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Now the media is broken, news can get out:

That’s why the story about Harvey Weinstein finally broke now. It’s because the media industry that once protected him has collapsed. The magazines that used to publish the stories Miramax optioned can’t afford to pay for the kind of reporting and storytelling that translates into screenplays. They’re broke because Facebook and Google have swallowed all the digital advertising money that was supposed to save the press as print advertising continued to tank.

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  • Matthew Walker Says:

    Either that, or Weinstein’s brother got the story leaked to get rid of him.

    We’ve seen studio exec scandals before.


    Posted on October 10th, 2017 at 12:24 pm Reply | Quote
  • Orthodox Says:

    Thinking you’re politically surrounded by Nazis, sexists, racists, bigots and xenophobes is on thing. It’s another to realize they’re “you.” Put the Baizuo on suicide watch, moral panic incoming.


    Posted on October 10th, 2017 at 3:07 pm Reply | Quote
  • Alrenous Says:

    “Good work Cyrill, you did the right thing.”

    “The right thing? Ah, classic browbeating-morality.”

    “I don’t like your tone, Cyrill.”

    Cyrill shrugged. “You could instead hire someone dumb enough to not notice what you’re doing.”

    “We don’t have those kinds of attitudes around here.”

    “If you want, I could pretend I didn’t notice, thus making you think you have control of me when you don’t, thus giving myself the opportunity to betray you whenever I want.”

    “Betraying me isn’t good for your health, Cyrill! Keep up that talk and I’ll suspend you!”

    “Equating your best interests with the right thing doesn’t work very well if you get angry when I’m honest with you.”

    And that’s why you can’t combine dishonesty with smart subordinates. You instantly become their subordinate.


    Posted on October 11th, 2017 at 1:59 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Jacking off into a plant pot doesn’t necessarily not follow from Nietzsche’s philosophy.

    Being edgier than edgier-than-thou this is the conclusion you reach.

    The priests: “Please explain, I have a fusion to the rabble I cannot surgically remove from myself.”

    The right as the underdog cannot extricate itself from leftism. If we were in power we’d be open to similar deviances and excesses. In some cases it wouldn’t be deviance or excess when seen from the proper height. All the Weinstein affair is now is a political weapon used to defuse leftism.

    You all on the right proceed as if what you say is true. It is not true, it is amusing and sad.

    “Wagner doesn’t side with us on this political gesture let’s burn him at the stake.”

    You think I give a fuck? Fire won’t burn me.


    Posted on October 16th, 2017 at 4:40 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:


    Wa-was the word “equally” used in this sentence? Here I was thinking the alt-right represented hierarchism. IQ between whites and jews certainly isn’t “equal”, invention between whites and jews certainly isn’t “equal”. It’s weird, it’s almost like Spencer appeals to the rabble every single moment and tries to give off the impression he doesn’t.


    Jake Reply:

    Where exactly are the white homelands anyways, Hoss? I hope you’re living in Germany or at least the south of Britain.


    Posted on October 16th, 2017 at 5:29 am Reply | Quote

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