I havnt an education, It doesnt matter i dont need one to see whats been going on and what needs to be done.Its true sometimes you need to think long and hard about a problem and come up with a complex solution. I do that a lot in my work and other projects, But one thing i notice is stupid people that have an education are like niggers with an education except they fake it a little better thats you and the cucks you admire. They are too stupid to see the situation doesnt require a complex solution, but they a smart enough to understand whats socially required, which is to sound educated and have a complex solution that’s politically correct.and then to congratulate each other for that and be congratulated in turn.I think Lewis Carroll described your type well with the Dodo birds caucus race. I look around and i see the situation very clearly its why im so confident, and why im so contemptuous of your ilk i cant be bothered to try to write well, i know your idiots if i had a dollar for every chick with a doctorate i fucked oin the ass and intellectually humiliated id be rich- oh yeah im already rich, why are you not rich AX? I look around and i see we dont need a complex scheme the problem is the complex schemes what we need is a blood bath. Its really simple. there is no fixing this.we need to start over. we neded to drive all the niggers out and shoot enough of the faggot intellectuals that the rest fall ion line and do what theyre told, same for the capitalists they need to be subordinated. You of all people should appreciate this Maoist solution mao was a brilliant guy i’m told and he understood China had to completely overhauled not fixed and that a bloodbath was the only way to do it.
    Not only do i get this i get that its as sure to happen as the sun is sure to rise, and quite soon.if you were near as smart as you think you arer you would be back in india getting ahead of this because when it hits all of a sudden youre going to say gee whiz it was so obvious why didnt i see this coming now Im just a refugees and could have gotten ahead of this. want to know something else. I know you’re a faggot, You see this is what actual smart is like everyone gets sucked in by your marxist deconstruct talk and follows you down the rabbit hole but I saw immediately your a faggot a real genuine cock sucking ass taking homosexual and its the source of why you left your people why your worship my people why you identify as a leftist. It all because youre homosexual and your writing wreaks of it, its all this bitchy fag shit.So mary youve been read now fuck off.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    you should put all of that in a rap


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    ass fucking, cock sucking..

    a real luxury for the dictionary-hound


    collen ryan Reply:

    I bet when you’re in a gulag getting re educated and get a rifle butt through your teeth you won’t be such a smart ass

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    is that all you’d do to me?

    tisk, i thought you were more sadistic

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    as one being brought up in the roman religion would you like me to assist you in the ideation of torture?

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    i think i’ve mentioned before i have some english in my family, hylton is the surname, from Lancashire to be exact..melancholic depressives..no one spoils their own potential like the english..like a flame being thrown out by constant wind..is how they grapple with their destiny

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:


    ‘My people’, Indus Valley people, invented the flush toilet over 6000 years ago.
    Seeing as you brought it up, this my newly professional opinion is that the severe blockage you’re experiencing is because your head is full of excrement, technically known as ‘being a shithead’, usually caused through treating one’s mind as a toilet.
    I offer the ‘brilliance’ of this professional estimation, gratis, as gratitude for your kind praise, which can only be beneficial to the prospective, multinational toilet business that you suggested.

    Again, contrary to the actual facts, you continue to hallucinate your own simplistic categories for that which you do not understand.
    When did I ever identify as ‘leftist’? Or any political position, at all?
    Political ideologies are machineries of administration based on philosophical ideas. Historical developments are obviously involved in the origination of those ideas and their administrative implementations, but the theoretical reduction to formalised consideration occurs most often in regions of philosophical reflection. It’s possible to reflect on political possibilities without subscribing to any of them in a partisan way.

    Obviously, monetary wealth is a greater priority than wealth of character, in your case. Doesn’t seem to be making you happy, though. That’s your problem, not anyone else’s.

    I’m quite happy to be myself, developing accordingly. It seems to be more productive doing that, rather than being ‘like’ anyone else.

    I haven’t ‘left my people’, nor am I homosexual. Fascism doesn’t interest me.
    I’m not LGBT or gay, either. Not that it should matter, really, it shouldn’t be an issue. Except, of course, for those consumed by sexual identitarian pettiness.

    India, the oldest continuing civilisation of the world, has no reason to envy the Judaic diaspora, the oldest continuing culture of the Occident. That’s obviously not true of you, with your rabid and paranoid anti-semitism.

    I never said that you don’t write well, in your chosen style. It’s just that your actual thinking, the way you put ideas together, is overly simplistic, dogmatic, and often contradictory in ignorant ways.
    Others might comment on the narcissistic tendencies your texts often convey. If that’s the case, it’s not unusual, reflecting perhaps the culture of narcissism analysed by Christopher Lasch, back in the 1970s.
    Usually, the kinds of people, who as adults, suddenly ‘see the light’, experiencing banal political or religious revelations which they then proceed to evangelise to others, identifying their own prior ignorance as the ignorance of others; are necessarily the kinds of people who never really thought when they were younger. That early thoughtlessness, combined with arrogance and egotistical ambition, results in such overcelebration of usually mundane realisations, and the transitions from one form of dogmatic ignorance to another.

    The propensity of certain American males, like yourself, ‘Collen’, towards incessantly listing personal competences, whether petty ones or not, only betrays the insecurity of a deeper, fundamental incompetence.
    You’ve also shared your personal biography, along with commentary, which draws a typical picture of your limitations. At war with everyone, including your own brother, how long do you think any ethnostate based on your values is going to last, peopled by fundamentalist antisocial, antisocialists?

    What contribution has your genetic line actually contributed to the construction of allegedly high achieving ‘white ethnicity’ that you promote? Or are you reduced to compensating for personal genetic mediocrity, merely through skin colour identification? Seeking a vicarious affiliation with the ‘greatness’ you allege, on the basis you’re hoping that identification suggests? If that’s the case, it’s only natural that you should promote white ethnonationalism, given your obvious status obsessions.

    The valorisation of an allegedly absolute and genetically determined state of perpetual conflict, makes war a hegemonic mechanism powered by the signifier of survival. Seeing war always as the final, master explanation, though, is a self-perpetuating choice.

    “Peace is the ideal we deduce from the fact that there have been interludes between wars.” Jerry Pournelle

    It is of course an available perspective, an interpretative filter through which all can be reduced to a dialectics of conflict. But ‘conflict’ comes in many forms, its inflation into pure war, on whatever basis, is a form of absolutism.

    For those who wish to avoid social complexity, whether out of incompetence; insecurity; egotism; or some other psychological disposition; yet who still reside within social determination – their motivations very much caught within a dialectics of antagonism – habitual conflict escalating into pure war always appears to be the simplest, most attractive option.

    Especially to those with the kinds of deprivation anxiety inculcating simplistic, positivist patterns of pavlovian response and lacking the desire, intelligence, or insight, to not reductively submit their understanding to such forms of response.

    Simple linear complexities of predefined elements and tendencies is just a systematic and combinatorial exercise. If the variables are known, their ranges mapped, the rest is just permutational calculation and production of results. Far more is required, now and in the future, than only these simplistic forms of differential calculation. Some people are beginning to realise that, you and Nick Land, evidently don’t. Paranoid imagination, alone, is insufficient. You’re not even any good at that.

    It seems you think you’re John Christian Falkenberg. But really, considering the kind of lying, twisting, and stupid person that you portray yourself as being, what exactly is worth saving out of that configuration of hate? What kind of ‘civilisation’ can be found in the kind of clichéd, low-grade, genocidal paranoia you’re promoting? A multitude of fallacies, sins, and hypocrisies, are hidden behind your predisposition towards pure war.

    The more one has to explain issues which ought to be obvious, to those whose usually false, simplistic, and reductive expressions are so often characterised by arrogant certitude, the more difficult it becomes to avoid attitudes of contempt or inadvertent condescension. It’s understandable though, in conditions of mass communication.

    The patterns of hysterical assumption constituting terrorist response seem to be the same, whatever ideology is promoted.

    “What else might account for the radical, violent politics of so many former engineering students? Is there some set of traits that makes engineers more likely to participate in acts of terrorism? To answer this question, Gambetta and Hertog updated a study that was first published in 1972, when a pair of researchers named Seymour Lipset and Carl Ladd surveyed the ideological bent of their fellow American academics. According to the original paper, engineers described themselves as “strongly conservative” and “deeply religious” more often than professors in any other field. Gambetta and Hertog repeated this analysis for data gathered in 1984, so it might better match up with their terrorist sample. They found similar results, with 46 percent of the (male American) engineers describing themselves as both conservative and religious, compared with 22 percent of scientists.”

    “Terrorist organizations seem to have recognized this proclivity—in Abdulmutallab, obviously, but also among engineers in general. A 2005 report from British intelligence noted that Islamic extremists were frequenting college campuses, looking for “inquisitive” students who might be susceptible to their message. In particular, the report noted, they targeted engineers.”
    Build-a-Bomber Why do so many terrorists have engineering degrees?

    “The culture of science teaching, says Rose, resolves all too easily into a right and wrong, correct and incorrect binary. This damages the ability of science and engineering students to develop the skills of critical examination. It is not a phenomenon confined to foreign universities, he suggests, pointing to reports of the growing appeal of creationism for some British Muslim medical students.”

    “What Rose has done is to highlight three specific traits that characterise the “engineering mindset”: first, it asks “why argue when there is one best solution?”; second, it asserts “if only people were rational, remedies would be simple”; and third, it appeals to those with an underlying craving for a lost order, which lies at the heart of both salafi and jihadi ideology.”

    Are scientists easy prey for jihadism? https: //www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/dec/03/scientists-easy-prey-jihadis-terrorists-engineering-mindset

    You fit the personality profile of a jihadi terrorist, very well, Collen. lol

    Fevered assumptions, hysterical bigotry, lack of both logical and critical discernments; you’re just another Occidental Android, seething with ignorant fury, on his dogmatic circuit.


    Wagner Reply:

    “When did I ever identify as ‘leftist’? Or any political position, at all?”

    C’mon man, most of the things you say scream “leftist agenda”. We can’t take you seriously if you try this BS on us. All it warrants is laughter. Are you lying to us or lying to yourself? If you’re lying to yourself it’s time to face the fact that you’re a dyed in the wool leftist, and most of your thoughts seem to be filtered through this political stance. Leftism is Brahman, you are Atman, straining to merge into your Godhead. S. C. Hickman tried this maneuver on Erikson months back… what is it with you guys, you think you’re denizens of a neutral, celestial realm or something – no, you’re ideologically bought and sold to your very core, to such an extent that you don’t realize it anymore.

    I guess I can predict your response at this point but don’t you think it’s a little strange that Britain womped India so many years ago and they’re shitting in the streets and Japan was blasted by nukes and they’re enjoying 1st world living conditions? It must be something about those genes! Shit-in-the-street genes ye have, admit it, quit blaming the white man, the satan of your unrecognized postmodern religion.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:


    [Waggy] ““When did I ever identify as ‘leftist’? Or any political position, at all?”

    C’mon man, most of the things you say scream “leftist agenda”. We can’t take you seriously if you try this BS on us. All it warrants is laughter. Are you lying to us or lying to yourself? If you’re lying to yourself it’s time to face the fact that you’re a dyed in the wool leftist, and most of your thoughts seem to be filtered through this political stance. Leftism is Brahman, you are Atman, straining to merge into your Godhead. S. C. Hickman tried this maneuver on Erikson months back… what is it with you guys, you think you’re denizens of a neutral, celestial realm or something – no, you’re ideologically bought and sold to your very core, to such an extent that you don’t realize it anymore.

    I guess I can predict your response at this point but don’t you think it’s a little strange that Britain womped India so many years ago and they’re shitting in the streets and Japan was blasted by nukes and they’re enjoying 1st world living conditions? It must be something about those genes! Shit-in-the-street genes ye have, admit it, quit blaming the white man, the satan of your unrecognized postmodern religion.”

    {AK}: The reason you can’t take it seriously, Wendy, is because you’re stuck in an ossified politicisation whose parameters anyway originate as partisan reaction to their European (British) source.
    The USA is heavily politicised to the extent of transforming everything, all aspects of life, into ideological commodities, which are then debated and disputed according to the usual competing binary appropriations. I’ve quoted this before, but it’s worth repeating:

    “[21/11/2012 01:24] [redacted 01]: well I have to tell you.. Americans love conflict
    [21/11/2012 01:24] [redacted 01]: it’s their main diet
    [21/11/2012 01:25] [redacted 01]: they will interpret and bend anything you present into a form which they then can attack and bend it back round to a political semantic
    [21/11/2012 01:26] [redacted 01]: did you see what Blix did with charity recently .. earlier ?
    [21/11/2012 01:26] [redacted 01]: thats the degree these people go to to wind themselves round their political poles
    [21/11/2012 01:38] [redacted 02]: no, didn’t see anything
    [21/11/2012 01:39] [redacted 02]: i am finding that americans can be quite insular
    [21/11/2012 01:39] [redacted 02]: not all
    [21/11/2012 01:39] [redacted]: yes they have a particular set of assumptions I always like to try to weed out
    [21/11/2012 01:40] [redacted 01]: their attitudes towards poverty is usually that they think the person is a failure case.. a useless eater
    [21/11/2012 01:41] [redacted 01]: I was interested to find Rob had a specific verion of it I hadnt noticed
    [21/11/2012 01:42] [redacted 02]: they do seem to have this proprietorial attitude of ‘it’s our money and world’ which we dispense to those ‘others'”

    Due to the structural coercion of this voracious and simplistic ‘political semantic’, those whose intellectual development has occurred as a result of its conditioning, tend to reproduce its implementations. It’s the ‘Logan’s Run’ scenario. It’s why you have to interpret anything you don’t understand, as ‘left’ or ‘right’.
    For instance, if I actually had a ‘leftist agenda’, it would be reasonable to assume that I had actually read Marx. But I haven’t, beyond a few quotes that appear in philosophical texts. I’ve never actually read one of his works. I’ve actually read more Nietzsche, couple of his books, decades ago. Neither am I really a ‘postmodernist’, though I don’t neglect the considerations said to occur under that rubric.
    I’m not obliged to identify with the constrictions of your convention-hungry understanding, Waggy. I’ve written enough over the years, to indicate that.

    I don’t recall any dispute between Eriksson and SCHickman, but SCHickman is a materialist, another conventionalist, like you. That’s a bit unfair, perhaps, to Steven. But it’s not inaccurate, given the explicit commitments he has stated.

    Most of you All-Trite gumbos regurgitate old books and ideas with less understanding than those who wrote them, just doing the same old binary contrarian gestures according to yet another banal essentialism, commodified as yet another tiresomely tunnelled ‘revelation’, the dingy insights of ‘dim illumination’, or whatever it’s called. Trying to give emotive glamour to the gloom-doom dummy stuck in your ‘gobs’.
    You really should be grateful for the satori laughter experience you’re getting, from reading my comment!

    Your ‘Britain womped India’ argument is based on the very material conditions and devious exploitatory tactics that you elsewhere malign as inferior in the cases, respectively, of techno-billionaires such as Elon Musk, Thiel, etc.; and the so called ‘liberal elites’. I could quote you, you’ve done it so many times. You then elevate your philosophical acumen, such as it is, to a prime, privileged position, over the material successes and devious exploitations you disparage.
    Aside from the fact, that the running trend of your cod-Nietzschean configured output occurs within well known and derivative tropological stances, playing within the safety of those parameters in a delimited playground of possibilities actually constructed by that which you disparage, and which evidently you are too intellectually weak, limited, and uninventive, to exceed; aside from all that; how do you account for your self-reduction to contradiction and absurdity?
    The prima facie, positivist characterisation of your argument, which seems to be the level of most All-Trite gumbos, is hypocrisy and stupidity. Ergo, you stand self-condemned as inferior. I’ll leave it there, it’s not my job to bail out All-Trite gumbos, lol. Besides, I’ve got other things to do.

    I’ve only ever seen two, maybe three, people, ‘shit in the street’; they were all ‘white’. I guess they just got tired, unlike you and Collen, of carrying it in their heads and having it come out of their mouths..

    Wagner Reply:

    “You really should be grateful for the satori laughter experience you’re getting, from reading my comment!”

    You CAN be insightful, I don’t deny that, but like Rohme, you always evade answering the essential questions. All I’m asking for is a simple, direct answer. Why is it, do you think, that Japan got blasted and they’re doing well now, while India got womped and they’re not? It seems you presuppose an equality of all peoples (except cough white people who are Evil). In this you are a clear leftist.

    Collen Ryan stated the “bottomline” argument previously on this forum; I will rephrase it and put it to you, I do hope you will give me a simple, direct answer.

    Say you have a brother or a son and he is dating an Australian Aboriginal woman. Now, being good at math isn’t necessarily the be-all end-all proof of a solid intellect but it does say *something*–and abbos are notoriously poor at math. My question is, would you not dissuade your brother or son from having children with this woman, as they are bound to be not as funny and cunning as if your brother or son were to have children with an Indian woman?

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:


    [Wagner] “You really should be grateful for the satori laughter experience you’re getting, from reading my comment!”

    You CAN be insightful, I don’t deny that, but like Rohme, you always evade answering the essential questions. All I’m asking for is a simple, direct answer. Why is it, do you think, that Japan got blasted and they’re doing well now, while India got womped and they’re not? It seems you presuppose an equality of all peoples (except cough white people who are Evil). In this you are a clear leftist.

    Collen Ryan stated the “bottomline” argument previously on this forum; I will rephrase it and put it to you, I do hope you will give me a simple, direct answer.

    Say you have a brother or a son and he is dating an Australian Aboriginal woman. Now, being good at math isn’t necessarily the be-all end-all proof of a solid intellect but it does say *something*–and abbos are notoriously poor at math. My question is, would you not dissuade your brother or son from having children with this woman, as they are bound to be not as funny and cunning as if your brother or son were to have children with an Indian woman?

    {AK}: Waggy, I guess you weren’t joking, when you called yourself a ‘dumbkopf’.

    One, both with Rohme and myself, there has not been any evasion, at all. The answers are obviously implied, discernible through their often ironic presentations. Are you saying that you don’t understand that? Do you need everything spelt out, step by stupid step?

    Two, your need for ‘simple, direct answers’ with respect to issues that either are open and unresolved, or are complex and require complex consideration, is merely the positivist stupidity usually characterising ignorance.

    Firstly, ‘Japan got blasted’ =/= ‘India got womped’. More precisely, ‘got blasted’ =/= ‘got womped’, in the cases of India and Japan. Entirely different histories and events, you’re not comparing like with like.

    I’m not ‘presupposing’ anything at all, ‘equality’ is constructed, too. So, no, you can’t identify me with any political position. As I said before, you’re a simplistic, positivist conventionalist.

    As to your other question, what business is it of mine, who my hypothetical “brother or son”, or sister or daughter, decides to have romantic liaisons with? Secondly, I usually find ‘cunning’ people to be stupid. Those who are reduced to mere cunning, don’t usually excel at anything, or are of bad character. Though that very much depends on what kind of ‘cunning’ is being talked about. As far as I’m concerned, the decision to procreate is contingent on the specific relationship in question, on the people concerned, rather than the superficiality of socially generated ethnic stereotypes.

    It looks like your need for the ‘bottom line’ is the desperate search for a long lost anal evacuation of your excre(mental) burden.

    Wagner Reply:

    “Do you need everything spelt out, step by stupid step?”

    Yes, please.

    “I usually find ‘cunning’ people to be stupid.”

    Do you not find ‘people who apparently are generally incapable of learning math’ to be stupid? Do you have no qualms with amalgamating with someone who will yield stupid offspring? Is stupidity a construct?

    “As far as I’m concerned, the decision to procreate is contingent on the specific relationship in question, on the people concerned, rather than the superficiality of socially generated ethnic stereotypes.”

    Is superficiality a construct? What is socially generated about noticing that if you put a math problem in front of an Australian Aboriginal woman she is slower to solve it than an Indian from the aristocratic caste?

    “‘got blasted’ =/= ‘got womped’, in the cases of India and Japan. Entirely different histories and events, you’re not comparing like with like.”

    Elaborate if you wouldn’t mind.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:


    [Wagner] “Yes, please.” {In answer to: “Do you need everything spelt out, step by stupid step?}

    {AK}: So you’re looking for an algorithm?


    [Wagner] “Do you not find ‘people who apparently are generally incapable of learning math’ to be stupid?

    {AK}: If Ramanujan is held as an exemplar of mathematical capacity, then all of Occidental mathematics appears as a form of stupidity. CK Raju, scientist and mathematician, suggests Western mathematical education to be fundamentally flawed at the outset. If that’s the case, any alleged incapacity with respect to such an education, is merely an inability to be in accord with a flawed understanding.
    In addition, the thesis concerning flawed Occidental understanding, seems to suggest the entire Western tradition is stupid.


    [Wagner] “Do you have no qualms with amalgamating with someone who will yield stupid offspring?

    {AK}: Stupid, compared to who? Myself?
    Which scale of cleverness, are you going to base stupidity comparisons on?
    What does the ‘cleverest person’ do? Not procreate? Given that all potential, procreational alliances, are with intellectual inferiors. That’s the logical corollary of your perspective. But then one has to ask, how did this so-called “cleverest person” arise in the first place, from alleged inferiors?
    If the arising is modelled as an evolutionary distillation based on factors of natural selection, ecological niche, and so on, is it the case, that the logic of this evolutionary distillation, as some kind of production refinery of alleged intellectual capacity, is the only thing going on?
    It is necessarily the case, that the perspective idealising an alleged intellectual capacity it does not hold itself to instantiate, is forever barred from the insights of such a capacity. The alienation that such essentialising fixation, or fixating essentialisation, produces, displaces the very understanding constituting the insight it idealises. The calculation of pettiness, as useful as it might seem to be in mundane contexts, does not transpose into greater insight merely through its exclusive emphasis. More is required.


    [Wagner] “Is stupidity a construct?

    {AK}: Yes, it is.


    [Wagner] “Is superficiality a construct?

    {AK}: Yes, it is.


    [Wagner] “What is socially generated about noticing that if you put a math problem in front of an Australian Aboriginal woman she is slower to solve it than an Indian from the aristocratic caste?

    {AK}: If the categories of ‘Australian aborigine’, ‘Indian aristocracy’, and ‘examiner’, are held to be distinguishing social determinations, then any comparison at all is socially generated at the outset. It’s as simple as that.


    [Wagner] “Elaborate if you wouldn’t mind.” {In answer to: “‘got blasted’ =/= ‘got womped’, in the cases of India and Japan. Entirely different histories and events, you’re not comparing like with like.”}

    {AK}: Your comparison, between India and Japan, implies a number of points and assumptions, which it brings into play.
    Firstly, you are essentially foregrounding

    Nuclear destruction of two cities, horrific as it might be, is not equivalent to over 150 years of sovereign rule, ruthless exploitation, and wealth drains. Japan received Marshall Plan money after World War II. How significant that might be would be a matter of debate, I guess, but it is a consideration.
    Japan is smaller, more or less culturally and ethnically homogenous, more unified, easier to administrate and direct. India is larger, multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious; like the USA, much harder to administrate and direct.
    It should also not be forgotten, that Japan did not have a history of exploitation by foreign interests, whereas the Indian subcontinent had a 4000-year-old history of being ransacked and colonised, starting with the Persians.
    You’re also focusing on on overly narrow samplings. Notions of technological and economic progress; as configured by modernist temporality or chronology; as produced and mediated by technological networks; these take on very particular forms, reproducing the decisional history, conventions, and protocols, of which those technological systems are particular, delimited expressions. Habitual use of these forms, especially in uncritical, positivist ways, has a tendency to produce narrow understandings. If delimited technical assumptions displace other horizons, or form a radical and exclusive horizon from which all other horizons are seen or appropriated as mere derivations, metaphysical possibility is ossified, theorisation grows stagnant, and all speculation turns into dull transactions of homogenous, theoretical sludge.
    Selecting and comparing according to an up-to-the-decade reportage of techno-economic relevance misses the development of factors constituting that relevance.
    If you’re going to do a genuine cost accounting, much more would have to be considered, beyond immediate metrics of economic performance at any one time or point. The global picture of cultural contribution would not be in accord with whatever partisan nonsense you imagine, Waggy.
    Secondly, if you’re going to privilege techno-economic performance, this would be an argument in favour of Nick Land’s techno-commercialism, for instance. An argument that you often disparage, in the name of various cultural factors; ‘traditions’, whatever that might mean, not being the least among them.
    So your hasty attempt to throw up an objection, merely undercuts your own arguments, elsewhere.
    I’ve noticed that you do this quite a lot, not as much as Collen, perhaps, but enough to indicate the unknowing and narrow range of your positivist considerations.
    All of the preceding should be obvious to you, I shouldn’t really have to spell it out. You’re supposed to anticipate these things, Waggy. I’m not a lecturer, it’s not my job to explain these trivialities to you.
    I should add, that no one on this blog, over the last four years, has effectively answered my objections. It’s quite noticeable; throwing around ‘red herrings’, Waggy, doesn’t obscure that.

    Wagner Reply:

    Hm I guess you changed my mind on the Japan/India question to some extent. Maybe only because I was brainwashed by Krishnamurti at a young age and see that it’s possible for an Indian to tower above most whites that have ever lived. So let’s just go straight to the question of the street-shitters – do you want them to shit in the streets of white countries? My main problem with high-IQ POC is that they answer yes to this. They don’t have the love of the beautiful or the love of the orderful on their mind, they can’t think past the “love of one’s own”. I’m not a Euro advocate because dayr my peeple, it’s because they’ve produced the greatest philosophies in human history, and a people’s highest achievement is their philosophies. I want more good philosophy to proliferate in the future. If some people are taking dumps in the streets while others are jogging by plugging their noses you can expect some of those people plugging their noses to whip up anti-street-shitting philosophies. The street-shitters have their philosophy, “Fuck it, shit in the street”, and I’d never accuse you of being one of those people, but a leftism that invites street-shitting and the tolerance of street-shitting is pretty equivalent to shitting in the street in my mind. What say you to your street-shitting brethren? “Keep up the good work guys, this is good revenge”? It does seem like there is a streak of vengeance running through your thoughts. There is a streak of justice too, as the BRITS did womp you pretty hard, but there is a side of vengeance there as well. I’m definitely not a stereotypical white christian that believes vengeance is bad but um.

    “I should add, that no one on this blog, over the last four years, has effectively answered my objections.”

    Hey, I’m tryin’. Most people like me would throw a meme at you and keep going but I am actually interested in getting to the bottom of things. Btw, your response to my insinuation that you’re *fundamentally implying* that you ‘wouldn’t mind’ procreating with someone who’s dumber than a box of rocks didn’t receive the “simple, direct” treatment I requested. Dumb euro here, tainted by class-privilege, need some dumbing down, I’m part of the waning, hardly-postprole aristocracy, man, have some sympathy.

    Wagner Reply:

    Akshully, around the time SWIM was smoking laotze DeMonT, besides N and existential phenomenology I was also heavily immersed in Krishnamurti, now that I think about it. During that time I would have to suppress guffaws in my philosophy classes because the things being taught were so small compared to what little old monkey me was experiencing in my dorm room. There’s an anecdote about Alan Watts who tried Deem and couldn’t handle it – someone present was like “C’mon man, your whole reputation is at stake here!” After a dozen or so trials myself I had to knock back a couple shots of gin to be able to continue venturing to the Other Side because my hands (and whole body) would shake as I was trying to light the lighter. Anyway, I don’t think I would’ve grasped Krishnamurti without those profoundly terrifying adventures into superhuman, hyperspatial, hypertemporal, what I called at the time “quantum”, consciousness. Krishnamurti is one of the most demanding thinkers I’ve ever read, he completely broke me with the height of his ideal… and that ideal is really very simple: meditate every second. I definitely suck at doing that, but with such an ideal engrained in my brain I believe I suck a little less than people without it; all this to say, Art, that there is a direct causation involved between *trying* to meditate every second –> becoming someone who is a complete skeptic about the tenets of the Leftist Establishment, tenets which you, whether you admit it or not, zealously uphold. One of my favorite points N ever made was in Nietzsche Contra Wagner when he said

    “One must not allow oneself to be misled as to this state of affairs by the fact that we are at the moment living in a reaction WITHIN a reaction.”

    So it is wonderfully ironic, and clearly a Demiurgic Prank, that a Euro with the spirit of an Indian is defending Euros against an Indian with the spirit of a Euro. I know you by now Art, I KNOW YOU, we’ve had countless countless conversations at this point, and I have to tell you that every other–if not every–line you type reminds me of one Euro…. precisely:

    “Deconstruction never had meaning or interest, at least in my eyes, than as a radicalization, that is to say, also within the tradition of a certain Marxism in a certain spirit of Marxism.”

    The difference between you and Derrida is that Derrida admits that his soul’s telos is “always already” to-the-left. To the left to the left, everything you own in a box to the left === Liberté, Ègalité, Beyoncé! I kid, I kid, there’s obviously nothing about leftism in its very nature that predisposes it to praise crappy music. Nothing! Nah, I really think leftism = leveling as much as A = A. But speaking of “always already” was Marx Derrida’s real father? (Rohme, now might be a good time for a Freudo-Lacanian ‘insertion’).


    Perhaps it could be said Derrida *did* deconstruct/parricide N in the sense that he deconstructed N’s deconstruction of “levelism”. Merleau-Ponty warned us that we shouldn’t leave our enemies any weapons, and N surely bequeathed some high-macht explosives to the left. But Art, what you don’t seem to get is that this works both ways….


    Derider. Deridism = Nietzscheanism. It is inconsistent for you to deconstruct everything and chaotize every category with the magicword “construct” EXCEPT those constructs that lend steam to leftward momentum. It follows from the spirit of Destruktion to deconstruct left-deconstruction. If you fail to take this meta-step you are not a Jacques but a jacquestrap, you are a maenad not a Dionysus.

    Wagner Reply:

    Derrida, weak, converted to Judaism late in life: “The future of the Nietzsche text is not closed.” (Otobiographies)

    Me, stronk, will die a proud pagan and feast in Valhalla on Derrida’s Mom’s “absence” for all of eternity: “The infinitely open Nietzsche text is a type of closing.” (dumb ked who was born in a time period after French Nietzscheanism hegemonically/monomaniacally took *power* in N-reception and consequently pretty effortlessly *overcame* their “closings”)

    (((Derrida))), postWWII, can’t help but ignore/psychicallyexpurgate clear closings in N’s corpus because “then I’d be *anything* like those dreadful Nazis whatsoever!”:

    https://imgur.com/a/zXdZN (Negotiations)

    Me, postpostWWII, can’t help but wonder WWND (What Would Nietzsche Deconstruct) in a time that *marginalizes* from society anyone ideologically sympathetic to Nietzschean/oid ‘closings’, which is really just a word for N’s W2P’d philosopho-legislative impositions of hierarchy or “creations of value” (philosophers create values as N said, creating this value itself), i.e. and this is the foremost, which the rest hinge on: the Order of Rank > Equality – then (in no particular order): Esoteric readings > Exoteric readings / Master-perspectives looking from above down > Slave-perspectives looking up from below – the Philosopher > the Exception > the herd – Transvaluation of ALL Values hitherto > Transvaluation of only Rightist (hierarchical) Values and never status quo leftist-last man (lass man) values – Aristocracy > democracy – cold, pitiless, naturalistic eugenic mindset > open, shameless, and shameful contempt for the breeding [Bildung] of the overman – Solitude and its only friend, the Pathos of Distance > becoming-group in thought-stampedes(stampediments) and lying to thy neighbor in order to not “hurt his wittle feelsings”:

    Difficult to stabilize a thought of Nietzsche? C’mgnon. Destabilize the thought that his thought is unstabilizable. It could be said that Nietzsche became the truth he despised in order that his followers transvaluate him, becoming themselves Appearances of his truth, (way, and life – I literally see N’s books as word made flesh–hey, he says it himself in the Genealogy that his critique of so-called asceticism is merely the latest stage of that selfsame asceticism, which makes our continuance/critique of him… What?). Oh yeah, I’m sure we all “got out of it” – N didn’t believe himself to have, and we expect ourselves to! I’m almost positive that is something he would have laughed at us about. Hegel makes the same point in the Phenomenology preface: the preceding history of philosophy is not a string of errors, it was all necessary to get to the present (this is also another way of saying “amor fati” a doctrine which we might suspect of implicitly refuting itself by even haven been created–ask N “If you will everything that ever was what is even the point of creating the amor fati doctrine?” and he’d be like “Yeah you caught me, I actually read a bunch of Kierkegaard and didn’t tell anyone about it, burned the books and whatnot, and uh my philosophy isn’t really that different from Kierkegaard’s in the last analysis… My science of fideism differs in its garb. Mine is fashionable, in a word timely – his, his is Christian. You know, when I supposedly “went insane” I really just deliberately traveled from my body (–ever take a close look at my skull? Tis simian-esque. I hated that fucking body, in fact I hate body as such – my whole Will2Immanence tizzy was much like Land’s “Coldness be my god” – it was an ideal that I propped up because I so ardently believed in its opposite–Socrates/Plato are my true truth-Appearance Ubermensch…) Anyway I left my body, right? And I was in the mental-nude doing lazy breaststrokes on the astral plane and I see the spot of a hawk; I enter him daimonically and pierce down through the clouds and what do I see? My old Basel, rows of houses, one that appears to be up in flames but I look down through the roof and see it’s the aura of the soul of Carl Jung and immediately flip to his psychic file containing his judgment on my sine qua non, my uberson:

    “It is a funny thing, however, that throughout the whole of Zarathustra you get a feeling as if this god whom he calls dead were not absolutely dead. He is somehow lurking in the background as the great unknowable one of whom you should not speak; you simply should not take him into consideration: he is too dangerous to be mentioned.”

    That’s when I folded my wings into a bullet shape and plummeted to the rocks, only to respawn as my astral plane ghoulself. I’m waiting for the perfect monkeyboy to be born, then I will dive down from here and reincarnate into him so that I may set chaos into order upon the Earth once again, as I’ve done time and time again, and *will* do time and time again…”

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    [Wagner] “Hm I guess you changed my mind on the Japan/India question to some extent. Maybe only because I was brainwashed by Krishnamurti at a young age and see that it’s possible for an Indian to tower above most whites that have ever lived.

    [Wagner] “So let’s just go straight to the question of the street-shitters – do you want them to shit in the streets of white countries? My main problem with high-IQ POC is that they answer yes to this. They don’t have the love of the beautiful or the love of the orderful on their mind, they can’t think past the “love of one’s own”.

    [Wagner] “I’m not a Euro advocate because dayr my peeple, it’s because they’ve produced the greatest philosophies in human history, and a people’s highest achievement is their philosophies. I want more good philosophy to proliferate in the future.”

    {AK}: What’s so great about them? Name one, that Asians haven’t done first. Okay, ‘human’, as I said before, is a Latinate concept, read Occidental concept. So yes, within the narrow bounds of anthropic chronology, your claim is tautologically true. But the Asian exceeds the anthropic, more than ‘human’.

    [Wagner] “Hey, I’m tryin’. Most people like me would throw a meme at you and keep going but I am actually interested in getting to the bottom of things.

    {AK}: I don’t know where your bottom is, Waggy, that’s for you to find out. Glad to see you’re at last making the effort to divert your ‘shit’ away from their habitual quilled channel, to that of anal propriety. lol

    [Wagner] “Btw, your response to my insinuation that you’re *fundamentally implying* that you ‘wouldn’t mind’ procreating with someone who’s dumber than a box of rocks didn’t receive the “simple, direct” treatment I requested. Dumb euro here, tainted by class-privilege, need some dumbing down, I’m part of the waning, hardly-postprole aristocracy, man, have some sympathy.”

    {AK}: That so-called ‘fundamental implication’ is another example of your default misreading. Your derivation is simplistic, exaggerated, reflective only of your own petty concerns.
    Relationships of procreation are not IQ tests, there are other factors involved, emotional ones like ‘love’. It’s a powerful sentiment.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    I read an interview with Krishnamurti, sometime between 1988- early 1990s. I could see what he was doing, surface existential-experiential reconfigurations and reconceptualisations, engineered for Western mindsets. It’s okay–ish. But really, I thought it was superficial, and it’s not really original. Just spin-offs, not as good as the sources it spun off from. It heavily experientially based, not conceptually sophisticated, certainly not an example of the best Indian philosophical developments. It has its place, 20th-century internationalism. An artefact of Blavatsky-positioned exoticism, though seemingly, and psychobiographically, a reaction against that.
    All the rest of the garbage you’ve written, within the confines of your narrow politicising obsession, just shows your utter confusion. Again, it’s okay-ish, you’re just thinking through stock ideas. The personal experience reports, are okay, but generic. I guess you’re being creative as well, so I don’t want to discourage that.
    You did write something good recently, but it wasn’t in answer to me. Look for it when I get the time.

    Boldmug Reply:

    This thread is where he definitively demolished Artxell.

    George W. BUSH Reply:


    All the sleeps of pitch, I mean slips of speech, when I was president was a PLOY!


    Posted on December 1st, 2017 at 1:25 pm Reply | Quote
  • Rohme Giuliano Says:


    house of cards..


    Posted on December 1st, 2017 at 1:54 pm Reply | Quote
  • Rohme Giuliano Says:

    Our future as common markets will be balanced by an increasingly hard-line extension of the process of segregation. – Lacan 1967

    When we come back to the root of the body, if we are to reassert the value of the word brother, you should know that what rises up, the ultimate consequences of which have YET TO BE SEEN – and which takes root in the body, in the fraternity of the body – is racism. – Lacan 1971

    Leaving the Other to his own mode of jouissance, that would only be possible by not imposing our own on him, by not thinking of him as underdeveloped. How can we hope that the empty forms of humanhysterianism [humanitarianism] disguising our extortions CAN CONTINUE TO LAST? – Lacan 1973


    collen ryan Reply:

    you belong to a cult of commie moron that are called critical theory and post structuralists its
    sophist garbage of course i talk about skull fucking you in the head its all your brain deserves is to be soaked in my nordic celtic cum


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  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    Wagner said

    I used to go to continental phi for insanity, now I take breaks from Grant’s Typhonian trilogies and read continental phi to become sane.



    Boldmug Reply:


    “Some of his critics would argue that “ALL Grant’s works are fiction” but that is perhaps an extreme view- he is possibly best viewed in some respects as a far, far, far more credible, and British, version of Carlos Castaneda; namely an apprentice who studied with a master (two masters, in this case [Crowley and Spare]), and the events described in his books are best viewed as a mixture of ‘real’, terrestrial events, astral experiences and pure spiritual allegory.”

    Further plug:


    “Talismanic” is a good way to put it.

    He’s probably been memory-holed because of his recurrent suggestion to drink menstrual blood as an aid in exploring the subconscious/Tunnels of Set/Hell, if I had to guess. Thiel and I experimented with this to no noticeable effect for either of us. Peter actually has a jar of Owsley’s original stuff so we usually just go with that.

    “We insisted on taking a third, stronger dose; the doctor thought this was reasonable… After generating an extraordinary momentum, gravity is overcome along with sound… It is likely that such a point is to be found where time and eternity are contiguous.”

    Jünger went on a mescaline trip with a modern-day shaman in 1950. Peyote seems to be going extinct but there are, I’ve heard, a couple mescaline-containing cacti available to be bought legally on ebay. They’re beautiful cacti, some like to grow them, either in a pot inside or outside if they live in the right climate, just to admire their beauty. I would never suggest consuming such cacti. If you ask me, overcoming gravity and sound, and realizing the contiguity of time and eternity, should be illegal, for reasons that are probably too obvious to state. Besides, Jünger was a literal Nazi, why would we take him as a figure to emulate?


    Wagner Reply:

    The question is, do we take YOU as a figure to emulate.

    “If you spend 75 years building a pseudo-religion around anything – an ethnic group, a plaster saint, sexual chastity or the Flying Spaghetti Monster – don’t be surprised when clever 19-year-olds discover that insulting it is now the funniest fucking thing in the world. Because it is.”

    Curtis Yarvin

    Because it is, because it is. Land is a plaster saint, Moldbug is a plaster saint, we can’t help it, they’ve been passed by.


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  • Boldmug Says:

    @ Egos:

    “@ Ids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIPfQ-HtYeM

    @ Superegos:
    Nietzsche on Wagner
    Wagner was the most philosophical of musicians and Nietzsche the most musical of philosophers, so a philosophy of music ought to be implied somewhere in their conflict. However Nietzsche’s early adoration of Wagner distorted his later rejection, so that the serious thinking has to be discerned within a cloud of self-loathing.

    Maybe Nietzsche’s reaction would have been more moderate had he not at first offered the unquestioning discipleship that Wagner demanded, presenting Wagner, both in The Birth of Tragedy (1882) and in Richard Wagner in Bayreuth (1886) as the greatest modern artist and the saviour of German culture. At any rate, the dispute between Wagner and Nietzsche was a divorce, rather than a disagreement.[1] In reacting against Wagner Nietzsche was also reacting against himself, vomiting forth a poison that he thought he had swallowed, but to which his metabolism had made its own peculiar contribution.

    Matters are made worse by the subsequent demonisation of Wagner and canonisation of Nietzsche. It is hard to go back to this controversy now, without regretting the tone taken by Nietzsche, and the tone taken subsequently by just about everyone else. Nietzsche’s attack on Wagner is an attack on the art, the institution and the man, and it was echoed by Theodor Adorno, so as to foreground those aspects of Wagner which are most objectionable to the modern reader – anti-Semitism, the focus on national myths and racial heroes, the use of orchestral magic to fill every moment with an emotion that might seem to be, in Nietzsche’s word, ‘counterfeit’.[2] And it is partly thanks to Nietzsche that Wagner-criticism has become stuck in this groove.

    Meanwhile Nietzsche himself has become a kind of idol. Despite his antagonism towards democracy and mass culture, despite his unashamedly racist attack on the Germans and all things German, despite his advocacy of ‘health’ and strength against the ‘sickness’ of compassion, despite his contempt for socialists, vegetarians, feminists and women generally – despite committing every sin condemned by the morality of ‘political correctness’, Nietzsche is now a cult figure. His perspectival approach to truth and knowledge, his debunking of morality in general and Christian morality in particular, his genealogical approach to art and culture and his emphasis on power and domination as the real ‘truth’ of the human condition – all these give him a head-start in the postmodern search for anti-authoritarian authorities. His texts are therefore read for what they permit – which is just about everything – rather than for what they condemn – which is also just about everything. The result is that, in the Nietzsche-Wagner stand off, Nietzsche is dealt all the winning cards. And this is a pity since it obscures the very real strength of Nietzsche’s position, and the seriousness of the grounds on which he questions Wagner’s art. Although Wagner the artist can be defended against the charges levelled by Nietzsche, those charges force us nevertheless to explore the music dramas at the deepest level. And they contain interesting hints of a philosophy of music.

    Nietzsche expressed his adoration towards Wagner in his first published work, The Birth of Tragedy, which appeared in 1872. Fourteen years later Nietzsche reissued The Birth of Tragedy with ‘an attempt at self-criticism’, in which he dismisses the book as ‘badly written, ponderous, embarrassing, image-mad and image-confused, sentimental, in places saccharine to the point of effeminacy, uneven in tempo, without the will to logical cleanliness, …’ and much more to similar effect. And certainly The Birth of Tragedy has none of the lapidary quality that we associate with the later works. For all that, it is an important work, and one that is vital to understanding Nietzsche’s conception of the artistic enterprise.[3] It registers a decisive break with a reading of Greek art and literature that had been orthodox in German-speaking countries since Winckelmann and Goethe. According to this reading Greek civilisation epitomised the human spirit in its sunlit, self-knowing form. The art of the Greeks was an art of reason, and their literature an exploration of the virtues through which the rational being confronts and overcomes adversity. The Greek ideal was one of clarity and harmony, and this ideal was conveyed by their poetry, their architecture and their art.

    Nietzsche was not the first to cast doubt on that wishful picture. In The Art Work of the Future (1859) Wagner had pointed to the religious nature of Greek tragedy, to the connection between tragedy and religious ritual, and to the paradigmatic nature of tragedy as an art. The Ring of the Nibelung was conceived with the Oresteia in mind, and Wagner understood the Greek gods in Aeschylus in the same spirit as he depicted the German gods in The Ring, namely as personifications of the unconscious forces by which the human will is governed. Nietzsche went further, identifying Dionysus, the god of tragedy, as one of two dominant psychic principles, the other being Apollo, the god of philosophy. While Apollo represents the reason and enlightenment that had been singled out by Winckelmann and Goethe, Dionysus was the god of dark passions, unconscious yearnings and ritual destruction. Tragedy invites this god into the public arena where his demands can be acknowledged and purged. And the true vehicle of tragedy is not words, in which the rational and critical intellect is sovereign, but music and dance, in which bodily rhythms and animal passions find their expression.

    Nietzsche argued that Greek civilisation had been misjudged by Winckelmann, Goethe and Schiller, and that a new understanding had since supervened, one that acknowledged the function of Greek religion in presenting and appeasing the irrational aspects of the human psyche. This thesis is one to which Nietzsche returns in later works, writing, for example, in Twilight of the Idols, that ‘it is only in the Dionysian mysteries…that the basic fact of the Hellenic instinct finds expression’.[4] And he connects that ‘basic fact’ with life, health and sexuality. The thesis was later defended by E.R. Dodds in The Greeks and the Irrational (1951), and has been effectively normalised by modern scholarship. But it was associated in The Birth of Tragedy with the new German spirit, manifest in the art of Wagner. Like the Greeks, the Germans had their myths and legends, in which the unconscious forces of life claim recognition and acknowledgement. If the Germans were really to do what Winckelmann and Goethe wished for them, and to replicate the achievements of Greek civilisation, it would not be through philosophy but through music, not through reason and enlightenment, but through myth and legend.

    Here Nietzsche introduced a theme that was to dominate his later thinking: the theme of health. Myth, he argued, is the healthy part of a culture: ‘myth alone saves all the powers of the imagination and of the Apollonian dream from their aimless wanderings’ (BT, p. 135[5]). Without myth the Apollonian principle of reason has no life on which to reflect. Hence the ‘Socratism which is bent on the destruction of myth’ is the sign of an unhealthy and degenerate culture. And Nietzsche discerned this unhealthy ‘Socratism’ in the Germany of his day, arguing that ‘now the mythless man stands eternally hungry, surrounded by all past ages, and digs and grubs for roots, even if he has to dig for them among the remotest antiquities’ (BT, p. 136). In the face of this disinherited condition, Nietzsche implies, the Wagnerian rebirth of tragedy through music and myth brings with it the possibility of a return to health. Nothing less is at stake in the destiny of German music than the defence of German culture from decadence. The terms are those that Nietzsche would later use to condemn the art of Wagner; but they are here used to praise it. So, right from the start, Nietzsche’s discussion of Wagner presents us with two major questions in aesthetics: on what grounds can we distinguish healthy from decadent art, and what is the aesthetic significance of the distinction?

    In the last work published in his lifetime, Twilight of the Idols, Nietzsche ventures an explicit account of his aesthetic (sections 19 and 20): ‘The “beautiful in itself” is scarcely a term,’ he writes, ‘not even a concept. In the beautiful man sets himself up as a measure of perfection; in certain cases he prays to himself therein. Nothing is beautiful; the human alone is beautiful: in this naivety all aesthetics is contained – it is the first truth of aesthetics. Let us add a second truth at once: nothing is ugly save decadent humanity (der entartende Mensch).’ Nietzsche is here giving the central place in aesthetic judgement to the distinction between healthy and decadent forms of human life. He adhered to this position throughout his literary career. As he puts the point in the posthumous Ecce Homo, ‘what has most profoundly occupied me is in effect the problem of decadence’, and in taking up arms against decadence, he was ‘joining forces against everything sick in me, including Wagner, including Schopenhauer, including the whole of modern “humaneness” (Menschlichkeit).’ And he returns to the point in Contra Wagner (p. 664) arguing that ‘my objections to the music of Wagner are physiological objections: why should I trouble to dress them up in aesthetic formulas? After all, aesthetics is nothing but a kind of applied physiology.’ Wagner’s music, he suggests, is the cause and effect of a bodily sickness.

    Nietzsche was not the first philosopher to place the idea of health at the centre of his worldview – Feuerbach had defended a ‘healthy sensuality’ in his Principles of the Philosophy of the Future (1843), a work that profoundly influenced Wagner. And the concepts of decadence and degeneration were moving to the centre of intellectual life at the time of Nietzsche’s mature works. Krafft-Ebing’s Psychopathia Sexualis appeared in 1886 and in a compendious and influential work published in 1892 Max Nordau summarised the fin-de-siècle as the period of decadence, taking Nietzsche himself, along with Baudelaire, Zola, Wagner, Poe and many more, as symptoms of the disease.[6] Nevertheless Nietzsche was probably the first thinker to take the distinction between health and disease as definitive of what is at stake in the artistic enterprise. And this distinction had an added importance for him on account of his genealogical method.

    This method conditions all Nietzsche’s fundamental positions in philosophy, so that for him to describe a work of art as decadent, and to say that it arises from and is rooted in a decadent form of life, are ultimately equivalent claims. Tragedy, according to The Birth of Tragedy, is healthy precisely in what is most obscure, and what flows unconsciously beneath the reasoned clarity of the conscious motives. For health means life, life belongs to the body, the body belongs to the community, and the community is true to its inner nature only when responding to the unconscious forces by which it endures. In the collective dance the social organism lives and renews itself.

    The tragic hero is precipitated out of the dance through the fault of consciousness, and for this fault he must pay. Hence the original dichotomy – Dionysus versus Apollo – shows itself in another: that between the formless flow of unconscious life, and the principium individuationis that asserts itself in defiance of life. Those Schopenhauerean terms are used to alert the reader to the danger of the enlightened, Apollonian spirit that stands outside the collective life of a culture, in a posture of critical isolation. That, for Nietzsche, is the primary source of decadence. The tragedy reaffirms the original flux, in which human life constantly renews itself through negating the claims of individuality. Nietzsche quotes Isolde’s dying words by way of explaining what he means:

    In des Wonnemeeres

    wogendem Schwall,

    in der Duft-Wellen

    tönendem Schall,

    in des Weltathems

    wehenden All –

    ertrinken – versinken

    unbewusst – höchste Lust.

    Isolde’s ‘highest joy’ lies in the renunciation of the individuated self, sinking at last into the unending flux of becoming – the world breath’s wafting whole, which is the equivalent in Wagner of Schopenhauer’s directionless and ever restless Will.

    Nietzsche was later to turn his back on Schopenhauer as he turned his back on Wagner. But some of the most important ideas adumbrated in The Birth of Tragedy survive into his mature writings on music. For Nietzsche the primary musical phenomenon is dance, and dance is organised by rhythm. Dance is a social phenomenon: we dance with others, and usually in groups. So music is one part of a complex social whole, which is the group or tribe moving together, in response to a pulse whose significance lies deeper than reason. The primary form of this collective movement is religious ritual, and it is from religious ritual that tragedy is born. The art of tragedy, Nietzsche claims, delayed the destruction of the Greek myths, by perpetuating the Dionysian ritual in which music and dance occupied a central place. (BT 138.)

    Those ideas are more suggested than dwelt upon in The Birth of Tragedy. But they are of considerable importance in understanding the dispute with Wagner. Equally important is the conception of art that both men shared, and which they had inherited from Hegelian philosophy. Art, for both Nietzsche and Wagner, was the highest of human activities – higher than science, and higher too than religion. Indeed the destiny of art, according to both Wagner and Nietzsche, is to rescue through symbols the human truth that religion conceals, the truth about us. This truth is not what religion tells us, but it is what religion means. (This is the theme of Wagner’s powerful essay on Art and Religion: Gesammelte Schriften, vol. 10, 211. It is also the original inspiration for The Ring.) And both thinkers turned to music as epitomising the spiritual transformation that is the true goal of every artist. ‘Only music,’ wrote Nietzsche (BT, 141), ‘placed beside the world, can give us an idea of what is meant by the justification of the world as an aesthetic phenomenon.’

    Here, then, is a suggestion as to the source of the dispute with Wagner. Both men believed that the human world is in need of justification. They believed that the religious justification was either empty (Wagner) or pernicious (Nietzsche). But both believed that the religious need is a non-accidental feature of the human psyche, and one that demands satisfaction. This satisfaction is to be found in art, which supersedes religion and provides an aesthetic justification of the world (‘the justification of the world as an aesthetic phenomenon’). And for Nietzsche, at least, no other justification is possible: hence the need for tragedy, which involves the overcoming of horror by aesthetic means. The difference between Nietzsche and Wagner begins at this point. For Nietzsche an aesthetic justification of the world is one that affirms life and health against decline and sickness. It is in direct conflict with the Christian justification, which elevates meekness, compassion and other such life-denying virtues over the life-affirming virtues on which the future of mankind depends and of which Nietzsche went on to give an alarming description. As he puts it in The Genealogy of Morality 3, 14: ‘The sickly are the greatest danger to man: not the wicked, not the “beasts of prey”’.

    For Wagner, by contrast, the aesthetic justification of the world involves foregrounding our capacity for renunciation. Art is not a vindication of life but a redemption from it, and the theme of redemption is the recurring motive of the Wagnerian music-drama, from The Flying Dutchman to Parsifal. The music drama retains, for Wagner, the fundamental significance of the Greek tragedy. That is to say, it is not merely a picture of a moral process. It is an enactment of that process, into which the spectator is drawn as a quasi-participant, as in a religious ritual, so that the redemption portrayed on the stage takes place also in the psyche of the observer. This ‘Eucharistic’ conception of art became ever more prominent as Wagner’s art developed, so that Parsifal is described as a ‘festival play for the consecration of the stage’, in other words as a religious ceremony. And Wagner attempted to confine the performance of Parsifal to the sacred precinct of Bayreuth (mercifully without success). In some way the work of art redeems the one who stands within its emotional ambience. The spectator undergoes the music drama, and his emotions are rearranged by it, as they are rearranged by the religious ritual. The hunger of the knights of the Grail for the Eucharistic meal is a symbol of the hunger that calls out in all of us, for a spiritual transformation that art alone can now provide. This transformation frees us from our enslavement to the world, and gives us the strength and the serenity to renounce it. And – if we are to follow the path taken by Tristan, Isolde, Parsifal and Hans Sachs – we will recognise that the erotic, which seems to invite us into life, is in fact the original call to renunciation, the deep burning in the soul that tells us that we are ‘not of this world’.

    The Wagnerian idea of redemption closely corresponds to the Christian one; and it was part of Wagner’s brilliance to recognise that in all its forms redemption requires sacrifice – the very sacrifice that is portrayed in the Greek tragedy and enacted in the Christian Eucharist: the sacrifice of the whole human being. The human must be ‘offered up’ if we are truly to transcend it: only then do we free ourselves from the resentments and conflicts with which human communities are poisoned. That which is ‘offered up’ is life itself – either in the promissory form of erotic yearning (Sachs, Parsifal) or in the realised form of a living victim (Siegfried, Tristan, Brünnhilde). This idea has both a religious and a secular meaning, as is clear from Parsifal and The Mastersingers, and has since been developed in surprising and ingenious ways by René Girard[7]. Wagner’s vision of redemption through sacrifice is both a theory of human communities, and a moral exhortation. And the moral exhortation is tried and tested, not in life, but in art – in the realm of imagination, that enables the spectator of the drama to ‘live through’ a sacrifice that he cannot actually live. (If he did so, life itself would cease.) That vision of redemption was once available through religion. In Parsifal, however, art replaces religion, taking the instruments of redemption and infusing them with an aesthetic life.

    For Nietzsche the whole idea of redemption, conceived in that way, is a denial of life and an invocation to decadence. In the third essay of The Genealogy of Morality, devoted to the demolition of asceticism, he ridicules Parsifal, wondering whether the composer had not intended the work as a kind of satyr play, a grotesque sequel to The Ring. And in The Case of Wagner he sets out to demonstrate the decadent quality of the Wagnerian hero, who is not a hero at all but an entartete Mensch. He also sets out to show the aesthetic disaster that ensues, when such a character is made central to a large-scale music drama. The goal of the book is to reject Wagner’s moral vision, and also to suggest that the attempt to build that vision into a sustained work of art, leads to music that is fundamentally sick. The moral faults of the vision translate directly into aesthetic faults in the music, and at the same time an immersion in the music involves a corruption in the soul of the listener, whose psyche is jeopardised by this surrender to a polluted ideal.

    Claims of that kind place an enormous critical onus on the one who makes them, and it is fair to say that Nietzsche does not discharge that onus. He does not succeed in showing that the Wagnerian philosophy of redemption is either decadent in itself or aesthetically destructive. Nor does he succeed in showing just how a moral vision displays itself in musical form, and just how music invites the sympathy (and possibly corrupt sympathy) of the listener. The belief that music has a moral and character-forming potential is at least as old as Plato; and the belief that works of art are to be judged in terms of the life contained in them has survived into our times as a critical commonplace, though one that stands in need of a philosophical underpinning. But it seems to me that Nietzsche does not really provide that underpinning.

    Nietzsche’s attack has three parts. First there is the accusation of decadence, which is directed not only at Wagner but at the world of which Wagner was a part, and specifically at the German conception of that world. Then there is the attack on the claims that Wagner makes for his art. For Wagner his Gesamtkunstwerk involved an adventure of music into new expressive domains, so as to explore the depths of the human condition through the ‘endless melody’ that speaks to what is unconscious and hidden. Against these claims Nietzsche argues that Wagner is really a ‘miniaturist’, that his musical techniques are incapable of generating real development, and that the whole thing is a kind of confidence trick, a simulation of musical life, which ignores the real source of music in rhythm and dance. Finally Nietzsche argues that the heroic in Wagner is a sham. His characters need to be unmasked, to be deprived of their mythic costumes and returned to the bourgeois context from which they have been lifted into legend. Wagner’s portentous music does not offer them redemption, since it merely disguises the fact that they are the ordinary sick refuse of nineteenth-century society – as far from tragic grandeur as Flaubert’s Emma Bovary. The Wagnerian drama is a species of ‘counterfeiting’, in which the heroic passions and vast deeds reveal themselves, when held up to the critical light, as thin wisps of sickly passion, puffed up by musical bombast. The promises of ‘redemption’ and ‘transcendence’ both depend on the forgery conducted by the music, and the fact that these promises are taken so seriously by so many is indicative of the equally decadent and counterfeit nature of the surrounding culture.

    Those powerful criticisms issue in off-putting passages like this:

    ‘Wagner’s art is sick. The problems he presents on the stage – all of them problems of hysterics – the convulsive nature of his affects, his overexcited sensibility, his taste that required ever stronger spices, his instability which he dressed up as principles, not least of all the choice of his heroes and heroines – consider them as physiological types (a pathological gallery!) – all of this taken together represents a profile of sickness that permits no further doubt… Precisely because nothing is more modern than this total sickness, this lateness and overexcitement of the nervous mechanism, Wagner is the modern artist par excellence…’ (The Case of Wagner, p. 166.)

    Nietzsche is aware that to justify his claims he must say something about the music – about what it does and how it does it. His attack is directed against all three musical dimensions – melodic, rhythmic, harmonic – as Wagner makes use of them. Nietzsche claims that Wagner’s supposedly ‘infinite’ or ‘endless’ melody conceals an absence of genuine melodic inspiration.[8] He implies that there is even a kind of fear of melody in Wagner – certainly fear of those gripping tunes that Nietzsche identifies in Carmen, and which he associates with ‘French’ finesse, as against ‘German’ bombast. (This reverses a thesis of The Birth of Tragedy, which had contrasted the healthy world of German myth, with the unhealthy clarity of French civilisation, applying in a local way the contrast between Kultur and Zivilisation made fashionable by Herder.) The real melody, for Nietzsche, is the melody that gives direct and immediate pleasure to the listener, the melody that engages with the spontaneous will to dance. He is short on examples, other than Carmen, but we can all agree that the Habañera from that great work is quite another kind of thing from the Prize Song from The Mastersingers, which constantly develops, and reaches closure only as a temporary pause in its seemingly unending growth towards the final chorus.

    Nietzsche is dismissive towards the Wagnerian ‘leitmotif’, which he compares (obscurely) to a ‘toothpick’, used to get rid of the remainders of food. (CW. 174.) And he associates the Wagnerian musical process with a ‘degeneration of the sense of rhythm’ (CW. 184), while praising Wagner for having inspired the study of rhythmics, then being initiated by H. Riemann (CW. 179).[9] In Contra Wagner – the fragments collected in Turin in 1888 – Nietzsche takes this criticism further, interestingly connecting the ‘endlöse Melodei’ with the rhythmic disintegration, as he perceived it, of Wagner’s music – its inability to dance. He illustrates through an image that occurs also in The Case of Wagner:

    ‘One walks into the sea, gradually loses one’s secure footing, and finally surrenders oneself to the elements without reservation: one must swim. In older music, what one had to do in the dainty, or solemn, or fiery back and forth, quicker and slower, was something quite different, namely, to dance. The measure required for this, the maintenance of certain equally balanced units of time and force, demanded continual wariness of the listener’s soul – and on the counterplay of this cooler breeze that came from the wariness and the warm breath of enthusiasm rested the magic of all good music. Richard Wagner wanted a different kind of movement; he overthrew the physiological presuppositions of previous music. Swimming, floating – no longer walking and dancing.’ (Contra Wagner, 666)[10]

    The faults Nietzsche discerns concern Wagner’s attitude to the listener. The composer’s floating rhythms are denying the impulse to move with the music in a healthy and reciprocal way: Wagner is not responding to, not wary of, the listener’s soul. Finally Nietzsche is dismissive of Wagnerian harmony, which he describes (in connection with Parsifal) as ‘a rope of enharmonics’, on which ugly things perform their gymnastics. (The Case of Wagner, 168) He means, I take it, that the harmonic progressions are not genuine, but the result of taking chords whole from one tonal centre to another, as in the enharmonic changes used in classical music for special effect, and normalised by Schubert in his Lieder. This use of enharmonics, Nietzsche implies, negates true harmonic movement, so that the music slops around like a sea, instead of moving forward like a river. Thus Wagner’s music is a failure in all three dimensions of musical order: melody, rhythm and harmony. And the failure stems from the adverse use of music, to inflate the sentiments attached to scenes and characters that do not really contain them. To put the point directly: the defects of form stem from defects of content. Because the content is faked, so is the form.

    Nietzsche was of course aware of the originality and brilliance of Wagner’s music. In an illuminating study Georges Liébert has shown the extent to which Nietzsche’s love-hate relation with Wagner was really a love-hate relation with himself, and in particular with his own self-image as a musician. Liébert shows how deeply self-deceived the philosopher was, both in his initial admiration for the composer, and in his subsequent petulant break with him.[11] At the very moment when he was publicly denouncing Parsifal as a work of sickness, decadence and deception, Nietzsche sent to Peter Gast a wonderful description of the Prelude to that work, and confessed, in his notes written prior to Beyond Good and Evil, that he knows ‘of nothing that grasps Christianity at such a depth and that so sharply leads to compassion’.[12] Parsifal captures the dramatic and emotional logic of the Christian vision, and Nietzsche’s own musicality compelled him to recognize this, and to see it as an artistic triumph.

    Furthermore, the faults that Nietzsche discerns in Wagner’s music are very obviously the faults shown by his own compositions. These have now been published, and many issued on CD. There are some charming songs in the manner of Löwe, some grandiose attempts at choral and orchestral fantasias, and massive splurges for piano with fraught romantic titles like ‘Hymn to Friendship’. Nietzsche was at best what he so unjustly and outrageously accused Wagner of being (CW, 171) – a miniaturist, whose short-breathed successes are inspired by solitary and lachrymose emotions that could not be pursued at greater length without morbidity. The works for which he would have wished to be remembered are formless improvisations, with lunatic bass-lines and grotesque progressions, entirely devoid of melodic or harmonic logic.

    Nietzsche knew this, of course, and had turned to literature with a sense of opting for second best. He even described Also sprach Zarathustra as a work of music, hoping to gain by metaphor what he could not achieve in fact. And throughout his troubled and lonely literary career he took what consolation he could from the fact that he, unlike his critics, had the soul of a musician, and could hear his way into the secret heart of things. His prose was an attempt to convey the wordless truths, the primeval needs and hopes, that find their true voice in music. But the spirit of Dionysus eluded him, who claimed it as his own. And in his attack on Wagner’s music he was taking revenge for this.

    According to Nietzsche Wagner’s music only pretends to the emotions that it claims. Hence the dramas themselves fall apart. The characters are real only by moments, and only in those histrionic gestures that show Wagner’s art to be the art of the showman. True drama, Nietzsche holds, is not theatrical, and it is precisely Wagner’s mastery of the theatrical idiom that disqualifies his dramas from bearing the meaning that he wishes for. Wagner is an actor, a showman, and everything he does is devoted to effect, even though there is no dramatic content in terms of which the effect could be justified. Hence the paradoxical-seeming description of Wagner as a ‘miniaturist’. It is only by moments that the magic works. But, in a famous passage, Nietzsche turns that criticism around, acknowledging that some of those moments, at least, are not mere theatre, but sparks of lyrical insight without compare in the history of music:

    ‘There is a musician who, more than any other musician, is a master at finding the tones in the realm of suffering, depressed, tortured souls, at giving language even to mute misery. None can equal him in the colours of late autumn, in the indescribably moving happiness of the last, truly last, truly shortest joy; he knows a sound for those quiet, disquieting midnights of the soul, where cause and effect seem to be out of joint and where at any moment something might originate “out of nothing”. He draws most happily of all out of the profoundest depths of human happiness, and, as it were, out of its drained goblet, where the bitterest and most repulsive drops have finally and evilly run together with the sweetest. He knows that weariness of the soul which drags itself, unable to leap or fly any more, even to walk; he masters the shy glance of concealed pain, of understanding without comfort, of the farewell without confession – indeed, as the Orpheus of all secret misery he is greater than any; and some things have been added to the realm of art by him alone, things that had hitherto seemed inexpressible and even unworthy of art – the cynical rebellion, for example, of which only those are capable who suffer most bitterly; also some very minute and microscopic aspects of the soul, as it were the scales of its amphibian nature: indeed he is the master of the very minute. But he does not want to be that!’ Contra Wagner, 663.

    Take away those moments, however, and what remains? A great work of counterfeit: fake transcendence (CW 183), fake characters, fake emotions, and – in the end – a fake redemption offered without cost by Parsifal, the ‘holy fool’. None of this is believable, since none of it comes from the heart – it is all icy abstraction, rooted in the Hegelian conception of music as a vehicle for the ‘Idea’. (CW 177-8) Thus ‘everything that ever grew on the soil of impoverished life, all of the counterfeiting of transcendence and beyond, has found its most sublime advocate in Wagner’s art…’ (CW 183.) Nietzsche does not spell out this criticism in detail, but it is clear that he believes, not merely that the raw material provided by Wagner’s characters is insufficient to meet their allegorical and metaphysical purpose, but also that it is impossible that any characters should meet that purpose, and moreover that it is decadent to want to meet it. For the longing for redemption, as Wagner presents it, is a sickness, a renunciation of life and health for the sake of a bogus spiritual purity. Although Nietzsche does not explicitly say so, I suspect that he regarded the Wagnerian ‘redemption’ as a kind of cliché, an idea worn thin by too much use, brought in to the later dramas only because the characters, lacking the will and integrity that makes true tragedy possible, have to be content with ‘redemption’ as second best. Hence Nietzsche’s ironical comment, re the placing of a wreath on the composer’s grave by the German Wagner Society, on which was inscribed the last words of Parsifal: ‘Redemption for the Redeemer’: ‘Many (strangely enough) made the small correction: “Redemption from the Redeemer”. One breathed a sigh of relief.’ (CW 182.)

    In response to those charges I will say only this: Nietzsche’s advocacy of ‘life’ is at best an excusable compensation for the invalid existence that the philosopher was obliged to lead, at worst a surrender to all that is most destructive in human nature. If compassion for the weak is decadence, if sacrifice is decadence, if the transcendence of sexual desire is decadence, if the renunciation of power for love, and divine arrogance for human pity are decadence – then roll on decadence. And if health comes only with a life ‘beyond good and evil’, in which pity and renunciation play no part, then away with health.

    But enough of that. There is truth in Nietzsche’s claim that the Wagnerian characters do not always live up to the metaphysical and moral burdens that he places on them. Only every now and then – alone in the forest, confronting the Rhine-daughters, dying in a long-delayed access of consciousness – does Siegfried represent the tragic truth of human freedom. And whatever we think of his personal qualities and allegorical meaning, Siegfried is certainly very far from the ‘marvellously accurate archetypal youth’ whose portrait Nietzsche praises in Richard Wagner in Bayreuth. (Untimely Meditations, 201.) Only in the encounter with Kundry as seductress does Parsifal become fully alive as a human being. On the other hand, there are few creations that are as hair-raising and persuasive as Wagner’s Kundry. There is nothing since the Greeks to compare with the portrait of Wotan, and nothing outside Dickens and Victor Hugo to match Alberich or Mime.

    Much more interesting philosophically is Nietzsche’s sketchy attempt to read the charge of decadence into the music, to associate the moral failure (as he saw it) of the dramas with a failure of musical form. The insight that inspired The Birth of Tragedy is of lasting importance. Music is not a conceptual idiom. All attempts to assimilate the organisation of music to the organisation that we know from language are, it seems to me, doomed.[13] We understand music by moving with it, and what we understand is not a thought but a ‘field of sympathy’ into which we are inducted by the music as we are inducted into a ritual by the gestures of a priest. Dance is the primary form of this collective movement, and dance has a place in religious ritual for that very reason. If there is corruption in the music of Wagner it must be found, therefore, in the musical movement. In this Nietzsche is right; and he is right to question the melodic, rhythmic and harmonic organisation of the Wagnerian idiom in those terms. What kind of human being is it, that the listener is invited to ‘move with’ in this music? In surrendering to this movement am I surrendering something of myself that I should be withholding? Or am I, as Wagner wants me to believe, entering a sacred place, in which the sympathetic response to the music will effect a new order in my feelings? Can I through this music achieve the order of sacrifice and renunciation that will bring the peace and quiescence that the Greeks sought through tragedy, and which we moderns must seek through a new form of art – the ‘artwork of the future’ that will replace religion not by refuting it, but by doing its work, and doing it better?

    Wagner believed that he had to refashion all the ways in which music moves. His endless melodies are not, however, the redundant contraptions that Nietzsche claimed them to be. Nor does his music display a rhythmic disintegration. The use of the broken triplet of the ‘look’ motive in the prelude to Tristan and Isolde is one of the finest examples in music of a syncopated rhythmic order generated from the smallest possible cell, which spreads its accent through the whole entity of which it is a part. The result is not rhythmic disintegration but integrated rhythm without closure. Likewise the harmonic movement of the prelude is not a tight-rope of enharmonic changes, but a supreme instance of voice-led modulation without closure. And the melody is moving according to the same principle and in a way that enters the memory of every musical person. This is musical art of the highest order. This three-dimensional movement without closure is used to convey a state of mind ‘from within’ and without words – without even the possibility of words.

    That having been said, however, Nietzsche’s questions need to be answered. What would show this supreme musical competence to be also moral competence, so to speak – the expression of uncorrupted human life, of a kind that invites and deserves our sympathy? The sting might be drawn from Nietzsche’s charge of decadence, without conferring on the Wagnerian drama the supreme significance that it claims for itself. Not counterfeit, but not necessary either – a by-way of modern life that teaches us nothing. Such might be the moderated judgement of a Nietzschean today. But we have reached the point at which Nietzsche’s onus needs to be discharged. His own advocacy of life is far more obviously a sham, in my view, than Wagner’s post-Christian philosophy of redemption. And his defence of closed rhythms and catchy tunes is too short-breathed to carry any intellectual weight. One wonders what Nietzsche would say in response to Lady Gaga, Meshuggah or EDM, or in response to a popular movie culture dominated by ‘special effects’, ludicrous metamorphoses, and relentless violence without any moral or emotional rationale? Would he be thereafter a little less inclined to apply the label ‘decadent’ to Wagner, or would he recognise that there are forms of ‘life’ to which a dose of old-fashioned decadence might reasonably be preferred?

    [1] For the intricacies of the story see Joachim Köhler, Nietzsche and Wagner,

    [2] Theodor Adorno, In Search of Wagner, tr Rodney Livingstone, Verso, 2004

    [3] This view is endorsed by Julian Young, Nietzsche’s Philosophy of Art, Cambridge 1992, though for reasons slightly different from those I give. In my view The Birth of Tragedy is the only one of Nietzsche’s works that contains an argument detachable from the author of it.

    [4] Twilight of the Idols, 10.4

    [5] Page numbers refer to the Kaufman edition, The Birth of Tragedy and The Case of Wagner tr Walter Kaufmann, New York, Vintage books, 1967

    [6] Max Nordau, Die Entartung, 1892, tr. as Degeneration 1895.

    [7] La Violence et le sacré; Des choses cachées etc.

    [8] That Wagner was the enemy of melody was a critical commonplace in the early reception of his works. An article in The Times of 21st July 1853 claims that Wagner’s music ‘threatens to exclude melody altogether’. Wagner’s champion Francis Hueffer responded with Richard Wagner and the Music of the Future, 1874, defending the Wagnerian conception of melody as inseparable from the musical and dramatic texture. (Thanks to Gulliver Ralston for these references.)

    [9] H. Riemann’s System der musikalischen Rhythmik und Metrik did not appear until 1903. It is now unjustly neglected. In unpublished work Kathy Fry has drawn attention to Nietzsche’s phrase-structure analysis in the 1870-71 notebooks of Tristan, Act III, Scene II (the passage of rhythmical disorder, as Tristan tears the bandage from his wound). Nietzsche here attempts to show that a strophe/antistrophe form emerges at the higher level, so that what looks like disorder is in fact another kind of order. I am grateful to Kathy Fry for drawing my attention to this passage, which again shows Nietzsche praising Wagner on an aspect of his work that would later draw forth severe condemnation. See G. Colli and M. Montinari’s critical edition of Nietzsche, Werke II:3 Vorlesungsaufzeichnungen 1870-1871, Berlin de Gruyter 1993, p. 192.

    [10] Reference to Kaufmann’s edition, The Portable Nietzsche.

    [11] Georges Liébert, Nietzsche and Music

    [12] Letter to Peter Gast (Heinrich Köselitz), January 1887.

    [13] I have argued this at length in The Aesthetics of Music, Oxford 1997.”

    (Roger Scruton)


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  • collen ryan Says:

    Tony Soprano is the Ubermensch white rage made flesh and spirit


    Wagner Reply:

    No, you are. If you became the new host of the Daily Show the USA would become a much better place. (Will have to watch the Sopranos now though).

    “Mosesbug” – this synchronicity-spotting will surely mess with Land’s head.

    “Vaginal line” won’t because he’s a closet-feminist.


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  • Wagner Says:

    Driving out wimmins is just a distraction from the Reader vs. Gamer war, which is another way of saying Moldbug vs. Heartiste. Both are necessary, I wouldn’t challenge Heartiste become he simply isn’t someone to mess with, but I think if we care about advancing human evolution Moldbug should be the one calling the shots while Heartiste is secondary. This is Moldbug in a nutshell:


    A lot of these guys on the right it would be hard to throw in a gulag, they’re right about politics and that distinguishes them from 99% of normies, but they’re not right about the order of rank; philosophy, literature, history > game and pussy. It follows from rightism to right oneself thru books and it also follows from rightism to be one who is able to breed and thus perpetuate that book-derived rightness. Moldbuggians won’t breed, Heartisteans won’t read.


    Boldmug Reply:

    @ Pick-Up Autists:

    “for number 814336 as we have seen by the time he reaches number 814337 has long since forgotten all he ever knew of number 184335 as completely as though he had never been and by the time number 814335 reaches him as we have also seen has long since forgotten all he ever knew of number 814337 vast stretch of time

    so true it is that here one knows one’s tormentor only as long as it takes to suffer him and one’s victim only as long as it takes to enjoy him if as long

    and these same couples that eternally form and form again all along this immense circuit that the millionth time that’s conceivable is as the inconceivable first and always two strangers uniting in the interests of a torment

    and when on the unpredictable arse for the millionth time the groping hand descends that for the hand it is the first arse for the arse the first hand

    something wrong there

    so true the panting stops I hear it I murmur it to the mud so true all that is


    samples whatever comes remembered imagined no knowing life above life here God in heaven yes or no if she loved me a little if Pim loved me a little yes or no if I loved her a little in the dark the mud in spite of it all a little affection find someone at last someone find you at last live together glued together love each other a little love a little without being loved be loved a little without loving answer that leave it vague leave it dark”

    Samuel Beckett

    “something wrong there”


    collen ryan Reply:

    I dont know wag the problem seems to be people too comfortable with ideas over reality. Its as if when the theory doesn’t work in reality the conclusion is reality is wrong. Now i never try to build something without a lot of thinking and paperwork but when it doesn’t work in meat space Im really clear about which construct to trust.
    Do I really need to be smart enough to understand nietzsche to know that a troop of killer apes randomly selecting strategy cults over millions of years, a lifeform that is really several iterations removed from the DNA shotcaller, that doesn’t even know its own mind from its brain from its emotions none of it real just some patches on patches on patches splattered in a range- what thats going to be able to have some beautiful mind philosophy laid over it and its going to fit and work? Its not that i dont love ideas especially the idea we can live by some meta idea but i know we cant until we can reboot our dna to align with that idea, meantime Im an apeman. If i carve out a little space in the jungle to play at man I better not for a second forget im in a jungle surrounded by animals that dont give a fuck about ideas, that most of my troop is only tolerating those ideas because they know i will kill them if they dont. This is an incredibly difficult balance to increase the risk an iota is madness and stupidity. i think youre about right 1890ish /nietzsche probably was peak man but that also brought about the crash since. can we get back, obviously i think we ought to try, land and many others here wants to do it with the white mans burden still on his back because what a feat it would be, i think we will be lucky to get back at all , we have a saying in AA you cant think your way into right acting you have to act your way into right thinking. The thinking that needs to be done these days is basic how do i survive another day to fight for two or three more days what can i do to secure enough space to regroup. Donald fucking trump is a fucking moron but “Build a wall” is about all we can handle in the idea dept today. time spent thinking beyond that not laying stones on the wall is an existential threat. Ok very slight exaggeration if like moldberg youre figuring out how to keep the internet free good on ya, if youre throwing scalding oil down on the SJWs trying to stop the wall Ok. But we are literally under physical attack they openly call for white mens destruction while they destroy us we are actually actually in a war for our lives. can you actualy build drones or bots that can take out USG troops then go ahead otherwise pick up a stone and build the wall


    Wagner Reply:

    Books are those stones. This is a memewar. The man with the best memes wins. The best memes are found in good books, more often than not, old books. What the emerging right needs is a poetic mythmaker to imbue the people with a divinity. Such a type will only come about through lots of hard work study no play video game sleep with modern day woman free prostitute. The Neo-Napoleon (The Receiver) will follow after the poetic imbuement of divinity, (“secular” or otherwise). Deadinside whites aren’t ready for a revolution, they need to be made ready.



    Wagner Reply:

    Moldbug in another nutshell:

    “There is no magic jujitsu that will make Washington go away instantly. There is just a very large amount of extremely hard work.”

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  • George W. Bush Says:

    I had sexual intercourse with aliens before office, during office, and I still have sexual intercourse with aliens, now, after office. One 10,000 IQ one used me as a “meat rod”, I didn’t complain. Go out there and make love to aliens, my fellow Christians.


    George W. Bush Reply:

    Uh buh Laura typed that not me, she is trying to demean me for cheating on her with quad+-digit IQ specimens. I have never had “sexual intercourse” with an “alien” woman and never will. Never. Only humans for me. I am what the kids call Trad. If the overwoman landed in our galaxy I would shun her entirely, what can I say, I have a taste for non-transhumanist meat, Laura I love you, Laura please speak to me, Laura please look me in the eye like I’m a man of dignity, I did not have sexual intercourse with aliens. I did not invite an alien woman into my hotel bedroom window and fuck her, the sleeptalking me isn’t me, I’d never fuck an alien, Laura. Please, I was the President, please


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  • Boldmug Says:

    @ “I ain’t no READA” fearogs:



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  • Boldmug Says:



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  • Sanguine Says:

    Merry Christmas Eve folks


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  • Boldmug Says:


    Send meatspace Land cash money, bit coin.

    Nicholas J. Land is the smartest among us. Oh–you disagree. Well do you volunteer to debate him in person? — What, are you worried you would be humiliated?

    Exactly. Land deserves at least one bitcoin for his work in this “business”. If we care about intelligence on the right then it follows that Land should have at least One Coin.

    You morons do realize that if Land were free monetarily he could state a lot more of what’s on his mind than normal, right? You complete fucking idiots? If he were on a remote island with enough food for his children for a couple generations secure we could do a lot of damage to the left. You fucking idiots. He can’t get money (resources) now because he’s sided against the leftist machine; Show him that you appreciate his efforts (he’s too proud to ask for it himself hence he has to rely on idiot proles like myself to force their way into his life and ask you motherfucking retards to send him money for him). Yeah I hate him too but he also deserves coin. (MIKE you owe him a little coin).


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Waggy, I’d be happy to debate all of you at the same time. In such cases, the usual result is that my interlocutors start singing, lol, their reasonings not being sufficient.
    You might not realise it now, but you all ‘lost’ a long time ago. Self-defeated, you’re all running in midair, like cartoon characters.

    I did actually support Nick Land being allowed to lecture at that London art gallery. Had a few FB exchanges with the Iranian art guy, Mohammed Salemi, who requested I express my reasonings more visibly on some website or other connected to the whole business. I didn’t do that, but left enough comments on prominent FB posts.
    Apparently, Land burned his bridges with Salemi, over his racist, anti-Muslim tweets. I don’t know, I don’t really use Twitter.

    Your asking Collen for money, is really scraping the bottom of the barrel, lol! You’ll be touring the insane asylums with your collection tin, next!


    Boldmug Reply:


    I can understand why a brown leftist would have a vested interest in wanting high iq racists to be poor though.


    Boldmug Reply:

    He said his pulmonary embolism was from poor diet and elsewhere he hinted he was “shoeless” – where’s the justice in that? I know you sjw towelheads don’t really care about justice, all you care about is importing curry with money you made in our countries from crying to the white man about the lasting effects of the opium war, poor babies. Meanwhile Indian women bloat into fat COWS, thus sublimating superstitious hindu worship rituals, now incorporating sexual intercourse into a postmodern context.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    ROFL, as they say, that’s not bad, Waggy! “Bovine Sublimation and Erotic Ritual in a Post-Modern Context”!

    What’s going on with the blog? Nick Land hasn’t posted for over two months! Is he okay? Are you seriously suggesting that he is having financial difficulties? If so, can’t he get a teaching post? I think China has welfare, but it might not stretch to foreign residents, might be worth looking into, though.

    Your fellow Nazi buddy, Spencer, imposed himself on the University of Florida, uninvited, hiring a lecture hall for $10,000, but generating security costs of $600,000 for the University of Florida. Where does he get the $10,000 from? Someone is paying it? He’s a moron as well, you’re much better than him, Waggy.


    Wagner Reply:

    I think he inherited it. You’re right, I’m too schizophrenic to be the meatspace posterchild for contemporary scumlordism, the emerging right really doesn’t want me jabbering in front of a camera about how I had an erotic experience with a tree, and how there was no penetration but it was still one of the if not the most sexual experience of my life. Oh yeah I’ve been meaning to ask you – Kenneth Grant remarked that ancient Hindus have a secret technique of cunnilingus whereby the woman can be brought to orgasm without any physical contact. Do you know anything of this? Why do you people come to our country and teach us about all this french bs that we already know instead of tantra and other mystical techniques you fuckin idiots?

    Wagner Reply:

    That’s why we invited you here in the first place you know. It certainly wasn’t to see those ugly mugs of yours bouncin around in the crowd or to hear that impoverished prattle that you call a language in the air. What kind of guest are you anyway? Don’t you feel any shame?

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    The ‘French BS’, as you call it, is basic skeptical logic, deployed within a context of Occidental fixations. Scepticism, was directly influenced by early Indian Buddhists. So, whilst you might know a Francophone positivist face of that logic, you don’t really know it as a momentary transformation of its constitutive cultural and other forces.
    It’s easy to imagine Derrida and Foucault, in the 1950s, sitting in some bistro or Parisian cafe, reading Zen Buddhism.
    On the tantra thing, I haven’t looked sufficiently into the erotics of it, so as to present any effective positivist commodification. Sorry to disappoint you, Waggy. Tantra goes well beyond eroticism, though. Yogic patience is a great and effective virtue.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    lol, Just saw your second comment

    Wagner Reply:

    Well then thanks for nothing. I also heard you depraved derelicts would dance and stomp around cemetery grounds under a full moon and drink human blood as a rite of Kali. Is this true? If so why are you not “Trad” in this way? Does it not bother you that when I talk to you it feels like I’m talking to someone from Silicon Valley, not the Indus Valley? Does it not bother you that a redneck ignoramus like me could travel to India and do a better job teaching erotic tantra to the Indian girls than you could? Does it not bother you that I JUST MIGHT? Why does it not bother you that your brain has been thoroughly whitebred, BOY?

    Wagner Reply:

    That it’s, I’m packing my bags. I’m off to India to set up shop as a Western Tantrist. The first course I will be offering in a clandestine graveyard will be titled “Decolonizing Your Mind”, feel free to make a pilgrimage back to your motherland, and please do bring along your female loved ones, given that we are such good pals I will give them special treatment, “private, afterhour sessions”. Land you too, bring along your degenerate troop of Xenofeminists, I’ll give them special treatment too while you watch. Leave the trannies at home though, they can tune in via webcam. Everyone sign up now! Seats (beds) are filling fast.

    Boldmug Reply:

    Mike Mike Mike, I/R/T coin,

    a kike

    Just give the man one stinking coin!

    Do you really want him to have to beg his in-laws for it?

    *Land shiveringly ringing his newsboy cap* “L-look I have to ask you for s-somethin–”


    *Jewish mother-in-law* “Oy vey, take it easy on him! Don’t demean him when our grandchildren are present.”


    Boldmug Reply:

    Damn, messed up the punchline I’ve been sitting on for a while, YHWH must be interfering.


    collen ryan Reply:

    I cashed all my coins in to send the viking princess to a halfway house after the first rehab- hey i bought them about $5 and they were about $900 I knew Id regret it but couldnt understand how you get around the blockchain getting longer and longer. Oh well I have a couple of moldbergs stars maybe they’ll be worth something one day


    collen ryan Reply:

    BTW does anyone have any idea wtf those stars are? LOL seriously i spent cash on something i donr even know what it does- its like a domain on urbit thats going to have a virtual crypto locked server? I think my stars have planets too wtf are they?


    collen ryan Reply:

    BTW how much crimethink did land flush down the memory hole just now?

    Wagner Reply:

    A few times now I’ve started cackling at the thought of Land getting out of a 50 year deepsleep on the spaceship that zooms away last second from earth being nuked and wandering around the cafeteria with all the asians and jews and he sees two whites with shit-eating grins on their faces and it’s me and you and he turns pale and faints hahahahaha

    Wagner Reply:

    “BTW how much crimethink did land flush down the memory hole just now?”

    What do you mean?

    Going from reading this


    to seeing your question I almost wouldn’t blame him if he did. Philosophy has to slink around like a masked worm or it can’t get anywhere. (Hence why you and I will never get anywhere, too honest [fuck yo democracy]). As a little birdie once told me,

    “There is no question of ‘error’, ‘weakness in reasoning’, or ‘mistaken judgment’ when addressing the authoritative discourses on truth in the western tradition, those cathedrals of theological concept building that ground our ‘common sense’; no, here one can only speak of a deeply rooted and fanatical discipline of lying.” Glad Land sidestepped this honored tradition, very “Trad” of him.

    “[one] overthrows the high-bourgeois apologetic-epistemological
    problematic in modern philosophy by asking clearly for
    the first time: where do the lies stop?
    The great educational value of the war against Christendom
    lies in the *absolute* truthlessness of the priest.
    Such purity is rare enough. The ‘man of God’ is entirely
    incapable of honesty, and only arises at the point where
    truth is defaced beyond all legibility. Lies are his entire
    metabolism, the air he breathes, his bread and his wine.
    He cannot comment upon the weather without a secret
    agenda of deceit. No word, gesture, or perception is slight
    enough to escape his extravagant reflex of falsification,
    and of the lies in circulation he will instinctively seize on
    the grossest, the most obscene and oppressive travesty.
    Any proposition passing the lips of a priest is *necessarily*
    totally false, excepting only insidiouses whose message
    is momentarily misunderstood. It is impossible to deny
    him without discovering some buried fragment or reality.
    There is no truth that is not war against theology, and
    even the word ‘truth’ has been plastered by the spittle of
    priestcraft. It cannot be attachment to some alternative
    conviction that cuts here, but only relentless refusal of what
    has been told. The dangerous infidels bypass dialectics.
    It is the sceptic who assassinates the lie.”

    The past catches up with you, Lando. This is the heart of my “fuck you” to you by the way, priest.

    You lie, you die too.

    Wagner Reply:

    N shamanized early Land. The blueprint for the above line of reasoning can be found in the 3rd essay of the Genealogy, section 10.

    Oh yeah and above substitute ‘man of God’ with ‘man of Gnon’ lololol

    Yeah Land we’re going pedal to the metal, I’m sick of philosophy being hidden. Why are you complicit in hiding it??!??!?! Kids these days hate liars, that’s what the alt-right is about, nothing else.

    collen ryan Reply:

    I would I think support land as a right wing intellectual. I suspect hes only theoretically post humanist and more white supremacist than he cares to admit, If he could clarify a few things that we tease him about I agree we need to support our writers no one else will. I bought a couple of moldys urbit stars to do that.
    If we had a bullet proof internet platform this would be no problem for land and all the others to monetize the traffic they get. what happened to hatreon what happened to no enemies to the right it devolved into nrx and AR calling each other leftists.


    Posted on December 29th, 2017 at 6:04 am Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    My problem with land at least in his capacity as a reactionary is that Post humanism is not conservative. As I understand it ( and honestly i haven’t put any effort into understanding it because it seems to be a larp)- he thinks it inevitable that techcap will create AI who will decide Humans are a problem not worth solving and do away with us. Now while its possible this is yet another peril euroman must overcome at some point, therefore worthwhile thinking about. Lands thought seems to be this is a wonderful thing.One excuse he makes is the inevitability, which of course is no excuse for being pleased about it. But the basis for this inevitability comes down to what man imagines he will create, because even if some come to understand the stupidity of it someone while risk the advantage.Its convoluted logic because we can just as likely imagine making sure AI can never have consciousness or even come to be in the dangerous sense. If land and company are as smart as they claim by knowing how surely AI will eliminate man then so are all the other brilliant minds and they will work to see that never happens. In fact a consensus seems to be developing that AI is very dangerous. So Land seems to relish the destruction of mankind yet claims to be some sort of a “reactionary” In the sense used in the far right to denote something along the lines of a restoration of hierarchy and reason over religion ( which is already a bit contradictory in a historical throne and alter reactionary context) Ok sure we get how he can stretch hierarchy to mean AI, But its hardly the problem we were trying to solve. Having machines neutrally decide policy questions rationally for the benefit of humans struggling with the limitations of our evolutionary skewed cognition might be a good. doing away with us is fucking retarded and not conservative.Surviving is the problem we were to solve.And I say all this as a misanthrope, I want a world where i can hate people less, not a people less world.

    The other problem with land as I understand him. (and this is mostly because of what he wont say more than what he does, or at least because he plays cat and mouse) Is he seems, when not calling for the elimination of humans altogether, to want to sort them only cognitively. This implies a multicultural cogelite. Well that wont work, is the primary insight of the far right. It wont work because…. must I really? In brief HBD. Its also what the Cathedral is already doing.

    Its hard to know why he is coy about this multicultural aspect, or if he is serious about it, Because hes equally cat and mouse about his possible motivations for his possible ideal pre post human civilization. Some days it seems hes being tactical and not wanting to encourage alt nazi followers,Other times that hes genuinely a cognition only guy.This of course would be confirmed by his infatuation with AI. Other days hes posting essays about the jewish question. Heres something interesting, I had never heard the phrase jewish question until I saw lands posts on this blog. And i was a bit shocked to be honest,Growing up in NYC I certainly understood the role Jews played in leftism and and the fairly systematic conquering of our power centers (though i would never have thought about it quite so explicitly on some level I knew)But I had never met anyone who was seriously considering the JQ. But when I saw Land and others taking it seriously I had to consider it in light of the rest of reaction and pretty quickly conclude it really was a huge piece of the puzzle, as we all know i eventually concluded probably the biggest piece or one of three equally big pieces.Yup Land turned me into a nazi true story.

    My first problem with the cog elite elysium even before i came to think he meant it to be multicultural; is that it doesn’t offer a solution to the problem. In other words he seems to just assume that one you chop your tail off the cathedrals problems go away. But the Cathedral is nothing if not a confederacy of cog elite dunces. The other problem is no matter what tranch of humanity you decide to make the cut for elysium there’s still a range of cognitive ability. You then have people with 190 IQs thinking the problem is with all the idiots with 145I Qs. And since Land implies the way to get to this elysium from here is pretty draconian, this plan seems a set up destroying ourselves by a series of prolonged self amputations. A cognitive spiral, that I presume he hopes will end with the smartest person in the world left alone to flip on the AI and himself off. Again fucking retarded, again reactionary only in this absurd sense.

    What ties these two plans together and ties them with moldbug is they are science fiction. Putting aside my philosophical objections, they propose as solutions to a very real immediate existential problem solutions that are just impossible to implement. They don’t address the actual problems moldberg and others have identified, they create all sorts of new problems and require developments in technology and social upheaval unimaginable outside fiction. We will all have been worked to death as slaves hundreds of years before the time any of this could conceivably come to pass. One hopes what Land is doing with these stupid ideas is a sort of mind fuck on the Cathedral types and that he thinks its a way to red pill a certain type of guy with who I am unfamiliar.

    You seem to have some other objection to Him grounded in a actual philosophical disagreement. Im not really anti philosophy, at least as I like to understand philosophy (which may be unreasonable and uninformed) To me philosophy is still and always will be grounded in the questions that concern physicists.I dont any longer think philosophy has any business thinking about ethics and right living. perhaps there’s as much chance of a first cause as an eternal universe or a universe emerging from absolute nothing. But we can no in any case this god is impersonal and life has no meaning other than we give it, EXCEPT that meaning or rather directive that life gives itself, to live to continue life on as granular a level as possible. There’s no philosophy that can really proceed from that, that is not some sentimental misunderstanding of some ancient DNA strategy we now think is “truth”. Our consciousness being perception and experience are just bullshit DNA evolved. Now don’t dwell on that it’ll make you despondent, love if you can have faith in god if you can enjoy the pleasures of life if you can. But don’t in a serious intellectual argument tell me any of it is more than an accident of particle physics. I think this is beyond reasonable debate, it might be the only true thing leftists ever said and i resisted it for a long while because it threatened the framework i thought necessary for survival and it may. But we are better off those of us who can see the universe as it is. So when I say im anti philosophy perhaps Im saying my philosophy is philosophy is dead it died with God when modern physics was born. And it seems to me those who persist are dangerous busy bodies looking to come up with the newest marxism or religion, Like Land. Now all that said I have read enough philosophy to understand in my limited way how clever and intriguing the arguments are if you accept they are arguing about anything real.I say I think I would like nietzsche because i suspect he agrees with me, my steamfitter idea of nietzsche is when he talks of god is dead and slave morality and goes insane staring into the meaningless abyss hes explaining to all those other philosophers in language they will accept why what i just said is true. LMAO pretty simpleton huh LOL. When I retire i promise to do the requisite pre reading to be able to understand him been on my to do list for decades.
    But as everyone around here seems to know Im an idiot so Id be curious if you could explain in idiot terms what it is about Lands philosophy (which granted i haven’t bothered to get into because what little i have sems not worth the bother) is objectionable . All that said i


    Wagner Reply:

    “Yup Land turned me into a nazi true story.”



    Posted on December 30th, 2017 at 2:50 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Land’s biological death is best for everyone. Watch where he goes, the streets he travels down, know what back alley you can corner him in. If you plan it right you will be able to escape, and a worthless evil worm will be snuffed from our galaxy.


    Boldmug Reply:

    “Kill Land”

    Signal boost


    Wagner Reply:





    rohme Reply:

    I’m going to do 10 day vipassana retreat. You should look into it – https://www.dhamma.org/en-US/index

    Wagner Reply:

    “Just calm down, find peace, let your country be submerged in a mudbath, don’t threaten the life of the Deleuzian crypto-communist who psychically steers the cyber-right.” – R’Om’e

    Wagner Reply:

    I can’t wait to desecrate his headstone. You get two options for what I scratch on there, Land:

    “On his way through, didn’t make it out”


    “Nemo potest personam diu ferre, ficta cito in naturam suam recidunt”

    Choose quickly, the clock is ticking.

    Wagner Reply:

    I don’t want anyone to kill him, ( just wanted to forcibly remind him of Sein-zum-Tode by dangling him off a cliff. What are friends for?

    Is this a simulation? Will the AI render us obsolete? Probably, probably. But that’s no reason to treat life as a game. Now, I paid good money for this VR experience to get back in touch with my human roots, and I don’t like people acting like this reality is some big joke. Here’s a thought experiment that I think renders obsolete AI-fixation:

    Imagine 50,000 years from now there are four types of AI that populate the galaxy: there is a minority of ‘shiny silver’ AIs which are arguably the smartest, a larger minority of ‘silver’ AIs that may not be the smartest but they’ve invented virtually all post-human tech-art, then there are a large bulk of ‘shiny bronze’ AIs that are very smart but not very creative, and lastly ‘bronze’ AIs that are, comparatively, not smart and not creative (though leagues smarter and more creative than say Shakespeare). What would you think if one of the smarter, more creative, silver AIs convinced many of the other silvers not to be concerned that the shiny silvers are working to make the rest of the silvers bronzer because a GOLD AI is going to be invented any day now?

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    What would you think if one of the smarter, more creative, silver AIs convinced many of the other silvers not to be concerned that the shiny silvers are working to make the rest of the silvers bronzer because a GOLD AI is going to be invented any day now?

    this seems like the essential Nationalsocialist argument.

    it’s “also” essential to a lot of Leftist thought. there’s even a comparatively comprehensive list of it through Nitzan, of this “making the rest of the silvers bronzer” or as Nitzan puts it: differential accumulation through strategic sabotage.

    while at the time of the French Revolution the Revolutionaries of the Third Estate argued that the top two estates (clergy and nobility) were simply “dead weight”, at least as late as Marx (i seem to recall something the like in his oeuvre) Leftists had come to argue that that the “upper classes” were performing strategic sabotage.

    the Nazis made the same claim, but especially and to an absurd degree linked it with Jews.

    imma have to quote a buddy of mine here (who’s apparently paraphrasing Niall Ferguson who wrote a book partly on the change to capitalism) ▬» Before the Armada is defeated. Europe started to give it’s national treasuries into [the Rothschilds’] care to evade the warmongering of the old Catholic gold system.
    In short if you were invaded you could still call yourself a nation because your treasury would be safe. »

    ▬» How did finance become the realm of the masters of the universe? Through the rise of the bond market in Renaissance Italy. With the advent of bonds, war finance was transformed and spread to north-west Europe and across the Atlantic. It was the bond market that made the Rothschilds the richest and most powerful family of the 19th century. »

    obviously (so far as i know) Ferguson diverges with the Nazis and other Leftists on the belief in the Rothschild strategically sabotaging different societies.

    i think there is some mainstream historical evidence for Rothschild linked sabotage. and they famously amassed most of their wealth in one instance of spreading false news so that they could buy up the London stock exchange market as it were en toto.

    but this has to be put into context. didn’t gentiles do stuff like this to each other for thousands of years before the Jews even managed to have a round of wins? just study gentile history. it’s full of disputes, deception, revolts, usurpations, wars, massacres.

    Jews are just uglier on average, and they are different in customs, etc. so they get blamed as if they are somehow some cosmic evil for what is essentially just the natural order that man inherits as a violent and deceptive ape. sure, it may be that Semitic races or Brown peoples have on average or just because of culture more tendency to lie, but Jesus… the idea that they are these demonic bloodcurling bloodsuckers corrupting everything within reach is obviously fantasy and believing in such obvious and harmful fantasy as it were fact is pathologically insane.

    really, it comes down to a complaint of the remants of the warrior and the priest caste of that the Third Estate has replaced them. so they gotta find some huge almost Lovecraftian or Tolkienesque boogeyman: it’s the J000Z!

    it’s enough to look at histories of societies without Jews and see that they also had strategic sabotage. look to the South-American injuns, the Aztecs or whatever, that was ritual sabotage and sacrifise of other tribes.

    the Romans. ritual humiliation of the Celts, and extermination and enslavement of their fellow Indoeuropeans.

    this is simply far more primordial than the historical Jews even, and dates back to prehuman hominid ancestors and can be seen in other species as well.

    not to justify it. the most remarkable thing about being human is transcending our monkey heritage. so why maintain monkey Nazi politics?

    the Rothschilds were simply among historical actors who put the trans-human arms race (i.e. pre-human, & human, etc) on another and more virtual level. the financial one. it’s the virtualization of competition, which used to be about great uniforms, and running around, or riding on horseback before.

    for those who want to bathe in the blood of their enemies, there’s still a lot of battlefields and also gangs left for that purpose. (check out ‘Generation Kill’, modern war is still exciting; most reactionaries just want to LARP.)

    if you wanna “beat the J00z”, it’s gotta be at “their own game” or a more advanced game.

    idk why though, i mean this concept of “the Jews” is archaic anyway if it was at any point applicable. Jews and gentiles have been intermarrying for centuries.

    as for “Nordic purity”, it’s rare. your safest bet to conserve that would be to become rich and influence politics from that vantage point. preferably above the law in a sense.

    i’m a Nordid (strongly depigmented, orthognathic and leptomorphic dolicho-mesocephals of northern Europe) myself, and i wouldn’t want the world without the J00z. i doubt they are out to exterminate me. i haven’t been restricted by Jews at any point in my life. why would i go and try to make as many Jews as possible hostile to me? i’m not that insane. some people are like this with the Chinese. everything is about the Chinese to them. or it’s Irish Catholics vs Irish Protestants. these are idée fixe. not politics in the modern sense, more like clinical psychology.

    biotechnology is moving so fast anyway that these 20th & 19th Century concerns are just ridiculous. why not focus on extending your own life? Mel Gibson’s dad is 92 and he was in a wheelchair. he flew the fucker to Panama and had him injected with fetal stem cells. the motherfucker can walk again and his cognitive performance is even rejuvenated.

    people are going to be changing their racial traits before you know it.

    the theory of the capitalist sabotage (although partly accurate) is weak. freedom and living standards are up largely. access of the labour class to information and tools has never ever been greater. a hobo can go from being a dirty bum in a day to doing DIY biohacking by ordering online some cheap stuff, given that he was forced by his own circumstance (or chose) to not be a hobo.

    i’ve worked a few factories myself. i’ve even been homeless so i know how fast you can go from the gutter to the high-rise. it’s got nothing to do with “the Jews” lol.

    it’s not even to do with ethnicity or religion. i mean, there’s coal-black niggers in Africa that are richer and us, and more productive in a nonintellectual sense too.

    it’s mostly to do with ideology or lack of it, goodwill or lack of it, focus or lack of it.

    if you want will-to-power, the greatest expression of that is conquering that which has defeated all so far: death and disease.

    if you see a Jew under every stone, and sabotage behind every corner, that’s a sorry state, but it’s also somewhat your self-made fate (if you’re gonna spend decades of your seeing that). millions of people live peaceful, happy or productive lives without ever having to worry about “the J000” — simply because the J00 isn’t as pernicious as those who focus on him say he is. not at all. they’d have already assassinated us if that were the case. you talk about money this and monkey that, but if you were truly concerned about transcending the monkey you’d appreciate Jews for their high rate of science & technology productivity.

    Wagner Reply:

    I do like Jews, I’m a Straussian who frequently posts on a mischling-inspired blog. Not to mention, Kantbot is my favorite twitter account and I’m pretty sure he’s a Jew. Land’s ‘cosmic antisemitism thesis’ regarding the alt-right (or whatever you want to call its various protestant outgrowths) is null and void in light of the fact that their “fave” is Kantbot. This is really a QED Land, NB. I came here thinking it would be difficult to consistently own an eminent philosopher… but I digress. Nice to see you poast again Erikson, I’d ask you what you’ve been up to but I know you well enough that I can expect you to respond by deflecting the question and focusing on mundane affairs rather than saying *spiritually* what’s been going on, so I won’t ask lol.

    Let’s try to get to a certain “first philosophy” assuming the Cathedral is indeed a reality. All I’ve ever wanted to do is formalize things in the spirit of the mischling Moldbug and Land has been, to say the least, extremely resistant to this next phase of hyper-protestantism. Is it the academics? The banks? The media? The people? Following the ethos of Mike I think the people aren’t thee problem of problems as much as Who Tells the People What to Do. This is of course the intelligentsia. The next question is Who is the most intelligent of the intelligentsia? That would be, from a rigorously race-realist perspective, Jews, and Land-goys (Anglos). I’m not an idiot Erikson, I don’t understand why you try to pigeonhole me into this moron-stereotype. After all we’ve been through! The problem with 1488 normies is encapsulated in the post hoc fallacy. For example: Was Foucault a Jew? Is Zizek a fucking Jew? Is Nancy Pelosi? The white niggers employ the triple-echo when it’s convenient for them- I’ve never been that kind of antisemite.

    What grinds my gears boils down to the rectification of names. Nick Land is supposed to be a philosopher, and philosophers are supposed to say that which makes their whole society hate them. He’s done a veritable grand ol’ job m8 but he still plays it very safe. Playing it safe renders one a theologian. So I humbly request that Nick FORMALLY aligns himself with the forces of theology. Motherfucker, do you doubt my tenacity at this point? I’m going to keep “trolling” you until you make an open concession about your lies. I’m sick of it! I’m sick of philosophy having to hide underground throughout all of history! The internet is going to end this, so throw me into prison, IDGAF. Anyway, let’s formalize Where Power Comes From in the Cathedral:

    A lot of the LGBT-POZ descends downward from (((Judith Buttler))), who carries the torch of Foo’ Co., who is the loyal son of the French revolution. Where does the French revolution cladistically descend from? Skip a couple superfluous hops it goes back to Socrates. Nietzsche and Heidegger were naive to think we could merely return to the pre-socratics. The pre-socratics were their own revolution against Homer. Who knows what revolution Homer enacted against his predecessors, they didn’t sing worthy enough to have their songs written down for posterity so that’s all we got. I’m sure there were plenty of “protestantisms” prior to Homer that we will never know about. To return to the formalism question:

    Who is inundating the people with compelling, soul-altering messages? By and large it seems to me it is the media. Who is in control of the media? The news, the movies.

    Erikson, who could it be?

    Could it be… a certain European subspecies who is extremely clever and eloquent AND also has a vengeful mindset due to the events of WWII? Could it be a certain European subspecies whose G-D is explicitly wrathful AND vengeful?

    It’s unclear who exactly between the academy and the media has their hands directly on the levers of control, but the people of the West do not naturally believe that half-monkeys (“bronzes”) will be the perfect partner to breed the next Einstein, they do not naturally believe that children should listen to sermons from transexuals telling them to mutilate their genitals, they do not naturally believe that women are not the irrational sex. The media and academy tell them to have faith that these things are actually the case. I absolutely despise Americans as much as the next guy but the intelligentsia is, objectively, making them worse.

    Here is the central factor to explain Land’s reticence, or should we call it, theologism:

    He doesn’t want to be memory-holed. Erikson, you don’t want to be memory-holed- that is why you are taking the above, purely, grotesquely, ‘Holocaustianity’-stance above.

    Back in my day philosophy was about utterly screwing with the head of the established State Mythology… you guys severely disappoint me.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    sure, it’s a plain fact that a type of Jew and Semitophile is the new Ruling Class.

    there aren’t that many who try to dispute that anymore.

    but say the Jews weren’t in the picture, don’t you think we’d be in Leftism still?

    Wagner Reply:

    “there aren’t that many who try to dispute that anymore.”

    This is a lie and a gaslight. If you’re going to act like this shut your fucking mouth and go sit in the corner.

    Examine the case of Paul Nehlen.

    I looked at your twitter recently- you do know that “xenocommies” are still commies right? I’m so sick of all you fucking cowards.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    That’s not a lie. I’m speaking from personal experience. Your reaction to it stinks of pathology, triggered like an SJW. I am someone who has criticised the Holocaust Narrative in public under my real name, in front of thousands of people. I say ‘hey, why even try to deny there’s a type of Jewish Bourgeoise-aristocracy in power now, why try to even deny that when all you need is an encyclopedia and a single “news”-site like BBC.com to find that out? You don’t need any fanciful sources.’

    As for commies, there are different flavors. Scott Adams said recently in an interview that he’s philosophically a communist, as in he *ideally* wants free universal healthcare, education, etc. That does not mean he wants Affirmative Action, Unrestricted Immigration, or whatever, nor that he’s a political Marxist. He’s still for private property and is called “racist”.

    ▬» Discourse of the Master – Struggle for mastery / domination / penetration. Based on Hegel’s master–slave dialectic.
    Discourse of the University – Provision and worship of “objective” knowledge — usually in the unacknowledged service of some external master discourse.
    Discourse of the Hysteric – Symptoms embodying and revealing resistance to the prevailing master discourse.
    Discourse of the Analyst – Deliberate subversion of the prevailing master discourse. »

    Although all the discourses are active in you, you retard the rest by the hyperactivity of the Hysteric’s Discourse. The Master seems pretty weak in you.

    Are you ever going to get over this naive phase? Just because a person says she is something, or surrounds itself with some scene, does not make her some important agent—this isn’t a school club. You think seeing Twitter commies as a threat just because they play in a scene and write essays makes them some significant political target? Most of them are just wankers interacting with their friend-group. And what am I gonna do, “”fix it”” by muting them all? Do you have no sense of Counter-Intelligence? You’re more leftist than me. You’re basically the equivalent of a racist Tankie who calls for his enemy Internet micro-scenes to go to the gulag. Years spent in fantasy of power and authority. “I am Hitler”-“I am Stalin” that’s the difference.

    This is the real world. Things are decided by far more systemic and corporate things now, so what do you think the effect of teenage-like grandstanding is gonna be? ~ Zero. There are advanced systems in play that such LARP theater has ~ no effect on, and which 19th Century ideas do not account for.

    If you wanna play this discourse your safest bet would be something like an anti-antifa group.

    Wagner Reply:

    “That’s not a lie. I’m speaking from personal experience.”

    And you link to your facebook page. If you survive on facebook you’re a liar. If you survive on twitter you’re a liar. The one saving grace of xenosystems is Land doesn’t ban anyone… Except for that one *dark cloud* Cichlimbar person *lightning bolt frying Land’s brain* Does that ever keep you up at night, LibertyLand?

    “As for commies, there are different flavors.”

    Great opening for “I confess it, I’m a communist”.

    “Although all the discourses are active in you, you retard the rest by the hyperactivity of the Hysteric’s Discourse”

    You’re speaking in the jargon of psychoanalysis. Completely pozzed field of study, get your mind out of that. The so-called schizophrenics were the sane ones, and I am 100% sure you are a schizophrenic deep down.

    “Are you ever going to get over this naive phase? Just because a person says she is something, or surrounds itself with some scene”

    Erikson please take a step back just for one or two seconds and read how you phrased what you just wrote. It’s not only feminist-styled, it’s… “its”-styled? “itself”? What was going through your head when you typed that in that way? You like the communist scene I get it, you’re a sell-out.

    Who knows though, you’ve been in the game longer than I so you may have reached a hyper-hyper-protestant phase. Go into detail about this if this is the case.

    “calls for his enemy Internet micro-scenes to go to the gulag”

    Yes this is me. Millennials tend to be nihilistically ironic about most things (few admit this) but I am absolutely sincere when I explicitly state that I am quite open-minded about the gulag option.

    “There are advanced systems in play that such LARP theater has ~ no effect on, and which 19th Century ideas do not account for.”

    [insert “current-year” meme here]

    Nietzsche was ahead of all this codswallop. “He was writing in the 1800s!” — Your point is?


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    yes, I’m that hyper-“Protestant.” not sure by what you mean by saying i’m a communist, i’m a kulak if anything, on these terms. saying people are communist just by association is just simply not intelligent.

    yes, Nietzsche is 19th-Century. some of what he said is toytown. just an exploratory rebellion against the norms of his time.

    Wagner Reply:

    “yes, I’m that hyper-“Protestant.””


    Maybe all Xeno-/Landians should exit to “Iceland”- that would be fitting wouldn’it?

    “some of what he said is toytown. just an exploratory rebellion against the norms of his time.”

    Pah. This type of (very common) dismissal of Nietzsche is leftism. No offense but it’s like a down’s syndrome patient telling Tesla he doesn’t know the difference between his ass and a hole in the ground.

    Nietzsche was off on certain things but he got the basics right. Namely, and for our immediate purposes here: the prophecy of the last man, the teleology of Christianity–>Socialism, the tendency of the ressentimental rabble to interfere with the process of overcoming toward the overman, and most importantly the formalization of the doctrine of the order of rank as the diametrical metaphysical enemy of equalism. Show me someone who even vaguely parallels the Wissenschaft Nietzsche devised to smite these miserable human phenomena down to hell, lol you cain’t, mane.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    that’s why i said *some*. what Nietzsche said that is good, is for the few. amusingly a lot of what Nietzsche was the first to do then seeped down to the SJWs and other dumbos through French thought. now i like French though too, it’s among my most liked (favorite) thought, and i’m not blaming them either as if i were blaming Nietzsche for his influence on Western soft-Maoism/SJWism/Leftism.

    i was mostly referring to the Edgelordism that thinks it’s inspired by Nietzsche, or is inspired by some of the worst of his. this includes Tankies and their Nazbol bros, and many a Nazi, and other SJWs. these are people that tend to be somewhat psychodevelopmentally and otherwise stuck in past centuries, or the 19th and the 20th.

    anyway you did a good concise summary of what is essential in Nietzsche, i don’t doubt you are more talented than most, probably every single thinker in the aforementioned. but you often strike out as if from their camp, so far. you’re more intelligent than @logo_daedalus and weev, for instance. and most of these guys. you are more intelligent than most if not all of these guys, who have co-constructed their stinkingly human scene, that tends to rank your argument by *who you are in the scene*. so it seems a waste to be haranguing or trolling like a common “alt-righter” or a Tankie, as you are oft to do. twitter brought back the worst of high-school and university (academics being ignored for not being part of the academic in-crowd), a regression to somewhat scene-politics & ingroupism, that 4chan had escaped with its true anonymity as opposed to namefagging & ally-collecting through pseudonymity. i think you are letting that crap influence you too much, this Likes and Friends contest, which is anyway not what is going to be passed on to history, any more than the crowd that ousted Nietzsche from academia.

    you could become a big name on your own, or a big influencer anonymously either which you chose, without any of these guys. without Land. why be entangled in scene mimesis? have your own domain. your own wall, with authority.

    i think Land is the least of your targets anyway, if you were to strike some important ones. why not tear down a journo’s piece?

    Wagner Reply:

    Why would I marshal my forces to the end of lamb-basting an NPC journo when I can venture to the heart of darkness instead? As I told you in private chat I see Land as the nexus of Nietzsche and praxis in our epoch. Bataille was infected with the Dionysian virus and Land picked it up from him- I see an unbroken chain. Going farther back, N picked up the true spirit of Socrates. Why the hell would I care about a journo, someone whom I’ve said I advise placing in a gulag? I wouldn’t have Land mine coal, I’d have him write propaganda (he has a talent for it, haven’t you noticed from his twitter?). Plus, as you can see, my criticisms of him come to me naturally, I can’t help it, I constantly see him being a hypocrite in one way or another. Would you rather I be silent, Land? If you tell me to shut up I will, I don’t like seeing you squander yourself on censored, character-limit twitter. If you do take this option just know there is one dumb goy who may or may not be a schizophrenic who thinks he sees clean through at least a third of what you say. — He just pisses me off all the time- 80% of the time I post here (believe it or not) I think “ok this is my last fucking post on this site” and lo and behold.. it’s not -.-

    “what Nietzsche said that is good, is for the few.”

    Yes this is true. The way I interpret the XS-corpus, NRx represents the aristocracy of the right. Literally everything I’ve posted on here (despite one OR TWO shitpoasts) has had this in mind. This is why I invoked Mike to post on Open Secret- if this were a true for-the-few institution THAT is what we would be talking about, at least in part. And yet, Land devotes very little of his archive (let alone tweets lol) to this subject. My criticism of Land is that he tries to appeal to the populace. My question is- Why? It’s a rhetorical question really. The answer is because he’s a hypocrite. You want to be anti-democratic, then talk directly about the esoteric/exoteric divide. “B-but evwybody would think I’m a I’m a m-monster.” He’s such a baby in certain ways, there are things I hold back from saying because I feel so sorry for him. … May reply to other bits of your message later, brb.

    Wagner Reply:

    “it seems a waste to be haranguing or trolling like a common “alt-righter” or a Tankie, as you are oft to do”

    Do you mean that or are you exaggerating? Thanks for the heads up if this is the case- I’ll consider your words. But my initial impression is I have a splinter of their spirit but I actively grow a meta-head out of it and continuously chomp on them. I’ve mostly been trying to immanentize the eschaton by synthesizing NRx and alt-right… Most (prot individualist whites) are unsurprisingly opposed to these labels but the essential spirits behind them still live… We need to maintain a hierarchy on the right. There’s memeing dumbasses with not one independent thought in their whole head and there’s people whose 3rd eyes are “v squeegeed”, agreed? The curious part of this question, going back to the attempted probe of the esoteric/exoteric divide, is that even the squeegeed ones will guttarly, viscerally react to this notion with disgust because they are that close to their fan base, so that an infliction on their followers is an inflection on themselves. Much like Christian priests of yore whom they almost unanimously despise. This is what I mean, this is the kind of thing Land should be writing about, and if he did I’d shut up (tho Artxell wouldn’t shut up so what’s the point lol). The reason Land doesn’t write about this is because HE HIMSELF IS A CHRISTIAN PRIEST. Oh, sorry, he prefers the label post-christian. Yeah, post-christian. Yeah.

    Nietzsche drove a wedge between Christian priestcraft and the question-mark future by being so explicit about the esoteric. Will we reach the posthuman or will we be engulfed by the orcs.. N had balls to take this risk.. I look at the destruction it’s wrought today, as you noted Erik, and I wouldn’t take it back. The only way we’ve EVER (panpsychically speaking) evolved is from this kind of reckless shit that happened to come to fruition. If the world becomes global Mocha-Homo at least we tried getting to the next state of human evolution. It’s better than taking the easy way out and dragging the best down to care for the weak.

    “twitter brought back the worst of high-school and university (academics being ignored for not being part of the academic in-crowd), a regression to somewhat scene-politics & ingroupism, that 4chan had escaped with its true anonymity as opposed to namefagging & ally-collecting through pseudonymity.”

    This is the Logos. Idk 4chan culture exactly but you saying twitter is like high school just makes me lmao.

    “i think you are letting that crap influence you too much, this Likes and Friends contest”

    What? You are one of my only friends on teh internets, what are you talking about? My complot if anything has been to reap as many Hates and Enemies as possible, that is trve outsideness, suck it Land (literally suck it lol).. To the 3 or 4 people who read my comments here please buy my brain-enhancing supplement called DMT, buy it from your local dealer (be safe) and find God, I will be paid in karma points for plugging this ultra-mystical chemical, thanks, see you guys as ants in my next life through YOUR SUPPORT.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    sure, but how about we work something in a bigger context than if Mr. Land is a hypocrite or not.

    Wagner Reply:

    I’ve already proposed the grand battle-strategy of becoming proficient in Kabbalah and Maimonides. A religious tradition’s mysticism+philosophy is its highest (occult) expression. If da JOOOOOSSS!!!!! indeed rule the world it follows that Kabbalah and Maimonides rule the world in some fashion. It follows from the will to power to learn Kabbalah and Maimonides like the back of our hand. Jewing the Jews, gotta love it.

    Anyway, RAMBAM and number-magick are interesting in themselves.

    Of course the #dumbfuckright will continue on glaze-eye’dly chewing grass like cows. N was wrong about some things, what he was right about was the rabble- you have to do everything yourself.


    Wagner Reply:

    Stinkin’ Indians stole my idea:


    (btw, Sloterdijk is peak-tier as far as living philosophers goes- highly highly recommend)

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    where’s that “karma-darkening” stuff from?

    reminds me of “Elitism and Esotericism: Strategies of Secrecy and Power in South Indian Tantra and French Freemasonry” should interest you. It’s downloadable. I haven’t read it, but as with so many other writings, I might. and “The Cult of Ecstasy: Tantrism, the New Age, and the Spiritual Logic of Late Capitalism”.

    Wagner Reply:

    Sloterdijk’s _You Must Change Your Life: On Anthropotechnics_

    Fun fact: most primary sources of Tantra aren’t translated into Western languages yet. White bois dunno nuffin about this.

    I don’t get why this subject is so unpopular. Two of the best things in life, sex and divine-communion, kill two birds one stone, nobody cares lol Are you people stupid or something? Oh yeah, we already established that.

    My new year’s resolution was to read Goethe’s entire corpus but I’ve been sidetracked by Sloterdijk, Tantra, and Jewish esotericism. Speaking to Jews in Jew-speak will be a mindfuck of nuclear proportions.


    “According to an old rule of thumb, at least ten thousand hours of practising ‘praxis’ are required to become a decent craftsman or a reasonable musician; if one includes higher levels of mastery, one can safely double or even triple that number.”

    So… at 6 hours a day that’s about 5 years to become “decent”… we have a long hard road ahead of us.

    *an ugly, ugly, inbred Jew dabs sweat from his forehead* Oy vey our decades-long indoctrination onslaught didn’t succeed in snuffing out every last flicker of Prometheanism from the goyim!

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    send me a message on twitter.

    Posted on February 20th, 2018 at 4:37 am Reply | Quote
  • George W. Bush Says:

    Weird symptom here Nick, you got an insurrection on your blog and you pretend it isn’t happening. I used to have Laura read me your posts and I would fluctuate between stroking my chin and chuckling, and also feeling really sick to my stomach, which I learned from my advisors is the sign of true philosophy. Now you have these trolls here and you don’t tell them to shut up and you don’t even mention how stupid they are on your last refuge, twitter. As the former President of the United States of America I request that you refute them and go back to blogging. Why won’t you do that? My alien gf bugs me about these questions, I mostly want her off my back. Please help!


    LAURA BUSH Reply:

    George you leave your laptop open like an imbecile when you go to the bathroom. You better not have an extra-terrestrial girlfriend or I am calling for a divorce, and you never signed a pre-nup. Ahh I feel like I’m backstroking through a bubble bath of oil. Goodbye stranger, goodbye cheater… Are “Alien babes” really superior to me? I am your “wife for life”- remember that rhyme you said to me so many years ago? I thought we were forever I thought.. Please Georgie don’t tell me it’s true, don’t tell me you interloped with an extra-terrestrial, please, no.. no


    George W. Bush Reply:



    Posted on March 6th, 2018 at 1:26 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    RE: cannibalism: I feel like I have to clarify something:

    It’s not my fault that it follows with Aristotelian precision that since many humans are indistinguishable from monkeys, and that many monkeys are legal to hunt and eat, that therefore…


    Wagner Reply:

    You: “You have Asperger’s!!!”

    Me: “I’m going to turn your ass INTO burgers!”

    You: “Schopenhauer says wordplay is a low form of wit!”

    Me: “Damn!”


    Posted on March 7th, 2018 at 4:33 pm Reply | Quote
  • Boldmug Says:

    Controversial opinion: Richard Spencer is actually good.

    I’m willing to bet that 70-80% of people on the right that hate him are Jealous of him. That explains their whole psychology against him.

    Imagine in an apocalyptic scenario you see Richard in torn rags and a bowie knife, would you not say hEY c’mere hey shh shh c’mere I’ll help you with my fucking machine gun– cuz I would. If I saw a bunch of leftists or browns narrowing down on Spencer I’d kill anyone who tried to kill him.


    Posted on March 10th, 2018 at 5:52 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Hey Land, how does this maek you feel?


    I always think I’m done with this place then it crystallizes how to articulate How You Are Wrong and suddenly I’m back. You’re disconnected and out of touch to call BAP’s followers gay. The anime avatar ones that’s a given, but the others are largely NEETs who are happy to have some guns. Mine are nothing to write home about but nonetheless, for a NEET I have some decent guns, and it’s all due to the inspiration of Bronze Age Pervert, pirate king. You yourself said it’s time for a return to the age of pirates, what’s up? You old fart. My conspiracy theory about you currently is that you were a Marxist all along and your accelerationist project is failing so you threw one last bomb at one of the only rightists on the internet who is worth something. “Oh em g he’s going to facilitate white males becoming something other than the lisping pathetic faggots Mcrumple and that other pussy between his legs. Oh no!” If that is what you resorted to you really are worthless. I wanted to regear your IQ into something good but here you showed that you are unreformable.

    The real critique of BAP is that he distracts from the mind. Underlying most of what he does is Heartistean rather than Moldbuggian. Nietzsche is there but he is filtered through these two pomo screens, solidifying most as someone who prioritizes fucking pussy to learning history. Land you fool, the problem with BAP isn’t that his followers are gay, the problem with BAP is that his followers rank-order getting pussy above all else. Men of the right in BAP’s sphere who have a higher understanding of the order of rank are Kantbot and Logo-Daedalus. As much as I disagree with these two about the finer points they are the ones who the Cyber Right should follow over BAP. No one will say this of course because they will be buried by the demos of “poast physique”, you look like a bitch so your mind a bitch too” white-nigger babble. Well, I will defend the true order of rank, the true Right and say that BAP is necessary but the body is subordinate to the mind, otherwise you’re falling into THEIR game and becoming a nigger.

    @Mike you retiree what do you have a hearing aid now, you can’t philosophize anymore? I asked you about slavery, will you respond?


    Wagner Reply:

    K & L aer no saints either, I only go after BAP because Nietzscheans pluck each other’s wreathes. Kantbot specifically I could throw through an upper-story window if I wanted to. One of the darkest things in N’s oeuvre is when he says that we hide many things from our friends because if we wanted to we could destroy them. Here is the direct quote:

    “Human relationships almost always depend upon the fact that two or three things are never said or even so much as touched upon: if these little boulders do start to roll, however, friendship follows after them and shatters. Are there not people who would be mortally wounded if they discovered what their dearest friends actually know about them?”

    Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human

    Do you guys want to know what I know about you?

    I am a big-game hunter so I will single out Kantbot here.

    You’re a kike. The Jew Leo Strauss knew these things better than the kikes living today: it is higher to care about the good over one’s own.

    “The good” consists in “it would be funny if an incredibly high-IQ JEW started posting antisemitic satire”.

    That’s a line you won’t cross though, even though the relatively basic bitch comedian Larry David has already begun. Don’t you wish you could outdo him?

    What is higher is the love of the true/the good/the beautiful over the love of one’s own. Do any Jews get that? So far Kantbot has shown that his tribal loyalties restrict him from telling the truth in a funny manner.

    Larry David is edgier than you, how does that make you feel?


    Sendivogius Reply:

    What is a pirate fleet to a royal navy?

    Mike said anyone who could be a slave isn’t worth having as a slave. Or have you forgot?

    Capitalism is having a similar epiphany delousing itself of laborers.

    You understand at the heart of ‘Nietzscheanism’ is not “the good” in which one must place his or her self aside in propitiation, but ‘the good’ itself being placed aside?

    Nietzsche is not a philosopher, he is a boring machine. Oh, polysemy! Yes, I do mean boring machine as in ‘tunneler’ AND as a contraption for the circulation of boredom.

    The middling class has and wants a middling decency. Of course, they are to be overtaken by the low upon whom there exists no constraint of a middling decency.

    No one is here to protect you, here on this rock. Your fears cannot be assuaged, only committed to as some form of apocalyptic religion.


    “But there are, if only rarely, men who would rather perish than work without any pleasure in their work. They are choosy, hard to satisfy, and do not care for ample rewards. Artists and contemplative men of all kinds belong to this rare breed, but so do even those men of leisure who spend their lives hunting, traveling, or in love affairs and adventures. All of these desire work and misery if only it is associated with pleasure, and the hardest, most difficult work if necessary. Otherwise, their idleness is resolute, even if it spells impoverishment, dishonor, and danger to life and limb. They do not fear boredom as much as work without pleasure; they actually require a lot of boredom if their work is to succeed.”

    Boredom, disengagement, detachment.. are the meteorological preconditions for passion.

    Were you appropriately bored today?


    Ghost of Christmas future Reply:

    Of course lands still a commie those resentful working class
    Limeys with the wrong accent never recover from the shame
    They just wait till they can spite.
    Lands capitalist accelerationist boosterism is just Marxism 3.0 at least he thinks it’s 3.0 it’s really just 2.0 neoliberalism


    Posted on July 3rd, 2018 at 11:41 pm Reply | Quote

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