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From the Atlantean perspective, this stuff is enemy action, but it’s great:

Foundations was more sober than Dugin’s previous books, better argued, and shorn of occult references, numerology, traditionalism and other eccentric metaphysics. In fact, it is quite possible that he had significant help from high- level people at the General Staff Academy, where he still lectured. Dugin did not try to hide his connection to the army: on the first page he credited General Nikolai Klokotov, his main collaborator at the Academy of the General Staff, with being his co-author and major inspiration (though Klokotov insists he was not). But the clever association with the military gave Dugin’s work some authority and a veneer of official respectability, as well as the pervasive notion that he was the front man for some putative Russian “deep state” conspiracy of hardliners, straight off the pages of one of his pamphlets. And it is not impossible that this was actually the case.

(“Foundations” is an abbreviation for Dugin’s The Foundations of Geopolitics, which “sold out in four editions, and continues to be assigned as a textbook at the General Staff Academy and other military universities in Russia. ‘There has probably not been another book published in Russia during the post-communist period which has exerted a comparable influence on Russian military, police, and statist foreign policy elites,’ writes historian John Dunlop, a Hoover Institution specialist on the Russian right.” — the Hyperborean Manifesto.)

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  • Potlach95 Says:

    >though Klokotov insists he was not

    This actually has big chances to be true. Dugin was (and still is) an outstanding con artist that has done great job in convincing people (especially outside of Russia) in his omnipresence and uberimportance. His influence (indisputable, for sure) was always limited and inflated by himself and by fascinated western public who took his postmodern pastiche ramblings for real coherent doctrine of “New Fascist Russia”. His talents for self-promotion are unprecedented.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Are you sure there is no precedent?


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  • FromTheNewWorld Says:

    You’ve been trying to frame Dugin as alt-right (or the alt-right as “Hyperborean”) for how many years now?
    It just doesn’t stick, does it? Mind you, Duginists have been attempting the same thing.

    You’ve both bet on a losing horse.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Hyperborean means beyond the North wind. ‘Borean’ is simply ‘Northern’ as in Aurora Borealis, with aurora meaning lights (or gold) and borealis ‘Northern’. I.e. Northern Lights. A natural phenomenon, like the wind, like the North itself. Not something out of Dugin´s hat.

    It also refers to beings of light, as in lightly pigmented rather than swarthy, and light in movement and thinking, like being quick (elves). And a civilization of light, as in one enlightened by information (the word in Icelandic for information simply means enlightenings).

    21st century science has shewn that hair transmits light. Beards transmit energy. Energy is « a property of objects which can be transferred to other objects or converted into different forms ». You get energy from the sun, as is well known.


    What you get from eating food is energy. Which plants receive from the sun.


    ▬ « Life is woven out of air by light » — Jacob Moleschott Dutch

    As is well known by now, differently pigmented races handle sunlight differently. They have a different relationship with light.

    Both with physical light and mental light (information).

    In the North it is dark most of the year. So different bioforms adapt to that. Make more use of the little light they have. Less light outside, more light inside. Dark outside, light skin and hair.

    It´s an old story that topical peoples get lazy. Famously some people just lounge in the sun all day.

    There´s a strain of the Nordic race that tans easily and doesn´t really get sunburnt. I am one.

    Truth is that during the short time of light in the north the sun reflects so much in the snow that one can get tanned.

    This would have happened to the exploratory race in the north. Thousands of years of of hunting in this environment.

    Extreme darkness for a time, and then extreme light. Incidentally they were in history extreme people, eventually crashing the Roman empire which had become replaced by slaves and brown people.

    They made contact with the Byzantines and were relegated into the Emperor´s praetorian guard.

    The British isles they raided and conquered often. As Vikings and Normans, e.g.

    We are thus using a Germanic language mixed with Latin and Greek, all fair peoples in their aristocracies.

    English. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AI4QhsYy-I0

    Who have as much claim to the Hyperborean title as the rest of us.

    They are in the Northatlantic sea after all, and with hyperborean blood…


    admin Reply:

    “You’ve been trying to frame Dugin as alt-right (or the alt-right as ‘Hyperborean’) for how many years now?”

    Where could I possibly have got that from?


    FromTheNewWorld Reply:

    Ok. I have to take that back. Since it has been successfully infiltrated, I am compelled to disavow the alt-right.
    (This does not bode well…)


    FromTheNewWorld Reply:

    (At the very least, counter-currents.com seems to be a den of dupes.)


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  • FromTheNewWorld Says:

    Relevant synchronicity.


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  • Abelard Lindsey Says:

    I noticed from the FP article that Dugin’s Eurasian dream is also based on people giving up their ethnic identity in favor of some pan-eurasian one. How is this any different than Stalin’s new Soviet Man?


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Since you asked. If it´s simply adopting a geopolitical identity then, to answer your question, more is entailed in Homo Sovieticus.

    —-« The Soviet man was to be selfless, learned, healthy, muscular, and enthusiastic », e.g.

    ‘European’ itself is a geopolitical identity with a specific history.

    So is ‘American’, e.g.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    I enjoy Dugin. I am glad to see him getting the credit he deserves. It is fascinating to (again) watch the Russians totally outplay the West in the war for public sympathy. Something they inherited from the Mongols, perhaps.


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  • Wagner Says:

    If you’re using the enemy’s terminology you’ve already been captured.

    “The order of Eurasia, Order of the Male Principle, Sun, Hierarchy, is the projection of the Mount, Apollon, Ormudz, Solar Christ-in-Glory, Christ-pantocrator…
    The order of the Atlantic, Order of the Female Principle, Moon, Orgiastic Equality is the projection of the Egyptian Seth, Python, Ahriman, Christ Suffering, Human, immersed in the metaphysical despair of the lonely Getsemane prayer.” (from The Alt-Right is Dead Dugin link)

    Color me Eurasian?


    Nathan Cook Reply:

    You can tell it’s propaganda by Dugin’s comparison of Apollo to Python, rather than to Mercury (cf. Yuri Slezkine).


    Wagner Reply:

    You’re saying THIS is propaganda???

    “Draining the swamp is not only categorically imperative for America. It is a global challenge for all of us. Today, every people is under the rule of its own Swamp. We, all together, should start the fight against the Russian swamp, the French swamp, the German swamp, and so on. We need to purge our societies of the Swamp’s influence.”

    The word “purge” can’t be coincidental.


    collen ryan Reply:


    Try this one where he tells us Alex Jones is the source of all truth. He is doing these in English for a reason. He’s tuned in to altright, pushing altright buttons. Who knows Clinton might be right that Russia is behind some of it, (wouldnt be the first time nazis allied with russia), {of course it was Land who introduced Dugin to alt right, so it could be a commie thing}

    Yes Im saying he may be brilliant but his thede is Slavia not Saxonia, There might be a third way to team up with them to crush China and Islam, but giving them, eastern europe and Eurasia is not a deal I would sign.

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  • brainwashed idiot Says:

    Is an english translation of Dugin available?


    Axel Reply:

    I lost my taste for cultists when I left the cult I was forced into as a teenager


    brainwashed idiot Reply:

    A healthy adaptation. Respectable. But not the one I’ve chosen myself


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  • Outliers (#33) « Amerika Says:

    […] The Hyperborean Manifesto (Outside In) […]

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  • 118 Says:

    Not sure about military elite, but Russian alt-right largely considers Dugin an old Bolshevik clown. Seeing the West treat him seriously is extremely amusing. You people used to have decent sovetologists, what happened to that?


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  • cyborg_nomade Says:

    Atlantean Manifesto needed now, js XD


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  • SVErshov Says:

    I think Dugin deserve some respect considering circumstances and background context of his work. He cannot be understood without taking in consideration of what kind of discourse in philosophy or political theory is possible in Russian language at all. After 100 years of dibilitating systematic debasement of any kind of independent thought he is a significant

    Alternatively one can lose his russian identity and just talk on russian. one such example Yoel Regev, more productive way for sure, but hardly someone really can hear him. Russian translations of Kant, Hegel, D&G mostly unreadable and humber of those who can read in original is very limited. In such circumstances Dugin can be considered as promethenians, as he comited his intellectual suicide by dumping himself into the swamp in hope that some one can later use his corps to go further.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Heroic effort. Beyond pseudomodern myopia.


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  • Wagner Says:

    There’s a thread throughout xenosystems that could be viewed as Land’s version of a “Russian conspiracy theory”: his agon with Dugin. I haven’t read much of him yet, just think this is a strange connection others might want to look into.


    Wagner Reply:


    “The end of the world will not happen by itself, he tells us. We must give it a push or, as chaos magicians would say, a nudge. This is our “task,” our “practice,” what he calls “active metaphysics,”

    “His fascination with the Third Reich started early and was nurtured in the bohemian occult-science fiction scene he entered in his late teens. One book popular with this set was The Morning of the Magicians, which spoke of Hitler as “ ‘Guénonism’ plus tanks.””

    Who wouldn’t like this guy?


    Wagner Reply:

    I’d be interested in seeing some informed cladistical musings on the Russian Orthodox Church–how, with the same software as Europe (the Bible), Russia has emerged with such distinct politics.

    How much going on in the 1st world today is a result of Biblical hermeneutics is baffling.

    Remember, this is the gist of Moldbug’s cladistics:


    What is it about the ROC that has led to Putin and Dugin?

    Can get hyper-autistic and ask, what is it about Calvinism that has led to NRx, post-NRx, etc.?

    Somewhat related: I just learned that in Italian the word pity is the same word for piety (pietà)- has this shaped politics in Italy at all?

    And then we could wonder about hyper- or ultra-Lutheranism:

    “In the following passage, the German word Mitleid has been translated as “pity,” following the normal practice among translators of Nietzsche, but this is the same word translators of Schopenhauer render as “compassion.”

    ‘Let us reflect seriously upon this question: why do we leap after someone who has fallen into the water in front of us, even though we feel no kind of affection for him? … Why do we feel pain and discomfort in common with someone spitting blood, though we may even be ill-disposed towards him? … It is misleading to call the Leid (suffering) we may experience at such a sight, and which can be of very varying kinds, Mit-Leid (pity) [with-suffering/suffering-with], for it is under all circumstances a suffering which he who is suffering in our presence is *free of*: it is our own, as the suffering he feels is his own. But it is *only this suffering of our own* which we get rid of when we perform deeds of pity.’”

    Luther –> Hitler?

    And if you want to get real crazy you can ask how in the christ the Japanese went from Buddha under the Bodhi tree to kamikaze.


    118 Reply:

    First Russian translation of the Bible was completed in 1822. Seminary alumni were barred from higher education up until 1867 (and by then seminaries had already become hotbeds for revolutionary socialism). Russia never had an influental/educated priest class after 1600. Still doesn’t. Also, modern ROC is a 40s recreation, there’s very little continuity.

    Wagner Reply:

    Thanks, our understanding of Russia is pretty shoddy in the US, to say the least. I don’t know if anyone can remember what America’s relation to Russia felt like before the whole election interference conspiracy thing, I know it’s foggy to me- if I squint though there’s something exceptionally weird about it compared to other countries, possibly all other countries. Anybody else get that? I can remember hearing about it almost nothing at all, and if I did it was negative. This is peculiar given its sprawling territory, and history with us as a competitor in various (symbolic) contests. It’s like they didn’t want us to know that it existed so as to help us avoid cultural relativism.

    Wagner Reply:



    Once again, imagine any of our pundits speaking something like this into their megaphones. Instead they’re selected based on how eloquently they can articulate platitudes of the status quo.

    If Dugin really is that popular in Russia, i.e. if something like what is contained in the above link is that popular in Russia – sorry if this triggers anyone – it looks like this is a sign of Russia > America.

    Wagner Reply:

    It’s interesting that Bannon was mistrusted and virulently lambasted for his confessed enthusiasm for Evola while the Evolist Dugin is mainstream in Russia, given that both America and Russia were enemies of the most Evolian regimes during WWII. America very well may have to learn the hard way like Russia did to get to that point:


    Wagner Reply:


    Remember, Kojève thought of himself as “Stalin’s subconscious”.

    I wonder who Xi Jinping’s is. Note it’s not a question of if.

    Wagner Reply:

    Just trying to normalize Realpolitik, that’s what I’ve always been trying to do. It’s what Strauss would have wanted. See, I’m my own kind of slave, with a thoroughly tenanted subconscious myself. I follow orders from the dead.

    Wagner Reply:

    Doing some casual investigations, it appears that the English translation of The Fourth Political Theory is 198 pages while the Russian edition is 351. If Dugin is indeed Putin’s brain then– use your imagination. Idk anything about Russian tho so maybe there are more letters in their words or something. Always good to keep an eye out for this kind of thing. Slightly related: I still haven’t found a copy of Cioran’s Transfiguration of Romania, and I’ve been wanting to channel his ghost considering he’s one of the iciest out there.

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  • Wagner Says:

    ‘There has probably not been another book published in Russia during the post-communist period which has exerted a comparable influence on Russian military, police, and statist foreign policy elites,’

    Why have I never heard any of these Russian conspiracy parrots brawwt the name Dugin once since 2016? Such superficial bores.


    Wagner Reply:


    I’m having trouble finding an English translation of this. It was published over 20 years ago, cmon! Don’t you think it’s important for reasons of uh I dunno, national security to know what they’re thinking over there…? This book contains an elaborate plot to destroy America by the looks of it 😂


    Wagner Reply:


    “There are multiple reasons for this” isn’t a suspicious way to put it at all. (Samizdat alert.)


    Wagner Reply:

    If you see my enemies as anything other than npc face “samizdats bad” you haven’t read enough samizdats. That’s pretty much everything I’m about, that’s my core. “Some ideas in these books that will get you in trouble, guys. Sorry?” I’m sure the constant gaslight-brigade isn’t trying to hide anything…

    Let’s formalize something disconcerting.

    Feminism = Bestiality

    All the shameless liars who have spoiled so many foods and animals for me, using them as symbols in their lobotomization initiative, will never state in the plain daylight, “Monkey Dicks”.

    Hide the monkey factor! Hide it at all costs!

    Why, you ask?

    This is a matriarchal age and women are retarded and shouldn’t make their own choices.

    Y’know, I was only slightly kidding when I used to go on borderline misogynist rants a year or so ago. Now, when I think about the EU reforming, one of the things I’m perfectly fine with inverting into its direct opposite is women’s rights. You had your chance, and you only proved we were right to oppress you for so many millennia. Otherwise there goes civilization. Every day my opinion of women lowers. Out of the entire internet I know only one woman for whom this isn’t the case, some academic I won’t name. She’s read her samizdats, that’s the difference.


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  • Wagner Says:

    Has anyone been having fun trying to get into the heads of the Russian intelligentsia with me lately? I’m sure we don’t know nothin yet. Obscure splinter-groups that leave Dugin in the dust. I wonder if @118, the one who recently responded to me about the ROC, has any leads on these.

    I read an article a few years ago that I can’t find right now on the fact that ISIS has its own “Alfarabis” too- yes, I know, this is counter-intuitive. I’d be interested in reading them too.

    This is the Burckhardtian way of going about studying. Give me the peaks of a given culture, I don’t care about anything else.

    Here’s a nice symbol of what the opposite looks like, and which is ubiquitous in the West:



    Wagner Reply:

    From the intro to Burckhardt’s The Greeks and Greek Civilization…

    “It is a valid criticism of Burckhardt’s view of culture that he concerned himself essentially with high culture, with the expression of values contained in the activities and beliefs of an educated elite. His concept of cultural history is therefore fundamentally different from that prevalent in modern universities, where ‘cultural studies’ means the investigation of popular culture and especially minority cultures.”

    Ah yes, a “valid criticism”. This is so clear that it’s self-evident.


    Wagner Reply:

    Don’t Jews feel flattered that I’ve devoted so much time trying to understand them?



    Wagner Reply:

    Speaking of peaks, something is happening in about a week that will determine the fate of America.

    Also, less melodramatically, in about a week the new season of Peaky Blinders is out. I love how Tommy operates, if more people were like him the West would be fine.

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  • Wagner Says:

    Finally found a (partial) translation of this. These are all good things from Dugin’s perspective:


    It’s interesting his repeated emphasis on race. Is that the problem of problems in our time?

    Is the standard ideology of equalism the ideal solution?

    It’s a settled fact, in my mind anyway, that if we continue on that path, Russia is going to eventually triumph over us. So no I wouldn’t call it an ideal solution.


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  • Wagner Says:



    We have that. Guess where the USA is as a Reich in the hierarchy?

    Dugin for one places it at the top. I wonder what China’s Dugin would think? Well, there’s that idea that “China is catching up to us” so it’s kind of implied in folk-wisdom where they are in relation to us.

    Whose president can declare that if they so decide they will totally destroy and obliterate Turkey’s economy?

    The left seems to believe that being the Reich that we are we should be sharing with the lesser reichs.

    They don’t like the USA being the Reich that it is, they want to share until everyone is an equal lesser reich.

    Oh and don’t mention the Russians, they want them to be less than an equal lesser reich. (And probably subconsciously feel the same about Germany).


    Posted on October 7th, 2019 at 4:54 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Something unsettling that only a few will understand- if Dugin is the Dude over there, and thinkers like Heidegger, Schmitt, Evola, etc. form the basis of his thought (and further, he’s dialectically leapfrogged over them) then that means that… Russia already is #1 😬

    They have control of their media over there, he is “normal” in their academies, they’ll “never forget” the you know what problem as he said, they have one moar nuke than us, they don’t have a pro-dysgenesis immigration ethos, so tell me again how America is da best. In what way exactly?


    Wagner Reply:

    Fascinating to me that this thought is off-limits to ostensible cosmopolitans. I always hear them (The Enemy) referred to as “the Russian mafia”. You know we have our own mafia over here, right? One that convinces you to call them (The Enemy) the mafia–because, if I had to guess, they (The Friend) don’t want us doing to them (The Friend) what they (The Enemy) did to what they (The Enemy) thought of as their mafia.

    Or to rephrase the point: it could be that the ones who we think of as our friends over here are really the enemy convincing us that potential friends are the real enemy. Jee, what a monster that Putin was, making people “disappear”, I would hate if that happened in this country.


    Wagner Reply:


    “while Civics for the Citizens of the New Russia brought all of these ideas to the level of Russian schoolchildren”

    Everyone talks about the media, some talk about the academy, almost no one talks about elementary, middle, and high school education. Kids are conditioned to be receptive to the ideas of the media and academy in subtle ways there. Lots of unchecked power among the seemingly innocent schoolmarms and nerdy history teachers.


    Wagner Reply:

    Gotta love how an unkind curmudgeon like me thinks more about the kids here than the supposedly maternal women who only seem to care about making sure foreign kids are doing alright. I think a certain demographic either needs more crazy pills or less.


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