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The first paragraph of a (short) big-picture piece by Robert Kaplan:

A vast crumbling can be heard across Europe, coupled with an ennui that is the ironic upshot of being stunned by too many disparate crises. The Mediterranean, it turns out, is not the southern border of Europe: Rather, that border lies somewhere in the Sahara Desert from where African migrants coalesce into caravans headed north. And as they have throughout history, the Balkans still form a zone of human migration from the Near East. For decades, the dream of the European Union was to become a post-national paradise of prosperity and the rule of law, and gradually, through various association agreements, extend the bounties of civil society to contiguous regions. Now the process is being reversed: The contiguous regions are exporting their instability into Europe itself. Eurasia, a super-continent of historic exoduses, is starting to reintegrate Europe. …

(Like Europe, the article undergoes progressive disintegration into directionless chaos as it continues, but it’s worth a look — if just for the symptomatology.)

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  • SVErshov Says:

    and soon european prisons will become recruitment ground for jihadist


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  • Kgaard Says:

    Speaking of Kagan, a guy by the name of Robbie Martin has made what sounds like a fantastic documentary diagramming the neoconservative takeover of US foreign policy. And the Kagan family is right at the heart of it. I am excited to see this. Heard him interviewed on Pacifica radio for an hour. Dude has done his homework. Looks like limited release (i.e. he is trying to find theatres willing to screen it … good luck with that).



    Lucian of Samosata Reply:

    The author of the article admin posted is Keohane, not Kagan.


    Kgaard Reply:

    Oops. Was in a rush. Anyway good doc.


    admin Reply:

    Kaplan, not Kagan. (Author of The Coming Anarchy).


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  • Scharlach Says:

    As Lee Kuan Yew demonstrated on the other side of the world in Singapore, building honest, impersonal institutions helps a small state survive in a region of bigger, hostile ones.

    He also said a lot of other things more germane to the running of multi-ethnic states than “economic growth uber alles!”

    Now the process is being reversed: The contiguous regions are exporting their instability into Europe itself. Eurasia, a super-continent of historic exoduses, is starting to reintegrate Europe.

    This insight pairs well with the Atlantic color-blindness article, especially its suggestion that white racial consciousness will lead to anti-racist rejection of white power structures (i.e., Western European society). For the anti-racists, no prospect could be more bright than “reintegrating” Europe with the Middle East and Africa. This, in conjunction with widespread racial progressivism among whites, is their perfect storm. Whites abdicating power left and right, with non-whites there to take the reins.


    NRx_N00B Reply:

    Scharlach, your last paragraph contains some interesting thoughts, particularly when coupled with the idea that Western Civilization is just a term for colonialism.

    There are parallels with Steven Farron’s ideas in “Prejudice is Free, but Discrimination Has Costs: The Holocaust and its Parallels” where he “demonstrate(s) that the Holocaust was both the most ruthless implementation ever undertaken of affirmative action (i.e., government action to solve the perceived problem of the greater success of an ethnic or racial group) and also the most systematic assault ever undertaken against racism.”

    If you haven’t already read it, it’s definetly worth it.


    michael Reply:

    war is peacekeeping
    discrimination is ignorance
    diversity is unity
    slavery is freedom


    caged kindness Reply:

    …with non-whites there to take the reins.

    The newcomers are just riding in to take the air. None of them are moving to Germany to build a better car or manage the mass transit systems. Gathering a few golden eggs is enough for now.

    I think this is a marked difference from previous such invasions. In the old days, one wanted to own the whole place. Now the “migrants” are happy to carve out an enclave while the old stock keeps the institutions going.


    michael Reply:

    the third world has finally evolved agriculture or would it be mamaculture


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Admin your review spot on.

    This gem at the end. “And only a fiscally vibrant Europe can cope with the threats on its periphery.”

    Whatever Fiscal Vibrancy is – Europe is already there…


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Incoherent but narrow group self interest a common theme after the 1st paragraph which defines the problem.

    As for solution: Only a fiscally strong economic growing EU will be strong enough not to defend themselves.

    This seems to be a constant theme from the Center: being strong means being defenseless.

    Or rich and weak, ideal for itinerant predators.


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  • michael Says:

    “The collapse” has already happened. It may never ,probably never will,have an economic or military punctuation.This is the way the world ends


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