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What if someone told you that you were the reincarnation of Jesus, and that it was your destiny to save the world from political and economic destruction? […] Jack Cohen had his whole future before him. Just nineteen years old, he was a gifted athlete, a genius scholar, and a mixed martial arts prodigy, capable of leaving his mark in any number of ways. But his world turns suddenly upside down when a mesmerizing domme, Mary McDonald, enters his life and insists that he is Jesus 2.0 — and that it is his mission to wage spiritual and political warfare on the establishment of Washington, D.C. Beautiful, clever, yet dangerous, Mary also tells Jack that she was chosen from above to lead him to his mission. Though he tries to resist, Jack finds himself thrust into a journey of sexual, spiritual and political awakening that will forever alter his life… and change the course of the world. […] A blend of Atlas Shrugged, Fifty Shades of Gray and The Shack, mixed together with a megadose of PEDs, Kill Jesus is a wild, page-turning ride that will open your mind to a new way of thinking, while shattering any notions of a pacifist or puritanical Messiah.

Readers love it. One comments (“Surprising Book”):

I was surprised that I couldn’t put this book down. It was a combo of an eastern philosophy version of Conversations with God, UFC fighting, mommy/daddy porn, and Austrian economics mixed into one. The only thing I would change if I could was a little less of Ayn Rand but that’s just my taste. …


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  • Jesus! | Neoreactive Says:

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Gotta sex it up somehow, but then you end up with McBurger and not meat. The eternal demotist threat within the gates of good ideas.


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  • Tentative Joiner Says:

    >What if someone told you that you were the reincarnation of Jesus […]?

    Scott Alexander has a neat little short story where he considers a more personally dreadful question (for the epistemically confident): what if someone told you you weren’t?


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  • neovictorian23 Says:

    Check out the “Look inside”!

    “You could end up the first Jewish President.”

    Looks absolutely delicious to me. Stranger in a Strange Land seems to be another reference point.


    neovictorian23 Reply:

    UPDATE: If you like Illuminatus you’re gonna LOVE this thing. It’s Zen-Rand-Man from Mars-Crowleyanity with BDSM overtones. Almost like some projects at a certain English Uni some years back.


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  • 4candles Says:

    When Jesus goes legion (no one is left to hear you scream).


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  • viriya Says:



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  • Jesus! | Reaction Times Says:

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  • Stirner Says:

    At first glance, the plot seems like a Ted Cruz slash fanfic.


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  • Dark Psy-Ops Says:

    An amusing thing about socialism, besides the poverty, is its creation of a provisional “consumer culture”, as a consequence of its replacing real wealth production with a fiat rule of sham abundance. Scarcity is understood not as a constant limit of economic reality, but as an artificial imposition “created” by a lack of central planning, brought on by the resistance of private property to progressive economic reform. Hence anything short of an infinite supply of resources is blamed on the saboteur or “neoliberal”. Only another way that the incentive effects of a socialist regime result in a radically dissimilar outcome than theoretically intended. This might seem slightly off-topic, but we are fighting against political and economic destruction, so understanding delusional socialist structures are important.

    (I have some more thoughts on the mystery of Christianity on the way, just need some more time to articulate.)


    michael Reply:

    thanks for your syn ops of Nietzsche btw been meaning to read him because suspect i have had similar line of thoughts on a more modest scale no doubt would it be fair to characterize what you termed as life wanting more than to just survive as being akin to pressing an advantage in a game that would be a winning evolutionary tactic no? My thoughts started when i figured i had to concede the lefts subjectivity argument about morality and while their own pet morals were a consolation i assumed the horror i was anticipating was what Nietzsche meant by God is dead that he wasn’t bragging he was terrified [ i see by what you wrote that wasnt what he quit meant] anyway without god O really see no objective arbiter except! lifes purpose; to survive to replicate; would be an objective good and while the first level its dog eat dog as soon as excess resources are available [including a offspring] then its a game theory morality of how best to cover exigencies by betting further and further out on less perfect gene copies its like a guy that goes from starving to billionaire and how he changes what he does with resources the gulfstream might seem like it has nothing to do with survival but it does. well anyway you wont be the first do deride my idea but i just dont see anything thats actually objectively good that doesnt proceed from survival/ reproduction.


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  • John Hannon Says:

    I see the author is being obsessively cyber-stalked by a neo-Advaita Vedantist – i.e. someone who claims they don’t really exist. From Germany, apparently.


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  • MerryMag Says:

    @John HannonGod, that made me laugh!! ‘…from Germany, apparently…’


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