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Garrett Jones lays out the (classical) liberal caution in regards to indiscriminate immigration. Here’s the question:

But what happens in the very long run? As immigrants shape the culture of their new homelands, will they import more than just new ethnic cuisines? Will they also import attitudes and policies that wound the golden goose of first-world prosperity? Ultimately, will migrants make the countries they move to a lot like the countries they came from?

Among much treasure, this is of special interest to XS:

Economists have long known that some of the strongest statistical predictors of long-run national prosperity have been “percent Confucian” and “percent Buddhist.” A famed paper coauthored by Xavier Sala-i-Martin demonstrated that conclusively. It’s time for scholars to investigate whether, for most countries, a pro-Confucian migration policy is a good option.

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  • Goth Eiríksson Says:

    Intellectual Inferiority Complex, is the core plague of humanity.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    @ G. Eiríksson

    If I haven’t given responses to you, and others, it’s because of being busy, and not wanting to get into interesting topics that deserve more attention than I can give. It isn’t out of rudeness.

    I’ll continue with the quick stuff, of course, just to remind all the Neoreactionaries and All-Triters how inferior they are! lol


    Wagner Reply:

    Busy with that bleaching treatment to turn your skin white to match the color those French books turned your soul?


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Big W, the French stuff came over a millenia after the Indian origination. I have pointed this out before:

    “Saussure’s differential linguistics, which is the foundation of Structuralism, Post-Structuralism, & French philosophies of difference, such as Derrida’s; is just a replay of Indian Buddhist Apoha linguistics, which goes back 1500 years. In any case, Saussure was influenced by Sanskrit linguistics ( Bhartrhari).”

    I suppose you’ll be off getting a tan now, the sun’s out, lol! Work on that melanin development!

    Wagner Reply:

    No thanks, we NEETs prefer D vitamins in supplement form. Maybe you chandalas will evolve a la the white man a handful of generations after we banish you to Siberia and the upper-reaches of Canada. If you confess the true Hierarchy of the Races now we won’t “forget” to send extra blankets!

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Big W, ‘chandala’ is a word created by my ancestors, not yours. All non-Indians, it has been said, are ‘chandala’ by definition.
    The “Hierarchy of Races”, if such a conception is to be entertained, is contingent, purely on my membership, which, of course, renders supreme any race associated with that membership.

    Cryptogenic Reply:

    “No thanks, we NEETs prefer D vitamins in supplement form.”

    You’re ingesting rice powder. Consume fish, eggs, milk etc. and take a walk in the sun as often as possible, if ambulation is possible for you. Also, get laid.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Getting laid won’t necessarily change a thing in your life. If it did, we’d have lists of the most impactful minds because they got laid first or often.

    It’s a mere hazing ritual to “lose your virginity”. Symptomatic of the age of the Sexual Revolution and feminism qua gynaecocracy (society with feminine or hedonistic (‘Aphroditic’) values rather than necessarily overt rule by women).

    Don’t get laid Wagner, get in love!

    Boldmug Reply:

    Wagner gets laid, by me.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    You are not oppressed by the cis het patriarchy. You are oppressed by your compulsive need to define an Other and attack it in order to have a tribe. You are not oppressed by the stupidity of leftists. You are oppressed by your need to engage them in argument — to torment them with ridicule and criticism. You are not oppressed by capitalism. You are projecting your own brokenness onto the world and demanding, like a child, an answer from mommy.

    There is nothing “out there” that is the problem. It is all “in here.” The solution is always the same: make peace with it. Solve what you want to solve, and accept what you cannot solve or don’t care to solve. Which is worse? A world that is unequal? Or teaching someone to hate the inequality they can never solve? Why hate what you can never solve? Why hate the left? Do you hate an earthquake? Do you hate a natural disaster? The left is a force of nature, an act of God. Why the fuck is our system designed to be so prone to this? Leftism will exist until the legacy genes that perpetuate it are gone from the species through a thousand years of capitalism. We have to undergo a genetic evolution under the market system to become compatible with the society we now live in. The only question worth asking is, how do we accelerate it? Even I was once a socialist. Socialism is in our DNA. How can we edit it out? Non-violently?

    With the development of CRISPR this may happen. Capitalism will begin to infiltrate genetically. Parents will wish to have smarter, healthier, better looking children. They will inadvertently make choices that conform their children’s genetics to the market system. A smarter child is easier for capitalism to train. A better looking one is easier to market. A healthier one is less costly to the system, etc. The solution to legacy code will be provided and the Nietzschean last man will be realized.


    Owen Barfield also expresses the thought of “the way out is farther in” in his Saving the Appearances. [—Matthew]


    Wagner Reply:

    “Why hate the left? Do you hate an earthquake? Do you hate a natural disaster? The left is a force of nature, an act of God. Why the fuck is our system designed to be so prone to this? Leftism will exist until the legacy genes that perpetuate it are gone from the species through a thousand years of capitalism. We have to undergo a genetic evolution under the market system to become compatible with the society we now live in. The only question worth asking is, how do we accelerate it?”

    CRISPR is one way, Eugenics is another. A thousand years is too long. If you want to accelerate it cut the necks of all leftists. Or wait for technology to do it for you? “uwu”

    Wagner Reply:

    You’re right to some degree Erikson. The Bible has CRISPR’d the genes of both the left and right, or better yet, SOGGY’d them. So an “amor fati” is in order in that regard. Unanticipated mystical events occur however. Jung saw in the burgeoning Nazi movement the return of WOTAN. If shitlibbery intensifies He will crack open his eye and come again, winding up berserkers like toys and letting them go off in blind fury. Until that time I say with much dismay that the contemporary right is still much too Christian and effete, or in layman’s terms, “ironic”; what we have on our hands are boreans, and what we need are hyperhyperboreans.

    How to accelerate it, good question. Probably something horrible needs to happen that is out of the hands of us mere mortals. In the meantime I like reading Homer lol

    Hector ignored the Argive masses, killing none,
    he lashed his pounding stallions straight at Patroclus.
    Patroclus, over against him, leapt down from his car
    and hit the ground, his left hand shaking a spear
    and seized with his right a jagged, glittering stone
    his hand could just cover–Patroclus flung it hard,
    leaning into the heave, not backing away from Hector,
    no, and no wasted shot. But he hit the driver–
    a bastard son of famed King Priam, Cebriones
    yanking the reins back taut–right between the eyes.
    The sharp stone crushed both brows, the skull caved in
    and both eyes burst from their sockets, dropping down
    in the dust before his feet as the reinsman vaulted,
    plunging off his handsome car like a diver–
    Cebriones’ life breath left his bones behind
    and you taunted his corpse, Patroclus O my rider:
    “God, what a nimble fellow, somersaulting!
    If he were out at sea in the fishing grounds
    this man could feed a crew, diving for oysters,
    going overboard even in choppy, heaving seas,
    the way he took that earth-dive from his war-car.
    The Trojans have their acrobats, I see.”

    The leftists will have their acrobats, one day.

    Garr Reply:

    Mr. Eirikksson, is that your website? Thanks for the link — I’ve just read some posts there (including the intro and Chapter 1a of the author’s book) and really liked them.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    No, that’s the Anti-Puritan’s. I believe he posts here under Axel McKibbin. A google search has the third result as his comment here in August 2016 (he hasn’t been seen much lately either), and also posts or articles at other ‘NRx’ sites. I see he’s also mentioned at wehuntedthemammoth.com : as “Alt-Rightster and woman-voting-opposer.”

    I hope that helps you, and best of luck, Mr. Garr

    Wagner Reply:

    “Already in 1794, Goethe had remarked, upon re-reading Homer, how differently mankind would have developed had it never come to know Oriental melancholy, ‘if Homer had remained our Bible’.”

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    LACAN, NOUS ET LE RÉEL -8- Christian Dubuis Santini -10/02/2017-English sub


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  • Alrenous Says:

    Progressives seem to have no issues assimilating the children of immigrants to Progressivism. It’s only conservatives that find it difficult.

    Progressives have been a government-dominant minority for years and conservatives haven’t done shit about it. (E.g. if we voted for feminism today it would get roughly 27% of the vote.) I think it’s fairly rational for them to believe they can handle a racial-minority dominant position too.


    Seth Largo Reply:

    They convert children of immigrants to racial grievance-ism and gimmedat-ism. I don’t believe for two seconds that the majority of second-gen Mexicans or Koreans care all that much about the finer points of progressivism qua ideology of ever-expanding positive rights.


    Alrenous Reply:

    Progressives don’t care about them either, so I’m not seeing the problem.


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  • Orthodox Says:

    As I understand it, there’s a Buddhist monk in Burma implementing this policy right now. He’s started by explaining Buddhism to the Muslims.


    Space Ghost Reply:

    > explaining


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  • Bedrich Says:

    Speaking of French theory, the resemblance between European immigration policies and “forcing” is quite striking.

    Forcing is a concept borrowed by Alain Badiou from Set Theory and used by him to (1) explain how new and revolutionary events, true changes, can be brought about in an ideological system which seems to be closed, which seems to already have all the answers, and (2) fascinate his followers and bamboozle his critics with something they don’t quite understand.

    But if you look closely at forcing in its native habitat it is a way of flooding a system with massive numbers of non-constructible (read “undocumented”) objects, known as “generic sets” in order to upset its implicit properties. The analogy is easy to draw out.

    In French “forçage” also refers to force-feeding a goose to sicken its liver before you kill it and eat it.


    Wagner Reply:

    Curious. What else does Badiou say about immigration? Has he made an explicit statement on the alt-right/NRx?

    Lando if you don’t cripple Badiou all you are is a populist, hate to tell ya. Can you gentlemen debate live sometime? I know you know French. This will be like the neo-Foucault/Chomsky debate. Anything else is cowardice. I’m sick of seeing rightists bully the retard harry potter fans, and you partake of that ethos, Jack.


    Wagner Reply:

    Admin, think of it like this. And I hope I don’t trigger you to ban me for saying it. You are a pedant that writes and theorizes horror, and Michael and I are monsters in the horror novel IRL. You are either the protagonist or the one who dies early on. Choose.


    Post Alley Crackpot Reply:

    More horrorshow, that would be copacet.

    Less delivery boys taking orders from grocery clerks who have sent them to collect the bill.



    So go bump in the night already! We are not concerned! We are not DEVO!

    … and the narrator always has plenty of this left, but is still not sharing …

    An Fomoire Reply:

    >Something they don’t quite understand

    More than “quite”, I should think. Forcing applies to ZFC (Zermelo-Fraenkel plus axiom of choice), something most people haven’t even heard of, much less understand. It relies on paradoxes of infinite sets, and finding an “appropriate” object to “force” into the original set. I don’t care for it.


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  • Wagner Says:

    If Land keeps acting like this I’m going to have to invest in the philosophers’-tear-flavored-popcorn stock. *Trump voice* Big money.


    Post Alley Crackpot Reply:

    we got this and we are not sharing


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  • Cryptogenic Says:

    Stopped reading at “violent European colonizers.” Don’t know if the pre-colonial homicide rate is mentioned later in the article.


    Wagner Reply:

    Savages did it so we dindu nuffin either


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  • SVErshov Says:

    immigration in itself is an indicator. it signify two things, first there is places where nothing else works, people have to migrate. second: as long as it is a solution and thete is places where migrants can go available, we are not in a complete and total overshot. people been immigrating for very long time. But that does not means it will be continued forever. migration been a part of traditional solutions along with, economical growth, war, technological development, financial tools. Now, that would be lovely Bayesian probability, when nothing gonna work. As a statistical tools it has its merits use. as long as we have a system we can use different dynamics, levels and loops. but once system disintegrate (happening slready) what can be used and question then will be Bayesian Averaging of Classical Estimates are adequate tool. Not in its present state at least, for example if there is no growth, hard to imagine use of ‘Variables Significantly Related to Growth’


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  • Wagner Says:

    mAdmin what is it with your fixation-around classical liberalism? I guess kangs don’t respond to the outbursts of peasants but I’ll ask anyway.

    I am sure you haven’t forgotten that the mustachioed-asshole referred to Englanders as “Utilitarian bunglers” and to Mill as a “blockhead”. Just stating scripture, sir.


    collen ryan Reply:

    You should welcome Daniel to the Bund he all over the web going full nazi this week- something we said?


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  • collen ryan Says:


    I predict leftism figures it out and re embraces its explicit christianity, its their only move and its a good one.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    By all means Open Borders for China. Meaning China can open it’s borders.
    China can experiment with patchwork.

    As to importing them they were decisively rejected in the 19th century exactly because they’d overtake us here, just as the Vikings overtook the Saxons.

    Mind you I don’t think the Chinese want anything but China – which is a handful. They also want secure trade routes for their exports and access to raw materials. All reasonable and we shouldn’t impede them.

    But we’re going to defend ourselves and it’s not even begun to get ugly.
    It will be much worse before better even can be conceived.
    It is the intention of the sane, mature and nationalistic that the pain be that of others deserving or not.

    None of this nonsense matters in war. Just winning and survival does. One more shock and it won’t be secession it will be Sieg Heil. In American of course. MAGA works fine. Words don’t matter. Results matter.


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