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The situation is volatile because the old balances have imploded. There is a political vacuum in the heart of the West that cannot easily be filled by the debris, riots, or noooo! What Donald Trump has come into possession of is probably a mystery to him as well. His instinct is to circle the wagons around America. Perhaps that is not as silly as progressives think. You consolidate on general principles precisely when no one knows what is next and only huge shadows are seen moving beyond the campfire.

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    You consolidate on general principles precisely when no one knows what is next and only huge shadows are seen moving beyond the campfire.

    At this point in history, we know more of what does not work than what does. So, back to basics, and at the same time, he has reached out to other European leaders, which is more of circling the wagons around the West than America alone.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    «« At this point in history, we know more of what does not work than what does. So, back to basics, and at the same time, he has reached out to other European leaders, which is more of circling the wagons around the West than America alone. »»

    Back to basics indeed! The absolute basic of civilization is manhood. Not to say machoismo, but pater familias. Patriots for pater-land.

    Women start obeying soon as many enough men start derealising liberalism.

    Women obey subtle societal pressure, fashion and trends, they are generally social creatures even more so than us. And it is shameful to vote against the family. Against fatherland. Against capital.

    A return to the frontierism and like in the British empire. & otherwise Patchwork.

    Steam, lights, fire & steel! Since we decolonised, there´s enough to recolonise. Meanwhile Musk fires up his engines for the Space Race. & Thiel & Bannon teach us how to enterprise according to traditional values that always work.

    Russia, we´ll put into another Cold War state for increased technologisation.

    But first we need them as allies against the Third-Worldist hordes which now encircle us all!

    Do not be bound by neither autistic anarcho- or feminist harpy screeching nor normie kvetching, appropriate all! Put all in its place. Capitalize on concepts.

    For the Nationalist Capitalist International, and Free & Intelligent peoples everywhere.


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  • collen ryan Says:

    Its also possible the republicans and deep state are setting him up for an impeachment. Its possible they got him elected to do just that. So far hes an idiot savant, and everytime we doubt theres 20,749 matchsticks on the ground it turns out there are.Still in the realm of an incredibly good run of luck. Was he actually talking about the fifth column in the intelligence community or actually making an observation as a builder who like column free lobbies? Neither Bannon nor his other advisers have a record of Machiavelliism.The military are simply straight shooters Bannons a Reagan democrat, And tons of Jews.
    And yet Netanyahu supporting the wall is exactly what I would have demanded for future Israeli support. You want support to taper off instead of abrupt cut then you get those Jews on board the new paradigm, otherwise there is nothing in this relationship for us. Outsourcing your highest tech and manufacturing, economics aside is asinine, what do we do in a war with China ask them to ramp up our tank manufacturing?The left eventually conceded economic marxism was a failure and pivoted to racial redistribution,its marxism has proven to be even more unsustainable with low IQ anti social types, big surprise huh. As usual the lefts answer was scale up, and pass the losses down until the time they could take off the gloves. Things got ahead of them and they had to over reach, now things are out of control -maybe.The question has always been, is the cathedral a means to another end, or is it simply what it appears.Who is really the wizard of Oz, is it a loose confederacy of self interested dunces like Soros Clinton Gates,et al and do they believe in progress or in power, or are they useful idiots for a deep state that has seen the future and been preparing for decades or centuries, and progress is merely a cover for their new world order.There is little evidence that the left has any use for democracy nationalism at any level thats a threat to their goal of central control. Which begs the question why isnt the morarchy branch of reaction simply getting involved at Davos.The biggest threat to monarchs has always been other monarchs taking advantage of said monarch other disadvantages.The cathedral has you covered, one world monarch.Or Chairman, or head of the Politburo. No more pitchforks just porn and virtual politics,virtual social life and materialism.
    Or is it possible the right has been watching this trying to play by the rules and finally given up and is executing a coup finally.We need more information,it does seem hands are being exposed and reality will be revealed soon.


    vxxc2014 Reply:


    Apply the Razor of the obvious. What’s obviously happening is the razor.

    The Deep State are college profs playing at James Bond Mike. IRL the actual HUMINT human facing agents turning people are closest to: Police Detectives. Really. Basically they’re agents are just CI’s and the Humint side are over-educated Detectives.

    [So were the real Gestapo BTW. Germany’s best Detectives].

    The bulk of the Intel Deep State are Analysts mike=aka COLLEGE PROFESSORS.
    With all the fantasy life and defects, immunity for consequences that implies.

    BTW when you call Trump an idiot Savant 1] your NYC snobbery shows and 2] it ignores his entire life.


    Wagner Reply:

    > “Neither Bannon nor his other advisers have a record of Machiavelliism.”
    > Mike

    Good Machiavellians don’t have a record of Machiavellianism.

    VXXC, let’s be honest, Trump is the schmoozy Jew version of an Aryan, speaking of NYC snobbery. As long as the oil is on my side I’m not going to complain but let’s call a spade a spade.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Im agnostic, and I really hope Jims God Emperor Trump is the real Trump,but i have watched everything I could find of Bannon hes an irish catholic tea partier who made good. Hes figured a lot out he gets a lot of I dont see him willing to go to any length. This is the problem I think the left would kill trump if they could they will do whatever it takes.We will know soon enough if team trump is playing at that level, because its game on.

    collen ryan Reply:

    No his queens accent and gold curtains are fine with me, I too have rejected my own class and am rejected by my own class, although I can can when I want to. Hes an idiot savant Because I have never heard him utter a complicated thought even when they are called for. I really want to believe people like Scott Adams or Camille Paglia or Jim etc that hes really a Machiavellian genius But the only evidence is that hes still standing, and lets face it its still early.As a new yorker I have watched his entire career,its really hard to say how much was him how much luck and good employees.I dont give him the credit I would give some entrepreneurs its kind of hard to fail at NYC real estate once you have enough money to get in the game.Again I hope I am giving him too little credit, I like him and his instincts I want him to crush the left it overjoys me their hatred of his types makes their defeat excruciating, which is why I adopted a Trump like persona in my 20s it pleases me to trigger.So youre wring I like him I just dont actually think hes up to the task and hope Im wrong.

    And i suppose that also goes to my not quite accepting that what i think Im seeing is the whole story. Never liked conspiracy theories, and always cite Occam> But you must admit strange things have been going on. The intelligence community has interfered in the elections and conspired openly against a sitting president. The republican party actively sought to defeat its own candidate. The worlds capitalists have been championing socialism and ethnic suicide for decades.The left now hates Russia and loves the CIA. I could go on and on, the point is I a lot of things are not as they seem and i wonder what else could be going on.The republican party did not want him is certainly threatened by him and at best is only making a strategic alliance with him because today its better than not, I do not trust that alliance as far as i can throw it. Trumps power is the will of the people the people are fickle idiots. The college professors? Our generals are college professors these days, A college professor that controls the US intelligence apparatus is not to be scoffed at UNLESS- and this is the rub;unless Trump or his team really are Machiavellian geniuses that are will to go to any length to defeat the Cathedral. And UNLESS the deep state really has nothing but faggot professors. Their is some reason to think we got the UNLESSES, But there are reasons to think this is one group of idiots against a more entrenched group with more experience.


    Wally D. Reply:

    “The intelligence community has interfered in the elections and conspired openly against a sitting president.”

    Certainly a huge piece of the puzzle which should never be discarded.

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  • Outliers (#42) « Amerika Says:

    […] The Old Balances Have Imploded (Nick Land/Outside In) […]

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  • pyrrhus Says:

    @Brett StevensPrecisely, Brett. Curiously, I see this instinctive wagon circling all over the place at much lower levels, must be some kind of primordial instinct.


    vxxc2014 Reply:


    Listen to the primordial instincts first, last, always.

    That alone is why I’m actually here to type these words.

    Training? Doesn’t hurt unless they train you wrong and you fall for it [they do, so DON’T].

    Education? Are you kidding? NO.


    Wally D. Reply:

    It’s a good primordial instinct to circle the wagons, not only against the Indians seeking to rape, murder and scalp the palefaces, but to build cohesion within the group and to fall in behind a leader capable of protecting the group against a murderous attacks from the Other.


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  • SVErshov Says:

    The problem of basing a political formation on this new ‘gravitation’ did not lie in the strength of such ‘political physics’, but in the maintenance of the ‘force field’. Nothing of this flash of mutual aid was still convertible … later. And nothing could alter this catastrophic conclusion. A body politic ‘without memory’ could not be justified. The archival memory was able to register the ‘spark of solidarity’, but not to revive it subsequently. The elementary particle of this physics … resisted documentation.

    Alexander Kluge, The Devil’s Blind Spot, 2002


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  • rec0nciler Says:

    Might not be a bad idea to “consolidate on general principles” and deport some people from this comments section. (I don’t think the loss of feedback would be catastrophic at this point.)


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  • collen ryan Says:



    Wagner Reply:

    This article is a dark suggestion. It reminds me of how Bataille tried to start an acephalic (headless) cult and offered himself up as the leader to be sacrificed and no one had the guts to carry it out. Land–Bataille redivivus? only this time the goat is scaped? I think an adminburger would be good with A1 sauce personally.


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  • AugustusPugin Says:

    Things fall apart, the political center cannot hold


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