Obamanation II

Richard Fernandez has written many brilliant things, so this might not — necessarily — be his greatest moment, but it’s the post most perfectly substituting for what this blog would want to have said. Discussing the prospect of impeachment proceedings against the POTUS, he speaks through the avatar of an imagined Republican senator, to say exactly what is needed:

And after we get rid of him, after a decent interval, aren’t we’re going to do again? This time with an historic Woman president, Asian president, Gay president? You really need never run out of Jonahs.

But you see, I’m not going to vote for conviction. [murmur in the crowd]

I vote to let him remain president. I’m going to stick him to you. Vote to let him remain in office knowing full well what a screw up he is. Knowing he’ll screw up again; sink your portfolios, bankrupt your industries, make such a mess of defending this country there’ll be blood in the streets and crowds are going to be looking for the guys who endorsed this man into office. He’s going to bring the whole thing down, and you with it.

Because you see he was what he always was. That at least is his excuse. But you knew better, all you people. All you exquisitely educated, creased-pants people. You knew better and put this poor fool in office.

I say …


Gnon gave you Obama to crash the whole rotten mess. Treasure him. “Ladies and gentleman. You’re not getting rid of Barack Obama that easily. This time there are consequences, not from me, not from the Tea Party but from reality. God exists ladies and gentleman. Or at least Murphy does. Consequences are a b**ch.”

(Outside in Obamanation background)

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  • bob sykes Says:

    This morning it is reported that the IRS has destroyed the hard drives in question. No doubt someone realized data can be recovered from crashed drives. If true, this is an overt criminal act (obstruction of justice) and should lead to a criminal trial of the Director of the IRS and any other senior staff who might be involved.

    Having read Belmont’s rant before arriving here, I have to say there is merit in forcing Obama to serve out his term and in letting him continue his destruction. Perhaps the American people will become so angry that the Democrat Party will be seriously crippled in both 2014 and 2016. On the other hand, the 1%, the MSM and half the population need him, so maybe nothing will happen.


    Mai La Dreapta Reply:

    What IRS hard drives? I blissfully ignore the daily news cycles, so I’m unaware of this controversy.


    Erik Reply:

    The IRS claims to have “lost” a large quantity of important data, including a bunch of emails. Taken at face value, this implies that the IRS is incompetent and negligent, which is bad enough. Viewed in the context of what requirements for data keeping the IRS imposes on people it’s auditing, it implies that the IRS is playing by different rules than everyone else. Viewed in the context of previous bullshit, they’re probably lying about it. Viewed in the context of how email is stored, it implies that the IRS is upgraded from incompetent to misfeasant and really likely lying about it, because to fully lose an email, you have to lose (or delete, or corrupt, etc etc) the sender’s copy, the receiver’s copy, and the federally mandated backup copy, several of which are supposed to exist on federally mandated redundant arrays of storage devices that can recover from partial data loss.


    nydwracu Reply:

    Sounds to me like what everyone else thinks Watergate is. How far off is that?

    It’ll be instructive to see the difference between what happens to a president hated by the media and what happens to a president loved by the media. If they can kick out someone they don’t like and keep in someone they do like… well, that makes them pretty damn sovereign.

    Then there’s the issue of Roberts’ Obamacare reversal, about which conspiracism is most definitely warranted. We’re back in Bulgaria — how long until the Forrestals start dropping? (If they haven’t already; it’s not like we’d hear about it.)

    Erik Reply:

    For the record, I’m willing to believe that they did lose the emails, because they’re stupid. But remember the Old Law of Gnon: The penalty for stupidity is death.

    (Here we see why the law might be necessary: so that people should not seek to escape penalty by claiming stupidity.)

    nydwracu Reply:

    And things have gotten more interesting.

    A high-level administration official called our cellphone to say that, based on his own exasperating experience, Lois Lerner’s IRS emails might really be unrecoverable. Demanding anonymity, the official said he had been trying to assemble an archive of his own email while in government, but underlings told him there were gaps of months at a time. When we asked what the excuse was, he said: “I can’t get a straight answer. You know the bureaucracy.”

    We told him that if he’d document his experience and email it to us, we’d print it. Recoiling, he said there was no way to write such a thing in an email because of “the climate.” We told him to just send it from his personal email. “I can’t do THAT!” he replied. “Gmail really IS forever.”

    Bulgaria or Zimbabwe? Either they planted it to cover their asses or they really are this incompetent — it’s one or the other.

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  • bob sykes Says:

    However, over at


    it is pointed out that emails are generally stored on servers. Individuals like you and me can set our mail clients so that downloaded emails are erased from the server, but government agencies are required to keep all emails on the servers and backup the files to offsite data storage.

    So the emails must still exist. But the overt criminality of the IRS leadership requires criminal trials.


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  • Lesser Bull Says:

    The Right is inching its way towards neoreaction. Here’s another example:


    I predict that NRx will more and more start to look like a core of libertarians mugged by reality surrounded by an ever increasing mass of conservatives mugged by reality.


    Lesser Bull Reply:

    This isn’t the Right inching towards NRx, though it should be:


    What’s frustrating about conservatism is that all the bricks are there, but they’re mostly heaped up into a pile of nothing.


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  • Ex-pat in Oz Says:

    Wretchard’s migration along NRx paths is interesting. He’s always struck me as one of the more thoughtful neocons and his Aussie perspective lends him a more realism tinged lens.

    I for one am thoroughly enjoying the news cycles– the diseased southern invaders, the DC pantomime, the unravelling of USG foreign policy…

    The popcorn must flow!


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  • Moldbug, Auster and the Sword | Neoreaction in The Diamond Age Says:

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