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One of the reasons many people are sceptical about democracy is because they’re right to be. There is a fair amount of research suggesting that people power is not necessarily the best system of government. For example, one paper suggests that ‘hereditary monarchs with lots of legal power choose better policy than other systems do, including democracies, non-hereditary dictators, and weak hereditary monarchs, and this is reflected in higher growth.’ On top of this there is evidence that democracy does not help economic growth. Most important is the finding ‘that institutions and the rule of law matter but democracy doesn’t,’ a conclusion found in numerous papers. […] People tend to credit democracy with lots of good things that preceded it, such as the rule of law, political stability and economic freedom. These are all prerequisites for universal suffrage, rather than products of it; indeed when these things are not present the introduction of a ballot box tends to be tragic.

(XS was on this in August, but you all know that.)

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  • Abelard Lindsey Says:


    Machiavelli talks about this extensively in “The Discourses”. He concludes that, although there is no perfect system of government, that republican forms of government are superior to all others.

    I stick with Machiavelli on this.


    Wagner Reply:

    M says one thing in the Discourses and another in the Prince.


    Ryan C Reply:

    The Prince was apparently meant to be terrible advice.

    There will always be a tradeoff between economic and political stability.


    Wagner Reply:

    “The Prince was apparently meant to be terrible advice.”

    If this isn’t a noble lie I’ll eat my superman cape.

    I remember a certain pignosed loudmouth advised against ‘poetry’ that portrays tyranny positively. One of the greatest tyrants that ever lived he was.

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  • Hurlock Says:

    Proving Moldbug right Part:?


    Alrenous Reply:

    It would have been better if Moldbug hadn’t written. He’s now a huge plutonium-cased landmine for any establishment figures trying to transition out of democracy without losing face.


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  • darkreformation101 Says:


    What about the principle of agree, amplify and accelerate?

    Or, what about just calling Moldbug a typical Jewish, iconoclastic genius (implying envy). The thing about progressivises is that can be shamed and browbeat because of the incoherence of their system and the emotional conditioning they have received. The one thing that they do get really worried over is anti-semitism. Thus, criticism of Moldbug is anti-semitism. Period.

    Nonense of course. But it is a rhetorical tactic. The second step would be to link progressives and Islamists (BDH alliance) then ask the rhetorical question that if your Jewish, this is an existential danger resulting from poor governance structures — so why would you not want to live in a society that minimises violence and formalises property rights, rules and regulations? (It is good for the Jews after all.)

    The third step would be to get them to pin down their position in Israel and Palestinian (which will be anti-Semitic) score three.

    Score four: You support bringing Muslims in to France, and Jews are leaving France as a result of Muslim terrorism. Thus, you are an ethnic cleanser.

    They won’t know what him them.

    BTW Alrenous what about your prediction that if Trump wins democracy is over?

    Did you mean that the belief in democracy is over, or did you mean democracy, as in the “Modern Structure”?

    Nice Link by the way admin.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Its not the left you have to worry about,They are the ones sending out feelers.They are convinced they can easily transition into courtiers and ministers and Governors after all its what they do.It will make their jobs easier.It’s one thing for one man to rule a medieval kingdom, its quite another to rule the cathedral in the current year.

    The formal power in USG is the billion guns in private hands, These hands are almost all property owners..Make no mistake, and the left gets this to their bones, those guns are held and held sacred as a title to the continental united states.Even in Russia a land of serfs Putin calls himself president and does not claim even jewish looted property as his own.Much of the remaining property in USG is jew and elite owned, while its mostly property in a computer record of some sort and they have no guns or divisions I dont see the propertied elite voluntarily relinquishing title to their own property to bring about the Eschaton, they like to work with other peoples money. I think the most you can hope for is a sort of quasi king like Putin.


    Alrenous Reply:

    The modern structure is going to die soon, and it will take the whole voting thing with it.

    As before, either Trump will get his wall or he won’t. If he does, the bureaucracy will go down in the process, and even if voting is preserved it will become obvious that the elected government doesn’t do very much – metonymically, Trump will fire the actual government. If he doesn’t, then it will become obvious that voting doesn’t do anything, and de-legitimize the government, eventually collapsing USSR style.

    The thing about progressivises is that can be shamed and browbeat because of the incoherence of their system and the emotional conditioning they have received. The one thing that they do get really worried over is anti-semitism. Thus, criticism of Moldbug is anti-semitism. Period.

    Too optimistic for my blood. I’m sure somebody has called criticism of Milo homophobia, but it doesn’t stick. Even lay progressives seem to understand the “I get mine” hypocriticism foundation of the ‘philosophy’.


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  • Aristocles Invictvs Says:

    Very encouraging that this is getting wider recognition, the first link to the study about hereditary monarchy is non-functional. Anyone have a working link?


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