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The new great divergence:

Increasing polarization, even fragmentation, of society is becoming apparent in US politics. There is a sense that society is separating into parts, each of which is listening only to other members of that group. The separation between groups can enable them to deviate even further in values and perspectives. …


That’s the process. Nothing else is necessary. The only task remaining is to accelerate it.

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  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    “God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness.”


    Alrenous Reply:

    God saw the darkness was good too, but knew saying so would only confuse you.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Ye nigga.


    Brett Stevens Reply:

    Beware of the light, it may take you away,
    To where no evil dwells.
    It will take you away, for all eternity.
    Night is so beautiful (we need her as much as we need Day).


    Goth Eiríksson Reply:

    The verse refers to intelligence : Logos : differentiation : hierarchy : the world. It’s ancient so you can’t call it pseudo-scientific [Mahner, 2007, 548], it’s not pretending to be a result based on the modern hypothesis-experiment method. It is however logical. A protoscientific insight. The word for “god” here is ‘elohim’ (אֱלֹהִ֛ים) which translates as ‘power’ among other things. The Huainanzi (139 BC) says:

    » When heaven and earth were formed, they divided into yin and yang. » It too recognises division (as) the central thing or thing-maker. Lacan incidentally does too. Lacan says that the creation of order of man is through difference. Even symbolic difference. What does math but show difference (or presumed equality) through symbols? What does society do? We wear uniforms, and we collect difference through numerical symbols with ascribed value (coins or credit).

    Chinese New Confucian philosopher Mou Tsungsan: » … to have objective understanding. The first step is to understand ourselves; the second step is to understand the West. Then we can look for the way out for Chinese culture, and we hope that our young friends will take on this responsibility. In its simple essentials, this responsibility is to revive the ancient meaning of Greek philosophy. Its original meaning was what Kant defined as a “doctrine of practical wisdom” (shijian de zhihuixue 實踐的智慧學). » How about the West understand the West?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Mossad were versed in essentials of Jewish traditional lore. Sagacious wisdom. Heck, one could even render ‘shit happens’ as ‘differentiation happens’ as ‘shit’ is cognate with ‘science’.

    Differences in lighting make the phenomenal world visible to eyes that pick up on light. People are called bright or not, fair or not. Without light… you’d have to get into sci-fi fantasy to say humans would still have developed—but I am a big fan, so to speak, of the Pitch Black movies.

    The verse you two replied to is rendered as saying ‘the phenomenal world came into being through difference.‘ (or ‘the phenomenal world became [sensible] [came to make sense] through difference [literally through separation].’) Without central difference there would be no hierarchy. No chain of being. Cross divides the world into two sections (and two more)—up, above and down below. It’s all about topology; geometry: difference—form and separation (motion)—Christianity simply inherited it. It’s almost the central thing in Catholicism (which used to be practically a military), manifested more than one of its central virtues (charity), until recently perhaps as Christianity has started getting into its own. By seeing difference between darkness and light “god” has set the struggle afoot. St. Augustine says as much. All the main religions, and countless less known, celebrate the victory of light over dark. Incidentally, intelligence and fairness in peoples is strongly correlated with lightness of pigmentation. » Yang … is fast, hard, solid, focused, hot, dry, and active; and is associated with fire, sky, the sun, masculinity and daytime. [Osgood, 1973] » Wittgenstein equates the world of value with the world of the good and the beautiful.

    » The three terms Beauty, Goodness, Truth (καλόν kalon “beautiful,”[7] ἀγαθόν agathon “good,”[7] ἀληθές alethes “true”) form a separate subgroup within the general family of transcendentals and their development can be considered separately. Although associated in particular with Platonism the ideas may have an earlier origin, appearing for example in the Bhagavad Gita to describe “words which are good and beautiful and true”. »

    » A general understanding of traditional Chinese philosophy may be achieved by a concise elaboration of its truth, goodness and beauty, which, in my view, are correlated with the integration of tian (heaven ) and ren (man) and zhi (knowledge) and xing (practice), as well as qing (feeling) and jing (scenery) respectively. » Tang Yijie, 2016, was “a Chinese scholar and professor at Peking University, who has been described as China’s confucian scholar on philosophy.”

    » The principle of yin and yang is represented in Taoism by the Taijitu (literally “Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate”). The term is commonly used to mean the simple “divided circle” form, but may refer to any of several schematic diagrams representing these principles, such as the swastika, common to Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Similar symbols have also appeared in other cultures, such as in Celtic art and Roman shield markings.[26][27][28] » Chinese literature is littered with references to the primal division. Heaven and earth. Light and dark. In fact it starts with chaos like in the Bible, but then moves onto the split or differentiation. Incidentally, when you see a dot in a circle in the beginning of the Neon Genesis Evangelion intro, it is showing this symbolism.

    Even in darkness, you see things in your mind to differently lighted degrees (light spectrum). We think in images, which all have different lighting. Your screen has differently lighted sections to display images, and it emits light for your eyes to see anything on it.

    » When the Great Ultimate has not yet divided itself [into yin and yang], the Dao envelops yin and yang. After the Great One has divided itself, it is yin and yang that give life to the Dao. If yin and yang were not there, the pneuma of the Dao would not be visible. » [Liu Yiming (1734–1821), Xiuzhen biannan or ‘Discussions on the cultivation of reality’.]

    A child never exposed to light would be blind. A child with the light always on ; probably would not be blind, as it would close its eyes when falling asleep. Altho needless to say I don’t recommend that. In intellectual terms it’s adaptation to the subversion of light that makes us adapt to the “dark”, something that Nietzsche in other words noted, as have many other good authors. Being forced or fooled to “learn” in the unnatural lighting of the bureaucratic authorities and the false light of the Cathedral attracts many to darkness.

    We have light 24/7 some places on earth, believe me ; humanity gets more done in the daylight (otherwise we’d have to travel with lighting everywhere, which makes a cool scifi fantasy). People even prefer to have lights on in their houses when the sun goes “down”—altho I much prefer candle-light and a fireplace!

    » survivingbabel Reply:
    May 10th, 2013

    The Cathedral’s coolness is its main weakness. Since it has neither truth nor beauty on its side, it must continually maintain the artificially elevated social status that its adherents receive in exchange for both manpower and public advocacy of the Cathedral’s positions. »

    » The this-worldly concern of Confucianism rests on the belief that human beings are fundamentally good, and teachable, improvable, and perfectible through personal and communal endeavor especially self-cultivation and self-creation. Confucian thought focuses on the cultivation of virtue and maintenance of ethics. Some of the basic Confucian ethical concepts and practices include rén, yì, and lǐ, and zhì. Rén (仁, “benevolence” or “humaneness”) is the essence of the human being which manifests as compassion. It is the virtue-form of Heaven.[11] Yì (義/义) is the upholding of righteousness and the moral disposition to do good. Lǐ (禮/礼) is a system of ritual norms and propriety that determines how a person should properly act in everyday life according to the law of Heaven. Zhì (智) is the ability to see what is right and fair, or the converse, in the behaviors exhibited by others. Confucianism holds one in contempt, either passively or actively, for failure to uphold the cardinal moral values of rén and yì. » It’s been studied in comparison with Plato’s Good, and all the western conceptions of good. Altho there is » in the Daodejing and Zhuangzi a profound mistrust of our conceptual separations between opposites such as good and bad. » (Stanford Encycl. 2014). The Western isn’t that simple either, but somehow that’s all supposed to be “just esotericism” now while these things are glaringly obvious everywhere.

    I love that you quote Burzum, I’m, as it were, “sorry” to ruin the neo-folk edginess,

    best regards, for the integration of shadows into a sphere,

    Transcendental Lord Autismo

    Dark lord of the


    Goth Eiríksson Reply:

    Evola writes for the ‘differentiated man’ (1961).

    Execrablefrippery Reply:

    What seeks to shrink
    must first have grown;
    what seeks weakness
    surely was strong.
    What seeks its ruin
    must first have risen;
    what seeks to take
    has surely given.

    This is called the small dark light:
    [fragmentation, neocameralism] prevail
    over [the modern demotic meta-regime, Wagner’s law].

    —Lao Tsu (my xenogloss)


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    “We are all one” has died along with “we are all equal.” Illusions banished to the back of history!


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  • Dale Rooster Says:

    The Left will frame resistance to uniform, global totalitarianism as resistance to “integration.” This rhetoric was heard in Obama’s last speech to the UN. I believe other Leftists in Europe are chanting the same song. How can you be against integration!?!

    Question: something I’ve discussed with GnonOracle on twitter–what is the best way to inspire Blues to secede? How do we encourage Blues to become neoconfederates? I thought it would take a real Hitler to push them to that. But, hell, it only took a Literal Hitler; Trump won and calls for Calexit followed.

    There’s no way Leftists in power would ever, ever allow for pan-secessionism and patchwork to be realized. The best way to accelerate formal fragmentation is to make it the Cathedral’s idea. But how? (Besides finding Rightists willing to take actual power absolutely and permanently–which is a risky gamble, but I believe Moldbug even argued that a rightwing military coup would be better than the current order.)


    Daniel Chieh Reply:

    They have to feel like they are genuinely losing. Right now, its not happening.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Why would patchwork necessarily delay the development of new technology?



    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Yes exactly.

    The one remaining legacy America leaves at present is its matchless geographic position.
    Of course our enemies wish us to surrender that as well.

    So we’ll leave not only a mountain of debt and and even bigger pile of porn and social wreckage but war, slavery and genocide as well.

    Yarvin is either a fool or an enemy and others shall we say advocate positions for America that if they advocated them for say China would result in their expulsion at best. Patchwork is a formula for war anywhere but in America it is a formula for our genocide in pieces rather than having to take our enemies on as a group.

    At any threat or compromise of territorial integrity I hold my Oath dissolved by counter party treachery.
    I won’t be alone. I’m not now. I wouldn’t care if I was alone.

    Any attempt at compromising territorial integrity and I take any leader who can win. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot if they understand we must have our lands – just pick the winner. I’m just getting there faster and being candid about it – and it’s not the first time I’ve done so. There is nothing – war, genocide nothing that isn’t justified to keep our matchless geographic position. It took war and genocide to get it and if that’s what it takes to keep it and worse that’s what we’ll do…just watch.

    Daniel Chieh Reply:

    “That’s the process. Nothing else is necessary. The only task remaining is to accelerate it.”

    collen ryan Reply:

    False flag ops.

    Bait the left into as much anti white rhetoric as possible.

    expose the jews.

    expose the cuck GOP

    expose christianity as a cuck theology.

    expose the judiciary civil service and dep state usurparion of democracy make them understand it is not fair it is rigged and it is hopeless to think politics can solve it.

    make it clear irreversible change is years not decades away, make them understand their children will be slaves to niggers

    stress we simply want to be left alone to live as we want like everyone else is allowed


    Wagner Reply:

    But mike muh AI muh shiny toys muh space ship mike muh space ship


    Daniel Chieh Reply:

    Why would patchwork necessarily delay the development of new technology? Periods of warfare and stress have coincided with technological development.

    Orthodox Reply:

    Support La Raza. Intensify Mexican-Black, Mexican-Asian, Mexican-White tensions. They’re the most likely to break away because it will have state support from Mexico. Their independence will be supported by the left because racism. Then use the precedent.

    Also, fund Quebec independence. Breaking up Canada first could also work and they’ve come very close to voting for sovereignty. I don’t know enough about Canada, but I hear there’s a lot of tension around the language issue.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    You have a path here to war.

    What is the path to Victory for those who’d dismember us?
    Or survival if we win?


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  • Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A Jew and a Mexican walk into MIT. – The Roper Report Says:

    […] Now, for the unofficial comments section: […]

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  • Wagner Says:

    Speaking of divergences, isn’t it curious there has never been a recorded dialogue between Moldbug and Land?


    Wagner Reply:

    I was going to write something out of taste but I began to laugh. Curt-puppet, Land-puppet, you will be the next Hitler, didn’t you anticipate that?


    collen ryan Reply:

    Thats because you’re not on the list serve. After the hrx (heroic reaction aka altright) purge they decided who was worthy to play the glass bead game. Its rumoured the password is a mathematical anagram of their patron saint Joseph Knecht who died so they might live as guilt free cowards.


    Post Alley Crackpot Reply:

    This would be interesting for more than mere spectacle value …

    Since Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me, I’m more of an Iago fan, BTW. 🙂


    Goth Eiríksson Reply:



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  • Dale Rooster Says:

    Vxxc2014: “Yarvin is either a fool or an enemy…Patchwork is a formula for war anywhere but in America it is a formula for our genocide in pieces rather than having to take our enemies on as a group.”

    I highly doubt either of those (“fool or enemy”) judgments could come close to the truth of the matter. Just because you disagree with one’s idea for moving forward hardly makes him an enemy. I would argue that, to say he’s a fool is rather foolish, assuming you’ve read any of his work.

    Patchwork leads to genocide? It would thoroughly neutralize the real enemy (UltraCalvinism). Moreover, it would only leave the Left to genocide themselves with multicultural societies. My guess is that, starting with a split between Red and Blue West (a small schism, but huge step in the right direction), most vibrant communities would migrate themselves to Blue West (if not push for separate, independent states all together).

    Your rhetoric is a bit bombastic and SJW-like. To shrill is not to argue. Perhaps Hrx has hurt feelings due to the purge. Well, I was purged too after I half-trolled Aimless Gromar. (He wrote one of his best essays on Freedom after my critique, then he shut down his blog.) Indeed, NRx nearly purged itself out of existence. So, the Alt-Right (or HRx, whatever) should get over the NRx purge. Again: get over it. The Alt-Right wants to purge the Alt-Lite. Cons.Inc. wants to purge any rightwing dissidents. (In contrast to NRx, National Review and Cons.Inc. has developed its own ideological empire from purges. That empire, in part thanks to Paul Gottfried, Richard Spencer, the NRx, Alt-Right and Dissident Right, is coming to an end.)

    Anyhow, the question still stands, what’s the best way to incentivize the Cathedral to embrace separation, patchwork, pan-secessionism?

    Make it a dogma of the Cathedral, and you can accelerate patchwork much more quickly.


    Wagner Reply:

    Is Patchtwerk the most humane option, Dale? The notion of allowing corrupt&corrupting men to shepherd the masses into genociding themselves doesn’t quite sit well with me. Infinitely more ethical IMHO is locking up those corrupt bastards and instating global rightism.

    Not like Land and his host of tyrant’s ass-kissers are going to listen to little ol me…


    Dale Rooster Reply:

    Decentralization, effected by collapsing Mega-Nation-States (US/EU), realized in conjunction with freedom of association, in the hopes that new networks of formalized city-states emerge, seems like the only humane option left.

    If the Left wants to suicide themselves out of existence, my heart bleeds for them, but that’s all I offer. Global Rightism would be far more successful if realized through competing tribes, city-states, territories, feudal kingdoms, and degenerate libertarian utopias for people like me and, say, Rabbit of AltLeft.com.

    Let Blue/Left democracies do their own thing…which would most likely end in collective death camps.


    Daniel Chieh Reply:

    Separation would takes the least amount of energy, and by far, the most realistic option that isn’t Cathedralist victory.

    Purity spiraling is not the road to victory.


    Wagner Reply:

    Hey Nick Lad buddy assuming you could even be virulently honest like the old days would you say that it would be a fairer synthesis between the alt-right and neoreaction to substitute triple parentheses for double OR single parentheses? If you keep claiming zero parentheses I fear the gods of Darwinism are going to weed you out.

    Dale and Daniel, is the dichotomy really bleeding-heart purity spiraling vs. morality doesn’t real, pragmatic ruthlessness is kang? Mike hates this train of thought but I think the masses are very pliant and gullible, put a meme in front of them and they’ll gobble it up without chewing. Reminder that we are in the first couple months of the unanticipated Trump victory, AND unanticipatedly Trump’s chief strategist recommended Moldbug. I don’t think these events have really *hit* most of us yet in their full reality. If Trump pulls a Moldbug we might not have to COMPROMISE with Patchtwerk, which is essentially a libertarian cop-out lesbihonest. Leftists are scum but in another sense their total ignorance renders them innocent. I would rather first experiment with de- and re-brainwashing them than feeding them to the wolves.

    Daniel Chieh Reply:

    Wagner, I’m involved with the alt-right. I’ve been working with politics for well over a decade and right now, manage basically several thousand people. What you’re talking about isn’t “real, pragmatic ruthlessness”, its fantasizing.

    The masses don’t care. The masses, ultimately, are more pliant to the leftist ideals simply because the leftist ideals ask them to do nothing. Accept homos. Accept trans. Accept the television, and here, you get easy access to mj now too. The masses may or may not be “gullible” but they are certainly lazy.

    So asking them to action is, honestly, impossible. This is why Patchwork is most realistic, because it asks the masses to basically nothing again, and more or less continue to get electricity and fast food, just stop forcing their ideal on others. It appeals to their laziness. It appeals to the bubble mentality.

    And this is why its the most realistic option.

    collen ryan Reply:

    Pretty sure VXXc like me has been around since moldbug was commenting on blowhards. You miss our point entirely. The north american continent is a fortress surrounded by vast oceans on the other side of the world from the rest of mankind,reinforced then with mountain ranges. Its one of the most abundantly self sustainable natural resource repositories on the planet. and its human capital and military strength are an order of magnitude greater than the next competitor.It would be moronic to give an inch of that to some faggot ass commie professors in league with the nigger races who wish us dead.

    A nation or ethno state if you prefer is a patch, its really the only change needed to reboot this patch and again make it the envy and model for the world.Their are other white continents that also would be foolish to cede an inch of territory or to give up on the anglosphere/ west civ hegemony. What we need to do is kill the commies expel the niggers of all colors and there jew puppet masters and send the women back to the kitchen and nurseries.We could do that tomorrow. Most real men in our nations are dying to this and could do it in hours. But we have been socialized for several generations into thinking we oughtn’t.

    youre enamored of an intellectual jerkoff fest. And you are socialized in such a way to be particularly susceptible to such crap. MM is funny erudite had some great points. He is not the last word, in fact hes wrong about a lot. His main prescription is to do nothing and be snarky while the world burns. Oh and read old books. Do you know what old books have been saying to do in this situation for thousands of years? Go to war smite your enemies, and then check yourselves, because if you found the need to go to war you must have been acting like a faggot and given your enemies ideas so start acting like men.When you acxt like men your women will act like women your slaves will act like slaves and your children will obey.This is what old books say. But go ahead and take the jew lawyers advice


    Dale Rooster Reply:

    You sound a bit manic. But I’ll take the bait.

    “youre enamored of an intellectual jerkoff fest.”

    You do realize that Western Civilization owes its very existence to those who were enamored of such intellectual jerkoff festivities, I hope. Perhaps the Pre-Socratics and Socrates himself deserve such contempt. Of course, maybe Western Civilization’s demise, as well as its inception, owes tribute to the Pre-Socratics and Socrates also. But that’s an idea derivative of Nietzsche and then Heidegger. I’m sure you read about it in some of their old books between the parts that you explain above.

    Really, if intellectual activity is so beneath you, why bother reading or commenting on blogs such as Nick Land’s? If thinking through ideas, and engaging them with others, is such a waste of time, why do it? You sound like a very strong, very proud and bold man. Even a warrior maybe. I do sincerely hope that I’m on your side if and when things start to collapse. A real battlefield sounds like the place for you, not the battlefield of ideas. You would probably be much happier there.


    Dale Rooster Reply:


    “Dale and Daniel, is the dichotomy really bleeding-heart purity spiraling vs. morality doesn’t real, pragmatic ruthlessness is kang?”

    I’m not sure what is meant by “morality,” but by offering my sympathy (“bleeding heart”) to Leftists stuck in their own death-traps, I by no means meant it as a purity-signal, only that sympathy seems like an appropriate expression of feeling for those who have lost their way, in the same vein of Martin Luther offering his charity to the perished souls lost to suicide. So, if there is a dichotomy, it might only be a false one. (But maybe not.)

    I effectively agree with Daniel, otherwise, regarding the masses and patchwork. I don’t see it as a compromise, per se, but the only realistic solution. Ruthlessness is kang. Might is right. And if Trump “pulled a Moldbug,” I would hope and pray that the effect of such a move would be completed through the genesis of Patchwork–initiate by a Neo-confederate Left/BlueTribe secessionist movement–and hence, a new order.

    collen ryan Reply:

    Dale there is a time for reading and a time for war, and the fact that large swaths of our people cog elites particularly, think inviting ever more wild niggers in to kill us all is a wonderful idea, but the only guys that seem to have figured out thats a stupid idea instead think the correct idea is to imagine scifi scenarios merged with arthurian legends just sort of shakes my confidence in intelligence. In the old days intelligent people were forced to transcribe manuscripts keep accounts act as priests and got burned at the stake when they started with their ideas. Modernity like NRX is revenge of the nerds, the intelligent idiots are now running the show. Ironically for you NRx it was the demotist meritocracy that allowed the intelligent to rise. I admit to not being completely against meritocracy vs aristocracy, But I also am skeptical that cognition is the only trait that counts or merits.I am fairly smart but not quite a genius but i know a fair amount of people much smarter than me. And its always been clear to me which I joke with them about that post apocalypse they will be my serfs. They seem to know this would likely be true.Theres an increasing impracticality to intelligence much over 135 IQ outside of specially designed environments.There seem to be rare exceptions of extremely gifted people that are very practical and of average intelligent people that are extremely capable.
    so one of my complaints of MM is as colony of elon musk clones would not last long in fact it wont even escape.But more practically the problem with MM orthodoxy is theres no time left and there is no where to escape and if there were they wouldnt let you go. So youre simply wasting my my fucking time you fucking cog elite serfs get back into the scriptorium and writye me some racist memes i can use to start a civil war.

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  • Wagner Says:

    “Embarrassment was regarded by Land as just one of the rudimentary inhibitions that had to be broken down in order to explore the unknown – in contrast to the forces of academic domestication, which normalised by fostering a sense of inadequacy and shame before the Masters, before the edifice of what is yet to be learnt.”


    And what happens when Moldbug and Land are the Masters? They strive to keep their ideologies afloat like old coots, heads shriveled with lines like prunes.

    Here is something truly evil to say directly to Land’s face: If you didn’t have this NRx Cult to satisfy your excessive narcissism you would go the way of Poe or your friend Mark.


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  • John Hannon Says:

    Re fragmentation/Balkanization – here’s what the Cathedral’s jesters make of it (in particular the “common enemy” riff about a third of the way in) –


    And the bit at the end about robots is almost funny.


    John Hannon Reply:

    The common enemy bit actually starts at about 8 minutes.


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