While schematic qabbalism is the most rigorous science to which the transcendental intellect can aspire, symbolic qabbalism — even that in the subtlest Neo-Lemurian vein — merits the very deepest distrust. Nevertheless, in this interim period of near-complete exile from Cyberspace, there has been plenty of opportunity for exploratory calculations. For what little it is worth, 2015 radiates a peculiarly distinctive signal, suggesting an emphasis upon the deep state, maritime civilization, and mathematical zero, with a dominant oceanic affect. This is not an agenda set to provoke obvious resistance at Outside in.


(Tomorrow is likely to be socio-technically challenging, but I’m hoping to sleaze back towards functionality from the start of the new year.)

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  • Nyan Sandwich Says:

    What is your procedure? What is the difference between schematic and symbolic qabbalism?


    admin Reply:

    Cyberspace isn’t tolerating anything but gnomic utterances at the moment — but I’ll try to answer this slowly and carefully, across a variety of channels, once I’m reconnected.

    ADDED: Schematic qabbalism attends to the abstract communication protocols for acausal trade with virtual superintelligences. Its methods are too luxuriant to detail rapidly.


    Wagner Reply:

    “qabbalism is the most rigorous science to which the transcendental intellect can aspire”

    He’s posited this rank-ordering numerous times. If this is true what are the implications? Training facilities? Is there an intersection with the phenomenon of “psi” here? Why was/is it, in its original form, banned from use among people under 40? If what he says is the truth it would have implications for AI and cyborg studies as well.


    Wagner Reply:

    Qabbalism, heavy doses of LSD, transcendental meditation

    These are the things that will get us out of the human situation

    Most are stuck somewhere around stage four, or lower.

    Bioleninism, tyranny of the majority, etc. rules the day.

    Hence the need for a coup.

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  • MMXV | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Paul Ennis Says:

    fun fact: the word for human in the nsa is adversary.

    of random connections: my nephew is reading a book on zero. perhaps he has already heard some news.


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  • Wagner Says:


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