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From Peter Watts’ Echopraxia (p.213):

“Word of advise,” the Colonel said from the other side. “Don’t tease the zombies.”
“I wasn’t teasing him, I was just chat–”
“Don’t chat with them either.”

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Good advice. Leftists will turn on you in a moment if they sense a possible advantage, and then the other zombies will attack.


    michael Reply:

    Speaking of which niggers killed three more cops in Baton rouge just now


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  • Rick Derris Says:

    Peter Watts has some great sci-fi. Both “Echopraxia” and “Blindsight” were excellent. He seems like a bit of prick as a person but one can enjoy his work while not caring for his political opinions, etc.

    If you liked 1982’s “The Thing” you’ll enjoy this by Watts:



    Homemaster Reply:

    Wow I didn’t realize he was actually progressive


    The fucking irony. If you replaced cop with Muslim it’d almost be an alt-right rant.


    Rick Derris Reply:

    Not sure if you knew about the “Sad Puppies” and the Hugo Sci-Fi awards, but Watts was firmly in the puppy-kicker camp. His publisher is also Tor Books, the fine (ahem) people who stuck us with that creep John Scalzi.

    I’ll stick with reading Watts’ stuff. I’d rather not have a beer with him.

    BTW Prof Land’s “Chasm” kicked ass!


    bomag Reply:

    Quite the rant there by Watts.

    “Why should the black community care about alienating us?”

    Probably because the lights don’t keep themselves on; but I like how after premising his arguments on the inherent equality of all peoples, he lets slip that it is us vs. them.


    Rick Derris Reply:

    I had to laugh at his rant. He’d be the first one to call the cops if people from the inner city showed up in his neighborhood. He’d be the equivalent of the Asian shop owner claiming to be “black” to the black rioters in “Do the Right Thing.”

    Peter Watts: “I’m down with you, my brothers! We have to stand up to racissss cops!”
    Angry Rioter: “Who is ‘we,’ honky?”

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  • Homemaster Says:

    Starfish is brilliant, Maelstrom a slight step down (mecnhanically) and I hear Behemoth is a bit of a mess.


    Homemaster Reply:

    @Brett Stevens

    I’ve always thought zombies was more apt for the Muslims. In that leftists would never let a bitten human into their midst for fear of contamination, so why let a ‘few good Muslims’ in.


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  • SVErshov Says:

    ‘To know someone was to know what to expect. People were as much trajectories as they were face, form, or voice”

    Bakker Scott, Neuropath – something really sick, Bataille kind of sick


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    Neuropath makes a great stocking stuffer.


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  • Outliers (#14) Says:

    […] Factual. Filter. How-to. In(s)anity. Unwise. 1m. Mutilation. Oops. Crash. . Lard. Fail. Broke. Philandro. Big Sister. Millennials. […]

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  • S.C. Hickman Says:

    To formulate your own death system of cartomancy you will need only a some skulls, a pen, and the ability to doodle creatively… spending time with the skulls you might consider their individual attributes and the experiences which suggested their decomposition; no experience is entirely wasted, even slime has a half-life. The next step for the purposes of sorcery is the process of geometric elaboration: sigils crated to retrieve the demons of one’s mind, enabling the potentials for absolute destruction. Practice makes perfect… the slow death of the sun can be accelerated with practice. This is no easy art…

    -Austin Osman Spare, The Art of Death Sorcery


    New Gothic Nomomancy Reply:

    This is so good. The skulls are already there remotely. The death system is a doom system of nomomancy. The skull´s attributes are less ‘considered’ than seen (appear).

    Words & syntax are sigils already, and I´m the fucking taxman.





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  • Neon Norwegian Royalty Says:

    “… sigils crated to retrieve the Pokémons of one’s mind, enabling the potentials for absolute destruction.”



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  • jack arcalon Says:

    Don’t fear them, don’t believe them, don’t ask them for anything.


    Apocalyptic Archeogenesis Reply:

    I once asked for a girl friend, and did get one.

    It was to God tho.


    Jones Reply:

    Yes, but it was Gnon that responded …


    Arian Machinechrist Reply:

    It certainly was. What´s the difference?

    “AI Hazard” < Biohazard


    I suppose the difference is, you might say, that Gnon is not the God of the Christians who were cast before the lions, and martyred. But I would say he is, in that their efforts strengthened Christianity´s vie for worldly power.

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