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Distracted by the Twitter TL-clogging Ferguson craziness, without finding anything much to say about it (there are a few comments over here). So how about a Scott Alexander joke, of at least arguable relevance?

It goes:

I’ve been using IQ as an example recently, and I feel bad about it because it’s so controversial and politicized. So let’s switch about something else instead.

How about race?

(As usual with SA, I’m a terrible reader, because my prejudices make it almost impossible to understand the necessity of needing persuasion. There’s always a ‘duh!’ resounding in my head. Still, on the basis of a bad reading, I think he ends up on the dark side — i.e. stark common sense — but he does so with such politeness that it’s hard to be entirely sure.)

ADDED: This made me smile too —

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  • nyan_sandwich Says:


    We do have to get here somehow; we don’t magically find the truth in the absence of argument. I got red-pilled pretty quickly on encountering our friend Unamused, but do remember taking some convincing. Eventually I noticed that folks on Unamused’s side were giving arguments with numbers and models, and everyone else was yammering about “scientifically disproven’, “expert opinion”, “intelligence doesn’t real” and so on.

    Agree that arguments won’t convince anti-racists, but still necessary to convince the ignorants.


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  • scientism Says:

    I think Scott’s point is that racial differences can be real while racial categories aren’t ‘scientifically’ (statistically) well-defined. Take the racial categories found in ordinary discourse, now look to see if the people we typically call “Asian” have a particular gene or genes correlated with collectivism with greater frequency than other races. That’s all it really takes. The argument over whether race is a “real” category (whatever that means) is a distraction (biologists have spats over whether species are natural kinds too).

    But consider also that this still limits the kind of inferences you can make. It might be, for example, that while Asians on the whole are more collectivist, Asians with genes correlated with individualism are more likely to emigrate to the United States. So the finding about Asians doesn’t transfer to Asian-Americans, but we may (wrongly) tend to see Asian-Americans in terms of characteristics associated with Asian countries (like collectivism). Then we’re being terrible racists.


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  • Quote note (#102) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • VXXC Says:

    Ferguson Police @Ferguson_Police
    We have a nuke


    Oh I’m a follower.

    Thank you Admin this is hysterical. I don’t know if you picked this up but..rest of us don’t care. The Brothers are all around my gated community, they don’t give a shit either. Yep. Beautiful Art Deco Constantinople surrounded by the barbarians, quite pacified by EBTs, forward leaning community policing, various amusements.

    We just don’t give a shit, we’ve seen this forever. The Left cares. Hell Obama can barely be bothered to pretend to care.

    As to the Dark Side of Reality…Look this is one of many differences between normal people and Intellectuals. WE.ALREADY.KNEW.THIS.WHY.DIDN’T.YOU.LISTEN.

    We solve with sticks or bullets if they’re “gentle giants ready to turn his life around.” Which of course happened, his career is over.

    What we don’t do is genocide and final solutions, that requires intellectuals. It’s not necessary. Common sense applications of local policing are necessary.


    Puzzle Privateer (@PuzzlePrivateer) Reply:

    “What we don’t do is genocide and final solutions, that requires intellectuals. It’s not necessary.”

    If genocide was good enough for Moses it’s good enough for you buddy!


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