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Vivos (purveyors of luxury survival bunkers):

The Vivos global network of hardened, deep underground, survival shelters is being built to survive virtually all future catastrophes and disasters. Co-own a membership interest in one of our community shelters or buy your own private underground shelter for the ultimate life-assurance, safety and security for your family. Vivos shelters are considered to be the strongest, most fortified, blast-proof shelters available. Our Quantum underground survival shelters and bunkers are hardened, underground shelters designed for installation on your private property – anywhere in the world. Then stock it with freeze-dried foods and canned meats, along with all of your survival gear to survive for one year or more.

Be ready for the predicted planetary alignment, doomsday, the Rapture, the end times, or Armageddon. If you believe in the prophecies and predictions of the Bible, Nostradamus, the Third Secret of Fatima, the visions of Edgar Cayce, and all of the current signs of an economic collapse, future nuclear war, WW3, a pandemic, an EMP power outage, a Yellowstone eruption, a potential asteroid collision, Nibiru, Planet X, Fukushima’s eventual meltdown and widespread global radiation, the coming pole shift and/or major earth changes, it is time to prepare!

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  • NRx_N00B Says:

    lol, awesome.


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  • Jefferson Says:

    Is every era equally bonkers about impending apocalypses(ees?), or is there something in the air/water/linguistic trash-space nowadays? It’s hard to shake the feeling of end timesiness, but unless CRISPR (or was it tindr, or grindr, or all three) is really that big a deal, we’re just another generation less competent than the one that begat us. Maybe I should just stay off the Internet after I take my sleep meds…


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  • Grotesque Body Says:

    Some of us are like Feynman, and want to see the bombs go off with our naked eyes.


    NRx_N00B Reply:

    Yes, with a good pair of sunglasses, a bottle of absinthe, and a lawn-chair.


    grey enlightenment Reply:

    that’s what the TV is for

    apparently in the event of nuclear war, televison and electricity are the last to go


    Exfernal Reply:

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_electromagnetic_pulse – not necessarily true


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  • bob sykes Says:

    The obvious question is whether they can resist a ground assault. The established military theory is that a fortress will fall to an assault unless there is an external mobile force able to engage the aggressors, viz. Magninot Line, which simply surrendered to the Germans.


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    In the absence of a mobile force to repel attackers, as time passes the likelihood of a fortress capitulating approaches 1, and is accelerated by contingencies such as food supply running out, water or communications being cut off, etc.

    Maginot Line was a special case of stupidity and wastefulness. It’s a classic case of basing your defense system for the future on the assumption that future wars will be just like wars of the past.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Then stock it with freeze-dried foods and canned meats, along with all of your survival gear to survive for one year or more.

    The New 31337 is to have your own self-contained ecosystem that produces your food and water needs. Bonus points for preserving endangered species. I’d think a few million enclosed underground acres, a mid-size nuclear generator and a whole lot of arc lights would be required, but for dot-com billionaires, what else do they have to spend it on? 😉


    Ripper Reply:

    Camp Century



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  • low income low status low brow juvenile reader Says:

    What are these people expecting to happen? Israel to go strangelove and nuke the whole planet?

    I would think a large landholding in some remote place, with a private plane ready to get you there, would be way more effective and enjoyable than climbing down into a well decorated grave.


    Bar Reply:

    It’s a joke.


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  • pyrrhus Says:

    I’ll take three….


    Erebus Reply:

    In that case, you might be interested in an ex-military/decommissioned Atlas-F nuclear bunker.


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  • Grotesque Body Says:



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  • vxxc2014 Says:


    You’re correct. It’s also that Boomers don’t deal with mortality well.

    Of course they failed all their other tests so they’ll fail graceful exit as well.


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    Of course, there are plenty of court historians to cover up the fact that the boomers inherited 1950’s America and have left behind a Waste Land.


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  • XVO Says:

    Vault-Tec irl


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  • John Hannon Says:

    For many years it was repeatedly asserted – by the music media at least – that the only life-forms likely to survive a nuclear Armageddon would be cockroaches and Lemmy.
    Looks like it’s just down to the ‘roaches now.
    (R.I.P. Lemmy – the only man in history who could make white cowboy boots not look gay)


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Since they have a DNA vault – the next Ark of Humanity – I’m surprised some Shanghai Billionaire isn’t asking for NRxn phenotypes….

    It is definitely one of the better Trolls around.



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  • vxxc2014 Says:


    What happens if I decide to send something other than blood?

    Collocation Kits provide storage of your genome in two Vivos shelter vaults;
    one in America and the other in Europe. Twice the chance of survival from all perils.
    DNA Donor Collection Kit Options

    Each Donor Kits includes

    1 Official Vivos Global Genome Vault Donor DNA Collection Card

    1 Donor Reference Card

    1 lancet to poke your finger to extract 5 blood droplets

    1 mylar envelope for sealing the Donor Collection Card

    3 QR Code stickers for Donor to place on Donor Collection / Donor Reference Cards and mylar envelope

    1 prepaid return shipment envelope to mail to Vivos

    Step-by-step instructions

    DNA Donor Kits are shipped to customer within 4 weeks of order.

    Shipments outside of the United States will incur an additional charge.


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