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This strikes me as exactly right:

The Labeling is sort of like using the magic word NI on “conservatives”, because after being called racist, sexist, or some sort of “phob”, the “conservative” starts groveling, and abandoning the debate at hand, proceeds to prove his street “social justice” cred to his leftist masters (Oh yes my most high and precious masters, I adore minorities and diversity, and worship at the altars of Womyn and Molok and Kaos and Demos and I fully partake in all the sacraments of Great Progressivism™, just remember how many times have you seen X apologizes for Y, or I’ve got nothing against Z, my friends/family members are Z, or H are the real Z-ists). On the other hand, leftist that meets a neoreactionary, whether online or offline is terrified (so much it seems, that word ‘neoreactionary’ has become a new label), despite actual power and influence of Neoreaction being less than null (and the power of the Left total). The scare comes from Neoreaction’s memetic immunity. Neoreactionary is immune to the Labeling, in fact, for a neoreactionary it is a badge of honor, and therein you can imagine the terror of the leftist when his weapon not only doesn’t work on his enemy, but actually strengthens his enemy.

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  • Dan Says:

    Democracy, Israel edition LoL.


    Behold the power of the team behind Obama 2012 and their awesome ground game.

    A propose the above picture for the cover of Anissimov’s book, which at the moment is rather sparse.


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  • Quote note (#156) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Orthodox Laissez-fairist Says:

    I’m truly honored Dr. Land, thought I must admit that considering your genius, it’s indeed possible you’re manipulating us into all this.


    Scharlach Reply:

    It’s easy enough to find old threads in which admin’s former colleagues disown him, so I tend to think his conversion was real enough. That said, like the non-existence of difference between parody and an earnestly held extreme belief, I don’t think there’s much of a difference between a Marxist acceleration of capitalism and a capitalist acceleration of capitalism, in terms of the creative destruction it would hypothetically unleash.


    Orthodox Laissez-fairist Reply:

    It requires that one be able to feel the critical point within the fractured mass… and know how to strike it in such a way that the echoes travel to your intended destination.
    — Darth Traya, the Lord of Betrayal


    Hegemonizing Swarm Reply:

    > What if NRx were begun by the CIA and …

    NRx and its cynical realism hits too close to home for The Company to be a product of their propaganda. Touchy-feely idealism about democracy and freedom is what they’re at. It’s the more effective hook.

    But this could still be Nick Land’s online abstract horror performance art experiment. That would be a funny plot twist but doesn’t pass Occam’s Razor.


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  • northanger Says:


    Weeks ago, someone infected with measles at Disneyland sparked an outbreak that has so far infected at least 84 people in 14 states, according to the CDC, many of whom weren’t vaccinated. In Wolfson’s Arizona, as many as 1,000 people, including 200 children, have potentially been exposed to the disease, and seven are infected.

    Amid this outbreak, Wolfson actively urges people to avoid vaccines. “We should be getting measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, these are the rights of our children to get it,” he told the Arizona Republic. “We do not need to inject chemicals into ourselves and into our children in order to boost our immune system.” He added: “I’m a big fan of what’s called paleo-nutrition, so our children eat foods that our ancestors have been eating for millions of years…. That’s the best way to protect.”

    . . .
    He said viruses — not vaccines — are a part of the natural world. “Unfortunately, they mean that some people get sick and some people die,” he said. “But the reality is that we can’t inject our children with chemicals.”

    Measles isn’t a big deal… “This quote-unquote ‘outbreak’ has infected 70 people who are quote-unquote ‘infected,’ ” he said. “This is a country of 300 million people, and no one has died, and no one is sick as far as I know. We are all worried, and we are all getting crazy, and what we’re talking about is really just a fever and a rash.”


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  • northanger Says:

    Baby immune cells are born ready to fight

    Found in newborns, small populations of preprogrammed immune cells can fight specific pathogens that they have never encountered. The findings, say the researchers, have the potential to revolutionize how and when people are immunized… Scientists had thought memory cells only developed after exposure, but Avery August, professor of microbiology and immunology, and his lab had discovered small pre-existing (innate) populations in 2008. Their defensive potential was unknown until the latest study found they act exactly like memory cells that learn from exposure…. “We’ve found a way to make millions of working memory cells without ever having to expose the body to a pathogen. If we can mobilize these cells to our advantage we can immunize much more quickly and eliminate the rare side effects of traditional vaccines.”

    Vaccines work by stimulating immune cells to “remember” a pathogen… “Theoretically we could generate memory cells for any kind of pathogen,” says August. “It looks like our immune systems are already trying to do this. The existence of these premade memory cells suggests that, over evolutionary history, our immune systems are trying to anticipate the pathogens we’ll face. Now we’ve found a way that could quickly help them along to improve immunities.”


    E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Reply:

    Also look up Nano Silver. Primitive nanotech antibodies. Great at combatting retroviruses. Not a cure, but even the DoD certified that it works, for whatever that is worth.


    northanger Reply:

    Interaction of silver nanoparticles with Tacaribe virus

    TCRV is a prototype New World clade B arenavirus that shares structural and genomic homology with the South American hemorrhagic fever viruses Junin, Machupo, Guanarito, and Sabia [18]. Since these highly virulent hemorrhagic viruses share the same proteins and mechanism of replication as TCRV, the Ag-NPs will likely inhibit their replication as well. Due to the known toxicity of Ag-NPs in many human cell lines [10], and the short time limit of efficacy following infection, the Ag-NPs would likely make a more effective decontamination tool as opposed to an in vivo therapeutic agent. However, if the Ag-NPs do indeed facilitate the uptake of arenaviruses into the cell and inactivate the virus prior to cell entry, further studies should be performed to determine if Ag-NPs can prove to be an effective vaccine adjuvant.


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  • grey enlightenment Says:

    At its heart, Isn’t neo reaction anti-democracy? That seems like the most accurate label for it. It’s definitely right of center.


    Orthodox Laissez-fairist Reply:

    Interested party: “What is Neoreaction?”
    Neoreactionary: “You know how american progressives describe american conservatives? They describe them as Dark Ages level of socially conservative and Anarcho-Capitalist level of fiscally conservative.”
    Interested party: “But that’s not true of course.”
    Neoreactionary: “Of course not! Conservatives are as leftist as progressives, they’re just false opposition. But, it’s a good start at describing Neoreaction.”
    Interested party: “Really?”
    Neoreactionary: “Yes. But it gets even darker that that.”
    Interested party: “How is that even possible?”
    Neoreactionary: “Well, Neoreaction is fiercely anti-demotic and is in favor of privatizing Government. It’s anti-egalitarian, racist, sexist, homophobic and islamophobic. It’s also in favor of official state religion, segregationism, aristocratic elites, and institution of indentured servitude.”
    Interested party: “Whaa…”
    Neoreactionary: “Neoreaction also sees nothing wrong in getting our hands little dirty if it’s the only way to achieve victory.”
    Interested party: [struck speechless]


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  • kartoffel Says:

    Maybe you just haven’t poked the bear hard enough to rouse it yet. Maybe it’s not that sensitive to exclusive largely-anonymous nerdy groups chatting on the internet. Since you’re not exhibiting any of the marks typical of popular movements or potential challengers you’re not even showing up on their radar.

    If that’s all it takes to be immune to labeling, lots of mainstream conservatives already are immune. Who takes an accusation of transphobia seriously besides a fellow traveler or someone surrounded by them? The labeling is for the benefit of the audience, not the labeled. A neoreactionary with something to lose who could be identified would be very susceptible. The only hang-up would be in trying to break down all the high-IQ talk into something the plebs would recognize as nono-bad-think.


    E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Reply:

    >all of this
    >doesn’t read twitter

    I think some of us have been breddy glear on the hatethonk.


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  • SanguineEmpiricist Says:

    It’s sort of like this, back in the day Marxists used to call any one that wasn’t with them “Reactionary!” and people used to go to the defensive.

    We just say “Yes”.


    admin Reply:

    If ‘neoreactionary’ was to become standard shorthand for ‘all that unspeakably evil stuff we were warned about in our grievance studies classes’ it would add to everyone’s convenience.


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    I thought that was what “paleoreaction” was?


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Good. Good. Let the Hate flow through you…


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  • Michael Says:

    Racist? which is it ? are all men created equal or do you think the theory of evolution is true?


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