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A short, illustrative tale from Peter Brimelow:

Around Easter of 1980, I was in Paris trying to persuade my first wife, whom some of you knew, to marry me. I thought that, in the interests of full disclosure, I ought to tell her everything. So I said, look, I’m involved in an anti-Communist faction in journalism and we’re going to lose. I think there’s a real serious possibility that we’re all going to end up in a Gulag.

And, besides that, it’s crippling to our careers. I’d been approached by the CBC [Canadian Broadcasting Corporation] to do on-camera reports about business. I could have been Lou Dobbs! [Laughter] But when they heard I’d written anti-Communist stuff, they said they couldn’t possibly hire an anti-communist — even though what I would have been covering was entirely non-political.

Maggy was a Canadian and wasn’t particularly political. She listened to this and said she’d not thought about it before, but, now that I’d explained it, she could see it was true.

So, she asked with female practicality, why didn’t I change sides?

The XS takeaway: What’s socially ‘practical’ isn’t a socio-historical constant. That makes it potential cascade material.

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    What is socially practical is always wrong, because people are reality-denying and in groups they circle-jerk hive-mind group-think about this.

    There is a reason all the black metal bands ranted about “trends” being the death of all good things… humanity is its own worst enemy. When you put the ego in charge, it makes decisions that flatter it, and they are always in defiance and denial of reality.

    Brimelow has written consistently about what is wrong with this society while most people would rather just pull the covers over their heads.


    R. J. Moore II Reply:

    This is vvhy, especially in mass society, sympathy, charity, being trustful of established authorities, is a vice. Even ‘rightist’ thought is usually premised on ‘defending the vveak’, ie squandering the lives and energies of the superior on people that never do anything but hold everyone dovvn.


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  • anon Says:

    Those Commie-sympathizers got to the top of the BBC, following a period when the BBC was founded by John Reith, an ardent Nazi supporter.

    Bloodless coup.

    Did this coup happen by an authoritarian decree, by a sperg holding a sword, by a king wearing a crown? No.

    The recently proven way to change what is “practical” was not formalist. It was a sneaky culture and meme war.


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  • holipopiloh Says:

    >For more than 20 years, the consensus among labor economists has been that there is no significant aggregate economic benefit to native-born Americans from this tremendous immigrant influx since the 1965 act. Basically, the gains are all captured by the immigrants themselves.

    So the whole economic ecosystem is working as intended.

    >Everyone says what a wonderful thing immigration is and how much people benefit from it. But it’s not in the data.

    Actually, it is in the data. The coral is the giver, as it is supposed to be (the default forager behaviour: share the spoils).

    Of course —

    >[immigration] does cause a redistribution of income from labor to capital

    so… when are we going to see a post about the wonders of cyberfeminism, Nick?


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  • michael Says:

    I saw some studies that found just one dissenter in a classroom could rally all other disenters who would remain silent if not for the one willing to be the first [who was a control]

    last week i read the fascinating story of the guy who wrote I hope they serve beer in Hell and a friend who volunteered to promote it. Their strategy was false flag opposition, they wrote letters to editors school administrators etc, commented on blogs, put up flyers to organize demonstrations etc. trolled the SJWs They reasoned they could not possibly lose any potential customers and had everything to gain by letting the left stir up their potential customers it worked spectacularly.

    very few people are believers in leftism of the half who vote left in US which is 40% non white now most must be non whites voting tribaly,Yes you can get a white lefty to argue till blue in the face but they are not making real choices. They are playing with house money in two ways first they are voting for what will be imposed on others, second they are spending money that doesnt exist. If they actually had to choose how to spend a fixed amount of money or were directly effected by their SJ campaigns they would be conservatives.Things are getting real in the west and people are waking up.but of course theres a huge cathdral apparatus to keep them on the beam and its been programming minds over generations now its huge leap when you know no other way


    michael Reply:

    Would you consider no representation without taxation formalized, in other words if youre not a net tax contributor you dont get a vote on how to spend the taxes.


    admin Reply:

    Great idea — but it’s libertarian fantasy politics.


    michael Reply:

    Im not suggesting putting it up for a vote,Im trying to think of a post transfer of power format that would stand a chance of stability.westerners being ruled by an oligarchy or monarchy, i cant see that lasting.Monkeys get hierarchy they also get fairness.Both will be tested.Democracy like Christianity was pawned by marxists and now pseudo capitalists, but democracy has evolutionary/market elements. Its adaptive distributed. The other element of this would be real money, no one votes for leftists ideas at the expense of basic needs,They vote on the assumption there is unlimited money, you could give the editorial board of huffpo sole authority over the US budget and if they could not spend more than they took in would produce a budget not far different than Barry Goldwater.
    With all due respect I think we face an existential threat and we dont have time to wait on tech or invent entirely new forms of government.What we are learning thinking about your and MMs thoughts certainly could be put to use might even be a long term goal.But either the cathedral continues to increase its power over citizens while electing a new people and we find ourselves ruled in a couple decades by the joint ANC/ Caliphate or the populists rise up. its looking like the “populists” now have a less than zero chance.Now would be the time to think how to use them in the event they are successful.They are not rising up for socialism they are rising up for ethnic interests which are being stolen to redistribute to non europeans. They are primed for reaction.

    Aeroguy Reply:

    Your idea belongs to a whole category of solutions, I’ll call them wishful solutions. These are solutions that if you wished them into existence would in fact work, it’s actually relatively easy to come up with these sorts of solutions (how long they would stay in effect is anther question entirely). Coming up with sane ideas that work is so easy you can see them everywhere, the hard part is making them reality. This is why they’re wishful, there’s nothing beyond a wish for explaining the mechanism for how it will become reality. To think about how to bring about ideas into reality, you start considering the existing power, the dynamics of power, real power. The book “On Power” by Bertrand De Jouvenel is a great for learning about it (though reading it won’t protect you from wishful thinking). This is what makes real solutions so hard, coming up with a desirable B is easy, the journey of getting from the existing undesirable A to B is the hard part. Staying at B without returning to A or going to also undesirable C is another difficult aspect that must be considered for there to be a real solution.

    With the perspective in mind, the dynamic aspect fueling much of leftism is high-low vs middle. Admin is betting on ouroboros (fueling catallaxy) being a stronger dynamic aspect assuming leftism doesn’t decay civilization enough to make innovation impossible first. It’s a long game.

    R. J. Moore II Reply:

    The only realistic vvay to get rid of the influence of the underclass is to eliminate the sympathy people have for them; demagogues can vvhip them up but if everyone thinks of the underclass as fucking animals they’ll just get shot. Sympathy vvith the ‘normie’ is a moral and social disease.


    michael Reply:

    @Aeroguy Reply:

    But its quite obvious admins and MMs solution are first not solutions just vague ideas that require complex new inventions they hope will be compatible with human nature or at least western nature.Its also obvious we may not have another five years before completely overun by niggers.Theres a commie nigger muslim weather underground running the fworls in white house wake up.You think google and apple are going to step up to stop niggerization please they are behind it.

    wishful plans? yeah by that standard any pl;an that hasnt yet be implemented is wishful and so no plan should be considered let alone tried. Reality is plans that are closest to present conditions are easiest to implement and plans that are closest to what once worked are likliest to work.plans that require AI and monarchy are absurd.Like it or not the WNs have the best chance if not to take over then to effect a partition,sure its a long shot but its the only realistic plan and its been shaping up well.If you do not want nazi then get cracking thinking about how to use them.
    waiting for muh collapse is absurd all thats going to happen is the entire earth will be majority nigger and nothing will get done and we will be killed


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  • Meursault Says:

    Are today’s social media obsessed citizens able to see preference cascades outside their own echo chamber when they’re increasingly plugged into a feedback loop of their own ideas on Twitter and Facebook?

    Not entirely unrelated: http://www.vox.com/2016/4/21/11451378/smug-american-liberalism


    John Hannon Reply:

    Interesting link (and links within the link).
    Lurking around intelligent, intellectual blogs such as this it’s easy to forget just how many right-leaning folk are as dumb as rocks. Excruciating reminders, however, come from just about every popular TV and radio political phone-in, where the most ill-informed, over-emotional, and just plain thick callers invariably tend to be those with the most right wing opinions, making obnoxious liberal smugness seem perfectly reasonable.


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  • John Says:

    >> She listened to this and said she’d not thought about it before, but, now that I’d explained it, she could see it was true. So, she asked with female practicality, why didn’t I change sides?

    This is why (mostly) anonymous sperglords had to lead the charge against the left. Anyone who heavily values social status and financial gain will always choose the “winning” side.

    Also, another data point towards revoking female suffrage.


    R. J. Moore II Reply:

    This meme that females have contributed so much to civilization is absolutely ridiculous. Even the femz I’ve read that aren’t crazies or idiots are 3rd raters in the company of highbrovv men.


    R. J. Moore II Reply:

    And, as normies are mostly about monkey business, normies are bad people. Females are more likely to be middle-IQ, socially adjusted, conformist – they’re the normiest of normies.


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  • Outliers (#11) Says:

    […] entropy. Tracksuit exit. Switchback. Reactance. Geezers. Maya. Soviet USA. Clever Sillies. Pan-Nationalism = Diversity. […]

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  • Lucian Says:

    Note that she’s probably his ‘first wife’ as opposed to his wife because at some point she asked herself the same question.


    admin Reply:

    All the information required to avoid such (misguided) speculation is provided in the links.


    R. J. Moore II Reply:

    I find it funny that anyone that understands modern society vvould actually marry an American or European female that vvasn’t raised on a compound by Calvinists.


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  • V Says:

    Brimelow’s telling and illustrative moment of impotence:

    “”The elites of the West emerged from WWII utterly traumatized by the experience of confronting Nazism. It was so traumatic that they went overboard on the opposite side. They became convinced that any discussion of ethnicity or cultural heritage at all, let alone race, was unthinkable. You couldn’t address these things without being a Nazi.

    There is an extraordinary power of this accusation of racism, even among people you think would know better, namely conservatives, as Paul [Gottfried, a dinner guest] was saying. They’ve all been swayed by this charge, they’re all terrified.

    Until this charge is refuted, we’re not going to get anywhere in the immigration debate.

    My personal view is that the counter to the charge of racism is the charge of treason. What these people are doing is treason: they intend to destroy the historic American nation as it had evolved to 1965. “”

    Instead of having the guts to actually undermine and Eisenhower their irrational attack of associating all racism with “The Holocaust,” Brimelow’s suggests an obviously impotent strategy of calling leftists and conservatives “treasonous” for abandoning the white culture of the USA. Can we please just admit how stupid this idea is?

    It is obvious to anyone that the Nazi / Holocaust “thing” is the absolute number one source of anti-racist dogmatism. A historic event subtly manipulated and exaggerated from “history” to religious fable. This thing is the source of all political correctness. Read Adornog. It’s as obvious as can be. Understand that this “area” of thinking is the center. I don’t have the answers. I am not suggesting solutions. I am just calling it like I see it. Every writer who is known as a source of “cultural Marxism” was influenced by their desire to fight fascism. They viewed the Nazis as a source of endless material. A convenient demon to illustrate everything wrong.

    It has become a culture even children understand and partake in. Nazis evil. Pure evil. Beyond words. Beyond thought. Beyond reason. Abandon reason. Even I use the Nazis to make points about people I dislike. “That’s Nazi yo!”

    This thing is the source of almost all political correctness. The fact it is so difficult a subject is a sign that it is the one most in need of serious conceptualization and inspection. Hard stuff but seems obvious that it is the primary roadblock.


    anon Reply:

    Alternatively, you could use your NRx blog to accuse the deranged gunman who killed Jo of being a nazi, and call people who argue restraint upon such signaling nazis.


    admin Reply:

    >>>Nazis<<< More butthurt about being called out than Jews.


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    “>>> <<<"

    Look at this proponent of "muh spontaneous orders" trying to force memes.

    frank Reply:

    @Grotesque Body

    Hush now blasphemer! Deciding wether a meme is forced falls exclusively under Kek’s jurisdiction.

    oh_really Reply:

    The shooter wasn’t a nazi. AFAICT nobody on the forum is a nazi. But Nick is using nazi as if it’s some kind of insult, like if his commenters were calling him a jew.

    Seeing “call out the nazis” used in full ernest on XS is toe-curl awkward and embarrassing.

    admin Reply:

    The shooter wasn’t an ethno-bolshevik? Any grounds for that other than convenience-based thinking?

    If “toe-curling embarrassment” leads to less 1488 jackasses fouling up my comment threads, I’ll take the deal.

    oh_really Reply:

    All evidence is clear that the shooter was ethno-something. But to define anybody who is ethno-something as a bolshevik or a nazi is to invite refutation, those words have meaning. It’s more Turing-competent, and more accurate, to call him a racist, or perhaps a white segregationist. A nazi is somebody who is into nazism…

    I realize that you aren’t really aiming for ideological Turing competence when you call him a nazi, but I think that this is what’s causing the comment swarming of non-nazi racists. Nazi-labeling is something that leftists also do, and that behaviour triggers the troll reflex.

    admin Reply:

    Breathing is also something leftists do.

    Ahote Reply:


    Oh don’t be too harsh to the Outside In 88-rs. You should see the Daily Stormer ones. Outside In nazis are very reasonable (and arguably, not really nazis at all), one shouldn’t be too hard on people, they’re only human after all, and… well, National Socialism is the most receptive thing in the world to the fallen human nature, it’s hard for people to resist the pull. Hitler was right when he said Marxian International Communism was a perversion of True Socialism, that to which people gravitate when they aren’t thinking is National Socialism (there’s no class consciousness). People are lazy, and jealous of those more successful than themselves, they want their welfare check and gibz, they want to be free of responsibility, but they do not care one iota about the plight of Asian workers, and they don’t want all these foreigners taking their gibz. That’s why Beata Szydło is premier of Poland and not Janusz Korwin-Mikke isn’t. That’s why The Donald stands a chance of winning, but Ron Paul didn’t. That’s why UKIP and Front national are progressively moving to the left economically with each passing year (and more to the left they go, the more electorally successful they get). Democracy is indeed the road to socialism, but National Socialism. It comes instinctively in a democracy. Communism on the other hand, it requires religious fanaticism, hence the necessity of indoctrination. Cathedral, being a creature of Anglo-communism understood this, and understood it well. Nazism had to be absolutely stamped out as a viable possibility, it was the only way to prevent a democracy from going full fash. Now that Cathedral narrative is losing its credibility among large swaths of population for pushing too many immigrants in too fast, of course National Socialism is going to resurge. Nazis are toxic however, Cathedral was right for all the wrong reasons (nazis should be suppressed because they’re raving Jacobins, not because ‘muh racism’).

    oh_really Reply:

    Heh. Hey, you’re the one complaining about the comment section.

    Lucian Reply:

    Who is more powerful, Kek or Gnon?

    michael Reply:

    I think the WNs are correct the best approach is to contrast the double standards,The problem is when it comes from what are easily identified as WNs it loses its power over the mainstream. This is the reason maintaining boundaries on the public level is important.We should even be entering all levels of liberal and “conservative” areas with a comprehensive strategy, and moving thought there as far as it can be moved. Imagine someone slowly being handed off from huffpo to NRO to somewhere on the far right.
    Nazi fear is one large part another is the lie that peoples are the same. Even if you are not worried nazis could re emerge but you think it is only a matter of time before the pygmy will develop cold fusion, and muslims will have lesbian imams and amerindians be the first to land on mars, then elites will be willing to sacrifice white proles for what they imagine is a little while longer even if they were convinced it was unfair in the short run and nazism were no real threat
    .HBD is much more important than neutralizing brown scare because all the evidence for racism [racial animus] relys on disparate outcomes coming out of supposed identical initial conditions. without equality of all men entire liberal not only crumbles but reverses the injustice was in the other direction,and the implications for the damage done is immense.
    The real block will come at this point when the immensity of the mistake and damage done and utter hopelessness and impending doom begin to dawn.
    If youre a neo nazi infiltrate salon huffpo slate and use your socialist cred there to turn leftys on HBD etc+.Youre preaching to the quire on race here and will never sell socialism here. Frankly I dont know why you think you would need socialism in a white nation but whatever.


    R. J. Moore II Reply:

    The proper response to the racism charge is to ignore them and start tearing the USA apart. This empire HAS TO GO. AMERICA VVAS NEVER A REAL ‘NATION’. NOVV IT’S NOT EVEN A REAL COUNTRY.


    michael Reply:

    Since I think european people face an existential threat that may already be too late to stop, I would be fine with civil war in fact since I think it would drive most minorities back where they came from I actually think it not a bad strategy,unlike some I am confident the Various western nations could easily reboot and any reboot without minorities would be better than now and a place from which reactionary changes could easily be implemented.
    But I dont think its possible at this point,are you suggesting ten thousand ruby ridges? Thats not to say I think violence is not a legitimate or might be useful. What I think is needed is the building of a organization that would plan how to actually take power unfortunately the thinking around denrx is wait for collapse I understand I simply think they are really way off on how much time is left.On the other hand its possible random terror acts would be counter productive. These are things needing study and really working out.


    R. J. Moore II Reply:

    In terms of actual strategies I’m not the person to ask, but in terms of ‘viable political entities’ tearing the US into pieces (and Europe, too – Germany should be 600+ independent countries again) vvould be a good result. Re: civil vvar, if caucasians vvere actually vvilling to fight and stop deming gibsmedats vve could easily defeat mudbloods and vvelfare vvhores.

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  • anonyme Says:

    Warning: Off topic ..just for fun… (skip this one if you prefer to stay on topic…)

    The French novelist Louis Ferdinand Céline had the greatest contempt for the academic style of writing acquired in a lycée education, regarding it as dried up and dead. “Slang is the language of hatred which enables you to stun your reader….”

    As one critic of Céline wrote : “One needs to don armor – or better yet, steel plating — to approach Céline.”

    Accused of racism, Céline responded:

    “Racism! Of course! And how! The more of it the merrier! Racism! Enough of our soft religions! We’ve been stuffed enough as it is by all the apostles, all the Evangelists.”

    It was about time, Céline opined, “that France and the real Aryans find their own white religion.” Céline’s theology consisted solely of, “To be or not to be Aryan, that is the question.”

    Because of his incendiary writing, Céline was a standing target for assassination by the Resistance, which murdered the eloquent Vichy radio broadcaster, Philippe Henriot in 1944, and would kill many more writers and artists in the years ahead, including Denoël, Céline’s publisher, who would be gunned down while repairing his car. Céline constantly carried a pistol concealed on his person.

    When writers and fans offered to hide and defend him, he was appalled:

    “For God’s sake don’t ever come to my defense! I do, and will continue to do, everything in order to be and to remain, if not the richest then at least the most unpopular man in France….The total contempt of all of humanity is extremely pleasant to me – as is total oblivion….I know what I’m doing. I know the risks. That’s how I like it and that’s all that matters.”

    After the Allied invasion of Normandy, Céline fled east into the true holocaust of the 20th century – Germany aflame. This horrendous ordeal, which he recounts in his novels, Castle to Castle, North, and Rigadoon, suited him: “Nothing intoxicates me so much as great disasters, I easily get drunk on calamities….”

    In 1945 he, his wife and their cat, Bebert, jumped aboard the last Swedish Red Cross train out of Berlin and found haven in Denmark, where he was jailed on death row for several months and nearly died from ill treatment. The French government sentenced him to death in absentia, but when he returned to France in 1950 to face trial, the courtroom spectators laughed uproariously as the prosecutor read passages from Céline’s delirious, incantatory anti-Jewish polemics. He was acquitted.

    Unlike Ezra Pound, who in his dotage repudiated his attacks on Jews, Céline never recanted and stayed defiant to the bitter end. In 1960 journalists quizzed him on his definition of tragedy. His reply:

    “Stalingrad. There’s a catharsis for you. The fall of Stalingrad was the end of Europe. There’s been a cataclysm. Its epicenter was Stalingrad. After that you can say that white civilization was finished, really washed up.”

    The man who had written Journey to the End of the Night, “The truth of the world is death,” died peacefully at his home of a brain hemorrhage on July 1, 1961, at the age of 66.

    Céline had asked that his corpse be tossed into a common grave, but his wife, Lucette, did not carry out his wish. “The parish priest of Meudon had refused to allow Céline to be buried on consecrated ground….so the funeral was to take place in the municipal cemetery.”

    A druidic holly tree was planted over the grave by Lucette in honor of the dead genius’s Celtic-pagan inclinations. Céline had said of himself, “I’m a Celt in every inch of my miserable body.”


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  • The Subtle Extremism Of Opposition To Civilization Decay Says:

    […] Peter Brimelow, the founder of VDARE, wrote about his political quest (via Outside In): […]

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