Moron bites (#29)

This guy clearly spends a lot of time listening to the Alt-Right.

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  • Asher Says:

    It appears that tweet is deleted, although his timeline is a continuous trickle of the sort of Marxism that was outdated by the 1980s. At some level this guy has got to know that his vulgar Marxism isn’t the future.


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  • Zardoz Says:

    Admin, it might be prudent to make your opinions on populism, ethno-nationalism and the alt-right more clear. Especially on 4chan, people seem to (with excitement) equate your interest in HBD as you being a full on white supremacist.

    I think your tweets this weekend were spot on. But they take a discerning reader to parse through properly. Your political opinions seem pretty clear to me, but I don’t think most people have such nuanced understandings of the divisions on the right.

    Peterson’s recent video that you retweeted is kind of what I’m suggesting, just don’t be as autistic and start crying at the end.

    a slightly leftist, but mostly nihilistic, admirer.


    Anonymous Reply:

    There is no need to do that. Most anons are keenly aware that Land is a crypto-leftist.


    collen ryan Reply:

    You mean this?

    shall I summarize?

    ‘well while Im not exactly allergic to white nationalists’ [wink wink nudge nudge] as opposed to racists [wtf that means]

    I am not not a white nationalist because…

    I am not white, [or in lands case his family is not white] , and you know Hitler, but my lip serve to reason makes me have to pretend this isnt the real reason although Ive said this is the real reason half a dozen places in my blog, And besides my families complicit in the murder of even more people than hitler being running dogs of stalin ( or in Lands case he is himself complicit) so.. but whatever..

    Im also not not a white nationalist becauses Im fairly confident my (((tribe))) has things really well under control so its not a serious threat whites are only slightly more obstreperous than niggers so I got this.

    I might almost be a white nationalist because theyre actually factually correct that jews will use niggers to wipe out white in the next hundred years ,and truth is dangerous; but see one and two above.

    Im actually not a white nationalist because as a billionaire jew liberal techie living in a loft in san francisco Im one of the brahmin elite and we elites know perfectly well if we ever called off the niggers you non elite whites would withdraw our elite privilege. so we are not going to allow any white nationalism so white nationalism will not be effective because we write the code, own the media and finance the debt. And yeah I admit the protocols are genuine but WTF are you going to do about it cracka?

    But Im not allowed to say that because you know its the first rule of elite club dont talk about elite club. so Ill do a little razzle dazzle for the last few paragraphs.

    The worlds problems are immense they cant be solved so stop struggling if you relax it wont hurt so much. Now keep your eyes on the pendant and repeat after me. White nationalism is nationalism so its a democracy so its universalism so we are the world so there’s no such thing as white nationalism only globalism white nationalism is being blacked. war is peace, ignorance is strength, freedom is slavery, white nationalism is zion on your neck forever


    Zardoz Reply:

    When we have exposed the international (and intergalactic) jew/gungan conspiracy, we will surely then find salvation in fidget spinners and hardcore gay porno. Inshallah, my brother.


    collen ryan Reply:

    wel i dont know what midget spinners and hard cored gay porno are but glad to see you got a handle on the situation, what kind of a goddamn name is Zardoz? you a hungrarian or sumpin

    Zardoz Reply:

    Zardoz is a traditional Gungan name.

    collen ryan Reply:

    he is a full on white supremacist hes just not a full on white averagist


    Wagner Reply:

    Star Wars is a high-ranking god I mean Force in the pantheon for postdeathofgod whites so it’s not surprising this geek would assent to the myths expressed therein over Stormfront or Moldbug: art impacts the hoi polloi psyche more invasively than truth – great art, even if it expresses immoralities and ignobilities, is more powerful than anything in the world. Moldbug was a great artist but not enough to appeal to the popular imagination as Lucas has done. It seems tragic at first but this is just how it goes and I doubt the AI will depart from this script: the pure truth needs to be cloaked in order to pass it off to the masses. Should’ve went with crypto-crypto-fascism. Or just put all the truth on the table, I mean, that’s the meaning of Formalism is it not? Yet Liberty Land sought to fumigate Machiavellian investigations of Goldbug’s Machiavellian investigations. Tsk tsk, an insufficiently hyper puritan.


    Wagner Reply:

    *Insane Landlord mad at kids picking berries from the bush that crossed his fence*


    Taste the pain, Land.

    collen ryan Reply:

    maybe Im wrong I notice hes got Christopher Cantwells link right up at the top whats with that? I never heard of this guy till yesterday so i go read a little of him its pretty stupid he was a liberal about a year ago got trump fever while reading some libertarian stuff then watched stephen molleniex and became a nazi. there even seem to be a trany exgirlfriend taking him down. doesnt seem like Lands typehe makes Spensor look like an intellectual.


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  • Grahf Says:


    Not all people are fit to understand. My opinion is that distilled refreshment is best reserved for truly profound insight, and not to be wasted on providing ordinance to those who merely want to demoralize other monkeys they don’t like on an anonymous Mongolian basket-weaving website.


    Zardoz Reply:

    fair enough, it isn’t Admin’s response to educate the world. Some people (“on all sides, on all sides”) will naively misunderstand or wilfully misinterpret his writings, regardless of effort spent on clarifying a position.

    Admin seems interested in building a movement, and weeding out idiocy. Like I said, I’m a bit of a nihilist. I’m more interested in descriptions and theories than political platforms and action plans. I have no qualms with reading the work of despicable people, but I wouldn’t discuss those despicable people in polite company. Admin doesn’t seem to be a despicable person, yet as his reputation spins out of his control, it makes it difficult to discuss him in polite company.


    Marco Reply:

    “Admin seems interested in building a movement”

    No, he isn’t.


    AD Reply:

    Anon Reply:

    “Admin seems interested in building a movement,”

    lulz, classic entryist here.


    collen ryan Reply:

    This guys an excellent example why nrx is just frustrated kids who wish they got to go to davos and be the rulers they know they were born to be cause their mommys told them how special they were


    Grahf Reply:

    He’s also an superb example of a washed out, one-time contributor to the Huffington Post looking to land another story and a quick ticket to fame and fortune on covering the “sinister inside track” of the “alt-right”.

    Unfortunately for Mr. Thrun, the mainstream’s portrayal of Land has been little but the usual shallow narratives.


    vxcc2014 Reply:

    No, wrong, unfair and untrue. Land isn’t hustling for anyone but his ideas.

    And I have disagreed vehemently with him for years on several issues right here-but he has integrity.

    I’m closest here to Colleen Ryan on nearly everything. But among our rare disagreements is Land is a shill or hustling. If he were hustling he’d have more money and certainly tenue.

    Land has the integrity of those with true vision – even if it’s delusional Transhumanism.

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  • collen ryan Says:

    ” @ outsideness From Cyberspace you can eat economies, start nuclear wars, re-engineer cultures. Bizarre anyone would still think it’s not the main theater.”

    Its really incredible how clueless these idiots who have no life outside the internet can be- They seem to think thhere is no real world anymore, that we are all in our parent basement. I think very soon we will see a great unplugging


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  • devcarrier Says:

    but m-master noo p-please, c-cant w-we — *dodges amstrad monitor* — can’t w-we talk about the – the n-nice th — *solent starved tentacles searching blindly for a throat* — things, like … p-please .. teleoplexy and acc… -accelerating into the trans — *much pneumatic coughing* — transcendental w-wall? st.. tock and fl… ..ow, re…mem.ber. stock and flo////:::


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  • Wagner Says:

    Land incautiously puts his id on display here:

    I suggest a full-force ram into his ankle so he can fall over and be screwed by us.


    collen ryan Reply:

    every lilliput has his day and every jacobite must bend the knee when they miss the king


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Stay woke ya’ll–U


    collen ryan Reply:

    Have you tried lifting or maybe testosterone therapy?

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    I can scream higher than you, Collen.

    collen ryan Reply:

    How do you guys post without a reply button is it a secret to keep me away?

    yes I have had all sorts of “iterations” of it and its accessories. Its actually two systems now. the intake has been moved up and the generator sheds have been moved around a bit too. I went to brushless motors about a 15 years ago. at one point the excess electric was simply a heat sink then water preheater, now its a hydrogen electrolyzer. I just bought another 40 acres above me so I now border the national forest on the north and south, though no one else actually lives up there theres timber land i dont own yet. The new acreage will allow me to move both intakes up another 150′ of head almost doubling the head, Ill take that opportunity to go from the current 2 and 21/2″ pvc to 3 or more probably 4″ poly pipe, and combine the intake pnds and tailwater generator sheds of the two penstocks in large concrete dams that will serve both penstocks and that will self clean better and have automated valves and communication wires like we do at work. Im a steamfitter. the intake will also feed a large water storage tank for fire suppression and livestock irrigation backup. the outtake tank will have the generator shed on top will double as the intake pond for a third system which will only run at the winter and spring months and will be a high volume low head high voltage francis turbine for one of my sawmills.the others are pelton wheels and will remain so. I sometimes think the entire point of the place is to experiment with shit. i make alcohol from jerusalem artichokes and am trying to figure out if i can make diesel or kerosine out of pine slash its doable but at my scale and cost not sure.of course the inverters and charg e controllers etc have all evolved its all pretty sophisticated stuff these days. My batteries are shot and though i dont really need much storage they are mostly an terface between the inverter controller etc but i might change over to a higher voltage currently :} its 12 volt but if i decide to build a new house on that north 40 i will have a lot farther to move the electricity so though i have 4/0 cables i might up the voltage or else send it wild AC and regulate it at the house. right now stuck in brooklyn plotting.designing a monstrouse greenhous that will go in a new building im planning actually a sort of multibuilding complex of barn shop hanger green house and misc other but Im hoping to heat and hot water that with manure composting. I mean i will do it im hoping to figure out how to make it really simple and elegant. there a million BTUs in a ton of manure same as burning a ton of coal and one cow shits ten tons a year you can feed salmonoids cow and chicken guts is another obsession along with heatless pasturization and domesticating my huckleberries and wild mushrooms.

    yeah dont get me started on homestead projects i cant stop

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Lol. The secret to keep you away, Collen, has not and might not ever be discovered.

    Since you’re a steamfitter, the penstocks must be second to none. Have you ever had animals fuck with your pvc – like chewing on it?

    Electrolyzer! That’s so cool. What’s the max power you can get?

    Careful with manure pits, you’ll become the Thomas De Quincey of Idaho if you get enough whiffs of those fumes.

    What kind of equipment would produce heatless sterilization? I’m unfamiliar with the topic.

    Such an impressive set of systems, man, you’re even gonna have transmission going to another house, that’s sounds marvelous.

    collen ryan Reply:

    nah fitters only use welded steel pipes and brazed copper, hydro calls for smoother rustless freeze friendly pipes, 2000″ welded steel would be insanely expensive.

    The animals dont bother it because its buried child, i do have some poly pipes for irrigation not buried that will occasionally get some biting. The predators are more of a problem on livestock grizzly stolle two full grown pigs one year managed to pick up 200 lb hogs and run off. pig tracks griz tracks then only griz tracks rinse and repeat second pig. it was halloween too trick or treating bears who knew.

    The pelton units are good for about 2000 watts each i have two houses so one for each. the electrolyzer makes hydrogen gas by using excess electric for splitting the H2O which can be stored more easily cheaply than electric power. The creek i use is the tributary and though its year round late summer some years can be pretty low water which is why I want to redo it all with 350″ of head even a trickle will give decent power with that head if i can keep my friction down with the larger pipes Ill also not lose any during highwater.

    heatless pasteurization, is sort of new though i have done large pet stores that used some of these techniques at least a decade ago black light, hepa filters. high pressure and extreme agitation all will kill the little buggers. I have plenty of heat but its knd of messy to have to clean the machines that past dairy but raw milk is not safe no matter what the hippies say. I am planning a fda approved meat processing as well lots of people really want my “organic” meat but processing is knd of expensive so thnking about mosquito coast refridgeration deep freeze now that steam fitting work

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    You’re definitely an Allie Fox type.

    Wagner Reply:

    Rohme’s kind, open, liberal outlook is going to Undo itself, and it’s in mid-ravel now. It’s its own inner-contradictions. Whatever emerges from liberalism’s death will belong to liberalism’s own telos. Norman’s Mother apparently carried the psycho gene.

    Pirates, Land calls them. Since the art that moved me most in the last year was Sergio Leone’s Westerns, I like the cowboy metaphor more. Our options are:

    Invite the cows in to sit at the table and wear cowboy hats
    Keep cows gazing in the pasture as befits their nature
    Live on a Ranchpatch with no cows but other cowboys


    collen ryan Reply:

    My belief had always been inefficient workers are the foreman’s fault.
    there’s a job for everyone and the foreman must match them to it. Then the unions got overrun with affirmative action noggers and spocs. Which at first I was naively willing to try I still try because im kind of a nice guy teacher and because i have no choice, unions must take in niggers so bosses must hire them so i must try to get something out of them. And you fools must use these nigger built buildings airplanes elevators and drs
    So now im a “white nationalist” or sumpin because i know you simply cant do much with them. and they are damn annoying and violent.

    But these dairy cows I have found are useful. whether as engineers or fitters i find most can be put to some useful purpose.But you do sometime have to kill a chicken to scare the monkeys and if were talking about the left some really need killing but most can be repurposed. I really dont think most leftists are even really leftist they have been lied to and so are acting on false information which coincides with whats the socially acceptable. in fact I think even most leftist have to choke down most of the shit they are fed. give them the facts and a supportive culture and they will be good citizens. I think a culturally confident west could make tremendous strides in its people quality in a very short time just with education and propaganda if thats not redundant. and with eugenics i think 130 IQS could be our average in a couple generations.I realize that wouldnt be enough for nick but he can hang wid da jews in israel

    Wagner Reply:

    Here’s a dark thought-experiment:

    Land’s Daughter breeds with a Chinaman… and the kid isn’t anything like Land, just robotic.

    Imagine that, who would expect it? A confucius-blooded people inculcating cowboys, you know, like Chuang-Tzu, oh never mind that was thousands of years ago. China has a track-record for killing individualists. Nietzscheans for instance were kept in “ox pens” under Mao. I wouldn’t say I’m in an ox pen under Land but I certainly couldn’t say what I actually think is the truth, and this mimics the Academy’s restrictions.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    Great post.

    Waiting for me to have a ‘Straw Dogs’ moment, hmmm?

    Liberty, equality and fraternity!

    From Land: The death of the Common Humanity Project is still on track, so the big picture is okay.

    Land does not believe in THAT liberty, equality and fraternity.

    But one does not go from Deleuze and Guattari to The Turner Diaries; the same way one goes not go from The Turner Diaries to Deleuze and Guattari.

    Those are different fraternities. Ah, here we are: that word re-emerges.

    Taken from Stormfront’s homepage: (exclamation points are added for declamatory emphasis)

    “We are a community of racial realists and idealists!

    We are White Nationalists who support true diversity and a homeland for all peoples!

    Thousands of organizations promote the interests, values and heritage of non-White minorities. We promote ours!

    We are the voice of the new, embattled White minority!”

    This could simply be retranslated into: “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!” – could it not?

    Pillarization does not Undo that. Norma; she being our mother; we her progeny; her genes live in all of us!

    Suffice it to say that Cowboys were not Leone’s fascination – after all, they’re petit bourgeois.

    His interest was not in heroism but in the hamartia of the underclass.

    His last film, arguably his greatest, ‘Once Upon A Time In America’, made that clear. Have you seen it?

    Now this is interesting:

    “Invite the cows in to sit at the table and wear cowboy hats”

    Is this Egalitarianism?

    “Keep cows gazing in the pasture as befits their nature” (what cowboys actually do)

    Is this Paternalism?

    “Live on a Ranchpatch with no cows but other cowboys” (not what cowboys actually do)

    Is this Rugged individualism; American transcendentalism? (once again egalitarianism?)

    My argument would be that you need the first two options in order to get to the third.


    First, you have an assortment of grazing cows. Call them your hunter-gathers.

    Next, you have cows who become cowboys. That’s your agglomerating agricultural settlements with division of labor, specialization, hierarchy and a military elite.

    Finally, you have people who are neither cows nor cowboys but cows-for-themselves; the merchants; artisans; guilds.

    In their alikeness as a class, they are similar to grazing cows and, at first, did not rule over other cows. Cow-for-themselves came to exist in a very paternalistic society, where real cowboys, the politico-religious and religio-military orders, allowed them to graze in their very particular way.

    These cows-for-themselves grew into larger associations; confraternities; cartels; secret societies.

    Soon these cows shouted: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!

    Pregnant with the inspiration of their new found insight, they overtook the previous cowboys, who became their cows.

    Now everybody wants to be a cow-for-themself, but they can’t, because it relies on a paternal order of cows and cowboys.

    THAT is the contradiction; the contradiction given voice in its own birth-pangs; Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    You think I assert equality on behalf of all people. That doesn’t matter.

    My point was, in the above post, that all people now already assert this equality on behalf of themselves. And this cannot be attributed to the usual culprits. It is a result of homo economicus.

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  • avarice Says:

    Jews jews jews jews cuck cuck jews jews white nationalism admin is a cuck…

    That’s half the comment section these days. Slowly over time it has
    grown worse and worse. There are posters like Collen Ryan who have
    to respond to every post 3 or 4 times posting the same content over
    and over again. Admin I strongly encourage you to be more restrictive.
    Let the quality be whats presented. There are plenty of places to talk about
    the jews there are only a few rightist accelerationist. While a small audience
    will lead to a small number of good comments low quantity is better than
    a sewer.


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  • 14 98 Says:

    We’re all in hysterics trying to prove we don’t actually want to gas kikes and niggers and don’t actually think the use —

    Let’s be clear. Are we the follow up to schizoanalysis? Are we potato fascists? Are we “up to something”?

    Are we literally Hitler 2.0? Are we Nazis? Are we white supremacists (Asian/Ashekanazi IQ is beside the point)

    Asian/Ashkenazi IQ is beside the point. Isn’t it? Isn’t it? Isn’t it?

    Well no, I don’t think it is. I think it is THE point. And I’m not saying they’re “better” than black people. I’m not saying Jews and Asians are superior to black people. Or Africans. Or Aboriginals. I swear. Seriously. I’m not.

    How dare anyone say Jewish people are smarter than black people on average? That’s messed up. Leftists would NEVER say that because it keeps black children from realizing their potential. It’s evil. That’s why you don’t say it.

    “All black children are inferior.” —> what everyone who posts here actually is in agreement with. Every. Single. Black. Will. Never. Be. As. Good. As. The. Dumbest. White. Person. Ever.

    Racism: well, it’s not so bad after all.


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  • 14 98 Says:

    @14 98
    If you think this post is funny, you’ll literally NEVER be on Stephen Colbert.


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  • dmf Says:

    war with China?


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  • Mac Says:

    just testing this


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  • Mac Says:

    this is probably an awful write up in relation to things others are capable of writing, but I wanted to share it. I’d like to really improve my writing ability in order to be more respectable and articulate, as I feel I may have a unique take on our current predicament. it’s mostly an assessment of your work, Land, and my perspective on it. I haven’t posted it elsewhere and mostly just wanted to share it. enjoy


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  • collen ryan Says:

    Anatoly Karlin over at UNZS

    “And there will be a rapid universalization of authoritarian Social Justice as a global values system.

    These fall into three bins, though each has their own very big problems.

    menaquinone4-zucks-vision(There used to be a fourth one, namely, Moldbug/Curtis Yarvin’s ideas about neocameralism and Silicon Valley techno-monarchy. Congrats, you sort of got that. How’s it working out?).”

    yeah how is that working out? maybe you should have listened to me and built alternative platforms and secure communications instead of purging the lowbrows. I see admins twitter feed is still up but he seems bound and determined to get shut down. the article claims stormfront got shut down about a dozen places this week and not even china or russia will host the site.

    well just in case nrx ceases to exist without notice I am accepting serfs at my north idaho kingdom wont be needing your coding skills guys but you can clean up after the pigs and scottish highlanders no not that kind the cow kind


    Wagner Reply:

    That’s no exit either. Food and guns aren’t going to stop the secret police, who will kill you in your sleep. Hiding in S. American jungle better bet. Somewhere freezing would be even better but I hate the cold personally.


    collen ryan Reply:

    I agree
    i have constantly said despite being the only guy i know of around these blogs who actually attempted an exit in ’92, that there is no exit. Not in idaho mountains, not in PRC or iceland or philippines or poland. Sure some countries might be a bit more tolerant of rightism but hungary deported whats his face and the cathedral got milosovic and will get Duarte, And Nick is only safe in china as long as he can be useful to the communists if they decide they no longer need appease the cathedral hes toast. Not being a native almost always cancels out any advantage another country offers.

    So no exit anywhere at least not if you intend to be defiant, if you intend to be quiet you can hide in plain sight almost anywhere, but then why even bother thinking yourself a rebel, better peace of mind talking yourself into cathedralism.

    On the other hand in a place like my idaho kingdom I can make my own electricity, vehicle fuels, food water timber, Im self sufficient, and RE taxes are low.Its also, I think the most spectacularly beautiful place on the planet. Yes we have four seasons winter might be the most fun, google timbersleds a friend of mine invented them up here.we have a ski snowboard resort. lots of little airports one of the largest lakes in the country. and you cant throw a rock and not hit it a river or creek to swim in during the summer. I have a trout filled river and its tributary creek running through my own property I dont even have mosquitos at 4000′ Im surrounded by like minded people so its kind of hard to make me out a rebel, I am a days hike through the woods from the canadian border. The local currency is barter. seriously not even store keepers bat an eyelash if you offer them something in trade.

    I think of it as soft exit, but more as where i want to be anyway, and where if things get bad is probably the best place to be. Ive got a little bit of property outside US but bet this will be the safest place even if I was a known refusnik.

    My thinking is as you know war is inevitable, leftism will not stop until all white men are dead or enslaved, white men will not allow this to happen and already are gearing up for war. Many whites will try to take as much abuse as they can before fighting but survival is too deep to ignore for much longer, It may take a while or it may happen really suddenly we are at a point theres no turning back or compromise. I want my children to be able to weather the storm in safety idaho will give them that.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    The Gem State is certainly beautiful.

    How many years have you been working on your hydroelectric system? Have you gone through several iterations of it? If so, what were some of the major improvements?

    Do you use solar power or do you not need to?

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  • Mac Says:

    If it’s wrong, it’s wrong. Don’t censor it. I’ll figure it out for myself.


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  • collen ryan Says:

    Counter-Currents has been booted by PayPal and our Facebook page has been deleted.
    Both Red Ice servers were hacked, as were the site owners’ Twitter accounts, and still have not recovered.
    VDare,, and AmRen were bounced from PayPal.
    VDare’s conference next April has been shut down by the venue.
    TRS was taken down by their webhosting company, but got a new host and were back online in 3 hours.
    Mike Enoch was banned for the fourth time from Twitter.
    KickStarter, GoFundMe, and IndieGoGo have all vowed to shut down campaigns related to White Nationalist concerns.
    Pax Dickinson’s Twitter has been shut down.
    Hatreon is offline.
    PolNewsForever’s Twitter has been shut down.
    The Daily Stormer has been targeted with massive DDOS attacks.
    The Daily Stormer domain registration was dropped by GoDaddy, transferred to Google, and then seized by Google.
    The Daily Stormer discord server has been shut down.
    The discord server has been shut down.
    Vanguard America’s WordPress and Facebook accounts have been shut down.
    Spotify has removed 27 “hate” bands as defined by the SPLC.
    GoFundMe has taken down campaigns to help James Fields.
    RootBocks has been taken down by its hosting company, but is back online.
    Xurious has been removed from Bandcamp and Soundcloud.
    Daniel Friberg and Christopher Dulny, both Swedes, have been barred from entering the United States because of their presence at Unite the Right.
    Lauren Southern’s Patreon account has been taken down.
    Lauren Southern’s Instagram has been taken down, but is now back up.
    This was an attempt as of yesterday to document the damage Ive tried finding quite a few alt right entities today and a lot are disapeared that are not on this list.

    suggest you all start deciding what fountain you will meet at and noon on st crispins day

    NPI’s Paypal account has been shut down.
    Two upcoming speeches by Richard Spencer have been canceled.
    Identity Europa’s PayPal has been shut down.
    Christopher Cantwell’s Facebook, PayPal, and website are gone.
    Weev’s LinkedIn account has been shut down.
    The Paranormies and other podcasts have been kicked off of Soundcloud.
    YouTube had demonitized controversial videos, making it impossible for dissident video bloggers to make a living from their work.
    Airbnb combed through the social media of people with Charlottesville-area registrations on Unite the Right weekend, and canceled the reservations and accounts of Unite the Right attendees
    Uber has cancelled Baked Alaska’s and James Allsup’s accounts.
    Squarespace is dropping multiple Right-wing sites.
    A Toronto free speech event with Faith Goldy, Jordan Peterson, and Gad Saad has been cancelled.
    Christopher Cantwell’s OKCupid account has been closed.
    Expedia cancelled flights of people they suspected were attending Unite the Right.
    Google removes Gab app from Android store.


    collen ryan Reply:

    tucker carlson, mark steyn, steve sailer, regarding daily stormer all suggesting time to declare google facebook etal utilities, or regulate for open platforms, or break up monopoly.

    I wonder if these companies get quasi nationalized there might be more legal requirement for censoring speech that is deemed oppressive.

    SJWs are all commenting from libertarian perspective pretty funny from the folks that brought us niggers at lunch counters jews in your country club, and penis shaped wedding cakes from christian bakers. I suspect Anglin and weev are going to be very wealthy when they file suit. Its illegal as a public business to discriminate against who you wish to do business with.because the 60s.

    I dont think these companies can pick who they will do business with anymore than I can refuse to rent to blacks.

    Volokh has a study from a few years ago about which states and cities have laws against firing for political affiliation.
    Its not technically a crime at the fed level unless you’re a govt employee.

    The best way to silence people or get them to say what you want, is the way the deep state gets John hanoi jane McCain to be their bitch, use the data on that server farm or in your deep state files. Throwing out junk mail from the previous tenant is a federal crime. its estimated we all break the law daily.


    collen ryan Reply:

    The Lads are unrepentant it seems, the LA Times reports

    A tweet from the account of the far-right activist who organized the Charlottesville, Va., “Unite the Right” rally insulted the protester who was killed at the event, saying late Friday night that her death was “payback time.”

    “Heather Heyer was a fat, disgusting Communist,” stated the tweet on an account belonging to Jason Kessler. “Communists have killed 94 million. Looks like it was payback time.”

    {my coffee went through my nose reading that does that make me a bad person?}

    The tweet linked to a story on neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer that also insulted Heyer in crude terms and appeared to take glee in her death.

    Kessler did not respond to messages seeking comment.


    collen ryan Reply:

    I guess I am a bad person spencer is saying.

    “I will no longer associate w/ Jason Kessler; no one should,” tweeted Richard Spencer, a white nationalist who was scheduled to speak at Kessler’s event. “Heyer’s death was deeply saddening. ‘Payback’ is a morally reprehensible idea.”

    But is this true? Payback has always sounded like a great idea to me i think people need their debts repaid heather was part of a gang of thugs that went to attack people they disagreed with, I suspect she was a stupid woman but thats never been sufficient excuse of culpability, and Im pretty sure care interrogation would have revealed she was actually capable of understanding the moral marsh she was entering but chose to disregard it for emotional satisfaction. Come the restoration all the heathers ought to be at least tarred and feathered which will require the french haircuts they gave the collaborators to get the tar out. Which reminds me of poor sinead in that sad little new jersey hotel room the last time i saw her was sleeping it off in the store room of this cafe of a friend of mine the stupid twit had just pulled the stunt on saturday night live then gone on a bender everyone was looking for her but we were all in NA and AA so were hoping she might get a clue well that didnt happen it seems my guess is someone interfered with that child. well shes still alive and in america so theres hope i suppose.

    Posted on August 19th, 2017 at 1:05 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Heather’s ghost appeared in my room last night. I almost **** my pants at first but I eventually told her “sacrifices have to be made” and she went away and set Land, my, Mike, and Vince “Hyperspontaneist attackism vroom vroom” Garton’s souls free.


    collen ryan Reply:

    heathers ghost -a meme is born


    collen ryan Reply:

    as far as I can tell if land isnt alt right nrx hes the only one that hasnt pretty much converted free northerner just declared and ryan landry says hes closing shop to walk among his peeps in heroine land. jims certainly more altright than even spenser voxday wrote the points, spandrel is pretty woke these days, pax is declared,heartiste is long been, several of those that quit before there was an alt right would certainly have qualified like radish,and many that still write but dont seem to be mentioned as much like those that can see and even sailer and derb if they havnt yet said it are leading the cheering squad. admin on twitter seems a lot more altright than he does here. The either or distinction seems to have faded nrx now seems to be adscititious to altright. However this weeks shenanigans may change all that as the respectable far right seek to distance themselves from the brown scare


    Posted on August 19th, 2017 at 3:43 am Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:


    Yes thats more or less true and why I tell land he cant actually exit to elysium (even if it were possible) becaues irs not self sustaining no matter how clever he and his pals imagine themselves. A people are an organism of sorts you need the whole organism to survive.The head may decide the hand may enforce, etc but a head can not exists without the body, for a head to hate its body is stupid as punching yourself in the face. That said any people as evolved as white men can live without other species of men, In fact it seems we must live at least apart from the other apes if we are to live at all. if we save ourselves we shall see how much we can safely interact as separate peoples.

    My experience is cows know they are cows and do not want to come inside with cowboys they want to be allowed cow dignity to form cow families in security there needs are mostly to be left alone on good grass and they will be very productive and docile. cowboys like to roam most of the time sometimes writing cowboy poetry or singing cowboy songs under the sky then they get a hankerin for some fellowship sometimes they outgrow this and settle down and be ranchers of various sizes. ranchers and cowboys and cows need each other.Its not political its natural.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    You are right. Land is betting on AI to be the cow-for-itself that eliminates all other cows and cowboys and foreclosures the paternal order altogether.

    My question to you Collen is why focus on race but not class? (Moldbug denies the problem is race or class but politico-denomenational – Lol.)

    There are people of the same race but of different classes.

    It is not possible for them to have more attachment to their class than their race?

    In other words, is it possible to have a class that doesn’t believe in the struggle-between-races as much as a struggle-within-races, something unique to a class which occupies itself with competition against its own race, and might such a class manipulate a struggle between races to gain some advantage in the struggle within races?

    Why is “class war” not baked into your race war?

    I’m have more ideas and we may continue this conversation into several threads but, just a quick aside, this is the most incredible thing I have ever seen in my life:

    That man’s genius is astounding.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Youre making me think lewontin’s fallacy.

    If your idea is possible you or Land will win, you as a communist or he as an uber nazi. As I said I dont think its possible for a number of reasons.

    First because I dont think your proletariat can survive without natural aristocrats ranchers and cowboys. And your communism always destroys the aristicacy because they do not understand their value, nor their own worth nor how nature ordered life systems.
    Nor do I think Lands elites can survive without the rest of his national body. There many reasons for that but pure size is one, war size economic size genome size etc.

    Also a race is a class this is the problem and youre wrong moldbug addresses it, he recognizes both classes of whites and the average classes of different races. Then he does a fairly good job of identifying why the justice feedback loops are distorted by politics particularly modern american democracy. The problem is he thinks because capitalism is sort of self regulating like evolution if its given control of a nation it will care for that nation like its own children.Yeah pretty absurd.It will ride that pony till its dead then find another.
    But he inadvertently points out how races are so different that they cant help but be essentially different classes. Land wants to reductio ad absurdum and Elysium. Moldbug cant face what hes wrought because hes a jew so he goes all convoluted and the millennial faggots that follow him cant shrug off their good think either so they liked this halfway position. I have no problem with lands elitism if it were possible and if he didnt go anti human which is so retarded not worth discussing.

    But the fact is no we are biologically racists, classism and other synthetic tribalists are proxies triggering tribal genetics, it works but i dont think it works for long. I dont think whites will support this anti white nonsense once it becomes apparent its not a larp. all leftism is born of the lie of infinite resource mostly because fiat, and having a lot of geography until recently. As the jew said all is race.

    But i would ask why focus on class and not race? Race is family, class is circumstance. some people got lucky genes or lucky breaks if they are my brother this is a good thing if they are the other guys not so much. I think part of what you leftists cant accept is we whites are the only ones who really entertain this idea,and then only some of us. The rest of the world is going to exploit any lack of solidarity, thats how nature wired us.And thats whats happening. the niggers and jews ought to be happy as pigs in shit living in white world but instead they scheme and chimp out. why because thats how theyre programmed, whats supposed to keep the ecological balance is our own self interest, but one of the quirks of human evolution is white openess etc now this evolved with whites in isolation and worked well when it accrued to us alone as a sort of macro tribalism asibaya . but we are now in close quarters with others who simply take this as stupid naivete.

    But beyond that why why why would you really associate with a class of multiracials or with a multiclass of co racials. We all probably like a smattering of multiracilalism but if were honest a smattering is about the point of diminishing returns unless we want to actually visit another nation for a smattering time periods. Now I think most people are not really as cosmopolitan as they think. through circumstance of an unusual life I actually have lived immersed in rural urban in slums and on park avenue. Im as comfortable and as accepted as its possible to be among slum niggers socialites and farmers and quite a few subgroups from hells angels to jewish intellectuals and while i have only fairly recently become a WN I have always realized while all people are interesting I like white people best, but unlike most whites I dont really have a class preference im a misanthrope if anything but i like them for different things a long time ago i used to worry about finding smart enough girlfriend but their was always something still to complain about until i realized girlfriend were primarily for sex and should be chosen on that basis, if i want to talk politics or diesel mechanics or about puussy i can find someone to fill that when the time comes. This is why i dont want to live on elysium my interests are to varied, land and you probably only know people of your caste and you all assume the SATs pulled all the smart guys off the farms and construction sites and society galas and that anyone worth knowing is to be found among your selves. I have found thats not true at all and that smart people who are not of the college boy class are really much more interesting and that not so smart people are really not nearly as dumb as we think and even when they are have much to offer like I saythe best baked goods have come from the simplest people. Dumb people teach me things all the time. they have to learn tricks to survive often these get passed around and have a sort of crowd wisdom that surprises.

    Classism is is corrosive to civilization racism is cohesive, You and land are on the same classist page. We can not escape our race whether at the family level or the nationality level. but we can choose to ignore our class circumstance. Now theres a sane compromise we got rid of aristocracy it migt have been as rough a proxy for a meritocracy as we could once manage but its time passed, you can never have perfect justice but a system where one can rise as far as ones wits can take them is as fair as you can ask for the individual and as efficient a use of human capital as a nation could hope for.we may be able to tweek it a bit and find some more stragglers. But when blacks average IQ is either 65 or 85 depending if mixed or not and the host nations IQ is 103 ish then youre really going to struggle to have a stable civilization they will be a permanent underclass and the jews a permanent overclass, and thats just the intelligence aspect theres all sorts of other traits that will weaking cihesion. and its not fair to them either. its a brain drain from their nations and from their transplant communities. It forces them to abandon their cultures which had a purpose, it forces them to compete with whites on whites game ,it prevents them from experimenting withrace tailored solutions that might help with that because thats not the done thing in multicultural nations. blacks say might benefit from much stricter school dicipline and heavy religious indoctrination but we cant have a double standard so while they never had a chance to actually win now they cant even place a respectable. And of course we end up hating each other as roomates often do but families seldom do.


    collen ryan Reply:

    The video looks fascinating I too keep thinking somethings missing from the physics model

    collen ryan Reply:

    Its worth mentioning in case its not obvious this all applies to gender as well another problem with Lands sausage fest in space

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    If we say “Blacks have lowest average IQ”, and then say, “Why?” and then say, “Because they’ve inherited it.”, then doesn’t it follow, “Why?”, again?

    Opportunistically avoiding a following “Why?” and presenting in favor of the following interpretation: “Blacks lowest average IQ BECAUSE they’re Black.” – the premise restated as the conclusion – has all the hallmarks of exaggeration.

    From an entirely different point of view, if I said I wanted to sort out the races in such a manner that my race would retain its unquestionable and rightful supremacy amongst the other races, and somebody told me 85% of total genetical variation is individual differences within population, with only 15% as differences between populations, why wouldn’t I sort out my own race first, as a means to sorting my race’s standing amongst the other races?

    In other words, why have an inter-racial ‘Battle of the Proles’ when you could aufhebung the struggle-between-races by negating the struggle-within-your-own-race?

    Why not beat Land’s Cowboy-AI to the bourguignon?

    The eugenically-inclined will lord over capitalism but capitalism itself will promote dysgenic-ism.

    Land thinks as much.

    States develop human capital as a means to an end of capital accumulation, never as an end-in-itself, which is why a state has no real interest in eugenics.

    The state doesn’t think, “Eugenics.. well, wouldn’t that be useful, since the state is made up of people, an improvement of the people would be an improvement of the state.”


    The state thinks, “Such an improvement would make it difficult to administer social control. Dysgenics is preferable.”

    I’m afraid I’ve said too little within too much but just to answer your question, “Why focus on class and not race?”: class is anterior to race, not ‘biologically’, but logico-causally.

    Racism and, for that matter abolitionism, and for another matter, feminism, happen within capitalism, not only as a ‘response’ to capitalism but as a necessity for it.

    Capitalism’s ideology is equality, but its absolute conviction is inequality. Gender and race asserting themselves are not ends-in-themselves for the state, but a means to enact a mature market system.

    I have more ideas I want to discuss but I’m falling asleep.

    Hopefully, this wasn’t all gibberish.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    Saying ‘poor people have wisdom’ reminds me of tendency liberals have to shield minorities; in operation, it’s condescending.

    I as well have fraternized with Palm Beach billionaires; the homeless; North Eastern professors; Georgia women; Syrian refugees; low brow; high brow; unibrow.

    I take them each as they come. I don’t understand. Why call me a classist?

    My idea of class is materialist/functionalist, not some charaterology/Zodiac board.

    I like Kid Rock’s bonhomie. If anything, Wagner’s the fucking classist!

    collen ryan Reply:

    ok watched a bit guys not a genius hes talking gibberish


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Well, it’s a good thing for me I speak gibberish.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    The idea is magnetic fields, not subatomic particles, are the primary (sub)stance of the universe.

    Pseudo-chrysostom Reply:

    Well of course all matter is an array of vibrating electromagnetic radiance further down the root; experiments with matter and opposite-charge matter/’antimatter’ converting each other into bursts of light is a simple demonstration.

    Wagner Reply:

    Cows-for-themselves are petit-bourgeois, Land wants Cowboy-AI.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Petiit bovingeois – land wants beef bourguignon

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    Wagner Reply:

    I gotta peace out soon but Mike, you said you read The Glass Bead Game, right? I think there is a decent blueprint for a (terrestrial) aristocracy therein (see BGE 257 for the blueprint OF the blueprint). Cows should be taxed to fund dotting of countryside with mystico-secular think-tank monasteries with pathos of distance between themselves (and probably each other) and what I call the “dumb masses” who vomit at the sound of thoughtcrime and burn the witch in order to prevent the dissolution of their egos. Philosophy, Science, Art are all subordinated to the needs of the Feelz State, need to be divorced. I think a more realital simulacrum could be written than GBG (and paradoxically we may need such monasteries before we could write such a thing) but Hesse did shrewdly predict some obstacles and foibles of a Ranchpatch (~2400-2500 AD):

    “this elect circle of candidates for the higher reaches in the hierarchy of the Glass Bead Game seemed odious and debased, a clique of haughty idlers, brilliant but spoiled geniuses who lacked all feeling for life and reality, an arrogant and fundamentally parasitic company of dandies and climbers who had made a silly game, a sterile self-indulgence of the mind, their vocation and the content of their life… I shall content myself with merely referring to these internal defects and dangers. They are not insignificant, although in peaceful times they would not come anywhere near imperiling our existence. But as it happens, we [Cowboys] are dependent not only on our own morality and rationality. We depend vitally on the condition of the country and the will of the people. We eat our bread, use our libraries, expand our schools and archives — but if the nation no longer wants to authorize this, or if it should be struck by impoverishment, war, and so on, then our life and studying would be over in a minute. Some day our country might decide that its Castalia and our culture are a luxury it can no longer afford. Instead of being genially proud of us, it may come round to regarding us as noxious parasites, tricksters, and enemies. Those are the external dangers that threaten us.
    To portray these dangers in any graphic form, I would probably have to draw upon examples from history. And if I were talking to the average Castalian, I would surely encounter a measure of passive resistance, an almost childish ignorance and indifference.”

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    If there’s a power structure steering the production of knowledge toward an ideological goal, which characterizes all knowledges, then it is exactly like the university. It is not an Anti-Versity.

    Institutes of knowledge may cloak themselves in ‘knowledge for knowledge’s sake’, but as soon as you untuck those threads and ask, “What is knowledge’s sake?”, you become a good Foucaultian and learn that power is above knowledge and structures knowledge, and that knowledge is not power, since power says what is knowledge, and this cart will never steer the horse, and the relationship will be inverted.

    I hate to dash hopes for mythico-secular monasticism, but you cannot escape the contagion of the Christ. Wotan cannot immunize you.

    The Tokugawa shogunate had no problems with temples for Confucius, but the Church had huge problems with its own cenobitic traditions.

    The Radical Reformation came near to unraveling the base of power altogether where it was contained.

    Also, mythico-secularism culminated in humanism.

    Anti-humanism lights a path for you, brother, yet, you are constricted by previous commitments.

    Let’s call them FEELZ.

    Wagner Reply:

    If it’s all power then the knowledge you learned from Foucault about knowledge being power is power. So why are you treating it like knowledge? Moldbug is Foucauldian in genealogizing the Foucauldian university. When are you pomo fags going to get on board? It’s 2017.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Slow your reins, baby.

    There is no non-Foucauldian University. There is no place where universities and the press are not just contraptions believed to best serve the function of regulating social relationships and reproducing ‘the right knowledges’.

    If not THAT Cathedral, there would be another Cathedral. And maybe that’s your point: you just want another Cathedral.

    But you’re saying, “If only I had the right knowledge I could disrupt the structure and disrupt the power.” And I’m saying, “You mean like the Reformation?”

    But that idea is like reaching for zoology books amidst getting swarmed upon by bees.

    Which is why Land brings up EXIT. You just run away. But you can’t run away, so it’s back to zoology books and calamine lotion.

    Wagner Reply:

    *conspiracy Keanu voice* Land has been a crypto-decelerationist all along.

    “wanting another Cathedral” – Erik, Mike, and I discussed this several months back… [a whisky aside: I’ve learned a lot interacting with your crazy-asses on here over the last year, leftists like Art and Rohme included. Maybe it will help if you understand my own genealogy, Rohme. When I first got into continental philosophy around 2009 I saw it as a way to question ordinary beliefs, as, in high school after reading the likes of Rand, Thoreau, Vonnegut, etc. I was already on that train and wanted to vamp it up. Eventually I was set on being a minion for the academy, but thru Plato and Neech I realized the academy itself has ordinary beliefs it doesn’t question. It took a while for this to sink in because I just couldn’t accept that P and N were right and so many living people today were wrong. But eventually I faced it: the eternal return of the master/slave dialectic. I left my leftist gf and she went off to study with Critchley and Thacker, while I saw Land as the only one alive today carrying the Dionysian torch and so wanted to study him, and then I realized Land has ordinary beliefs he doesn’t question, and here we are… I don’t get how continental phi isn’t a gateway drug for more shitlords honestly] Anyway, I don’t think a Cathedral is ever going away, there’s going to be a Cathedral on Land’s chink spaceship and a Cathedral on Thiel’s Buttfuck Island… the point is to make the Cathedral more honest (what N called our youngest virtue). Foucault was one with the honesty telos but he has been surpassed. Now Land has been surpassed. We are currently moving toward a question mark, a lush island on the horizon that may be packed with cannibals, need to drop the anchor and send scouts to test it out. WhO volunteers to brave the new territories?

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    **Land a crypto-decelerationist** !!!!! (***insert Wee Bey gif from The Wire here****)


    I’m here to listen to all the crazy shit your scouts send back.

    I’ve skipped past the ‘normies’ here and gone straight for the ‘quacks’ myself. It’s been far more enjoyable, I mean who writes “there’s going to be a Cathedral on Land’s chink spaceship and a Cathedral on Thiel’s Buttfuck Island”? Haha!

    Thank you for bringing up shitlords and continental philosophy. I understand why you hate leftist shitlords who treat philosophy like a two dollar whore they can do with whatever they’d like.

    People think Nietzsche celebrated nihilism. No!!! He decried that nihilism would become symptomatic for our time.

    I think with Nietzsche’s ‘deepest’ idea, eternal return, people also make a misconception.

    From one of my favorite Nietzsche passages:

    “See this gateway, dwarf! … It has two faces. Two paths come together here; no one has yet walked them to the end. This long lane back: it lasts an eternity. And that long lane outward: that is another eternity. They contradict each other, these paths; they blatantly offend each other — and here at this gateway is where they come together. The name of the gateway is inscribed at the top: ‘Moment’..”

    A moment can only return as differentiated from itself; through its negation it becomes the same. In Heidegger’s lecture on the law of identity, he says A is not just identical with another A, it is first identical with itself. So sameness is already inscribed by a difference. A thing with itself. A moment with itself. And difference is inscribed by sameness because difference also has to be the same with itself.

    The question IS “When do we have difference and when do we have sameness?” and Nietzsche’s saying we don’t, we have eternal recurrence. Do you understand how much of a mind fuck that is? I don’t know about you but that makes me want to hug the nearest flogged horse.

    Not until Deleuze’s Difference and Reptition is an attempt made to break with the law of identity and face the problematic of the eternal occurrence. Have you read that book?

    One more thing.

    You had said: “If it’s all power then the knowledge you learned from Foucault about knowledge being power is power.”

    What I had said was “..knowledge is not power, since power says what is knowledge.”

    If I said, “Yo, Wags, magnetic fields man, they complete the picture for cosmology!”, you’d be like, “Yeah, okay, whatever pomo faggot..” LOL

    But if everyone you ever talked to had said that, or if all the scientists you and everyone else looked up to had said that, you would think differently.

    And what changed to have that happen?

    It wasn’t the proposition of ‘magnetic fields completing the cosmological picture’ itself that swayed you, was it?

    Neither could the proposition ‘power structures the field of knowledge’ itself sway you, could it?

    Wagner Reply:

    As a Nietzschean I obvs believe it is incredibly important to acknowledge knowledge and power’s intrinsic intermingling but as I said before (in non-vulgar meme-ese),

    Broke: Nietzsche was a nihilist
    Woke: Nietzsche wasn’t a nihilist
    Bespoke: A case can be made for both

    It’s a questionably ordinary belief among BOTH left and right (see Mike’s below comment) supposed non-normies to (largely unconsciously/robotically) play the reduction-to-power card. It’s a key symptom of degeneracy in our times to not believe in Truth, God, a Higher Order (platonism/christianity / onto/theology). To take a soft standpoint I’ll say, it is fuzzy whether truth or power is more “primordial” than the other – as one probes deeper and deeper down the dialectic between the two continues going round n round. This means that, sure, power structures the field of knowledge, but knowledge also structures the field of power. I don’t have my Fuck-o books anymore and it’s been a few years but Fuck-o actually is a lot more nuanced than the caricatures both of us are operating with IIRC. But I’m saying, in the same “always-already” tradition of Fuck-o that unless you perceived him as being a *truth-teller* (PARRHESIA-ist) you wouldn’t take him seriously in the first place – this hunger for truth is baked into the occidental cake and N thought it was very likely it would be our Undoing. The accelerationist strategy is The only way Out is through, hence why I run my loudmouth here mostly uninhibitedly (I say mostly because I’d rather not go to prison just yet). Yes, power is part and parcel of what we take to be a cold, pure analysis of truth (this very one ongoing atm even and especially) and for a few decades it was veritably EDGY to unmask this aspect of the Demiurge’s corrupt cosmos, but I sense that a Turning is taking place and it’s becoming edgier/holier-than-thou to stand on the side of Truth and God over the “atomizing” cynicism of what could be called mytho-machiavellianism or pop-postmodernism. You are a habitual question-beggar, Rohme, Idk if it’s just an internet-caused misunderstanding but your self-forgetfulness apparatus seems to have a sneaky tendency of sweeping fallacies in your viewpoints under the rug of ego-calm. Power being the be-all-end-all begs the question of what makes power powerful. N’s unmasking of the will to power behind the will to truth is powerful/compelling *because* it’s true. My understanding of N’s doctrine of the W2P is that …. and this gets into dark/esoteric territory… most people (the herd) “understands” truth *only* on a bodily level. The rabble lacks self-consciousness, they are *moved* by truth, they do not move themselves. To take a contemporary example, Trump’s build-the-wall rhetoric appeals to the *body* of Equalist America. “Deep down” Americans know that white supremacy is True and “deep down” “know” that unless the leftward movement is staved off, supremacy/high-civilization will be watered down–which is to say that the nobility of their dead ancestors genetically screams out in assent when Trump shrugs and creaks open up that Whip Rack. Now, most Trump supporters would never, never articulate that, because they can’t even articulate it in their own private minds. Yet, Trump compels them to take action to prevent this Brazilization–using force/power/rhetoric/(what Plato called poetry) he was able to hypnotize BodyAmerica to dance to Truth. The other half of America is more self-conscious and ascetically denies their instincts (which has its own nobility tbh), believing instead in the tenets of the Kwanstitution and the ancestors screaming out in that and more recently the pomo fags supposedly on the shoulders of giants (it’s the current year, everything previous has been aufheben’d, ignoramus racis’). TLDR: power is the truth of the body.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    If truth is bodily affects, then wouldn’t the colligation of bodily affects into a discourse be more powerful than atomized bodily affects?

    Power has a way of multiplying bodies to the point of disintegrating the ‘body’.

    Power is not an energetics. It is zero point energy. When I say, “Magnetism completes the cosmological picture.”, and that doesn’t resonate into a bodily affect for you, then you’ve just phased out my ‘truth’, and made it inertial. Power is cancellation.

    Those constantly involved in an energetics, have no power. It’s the law of conservation of energy. The worker his has transferred his energy up to the capitalist. And no don’t involve yourselves in organizing your labor power (your bodily affects into a collectivity) Stupid fools! Keep your truth down at its ‘individual’ bodily affects. Individualism, it’s the magical gnosis fuckery of power.

    Because “..the truth of the body.” means more than you’d even like to admit, Wagner. We all have bodies, so we all have these truths. Bodies put truth into Brownian motion. There are more bodily ‘truths’ than power sees reason to get into an energetics with. It cancels them.

    Cancellation is another way of saying selection. Nietzsche talks about selection.

    Nietzsche’s most important ‘ethical’ axiom, “..whatever you will, will it in such a way that you also will its eternal return.” means: Will in such a way that what your will doesn’t become cancelled. Will in such a way that the will repeats itself in every instance and avoids cancellation at every moment. It’s one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. Nietzsche didn’t revel in pig-shit. He destroys the hideous. He was a lover of beauty.

    Lacan repeats this differently (have you read Difference and Repetition?) in his axiom: “do not give way to your desire.” The eternal return returns!! Anyway, I digress I guess.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    The will that does not get cancelled, the will that cancels, is the will to power.

    Power is cancellation.

    Power as cancellation structures the field of knowledge.

    Wagner Reply:

    “There are more bodily ‘truths’ than power sees reason to get into an energetics with. It cancels them.

    Cancellation is another way of saying selection.”

    So if power is cancelling what does it mean to “get into an energetics with”? What could we call that interim wrestling between the two participants in energetics that precedes/leads to cancellation? Cancellation I’d argue is the exception, the norm is this undecided wrestling. There are clear-cut cancellations, as when it was carved in a stone tablet that Germany’s worker party should not have revolted against the poor innocent exploitative class, (those ignorant proles, how dare they try to seize the means of production, it must have been pure covetousness that motivated them) but for the most part it’s bickering and squabbling until drenched in sweat one finally rolls over and lets xerself be pinned.

    “We ought finally to understand that what was then destroyed was *higher* than what became master!”
    —F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power

    Contrary to popular belief, might is definitely not right for the “Fred” Astaire of intellect. His whole freakin retaliation against Darwin was about how the herd is preserved and levels out its evolved specie Outgrowths. Barbar Sparta took over Athens, barbar England took over Germany. English and Chinese philosophy SUCKS compared to German, just fucking admit it Land, I thought Anglos were cowboys who were above nationalism?

    “Because “..the truth of the body.” means more than you’d even like to admit, Wagner. We all have bodies, so we all have these truths.”

    You got me there. I’ve been waiting for a long time for someone to say that to me, as my trolling (parrhesiaizing) of Land’s relation to DADDY AI explicitly invites the conclusion “If Land is small compared to the AI then you sure as Hell are small compared to the AI, wagner”. Maybe that’s just been being registered in the *body* lol np crü. It’s consciousness now, good. Yes, I am a sinner and yes I sin by using this forum as a confession booth for my sins. But, I am part of the same telos metaphysically underpinning both Christianity and Progressivism… we three have similarities, we’re a clandestine “fam”. We all want The Good to prevail in the world. My qualm is that the Truth is Good and to want the Good to prevail is to want the Truth to prevail. These two don’t always intersect: the norm (Norma) is for the Good, the Body, the Demos to cancel Norman the foaming Schopenhauerian psychopath, the Truth, the Mind, the “tropical men” as N referred to Alcibiades and Napoleon.

    Lying to “minorities” about “equality” grinds against their dignity; it is good to tell the truth. *shrug* If the subhumans believe they are equal they will never aspire to be humans. If the humans believe they are equal they will never aspire to be overhumans.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    “So if power is cancelling what does it mean to “get into an energetics with”? What could we call that interim wrestling between the two participants in energetics that precedes/leads to cancellation? Cancellation I’d argue is the exception, the norm is this undecided wrestling.”

    If you haven’t read Difference and Repetition in a while, Wags, I suggest you re-read. It’s helped me understand our dear host on a number of topics.

    Law of identity means ‘A=A is true’ but that means ‘A=Not A is false’ is true. Deleuze begins with this second meaning.

    So difference is that which IS itself with not-itself: A=notA as an affirmation.

    Now we can see how identity arises from difference. And we can eliminate the commonly held idea of difference as the opposite of sameness.

    We get the picture of ‘negative’ sameness – that which is not-itself with itself as not-itself.. Not ‘A=not A’: a disaffirmation of A=not A.

    So difference is what generates the same. Sameness is difference from difference. Difference is difference from sameness. Difference that is difference from difference, which is sameness, is not the opposite of difference, but its repetition! Through repetition difference differentiates into sameness which is difference again. Keep in mind this is an ontological theory.

    Western philosophy was under the assumption sameness is not difference and that is what makes it sameness. But ‘is not difference’ is a difference! It could have been said ‘sameness is a difference from difference’. A repetition. And Deleuze finally did say it. (To philosophy’s credit, there’s been a ton of thinkers of the last 100 years that have investigated “ontological difference”)

    So when I’m talking about cancellation, this is the cancellation that produces representations which can then be further cancelled. “Two participants in energetics” are the norm. You are right. And cancellation is the exception. But exception is the norm of the norm. Already formed identities, such as two participants, emerge from difference that is primary; a difference that is not the difference between “two participants” but a difference that generated “two participants”. Any representation can be subject to cancellation but cancellation itself can not. So when Nietzsche says, “Don’t get cancelled!”, it is a grave matter indeed. For one, he is anti-representationalist. He is saying, “Don’t get caught up in representations.” He is saying, “Be difference.”

    Power is that which cannot get cancelled. Power is repetition.

    Heidegger said identity is not just a thing identical to another of its type, it is a thing identical to the type itself. This is what we call ‘common sense’. Though it doesn’t sound right matched against Heidegger’s definition. Common sense is the lazy construction foreman who gets up for a second and says, “Yeah that’s looks alright.”

    We arrive at naming and tautology. A thing is its name. A name is its thing. White people are not the same, but they are the same AS white people. This is how tautology works. It’s subtle but effective. Common sense.

    Darwin’s thought that the species rank is arbitrary. Gene pools – the potential horizontal transfer of genes at some level of probability – usually occurs at many nested levels within one lineage. The most inclusive level is often higher than anyone would want to call species. But species is a name. Distinct, basic, natural. Names are building blocks for ideas. Idealism anyone?

    “Lying to “minorities” about “equality” grinds against their dignity; it is good to tell the truth. *shrug* If the subhumans believe they are equal they will never aspire to be humans. If the humans believe they are equal they will never aspire to be over humans.”

    Thinking about the unworthiness of the rabble is a rabble-like activity.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Wagner, you say

    “this hunger for truth is baked into the occidental cake and N thought it was very likely it would be our Undoing”

    but then you also say

    “It’s a key symptom of degeneracy in our times to not believe in Truth, God, a Higher Order”

    and then say

    “Truth is Good and to want the Good to prevail is to want the Truth to prevail”

    Nietzsche’s own words:

    “truth cannot be regarded as the highest power. The will to semblance, to illusion, to deception, to becoming, to change (to objective deception) is to be regarded here as deeper, more original, more metaphysical than the will to truth, to reality, to being – the latter is itself merely a form of the will to illusion.”

    Are you a Nietzschean or not? Do you insist on capital-T truth or not?

    collen ryan Reply:

    Wag stopping by to say goodbye, finally concluded NRX is not for me I’m interested in western civilization and its peoples restoration rejuvenation. The HBD thing and the name reactionary etc made me think this might be … Anyway your heart and mind are in the right place Id give you my email but pretty sure half this crowd are jew doxers.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    A few more thoughts about Nietzsche and the ‘overman’.

    Nietzsche held that the will in-itself-for-us exists within our ‘conscious’ plane as acts of willing. But this ‘willing’ is epiphenomenal event. Pyscho-physiological processes that precede the content of experience create a ‘commandeering thought’ in a subject; this thought Nietzsche describes as a ‘meta-feeling’, a feeling that feels as if it has issued from you as spontaneous free decision, but is actually a law commanding you obey so that you not to lose this feeling of free decision. How can we decide something when all we have decided is a decision has been made? (Nietzsche, the original Daniel Dennett?) And where is this decisioning ‘happening’?

    In short, the will in-itself is not the ‘experience’ of a will ‘for-itself’. It is a huge mistake to misread Nietzsche as saying so. To Nietzsche, the will in-itself-for-us is an affect. The way to touch w2p is to ‘revaluate’ our affects. (You can see how Nietzsche is bringing us to Freud – the trained neurologist who, ironically, never read Nietzsche out of fear of osmoting his psychological theories – as well as Heidegger and, finally, Lacan, who is the consummation of both Freud and Heidegger!)

    In-itself, the will is nothing (it is potentiality) As such it is unknowable. The ‘act’ of ‘knowing’ is already separation of the will into determination as ‘for-itself’. It is a destruction that is equally creation. It is cancellation as necessity. Alienation is necessity in order for a thing to act ‘for-itself’ – which brings us to the problem of overmen and Land’s theory of an AI as overman.

    Hegel said of the French revolutionaries (who were overmen if there ever were any) they believed in the interpenetration of substance and self-consciousnessness (spiritual reality in objective form) But what happened is substance disappeared because the will could not alienate itself.

    The will becomes cancellation as a value, instead of a value that cancels. The Reign of Terror couldn’t create positive action because that would have lead to differentiation. The only action for the ‘general will’ is the annihilation of the specific will.

    Is Land’s inhuman-overman will-to-nothingness masquerading as a neo-Reign of Terror’s revolutionary justice?

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    The overman persists in alienation. He doesn’t overcome it, for there is nothing for him but alienation, but he flourishes within it so that every moment he is aware of his alienation. To lose sight of alienation is to will nothingness. To lose willpower.

    In Freud’s own words:

    “the dominating tendency of mental life, and perhaps nervous life in general is the effort to reduce, to keep constant or to remove internal tension due to stimuli (the Nirvana principle) a tendency which finds expression in the pleasure principle; and our recognition of that fact is one of our strongest reasons for believing in the existence of death instincts.”

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    There is no truth but power.


    Wagner Reply:

    Erikson, that standpoint has no doubt been reinforced by listening to beneath-contempt rap music:
    “What is truth? For the multitude, that which it continually reads and hears.” (Spengler, H/T wrath of Gnon)

    Knock it off.

    Maybe it’s just that Americans are at a maturer stage of decadence than Icelanders and some of us are consequently beginning to accelerate cladistics into inversive subversions. Your liking of rap reminds me of the alt-right’s anime (AND anti-anime) fetishism as well as Bronze Age hearkening-back (*AJAX* WAS A NIGGER:, and of Land’s (to me patently self-deceptively disingenuous) liking of chinese philosophy and culture. Every white-rightist needs their special pity-case to psi-bellows rancid wafts of support under the frail shivering wings of, otherwise that genetic guilt-burden creeps up: “till the incubus over him and the ghost within him whisper to one another the confession of their non-salvation.” (Buber)

    Booooo!!!! It’s the pinnacle mark of white supremacy to level white supremacy (postww2 *cough cough*)… Boooo!!! Duty- and Glory-Ghosts haunt our blood. Here are some interesting synchronicities from Bataille on the notion of Rangordnung being determined by “altruism”:

    “The manner of GIVING is the most important of the behaviors that entered into the pursuit of RANK… What I have said up to now enables me to lay down as a principle the relationship between surplus resources and rank. The surplus is bound up with the rank of the one who has it at his disposal; it is connected with a position approaching to sovereign dignity, and, more rarely, with that dignity itself… The pursuit of rank to which, beyond the mediocrity of a personal position, [the modern democratic politician] becomes linked by struggling, either for a class or, what is often the same thing, for his country, keeps him in the sphere of that dignity which is the aping of dignity…

    Rank maintains, as I said, a constant importance, in hidden forms. In spite of everything, rank has kept part of the allurement it had in archaic society [see outsideness’s recently shared pjmedia article], but fortune alone determines it and, though everyone may be tormented by it, no one talks about it [except shitlords who are daring, mocking, violent, and handsome like Georges]. I call attention to the immense hypocrisy of the world of accumulation. In principle, it is completely contrary to archaic society’s two main forms of activity, to the positing of rank, established by some form of ostentatious expenditure*, and war, which is assuredly the most costly form of the destruction of goods [the Collen Ryan Option].
    In actual fact, accumulation developed insofar as it effectively opposed both these forms. But while the world of accumulation remains their moral condemnation, it was only able to give them an increased importance, however, since it ultimately increased wealth. But this importance goes hand in hand with a disgraceful delusion. The world of accumulation cannot use up its wealth except through differences of rank and through war. These trappings, in the archaic world, had human dimensions, and the virtues
    of man thrived on them, not always happily, but at least in an exalting manner. Whereas, owing both to their condemnation and to their increased necessity, the generalized pursuit of rank is today, in its hypocrisy, the final humiliation of a multitude that has become comical [I tell myself it’s a comedy not a tragedy too Georges], and war looks as if it will become the *fraudulent* bankruptcy of the human race… The communist rulers [face] this dilemma: either consumption in the pursuit of rank – moral bankruptcy [I.E. AI/spaceships] – or catastrophic consumption in war [which might be necessary for AI/spaceships]. For, turning aside from these outlets, accumulation generates those return shocks……. [see: N’s “Whispered into the Ear of the Conservatives”]. Nothing in the world enables us to GLIMPSE a changed humanity, renouncing, in its inner being, the pursuit of rank and war. Moreover, that is not what’s at issue. The problem that confronts us is not whether within the limits of the USS[A] and the communist bloc, or even in a uniformly socialized world, it will be possible to use up the accumulated resources. The current problem is altogether different: it’s a matter of using up, without war, that unprecedented accumulation, which has turned the whole world into a colossal powder keg. I’m not talking so much about nuclear explosion as I am about the general movement of production…” (Accursed Share II/III)

    “Mean-spirited, persistent as a fly, I persistently note, “There is no wall between eroticism and mysticism!”
    It’s really quite funny–since they use the same words, deal in identical images, and they refuse to recognize it!” (On Nietzsche)

    “For it is in giving that we receive.” (Francis of Assisi)

    What is taking place in Europe and America is a redistribution of *genetic* wealth. If that doesn’t make you sick I’m sorry, you’re going to the gulag and a yuge cadre of sensible individuals are going to coo and gurgle like babies at night while you’re there binging ore deposits for use in Musk’s elitist Mars Colony.

    “tooth of hatred
    you are damned
    whoever is damned will pay
    you will pay your share of hate
    you will bite the horrible sun
    he who is damned bites the sky”

    *Human power-relations are weird if nothing else, aren’t they Rohme?

    “Potlatch is at once a surpassing of calculation and the height of calculation…

    Gift-giving is not the only form of potlatch: A rival is challenged by a solemn destruction of riches. In principle, the destruction is offered to the mythical ancestors of the donee; it is little different from a sacrifice. As recently as the nineteenth century a Tlingit chieftain would sometimes go before a rival and cut the throats of slaves in his presence. At the proper time, the destruction was repaid by the killing of a large number of slaves. The Chukchee of the Siberian Northeast have related institutions. They slaughter highly valuable dog teams, for it is necessary for them to startle, to stifle the rival group. The Indians of the Northwest Coast would set fire to their villages or break their canoes to pieces. They have emblazoned copper bars possessing a fictive value (depending on how famous or how old the coppers are): Sometimes these bars are worth a fortune. They throw them into the sea or shatter them.” (Accursed Share I)

    I think many Aryans that belong to the prog Griffindor house are beyond glory and duty and truly LOVE (Christianity was/is part of our evolutionary ascent to some extent, get over it) but their–our–love would be more lovingly expressed if instead of submerging or shattering our Gold Bars we built a pyramid out of them for the Overman (speaking metaphorically… pretty much… though I’d literally like to see the Spanish Cathedral’s pyramid-spic gold be melted down into a throne for the coming Neo-Napoleonic SUN60DKING):

    “The origin and essence of our wealth are given in the radiation of the sun, which dispenses energy—wealth—without any return. The sun gives without ever receiving. … Living matter receives and
    accumulates it…then radiates and squanders it. … Its extreme exuberance pours out in a movement always bordering on explosion.” (Ibid.)

    “The night is my nudity
    the stars are my teeth
    I throw myself among the dead
    dressed in white sunlight”
    (The Impossible)

    Nietzschean-Puritanism will win, Nietzschean-Puritanism will win.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    The Mask Off video is for our age what medieval art was for religion in its age . It’s materialist spirituality, with the car as “Reedmer”.

    The car is the only thing that’s indestructible in the video. It’s shot differently. It’s separate from its Boschian-hellscape surroundings.

    The Bentley commercial is inarguably more beautiful though. More rapturous. Its fast-pace cutting makes you get lost in a sensuous flux. You can’t properly objectivize the car. The accompanying musical track, ‘Kid A’, functions as a lullaby for the car-as-a-crib. The viewer is infant. Images.. he has not yet learned to master. Lights, steering wheel, speedometer: is this my body? This is schizophrenia. It ceases when we see the word: BENTLEY. The signifier allows us to locate our desire in the Other. Only then can we achieve our pseudo-mastery of pleasure or Bentleys, for that matter.

    What do you think about it? Am I only in thinking the Bentley commercial is aesthetically beautiful? Am I even more full of shit than you though I was two posts ago? Is it only about sex, drugs, money and power?

    I’d say send more videos too, btw, Erik! I’m am for it. Wags is just a Mr. Grumpy as per usuee.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    One more thing.. you can only see the car in a halo of orgasmic-firecracker-phallic-jouissance sparks for a second before vanishing into its own lack. All that’s left is the signifier over the disappeared object. It’s the most Lacanian car advert I’ve ever seen in my life. Bentley as Name-of-the-Father.

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  • SVErshov Says:

    just stop by to say hello, anybody still alive? what … anybody still alive … what …






    collen ryan Reply:

    JUst us white walkers


    collen ryan Reply:



    SVErshov Reply:

    oh nightwalkers, got yah
    my too cannot sleep

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  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    we used to have monasteries all over england what happened? The rough around the edges king came to see them as hesse described might happen. Its another paradox of nrx that the proles are a demotic threat to future nrx elite authority yet its hopeless for the proles to try to overthrow the current elites.
    Elites in isolation turn faggot, proles in isolation turn beasty.The elites job is taking care of the cattle, a cowboy can not do this knowing nothing of cattle and living in nyc, Nor can a rancher intelligently manage it all from afar. Even agricultural scientists at Ivy league schools like Cornell classrooms are barns and fields. People like land are useless they know nothing but the sound of their own voices and it is why they cause such massive harm because when we allow cowboys and ranchers to also try to manage cows from smart phones they can not tell when a moron like Land is blowing smoke up there ass and they listen. This is why if there were no reasons for war we would have to make them up to get the eloi back in touch with the cycle of life.


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  • collen ryan Says:

    seems voxday and Nassim Taleb are gangraping this bitch on twitter and Nass even is helping with the dank meme art. Whats a Land to do? All the cool kids are at the party.


    collen ryan Reply:

    seems Talebs getting redpilled on tweeter. He called pinker a faggot cuck -well all right he called him a “bullshitter supporting bullshitters”.

    and he runs into greg harpending in a thread about nigger blood in ancient world and doesn’t know who he is but ends up liking him. there’s a bunch of interactions like that HBD chick is in there he definitely getting woked but doesnt seem like he needs much encouragement, but its getting pretty explicit and the SJWs are threatening him but hes not equivocating like a harris or dawkins he actually said something like “I learned in england if you say “Im not saying this when i say theis” then you will be destroyed best to wage total war” – pretty much verbatim VOX. in another thread he say something pretty woke then explains you have to call things by their real names.


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  • Ur-mail Says:

    Worth noting, Bitcoin now directly fueling AI innovation –


    SVErshov Reply:

    that AI must be expensive if millionaire is cashing out. Really … last time I was budgeting, you even no need to be a millionaire for a start. NVidia GTx price down on 40K so around 200K with one year support from Nvidia and you already training your AI. around 50 btc.


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  • collen ryan Says:

    Since we are talking about cows cowboys and ranchers heres this current reactionary symposium
    and since admin doesnt care to post much we must keep up the blog till he recovers from his fainting spell we caused


    collen ryan Reply:

    since the above is sooo long this works great as sherbert between tranches just the right thing to reset the palette.

    excerpt from comments

    Literally, it was a joke. until it wasn’t. And maybe Kid Rock loves his country. I kinda get that vibe from him

    Future Headline: President Rock told a NY Times reporter to suck his cock but then didn’t let him.


    Wagner Reply:

    That video epitomizes the white nigger archetype. Islam may even be preferable to that. If there is a race war they will serve as a meatwall, that’s the only value I see in that (quite large) demographic. That, and they have a higher chance of giving birth to a genius than an Arab whose cowboy gene has been thoroughly weeded out.

    Thanks for the Handle link though, I’ll have to read that tomorrow.


    collen ryan Reply:


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  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    open in private mode to avoid paywall


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  • 4p0llo Says:

    I’ve been thinking about dark enlightenment quite a bit, and the duality of the reterritorializations of heat death vs coldness of the right the inevitability of the progressive march off the cliff.

    What is there to do really, mostly I’ve been thinking of metaphysical franklin stoves made out of heat death, I’ll leave the cold-theories of NeoRx to the braver ones. Although I have to say the cold logic of the self-confirming cold neoreactionary elements has hit me out of nowhere.

    Rather inconvenient honestly.


    SVErshov Reply:

    we boarded a train without brakes, there are some ways to like it. I fly drone today and the eagle comes near by about 200m down. he looks tired, dirty and ridiculous compared with an agile drone. Usually, I admire an eagles, falcons, but not at this time.


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  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    do I really have to get out my sword?
    you lost me knowledge for knowledges sake- that bullshit its knowledge for survival’s sake ask your dna if thats true. and it is a sort of power land thinks its the only power but Ide hate to see him in an american prison armed only with that.


    collen ryan Reply:

    You had said: “If it’s all power then the knowledge you learned from Foucault about knowledge being power is power.”

    What I had said was “..knowledge is not power, since power says what is knowledge.”

    You know in this sense not the fucking commie sense power does decides what knowledge is….as I said “Knowledge is for survival’s sake”, and the powers that we struggle against to survive ultimately decide what’s true. And I cant speak for wags but If everyone I ever talked to told me something was true which i didnt think was it wouldnt change my mind thats just been the story of my life and Im almost always proved right in the end. If however one of them pointed out a flaw in my logic I would reconsider,of course most of these alleged flaws are bullshit so are not given much consideration or rather were previously considered.

    Truth is what helps us survive. Commies use philosophy to murder and enslave us many philosophers are commies who set out to do this. some are anti commies who set out to set the truth back up. true philosophers try to pry apart perception/mind from reality, this can be of use to survival at the extremes of perception we now find ourselves.There is a through point of diminishing return where “truth” does not serve survival as we merge. This is not a higher truth its none of our fucking business, our business is life.hugging a dead horse, go hug a plastic bag of garbage smeared in dogshit ot hug your girlfriend. To quote one of my favorite post modern philosophers- what fucking good does it matter now.NOW.You want to be a particle or a wave?


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Yes, we were in agreement. I liked your Land goes to prison metaphor too. Survival is a good way of looking at it.


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  • Jewish Supremacy Says:

    Kid rock for president tho


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  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan
    wag you like most of us buy into this Land has a prestigious degree and is a famous philosopher so…., so what doesnt make him right the entire cathedral is run by the most brilliant people who are spectacularly wrong. we all know about cognitive biases around here.Since I actually am not brilliant and have an 8th grade education I cant afford that respect for authority or Id be powerless so Im pretty immune though I admit I did like it when Land used to pat me on the head occasionally before I started biting his hand and went all blue collar on his ass.

    I think you just agreed with me that this truth power thing ties into evolution. I know its so lowbrow to think of it that way but frankly I cant understand that philosphy talk maybe i need to read something first but when I try to read neitze who I think I agre with its seems opaque.

    but if hes telling the truth in any way that has meaning in the real world not a intellectual construct then it can be reduced to meatspacetime. Your back and forth with Rhome is sort od a chicken and egg argument Power probably has to come first though because the first responses to power were random mutations not actual intelligence.Can a lucky mutation really be referred to as truth if theres no one to recognize t as such? As life evolves intelligence to battle with the power of environment, it becomes part of that power as species respond to each others intelligence as an environmental power. They learn truths about both kinds of powers the living and the dead.

    Truth is not static because of this, Truth must evolve as power and truth evolve, it hurts to let go of hard won truths for new truths and its complicated by the fact this almost never happens decisively, truth too is often random mutation is the sense that we are playing this truth power truth game on infinite levels simultaneously and now that we humans at least and perhaps some animals to some extent are conscious we can deploy our intelligence discriminately which is really a sort of throwing of the dice of priority, this is why land like AI it can calculate the best outcome of the entire glass bead game.

    Bodily truths I think you mean truth perspectives and then I agree my truth is what keeps me alive which might kill you. so your truth and mine are both true and disagree. There are some eternal truths GNON truths. we live in the physical world according to the laws of evolution, essentially a battle for survival and reproduction. By definition for sexually reproductive species this is a battle that must always be reduced to one organism you vs me. me vs my children even if it comes to it. Because the truth is only revealed in one individual at a time. Yes we form alliances. at first by chance mutation eventually by intelligent choices increasingly conscious. These co adaptive alliances eventually become cultural meaning a quasi biological phase change of truth. They become insanely complicated constructs of biological contract that we sometimes lose track of their intent. To reduce to the lowest common denominator is work backwards genetically. The whole of the law is to survive to multiply and with excess resources back up the next closest copy of myself working outwards.This is the true and the good. anyone who says otherwise is acting in their own truth, The leftists were correct about this subjectivity thing why they didn’t get the “then all is permitted angle” we may never know, probably they figured it was expedient and they would worry about it later. But they are evil because they are the champions of the weak and that can never work. Sure we may look at it as the weak in one of the aforementioned alliances crushing their stronger competitors and sure if they succeed they are in effect the strong, but they have weakened the larger body against other species. and within their larger body they are internally contradictory and their strongest overcome their weakest. we of the right accept the judgement of gnon that the strong must survive. The eternal truth. But we also understand the eternal wisdom that only Gnon knows who the strong are and it is our duty to fight as hard as individuals as if we knew we alone were the key to life perpetuation because we might be and only through this process can life continue to evolve higher truths.As far as I can make out Neech got this. Rhome doesnt hes sentimental. or rather hes sentimental and lets it interfere with his choices. So when we ask ourselves should the global elite of 1930s or 2020s survive over the volk the truth is we do not know. Land thinks he can predict on IQ alone.But Land is of the evil class he would throw the game and not even to niggers or dolphins but to machines, its too fucking retarded to even be worth consideration. I observe more than intelligence determines survival some reactionaries seem to be positing we have lost the will to live, if they are right which i doubt then they are wrong that intelligence is the most important trait. Its pretty reasonable to assume that since we have in fact evolved this capacity and instinct for survival alliances then we have also developed a sort of evolutionary specialization of survival skills within the races species and breeds and that a choice to negate these contracts without fully understanding how this works would be well unintelligent. So as you know Im of a holistic racist mindset that while valuing intelligence and hierarchy a, not mesmerized by it.


    collen ryan Reply:

    “We ought finally to understand that what was then destroyed was *higher* than what became master!”
    —F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power

    The cog elites first are only the cog elites that elected to join the cog elites. They are though the more organized concentrated and focused intelligence. They are not actually the most intelligent group. The accumulated intelligence of the non cog elite class is, Ill guess an order of magnitude conservatively more intelligent.

    They also without including (because we cant hold for) the other cognitively gifted within them (who are statistically included in the gifted trench) in short the lft 86% of the population is producing half of the newly minted right 14% annually.

    Its really deceptive to try and think of segments of a people as cog elites vs not or for that matter financial elites vs not. Though when we allow the self defined cog elites to define themselves as such they begin this lord of the flies routine whereby they compete amongst themselves for their benefit rather than amongst us all for all our benefits. To prevent this is not not socialize intelligence we have already explained they are not actually the sole repository or the largest repository of group intelligence they are more like an army we are fielding under civilian control. They may be free to go found their own commune if they want but they dont because they know they cant survive alone.They certainly are free to join the intellectual army or not.They should certainly not be free to experiment on the people. Lets face it they are myopic and probably should be saddled with as much normal baggage as possible to improve their perspective nagging wives mothers and children for them all I say.

    Land is as much a nazi as the rest of it, it is why I keep writing nigger jew bitches because there is no half nazi he crossed the line a long time ago and they will shoot him before they shoot you or I wag and he knows this and simply cringes from what he has dome sometimes other times he gets all manic and defiant. One of the little self lies he tells himself and hopes when fear of the rack overcomes him is that he doesnt really hate nigggeres he hate whiggers too, yeah well duh we could all live without whiggers. but you are still going to be shot. then he goes well everyones a whigger i like only slants or machines. Its all a bunch of crap hes just a plain nazi like the rst of us well except we are post socialist nazis and hes well got a past.


    Wagner Reply:

    Check out the Goolag top search results for “outsideness twitter”:

    Mashing all these together into the expected Cathedralist kneejerk interpretation translates to:

    “Nick Land has the courage, decency, and sanity to mercifully strangle those sanctimonious little bitch Jews in the crib!”

    Just get a leetle too edgy and those “darn Puritans” will use it against ya. Might as well throw caution to the wind, it’s better than keeping your mind knotted inside a straightjacket.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    There’s a word to describe whites who are racist against other whites: British. (ba dum tss..)

    In the words of George Heart’s character in the TV show Deadwood: “In my dealings with people, I ought solely have to do with niggers and whites who obey me like dogs.”

    “Niggers and whites”, for Mr. Hearst, both belong to a class. The class of those “who obey me like dogs.”

    I have no sentimental bone in my body.

    I was born into fire; you into a fire department, with a wagon and a hose.

    I accept hierarchy. I mean, it is obvious it exists.

    Can you accept that there is no organic society? I mean, it is obvious it doesn’t exist.

    Could you let go of such sentiment?

    Are you familiar with the dialectic of lordship and bondage? It begins in man’s absolute subsumption in nature.

    The overcoming of nature is what splits man into lords and bondsmen. The bondedness of lords and bondsman is the bondedness between man and nature redoubled.

    In the egalitarian hunter-gathering societies, the struggle to produce and consume was the struggle of life and death between man and nature. With the agricultural revolution, the struggle of life and death between man and nature (the struggle to produce and consume) was redoubled into the struggle of life and death within man himself. This is what is called class division.

    Your organic society went out the window roughly 12,000 years ago.

    Curiously, the bondsman maintains his lordship over nature; his needs are met through his work. But the lord only maintains lordship over other bondsmen; his needs are met through other bondsmen. This is why ‘the slave is the master of the master and the master is the slave of the slave’.

    The master has to be recognized as master by the slaves, whereby the master cannot recognize the slaves.
    Thus, the struggle for life and death within man is the struggle for recognition.

    Subjectivity is partitioned into masters who will run the risk death for their recognition and slaves who will not. This is the condition of war.

    Humans, once producing and consuming alike in the struggle for life and death against the ‘outer’ antagonism of nature, are now divided by and dependent on an internal antagonism within man himself to settle the struggle of life and death against nature.

    That’s like being trapped in a burning building and then setting loose a bunch of lions.

    The human subject in his battle against nature brought home the war. The human subject is, fundamentally, a Timothy McVeigh.

    War only settles accounts of recognition. It does nothing for man in his struggle against nature.

    The greatest warriors are nothing compared to the scientists who wage war on the homefront against nature. Warriors do not secure the future. Monkey strength puts us in peril. Land understands this. Whatever is a threat to intelligence deserves its own fate.

    So the insane thesis of communism is one you seem to misunderstand. It is not some kind of Roman carnival where the slaves become the masters for a day. It is the dissolution of an inner antagonism into a simple unity against another antagonism. “No more men against men, only man against nature!” could have been the slogan. If people could only have fucking understood that 200 years ago we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    “No more whites against whites, only whites against non-whites!” seems to be your interpolation.

    Here’s the problem with that. George Hearst doesn’t like you. He doesn’t care about your common ancestry. In fact, it offends him. It disgusts him. He is disgusted by you. Not just you alone. But you and everyone he lumps you in together with disgusts him. He doesn’t recognize you; only that you obey him.

    You see, equality was not brought about by political denomination. It is brought about in the absolute indifference of an enveloping market with money as the instrument to equalizing and leveling all differences in one: the difference that, in our social agreement, the general equivalent, money, alone has the ability to confer upon all things their value.

    I think, not only do you not understand what communism is, you don’t understand what capitalism is. Multiculturalism or cultural Marxism or whatever else you want to call it is not communism. It is the result of neo-liberalism, economizing the state in the logic of the global market.

    How I am to get you to understand this may become my life’s passion on Xenosystems.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Obviously rhome you have never done an honest days work in your life and have no clue about relationships between employers and employees its so out of touch to be I dont know what. Listen Ive done it all been an employee mostly but owned several businesses and been an employer nothing you wrote about that doesnt make any sense. well ok the brits are an arrogant lot but hey they have bragging rights so do we americans so do most european countries. Its healthy to think yourself the best shit Im irish mostly and think were the shit.
    yes we compete with each other and so your point all animals compete with nature with other species and with each other its how evolution works compete to the death. youre wrong war is all its put off as long as possible but if no other solution is found its always back to war, this will always be so long as anyone left on the planet is willing to war we must all be ready for war this keeps up the value of those fit for little else BTW sure science intelligence truth as we have been discussing contributes to war, quite a lot but bodies are needed if only to kill. larger countries have more scientists and more bodies to kill they win. I dont care if george hearst like me or not that fact of the matter is I am an american and he has to suck my dick because guess what americans are better than brits. when a brit gets all british like my mom liked to get its fucking amusing, like a nigger will be amused by land when he gets to prison. America is the land where steamfitters rule, we invent shit like airplanes (Im building one now) and mass produced firearms ( making one of those too) etc
    your communism no I dont get it at all i have no idea why anyone would be interested in it, money doesnt confer upon anything value ts usefulness or the perceived usefulness is what confers its value money is what we use as a proxy for value, as i said recently i have bought property twice now for trade not money, my “money” is usually in some other asset than fiat. equality ebbs and flows the last great equalization was brought about by sam colt cheap and reliable repeating firearms well thats an exaggeration but capitalism side effect was equality, this was a 500 year process and we could argue if it was a good thing though i doubt anyone wants to go back to the hovel.
    if you want to argue liberalism was proto marxism then you’re a moldbuggian and i get it but it seems a bit tortured to me, you sort of have to believe these slaveholders actually meant all men are created equal and them despite being pretty clear they didn’t mean the state owes you that they did. Multiculturalism /cult marxism certainly is the transfiguration of class socialism to race gender faggotry socialism because they couldn’t sell socialism to predictive wealthy whites. If you want to rag on capitalism I think you know i blame it as much if not more than communism for the demise its at least a precondition to leftism/communsm but as much as I regret its destruction Im not at all convinced it could have been avoided it exploded into the white world and we did as best we could and only now are we able to start to asses the situation.

    But rhome please if you want, with out all the mumbo jumbo explain to me why you like communism because its puzzled me since i was about 15. if you really feel the mumbo jumbo is needed then explain the mumbo jumbo without the mumbo jumbo because frankly I think deconstruct speak is utter bullshit there is no concept no matter how complex that needs to be explained obtusely remember what einstein said well i have actually explained relativity to all sorts of average people without a problem why is it fucking philosophy must be more opaque than sewage

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    “America is the land where steamfitters rule.”

    And how has your rule been going?

    “wrong war is all its put off as long as possible but if no other solution is found its always back to war”

    War still only settles accounts of recognition. Technology has put an end to war with the MAD doctrine (admittedly today USG is pursuing a NUTS strategy)

    The “theaters” of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, et al, were not war fields. They were abattoirs. A poultry farmer who slaughters chickens is not at WAR with chickens!

    Your “Restoration” won’t be like the Visigoths sacking fallen Rome, it will be like Spartacus’ rebellion. And you’ll do just as chickens do; stick your necks out when you see the chopping block.

    Milton Reply:

    I have to say Rohme, of all the comments on this blog, minus Admin’s I find your views the most interesting, I would be interested in learning more about how you combine your philosophy with Land’s since there are clearly with the free market cameralism and HBD dogma of the NRX. Kudos from a neophyte.

    Posted on August 24th, 2017 at 4:01 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    Mcveigh ? he was mad about ruby ridge and he killed some fed babies and that was pretty great they deserved it too bad he got caught. but at least they learned better stop treading on snakes.
    you are sentimental you worry about others fuck them


    collen ryan Reply:

    The fire dept bit was funny nigger ,sounds like my brit mother trying to get my irish dad to lose his temper.

    i dont know what you mean by organic society is there any other kind? do i admit its pretty fuking rancid sure is this the first time in history we got decadent ? is it restorable, well yes it looks grim but its our duty to fight to the last man so getting pessimistic is not helpful. even if we lose the restoration i want there will most likely be one we cant imagine, or the light will go out humans will not outlive the white race. But I think the white race will outlive humans Land thinks we will have tentacle faces, it may be and we will still be white men looking back to the same white men we do now, at least thats my hope niggers can hope they win.
    I suppose you want me to admit Im never going to get vienna 1895 back its unlikely but I think we are on the cusp of one of the greatest changes in human history and its impossible to predict the outcome, but I see whites are still firmly hegemonic and increasingly pissed off at the white mans burden going into this period, I see land is correct the tech is going to be staggering and cold if youre on the wrong end of it. I dont think whites are going to be on the wrong end of it i think they are going to destroy leftism and submit capitalism to culture. I actually think theres going to be a deurbanization and depoliticalization in white nations govt will be abandonned


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    I have Brits in my family too. They smoke and drink like crazy. They have a very melancholic predisposition.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Brits are pretty much like brit stereotypes. and yet they somehow made britain. Im not a hajinal elitist I think the future of whiteness is in countries like poland and hungary and america and australia we shall see.

    How has steamfitter rule been working out for me? america been berry berry good to me. Technically I’m a multimillionaire and Ive pretty much only worked 6 months a year most of the past 25 years spend the other 6 in idaho. But my countries been sacked and opportunities are vastly reduced. worse the culture been trashed and the people turned into pigs. It could be turned around but drastic steps are needed and quickly. This may be in the works. most conservatives were so worried about socialism we didnt see the marxists switch to demography until it was too late. city people were so used to a see of otherness it didnt quite register. suburbanites had no voice and all thought they were the unlucky ones a few like vdare and lou dobbs. but so many of us were cucked into nro and libertarians we bought the free market natural conservative bullshit. and of course the jews were running things and keeping them hidden, but we didnt realize that either still dont.
    This simply cant go on, well its not even attempting to go on the lefts intending to start putting whites into concentration camps anyday now and I bet they are sadly mistaken up till now I think most whites could shrug it off unless blue collar or poor now all whites are starting to feel it and I predict theres going to be war.

    II dont know what you mean about war, USG cant use nuclear weapons on the us population it cant even use the army at all on the us population and if it tries what happened to the british will happen to USG except not only will the populace turn against it the troops will mutiny and defect. we are a tinder box already, its just going to take the right combination of events.

    Posted on August 25th, 2017 at 5:21 am Reply | Quote
  • Rohme Giuliano Says:

    Well, I’m glad you are a multimillionaire with a ton of leisure time to devote to your personal projects. If that’s what characterizes the life of a steamfitter, then America certainly isn’t the “land of the steamfitter”.

    I would love a world where everyone has self-control and is respectful to one another. I just find history a poor handbook for how to do that in the future. You have this synonymy of history = culture = genes, but it’s a genetic over-determinism that I can’t abide. My estimation is your restoration wouldn’t just include getting rid of outsiders, so that the genes can ‘freely express’, it would involve a totalitarian social system. As you said, this isn’t the first time European peoples got decadent. You want the Renaissance without feudalism. I don’t want to hear about how you’re going to kick people out. I want to hear about how you’re going to change the society once you’ve kicked people out.

    How hard do you want to throttle the gas?


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  • grey enlightenment Says:

    what happened to this place


    SVErshov Reply:

    Renamed into Gasschamberg


    Wagner Reply:

    It’s too bad Heather’s sacrifice couldn’t have been more Trad

    “The [Aztec] who brought back a captive had just as much of a share in the sacred office as the priest. A first bowl of the victim’s blood, drained from the wound, was offered to the sun by the priests. A second bowl was collected by the sacrificer. The latter would go before the images of the gods and wet their lips with the warm blood. The body of the sacrificed was his by right; he would carry it home, setting aside the head, and the rest would be eaten at a banquet, cooked without salt or spices–but eaten by the invited guests, not by the sacrificer, *who regarded his victim as a son [daughter], as a second self*. At the dance that ended the feast, the warrior would hold the victim’s head in his hand.”


    R Kelly Reply:

    I was about to explode, thinking about the end times and entropy. I’m not here to make small talk! Rote Kaffee ist sehr lecker. I’m playing


    Posted on August 29th, 2017 at 6:56 pm Reply | Quote
  • joker Says:

    You haven’t been here in a damn long time.

    Anyway, I thought I’d present what I think is one of two or three core issues I have with your version of what I will simply call the “Alt-Right.” For me, that term is more like a general take over for all terms that exist under it and can be captured by it. As Cernovich said, more like a “big umbrella.”

    Though I disagree with Cernovich’s views, I do think that term, “big umbrella” – as a philosophical concept of what we think about when we consider the Alt-Right, is legitimate. In other words, neoreaction and white-identity politics. Hear me out, are the two general groups under the tent. Big tent. But, in hurricane season, and all that.

    My point is this: I’m not good at this philosophy stuff. I’m not a philosopher. Period. I majored in it, I know it pretty well. Rorty, Schopenhaur, Hegel, Kant, the basic Academic stuff, and really indulged in Deleuze on my own time. I enjoy it.

    I think you separate the two groups (neoreaction=neocameralism=freedom) and the general current movement for liberty that just wants people interested in European identity to stop being censored (AKA: neocameralism, Hoppe) – – – you separate them instead of seeing the general connection between them. They are both, in a general sense, the same group. Neocameralism is just a logical device to allow nature to sort itself out properly. It’s an economic and sociocultural/political device, philosophy, that is the most rational to be able to handle this issue.

    Yet your general stance, as far as I can tell, is to disavow the “European identity” which neocameralism basically makes possible. After all, in a neocameral society, European identity is possible. Just move to that patch and live by your rules. Hoppe.

    So, simply supporting neocameralism is, in reality, largely identical to voicing a support of identitarian philosophy – yet your stance in general is to disavow that particular crowd. You would argue that this is to support communism and other possible organizational patch regimes at the same time. The problem is that communism/socialism are our overarching regime already. Identitarianism represents the up-and-rising concept, more so than any other, and for this reason the mere speech act of neo-cameralism is, already, implicitly a support for Identitarianism.

    I think this is obvious.


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  • Rohme Giuliano Says:

    From Nick Land’s Making It with Death:

    What if – instead of ‘How Do You Make Yourself A Body Without Organs?’ – one were to ask: how do you make yourself a Nazi?

    1) Wherever there is impersonality and chance introduce conspiracy, lucidity. and malice. Look for enemies everywhere, ensuring that they are such that one than simultaneously envy and condemn them. Proliferate new subjectivities; racia1 subjects, national subjects, elites, secret societies, destinies.

    2) Burn Freud, and take desire back to the Kantian conception of will. Wherever there is impulse represent it as choice, decision, the whole theatrical drama of volition. Introduce a gloomy atmosphere of oppressive responsibility by couching all discourses in the imperative form.

    3) Revere the principle of the great individual. Personalize and mythicize historical processes. Love obedience above all things. and enthuse only for signs; the name of the leader, the symbol of the movement, and the icons of molar identity.

    4) Foster nostalgia for what is maximally bovine, inflexible, and stagnant: a line of racially pure peasants digging the same patch of earth for eternity.

    5) Above all. resent everything impetuous and irresponsible, insist upon unrelenting vigilance, crush sexuality under its reproductive function, rigidly enforce the domestication of women, distrust art, classicize cities to eliminate the disorder of uncontrolled flows, and persecute all minorities exhibiting a nomadic tendency.

    Trying not to be a Nazi approximates one to Nazism far more radically than any irresponsible impatience in destratification. Nazism might even be characterized as the pure politics of effort; the absolute dominion of the collective super-ego in its annihilating rigor. Nothing could be more politically disastrous than the launching of a moral case against Nazism: Nazism is morality itself; heir to Europe’s respectable history; that of witch- burnings, inquisitions, and pogroms. To want to be in the right is the common substratum of morality and genocidal reaction; the same desire for repression – organized in terms of the disapproving gaze of the father – that AntiOedipus analyzes with such power. Who could imagine Nazism without daddy? And who could imagine daddy being pre-figured in the energetic unconscious?



    Wagner Reply:

    Land is embarrassed nowadays for saying that (or at least should be), as it’s a – highly articulate – reflection of what everyone already believes. Theology vs. philosophy, a subtle difference, but it means the world. My theory is that Land and many on the alt-right made it Out on the other side not because they were “born reactionaries” but because they came to understand leftism so intimately it just got boring dwelling in that reality-tunnel. There are lots of plain old-fashioned rednecks among us but a lot of us were just hyperleftists that sloughed off our chrysalis and started flapping around like butterflies and eventually noticed we had swastika patterns on our wings. I’m sure one day we will be aufheben’d by a leftward evolution but today, ain’t that day.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    What have you read that would lead you to believe he would be embarrassed of this?

    I would say WE ARE ALL RIGHT-WINGERS from the perspective of ULTIMA LEFT (playful variant on Erik’s expression, ‘Ultima Right’, all copyrights belong to him!)

    Either we are all right-wingers or The Right doesn’t exist at all. Take your pick.


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  • Zimriel Says:

    dead bloooooooggg…goonnnna put it on you.

    dead bloooooooggg…goonnnna put it on you.


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