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It’s increasingly hard to find anybody of even moderate articulacy (other than professional propagandists / unapologetic communists) with a kind word for democracy these days. Marc Faber, it turns out, hasn’t. Here he is in conversation with the (re-animated) Daily Bell:

Marc Faber: I hope so, but this is one of the problems of democracy, that you have dynasties, and so I’m increasingly leaning to the question whether actually democracies function nowadays.
Daily Bell: Indeed, it would be hard to find a functioning democracy. Can you point to any at this point?
Marc Faber: That I don’t know but everybody thinks that every dictator is evil. In Asia, we’ve had very fast growth in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore under non-democratic regimes. Even today in Singapore you have some kind of democracy but not a true democracy. In Hong Kong we don’t have democracy; it hasn’t ever been there for the last 150 years. […] I don’t know. I’m just saying that to sit there and say democracy is the best system in the whole world is maybe not the correct view.

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  • Political Correction | Neoreactive Says:

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  • Rorschach Romanov Says:

    “The idea of popular sovereignty contained the assumption that declarative public law, what legislative majorities might at will decree, could override the inherited wisdom of private common law, transgressing the inviolable limits that a liberal order placed around individual property and person.

    In this sense, Hayek remarked, an authoritarian regime that repressed popular suffrage but respected the rule of law could be a better guardian of liberty than a democratic regime liable to the temptations of economic interventions or social redistribution.” Perry Anderson

    It was one of the great feats of propaganda ever, that managed to, in the popular imagination, near equate democracy/suffrage with “freedom.”


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  • A.B Prosper Says:

    Iceland seems to work pretty well but its about the size of a midsized American city, 300,000 or so and small enough that the leadership there can’t isolate themselves from the citizenry.


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  • Rasputin Says:

    Michael Anissimov writes a book and the world listens.


    Hurlock Reply:



    E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Reply:

    Prime Annisimover.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Well there needs to be a working replacement prior to destroying even a dysfunctional govt.

    Unless you seek the final ruin of anything left holding the respective peoples together.

    Which frankly on any given day Dr. L. actively is, occasionally softened by decent human appeals and sentimental impulses.

    No they won’t suddenly morph into Idealized Libertarian romantic view of medieval Europe patchwork states. They’ll most likely vanish.

    Not democracy in any case. I can’t think of one democracy in the West, they’re representative governments. Republics by whatever name.

    Democracy is direct plebiscite. There’s not one extant. It’s just a word. A boogeyman to justify nihilism.


    Orthodox Laissez-fairist Reply:

    To many neoreactionaries Mad Max type of might makes right “Anarchism without adjectives” is preferable to hypocritical Anarcho-Tyranny of the Matrix. It’s because present system, Anarcho-Tyranny, doesn’t allow for spontaneous order to be in its natural symbiosis with Entropy (you cannot unbreak broken “egg”, but you could get a new one only if Government didn’t ban “chickens”; so solution there, it seems to be, is simply to purge everything, because rollback doesn’t work thanks to degenerative ratchet).


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  • Lesser Bull Says:

    If anti-democracy is popping out everywhere, it means that the chances for moves in that direction are good but the chances that the moves will be anything wholesome are bad. i bet a lot of this anti-democratic sentiment comes from elites who are having difficulty explaining why voice should be permitted but exit not. Solution: eliminate voice.


    Kevin C. Reply:

    Indeed. I am reminded of Thomas Friedman’s repeated praise for Chinese authoritarianisms abilitiy to “get things done”. In fact, I suspect some of this is people on the Left waking up to their victory, to realizing that now their power is uncontestable, and they no longer need the pretense of democracy.


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