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Urbit on entropy dissipation:

Bringing people together is an easy problem for any social network. The hard problem is keeping them apart. In other words, the hard problem is filtering. Society is filtering.

A society without filters is a whirling, beige mess of atoms in a blender. Beigeworld is an inhuman antisociety. A digital republic is a garden; not only does a garden smell good, but every flower smells good. An unfiltered network is a sewer. All sewers have exactly the same smell.

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  • pseudo-chrysostom Says:

    It sound like curt but the balmy talk of revolution makes one suspicious.


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  • Contaminated NEET Says:

    >All sewers have exactly the same smell.

    It’s a nice line, but I’d bet sewers smell different in different countries. Certainly, when the pipes would back up in my shitty little South Korean apartment and I’d get a dose of sewer gas, the smell was noticeably different from when the pipes would back up in my shitty little American apartment.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    All of us reek of the same sewage to certain people.

    His cause is his own, himself. The rest is marketing.

    Great deconstruction of the West from the Right, keeping up the family business. Another crop of the defenseless and self-loathing: Mission Accomplished. That’s the net result and the entire thrust of UR and can’t be considered accidental or incidental.


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  • Bob Says:

    I still have no idea what this Urbit thing is supposed to be. Are there are any articles anywhere that explain it for the layman, or can anyone here explain it?


    Yvjrolu Reply:


    This one was OK imo, but I couldn’t judge b/c I don’t know anything about urbit.


    Bob Reply:

    Thanks. Looks pretty dense for a layman’s intro. I’ll have to digest it in the next few days when I have time.


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    Don’t be discouraged, but (and I’m paraphrasing the author here) there is no such thing as a layman’s introduction to Urbit. It’s like talking about a “mild DMT trip.” If it was mild, it wasn’t DMT.

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  • spandrell Says:

    Sorry if I missed it, but have you seen this?


    You do have lots of fans out there.


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