An “execrable” racist “remains insanely popular”, the Guardian agonizes. “So why do we continue to fete Lovecraft instead of burying him quietly away?”

That ‘we’ is more terrifying that anything H.P. Lovecraft ever put to paper.

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  • underground-man Says:

    Whenever I hear a columnist invoking an abstract and absent ‘we’ to which I supposedly belong, I reach for my Browning. I find it especially duplicitous when the author himself is not implied in the sin or exhortation, as in an article titled, say, ‘Are we too consumerist’ written by an anti-consumerist.


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  • Thales Says:

    If you gaze too long into the collective, the collective will gaze into you.


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  • Bill Says:

    “These days, it’s not so much his strange hybrid of science fiction and supernatural terror that is the problem as his racism.”

    Supernatural terror is Lovecraft’s expression of racism. Great writers are able to tell us something about the world, this requires someone who is aware of the human condition. It would be dangerous to wonder aloud if Lovecraft’s intense humanity is what gave him the ability to craft great art out of humiliation and disgust from being broke in NYC and living with “mongoloids.” This would mean that Lovecraft was a) sympathetic, and b) his fear was real.

    For Lovecraft fear wasn’t some blunt tool carving curses into restroom stalls, it was as elegant as a silk Chinese painting, as beautiful as a lace collar floating up out of the darkness in a Rembrandt, only a few fearlessly honest people even begin to craft something so unnerving and hypnotic.

    I recommend Houellebecq’s book “H.P. Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life.” Houellebecq argues that it wasn’t until Lovecraft abandoned his mild contempt and felt fully ripened hatred that he became able to capture the vertiginous terror of his great texts.


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  • Jane Says:


    “The collective” when it is your own racial Folk is far more important than the radical selfish individualist and that philosophy of misanthropy. Just needed to make sure that was cleared up since I am a racial socialist who is very pro-collective 🙂


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