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The dark tide:

Ultimately, democracy itself will be called into question. A remarkably small number of people will be contributing anything in terms of technological progress or economic growth. In the post-work world, the vast majority of people will simply be consumers, passively absorbing increasingly degraded cultural products which cater to their worst instincts. But because of universal suffrage, these masses will still have the political power to direct more public goods their way, even as the entire System becomes financially unsustainable. A major crisis is all but inevitable. …

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  • Daniel Chieh Says:

    Looks like all my work on automation was actually labor for the New Restoration.


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  • Erebus Says:

    Has James Kirkpatrick just emerged from a cave? This has been common knowledge for years, even in the mainstream press. (“Rise of the Robots” was the Financial Times book of the year for 2015.) Is there an original insight in this article that I’ve missed? Yeah, robots are going to replace most existing professions, and, yeah, our political structures are hardly equipped to deal with that. We’ve heard it a hundred times already. There is no merit in further repetition.

    The questions that should be examined in great detail are: (A) What positions and jobs will not be automated within the next few decades? (B) Will the robotic replacement of labor lead to the consolidation of statism, or will social pressures lead to the disintigration of states? (C) Can the process be disrupted by the Islamification of Europe, the African population-boom, and other such dysgenic trends — or will it be accelerated by population decline and aging in E.Asia and elsewhere? (D) What are the implications for warfare?

    In any case, your own posts on this subject, admin, were very interesting. You should write something new.


    Thales Reply:

    Yeah, I’m guessing ‘cave.’


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  • Mark Alan Warburton Says:



    Let him finish his bitcoin book first!


    SVErshov Reply:

    huge dumps on bitcoin exchanges at the moment


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  • SVErshov Says:

    still there is an issue with mental state of humans at large, it is not new, it does not discriminate between low and high IQ and race, cold and hot climate and it is fear. Recent defeat of 50 top Go players by unnkown Ai Master (P) provided interesting insights, Master (P) did not play as an old Go masters, it did not play on influence as modern top players, it plays new game entirely, unknown to humans and Master (P) was able to win 50 games against top players and not lost single one. seems to me that is exactly what we need to learn. Go says: – your opponent best move is your best move.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    A remarkably small number of people will be contributing anything

    This is already the case. Maybe one in twenty people do something vital; the rest are clerks who fulfill rote processes and are easily replaced. This extends even into the professions at this point.


    Salger Reply:

    And how do you fix that?


    pyrrhus Reply:

    The point will come when FDR’s program of discouraging the producers and innovators reaches full fruit, and there is some external stimulus, and the system will begin to collapse much more rapidly. The US already has the least reliable power grid in the 1st world…..Trump’s election signals the fact that many of the dirt people are starting to figure this out.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Yes Brett but imagine the 40% which are not white were expelled, then what percent are doing something meaningful and productive? Imagine without the burden of multiculturalism how freely we could further shorten the left side of the curb while extending the right. Think about all the talent and treasure that we currently use to support multiculturalism and leftism being put into projects as we used to.One of those projects could be making humans white humans smarter than AI is imagined. Or designing a nation that uses robots without turning us into welfare cases.


    Salger Reply:

    Even if the non-Whites were purged (and what about Northeast Asians), there’s still the issue of feminism, the female habit of sucking from Big Daddy Government’s teat, and women insisting on barging into male spaces.


    Pseudo-chrysostom Reply:

    What do you mean ‘still’, gas the feminists, partriarchy war now, gas the skypes, race war now. There is no mutual exclusion; indeed, they imply each other, to do one necessitates doing the other.

    The limit of existence is jihad, holy war. That chinkbots are above the average of the lesser races does not mean we need to accommodate them, it means we should be thankful for having better rivals who will push us to ever greater heights, before the competition is eliminated, and the lines redrawn again between differing tribes of whites, so that the cycle may continue.

    collen ryan Reply:

    yes feminism is a big problem I would imagine men who retook their nation would get a lot less guff from their women folk.
    I dont think its clear women actually want to be liberated, it would be interesting to see how much feminism was left once men started acting like men,economies had less labor and men could support a family without help, and the cathedral was not constantly propagandizing feminism. My guess is feminism would wither and die.
    Theres an axiom that if you want to change society start with a war.

    I would purge most NE Asians as well as most jews, Id make an effort to keep some but too many are spies and traitors and experience shows even 10% of combined minorities in a nation is dangerous particularly clever ones.No one needs to be expelled with animosity its simply we need our own safe space just like they have.I dont worry about being out competed by the jews or east asians I think we will do just fine if not we can just kill them, intelligence is not our only trait.

    I have no moral qualms about your plan to kill them all, its certainly our duty to do whatever it takes to survive.And i agree we are certainly in an existential crisis. However even if the long term strategy is to gas them all as you say, it might not be wise to warn them that you plan to do this. First because of course they can prepare but also because i think you need to begin to beat the drum slowly. AltRight memes have been successful recently because SJW memes have been hegemonic and equally genocidal, and because SJW have been so succesful in eliminating “racxism” that many people rightly see no threat from the “nazis” and much threat from the left.You are soon going to watch a diminishing return as people realize their really are racists. In fact one of the advantages of the dark enlightenment pre kek culture was it could make statistical arguments about race difference and point out their really is no evidence of racist oppression, that harder now. Europeans seem extremely law abiding christian and conservative you trigger them. I think you better bring them along in stages just like they brought us to this point in stages.Once you have attained a certain level of support more things become possible. say what you want about the jews they were clever and patient they spent over 100 years carefully managing step by step until now they can right sitcoms with 6 year old trannys with ball gags in their mouths as the punch line.I remember when film stars had to keep one foot on the floor in a love scene

    Wagner Reply:

    Safe space? Whites need a danger space. If they keep pushing us we’re going to punch through them like a greasy paper bag. Leave the safe spaces for the sissy races and sissy sex.

    John Hannon Reply:

    “6 year old trannys with ball gags in their mouths”

    Just watched Paul Joseph Watson talking about this filth. What can I say? Words fail. Consider me triggered.

    @ collen – re gassing feminists
    A bit harsh. Can’t see admin going along with this. Indeed his previous partner actually invented a whole new genre of feminism – cyberfeminism – which was talked about in the Guardian in the mid-90s. Anyway, I think a more appropriate response to feminism is simply more Milo-esque ridicule – no physical extermination required. After all, at the end of the day, it’s mostly just rabbit –



    collen ryan Reply:

    I actually think if we took care of the race problem feminism would be easy. Stronger men able to earn enough to support a family, would elicit the feminine nature of women. The increased power of white men would defund the leftist institutions that push feminism. I dont think women want feminism it would die naturally if not supported by a coalition of non white minorities and a minority of white leftists led by jews

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  • collen ryan Says:


    Certainly the above qualifies as “increasingly degraded cultural products”.

    As for automation yeah VDARE gets its just another reason not to take in low IQ alleged laborers, and expel the ones already here. Its simply a no brainer things go better with coke I mean white people.I am sure white people can handle robots they cant be half as problematic as niggers.

    But one does have to wonder if all these predictions of doom about robots and AI are so true then why are smart people so determine to do them anyway.At some point maybe one has to step back and wonder is it worth it after all.

    Sure we understand why some business might want to use robots but must i let him? Is the purpose of my nation to maximize profits for some business? or is it to move as many non whites away from the effects of nonwhite concentration?Maybe its possible a nation could be self contained, could design itself for oh I dont know the future of white childrens self actualization for instance. maybe it keeps a couple of AI labs to help with the latest weapons systems in case some niggers want to get loud, but it does a lot of its own work for the sheer joy of it and because it thinks turning its population into welfare cases is a bad idea.I mean as if we dont already have enough existential angst from industrialization lets now sit home and collect welfare from robots.
    How long before the capitalist himself is phased out? {Admin loves this idea though I am too stupid to understand why } I mean seriously Im sure the AI and bots can get along without it will be a corporation entirely of machines, Im sure the original capitalist or heirs will own a lot of the stock but no human will do anything more than collect dividends. a pretty efficient system no one to pay low overhead. But maybe pointless and really destructive.

    Is not the value of capitalism that it serves me, If it ceases to serve me what is its value?Even if Im a worthless nigger socialist demanding to get paid knowing not how my pay derives capitalism so far is the engine of my “pay” and some where is a libatardian defending capitalism and open borders so i can get paid. Admin youre a philosopher by trade why would humans convert to a sytem that destroys them?

    Maybe the thought is they cant stop it? Im not sure this is true for many reasons.
    Ill bet most in favor of this tell themselves it wont destroy us and that they wouldnt favor it if they thought it would. Much like feminiggerization/immigration, few actually understand it as suicide by genocide. So if our destruction is so assured those in favor must be convinced, or are they hopeless progressives that cant be convinced because they believe in tech religiously? Then like other progressive threats war might be the only answer.

    Or perhaps the thought is its inevitable because other nations will do it and if we dont they will conquer us. Weill of course this relies on the premise that this tech is not harmful because our enemies are able to conquer us despite adopting this tech.Or at least it must be managable harm. But in that case it seems the threat to non adoption is losing military hegemony, and losing trade leverage against tech adapters.Is it really necessary to turn your nation into welfare cases to use tech to continue to maintain a military edge? are nations like the US and EU really unable to have self contained economies?This fatalist attitude about the future is really beneath the ubermensch its a product of nihilism, its as if the only good we remember id profit but cant remember what makes it good.


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  • ArchonAlarion Says:

    There is a lot more we could be doing to increase the value of sapient (human) capital relative to the value of non-sapient (non-human capital). Unfortunately, the world has been hard at work doing the exact opposite and I do not believe this will benefit either forms of capital in the long run.

    Technology can increase the value of human capital through genetic modification and cyborgization. I am certain that this will happen and show a lot of fears about automation to be unwarranted.

    Also, the idea that human capital is becoming worthless is silly. The human body and mind have been time-tested. Those who over-extend themselves on the non-human capital side will find that their automatons and production systems will falter in unforeseen ways, whereas organic life and heuristic thinking will adapt unexpectedly. The catallaxy and neural networks are good, but they have nothing against the accumulated wisdom of the biosphere.

    Honestly I think a Flintstones future is more likely than the Jetsons. Technology will become more and more organic as organisms become more and more technological, capital and gene will be increasingly interwoven. Sapience/consciousness were baked by gnon for millions of years; he isn’t going to liquidate it any time soon.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Silly is an understatement,Im told Ill build a fleet of robots that will in turn build their own replacements. These robots will make gadgets to sell to the 99% who dont have jobs to pay for my gadgets. But not to worry they shall have a guaranteed income which i suppose will be paid by my taxes.And where do i get the money to pay these taxes, or for that matter to pay for robot parts and energy etc? This is just slavery/immigration 2.0. Elites seem incapable of real work and incapable of even setting eyes on workers so they come up with schemes to avoid reality, human nature be damned.
    The value of capitalism is it enriches both sides of the trade, this is what makes it sustainable. its true that as an economy grows luxury items can be traded, items that might not increase the buyers productivity, but are worth more to him than the money hes piled up.society will tolerate these sacrifices on the alter of self until the God stops producing more than they sacrifice in the bonfire of vanity.For luxury items to flourish the economy must continue to grow for all.
    So is the robot master to trade with the other robot masters, wouldnt they also be short of cash?And why would the 99% tolerate this even if it worked? Soma and television, Im pretty sure a large enough percentage of intelligent non robot masters will decide this is evil and rise up, oh but they have they call themselves reactionary’s they are p[issed they dont have a robot plantation of their own..


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  • Orthodox Says:

    Economic development comes with increasing complexity and greater demand for both capital and labor. If there’s a near-Earth economy, it will employ tens or hundreds of millions of people.

    There are people with Down’s Syndrome who are productive and contribute to society. They are not society’s largest burden. The greatest destruction comes from those with higher and even highest IQs who spend time on relative status games.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    This simply isn’t established yet and it’s an Ahuman [TM] artificial condition.

    Does China have this matter of how can we employ workers up for debate? Only in the sense of how can they get to peak employment. America is beginning to act that way again.

    Once we begin to protect the most vital part of our economy our vast internal markets the assumptions above erode or indeed vanish. We’ve been damaging our internal production and driving them out with Federal whips and clubs while forcing them overseas.

    When Reagan got tired of Japanese double talk he imposed a 10% tariff and hey presto Toyota became a major American employer by moving it’s factories here – and it’s a far more receptive climate for protectionism at present.

    In sum the case above is contingent on the openly and now exposed as hostile and criminal, treasonous elites remaining in power and it’s not clear they will.

    None of the younglings here have ever won before and it’s inconceivable to them there’s anything but decline. Well history doesn’t support that nor present Tectonic shifts in power and attitudes.

    Yes I know the concept of winning is alien and apparently unacceptable but it’s happening so kindly adjust.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    On another note Jim’s blog down on Firefox and Tor duckduckgogo as well for me.
    anyone else?



    SVErshov Reply:

    cognitive overloads everywhere. too much of data. if someone going to burn one day of data on DVDs and stack it one on another, it going to reach moon – twice. interesting aproach on data come from Fed recently, they declared – we are going to disregard data. at first it look insane. no one can disregard data even while driving car. but from another side, data is what give dimensions, disregard data and you can loose dimentions and trajectories, what is going to remain is pure direction. that seem like necessery condition to pass trough. coming close to great filter, which can be conceptualised as space and time where no trajectories is possible. theorectically proven as possible in physics. that way, at least theoretically, disregarding data (loosing dimentions) make sense and only possibility to pass through great filter.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Shorter version: there’s not going to be a post work world. There’s soon to be a post welfare world and work itself may well be not only fought over but warred over.

    Work for instance was considered a privilege in Alcatraz that had to be earned.

    Work is already a privilege for the working class but that’s ending.

    We’re actually living in many areas in a larger open air version of the soft Gulag of unemployment benefits, the dole, broken families, pron drugs gamers entertainment…but it’s bankrupt in every sense above all money so it’s ENDING.

    I realize some are heartbroken they won’t be in charge of this machine but it’s done.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    What is after all no small part of the uprisings in Britain and America that succeeded but the revolt of the working class against their work -their identity – being stolen and given to foreign mercenaries that displace them not just in incomes but identity, nation, neighborhood and very souls? Identity is part of the soul.

    Hate to challenge the ruling narrative of DOOM but it’s just not inevitable. The tide has turned against it before our very eyes.

    Consider your base assumptions. Reality is challenging their conclusions.


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  • Outliers (#39) « Amerika Says:

    […] The Post-Work World (Outside In) […]

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  • John Hannon Says:

    With automation freeing people from drudgery, more time will be available for self-exploration/experimentation aided by the latest affordable brain hacking tech –


    (Looks like things have moved on considerably since I bought one of those “brain entrainment” devices many years ago. Consisting of a visor and headphones emitting flashes and pulses in sync with various brainwave frequencies, the damn thing was completely useless – even when worn while on acid)


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