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Immigration sense from Ben Sixsmith:

But what of proposed merits of open borders? A consistent failure of the Economist’s article is a reluctance to distinguish between different migrants. If one finds the study, it turns out that 54% of the men and women who expressed a desire to migrate came from Africa and the Middle East —with another 20% being from Central America. Yet the most successful immigrants, in terms of launching businesses and earning wealth, have been found to hail from Asia and Europe. A UCL study found that European immigrants to Britain contribute more to the economy than they take from it while the opposite is true for non European immigrants. It is senseless, then, to claim, as the author of The Economist article does, that immigrants are “more likely than the native-born to bring new ideas and start their own businesses”. Immigrants do not come from “Immigrantland”. Population differences related to entrepreneurial and earning potential are real, and significant, and difficult to bridge.

(Always discriminate more.)

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  • Artxell Knaphni Says:

    The open Borders system is, effectively and strangely, an essential element of a so-called, Neocameralist, patchwork system; with commodity-personnel having free distribution to potential sites of employment. That ‘free distribution’, when in excess of any state boundary, is what neo-reactionaries call ‘exit’.

    In real terms, though, it matters not which positioning the political spectrum does the characterising, exploitation and slavery seem to be the result.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Should read; ‘Positioning of the political spectrum’


    Imperial Energy Reply:

    “essential element of a so-called, Neocameralist”


    Contingent but not necessary (essential).

    Residents have the right of “exit” – assuming they are neither in debt or being pursued for potential crimes or violation of their contractual obligations.

    “exploitation and slavery.”

    You mean work and wages?


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Right of exit, is essential and necessary; otherwise, no patchwork exchange of commodity personnel, undermining the very reason for the patchwork. So, you’re wrong, it’s essential to the notion of patchwork.
    Isolated and autonomous ideological islands that are radically incommensurable, would be so incommensurable as to vitiate, at a fundamental level, the very notion of a ‘patchwork’.
    Neoreaction offers the notion of patchwork as overarching ideology. That ‘overarch’, as it were, constitutes the rationale as well as the meaning of patchwork. Radical incommensurability would remove the very basis on which ‘patchwork’ actually appears as ‘patchwork’.
    A self-enclosed, radically incommensurable ‘patch’, would no longer be a ‘patch’.


    Imperial Energy Reply:

    “Right of exit, is essential and necessary; otherwise, no patchwork exchange of commodity personnel, undermining the very reason for the patchwork. So, you’re wrong, it’s essential to the notion of patchwork.”

    Forgive us for our conceptual analysis. You are conflating a number of distinct concepts here and perhaps we have no explained the distinction between “exit” and “entry”.

    Firstly, you claimed it was essential of “neocameralism” then “patchwork” – these are two different things.

    In addition, the claim that “neoreaction” offers patchwork as an “overarching ideology” is subject to questioning. Most Nrx do not buy this and it is not clear how much Moldbug really invested in it.

    Nevertheless, the key distinction is between “exit” and “entry”. Exist does indeed appear to be the only “right”, but it is a right subject to one’s contractual obligations. You cannot murder someone in a patch and then try to escape justice with the plea of muh exit.

    Secondly, and most importantly, one can, logically speaking, affirm the right of exit but deny that anyone has any right to enter neocam patch A, B, C.

    In order to enter – gain entry – into a neocam patch, one would have to have permission and if one were to reside as a resident in that patch then one will have to sign a contract.

    By analogy, you can marry who you want, but that right does does not essentially and necessarily mean you can marry *this* girl.

    Hope this helps.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    [Imperial Energy] “You are conflating a number of distinct concepts here and perhaps we have no explained the distinction between “exit” and “entry”.”
    {AK}: Yes, I answered that point below, in another comment: “Entry conditions would be stipulated according to patch criteria. That’s not the point, though. Liberty is contingent on the right to exit.”
    [Imperial Energy] “Firstly, you claimed it was essential of “neocameralism” then “patchwork” – these are two different things.”
    {AK}: Okay, point taken. I’m not disputing that Neocameralism and patchwork are the same thing. But it cannot be denied that Neocameralism is the context that Neoreaction a la NL chooses to set for ‘patchwork’. The Neocameralist citing was merely in that associational context. So the point is not strictly relevant or applicable.
    I’d be happy to investigate the more general neo-reactionary variations on the theme, but I suspect they would all be as equally flawed in their conceptions.

    [Imperial Energy] “In addition, the claim that “neoreaction” offers patchwork as an “overarching ideology” is subject to questioning. Most Nrx do not buy this and it is not clear how much Moldbug really invested in it.”
    {AK}: Most neo-reactionaries would be committed to this or that ‘patch’ and its corresponding ideology. Nick Land’s idea, as far as I have discerned, is that ‘patchwork’ constitutes a hosting of all of those ideologies, in a free-for-all, Darwinian competition, conducted according to corporate discipline. There is no way that such a configuration can be offered as anything but ‘overarching’. In fact, it could be said, that its implementation would be redundant, because we are already living within that configuration. I’m not saying that’s true, but it would be a better argument than anything that near reaction has offered so far.

    [Imperial Energy] “Nevertheless, the key distinction is between “exit” and “entry”. Exist does indeed appear to be the only “right”, but it is a right subject to one’s contractual obligations. You cannot murder someone in a patch and then try to escape justice with the plea of muh exit.”
    {AK}: The issue that neo-reactionaries would have to face, given patchwork variations, would be corresponding variations in conceptions of justice, as driven by ideological variations. That’s an entire nest of trouble.
    [Imperial Energy] “Secondly, and most importantly, one can, logically speaking, affirm the right of exit but deny that anyone has any right to enter neocam patch A, B, C.
    In order to enter – gain entry – into a neocam patch, one would have to have permission and if one were to reside as a resident in that patch then one will have to sign a contract.
    By analogy, you can marry who you want, but that right does does not essentially and necessarily mean you can marry *this* girl.
    Hope this helps.”
    {AK}: Yes, I answered that point below, “Entry conditions would be stipulated according to patch criteria. That’s not the point, though. Liberty is contingent on the right to exit.”

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    [Imperial Energy] “You are conflating a number of distinct concepts here and perhaps we have no explained the distinction between “exit” and “entry”.”

    {AK}: Yes, I answered that point below, in another comment: “Entry conditions would be stipulated according to patch criteria. That’s not the point, though. Liberty is contingent on the right to exit.”

    [Imperial Energy] “Firstly, you claimed it was essential of “neocameralism” then “patchwork” – these are two different things.”

    {AK}: Okay, point taken. I’m not disputing that Neocameralism and patchwork are the same thing. But it cannot be denied that Neocameralism is the context that Neoreaction a la NL chooses to set for ‘patchwork’. The Neocameralist citing was merely in that associational context. So the point is not strictly relevant or applicable.
    I’d be happy to investigate the more general neo-reactionary variations on the theme, but I suspect they would all be as equally flawed in their conceptions.

    [Imperial Energy] “In addition, the claim that “neoreaction” offers patchwork as an “overarching ideology” is subject to questioning. Most Nrx do not buy this and it is not clear how much Moldbug really invested in it.”

    {AK}: Most neo-reactionaries would be committed to this or that ‘patch’ and its corresponding ideology. Nick Land’s idea, as far as I have discerned, is that ‘patchwork’ constitutes a hosting of all of those ideologies, in a free-for-all, Darwinian competition, conducted according to corporate discipline. There is no way that such a configuration can be offered as anything but ‘overarching’. In fact, it could be said, that its implementation would be redundant, because we are already living within that configuration. I’m not saying that’s true, but it would be a better argument than anything that near reaction has offered so far.

    [Imperial Energy] “Nevertheless, the key distinction is between “exit” and “entry”. Exist does indeed appear to be the only “right”, but it is a right subject to one’s contractual obligations. You cannot murder someone in a patch and then try to escape justice with the plea of muh exit.”

    {AK}: The issue that neo-reactionaries would have to face, given patchwork variations, would be corresponding variations in conceptions of justice, as driven by ideological variations. That’s an entire nest of trouble.

    [Imperial Energy] “Secondly, and most importantly, one can, logically speaking, affirm the right of exit but deny that anyone has any right to enter neocam patch A, B, C.
    In order to enter – gain entry – into a neocam patch, one would have to have permission and if one were to reside as a resident in that patch then one will have to sign a contract.
    By analogy, you can marry who you want, but that right does does not essentially and necessarily mean you can marry *this* girl.
    Hope this helps.”

    {AK}: Yes, I answered that point below, “Entry conditions would be stipulated according to patch criteria. That’s not the point, though. Liberty is contingent on the right to exit.”

    collen ryan Reply:

    No artxy exit is free entry is not. So you would still be at the mercy of an H1B1 visa and only make 60K and these new visas dont allow you to bring the whole filthy street shitting village with you. Because seriously why is Jewboy Patchlord going to pay a towel head more when he can have white for more



    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Yes, that’s obvious. Entry conditions would be stipulated according to patch criteria. That’s not the point, though. Liberty is contingent on the right to exit.
    Realistically, no one would want to employ anyone with the profile and values of a terrorist, whatever their ethnicity. It would be too dangerous. I guess those people would have to create their own radically autonomous ‘patch’. It would be a ‘hate patch’, constantly agitating and terrorising its neighbours. I guess that’s where you’re going to be.


    Imperial Energy Reply:

    “Yes, I answered that point below, “Entry conditions would be stipulated according to patch criteria. That’s not the point, though. Liberty is contingent on the right to exit.””

    Good, thanks. Thus, the conclusion that every state has “open borders” is one that does not follow from the premises.

    Now, you have shifted position and claimed that the key is that “liberty is contingent on the right to exit”.

    But perhaps the necessary condition of the right to exit is how powerful one is.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    [Imperial Energy] “Good, thanks. Thus, the conclusion that every state has “open borders” is one that does not follow from the premises.”

    {AK}: My statement was: “The open Borders system is, effectively and strangely, an essential element of a so-called, Neocameralist, patchwork system; with commodity-personnel having free distribution to potential sites of employment.”
    This means that individuals are free to distribute themselves over the system, wherever they might be required. In order for this freedom to obtain, the right to exit is a prerequisite, for all states of a patchwork system. So in terms of the right to exit, all borders have to be open. This is an essential element of a patchwork system as outlined by Nick Land, or at least that’s the impression that I have.
    It does not follow, that this universal right of exit is necessarily a universal right of invitation by every state, as well. I didn’t state that, but I understand that referring to an open borders system, especially in light of the originating article, could suggest that.

    [Imperial Energy] “Now, you have shifted position and claimed that the key is that “liberty is contingent on the right to exit”.”

    {AK}: As explained above, there has been no shift in position. The open borders system was explicitly, and all throughout, cited in terms of ‘exit’, not anything else.

    [Imperial Energy] “But perhaps the necessary condition of the right to exit is how powerful one is.”

    {AK}: No, that’s not a relevant consideration with regard to a patchwork system, given that the right to exit any particular state is supposedly one of the foundation conditions of that system, at least, as outlined by techno-commercial neo-reactionaries.
    The system is not any particular state. The system can be open, whilst individual states might not be. At least, that’s my understanding of it.

    vxcc2014 Reply:

    Artxell Knaphni is correct.
    Open Borders =Exit
    EU / USA are continental patchwork at work…

    We told you it would be anarchy.


    collen ryan Reply:

    The right to exit is meaningless if there is no where to go. Its also pretty meaningless if the cost of moving is prohibitive. Moldberg and Land give some tech jews my state and Im supposed to up and leave my business family and social capital behind because the jews can Artx a third of what i would be worth before the USA went from being the nation of my people for my people to being given to some jews not even born here?
    Now i apply to live in some other jews Patch and you think he offers me a good deal or he takes advantage of the situation I am in a seerf without a fief. Whites are a tiny fraction of world population and we barely procreate there will always be an oversupply of even high IQ niggers a capitalist can hire cheaper. You think a patch jewlord wont sully his patch with high IQ niggers? look around you, Patches are not the solution they are the problem. The problem is capital does not give a shit about anything but short term profit, that can be a great way to keep the cost of widgets down, its no way to run a civilization. Even moldberg sees that elites defect from state alignment for greed legalizing this isnt going to make things better. besides its just a stupid sci fi larp


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  • collen ryan Says:

    So Nick one has to ask when you say

    “Immigration sense from Ben Sixsmith:”

    and then paste his

    “Yet the most successful immigrants, in terms of launching businesses and earning wealth, have been found to hail from Asia and Europe.”

    Do you mean the “from Asia” part as well?

    Because your

    (Always discriminate more.)”

    is as ambiguous.

    Do YOU think “the economy” is all that is important to consider for immigration visas?
    Do YOU think that a given economy’s short term benefit from say Asians might in the long term be destroyed by the same Asians unintended consequences?

    Because if youre just trying to right ratchet we get that, But youre getting awfully popular with a certain type of leftist.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Hiding in juvenile politicisations isn’t going to work. Neither is hiding in delusory self-imaging based on cloud cuckoo land insecure stupidity and bigotry.


    Wagner Reply:

    The virgin Indian SJW vs. the chad North Korean escapee:



    collen ryan Reply:

    Its not cloud cuckoo it the fact that Indian americans score worse on wordsum than puerto ricans. That has the article shows the best immigrants are our own people, Asians are as tribal as Jews and will present the problems jews present on time a billion.and the fact that whites evolutionary path makes them the least suited as in its suicidal for multiculturalism. So you want multiculturalism do it in africa or china.In case you haven’t noticed that the consensus on the march this past decade.So enjoy your sci fi larp but this welfare hotel is closing.If you weren’t gay you could probably be a senator in India.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    The word ‘open’, on its own, is unspecified as to the type, ‘direction’, or scope, of ‘openness’ that it indicates. Qualification is always necessary, whether explicitly through statement or implicitly through context.

    Try doing some basic logic or set theory, it might help you coordinate the shit in your head, to the point where you might actually begin to think, instead of merely regurgitating excremental opinions.

    The rest of what you’ve written is straw-clutching rubbish.

    Calls himself, ‘high trust’, but it’s only a ‘high trust’ until ‘defection’, and ‘defection’ happens for any reason or whim at all, the usual one being any situation where he isn’t getting more than everyone else. What a prat! Lol


    collen ryan Reply:

    Uh year street shitter open is an open word unless qualified YOU are the one pretending it might mean without qualification open in only one direction. Of course that little oversight is what you want us all to overlook.
    Of course i trust my co ethnics to look out for their own interests its part of the high trust pact, i also expect they will play by the rules and not game the system. and if they do I trust my other co ethnics to help me draw and quarter them. Its not that different than the other apes just optimized enough to keep us from shitting in the street. You only need a slight edge. And its not like we dont get that even we will defect the entire point of moldbergs design in to make defection redundant for that matter the entire point of american enlightenment was mutual distrust. The americans were at least cognizant that such a experiment would require only european people and they would need a cultural moral force. The jews destroyed that first. Moldberg stupidly thinks capitalists wont destroy a nation they have title to, which is not even worth a thought.Capitalists will sell crack and porn exclusively if they could. They don’t worry about who they will sell crack to next year thats next years problem. Capital needs to be subordinated to the cultural which proceeds from the biological. You should like this Arty its got the faintest whiff of anti elitism. but only because its elites who defect from the nation because they are the only ones who easily can,
    Heres a novel idea any elite who defects from the nation is exiled for a time to an island of elite defectors there they can experience what life is like without the unwashed

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    [collen ryan] “Uh year street shitter open is an open word unless qualified YOU are the one pretending it might mean without qualification open in only one direction. Of course that little oversight is what you want us all to overlook.”

    {AK}: I’ll spell it out for you.
    ‘Open’, as an open word when unqualified, can mean anything at all, its meaning is ‘open’. It ‘might mean’ anything, no pretence is required.
    It could be a noun, a verb, it’s reference could be anything.
    Do – you – understand – this?
    So yes, without qualification, it could mean ‘open’ in any number of directions, whether one or more.

    It’s precisely these different types of openness, and their corresponding closures, whose logic I was playing with. The irony of Neoreaction’s contradictory commitments; free exit, but selective entry; required the additional, differentiating distinctions between all the possible forms of ‘border openness’ concerned, in order to set the stage for the expression of that contradiction. Playing with the directionalitease (sic) of ‘free exit’, ‘selective entry’, and ‘free entry’; was just a way of figuring sarcastic irony as a prelude to the subsequent demonstrations. I guess you didn’t ‘get it’.

    So, I’ll spell it out for you, again.

    Neoreaction is committed to a logic of free exit; to a logic of selective entry; but not to a logic of free entry. But all these logics are innately connected if they belong to the same system, whether a patchwork system or not. The realisation of the logic of selective entry, which is a Neoreactionary commitment, results in the impossibility of the logic of free exit. So the two Neoreactionary commitments eventually contradict each other, at a systematic and global level.
    There is no way of getting around it, except by manipulating local variables, in various strategies of deferral, none of which can ultimately reverse the onset of no-exit entropy.

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  • Imperial Energy Says:


    “This is an essential element of a patchwork system as outlined by Nick Land, or at least that’s the impression that I have.
    It does not follow, that this universal right of exit is necessarily a universal right of invitation by every state, as well. I didn’t state that, but I understand that referring to an open borders system, especially in light of the originating article, could suggest that.”

    Yes, you have clarified and qualified what you have said a number of times and we are in agreement. It would probably be best if you did not use the term “open borders” – at least not without an explanation of your use of the concept and how it is not the “received” view of the concept.

    You bring up NL a good deal and his Tech-Comm. There is much to learn from NL here and Tech-Comm is fascinating and there is much to agree with that system; however, you should be careful of conflating it with neocameralism as described by MM, as there some sharp differences.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    No one owns the phrase ‘open borders’, it can be used in different ways. No one discursive standardisation fits all uses. Sensitivity to contexts can be helpful in this respect. But no one owns context, either. Received interpretations are not necessarily static. These are observations worth noting. It always helps to read precisely, not importing your own customary positivist assumptions, especially if you’re going to critique what I write.
    I’m not really that interested in Moldbug’s work. I think I looked at his blog, around four years ago, getting the impression that he had very little ability to actually think coherently.
    I’m sure there are lots of details and distinctions, ‘within’ the neo-reactionary corpus, I guess I should try not to neglect them. But the pleasure of dancing with those details I leave to the neo-reactionaries, there are energies en route, that no courtly shuffling can imperialise. Everyone is free to choose their priorities, but it is only to be expected that the vast majority elect the partisan steps of sociopolitical jiggery-pokery over any deeper discernment.


    Imperial Energy Reply:

    “No one owns the phrase ‘open borders’, it can be used in different ways.”

    Indeed. Your use of the term gave the impression that it was being used in the received sense, especially when you also described it as a “system”. You also said “strangely”. All this clearly implies that you assume that the current “system” is logically mandated by neocameralism/neoreaction/patchwork (you had to clarify these terms when asked).

    “I’m not really that interested in Moldbug’s work. I think I looked at his blog, around four years ago, getting the impression that he had very little ability to actually think coherently.”

    Are you serious?

    How can you be serious when you refuse to read the works from which you expound so confidently, yet so mistakenly, upon?

    If you are interested, we have done a fair amount of work on Moldbug (and will be doing much more) without all bells the whistles he uses to drive people away.



    Artxell Knaphni Reply:


    Clarification was necessary, only because your reading was based on your own positivist assumptions rather than what was actually written.

    I’m not expounding ‘from’ Neoreactionary works, I’m challenging the entire Neoreactionary ideology; its uses of pre-existent ideas; its logic and construction; all of it really.

    Of course, I’m serious, I have my reasons for making such a claim. And, as yet, you haven’t actually demonstrated that my challenges are actually mistaken.
    You’re more than welcome to create a cult around Neoreactionary nonsense, but don’t expect it not to be challenged. If you resort to juvenile levels of prevarication, more akin to a Scientology justification, don’t expect that not to be noticed as a weakness.

    Neoreaction clearly stipulates ‘exit’ as a foundational strategy constituting patchwork’s appeal. This clearly necessitates ‘open borders’ enabling restrictionless ‘exit’.
    Without restrictionless ‘exit’, some kind of ‘slavery’ obtains, the charge of ‘cathedralism’ can be levelled at Neoreaction’s patchwork system, and Neoreaction is undermined by the implications of one of its own central tenets.

    The concept of exit has as much right to the phrase ‘open borders’, and its logical implications, as any other concept.
    The originating article, uses ‘open borders’ with respect to both ‘entry’ and ‘exit’. That may be what you’re assuming as the positivist, received sense of the phrase; a building block that you take for granted, perhaps, without being fully aware of the logical implications at play. Evidently so, if Neoreaction proscribes the universal entry condition whilst simultaneously promoting the universal exit condition.

    If the respective sets of entry criteria constituting patchwork states follow strict essentialising logics, to the point of all states of the patchwork system becoming mutually exclusive; then, assuming the patchwork system has global coverage in terms of both territory and people, a state of entropic population distribution is reached wherein full allocation according to all prevailing sets of state entry criteria has been satisfied, from the perspective of those states and their criteria. Full allocation, from the perspective of mutually exclusive sets of state entry criteria, would entail a distributional achievement of those criteria, which, if they are mutually exclusive, prevents any further entries. As that distributional achievement is global, likewise, entry prevention is global, too. If entry prevention is global, exit is impossible.

    Neoreaction could respond with the objection that the achievement of full allocation renders further entry and exit entirely unnecessary, as all relevant factors have been adequately classified. Furthermore, if confronted with the argument of an idealised state of globally adequate classification being susceptible to stasis, stagnancy, and degradation; Neoreaction would of course argue that the classification is based on ‘real conditions’, being constructed to more adequately meet the challenges of those conditions. That might be the claim, belief, and assumption, but it is far from being demonstrated.
    Basing patchwork states on prevailing ideological categories, in order to let them fight it out in a corporate-Darwinian scenario, is no more really than a tawdry attempt at hosting traditional ideological consumerism, in a kind of computer game scenario.
    It may reflect contemporary conditions and their banal receptions, at least somewhat, but it does not effectively anticipate the shapes of things to come.

    Nick Land recommends increased differentiation, but the increase in differentiation, if proceeding according to the restrictive teleological tendencies of state entry criteria, would entail only restrictive innovation according to the involution of those criteria. If those state entry criteria were, for any reason, to be compromised by forms of expediency, this necessarily shows the inadequacy of those criteria, in real terms. If the expediencies call upon the characteristic resources of excluded sets of state criteria, this undermines the entire rationale of Neoreactionary patchwork organisation at a fundamental level.


    An Fomoire Reply:

    Artxell, you’re trying to analyse a dynamical system as a static system.

    Why would state entry criteria need to be mutually exclusive?

    “[A] distributional achievement of those criteria, which, if they are mutually exclusive, prevents any further entries.”

    You are falsely assuming that any resident satisfies only the entry criteria of their state of residence. Not all residents need be of external origin. Again, this is a dynamical system, and you cannot treat it as if it were static. Current residents may not satisfy the entry criteria at some future time, and this may be unknown to the state.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Obviously, given real conditions, there would be some states whose entry criteria would overlap. Those states could be viewed as the same, more or less, in terms of being the same entry criteria entity.
    The order of states does not have to correspond to the order of entry criteria entities.

    Resident variation over time with respect to entry criteria, is of course another variable, which would be responsible for a subset of population movements between states, and even between entry criteria entities. I don’t doubt this to be the case.

    But what one has to consider, in a patchwork system largely configured according to various category idealisations or models, are the restricting effects of these selective ideologies. Such categorical orders, deliberately selected for, would be institutionally designed to reproduce themselves according to their predetermined ideas.
    The danger of such deliberate and institutionalised design is both the realisation and perpetuation of ideological stasis. This would result, ultimately, in the no-exit situation described.

    collen ryan Reply:

    well artx no one may own the term open but everyone who borrows it agrees that it means unless qualified open in both directions, understand english is a second language and all but next time you might check with a puerto rican friend.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    The word ‘open’, on its own, is unspecified as to the type, ‘direction’, or scope, of ‘openness’ that it indicates. Qualification is always necessary, whether explicitly through statement or implicitly through context.

    Try doing some basic logic or set theory, it might help you coordinate the shit in your head, to the point where you might actually begin to think, instead of merely regurgitating excremental opinions.

    The rest of what you’ve written is straw-clutching rubbish.

    Calls himself, ‘high trust’, but it’s only a ‘high trust’ until ‘defection’, and ‘defection’ happens for any reason or whim at all, the usual one being any situation where he isn’t getting more than everyone else. What a prat! Lol

    parallaxoptics Reply:

    [AK]“I’m not really that interested in Moldbug’s work. I think I looked at his blog, around four years ago, getting the impression that he had very little ability to actually think coherently.”

    [IE]”Are you serious?”



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  • Imperial Energy Says:


    “I’m not expounding ‘from’ Neoreactionary works, I’m challenging the entire Neoreactionary ideology; its uses of pre-existent ideas; its logic and construction; all of it really.”

    Your position lacks conceptual coherence.

    You argue that you are not “expounding” yet you “expound”; you claim that you are challenging “all of it” (refuting it?) yet claiming to draw the necessary logical implications of “Neoreaction” yet you base your entire edifice on the work NL and not on the person who invented the concepts in the first place.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Challenging the weaknesses of neo-reactionary ideology does not necessarily require any opposing ‘position’; position taking is not obligatory, and I haven’t offered any. Therefore, there is no positional basis for conceptual coherence or incoherence. Any detectable incoherence would be due to the logical implications of Neoreaction.

    I welcome critique of my critique. I’ve given a basic explication of the possibilities of patchwork logic, as they seem to me. I’m quite aware that my characterisations are susceptible to reconfiguration, I can sense many possibilities, in this respect. Nevertheless, an important formal consideration is at the root of that explication, haunting, I would suggest, all reconfigurations and objections that Neoreactionaries are likely to offer in the way of justification.

    If my critique is based on anything, it would be perhaps, and arguably, many of the same sources and possibilities that Neoreaction itself attempts to draw upon. Namely, the philosophical and cultural backgrounds within which Neoreaction attempts to distinguish itself. It is my impression that there is very little actual ‘invention’ going on with Neoreaction. Resurrecting old ideas in new contexts is not really anything new.
    At this stage, and over the last four years, it has not been my intention to produce refutations of Neoreaction in conclusive ways, but merely to suggest their possibility.
    Though I do not take Neoreaction seriously, as an intellectual contribution, explaining perhaps my seemingly lackadaisical disdain towards reading its texts, it would probably be a good idea to read more of the background. However, such an activity would only hasten the production of a conclusive refutation.


    Wagner Reply:

    You’ve posted here 5000 times and you’ve never read Moldbug. Welcome to embodying the archetype of the high IQ nigger. You’re a blessing in disguise though insofar as you’ve given us a prime example of Who Ought to be Barred from Non-Garbage Patches, thanks.



    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    I didn’t say that I’d never read him, but that I’d read enough, some years back, to form the impression that he was rubbish. I’ve never seriously read L Ron Hubbard, either, but that doesn’t alter the fact that he was the low grade science-fiction writer, especially in comparison to those I have read. I don’t really like to waste my time on substandard authors, there is too much good stuff I haven’t got round to reading, yet.
    Really, if his influence only produces the nostalgic garbage commonly delivered here on this blog, it’s not a sign of good quality. Forthright declaration of questionable assumptions doesn’t really prove anything, Waggy. It doesn’t prove anything.

    By the way, I did enjoy your comments the other day, on the other post. They were good, better than moldbug.

    Posted on December 31st, 2017 at 3:04 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    Europeans and europeans only have demonstrated the successful intra european cross pollination, It in fact seems to have been whats given us our edge over the other ice people. It still works today. What has also been proven more recently is that not only doesn non european hybridization not work to our benefit, to a neutral place rather its morbid whether the immigrants are high IQ jews and east asians or savages like the towel heads and niggers.This isn’t even worth discussing whites have known this forever its only since jews decided to destroy whites by exploiting christianity and enlightenment ideals with immigration of non whites through which they could dispose us and mind fuck us. It is now we who have this sophies choice we can give up or at least radically modify our cherished ideas thousands of years old or we can go down with the ship on principles and propositions. I think its worth noting Christianity is of jewish origin and the enlightenment is certainly as informed by christianity as marxism is informed by enlightenment. moldberg got the middle part right he just conveniently left all the jew parts out.
    Its not as simple as sentimental attachment to christian enlightenment, or even the practical problem of how and to what to transition, though thats all tremendous, its that they worked, still in some ways work. open gentlemen’s agreements work in euro civilizations The efficiencies high trust transfer to all euros when we were all euros. This formed us into even higher trust and more nimble efficient risk taking people. Its our edge and we can manage the balance. its an open wound now we are open to non euros, we no longer trust nor does the trust we refuse to officially let go accrue to euros its accrues from euros to niggers and slants and jews and muzzies. In short we are asked not just to give up our historical culture, our methods of organization , with no clear replacement method, but also our evolutionary edge. We could probably keep and some of our culture and organizational structure if we would simply admit that applying them as universals was a mistake and as we once did conduct our affairs with non europeans at arms length. of course if you want to rule the world its helpful to tell the barbarians they are roman citizens.


    Posted on January 1st, 2018 at 2:01 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:


    Artxy why would you presume that ‘some kind of slavery’ is not on the table in patchwok? Pretty sure moldberg makes the case for slavery, of course you haven’t read him so there’s that. Would you consider ‘manorialism’ “some kind of slavery” because NRx is rife with cALLS FOR RESTORATION OF NEO MANORIALISM. I WOULD CALL IT ‘SOME KIND OF SLAVERY’ WHICH IS WHY I OPPOSE IT FOR WHITES, particulary since it looks like the Patchlords are going to be Jews.

    i could care less what other do with their people who are so unlike my people its not my forte, i will agree with moldy that providing you insist on constraining your reason to some sort of version of white natural law, then slavery is probably not really immoral in the slave morality sense.
    its even generous, in the -Im sure i can find enough work for these wogs to cover the cost of their gruel without which they will die as they are utterly incapable of creating any value on their ow kind of way.
    Of course my reason is not constrained by such sentimental codes of conduct so i think all of india and africa the middle east and south america and asia would be best used as fertilizer.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Worth repeating: the All-Trite, ‘all ambition, and no ability’.They’re under the illusion that churning shit around at ever-increasing speeds somehow hides their innate inferiority.


    collen ryan Reply:

    I dont even know who the alt right is let alone the alt trite. i know youre the type of faggot that used to post whiny comments at the economist and huff post and is now scared because something’s going on you dont understand. My guess is in your hazy idea Trump would fall into this alt trite as well as the brexiters and the eastern euros and russians telling you and the other Economist faggots to suck nigger dick. Its not nothing, it might not be a smooth transition but we are certainly within inches of peak leftism if not on the reverse march. Guys like land will not decide the new right because no one has heard of him it will be the people who support trump types. Any intellectual who wants to influence the future is going to have to stoop to conquer. Whites are not like you niggers we are sovereign because we have more power than our elites.also because of this we are not into communism unlike the slants who also are sovereign type people but are not an individual type people, so they can sort of be ruled though it is really a consensual totalitarianism. whites wont bend a knee except for wartime.


    Wagner Reply:

    “the slants who also are sovereign type people but are not an individual type people, so they can sort of be ruled though it is really a consensual totalitarianism”

    From this piece again https://qz.com/1168140/the-philosophers-who-will-shape-politics-in-russia-china-europe-france-and-the-us-in-2018-from-confucius-to-nick-land/:

    “Because Confucianism is paternalistic, Xi promotes it in order to give the people of China a set of values to believe in that he hopes will encourage obedience.”

    Imagine Trump saying with a straight face that he wants to encourage obedience. Any self-respecting white (and what are whites if not self-respecting) would either guffaw spittle in his face or say Fuck. YOU. Land’s precious chinks are pathetic.

    From the article quoted in this post above:

    “Population differences related to entrepreneurial and earning potential are real, and significant, and difficult to bridge.”

    This is the safest possible way to go about racism, why does Land always play it safe? I can’t take him seriously with this anyway, it’s like Jack Donovan talking about manliness, if you let dudes fsck you in the ass you’ve stripped yourself of that right; likewise given that Land is a penniless mystic using this standard of value is laughable.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:









    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    It interesting Wagner, you ask for two things: unceasing warfare between races / unceasing cooperation within a race.

    Don’t forget Kubrick’s lesson within the first part of FMJ: the military is for breaking the individual’s resistance to identification with the collective’s ego ideal.

    What is ask for the white race is their militarization, which means what you ask is not for their being an “individual type people” but a people given “a set of values to believe in” that will “encourage obedience” – a “consensual totalitarianism” … you can’t have it both ways.

    Who’s more Confucian than Sergeant Hartman and who’s more Western than Gomer Pyle, the Chaplinesque character, the element which comedizes the military and allows us the awareness of singularity, of universality? Of course, Hartman gets “taken out” by the grotesque inversion of himself.

    Wagner Reply:

    I posted that video with the death of Hartman scene in mind. The kind of bufo toad I try to send messages to from this radio tower could have it no other way. This is one of Moldbug’s and Land’s errors, they don’t identify with the dialectic, they are stuck in ego-preservation.

    Posted on January 1st, 2018 at 2:20 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    Land dreams of living on some cold barren rock in outer space,with a population out of star trek or elysium. I dream of a warm green planet earth devoid of any but white people. Oh the places Id go!


    Wagner Reply:

    I just realized, you’re the “bard” archetype. I wonder if Land appreciates you, in secret. It’s like, buddy, do you want twitterbird maenads kissing your feet or do you actually care about philosophy, ya know, disagreement, dissent, dialectic? Land has failed massively in not harnessing the powers of ANON-PARRHESIA. Get with the program, Land! This is what the Internet is for, you’re behind the curve–and you fancy yourself a futurist.. don’t crack me up.


    Posted on January 1st, 2018 at 2:24 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    Imagine Trump saying with a straight face that he wants to encourage obedience. Any self-respecting white (and what are whites if not self-respecting) would either guffaw spittle in his face or say Fuck. YOU. Land’s precious chinks are pathetic.”

    Yes you see the problem with larping monarchy to say nothing of making Jew tech fags like Zuck our Lord of the Patch. I mean if you think its hard to imagine Trump commanding obedience imagine the reaction to a faggot like Zuck trying to get us to bend the knee to him. The kings we have had took power through war, that sorta comes with the whos the alpha being settled in a way inventing software does not.Theres a lot of jewy software engineers in NRX who have been having karate fantasies since they began jacking off to anime.

    I probably wouldnt say the slopes are Pathetic,Its their high intelligence that makes their submission voluntary, at least theoretically they have enough power to fire their elites. When I say this about whites and east asians its probably mostly to do with intelligence distribution in the general population and the population size.But there’s other traits like aggression,risk taking,inventiveness,female utilization,future time orientation etc
    Its hard to say if non jungle asians evolved hyper cooperation makes them incapable or just reluctant to exercise sovereignty, either way it has its advantages too. At root its probably just refined tribalism, but coupled with arctic intelligence its hyper cooperation. Pathetic to our yankee eyes but not to be underestimated. One danger is not simply that we are teaching them our ways which while it took them out of the dark ages seems so far not to have been able to transform them into yankee scottish british german etc engineers, most of their innovation is emulation stolen tech or in the vein of Taiichi Ohno’s Toyota production innovations (just in time) which essentially leverages their greater submissiveness and discipline. We can only hope this continues. No the worst problem is we are adopting their submissiveness which is not our edge, is counter to our edge and with which we will not out compete them.The worlds gotten smaller and our elites have decided this time round instead of slaughtering the next few tribes over to make room for our expansive culture they will make us more submissive and sell plastic widgets to the tribes. Its a pretty stupid plan since they also have outsourced the making of the widgets to the tribes, which of course is feeding the tribes growth. And of course there zero chance the other tribes are going to have the same idea when they run out of room (south china sea anyone?) essentially the only thing we have done stupider than letting the kikes in the club was financing the slopes industrial might.Just fucking retarded our elites> But NOOOOO say land they geniuses, they just need total control because mike and his union steamfitters are the ones wrecking the global economy and preventing the securing of the future of white snowflakes.
    Trump is an idiot but he gets this he got it in 89 when he watched david Rockefeller ( where have i heard that name before) sell Rockefeller center in NYC to the japanese.if you read Iacocca he tells you it was the japanese or the unions that killed the american car industry it was niggers it was the inability of america to exempt itself from incompetent labor and enforce standards. I know hes correct because i have watched it happen to the heavy construction industry in nyc all under affirmative action court supervision niger spics towel heads women must be hired can not be fired and are incapable of the work. A white guy any white guy on my crews are like gold, the poor bastards have to carry all the minorities. Asians are tribal not propositional, they know they are the chosen people and are not going to pretend others are equal. I hate to be so hateful but we simply cannot function with all these minorities , and it is not democracy empowering them it is high IQ elites using cathedral propaganda/indoctrination/ punishment mechanisms.


    Posted on January 2nd, 2018 at 1:33 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    Ok Artx

    you want to pretend you didn’t say what you said, and now you want to claim you said what I said when correcting you.

    But Im going to have to correct you a bit more.

    So now we are agreed that open implies open in all directions, unless qualified, so that no reasonable english speaker would mistake “open Borders” for borders that were in fact open in only one direction, as i and others have had to repeatedly correct you on several times,while you sputter on about muh coding protocols. And now at least you seem to agree with the point I made while correcting you that NRXs right of exit has no right of entry ( thereby NOT being an “open border” system. Which may in fact make it in practice likely to be serflike system.Sort of like the one you’re on now with your H1B1 visa. In theory you can code for another jew but in practice you know the new jew will view you disloyalty to the old jew as a troublesome sign of your character not being the sort of code wog they want. So that leaves exiting back to some nigger nation that will take anyone say Bombay. Since you know you may die of dysentery or have to chop off an arm to be a successful beggar you decide not to exit that “open border” patch.

    ” Neoreaction is committed to a logic of free exit; to a logic of selective entry; but not to a logic of free entry. But all these logics are innately connected if they belong to the same system, whether a patchwork system or not. The realisation of the logic of selective entry, which is a Neoreactionary commitment, results in the impossibility of the logic of free exit. So the two Neoreactionary commitments eventually contradict each other, at a systematic and global level.
    There is no way of getting around it, except by manipulating local variables, in various strategies of deferral, none of which can ultimately reverse the onset of no-exit entropy.”

    well it took you a couple days but you finally grasped a few things.But you’re still a broken commie record when you say nrx is contradicting yourself, try thinking of it as a code command instead of useless indian immigrants. Its not a contradiction its an if then, if a nigger will code for 60k then issue an H1B1 if a nigger wants 61K then return him to Bombay. No contradiction for the jew man, it only contradicts your aspirations, and your delusion that all niggers have value, despite my assuring you your entire genome would be more useful fertilizing corn.

    There’s no need for you to play around with it you can look out your window and see all over the west patches taking in niggers and not taking in niggers and the outcome is china is now catching up to the west. Patchwork is NOT a neoreactionary commitment, it was a throwaway idea by moldberg that has caught the imagination of the scifi wing of reaction, its demonstrably unworkable is in fact what we are trying to overcome. And so not worth thinking about. The only commitments of NRX are HBDs recognition in state organization, and the recognition that elites defection from state interests are problematic, usually coupled with the mistaken belief this not caused by elites self interest but by non elites self interest


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    This is what I said:
    “The open Borders system is, effectively and strangely, an essential element of a so-called, Neocameralist, patchwork system; with commodity-personnel having free distribution to potential sites of employment. That ‘free distribution’, when in excess of any state boundary, is what neo-reactionaries call ‘exit’.”

    Nowhere, in that paragraph, is the notion of ‘entry’ mentioned, only ‘exit’ is mentioned. The phrase, ‘open Borders system’, is used, too, but nothing in the paragraph links it to the notion of ‘entry’; that was a deliberate omission. Only ‘exit’ is mentioned, this is the only context supplied by my writing; which was a deliberate inclusion.

    Lack of qualification, is precisely that, no qualification has taken place. With regard to the phrase ‘open borders system’, the word ‘open’ qualifies a system of borders. But the nature of that ‘openness’ remains unspecified.
    So no, you’re completely wrong; ‘open’, without qualification, does not at all imply ‘open in all directions’; as omnidirectionality is a qualification.

    Your notion of ‘reasonable English speaker’ interpretation is contingent on precisely the convention used in the originating article, which I was subjecting to the paradoxical irony of Neoreactionary ‘exit’ implications and their contradictions.

    Nick Land made the recommendation, “(Always discriminate more.)”. I did precisely that, using the specific ‘openness’ of his notion of ‘exit’, to undermine his notion of ‘selective entry’.

    Once allocation according to permissible ‘entry’ conditions achieves a complete distribution, ‘exit’ is no longer possible. In a language that you might understand:

    If there are only two rooms:
    the kitchen only allows cooks,
    and the bathroom only allows plumbers;
    Once all the cooks are in the kitchen;
    and the plumbers are in the bathroom;
    All further transitions (exits) between the rooms is forbidden.

    A ‘no entry’ policy results in a ‘no exit’ policy. Lol


    Wagner Reply:

    That’s a false analogy though because it’s unclear that many of the people you want allowed in white countries are even capable of cooking and plumbing. You’re essentially tell us through lots of deconstructish loopdiddy loops that the trash people from your country should be allowed to come into our countries and have whites cook and plumb for them since they can’t do it for themselves. No thanks, I and a growing amount of whites are starting to conclude that we don’t care if those people just starve to death or whatever lol


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    The analogy is to the logical basis or structure involved, I haven’t made any statements about the immigration issue.
    It would help if you stop projecting your own respective stupidities on the text, and actually read what is written.

    An Fomoire, is the only commenter to come up with a reasonable and relevant objection, the rest of you just churn the same old shit around in your heads.

    Wagner Reply:

    Patchwork is an abstraction, a thought-experiment, to help us understand immigration, O Infinite Evader. Your subversions here all carry the subtext of wanting to muddy up good countries for your own selfish interests, any idiot can see that.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Waggy, it seems that only idiots can. You said it, Waggy. lol

    Wagner Reply:

    What’s more idiotic, wanting to lower humanity’s collective IQ out of revenge for the opium war, or not wanting that?

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    To be honest, Waggy, the most stupid, lowliest Indian has far more intellectual potential than you and Collen. Look at the two of you, all you have is pettiness and aggression; you’re both fully stretched out, your potential fully spent.
    You know, Nietzsche said something about it being a waste of time teaching the majority to read and write. He had people like you and Collen in mind when he said that.
    If you want to play nasty-talk, Waggy, carry on, but you and your buddy Collen are only humiliating yourselves, destroying every claim and aspiration of ‘white supremacy’.
    You must be ‘lefty liberal’ agents in cunning disguise! lol

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    Let’s put our “para”-lenses on and ask: to what extent could we describe Wagner’s project as right wing decolonialist theory? Is “red-pill” a righist’s version of “decolonize your mind”?

    If we be disingenuous at all and deny to him a reality of “white nations not being for white people” do we cut off the tail of our project (assuming there is one) of snuffing out colonization wherever it exists? LOL!
    Colonization, the eternal “rounding the ben” of deterritorialization/reterritorialization – Artxell, what do you think – are whites marginalized and heading towards obsolescence? Do you have a problem with the formulation of this question?

    Posted on January 2nd, 2018 at 2:06 pm Reply | Quote
  • Rohme Giuliano Says:





    (ba ba baamp!)


    Posted on January 4th, 2018 at 4:22 pm Reply | Quote
  • Rohme Giuliano Says:

    collen reminds me of the collieries

    his parents once schlepped

    to work for the man!

    if no longer believe in prole rev..

    proles with their outstanding numerical advantage, roughly 6.6 billion proles to 800 million elites, police and lumpen-prole-parasites..

    why would i believe in collen?

    you’re supposed to be the “quality over quantity” ? (you can’t reliably finish sentences)

    the only way i’d “believe in” you is if “collen” was just the white power chatbot of a real mike that was off busy doing things while his bots “waste the enemies time through distraction”

    i would be genuinely impressed since that is something colleen would attribute his enemies of doing

    “i made a plane” lmao

    the world is not the local cinema, it ain’t gonna move aside for you as you will for it

    if your white war actually happens i’d be the first to be amazed by it like “how-the-fuck” did that happen, kinda like picking the right roulette number ten times in a row yeah exactly like that


    collen ryan Reply:

    I may not be able to type but there’s plenty of things i could make you look stupid at ( like being a man). So stop with the marxist all racists are stupid crap. Im not really even racist i like most non whites I just understand we are biologically at a disadvantage in a multicultural system and would be better off engaging the world the way the rest of the worlds ethnicity engage the world from the security of a ethno nation.Do you not see you retards have begun to cut off the branch that supports this insane marxist experiment, there is no white nation to retreat to iof this all goes to shit (which it has been since it began and is now years from collapse) every other immigrant like you jews and artx the wog can all go home whites home is where the the experiment is going so wrong. Why do you think the asians are not copying our multiculturalism everyone but stupid fucking liberal white and jews like you see this madness.
    If my war happens, its already happening had been for a decade. it has to happen. what cant go on wont go on. the elites siphon off all the treasure while having whites pick up the tab for the real cost of the elites cheap labor, the jews monetize the debt and and take a cut for keeping the balls in the air a bit longer. therews 1.3 quadrillion in credit default swaps from this ponzi scheme and whites are fed up with watching niggers pour into their nations at the invitation of jews like you and go on welfare. this shit is definitely ending and ending badly because at this point there is no way it will end well.


    Posted on January 4th, 2018 at 5:06 pm Reply | Quote
  • Rohme Giuliano Says:

    Isn’t it curious that, while white supremacy reigned in the American South, Collen’s ancestors were so poor the women would rent themselves to slaveholders for the pleasuring of their slaves?


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    I expect Colliery will have a sensible, intersectional response for this quandary.


    collen ryan Reply:

    My family has always done fine so i dont have a dog in this fight my father went to georgetown and mother to oxford, my grandfather was an engineer who had rain man like mathematical abilities. as far as I can tell we have been in engineering since coming to us in 1700s and were jewelers clock and watchmakers before that. So sorry not a pig in the parlor recent immigrant.Which is irrelevant anyway. By accident i do happen to be a union steamfitter my self as well as a bit of a real estate developer and small business owner and investor. Im pretty agnostic on unionism.I see the same problem with it as the most far right ayn rand devotee having pretty much been that since a teen, but unlike most of you I see a problem from all sides and conclude we all lose under the current models. its a bit of an improvement over constant war but only a bit better. Above i ask what if everyone could have as good information and communication organization a the businessman does what would happen. This is coming. tech is already empowering people and their states to better negotiate the support of widget makers.Its also giving the ability to much more accurately gauge a employees be they private or state productivity. There is going to be a better understanding that we are in this together.
    You and land seem to think youre going to be allowed to recreate serfdom worlwide and make high IQ whites and chinese into nothing more than welfare niggers. thats just not going to happen they will simply rise up and kill you as they have been doing for the past few hundred years. wake up. make a sustainable fair bargain with the productive men and restore cicilization


    collen ryan Reply:

    You really are a commie retard- how that for intersexufaggotry? while i have never heard white women were used to pleasure nigger slaves in the south but rather that miscegenation was illegal, The past is always much more complex than we like to admit when selecting bits of it to bolster our current theories, so i suppose anything’s possible. Whats pretty well established though is that slavery was definitely not white supremacy, it was just another example of elites using their temporary power advantage against their co ethnics to suppress wages and competitive whites.The first slaves in the americas were whites, and they proved impossible to keep enslaved.The civil war for most whites had little to do with the issue of slavery per se. whites in the north were just as pressured by nigger labor. The lesson is the elites when not kept in line with a strong enough culture which america particularly lacked ethnically.will defect against their co ethnics with wage suppression games. slavery, eastern european turn of the century, labor then today’s immivasion. These brilliant schemes by our cog elites always end with irreparable unintended consequences a child could have predicted. followed by non elites white asserting sovereignty or elite realizing they cant do shit without the yeomen often when they need to fight a war, or suppress their last batch of cheap labor.Its an incredibly inefficient wast of time and treasure. The transition from agrarian manorialism to industrial urbanism means the percent of elites must increase from a gang of heavily armed horsemen to most of the adult men. like the old elite supporters of the manorial state these new elites vary in rank. as in the old days double crossing one or another of them or factions of them results in war.The facts is industrialization requires broad participation and enables any single man to wreak havoc. WQe can like this or not it just is. There will always be rank. But their is also a hard to calculate precisely contribution of every man that when you cheat him of it you begin the process of some sort of counter. Elites are in a much better position to cheat. you cheat every man a thousand a year its a huge sum to the cheater but few men will go to war over it.But cheaters cant stop themselves and seem always to see how far they can push it. They tell themselves that a fair wage is the exact point you can cheat a man to before he blows your head off.The reall fair portion of the nations GDP is probably something like if Bezos had to negotiate with all the men who make his business model possible at once in real time with complete information flow and communication among players.I often make the analogy that if haliburton actually owned the USG patch and its citizens owned the halliburton shares, would haliburton be giving all its services away to businesses it granted licenses to operate within its borders. Would transportation, communication infrastructure be free, would the law enforcement civil court banking and insurance guarantees be free?would the nuclear subs protecting the container ships and fuel supplies be free? would the access to the US consumer and labor and research and development markets be free? Of course not all of it and a million other things would not be free, and the proceeds would be distributed to the owners of halliburton/USG. Another way is as i began above to consider if elites did not have the organizational advantage,, and had to bargain with the people who give the support without which you can not function as a modern institution. if the cops and the judges and the kids on the nuclear subs the postmen all got together and figured out what it was really worth to bezos. Instead hes the only one operating from a consolidated organizational structure and the rest are atomized. This is not an argument for a revival of unionism. Im simply pointing out the higher you go in the hierarchy the more your advantage to cheat, but eventually you overheat and things must be set aright again. The plain fact is no one can actually do it all, and even if they could someone else can always offer to do it more cooperatively. If bezos figures a way to run amazon fron some nigger nation in africa protect his own cargo ships and enforce his own civil laws in all the nations he wants to operate, and can build an entirely autonomous drone system that can travel to africa and back without interfering with any nations air controls. and has an all robot workforce then says i will pay no taxes obey no laws but my own and will deliver goods anywhere you want them. someone is going to proposes a system that instead employs people pays taxes and is on the whole a better deal for the consumers who own the nation in question.Not that bezos or anyone can build anything like that. So here we have another reset trumps said these companies are screwing you the answer isnt socialism the answer is to use the power the owners of the nation have and make them stop screwing you, and guess what he was elected by all the most productive people and voted against by the niggers and bitches and faggot leeches. Why did the elites make common cause with the useless instead of the productive in fact import a hundred million more useless while creating the bitches as citizens not long after the eastern european jews and the nigger slaves.


    Posted on January 4th, 2018 at 6:11 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    you’re right artx discussing anything seriously with a commie nigger and jew is a waste of time and so beneath me its humiliating to me.I came here to discuss these things with people who at least got past the moronic commie stage. But commies will infiltrate.

    The plain fact is if you really believe what you say you would turn your own nations into the multicultural utopias, But instead you all jew and nigger alike migrate to white nations and white nations only. Thing is while this might make your lives and nations better it sucks for us and we want to go back to the old way. And we are going to have already begun. So whine all you want argue like a gas lighting jew all you want but we are turning this ship around its going to take a while but I know you can already feel it turning.As I have said you should all get ahead of the rush to the exit.

    It funny you attack me Im actually the moderate here, i recognize elites and average citizens need each other and capitalism while great is not the point of the universe. Do you seriously think the techno futurists are going to keep you wogs? The only reason there are a few smart wogs is your huge population, you as a whole are only exceeded in stupidity by black niggers, and they at least are physically fit.Not only are you going to be tossed out of the west the chinese are going to toss you out of your little enclaves throughout the world, No my people raised you up for a brief moment and you failed back to the muck you go.

    But I do apologize to you all for butting back in on your inane marxist bullshit session again, one of you morons said something particularly annoying and i started in again. Over the years i have said all that really needs to be said about moldbug and land, and the only critiques they seem to want to engage are from the left. they need right critique but have only the choir. redefining what is right and left doesn’t make it so. You cant claim to be ultra right wing and solve your problems by the same method as the cathedral and just change the name to nrx. Whatever enjoy
    wag good luck with these idiots if i were you Ide get back about your real life.


    collen ryan Reply:

    MULTICULTURALISM IS JUST THE LATEST FORM OF MARXISM- invented by them because whites don’t need or want communism.White short dalliance with the jew theology of marxism was only a historic blip during the transition from agrarian dark ages to industrial modernity.The Jew himself only uses marxism class now racial marxism to conquer whites. And yes rhome understanding that is the rights correlative to losing its false consciousness, except of course the old false consciousness was mostly jew lies about the difficulty of transitioning from agrarian manorialism to urban industrialization. This false consciousness this red pill is real escape from 150 years of mostly jew lies with a smattering of traitorous whites thrown in confused with whites actual nature and christian history. You must be a moron to not see this and see how its inevitably coming to an end as all the lies have now been exposed and only thuggery enforces lip service. YeaH YOU COMMIE JEWS AND NIGGERS WILL CALL WHITES RESTORING THEIR HOMELANDS TO THE SAME SYSTEM ALL OTHER PEOPLES HAVE AS LOW BROW HATE, AND YOU LYING JEWS (RHOME) WILL CONTINUE TO PLAY BOTH SIDES TELLING THE BAD WHITES ITS ONLY BUSINESS AND THE GOOD WHITES THEYRE ON THE SIDE OF ANGELS. BUT FEWER ARE LISTENING DAILY JIGS UP


    Wagner Reply:

    Rohme has some potential for reeducation, he’s a Euro so he has freewill; Artxell on the other hand is a cross between a monkey and a robot and just needs his head caved in.


    Wagner Reply:

    I agree with Jim that most of the dumpsterkikes and shitlibs are fundamentally conformists and once the zeitgeist shifts they’ll blink their eyes and forget about how they believed leftism was the absolute truth and carry on relatively uninterruptedly as right-cogs. I just think of Bill Hicks in his singsong voice going “We are the puppet people, put it on our TV it’s true, put it on our TV it’s true.” We’ll have to liquidate the more resilient priests but shifting our people’s perceptions to reality will really be as simple as discreetly altering media-poesis in a rightward direction over a couple decades.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:


    Indians are not other than our divine, we don’t need to conceptualise pathetic notions of ‘freewill’, because we didn’t trap ourselves in moronic conceptions of ‘determination’, in the first place.

    It’s interesting that you chose an oscillation between a ‘monkey’ and a ‘robot’; both are poverty-struck, dogmatic conceptions projected by the default, Occidental android mindset; those are the hallucinated limits of your sad and sadistic cave-mind. Evidently, your head is already caved in.

    I said right from the beginning that Neoreaction and the All-trite were intellectually inferior; white supremacists, especially so. You seem to be getting angry because that claim has been demonstrated.

    Yes, Waggy, you’re worse than ‘mud’. Apparently, it’s your choice to be a stupid thug that paraphrases Friedrich Nietzsche so very badly. That seems to be the ridiculous extent of your ‘free will’.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:


    Repeating the same old singsong shit, again and again, isn’t any kind of argument. No doubt, it’s your brand of ‘realism’, but it’s a brand based only on 1000 kinds of self-serving ignorance.
    This is the second or third time you’ve shown an inability to grasp elementary logical relations, showing a distinct lack of critical ability. Droning on, with a mishmash of experiential anecdotal wisdom, all based on the same nostalgic fixations, shows only poverty of invention and confidence.

    I guess if you’re such a purist over ‘white’ culture, you’ll be happy to abandon the number system, because that isn’t your culture. I didn’t mention modern logic, because obviously, as has been seen, that means nothing to you.
    You make all kinds of shit claims and assumptions, about the qualities of peoples and their histories around the world, based on wholesale ignorance of those cultural histories, to the point of self-parodic ridicule it would be difficult for anyone else to exceed.

    It’s become obvious that you share the kind of simplifying understanding characteristic of a religious fundamentalist, producing base level interpretations constrained to that narrow, simplifying scope. I guess the narrowness accelerates the excremental flow around those hate-constricted, cerebral channels. But it’s highly unlikely to lead to any understanding of interest.

    You’re right, that Neoreaction is a bunch of botched understandings, but your handling and characterisation of those understandings just multiplies that botched nature.

    The sad irony of people like you, Bannon, and Trump, et cetera, is that your insecure agitations of dishonest nostalgia are actually hastening the destruction of what you value, much more so than any amount of immigration ever could.
    What I’ve learnt here, is that you are so abysmally stupid, that you’ll never be able to see that.


    Wagner Reply:

    Paragraph after paragraph of rhetoric, as per usual.

    Tell us about those street-shitters, Arty ol boy.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    You seem very fond of those street-shitters, Waggy, you talk about them so much. That must be the true extent of your intellectual affinity, ‘shit for brains’ and streets. lol

    Wagner Reply:

    So are you going to fess up about your people’s subhuman behavior or not? (This is a rhetorical question, monkeybot.)

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Gladly, avoiding being blatant exemplars of intellectual inferiority, and its corollary hypocrisies, is eminently subhuman behaviour, unlike yourself and your buddy, human, all too human.

    collen ryan Reply:

    “Indians are not other than our divine, we don’t need to conceptualise pathetic notions of ‘freewill’, because we didn’t trap ourselves in moronic conceptions of ‘determination’, in the first place.”

    save the snake charming for the street shitters once you swipe off the hippie dust Hinduism and buddhism are as much , if not more superstitious trash as christianity both full of all sorts of supernatural nonsense.

    As for your or my free will, it’s very much up for debate how much free will we actually have,which is duh sort of the point of HBD. {It’s worth mentioning dr land this problem will apply to your franken brains you imagine will conjure their own consciousness ( doubtful) might still not develop free will}

    I have nothing in common with Bannon or Trump or the neocons, commies, nazis, alt right., monarchy, totalitarianism,libertarianism, or it seems nrx, I have looked at them all and found them unworkable in some respects. It would be pretty hard for that broad a spectrum of philosophy to not have a thing or two understood more or less correct,
    My giving credit to the truth, irrespective of that truth being purposefully or inadvertently recognized by the vast range of philosophies I have rejected does not make me part of any one of them.

    Your philosophy which you think is so demonstrably brilliant is nothing but a mix of old and new marxism and a desire for the talented .5% of wogs to be appreciated by their former colonial masters and a we wuz kangs interpretation of what you think is youre genomes cultural accomplishment. Its sad i can see you in your dorm room wrestling with your gay urges and frustrated in your aspirations to transcend your dark caste in the west and enter the cathedral priesthood a brahmin. Its pathetic, but youre really better off going over to the economist and huffpo where you belong I know you think its gives you intelectual cache to be here, but thats because you dont have a clue whats going on. Youre cultural marxism is overdone ir was the hail mary pass of leftism and its failed.Resist somewhere else. You want to come at me first you got to get past marx. then you got to go through all the others up through moldbug.Then you actually have to understand a few things about biology physics history. My philosophy is one of reality and reality alone. I don’t love my people like you do because my ego is tied up in them I love them because they are me whether i like it or them or not they simply are. That is the reality nature has imposed. I live or die with them, i do not have the free will i imagine to create a new reality to form a new biologic.additionally my genome has characteristics unlike others and they unlike mine, my system has to take into account how those differences interact while i struggle to survive those others. I have no moral opinion on this struggle or this reality, morality is nothing but religion dressed up in lies to fool the conceited intelectual. There is only one law survive to replicate, it is the whole of the law and from where all strategies spring, my species like many sexually reproductive species has since its inception written a kin outfolding group strategy. This makes us self centered with weakening ties from us outward. The minutia varies greatly from human species to human species and even to the sub human species such as your own and blacks. I do not pretend that any species human or animal or plant makes any sense they are random adaptation to random events, my core belief is that organizational perfection is absurd the best we can hope for to buy time until we can redesign our dna to match a organizational culture. My preference for adapting old models over experiments like marxism and nrx is that we are dealing with a complex non linear deterministic system and really don’t even understand vaguely initial conditions for you marxist mush brains we are talking the lorenz poincaree “Butterfly effect” or the Rumsfeld Unknown unknowns for the (((neocons))). We can know what happened last time and since until marx last time has been pretty much reiterating for a few thousand years we can know quite a lot about the last several thousand similar times. While none of them was great we are still here, and since we know perfection is impossible with this 1.8 million year old software that’s as patched as an old quilt, being still here is pretty good, we also know it was a culture that was biologically developed by our dna not thought up in some garret by a resentful jew then tweaked by resentful gaggots women and wogs.
    I do however think we can safely adapt it a bit to developments since the 50s when it was completely retired a process which we can argue about how and when it started till the cows come home ( my cows are highland cattle they dont come home they stay in the mountains all winter long like me they like it up their in the cold)
    Yes its true i have suggested several things can be learned or rather reinterpreted from past iterations. and most of you insist on reframing these interpretations and conclusions within the framework of your pet experimental theories you prefer to impose so you can see what happens. In short I trigger you. In fairness some of the bizarre ways your philosophies have chosen to perspective the past has helped me top break through my own past experimental prejudices. libertarian, monarchical,enlightenment americanism,etc. For instance capitalism has always been one of my sacred cattle. I now conclude without for a moment relinquishing all my former affections for its good points, it has to be seen as a tool to do a job and kept to the job not allowed to do as it wants.Now some of you start screaming red red red. But i say are you not the monarchists the throne and alterists the blood and soilists the read carlyle and old bookists ? since when did those guys not understand capitalism to be a disruptive threat to social order and the power structures of both throne altar blood soil. If you’re all such brilliant philosophers and historians think about the process where capital begins to be viewed as a right and not left force. I say it’s neither, left nor right its just a dumb tool nonnono its not this smart force that’s a sentimental anthropomorphism meme we rightists came up with to defend it against commies.Its no more intelligent than evolution, Re,ember evolution has evolved this mish mash thats only workable for a minute or two then youre fucked again. Capitalism is the same its just single minded not brilliant. like evolution it finds a next move pretty well the move is to survive profit economically, like evolution it may or may not be the best possible move, we only know of all the moves proposed it survived and we hope over time …. well hope and cattle. to base the survival of the only truly human species on capitalism is fucking retarded HERE ME YARVIN? YOURE A FUCKING RETARDED JEW OR HAVE AN ULTERIOR MOTIVE! Now like evolution thats no small feat capitalisms nifty, But why do we think its nift? Is it because we like machines and systems for themselves, perhaps. i do. But thats a stupid reason to let it into your civilization. We let it in because it can help us do things we want to do in our civilization, which ultimately comes down to the ONE LAW- survive.So when capitalism is not helping us survive it is not serving us. Now commies and monarchists want to do away with it entirely. thats pretty stupid, for two reasons its a perfectly great tool when used properly and its embedded withing our dna so we cant really jettison it.yes we apes both trade and share. Now we are at level three LEVEL ONE LAW -SURVIVE level two reproduce, level three cooperate with closest relatives to survive and replicate and we do that a lot with level three tools – TRADE AND SHARE. Yes niggers and jews we do have socialist genes as well as capitalist genes, we just are not sharing with you, but we might trade if its a better deal than killing you and taking your shit. And that’s a complex question because in theory a trade benefits both sides and benefitting your competitors has long term consequences one can not know you might have thought you only benefitted them a trifle but in fact bought them the time they needed to put you out of business ( see trump)

    So the thing to do with capitalism is allow it to do its things to the extent its doing the job you allowed the tool in your strategy to do and to limit it from doing things that do not serve your interests, when a capitalist tells you if you dont let him do whatever he wants kill him just as quickly as you kill the communist that tells you he has a right to shit he doesn’t. Trust me if your civilization survives their will always be a new capitalist to adapt to your rules its what they do adapt to conditions.The logical conclusion to free capitalism is amazon selling crack and porn. Oh yeah we sort of have that hows that working out?

    Now i bring up this again not to push my ideas again but as an example of how i deal with reality regardless of personal past philosophical affections and how you all will twist and try to reframe me into your preconceived experimental philosophies.

    In a very broad way my pre moldbug biases were along the lines of whats now called paleo libertarianism a sort of john galt meets thomas jefferson. My american enlightenment only allowed adult white men of property to determine the way forward.Galt’s Gulch writ over a continent. I love me some capitalism and I love me some hierarchy of the meritocratic variety.Because sorry guys i really dont see the consisten merit in old school aristocracy. But that didnt prevent me from understanding moldbergs point about how that enlightenment could be seem as the thin edge of a demotist edge. so i dutifully read the anti federalist papers and a lot of other alternate history, sure the puritans could be seen as the very tip of that wedge, but then i think about how my dad blamed it all on the 60s and how i always though the 60s didnt spring from the earth whole. so why stop at the roundheads why not go back to magna carta in 1215, why even stop there why did charlemagne need a pope on christmas 800 to crown him? and what of the empress? and if democracy is the problem what of the greeks and romans to say nothing of the british and americans and a lot of others.

    No moldberg had a clever little argument but it doesn’t really explain it all its a lot more complex than that. but it pushed the right buttons in certain quarters an maybe thats a good thing maybe not its too soon to be sure but i will say its seems way past time moldberg cantors should have started improving on what should have been nothing but the barest od starts but has morphed into a cult of dunces. I have wasted enough time pointing out moldbergs contradictions and unsupportable assertions. I like moldbergs assuming hes not a jew entryist getting ahead of the inevitable goy reaction to peak leftism he anticipates ( a distinct possibility) I liked many of the early reactionaries back when it was still plausible to think they would come around and be honest about their weaknesses. Its hard to say if its their inability to think or their thinking they must distance themselves from their evil spawn alt right but they are dying of rot. the alt right may be stupid and ugly but they are like trump operating from some basically healy instincts.being self preservation.NRX is prettyt much morphing into cathedralism with an edge an edge they wont discuss in fact they wont discuss much explicitly to the extent one has to say well its impossible to tell but they are either DAVOS or the fourth Reich.Meanwhile the real davos and alt reich are proceeding and leaving nrx in irelevancy. But of course they will tell you that’s our secret plan that’s how we become worthy to rule. UTTER FAGGOTRY you become worthy to rule by taking by force power from who held it. no one is going to give moldbergs cleric power when they sit out the power struggle taking place. This is not how human power struggles work.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    You’re writing as though you know what ‘free will’ actually is; what Hindu and Buddhist philosophies are; and as if I’ve actually proposed any substantial thesis on this blog.

    Yes, I’ve made comparative claims, all of which I can back up. Other than that, though, I haven’t actually promoted any political position, especially not in the senses you and others seem to be assuming.

    Distinguishing yourself as not identifying with various political ideologies, whilst sharing the same cultural and intellectual presuppositions as them; basically, Occidental ideology, whatever its inner antagonisms; is sufficient to weaken anything you might claim. Remember, the Occident did not create the intellectual foundations on which it confuses itself.

    There is no need to say anymore, it’s been an interesting comments section; the demonstration is sufficient.
    I’ll try to respond to Giuliani Rohme, at some point.

    Wagner Reply:

    Mike you’re an idiot for presupposing Land is a capitalist. What do you think is the meaning of “accelerationism” for him? Capitalism is all an act. He’s an afro-futurist in temperament. He even named his favorite scifi writer Octavia Butler. If that doesn’t give it away for you gullible buffoons I don’t know what will. If you want to know Land’s psychology, it is a desire to turn dirt into gold. That’s all it is really. People like Mike come about because sometimes dirt is just dirt. It’s a hard truth for you liberals who believe freedom is possible for everyone, eventually even for a grain of sand. Well, it’s not. Sometimes, perhaps Mosttimes, dirt is just dirt.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Waggy, the dirt you refer to, is intellectually superior to you.

    Wagner Reply:

    All bark and no bite. See, we in the occident actually give reasons for what we believe. You apes just throw feces and don’t back it up. Try backing it up for once. Call me psychic but I’m guessing you can’t, all you can do is evade the subject using rhetoric and insults, like the glorified ape that you are.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    I’d say you were running around like headless chickens, but that would imply that you had heads to begin with, and as you demonstrate again and again, that is just not the case, nor is it likely to ever have been.

    Need I remind you of your tawdry post-rationalist commitments, done in the most simplistic, unthinking, illogical, and positivist ways. This is the Waggy contemporary supermarket of badly understood philosophical positions. You state these positions, churn them out as incompetent regurgitations, but have no clue at all about the contextual logics generating them.

    The earlier dispute concerning Neoreactionary ‘Exit’ and its logical implications demonstrate quite adequately your and Collen’s utter incompetence and ignorance concerning logic and rationality. Both of you quite literally have no critical ability at all in these areas; everything for the two of you consists of churning the excremental sediment of idiomatic doxa around in your craniums, and depositing it on this blog.

    Point out one single ‘belief’ for which you actually provisioned reasoning that wasn’t merely based on other equally erroneous and disputable beliefs? You won’t be able to do it, for a variety of reasons, but the main one is your intellectually inferiority, directly contradicting your claims of supremacy and ability. Ergo, your every attempt to disprove my only claim concerning those like yourselves, which is “All ambition, but no ability”, only provides more and more evidence for my claim.

    Carry on as long as you like, Waggy, glad to have you on the team, lol!

    Wagner Reply:

    Rhetoric and insults, check. This must be karma I guess that I’m in an infinite conversation with a brahmin (in both senses of the term) who conflates himself with Brahman. I hate to say it but you are kind of one of my only friends, Artxell, and as your friend I strongly suggest that you forget all that French garbage that the white devil crypto-neo-colonialists shoved into your curry gobbling head and take up yoga and (re?)read the Vedas for Krishna’s sake you sophistic dolt. Get in touch with your ancestors you esteem so much, I actually have respect for them – that isn’t the case for you.

    Wagner Reply:

    HEY MR. LAND *shoots a spitball at that monkey face’a yrs*

    RE: this accelerationism business (and I mean “business” literally, everything is business to you coins-for-eyes, crumpet-crunching Englishmun):


    I want to make you self-aware of this: I’ve made you regret being a crypto-card-carrion communist. That is my gift to you. I shot Nietzsche’s corpse out of a cannon through your parlor window, take a whiff you old fart, it reeks doesn’t it. It’s going to stink up all of China if my meatspace name isn’t “Nick” too! Your occult experiment in the 90s backfired and now your younger self has traveled forward in time to kill you, how does this maek you feel?? I am not being ironic, I am not being insane, just statin the facks, ma’am. I AM YOU YOU OLD FOOL.




    I hacked your blog, I hacked your life.

    Wagner Reply:

    And it might surprise you what I hack next. And it might surprise you what I hack next.

    …wew, glad ) f)nally got th)s off my chest, t)me to s)gn myself )nto the asylum–[the telos of Land)an)sm )s batsh)t )nsan)ty, dunno what the rest of you xenocunts are do)ng

    Wagner Reply:

    @Mike RE: Artxell:

    “BASSANIO: Gratiano speaks an infinite deal of nothing, more than any man in Venice. His reasons are as two grains of wheat hid in two bushels of chaff; you shall seek all day ere you find them, and when you have them, they are not worth the search.” – Shakespeare, a.k.a. that inferior who plagiarized the Vedas basically verbatim

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    The degree of granary obscurity corresponds to the searcher’s stupidity.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Especially when the wheat has been clearly indicated.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    The grains can be shown, but to no avail if the searchers refuse to see them, choosing to remain in quarrelling obscurity.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    “History recounts that before or after dying he found himself in the presence of God and told Him: ‘I who have been so many men in vain want to be one and myself.’ The voice of the Lord answered from a whirlwind: ‘Neither am I anyone; I have dreamt the world as you dreamt your work, my Shakespeare, and among the forms in my dream are you, who like myself are many and no one.’”

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Juan Valdez, Theory of Searches (Robert Sheckley – “Mindswap”:1966)

    “There is no telling how long Marvin might have continued his lament had not a voice at the level of his ribs and two feet to his left whispered, ‘Hey, meester.’
    Marvin turned and saw a small, plump, raggedly dressed Celsian sitting on the next bar stool.
    ‘What is it?’ Marvin asked brusquely.
    ‘You maybe want see thees muchacha so beautiful other time?’
    ‘Yes, I do. But what can you–‘
    ‘I am private investigator tracer of lost persons satisfaction guaranteed or not one cent in tribute.’
    ‘What kind of an accent have you got?’ Marvin asked.
    ‘Lambrobian,’ the investigator said. ‘My name is Juan Valdez and I come from the fiesta lands below the border to make my fortune here in big city of the Norte.’
    ‘Sandback,’ the bartender snarled.
    ‘What thees theeng you call me?’ the little Lombrobian said, with suspicious mildness.
    ‘I called you a sandback, you lousy little sandback,’ the bartender snarled.
    ‘That ees what I thought,’ said Valdez. He reached into his cummerbund, took out a long, double-edged knife, and drove it into the bartender’s heart, killing him instantly.
    ‘I am a mild man, señor,’ he said to Marvin. ‘I am not a man quickly to take offence. Indeed, in my home village of Montana Verde de los Tres Picos, I am considered a harmless man. I ask nothing more than to be allowed to cultivate my peyote buds in the high mountains of Lombrobia under the shade of that tree which we call “the sun hat”, for these are the bes’ peyote buds in all the world.’
    ‘I can understand that,’ Marvin said.
    ‘Yet still,’ Valdez said, more sternly, ‘when an exploitator del norte insults me, and by implication, defames those who gave me birth and nurtured me – why then, señor, a blinding red mist descends over my field of vision and my knife springs to my hand unaided, and proceeds from there non-stop to the heart of the betrayer of the children of the poor.’
    ‘It could happen to anyone,’ Marvin said.
    ‘And yet,’ Valdez said, ‘despite my keen sense of honour, I am essentially childlike, intuitive, and easygoing.’
    ‘I had noticed that, as a matter of fact,’ Marvin said.
    ‘But yet. Enough of that. Now, you wish hire me investigation find girl? But of course. El buen pano en el arca se vende, verdad?’
    ‘Si, hombre,’ Marvin replied, laughing. ‘Y el deseo vence al miedo!’
    ‘Pues, adelante!’ And arm in arm the two comrades marched out into the night of a thousand brilliant stars like the lance points of a mighty host.

    CHAPTER 19

    Once outside the restaurant, Valdez turned his moustached brown face to the heavens and located the constellation Invidius, which, in northern latitudes, points unerringly to the north-north-east. With this as a base line, he established cross-references, using the wind on his cheek (blowing west at five miles per hour), and the moss on the trees (growing on the northerly sides of decidupis trunks at one millimetre per diem). He allowed for a westerly error of one foot per mile (drift), and a southerly error of five inches per hundred yards (combined tropism effects). Then, with all factors accounted for, he began walking in a south-south-westerly direction.
    Marvin followed. Within an hour they had left the city, and were proceeding through a stubbled farming district. Another hour put them beyond the last signs of civilization, in a wilderness of tumbled granite and greasy feldspar.
    Valdez showed no signs of stopping, and Marvin began to feel vague stirrings of doubt.
    ‘Just where, exactly, are we going?’ he asked at last.
    ‘To find your Cathy,’ Valdez replied, his teeth flashing white in his good-humoured burnt-sienna face.
    ‘Does she really live this far from the city?’
    ‘I have no idea where she lives,’ Valdez replied, shrugging.
    ‘You don’t?’
    ‘No, I don’t.’
    Marvin stopped abruptly. ‘But you said that you did know!’
    ‘I never said or implied that,’ Valdez said, his umber forehead wrinkling. ‘I said that I would help you find her.’
    ‘But if you don’t know where she lives–‘
    ‘It is quite unimportant,’ Valdez said, holding up a stern musteline forefinger.
    ‘Our quest has nothing to do with finding where Cathy lives; our quest, pure and simple, is to find Cathy. That, at least, was my understanding.’
    ‘Yes, of course,’ Marvin said. ‘But if we’re not going to where she lives, then where are we going?’
    ‘To where she weel be,’ Valdez replied serenely.
    ‘Oh,’ Marvin said.
    They walked on through towering mineral marvels, coming at last into scrubby foothills that lay like tired walruses around the gleaming blue whale of a lofty mountain range. Another hour passed, and Marvin again grew disquieted.
    But this time he expressed his anxiety in a roundabout fashion, hoping by guile to gain insight.
    ‘Have you known Cathy long?’ he asked.
    ‘I have never had the good fortune to meet her,’ Valdez replied.
    ‘Then you saw her for the first time in the restaurant with me?’
    ‘Unfortunately I did not even see her there, since I was in the men’s room passing a kidney stone during the time of your conversation with her. I may have caught a glimpse of her as she turned from you and departed, but more likely I saw only the Doppler effect produced by the swinging red door.’
    ‘Then you know nothing whatsoever about Cathy?’
    ‘Only the little I have heard from you, which, frankly, amounts to practically nothing.’
    ‘Then how,’ Marvin asked, ‘can you possibly take me to where she will be?’
    ‘It is simple enough,’ Valdez said. ‘A moment’s reflection should clear the matter for you.’
    Marvin reflected for several moments, but the matter stayed refractory.

    ‘Consider it logically,’ Valdez said. ‘What is my problem? To find Cathy.
    What do I know about Cathy? Nothing.’
    ‘That doesn’t sound so good,’ Marvin said.
    ‘But it is only half of the problem. Granted that I know nothing about Cathy, what do I know about Finding?’
    ‘What?’ Marvin asked.
    ‘It happens that I know everything about Finding,’ Valdez said triumphantly, gesturing with his graceful terracotta hands. ‘For it happens that I am an expert in the Theory of Searches!’
    ‘The what?’ Marvin asked.
    ‘The Theory of Searches!’ Valdez said, a little less triumphantly.
    ‘I see.’ Marvin said, unimpressed. ‘Well … that’s great, and I’m sure it’s a very good theory. But if you don’t know anything about Cathy, I don’t see how any theory will help.’
    Valdez sighed, not unpleasantly, and touched his moustache with a puce-coloured hand. ‘My friend, if you knew all about Cathy – her habits, friends, desires, dislikes, hopes, fears, dreams, intentions. and the like – do you think you would be able to find her?’
    ‘I’m sure I could,’ Marvin said.
    ‘Even without knowing the Theory of Searches?’
    ‘Well then,’ Valdez said, ‘apply that same reasoning to the reverse condition. I know all there is to know about the Theory of Searches, and therefore I need to know nothing about Cathy.’
    ‘Are you sure it’s the same thing?’ Marvin asked.
    ‘It has to be. After all, an equation is an equation. Solving from one end may take longer than from the other end, but cannot affect the outcome. In fact, we are really quite fortunate to know nothing about Cathy. Specific data sometimes has a way of interfering with the well-wrought operation of a theory. But we shall suffer no such discomfiture in this instance.’
    They marched steadily upwards, across the steepening face of a mountain slope. A bitter wind screamed and buffeted at them, and patches of hoar-frost began to appear underfoot. Valdez talked about his researches into the Theory of Searches, citing the following typical cases: Hector looking for Lysander, Adam questing after Eve, Galahad reconnoitering for the Holy Grail, Fred C. Dobbs’
    seeking the Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Edwin Arlington Robinson’s perquisitions for colloquial self-expression in a typically American milieu, Gordon Sly’s investigations of Naiad McCarthy, energy’s pursuit of entropy, God’s hunt for man, and Yang’s pursual of Yin.
    ‘From these specifics,’ Valdez said, ‘we derive the general notion of Search and its most important corollaries.’
    Marvin was too miserable to answer. It had suddenly occurred to him that one could die in this chill and waterless wasteland.

    ‘Amusingly enough,’ Valdez said, ‘the Theory of Searches forces upon us the immediate conclusion that nothing can be truly (or ideally) lost. Consider: for a thing to be lost, it would require a place to be lost in. But no such place can be found, since simple multiplicity carries no implication of qualitative differentiation. In Search terms, every place is like every other place. Therefore, we replace the concept Lost with the concept of indeterminate placement, which, of course, is susceptible to logico-mathematical analysis.’
    ‘But if Cathy isn’t really lost,’ Marvin said, ‘then we can’t really find her.’
    ‘That statement is true, as far as it goes,’ Valdez said. ‘But of course, it is merely Ideal notion, and of little value in this instance. For operational purposes we must modify the Theory of Searches. In fact, we must reverse the major premise of the theory and reaccept the original concepts of Lost and Found.’
    ‘It sounds very complicated,’ Marvin said.
    ‘The complication is more apparent than real,’ Valdez reassured him. ‘An analysis of the problem yields the result. We take the proposition: “Marvin searches for Cathy.” That seems fairly to describe our situation, does it not?’
    ‘I think it does,’ Marvin said cautiously.
    ‘Well then, what does the statement imply?’
    ‘It implies – it implies that I search for Cathy.’
    Valdez shook his nut-brown head in annoyance. ‘Look deeper, my impatient young friend! Identity is not inference! The statement expresses the activity of your quest, and therefore implies the passivity of Cathy’s state-of-being-lost. But this cannot be true. Her passivity is unacceptable, since ultimately one searches for oneself, and no one is exempt from that search. We must accept Cathy’s search for you (herself), just as we accept your search for her (yourself). Thus we achieve our primary permutation: “Marvin searches for Cathy who searches for Marvin.” ‘
    ‘Do you really think she’s looking for me?’ Marvin asked.
    ‘Of course she is, whether she knows it or not. After all, she is a person in her own right; she cannot be considered an Object, a mere something-lost.We must grant her autonomy, and realize that if you find her, then, equally, she finds you.’
    ‘I never thought of that.’ Marvin said,
    ‘Well, it’s simple enough once you understand the theory,’ Valdez said. ‘Now, to ensure our success, we must decide upon the optimum form of Search. Obviously, if both of you are actively questing, your chances of finding each other are considerably lessened. Consider two people seeking one another up and down the endless crowded aisles of a great department store, and contrast that with the improved strategy of one seeking, and the other standing at a fixed position and waiting to be found. The mathematics are a little intricate, so you will just have to take my word for it. The best chance of you/her finding her/you will be for one to search, and the other to allow himself /herself to be searched for. Our deepest folk wisdom has always known this, of course.’
    ‘So what do we do?’
    ‘I have just told you!’ Valdez cried. ‘One must search, the other must wait. Since we have no control over Cathy’s actions, we assume that she is following her instincts and looking for you. Therefore you must fight down your instincts and wait, thereby allowing her to find you.’
    ‘All I do is wait?’
    ‘That’s right.’
    ‘And you really think she’ll find me?’
    ‘I would stake my life on it.’
    ‘Well … all right. But in that case, where are we going now?’
    ‘To a place where you will wait. Technically, it is called a Location-Point.’
    Marvin looked confused, so Valdez explained further. ‘Mathematically, all places are of equal potentiality insofar as the chances of her finding you are concerned. Therefore we are able to choose an arbitrary Location-Point.’
    ‘What Location-Point have you chosen?’ Marvin asked.
    ‘Since it made no real difference,’ Valdez said, ‘I selected the village of Montana Verde de los Tres Picos, in Adelante Province, in the country of Lombrobia.’
    ‘That’s your home town, isn’t it?’ Marvin asked.
    ‘As a matter of fact, it is,’ Valdez said, mildly surprised and amused. ‘That, I suppose, is why it came so quickly to my mind.’
    ‘Isn’t Lombrobia a long way off?’
    ‘A considerable distance,’ Valdez admitted. ‘But our time will not be wasted, since I will teach you logic, and also the folksongs of my country.’
    ‘It isn’t fair,’ Marvin muttered.
    ‘My friend,’ Valdez told him, ‘when you accept help, you must be prepared to take what one is capable of giving, not what you would like to receive. I have never denied my human limitations; but it is ungrateful of you to refer to them.’
    Marvin had to be content with that, since he didn’t think he could find his way back to the city unaided. So they marched on through the mountains, and they sang many folksongs, but it was too cold for logic.

    CHAPTER 20

    Onwards they marched, up the polished mirror face of a vast mountain. The wind whistled and screamed, tore at their clothing and tugged at their straining fingers. Treacherous honeycomb ice crumpled under their feet as they struggled for footholds, their buffeted bodies plastered to the icy mountain wall and moving leechlike up its dazzling surface.
    Valdez bore up through it all with a saintlike equanimity. ‘Eet ees deefecult,’ he grinned. ‘And yet – for the love which you bear for thees woman – eet ees all worthwhile, sí?’
    ‘Yeah, sure,’ Marvin mumbled. ‘I guess it is.’ But in truth, he was beginning to doubt it. After all, he had known Cathy only for less than an hour.
    An avalanche thundered past them, and tons of white death screamed past – inches from their strained and clinging bodies. Valdez smiled with serenity.
    Flynn frowned with anxiety.
    ‘Beyond all obstacles,’ Valdez intoned, ‘lies that summit of accomplishment which is the face and form of the beloved.’
    ‘Yeah, sure,’ Marvin said.
    Spears of ice, shaken loose from a high dokalma, whirled and flashed around them. Marvin thought about Cathy and found that he was unable to remember what she looked like. It struck him that love at first sight was overrated.
    A high precipice loomed before them. Marvin looked at it, and at the shimmering ice fields beyond, and came to the conclusion that the game was really not worth the candle.
    ‘I think,’ Marvin said, ‘that we should turn back.’
    Valdez smiled subtly, pausing on the very edge of the vertiginous descent into that wintry hell of suicidally shaped snow slides.
    ‘My frien’,’ he said, ‘I know why you say this.’
    ‘You do?’ Marvin asked.
    ‘Of course. It is obvious that you do not wish me to risk my life on the continuance of your insensate and magnificent quest. And it is equally obvious that you intend to plunge on, alone.’
    ‘It is?’ Marvin asked.
    ‘Certainly. It would be apparent to the most casual observer that you are driven to seek your love through any and all dangers, by virtue of the unyielding nature of your personality. And it is equally clear that your generous and high-spirited mentality would be disturbed at the idea of involving one whom you consider a close friend and bosom companion in so perilous a venture.’
    ‘Well,’ Marvin began, ‘I’m not sure–‘
    ‘But I am sure,’ Valdez said. ‘And I reply to your unspoken question as follows: Friendship bears this similarity to love: it transcends all limits.’
    ‘Huh,’ Marvin said.
    ‘Therefore,’ Valdez said, ‘I shall not abandon you. We shall go on together, into the maw of death, if need be, for the sake of your beloved Cathy.’
    ‘Well, that’s very nice of you,’ Marvin said, eyeing the precipice ahead. ‘But I really didn’t know Cathy very well, and I don’t know how well suited we would be; so all in all, maybe it would be best if we got out of here–‘
    ‘Your words lack conviction, my young friend,’ Valdez laughed. ‘I beg of you not to worry about my safety.’

    ‘As a matter of fact,’ Marvin said, ‘I was worrying about my safety.’
    ‘No use!’ Valdez cried gaily. ‘Hot passion betrays the studied coolness of your words. Forward, my friend!’
    Valdez seemed determined to force him to Cathy’s side whether he wanted to go or not. The only solution seemed to be a quick blow to the jaw, after which he would drag Valdez and himself back to civilization. He edged forward.
    Valdez edged back. ‘Ah no, my friend!’ he cried. ‘Again, overweening love has rendered your motives transparent. To knock me out, is it not? Then, after making sure I was safe and comfortable and well provisioned, you would plunge alone into the white wilderness. But I refuse to comply. We go on together, compadre!’
    And shouldering all their provisions, Valdez began his descent of the precipice. Marvin could do nothing but follow.

    We shall not bore the reader with an account of that great march across the Moorescu Mountains, nor with the agonies suffered by the love-dazzled young Flynn and his steadfast companion. Nor shall we delineate the strange hallucinations that beset the travellers, nor the temporary state of insanity that Valdez suffered when he thought he was a bird and able to fly across thousand-foot drops. Nor would any but the scholarly be interested in the psychological process by which Marvin was moved, through a contemplation of his own sacrifices, to a fondness for the young lady in question, and then to a strong fondness, and then to a sensation of love, and then to an overweening passion of love.
    Suffice it to say that all of these things happened, and that the journey across the mountains occupied many days and brought about many emotions. And at last it came to an end.

    Arriving at a last mountain crest, Marvin looked down and saw, instead of ice fields, green pastures and rolling forests under a summer sun, and a little village nestled in the crook of a gentle river.
    ‘Is – is that–?’ Marvin began.
    ‘Yes, my son,’ Valdez said quietly. ‘That is the village of Montana de los Tres Picos, in Adelante Province, in the country of Lombrobia, in the valley of the Blue Moon.’
    Marvin thanked his old guru – for no other name was applicable to the role that the devious and saintly Valdez had played – and began his descent to the Location-Point where his wait for Cathy would begin.

    CHAPTER 21

    Montana de Los Tres Picos! Here, surrounded by crystal lakes and high mountains, a simple, good-hearted peasantry engage in unhurried labour beneath the swan-necked palms. At midday and midnight one may hear the plaintive notes of a guitar echo down the crenellated walls of the old castle. Nut-brown maidens tend the dusty grape vines while a moustached cacique watches, his whip curled sleepily on his hairy wrist.
    To this quaint memento of a bygone age came Flynn, led by the faithful Valdez.
    Just outside the village, on a gentle rise of land, there was an inn, or posada.
    To this place Valdez directed them.
    ‘But is this really the best place to wait?’ Marvin asked.
    ‘No, it is not,’ Valdez said, with a knowing smile. ‘But by choosing it instead of the dusty town square, we avoid the fallacy of the “optimum”. Also, it is more comfortable here.’
    Marvin bowed to the moustached man’s superior wisdom and made himself at home in the posada. He settled himself at an outdoor table that commanded a good view of the courtyard and of the road beyond it. He fortified himself with a flagon of wine, and proceeded to fulfil his theoretical function as called for by the Theory of Searches: viz, he waited.
    Within the hour, Marvin beheld a tiny dark figure moving slowly along the gleaming white expanse of the road. Closer it came, the figure of a man no longer young, his back bent beneath the weight of a heavy cylindrical object. At last the man raised his haggard head and stared directly into Marvin’s eyes.
    ‘Uncle Max!’ Marvin cried.
    ‘Why, hello, Marvin,’ Uncle Max replied. ‘Would you mind pouring me a glass of wine? This is a very dusty road.’
    Marvin poured the glass of wine, scarcely believing the testimony of his senses; for Uncle Max had unaccountably disappeared some ten years ago. He had last been seen playing golf at the Fairhaven Country Club.
    ‘What happened to you?’ Marvin asked.
    ‘I stumbled into a time warp on the twelfth hole,’ Uncle Max said. ‘If you ever get back to Earth, Marvin, you might speak to the club manager about it. I have never been a complainer; but it seems to me that the greens committee ought to know about this, and possibly build a small fence or other enclosing structure. I do not care so much for myself, but it might cause a nasty scandal if a child fell in.’

    ‘I’ll certainly tell them,’ Marvin said. ‘But Uncle Max, where are you going now?’
    ‘I have an appointment in Samarra,’ Uncle Max said. ‘Thank you for the wine, my boy, and take good care of yourself. By the way; did you know that your nose is ticking?’
    ‘Yes,’ Marvin said. ‘It’s a bomb.’
    ‘I suppose you know what you’re doing,’ Max said. ‘Goodbye, Marvin.’
    And Uncle Max trudged away down the road, his golf bag swinging from his back and a number two iron in his hand as a walking-stick. Marvin settled back to wait.

    Half an hour later, Marvin spied the figure of a woman hurrying down the road.
    He felt a rising sensation of anticipation, but then slumped back in his chair. It was not Cathy after all. It was only his mother.
    ‘You’re a long way from home, Mom,’ he said quietly.
    ‘I know, Marvin,’ his mother said. ‘But you see, I was captured by white slavers.’
    ‘Gosh, Mom! How did it happen?’
    ‘Well, Marvin,’ his mother said, ‘I was simply taking a Christmas basket to a poor family in Cutpurse Lane, and there was a police raid, and various other things happened, and I was drugged and awoke in Buenos Aires in a luxurious room with a man standing near me and leering and asking me in broken English if I wanted a little fun. And when I said no, he bent down and clasped me in his arms in an embrace that was plainly designed to be lecherous.’
    ‘Gosh! What happened then?’
    ‘Well,’ his mother said, ‘I was lucky enough to remember a little trick that Mrs Jasperson had told me. Did you know that you can kill a man by striking him forcibly under the nose? Well, it actually does work. I didn’t like to do it, Marvin, although it seemed a good idea at the time. And so I found myself in the streets of Buenos Aires and one thing led to another and here I am.’
    ‘Won’t you have some wine?’ Marvin asked.
    ‘That’s very thoughtful of you,’ his mother said, ‘but I really must be on my way.’
    ‘To Havana,’ his mother said. ‘I have a message for Garcia. Marvin, have you a cold?’
    ‘No, I probably sound funny because of this bomb in my nose.’
    ‘Take care of yourself, Marvin,’ his mother said, and hurried on.

    Time passed. Marvin ate his dinner on the portico, washed it down with a flagon of Sangre de Hombre, ’36, and settled back in the deep shadow cast by the whitewashed palladium. The sun stretched its golden bottom towards the mountain peaks. Down the road, the figure of a man could be seen hurrying past the inn …
    ‘Father!’ Marvin cried.
    ‘Good afternoon, Marvin,’ his father said, startled but hiding it well. ‘I must say, you turn up in some unexpected places.’
    ‘I could say the same of you,’ Marvin said.
    His father frowned, adjusted his necktie and changed his briefcase to the other hand. ‘There is nothing strange about me being here,’ he told his son.
    ‘Usually your mother drives me home from the station. But today she was delayed, and so I walked. Since I was walking, I decided to take the shortcut which goes over one side of the golf course.’
    ‘I see,’ Marvin said.
    ‘I will admit,’ his father continued, ‘that this shortcut seems to have become a “long” cut, as one might express it, for I estimate that I have been walking through this countryside for the better part of an hour, if not longer.’
    ‘Dad,’ Marvin said, ‘I don’t know how to tell you this, but the fact is, you are no longer on Earth.’
    ‘I find nothing humorous about a remark like that,’ his father stated.
    ‘Doubtless I have gone out of my way; nor is the style of architecture what I would normally expect to find in New York State. But I am quite certain that if I continue along this road for another hundred yards or so, it will lead into Annandale Avenue, which in turn will take me to the intersection of Maple Street and Spruce Lane. From there, of course, I can easily find my way home.’
    ‘I suppose you’re right,’ Marvin said. He had never been able to win an argument from his father.
    ‘I must be getting along,’ his father said. ‘By the way, Marvin, were you aware that you have some sort of obstruction in your nose?’
    ‘Yes sir,’ Marvin said. ‘It’s a bomb.’
    His father frowned deeply, pierced him with a glance, shook his head regretfully, and marched on down the road.

    ‘I don’t understand it,’ Marvin remarked later to Valdez. ‘Why are all of these people finding me? It just doesn’t seem natural.’
    ‘It isn’t natural,’ Valdez assured him. ‘But it is inevitable, which is much more important.’
    ‘Maybe it is inevitable,’ Marvin said. ‘But it is also highly improbable.’
    ‘True.’ Valdez agreed. ‘Although we prefer to call that a forced-probability; which is to say, it is an indeterminate concomitant of the Theory of Searches.’
    ‘I’m afraid I don’t fully understand that,’ Marvin said.
    ‘Well, it’s simple enough. The Theory of Searches is a pure theory; which is to say that on paper it works every time, with no conceivable refutation. But once we take the pure and ideal and attempt to make practical applications, we encounter difficulties, the foremost of which is the phenomenon of indeterminacy. To put it in its simplest terms, what happens is this: the presence of the Theory interferes with the working of the Theory. You see, the Theory cannot take into account the effect of its own existence upon itself. Ideally, the Theory of Searches exists in a universe in which there is no Theory of Searches.
    But practically – which is our concern here – the Theory of Searches exists in a world in which there is a Theory of Searches, which has what we call a “mirroring” or “doubling” effect upon itself. According to some thinkers, there is a very real danger of “infinite duplication”, in which the Theory endlessly modifies itself in terms of prior modifications of the Theory by the Theory, coming at last to a state of entropy, in which all possibilities are equally valued. This argument is known as Von Gruemann’s Fallacy, in which the error of implying causality to mere sequence is self-evident. Does it become more clear?’
    ‘I think so,’ Marvin said. ‘The only thing I don’t understand is, exactly what effect does the existence of the Theory have upon the Theory?’
    ‘I thought I had explained that,’ Valdez said. ‘The primary, or “natural” effect of a Theory of Searches upon a Theory of Searches is of course to increase the value of lambda-chi.’
    ‘Hmm,’ said Marvin.
    ‘Lambda-chi is, of course, the symbolic representation of the inverse ratio of all possible searches to all possible finds. Thus, when lambda-chi is increased through indeterminacy or other factors, the possibility of search-failure is rapidly reduced to a figure near zero, while the possibility of search-success expands quickly towards one. This is known as the Set-Expansion Factor.’
    ‘Does that mean,’ Marvin asked, ‘that because of the effect of the Theory of Searches on the Theory of Searches, which results in the Set-Expansion Factor, that all searches will be successful?’
    ‘Exactly,’ Valdez said. ‘You have expressed it beautifully, though perhaps with insufficient rigour. All possible searches will be successful during the time, or duration, of the Set-Expansion Factor.’
    ‘I understand now,’ Marvin said. ‘According to the theory, I must find Cathy.’
    ‘Yes,’ Valdez said. ‘You must find Cathy; as a matter of fact, you must find everyone. The only limitation is the Set-Expansion factor, or S-E.’
    ‘Oh?’ Marvin asked.
    ‘Well, naturally, all searches can only be successful during the time, or duration, of S-E. But the duration of S-E is a variable which can last no less than 6.3 microseconds and no more than 1,005.34543 years.’
    ‘How long will S-E last in my particular case?’ Marvin asked.
    ‘A lot of us would like to know the answer to that one,’ Valdez said, with a hearty chuckle.
    ‘You mean that you don’t know?’
    ‘I mean that it has been the labour of several lifetimes simply to discover the existence of the Set-Expansion Factor. To determine an exact numerical solution for it for all possible cases would be possible, I suppose, if S-E were a mere variable. But it happens to be a contingent variable, which is a very different kettle of fish. You see, the calculus of contingencies is a rather new branch of mathematics, and one that no one can pretend to have mastered.’
    ‘I was afraid of that,’ Marvin said.
    ‘Science is a cruel taskmaster,’ Valdez agreed. Then he winked cheerfully and said, ‘But of course, even the cruellest taskmasters can be evaded.’
    ‘Do you mean to say there is a solution?’ Marvin cried.
    ‘Not a legitimate one, unfortunately,’ Valdez said. ‘It is what we Search Theorists call a “bootleg solution”. That is to say, it is a pragmatic application of a formula that, statistically, has had a high degree of correlation with required solutions. But as a theory, there are no rational grounds for presuming its validity.’
    ‘Still,’ Marvin said, ‘if it works, let’s try it out.’
    ‘I would really rather not,’ Valdez said. ‘Irrational formulae, no matter what their apparent degree of success, are distasteful to me, containing, as they do, distressing hints that the supreme logic of mathematics might be founded ultimately upon gross absurdities.’
    ‘I insist,’ Marvin said. ‘After all, I am the one who is Searching.’
    ‘That has nothing to do with it, mathematically speaking,’ Valdez said. ‘But I suppose you would give me no peace unless I indulged you.’
    Valdez sighed unhappily, schlepped a piece of paper and a stub pencil out of his rebozo, and asked, ‘How many coins do you have in your pocket?’
    Marvin looked and replied, ‘Eight.’
    Valdez wrote down the result, then asked for the date of Marvin’s birth, his social-security number, his shoe size, and height in centimetres. To this he gave a numerical value. He asked Marvin to pick a number at random between 1 and 14. With this, he added several figures of his own, then scribbled and calculated for several minutes.
    ‘Well?’ Marvin asked.
    ‘Remember, this result is merely statistically probable,’ Valdez said, ‘and has no other grounds for credence.’
    Marvin nodded. Valdez said, ‘The duration of the Set-Expansion Factor, in your particular case, is due to expire in exactly one minute and forty-eight seconds, plus or minus five minimicroseconds.’
    Marvin was about to protest vehemently about the unfairness of this, and to ask why Valdez hadn’t made that vital calculation earlier. But then he looked down upon the road, now glowing a singular white against the rich blue of evening.
    He saw a figure moving slowly towards the posada.
    ‘Cathy!’ Marvin cried. For it was she.
    ‘Search completed with forty-three seconds of the Set-Expansion Factor unelapsed,’ Valdez noted. ‘Another experimental validation of Search Theory.’

    But Marvin did not hear him, for he had rushed down to the road, and there clasped the long-lost beloved in his arms. And Valdez, the wily old friend and taciturn companion of the Long March, smiled tightly to himself and ordered another bottle of wine.”

    Wagner Reply:

    Listen here bub, I ain’t readin’ that whole text wall. You don’t deserve that kind of respect. We of the “Old School” occident believe that you need to EARN respect. I don’t blame you for this confusion, I’m sure many of our co-ethnics have given you the opposite impression consistently throughout your life.

    Look, let’s talk straight. Britain FUCKED you, they fucked you for a long time. Many on the alt-right take the Bowdenian line that “We’re not sorry” but to me this is a dindu nuffin-esque cop-out. I haven’t researched the details very thoroughly but apparently your meditating asses were enslaved. I think of how the chinks would invade Tibet and literally drill out the monks’ teeth just for being Buddhists. That isn’t cool. You commies have a bit of a dirty history of not being cool actually, but I digress. Here’s my deal: if you make it on the NRx spaceship you better not come by me when I’m eating my fuckin supper and ask me for a free squirt from my tube of lobster paste. Ya know why? You’re not getting it, that’s why dot-forehead. Instead I invite you to perk your ears up for an annoying BRITISH accent in the air and go ask that limey bugger for a squirt of his damn lobster paste, his ancestors are the ones who fucked you, not mine. Lumping all whites together is *Zizek voice* pure ideology, my god. My god, man, it is pure ideology. If that aristocratic bastard whose fancy accent was in part forged from the sweat and blood of your people doesn’t give you a dot of his lobster paste I don’t know what to tell you, just don’t come around the Swedes or Italians with your beggar’s bucket and that puppydog look on your face cuz we’re gonna spit in it, capice? The starving children, the starving children, boohoo, maybe your people should have spent more time meditating about SCIENCE hm? Because our science has given us children who are starving too, starving to be genetically modified into post-humans and to get off this birth canal of a planet. Starving I tell you! I’m not kidding. All your pomo, Saidean whining is causing those plans to hiccup because a lot of us feel sorry for you. To you really like people feeling sorry for you? It’s time to suck it up Artxell, it’s time to straighten your back and suck it up.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Of what possible use or value is the ‘respect’ of a hate-ridden, inferior, such as your good self, Waggy?
    Do you imagine that continuing on with your tribal invective in some way covers up your and Collen’s dismal failures above? Because it really doesn’t, it’s laughable, obvious ‘damage control’.

    As for the USA, it heavily finances Christian terrorism in India. But the USA is guilty of many more sins than that, or at least particular groups within the USA, who you are supporting.

    I’m not really worried about any particular nation, I’m happy to attack any and all cultures.

    The Neoreaction spaceship has not been granted any visa to enter my territory. I have dispatched a squadron of vimanas to ensure that no unauthorised entry takes place.

    Wagner Reply:

    Have it your way


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    “This video is not available.”

    Whatever point you were trying to convey, you would be better off admitting defeat, and then go on to analyse why you lost the plot. Notice that Nick Land isn’t stepping in to back you up, and it’s his idea that I’ve attacked.
    Your inferiority primarily consists of the refusal to learn from your mistakes; making a virtue out of that ignorance; forcing that ignorance onto others. That, in essence, is the structure of the bigotry you’re all celebrating.

    Posted on January 5th, 2018 at 12:44 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    everything you write SCREAMS CULTURAL MARXIST WITH A BROWN RESENTMENT THROWN IN -so spare us the i dindunuffins BS.

    Here this last comment is a good example

    “whilst sharing the same cultural and intellectual presuppositions as them; basically, Occidental ideology, whatever its inner antagonisms; is sufficient to weaken anything you might claim. Remember, the Occident did not create the intellectual foundations on which it confuses itself.”

    do we really need to “unpack” and “deconstruct” this little shit stain of a whine.


    Wagner Reply:

    The occident didn’t invent bashing a coconut on a rock to open it and it didn’t invent sticking a twig in the hole of a fallen tree trunk to gather larva, does that mean we’re obliged to invite chimps into our countries to shit on our streets?

    There are plenty of Rohmes out there who will gladly sniff around with a pooper-scooper for your ape family’s droppings, all we want is a patch where we don’t have to watch where we walk so we don’t step in shit, is that so much to ask? Apparently so. You are demanding, shameless apes. Completely without shame. But it’s my and Collen’s mistake for expecting to be able to teach an ape shame.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    The thing is, Waggy, whatever it is you think you are, you seem only able to demonstrate your intellectual inferiority with respect to the simian kingdom you mention.


    collen ryan Reply:

    @collen ryan

    LMAO Thank Wag good for looking out bro, but no artfag is not getting to my intelectual insecurities in the least,
    Of course he speaks nothingnothing, first because he a stupid nigger doing the jive shuffle which goes something like a mime of whites that to a nigger sounds pretty accurate and so they all laugh with each other. the political media and academic circles are full of these dancing apes, to us they are pretty funny too but for a different reason.

    The second reason he is signifying nothing is because he is a cultural marxist who all pattern their writing and thinking on Sartes speed addicted ravings,( thats of course the bits his girlfriend didnt write) in fact quite a huge percentage of the postmodernists marxists deconstructionist etc were speed freaks and that is why their writing is so unintelligible that you can prank them so easily with jaberwocky. Its also why artfag is correct that he never proposes anything, as a nigger he knows thats too risky and as a commie he knows criticism and wreckage are his strategy. Axfag fools no one hes here hoping to distinguish himself from run of the mill nigger mimes, just like most of the detritus that joins nrx they want to edgy signal. In the age of mass every thing its hard for the average snow flake to find a niche that signals hes not like all the others.


    Wagner Reply:

    Collen Ryan a.k.a. Choronzon a.k.a. The Rectifier (of names)

    Remember all those kike-compromised kiss-asses in the Fumigation thread that tossed rotten eggs at you, one called you an “out and out schizophrenic” lmao You’re more aligned with reality than anyone I know, not exaggerating; I know you don’t believe in God because the world has been hard on you (your daughter) but it’s been a divine gift conversing with you the last year (not to sound sentimental, I’m tough after all, definitely not a half-gay millennial). I miss some of those guys like Frank, Erebus, Aeroguy, etc. and it’s a shame our spam has banished them from this realm but there was a line they’d never cross. If any of you former poasters are reading this, Welcome to the Darker Enlightenment, too bad you couldn’t join us, it’s okay, I understand, you have pussies between your legs, I get it, carry on shilling with your brahmin associate contemporaries for shekels and renown, y’ought to be real proud to turn your back on the logos for kleos. You make me sick. “The sunshine he of a good name” N called it, yeah, you’re not going to gain one of those associating yourself with the chandalas down here. To Land’s credit he never blocked us, they do say the English are men of honour, maybe that is true – he kinda let us take him down here with us. Ahhh *stretches and yawns inside a wet dumpster on a hot day* I like it down here, I went to the academy to learn truth, didn’t get that, came here for truth, sorta got that, then Mike came along and I really got it. You better send Mike a Christmas card next year Land, don’t err like you did a couple weeks ago, err-er. Maybe you shoulda taken their advice though Mike and started your own blog, I always wonder if x post will be your last and that would be sad, I know you’re busy taking your mischling son to lots of Giants games to repair the broken connection between you two. I’m not too worried about being locked up for typing crap into a keyboard here (I have cliche but vivid anticipations of agents from the Matrix kicking my door down most days) I’m in a pretty nice state so I expect the convicts to be not so bad, New York on the other hand, I’d be worried if I were you. so closes the “Hymn to Mike”

    Wagner Reply:

    “Sartes speed addicted ravings,( thats of course the bits his girlfriend didnt write)”

    No Mike, it’s funnier that the opposite is true. Beauvoir wasn’t no strong independent woman because she labored within the horizon of her crypto-sovereign’s philosophy of freedom.

    Thanks for giving me this freedumb, daddy, thanks for giving me this freedumb, master. Daddy says we don’t have an essence, that must apply to wimminz too, thanks daddy.

    You can trigger tf out of feminists by pointing this out to them. Now that I think about it Sartre kinda opened the portal to a lot of the poz of today. Hate to be a 1 trick pony but I stress again, WW2 structured all of our lifeworlds; imagine if the Germans won and Heidegger had become le celebrity philosophy; there’s none of that radical freedom nonsense in his thought; H just wanted us to acknowledge the roles we played, not do away with those roles altogether. Roles, another way of saying “social constructs”. So you’re right to indicate that Artxell’s background thought-king is Sartre, and haha @ you that’s basically what Moldbug’s formalism is about: bringing to light background thought-kings – you’re a Moldbuggian!

    Wagner Reply:

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar


    What I like about North Korea is at least they’re formalistic about their communism, it’s explicit – whereas the US is crypto-communist. The more AIACC becomes formalized in the American consciousness the more Americans will not want AIACC to be true. This makes me smile.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    ‘Cultural Marxism’ is still within the parameters of Occidental ideology. You’re not able to distinguish that, because you live in a “Logan’s Run” system implanted in your own mind; your horizons of apprehension are narrow and channellised according to the circuitry of Occidental ideology.
    Remember, I did say that you were so abysmally stupid, that you could not understand, you can’t actually see the “Damnation Alley” of your mind.
    One reason for that, is your intellectual inferiority, which is been clearly demonstrated, once again, on this post’s comments.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Can you tap dance with that song or maybe do some yoga for us?


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    If you don’t got no rhythm, Collen, you don’t see no dance! lol
    The double negatives are logical.

    Posted on January 6th, 2018 at 11:44 pm Reply | Quote
  • Artxell Knaphni Says:

    “History recounts that before or after dying he found himself in the presence of God and told Him: ‘I who have been so many men in vain want to be one and myself.’ The voice of the Lord answered from a whirlwind: ‘Neither am I anyone; I have dreamt the world as you dreamt your work, my Shakespeare, and among the forms in my dream are you, who like myself are many and no one.’”


    Posted on January 7th, 2018 at 7:00 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:


    Changed my mind, the best prank against the Synagogue wouldn’t be all the neo-not-sees openly discussing and practicing Qabbala, the best prank against the Synagogue would be all the neo-not-sees openly discussing and practicing Qabbala in never-breaking-character caricature-of-Zizek voices.

    My god, letch make jish happen, ladj.


    Posted on January 7th, 2018 at 8:01 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:


    And here we have one of our future techno futanari patchlords demonstrating how real capitalism is done.
    step one; fund cucks to lobby to let niggers like axfag into country so as not to seem to brazen
    step two; hire nigger at wages that cant possibly feed him let alone his migration chain.
    step three; fund cucks to organize nigger community to get niggers welfare supplements.
    step four; when some cucks complain this cost them jobs and now taxes deplatform racists
    step five;fund cucks to explain that economics is different this time debt is wealth
    step six; offer to monetize debt for cuck gov and take a commish
    step seven; when you pawn off cuck debt to cucks rip their faces off and laugh
    step eight; always buy from other countries and fund cucks to allow niggers from other countries to come to school here to learn how to make cheap imitations back home.
    step nine; when cuck land collapses move on. hey its future capitalism what did you think we told you it was different this time.


    Posted on January 8th, 2018 at 2:28 am Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    gunga din If you would bother to go onto the twit feed for twits you will daily read Nick land back up wag and I there, you will see him daily find clever way of saying niggers are stupid and we don’t want none, without actually saying ‘niggers’. This allows him to keep saying it on the twit feed. Now its certainly a violation of the nrx principle of the reification of names, and wag and I must keep the niggger boundary clearly lit back here on Lands website for him while he stretches his marxist credentials to the twits to administer the protestant version of holy red pill eucharist the non nigger nigger talk.The transubstantiation of the red eucharist is though he says not the nigger word they verily receive the word nigger and reification is preserved.Its white magic a heathen wog wouldnt understand.suffice it to say you days serving the empire coding or whatever service work you do to get your paltry 60k and welfare for your migration chain who would have stoned you for you sodomite ways had you all remained back home, are soon to come to an end.
    wake the fuck up gungadin the entire euro diaspora has been arguing over what level of autonomous ethnostate we shall be restored to.The left is busy wearing vagina hats and producing now three television shows with transexual prepubescents, while the grownups are marching through the institutions.yes we have legacy resisters in seats of power still but surely even a dumb wog can see that cant last when the white people have finally had enough.Did you really tink in 50 years whites had lost the genetic will to live? its the very first line of code surely a codewog should understand that concept. we are the people that built the world. despite your we wuz kangs bullshit we like Gods imagined and brought forth all you see around you.Our temporary insanity about seeing you apes and women as equals was only because the alternative of having to exterminate you all was so dark, but alas we arrive at the “Darker Enlightenment” you will go home to calcutta and try to practice the things whites taught you and fail and be confused.

    What on earth do you think is going to happen that you and obama and puff diddy and bill gates are going off on a starship? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL you stupid filthy wog remember your place! you are a code wog its a simple task .0000000001% of your population can do rudimentarily code for 60k and we let the jews hire you but thats going to end because the unemployment of whites excuses have become so tired and absurd that whites are beginning to blow shit up and the jews are scared.you’re on your way home gunga din.

    Ill be honest being a white I have refined sensibilities and in unguarded moments when not on watch, I do feel sorry for the .000001% of niggers all the nigger types who have drawn genes that make them almost another species to their own fellow apes. It must be lonely. It must be really frustrating to think about how you could build a well or even a rudimentary hospital for your people if only you could make them understand enough to cooperate, and instead to have to rely on whites to do it all for you. Not to worry we are going to euthanize you so you needn’t suffer.


    Posted on January 8th, 2018 at 12:31 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    Seriously Gungadin explain how anything other than a white populist resurgence is the next step. prole whites have the power and have been fucked so long and hard they are now so pissed they are willing nay enjoying voting for people who literally sound like early hitler. They cheer on white cops gunning down uppity niggers. the kids are larping nazis all over the real and cyber worlds.
    land/moldbergs hope for techno capitalism coup is decades if not centuries from the tech they need to even be possible, yet would have had to be [proposed 30 years ago to not be seen as more globalist shit chinese junk for sale on credit. Like it or not the trajectory is going to be trad prole white and nationalist. affirmative action is going to the next proposal to eradicate. That alone ends niggers. in an actually free labor market niggers and women are USELESS. when niggers begin to understand that the only reason they have been allowed to make 60k a year is they were forced into the workforce at gunpoint and now they are useless welfare cases, they will chimp out. well guess what nigger whites are at peak nigger chimpout and will be put down soundly. Its over no more immigration and affirmative action. women already despite the hamster hats etc are fed up with all work and no babies they are going to love the idea of being supported by the real wage of white men not pressured by massive nigger immigration and affirmative action. even the faggots and jews are sick of niggers they will shut the fuck up.

    There simply is no path for anything but this. what might come after this is debatable.My guess is it will be a renaissance of yankee ingenuity. I would say we will stop the chinese coming to our universities and stealing our technology and we will begin to be the swing industrial producer again.we will in short be filling our own orders for everything and this will in a very short time cause china to implode.yeah india and the rest of nigger lands too.There will be a sort of techno futurism but it will be more like 1955 than 2055. Oh the tech will be nifty, but the zeitgeist will be classic americana.in twenty years people will be wondering WTF happened in that period from the 60s- ougties. and people will respond oh that was the jews allowed into the club we fixed that.


    Posted on January 8th, 2018 at 12:54 pm Reply | Quote
  • Artxell Knaphni Says:


    I didn’t say that he doesn’t agree with you, but he’s not stupid enough to argue a point which he can’t win.

    The capitalist machine that poverty-struck northern Europeans used to implement their militarised global order; construct colonial imperialism; fight two world wars with themselves; and create the present profit-generating consumer order; is the same machinery of addiction that governs their addled, Pavlov- configured, primitive instincts.
    I don’t expect you to truly understand the chaotic pinball machine of determinations you both live and think within. Everything you both criticise and propose is no more than a holding pattern, a generated artefact, the inculcation of those determinations. That’s one reason, why I call those like yourself, Occidental androids.

    Usually it’s the case with the West, which includes the Middle East, that they steal everyone else’s ideas and resources, and then build their prisons of obsession out of that, all the while blaming everyone else when their own plans invariably fail.

    There is a particular subset of the population in the USA, who have always been money-grabbing, warmongering, cheaters and cowards. It’s those people who financed Cromwell; who manipulated Great Britain into a war with France and Spain for their own covert, commercial purposes; made big profits out of that war; whilst landing the people of Great Britain with a huge tax bill of considerable millions; and absconded to the USA. It’s those people who are still at work, blaming everyone else, taking the profits for themselves.
    It’s always been the same story; those people and their minions like yourself, infiltrate every aspect of society in order to destabilise and profit; all the while pointing the finger at everyone else. Look at the fiasco with the US Post Office, and how the Republican party connived with its ‘Postal Accountability Enhancement Act (PAEA)’ –

    “Congressional Republicans mandated that within 10 years the United States Postal Service would have to fully fund retirement health care benefits for the next 75 years. Or to put it more plainly, the Postal Service had a decade to fully fund the retirement health care benefits for future employees that will not even be born until 2057 at the earliest.
    Of course, if tea partiers succeed in repealing child labor laws (because we all know that little hands are better for cutting stamps) we can probably drop that year to the mid-2040s.

    Interestingly, this dreadful law holds a delicious bite of irony in that it requires government-funded universal health care benefits for Americans that will not be born for a generation.

    Imagine what the right would say if President Obama and the Democrats proposed legislation that required businesses and corporations to fully fund health care benefits for all of their current workers and workers who haven not even been born yet.

    Socialist. Communist. Marxist. Maoist. Pick any of the ists. They would call Obama a cartoonist if they thought it would kill the bill.

    The only reason we keep hearing so much about the Postal Service’s impending budget shortfall is because PAEA requires that on September 30 a down payment be made on the health care benefits of postal workers 75 years into the future. This law has forced the Postal Service into the red for two years running.

    In the end, Republicans know the Postal Service is a government agency that works well for Americans. And you know the GOP cannot have an example of good government floating around out there lest it get in the way of their political aspirations.

    Why let a self-funding government agency flourish when you can privatize it and make your corporate cronies even richer?” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/karl-frisch/postal-service-cuts_b_961602.html

    {AK}: All of this enables the Republicans to stockpile the publicly financed assets of the post office, which can then be asset-stripped for themselves; an undercover plunder, through a dishonestly constructed and represented privatisation. The Republicans imposed unreasonable pension fund legislation on the post office, precisely and deliberately in order to collect those public funds for themselves.

    You’ll never get 1955-land, if it’s not profitable for those people. Those people are basically people like yourselves, you and Waggy. Mixed-up, stupid, dishonest liars; so full of confused self-hate, they can’t think straight; the higher faculties are forever forbidden to them, their noses are always in the shit, and their minds follow suit with this nasal propriety.

    In the Global Village, there was a family of criminals called the Europeans, always feuding amongst themselves, they decided to go further afield to see what opportunities the rest of the world might have for them. Those shipping ventures took considerable investment, so were usually commercial, conducted for profit, or benefit. In those days, criminal activity was manual, requiring the presence of the thief at the location of the wealth to be purloined.
    Any Indian or Chinese ships around Europe? No! India and China were the richest countries in the world. They had everything they wanted, no need to send out for anything.
    It was Europe that wanted Asian goods, but lacked the gold and silver which would be accepted as payment. So why, then, were European ships loitering around Asia?
    Free samples? Yoga courses? No!
    They did have lots of guns, though, and the Asians didn’t, so much.
    Why did they poke their noses into the political scene? To give advice? No! Both India and China had produced advanced treatises on statecraft many centuries ago.
    Or were they waiting for an opportunity? Were they “casing the joint”? (To be continued)

    There’s a lot of people, not only in the USA, but all over the world, who think that a bit of ‘Lite Fascism’ is ok; that it’s the ‘Right’ thing to do; that with it, the ‘trains run on time’; or that it’s bit of a joke. They think all of these things, as long as they are not the ones affected by it; or as long as they believe their group affiliation controls it.
    Under the guise of the personal right to ‘have an opinion’, they do their best to smuggle in the fears of their personal prejudices as legitimate concerns, whilst never conceding any effort whatsoever to actual and effective understandings. Selfishness, profit, and power, are commonly cited as ‘drivers’ for this state of affairs. If so, then it should be accknowledged that these ‘drivers’ were institutionalised into legitimacy a long time ago, and that it should be no surprise if a ‘consumer culture’ based on such legitimations has led to a fragmentation of political consciousness and an abdication from any sense of effective responsibility in the wider vistas of social interaction.
    There’s one question I’ve never heard anyone ask. If the ‘people’ are ‘bad’, is a ‘good man or woman’ the best leader for them? It’s certainly not ‘right’, as any kind of ‘democratic representation, because it isn’t actually representative. It might not be right as good leadership, because fundamentally the ‘good leader’ would be at odds with a ‘bad people’, resulting in internal confusion.
    One has to ask what is expected of a ‘good leader’? To be the ‘good’, hypocritical veneer, of the basically ‘Lite Fascist’ ‘people’? Is that the ‘American Dream’?

    The ‘American Dream’ has always had those people as its dark side. What’s happening now, is that the Internet is making the two sides and their relation increasingly obvious. The dark side cannot hide anymore, so it comes out full fledged with all its self-hatred, attempting to sow as much chaos as possible, to create those dark crevices once again in which it used to hide and manipulate. Because in the clear light of the sun, it’s inferiority can no longer be hidden.

    Everyone can see you, Collen, in the clear light of day.


    collen ryan Reply:

    First you’re definitely a run of the mill commie minority with the typical commie understanding of economics and minority gimmee morality. But before i school you i will give you that there surely is a type of white that cares more for money than his nation people culture, its the type that conspires with jews etc.

    And while this in no way persuades me to follow you down the road to socialist serfdom and ruin;if you had been paying the slightest attention to what i have been saying for half a decade here, then you would know that it has convinced me that capitalism must be critiqued from the right, which will lead to its subordination to the culture that sustains the people and their nations.It will also more closely follow the right ism of carlyle etal.

    To be extra clear since i am dealing with a commie nigger who wants free shit, socialism is equally destructive to the volk.The volk need hard work and instant feedback to bad behavior. They don’t need jew porn or debt monetization, pirated chinese junk or indians laughably incompetent attempts at trying to sort their software and corporate call centers. The worst part of niggers in ones nations in it causes an inability to hold ones own to ones higher standards, the left wont allow it because it would highlight the utter uselessness of non whites if only whites were summarily kicked off the dole.

    As for youre little peeve about republicans and the post office, well wait lets stop for a moment and ask WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN FOR FIVE YEARS CONFLATING NRX ME AND THE CUCKSERVATIVE GOP??????????? I am in NO WAY A REPUBLICAN PARTY RUNNING CUCK>
    That said I know a little about ERISA and the fed govt pension guarantee obligation. “Fully Funded” means that if every employee retired today under the existing rules of the pension plan the plan has enough assets to cover the obligations incurred. In other words that the plan is not running a Ponzi scheme whereby member contributions that are supposed to be in an account under the members name for the members use are NOT being used instead to pay current retirees because current retirees payments were long ago spent or current retirees are being paid in excess of their contributions.
    Now i fully understand to a commie nigger this translates as

    “Imagine what the right would say if President Obama and the Democrats proposed legislation that required businesses and corporations to fully fund health care benefits for all of their current workers and workers who haven not even been born yet.”

    because in nigger economics Ponzi schemes are the norm. And BTW the fed does require every pension plan to annually undergo audits for just that they have the choice if solvent enough to partition off the money already collected under the terms already agreed to and inform members from here on out future contributions will yield such and such, or they can send a notice they are in critical status and that future contributions may only yield such and such but with the option of increased contributions from members for period of time negotiated with govt current payouts may remain if they manage to emerge from critical status successfully market conditions withstanding.

    The post office is not a model of government success it is in fact a nigger affirmative action success and has been operating at a deficit for decades.Congress does not simply fund it because they understand the utter shiftlessness of niggers is infinite and whatever they are given they will waste also.at least UPS can manage its nigger plantation because the UPS niggers do not vote their bosses into office. To make matters worse they have allowed Bezos to use it as a discount last mile delivery service for less than cost but more than the actual work is worth. Thus the post office gets enough cash to keep the niggers in flat screens and hair weaves and Bezos gets the service at what its worth, apparently though hes not happy and is building his own last mile organization- good riddance.
    should the USG have govt mail service?NONONO no govt should have one more employee than it absolutely needs, government employment is moral hazard.And if that means I must pay $2.50 for the UPS version of snail mail that I use maybe twice a month then so be it. BTW Methinks axfag is actually a postal service affirmative action case as well as a homsexual. wow artx youre so read mary. I wonder while youre in youre little postal uniform do you pine to get home and change into your hegira garb.

    AS to the second part of your diatribe its textbook leftist garbage thinking lies about how we wuz kangs and evil whitey housed all our ideas and treasure and theyre so stupid and evil yada yada… Didn’t you tell us all last year how you indians invent guns and rockets? so how is it that europeans were able to use them to steal your what is it you claim to have invented the Zero. You know no one believes all that the indians invented zero and the muslims invented algebra crap anymore than we believe the pharaohs were niggers, do you not understand what I meant when yesterday i called you a nigger mime, thinking you cleverly imitate us meanwhile youre using the big words all wrong and citing nation of islam and israel historians. We took your country because we could and its what killer apes do. we could take it again tomorrow but its no longer worth the bother. You would again be better off if we did and ran your nation for you. The only ones stealing ideas and resources is non whites look down at the shoes and clothes you wear, the house you are in the technology you use the language you speak about the ideas you think you understand its all western. 90% of you non whites would not exist if not for us, and those that did would be living as you did 80,000 years ago sitting in the mud slapping flies and popping them in your mouth.

    As for Land of course hes “stupid enough to argue the point” it is the point HBD equals white mans burden unsustainable, time to jettison third world to dustbin of history is the NRX core belief. All the rest is hand waving to attract the jews they hope to recruit, sadly as I said they are a couple three decades to late and the jews are sluggish and the white boys are not waiting for nrx to align with history they missed the boat. NRX will reboot or become passe.
    1950s is a indicator what we are simply talking about is white men running white nations again. all the shit you and the nrx jews want to try and throw on top of that simple proposition is just your wanting to try and stop history so you can get involved on your terms, but those days are over. jews and niggers are not going to decide anything anymore. You might have pulled it off you definitely overreached and jumped the shark and hastened in the storm troopers.I think it was inevitable but who to say one things for certain whites are simply fed up even liberal whites are at peak nigger. leftism has no mechanism to stop ratcheting. Its not going to dictate terms of its surrender its being laughed out of the room.

    So white men are going to just stop tiptoeing around trying to be nice to the defectives and start getting shit done, this is going to be explosively self reinforcing there’s going to be these moments where people will realize how insane we had become. Look how easily an idiot like trump was able to start the economy and start to bitch slap the niggers of the world.

    How are you going to stop this? youre going to say no white trash vote with the niggers for more welfare? or no white vote for the jew billionaires to own the nation and you so you can bejust like a real nigger? White men are the only competences we also have all the guns we already are in charge of everything, and we are fed up with this nigger women crap its humiliating to have our name on this shit and its become so unprofitable for the average white man that we would rather go through the hassle of changing the rulers than put up with it another minute. No ones gonna be able to stop that . what some faggot jew new york times writer is going to stop this> maybe you think you or some biutches inpussy hats can stop this. People back the strong horse, the smart jews already know what time it is and are hoping they can stay if they behave.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    You’re talking a load of shit, Collen, and you know that very well.

    The “Fully Funded” condition of asset sufficiency to cover retirement costs of present day employees, has nothing to do with the demand for asset sufficiency covering employees 75 years in the future, who haven’t even been born yet. So, right there, you’re talking a ‘crock of shit’ as as you Americans say.
    You’re also lying. The post office has been in deficit for two years, since it was burdened with excessive retirement fund obligations, said burden being deliberately placed there in order to create a huge cash reserve that could be asset-stripped on privatisation. I said all this in the last comment, anyway.
    The post office made a profit; affirmative action made a profit; but we all know over here exactly what stupid, malevolent, lying peasants with huge ambition, but no ability, can’t compete in an even playing field, so couldn’t allow that to carry on.
    Only the other day, you were recommending that the post office charge Jeff Bezos more. Today, now that your associating the post office with Afro-Americans and affirmative action, you trot out the big-government-is-bad arguments, with no actual evidence, in this specific case. You’re such a dweeb, as they say.

    Using British forces to tame the USA, with affirmative action. Taking the gold and silver of that land, was affirmative action. Getting Britain into a war with France and Spain, and absconding with the profits to the USA, was affirmative action. All of these things were affirmative actions supporting a circus-like mimetic replay of European culture, according to the desires of religious zealots, criminals, and mercenary profiteers. No wonder you’re in such a mess, and Trump exemplifies that very, very well.
    The problem with you people is that you’re so narcissistic and insecure, you can’t bear to be confronted with the fact that your tiny little world has been constituted from forces outside of the petty concerns your exclusively obsessed with. This leads to hysterical paranoia; outrageous claims; and outright lies. All of which you’re very good at, Collen.

    I said Indians invented rockets, not guns.
    The rest of your shit is not worth responding to.

    One thing you’re right about, is that the entire USA is run as a Ponzi scheme. That’s becoming clearer, as time goes on. But people like you, Collen, are central in that scheming.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Correction “you’re exclusively obsessed with”

    collen ryan Reply:

    God youre a moron.

    Look Im not going to argue about the US post office its insolvency has been a disgrace in the USA for decades. I did and do object to Bezos being given below post office operating cost shipping rates, but for two reasons. and if you understood economics you would see theirs no contradiction. The concept is cash flow. The post office is losing money ultimately on the bezos business but is generating cash flow that keeps it from having to face the politicians again and explain its insolvency and ask again for more welfare. If the post office were the model of nigger economics that you claim then privatizing it will be no problem everyone will still be able to maintain their current level of affirmative action nigger productivity and the new owners will enjoy the profits you claim are being stripped away by who exactly? but thats not the case and you know it the niggers are lazy incompetents that cant be fired and if it were privatized half of them would be sacked and replaced with robots made by white men. which is why you are afraid of losing your job. Of course i object to Bezos or any so called capitalist getting any free anything from the government, at least unless we are crystal clear its a temporary situation to accomplish a new economic model like say the no tax on internet commerce we had for a while which also made Bezos the richest man in the world. That said as i understand it even at the five fingered discount Bezos is getting he doesn’t feel its actually worth even that and is working on his own last mile systems.
    If it makes you feel any better i think even though 95% of mail is junk its still a service we like and we will find ways to maintain it. Its pretty clear internet shopping is here to stay i have packages delivered daily most people delivered increaingly often theres no reason letters couldnt be piggy backed onto the systems that will continue to deliver packages. Bezos isnt the only free loader most mail is junk and also is getting a discount as are the price of stamps. the way to get to the truth and reality is privitization.

    collen ryan Reply:

    One thing you’re right about, is that the entire USA is run as a Ponzi scheme. That’s becoming clearer, as time goes on. But people like you, Collen, are central in that scheming.”


    Im not central in that scheme I am definitely a net taxpayer. And an extremely productive citizen even a philanthropist

    our annual debt however equals what we pay out in welfare, but that is just the fraction of what diversity costs. diversity costs probably ten times that in lost productivity and lost opportunity.both from affirmative action and our best and brightest whites working not in terraforming mars but as nigger apologists. the entire legal system from civil courts full of nigger and jew lawsuits to the entire criminal system courts prisons parole immigration is 90% niggers or the result of not being able to any longer culturallly control our own because of the presense of niggers and jews.
    the insurance industry the education and medical industries all are burdened by niggers to crippling degrees.our entire government is run by niggers from the post office to the IRS and local governments are all make work for nigger programs

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    You’re talking a load of shit, Collen, and you know it.
    I agree with you about the spam, it costs the world $50 billion a year to get rid of it.
    The issue is not public versus privatisation. It’s doing the job, as stated, without corruption.
    The reality is that both public and private have been compromised by corruption.
    Insofar as you want to blame particular ethnic groups, you are only serving that corruption, in both larger and less senses. You’re incapable of understanding that now, and perhaps always will be, but nevertheless that is the case, as I have stated.

    Wagner Reply:

    “You’re all inferior and hate yourselves, *therefore* me and my monkeypeople belong in your country.”

    Rohme, O Rohme, where art thou O Rohme, with thy pooper-scooper? We have a bit of a non sequitur mess to pick up here.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Waggy, In ethnic terms, if you want to go all ‘homeland’ about it, you don’t belong in America. The USA does not belong in America.


    Wagner Reply:

    Follow that logic the next step and the injuns don’t belong in America, apparently America belongs to the birds and bugs.

    Wagner Reply:

    America belongs to the noble buffalo. Before those crafty Indians with their bigoted bow and arrow technology subjugated them all they did was roam around the plains peacefully. The noble buffalo deserves to run the casinos in this country as reparation for oppression.

    collen ryan Reply:


    what is good in life

    collen ryan Reply:

    i specioust terms ( punjab def intended) the injins who genocided the woolly mammoth and several other species. But its good you point out the difference between how a savage people expands into needed land and how a white people expands only in as far as needed. In hindsight its now clear this overly christian care for subhuman hominid species in the lands we expanded into was a mistake. It was so incredibly expensive to us in the long run we would be better off making do. And it was no favor to the nigger races exposing them to technology and ideas they simply cant handle. you know the start trek think about that well ax they mean you and your people and the other niggers were ruined by white technology. As I have said at this point its best to reduce all of you to game park size herds keeping only the best specimens of the least tainted by western exposure. Perhaps even lobotomizing the elders or pulling their tongues so they can raise a new generation without passing on what they witnessed. This way they will just think the drones that keep them within the parks are gods or strange animals.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    You misunderstand, again, Waggy. There’s no moral argument involved. I don’t need one. Your argument is against multiculturalism. It’s reasonable to assume that your proposed monoculturalism is contingent on the notion of geospatial proximity. Each alleged monoculture in its own space. Therefore, even before any notion of ethical rights to such a space, a more important question needs to be considered.
    The question would be one of origination. In what geospatiality did a given ethnolinguistic and ethnocultural community arise? Whatever the play of various state forms and imperialisms over that territory; the corresponding variations of language; there might occasionally be a sense in which ethnolinguistic and ethnocultural community can be said to have fairly stable relations of continuity with a particular geographical area. The pertinent point would be that the languages and cultures involved for the most part were formed in and by that area. They belong to that area, as much as that area belongs to them.

    This is something that Native Americans have in America, but really no one else does. The USA doesn’t belong to the land, in the way that the Native American does.
    This is why Native Americans experience far more injustice in the present day, if statistics are to be believed, then any other group. It also explains the hysteria, insanity, and overall irresponsibility, of the USA. This is why some, not all, USA Americans are always so desperate to justify themselves, because they’re not sure of their place. The land is very forgiving, but not of those who don’t really care for it, and are callous exploiters through and through. Those types will never be at peace. They need war to justify themselves.


    collen ryan Reply:

    “It’s reasonable to assume that your proposed monoculturalism is contingent on the notion of geospatial proximity. Each alleged monoculture in its own space. Therefore, even before any notion of ethical rights to such a space, a more important question needs to be considered.
    The question would be one of origination. In what geospatiality did a given ethnolinguistic and ethnocultural community arise?”

    Nothing of the sort is reasonable to assume, its you thats is still clinging to outdated enlightment white slave morality, stiff upper lip ideals of fair play. you still dont get the FIRST FUCKING THING ABOUT NRX ALT RIGHT ETC>

    ITS about biological reality, there is no fucking morality no natural law no english court to appeal your salt strike rights to. There is the raw power of white men to take what is theirs- EVERYTHING IS THEIRS.Because we can, that is what gives us the right. Maybe we really do need rhome to spank your faggot ass youde both enjoy that huh?
    You need to read up on property rights, yeah skip the last 5000 years and go back to the beginning. It is written in our DNA By ANY means necessary survive reproduce.
    And this is the cruz again of what went wrong we applied an agreement among whites constructed to make business more profitable and let jews work over a couple generations of effette faggots who who forgot what it took to get where we are and the jews convinced these faggots that outsiders are part of the social contract CUCK CUCK CUCK. The social contract is for whites only to further whites interests its not a universal constant for niggers to exploit. you have no standing in our system. THis is all because we let the fucking jews in and they insidiously twist things over generations.

    American indians have no ,ore right to america than indians have to the sub continent, its all ours you exist at out pleasure. The moment you can no longer afford our goods youre gone we will repopulate the joint with productive whites who can afford our goods.

    god youre a moron american indians moral right to america yeah right

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    What did I say?
    “There’s no moral argument involved. I don’t need one. ”
    So why are you still going on about morality?
    It’s because of that intellectual inferiority, isn’t it?

    The ‘geospatial culture language origins and relations’ argument has nothing to do with ethical considerations. If it’s moral, it’s only moral in the sense that moralis means customary. So it has nothing to do with rights.
    The problem with people from the USA, is they go on and on about rights; they hallucinate them in their sleep. So very boring. But it’s a historical artefact of the mixture of religious zealotry, criminality, and mercenary extortions. The fevered, peasant rejects of Europe, all collected together in a desperate hysteria of ever more ridiculous justifications.

    Maldo Reply:


    Read this, Mr. Khangz


    Posted on January 8th, 2018 at 2:55 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    if you yearn so much for white validation you’re in the wrong hardware store looking for oranges.
    Land is no more going to apologize for the Raj than other British Marxist like Hitchens would apologize to the sand niggers. they may be commies but they are still Englishmen.
    Land cant throw us off his website ( well he can on an ego basis but he cant defend it) and doesn’t because he is smart enough to know his little philosophy project supports us, in fact is based on us. With out HBD moldberg is just a millionaire yuppie tech jew claiming he should rule the world as absolute owner of all mankind. Now whos going to go for that? Do I need to play the video again of him trying to present it to fellow hipster faggots without all the juicy racist bits? No land gets how arguments work and what is integral and while he would prefer to not dwell on the ugly bit because redpilling hipster faggots is a delicate operation, he cant exactly destroy the foundation. If you had read Moldberg you would know these things, you would like him he very hipster faggy like you and funny and intelligent. Anyway he spends a lot of time on why the enlightenment must go- hint because it was wrong fundamentally so. Do you know which bit is the really problematic bit? “All men are created equal” This is the exact place where western civilization goes off the rails. this is the heart of darkness the Dark Enlightenment. Now obviously every single man has a theoretical place in the spectrum of abilities, but HBD goes much deeper than mere cognitive or other abilities it goes to all sorts of traits that make for or destroy civilization.And its makes the groundbreaking assertion that even if a given group of hominids has equal abilities they are not necessarily compatible with another group or groups. Thus did land red pill me on the JQ. Which led me to realize the chinese question is going to be a thousand times more existential, and that women are perhaps the biggest problem of all. You see we whites have immense issues before us and simply have no more time for niggers you are simply not worth another second or dollar you must go. Now i realize you are hoping to make the case( because you are so dense you just missed what i said) That because there might be a white man somewhere theoretically dumber than you that you should get his spot in whitopia. Sadly this is not to be, it doesnt work that way, because of the reason just given. But also if you think about it that idea is what we already have and is such a disaster. but also because if we allowed a white cognitive signalling spiral eventually we end up with only the smartest guy in the white world all alone and something tells me hes not very good at fighting. so land is not offering prole white spots to niggers on elysium. he just cant be explicit about this anti asian thing while you know living on the cheap an academics life in china. So the answers no youre not coming and yes all the whites are. Thats not to say we may not cull a few or at least straighten them out and begin a breeding program.
    As i was saying if you are really so desperate for a white mans affirmation thats you are more than a nigger may i suggest this excellent website where anyone who is not a sub saharan african may join in fraternal solidarity sharing nigger jokes and stories, They have a strict policy against any wog kike camel jockey etc jokes and all are welcome to vent on the damnable black nigger. http://www.niggermania.com/ Artxnal you will be welcomed there as if you were white I know its not the same as getting an actual englishman to say you are not a bloody nigger wog but couldn’t you settle for some redneck americans embrace as a non nigger?.


    Posted on January 8th, 2018 at 10:38 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    so lets talk about what has to change. what went wrong

    we have talked about capiotalism having been as destructive as socialism we can continue that but what else

    christianity has to go. its worse even than the enlightenment with its all men are gods children and the least is the greatest.
    Its also a threat to order setting itself above the state and law.
    its for a few hundred years now a universal religion open to any nigger who claims to be saved.
    its also an irrational superstition setting itself up as a higher truth utter nonsense but man seems to have a “religious gene” so once indoctrinated doublethink is no problem. we cant have a hyper rational state and an irrational religion, this is why i propose nazism of a sorts be the religious replacement, its the only thing with as strong instinct and its impossible to entry a race you dont really belong to. but whatever christianity has to go.

    the women problem. its tough I think i dont think the islamic model is really right jims thinks its not harsh enough any thoughts.

    of course we have the whole democracy vs nothing but hand waves issue love to here actual concrete solutions that could actually be implemented without 23rd century technology. My proposal is only adult white men who are net tax payers or veterans can participate, its familiar it appeals to the old slave morality its technically still the law and most importantly it recognizes the people that have the power anyway.

    what else


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    I must say, you’re very good at your job. State-of-the-art! Somehow you found a way of combining the respective outputs from your local sewer system, and hospital for the criminally insane, managing to pipe the mixture straight onto the comment section of this blog!
    Obviously, you fitted a similar system straight into Trump’s brain.


    Wagner Reply:

    The problem with Jim is he’s a Trump-schmoozer, like many on the alt-right, including King BAP. I love Jim, love Trump, love BAP, but Moldbuggism proper wants nothing to do with any of that. Moldbug himself as I mentioned before I suspect of giving Trump blumpkins, so “do as I say not as I do” with him I guess. When you involve yourself with democratic politics you become a moron, by necessity. Even we’re involved right now by having this discussion – my only defense is at least I feel dirty for it, you all don’t seem to notice the dirt involved in playing this game. But like I said, most of the bigbrain frogs and NRxers are Machiavellians so they wouldn’t admit that anyway – I’m a Nietzschean so I believe all the truth should be on the table, thus I admit it, foolhardy as it may be.

    Mike I think a problem you and I have regarding Artxell is our Christian genes make us see him as a human being even when he’s not; we should just scrap that impulse, honestly.

    Regarding woman I think the white sharia meme that floats around is a pure larp; well, I take that back: that would mesh well with the consciousnesses of many proles, but for me at least, I’ve been with a couple Persian girls and they’re fun to fuck and all but as far as wife-material, nah. The other day I gave this little asian girl some light compliment and she exclaimed “Oh!” and clapped her hands together to her heart; whereas if I said it to a white girl she would’ve turned her nose up at me. Søren will read this in Heaven and hate me for it but, no chase no reward. Our women evolved some degree of feminism, I like em catty and cruel, maybe I’m just fucked up in the head Idk, but I like a woman who keeps me on my toes; a totally submissive woman turns me off; again, fun to fuck but that’s it. The proles will probably think a little differently on this but what the PUA losers call “shit-tests” I just see as enjoyable, the term shit-test itself is spawned from a butthurt loser mindset. White men have evolved to some extent from their women being cunts to them, I kinda like cunts, again maybe I’m just a sado-masochist who needs to see a doctor Idk, I just don’t like my women docilely bovine. And yeah no shit feminism is a huge problem, one of the “Big 3”, but spasmodically reacting with demands for white sharia is just retarded. Maybe for the chuckling dumbasses that constitute what Artxell rightly calls “the all-trite” that would work but uh I’ll pass personally. Yeah the chuckling dumbasses will call me a betacuck for this, I just think you guys are butthurt losers who can’t handle bantz from women so resort to drastic measures, sorry! Had your balls chopped off one too many times, that’s my diagnosis of you.

    RE: Christianity: it’s obfuscatory to phrase it that way. Christianity is already gone, we have a secular faith in compassion now, it’s Progressivism, not Christianity that has to go. Your tactic of shedding morality and going full-Darwinism (such is the consensus at Jim’s blog it seems) is naive. What we need is a more moral morality. It’s more compassionate to let the weak die off so that the strong can grow stronger. The weak hold the strong back, this is what is immoral. You really don’t shed morality anyway, you just smuggle in crypto-morality. Like I’ve told you before, “survival” begs the question of “why” survive. Why survive? It’s GOOD to survive, e.g. There’s always morality, it’s an always-already, it’s one with the human condition, it will probably be one with the AI condition (the latter in some highly bizarre form). You said the other day philosophy is dead, physics lives in its place. Physics and Darwinism, and any “science” is only concerned with Is. Without an Ought there is no reason to e.g. start up an ethnostate, without an Ought there is no reason to shove Sartres in lockers, etc. If you somehow infer and Ought from the Is of physics you’re dealing with morality, and if you infer an Ought from the Is of physics you’re not really dealing with physics proper anymore.


    Wagner Reply:

    On the other hand RE: women: I do have a bit of an Asian fetish, I have to confess. We need something between Asian and white. Some of the frogs are resigning to the fate of wifing up Hapa broads – eh. I think we should just let Trumpian incivility soak into the American psyche and in a couple years we’ll be able to make smiting women great again (without getting fired for it, e.g) and we can tame our women back into quasi-submissiveness. One of the things I really want to bring back is fat-shaming, I have to really control myself when I see a fat bitch eating bacon or cake or something like that. Hopefully in the next few years we’ll be able to make pig-noises at them when we see that without any penalty.


    (I have a great pig impression IRL, I’ve been practicing since high school)


    Wagner Reply:

    If we’re going to talk about IDEALS though, a wife like Yeats’s is the kind I’m shooting for:


    “On the afternoon of October 24th, 1917, four days after my marriage, my wife surprised me by attempting automatic writing. What came in disjointed sentences, in almost illegible writing, was so exciting, sometimes so profound, that I persuaded her to give an hour or so day after day to the unknown writer, and after some half dozen such hours offered to spend what remained of life explaining and piecing together those scattered sentences. ‘No,’ was the answer, ‘we have come to give you metaphors for poetry.’”

    Yeats and his wife continued to pursue this extraordinary experience over the course of the next seven years, and Yeats recorded the results in 1925 in A Vision. Mrs. Yeats’ efforts at automatic writing led to the conscious formulation of an elaborate system of actively related opposites, providing Yeats with something in which he could finally believe, something that left his “imagination free to create as it chose.”

    The system of supernaturally revealed images of A Vision gave Yeats both a method by which he was able to categorize humanity and a method for dealing with history. Eventually, too, Yeats did find in these communications the metaphors for poetry he had been promised. Explaining as it does the sources and significances of such recurrent images and themes as “the anti-self,” “gyres,” and “the phases of the moon,” A Vision is essential to any understanding of many of his most notable poems. It also contains some of the most penetrating and beautiful prose that Yeats ever wrote.

    This Collier edition contains all of Yeats’ final revisions, including the major addition to the second edition, “A Packet for Ezra Pound.”

    From A Vision:


    “Taken in relation to the wheel, the diamond and the hour-glass are two pulsations, one expanding, one contracting. I can see them like jelly fish in clear water.”

    W. B. Yeats: Not A Normie

    While we’re on the subject of Yeats though, this may be of some relevance:

    “That Yeats was attracted to the Fascists is indisputable. He criticized them in occasional detail, mainly because he thought them entirely wrong in sponsoring large families, but generally they caught his imagination; he seems to have traced a straight line between Fascism and old-world charm. Still, he could not be more than a tourist in Fascist Italy. This is Pound’s meaning, I think, in a passage from Thrones:

    “But the lot of ‘em, Yeats, Possum, Old Wyndham
    had no ground to stand on
    Black shawls still worn for Demeter
    in Venice,
    in my time,
    my young time.”

    Pound is saying that the trouble with Yeats, Eliot, and Lewis in their political sentiments is that their feelings are not grounded in their soil, whereas the Fascists are expressing the genuine Italian tradition, the genius of their place. There is a lot to be said for this view, incidentally. Eliot himself warned that sound political thought in one country cannot be built upon political facts in another: for his own part, I might mention, he is on record as saying that Fascism, considered as a political faith, is humbug. In Ireland, Yeats’s cordiality to the Blueshirts was certainly an attempt to sponsor an authoritarian movement that would utter “the speech of the place.””
    Denis Donoghue, William Butler Yeats

    collen ryan Reply:

    I def get the chase thing breaking high IQ jeweses into sniveling crying piles of broken …. i digress. But you know in the long run those were the relationships that led to hell. a couple decades ago i started asking guys what kind of women they like and found its always the same. we like them feminine and we mean submissive when we say that not grovelling but not trying to outcompete you and argue etc. we like them to be supported of our play. Obvious flirtation is chase is by definition not totally submissive, but if you think about it part of the fun is we know they want to be caught we know they enjoy being taken “against their will”
    Agree the white islam thing doesn’t seem right, but im always about whats going to work sustainably, how did we get from then to now. to me jims islamophilia is like the technocapitalism it certainly addresses the current excesses but kind of fails to admit what the excesses were that led to the current overswing.Or as I say HBD is only being considered selectively. Yes whites have always had higher status for our women, and yet in cold climates …. If we are honest women have always had plenty of power. when Gibbon is not blaming christianity for the fall of Rome he is blaming women.Women have always in whitopia been delegated certain areas of responsibility and most men will listen to and consider a woman’s perspective when making a decision. But until very recently it was understood they had not the capacity to make the decisions a civilization had to make to survive. though as with all populations there have been exceptions but those exceptions were granted not assumed greater autonomy. women as leaders have usually been place holders until suitable male heirs can again rule and to avoid a war in the meantime.
    I keep saying whites have a low tolerance for suffering in others for what we perceive as injustice ( which has been manipulated as we have moved away from harsh nature to jew insidiousness as our guide) so i say we need systems that take into account whites propensity for righting things. I don’t think whites have any problem whatsoever with women being submissives its as plain to us as day, none of us are really comfortable with feminism. we do have a problem with oppression real oppression not the BS type. The rub of the problem is how to police oppression to avoid a over reaction to oppression like feminism. One place to start is to wonder if at about the time of feminism beginning was oppression a real thing in all classes or was it only really in the lower classes that were also experiencing other social standard inadequacies, in other words had the project to bring all white classes up to upper whites standards proceed without the interference of the jews etal would the problem have resolved itself? Its tricky because 4g war will use whatevers at hand so if upper class women did want mre freedom they may have pointed at lower class women being legally beaten by drunken husbands, or it could be that it was just idle upper class women wanting to solve a problem they didnt have but could countenance.or a number of other things. Then you need to see can law solve this or must it be cultural. i think law has been very problematic when trying to uniformly solve problems with little uniformity

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    I’m sorry to have to tell you this, Waggy, but that ‘pig impression’ seems to be stuck to you. What did Dali say, about being a genius? You seem to have chosen a ‘pig’, or at least your derogatory idea of a pig, as what seems to have become an over-successful modelling.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    If it is the case that the Occident axiomatically follows a homogenising logic of identity and ‘sameness’; with the cliched corollaries of homosexuality and misogyny, then Yeats’ use of his wife as an auto(mated) doorway to difference would be in accord with such a logic. Yeats is mated to himself (auto), but mediates beyond himself through his wife, who through being deprived of herself, functions as an antenna and writing instrument of Yeats’ self-inscription.

    Ironically, the entire output of the All-trite, Neoreaction, etc., can be read as a kind of automatic bigotry; the stream of a dis-eased, pathological Occidental consciousness.

    collen ryan Reply:

    Ditto on Jim and trump I used to keep telling him how ludicrous it was to think trumps playing 3D chess. New yorkers like me have known trump forever hes exactly what he seems. Yes quite possible moldberg is whispering in trumps ear through theil, but Trumps a very old fashioned simple guys moldberg cant really get anything moldberian through to trump. Except that trump already is contemptuous of democracy as most leaders are as i would be if i were a president, hes trying to act as a CEO but not because NRX because leaders just always do that unless somehow you get a faggot nigger community organizer electer somehow which can only happen once the deep state starts orchestrating things.

    I dont know about this anti democracy thing. My ideas about how ultimately organize aside.its not just you and I and moldberg but land on twitter and the entire alt right we are all breaking the NPAP. That says something, I like to look at what is actually happening when trying to discern reality. The entire NRX and its offshoot are political. why because its the most direct way to execute our interests outside war. which is of course why we came up with it. Now we have this new concept of 4g war, and i find it really hard to actually see where the line between 4g war and politics is,and its called 4g war because others cant see the line between it and war war.
    I suppose you can say oh well its the two party thing we are talking about, they are really the same so youre damned either way. But the game thats being played is not two party. over the past 50 years we have slowly come to understand the two parties were a farce. and we used to just discard parties and invent new ones.and europe has dozens.so no one playing politics in the USA is playing two part politics, their may still be a few people who fit in whatever definition of republican or democrat you have and plenty more who find it convenient to use one or the other as a vehicle to effect their particular interests but almost no one is any longer one of the two parties.And the old weapons of the parties are changing. no more ward bosses.

    so say your an NRX and you have this ultimate goal of patchdom, you cant just do nothing and hope like moldberg prescribes because we all know that model isn’t going to happen spontaneously. you could put together a intelligence service and wage 4g war in all sorts of ways.But you’re a hipster faggot that isn’t about to risk your life and sacred honor for anything.so either you accept that nrx is nothing but a larpy blog, or you enter the fray. you might support a president who is more pro capitalist and race realist and contemptuous of both committee and the tactics of the cathedral propaganda. You might support certain technological advances that distribute power knowledge technology and thereby weaken government, you might support exit in all forms or only some forms. you might support certain cultural movements against the cathedral. you might do these things in many ways and never bother to register to vote.Is this politics or 4g war?

    As you know I think this nrx faggot position of become worthy to rule by sitting on your ass blogging is stupid and typical millennial hipster. Heres a project Im working on for instance. I hate to talk out loud about these things you never know whos reading, but when i say go to war and you all say the seals will shoot me in the woods….. this is one type of thing i mean
    There are about a dozen fraternal organizations eagles elks mason oddfellows vfw etc they are desperate for young blood because atomization and time have decimated their ranks to guys in their 60s and up and their wives. If you talk to them they will tell you walk right in and take over in a few years. These organization not only have a lot of wealth in real estate and philanthropic enterprises. But that’s only a fraction of their value they have billions of dollars of social capital. They are up and running legal enterprizes in every small town in america legally owned and operated by white men only they have excellent street cred in everywhere america they were too boring for the jews to infiltrate they are their for the taking. all you need to do is get a two or three bright right thinking younger guys to show up and join. they actually have a lot to offer like golf courses nightclubs campgrounds where these new guys can utilize for their families as they were intended, meanwhile they are gently steering these huge philanthropic enterprises towards white nationalism or nrx or whatever you wish to call it.the old codgers are pretty alt right anyway though im sure plenty are pretty cucky as well but as long as you dont show up all neo nazi and play the long game you end up controlling these places by default, their philanthropy is mostly local but they all kick up to the national level where they have hospitals and things. is that war or politics?


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    You’re trying to anchor yourself in the distinction between ‘ought’ and ‘is’. It’s okay as a practical, operational distinction, but there are problems with its absolutisation, if relied on too much. There is a danger of it becoming a conceptual ghetto.
    Mainly because of two reasons. The notion of ‘is’, in practical positioning terms, is highly problematic; there is no determinable and quantifiable, delimited ‘is’. You can’t take it for granted, Friedrich Nietzsche at least should have taught you that, even though he has his own fixations. But the task is not to slum in Nietzsche, all of that is known and it’s possible to do better, see further.

    The ‘ought’, again, is really unnecessary. Enough experimentation has been done to know what activity-cycles produce what life-effects. That people like yourselves, and arguably the Occident generally, seem unable to comprehend that, is another question relating to ability, education, temperament, culture, a whole host of factors, et cetera.
    Perhaps though, it can all be boiled down to a psychology of expectation and demand, but entirely lacking any understanding not filtered through the modality of demand. Hence the ‘consumer society’, and the attempted entrainment of all expectations, which then becomes the hegemonic perspective and assumption economising all thought of the ‘ought’.
    Reversing a few behavioural conventions and setting up new hypostatic dogmas, as the All-Trite and Neoreaction do, is not really anything more than the usual and expected moronic transition of the same Occidental mechanism.

    You’re wrong about the Sartrianism. I haven’t bothered reading him, and Heidegger is probably right to call his stuff “drek”. Cartesian replay of traditional Occidental ego-forms, dramatising a little bit according to ‘bad faith’ rather than ‘good faith’; revelatory, of course, of the Occidental self-loathing that Collen demonstrates so well. Traditional, Western theology/anti-theology machined-self.
    Effectively, what the all-trite, Neoreaction, Conservative Collen, you, etc., are all doing is just turning the same old, Sartrian trick. Especially in the USA, because everything is self-talk in the USA. If it’s not psychobiography, no one understands it, they look blank and are speechless. A whole bunch of Occidental androids scuttling about, beeping “Me, me, me!”
    Look at Collen. Since he’s been commenting on this blog, it’s turned into the Oprah Winfrey show, a blog broadcast of his life story.

    As for the ‘human’, Waggy, that Occidental conception you seem so fond of, Michel Foucault put it quite well:

    “As the archaeology of our thought easily shows, man is an invention of recent date. And one perhaps nearing its end.
    If those arrangements were to disappear as they appeared, if some event of which we can at the moment do no more than sense the possibility – without knowing either what its form will be or what it promises – were to cause them to crumble, as the ground of Classical thought did, at the end of the eighteenth century, then one can certainly wager that man would be erased, like a face drawn in sand at the edge of the sea.”

    (“The Order of Things”, Michel Foucault; 1966)”


    collen ryan Reply:

    take everything the french communists taught you and consider it fucking garbage dont talk to me in that garbe shite commie deconstruct post structure gibberish its just speed freak gibberish all of it every last bit but one little thing they got right morality is subjective in as much as its all garbage the only thing that is good is to survive by any means to muktiply. winner take all. so shit on christianity shit on leftism its all the same garbage. your shite french commie philosophy is the worst of all the shit philosophy because its not even self consistent

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:


    [collen ryan] “take everything the french communists taught you and consider it fucking garbage dont talk to me in that garbe shite commie deconstruct post structure gibberish its just speed freak gibberish all of it every last bit but one little thing they got right morality is subjective in as much as its all garbage the only thing that is good is to survive by any means to muktiply. winner take all. so shit on christianity shit on leftism its all the same garbage. your shite french commie philosophy is the worst of all the shit philosophy because its not even self consistent”

    {AK}: This is, of course, the only philosophy to be expected of a shithead.

    In its traditional conception of morality, as anchored by minimalist subjectivity, the notion of survival is retained as an excremental absolute, worthy of Hegel. As we can see, all past moments of kultur are taken up by its vast, excremental movement.

    “Why SF trumps Theory: Sheckley vs. Zizek”

    “Because this, Carmody is the real present, upon which true art must be constructed. We consume, therefore we are! But men have been unwilling to face this vital fact. They have turned away from Garbage, that irreducible residue of our pleasures. Yet consider – what is waste? Is it not a memorial to our needs? Waste not, want not; this was the ancient counsel of anal anxiety. But now the the false axiom has changed. Why talk about waste? Indeed! Why talk about sex, or virtue, or any other important thing?………… …….See and believe , my friend. This is the wave of the future.Once upon a time men resisted the implications of actuality. That day is gone We know now that art is the thing itself together with its extensions into superfluity. Not pop art, I hasten to say, which sneers and exaggerates. This is ‘popular’ art, which simply exists. This is the age in which we unconditionally accept the unacceptable, and thus proclaim the naturalness of our artificiality” pp.136-7 “Dimension of Miracles” Robert Sheckley 1968

    And this, lol –

    “Civics of Commentary” by Artxell Knaphni – Monday, December 17, 2012

    Posted on January 9th, 2018 at 12:00 am Reply | Quote
  • Artxell Knaphni Says:

    Where did you get the idea that I was seeking any kind of validation? What have I written to suggest that? You’re blatantly projecting your own insecurity, perhaps the one that I described above.
    The rest of your anti-Semitic and racist screed is just so pathetic, a mixed up pile of nonsense, and not nonsense in a good way.
    What’s wrong with you, can’t you give value to yourself? I guess not, being an Occidental android and all.


    collen ryan Reply:

    WE get the idea because you have hung out on a white nationalist blog for five years being insulted and lapping it up asking for more.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    It’s a neo-reactionary blog, but even if it were a white nationalist blog, it doesn’t matter. The ideology doesn’t matter. I look for the strongest, philosophical expression of the ideology, which obviously is going to be Nick Land, not any of the other morons like mould bug. I only respond to you because you address me, otherwise your nonsense wouldn’t be worth wasting time on. Having said that, it hasn’t been entirely uninteresting.
    The insults don’t matter, but what is significant are the demonstrations of your and Neoreaction’s; All-Trite; etc., inferiority, which none of you, really, have been able to refute. All of your claims are reduced to being the incompetent and inconsistent nonsense, even according to your own values, that they are. Really, Collen, everything you write only insults you. I don’t enjoy calling anyone inferior, but you insist on making that call a fact, every time you write on this blog. You’re not alone in this, though. At least, ‘Imperial Energy’ had enough good judgement to stop arguing a point s/he was only destined to lose.


    collen ryan Reply:

    quibble quibble if you had READ MOLDBERG or any of the other reactionaries you would understand it goes like this all neoreactionaries are white nationalists but only some white nationalists are neoreactionaries. which is why i have been calling you a commie nigger on this white nationalist neoreactionary blog for five years.
    Nick land is the least of the neoreactionary nrxers, but even he wouldn’t appreciate your talking smack about his jew master. its really incredible you can be here so long and not understand where you are. Read radish the best of all reactionaries.and the one closest to lands reactionarism. these guys would be much more triggered by by questioning capitalism and monarchy than my nigger women and jew bashing.

    we don’t refute your self hate memes because they are nonsensical. But ok in language even a moron like i can understand explain how i hate myself and my ideas are evidence of this? because thus far you have only asserted this absurdity.

    I will also be honest with you i had a bad childhood and to survive became quite combative physically and verbally its a sort of guilty pleasure now, so no you are not really worth debating but a sick part of me likes to kick you around batty boy.
    but as a fellow human i too will give you some advice.

    youre way out of your depth, you think because land was once a commie you can blather on in post struck speak and get cred. You have no idea how hilarious that is or how post post modernism we are here. nothing you think you know is at all relevant. It just utterly pointless for you to be here talking culural marxism or whatever iteration and nom d plume you have come up with to hide its tired old reputation. your thinking is so fucking passe that the likes of that mormon cuck was tearing you a new one a decade ago, rules for radicals is read by the tea party now, jesus man we are all billionaires now.No its even beyond that for at least three years theres been a distinct movement toward despair of the nigger at the davos level at the academy level sure they still pay some lip service even you could make a case they have accelerated i would i say they jumped the shark, but the undercurrent always starts before the last act. the world is ending as you know it. trump brexit reaction these are all effects not causes.
    your lies are disproven so many times the world is exhausted with them no one want to be caught not clapping first but everyone is looking at everyone else just itching for the opportunity to stop this garbage.you are a nigger that is brighter than the average nigger and like bright niggers you look to see what you think smart whites are into but youre not a smart white so you dont really get it. this act of yours it wouldnt even pass at a decent university anymore. go online and look at all the niggers trying to sound like marcuse and shit. its garbage no ones saying it outloud yet but all the smart whites know it the jigs up.

    but they say just barely enough if you are a smart white like me you can see it coming.
    Now if i were really to step out of character and say sure i want more than white nationalism sure moldberg and land have some insights so yeah I hope its not going to simply devolve into the 4th reich. But that would certainly be better than this. and something like that is what is definitely going to happen if intelligent people do not intervene.
    But no one is going to be able to change the fundamental white nationalism that is going to happen what they could do if and only if they accept the inevitability id to temper it and add to it, now to be clear thats going to happen with or without reaction or alt right etc we are not actually going to replay ww2 but it will rhyme. Much of reaction is going to come to be anyway because its based on pretty general assumptions. but a lot wont nicks stuff is the worst this is going to be fairly populist unless you can reach an accommodation with the proles. they are not just reacting to the niggerization of their lands they are reacting to the financial rape and the cultural rape. so unless capital and intellect want to also replay the soviet era as well as the nazi era they need to find an accommodation they need to make life better for proles.
    you think you can convince proles to join with niggers, prole white know they are light years beyond niggers its the whole reason commies had to switch to race reditributionism whites reject communism because its a shit offer they know they are worth more.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    You’re just talking to yourself, Collenic. Until you can show an ability to actually think, your opinionating isn’t worth anything. To you and those like you, it might be. But I’m not interested in that.
    You’ve got the typical problem of the USA, overproduction of quantity, but no quality. It did help win World War II, I guess.
    Your entire output is confessional, whether psychoanalytic or religious. It’s marked by an overall sense of escalating desperation. I guess that’s why you’re unable to think critically.

    Posted on January 9th, 2018 at 12:06 am Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:


    Guess I need to QUOTE YOU AGAIN

    “Therefore, even before any notion of ethical rights to such a space, a more important question needs to be considered.
    The question would be one of origination. In what geospatiality did a given ethnolinguistic and ethnocultural community arise?”

    AS antone with a white brain can see you not only write, ‘before any notion of ETHICAL RIGHTS” which a white person not cucked in slave morality would rightly interpret ETHICS AS MORALITY- please spare me the convoluted BS about how they are different types of value judgements the argument depends on itself as a supposition.

    But even if you want to semantically claim you said “EVEN BEFORE” The question would arise…. PLEASE PLEASE tell us on what MORAL BASIS THIS QUESTION MUST ARISE ? As I have repeatedly told you there is no question ownership is a side effect of the power to posses and lasts only as long as that power lasts. AGAIN read property philosophy read moldberg and the authors he offers in support,read marx even, look around you think about history how does ownership arise, who owns israel jews do why do they own it because they took it and hold it. who owns the sioux nation there is no such thing for 130 years.

    Currently white people continue to maintain the ability to own the entire planet if we choose. whatever we say is whitopia is whitopia and will remain so until someone can take it. This is the whole of the law. How whites might choose to contract issues such as can the basques secede. is none of your fucking business, youre an outsider have no standing within our councils. frankly even the decisions you make in your own councils and lands you area allowed to occupy you make at our pleasure.

    I dont think I like empire it makes weak faggots out of men and leads to the ruin of a nation, a nation must remain martial though. israel has the right idea multiply and expand. So while i kind of agree with the white nationalist position of everyone in their own lands and enough with the nation building. I also think whites must eventually take over the planet entirely. If for no other reason than as long as another hominid species still exists its a potential threat. Also because its clear the data is in whites won and we need to admit this and own the fact we are the only race this universe needs going forward.I think technological distribution makes every day we allow non whites to exist a serious threat and as soon as we can rectify this the better.

    That said being no expert on our current race annihilation abilities a policy of everyone in their own country and the usg only bombing 5te shit out of those that threaten its interests. which certainly are not building competing nations.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    ‘Even before’, means a consideration allegedly coming before either ethical or moral consideration can even begin. Can’t you read? You are so very, very, stupid. Or you must be deliberately misinterpreting in order to have an excuse to repeat the same fixed notions constipated in your skull.
    You’re as bad as the worst religious nut!


    collen ryan Reply:

    Yeah axfag I can read and when youre not doing the nigger imitation of french drek philosophy i can even understand you. Which was i why I quoted both sentences and clearly offered you the chance to disavow the first but you had to still explain on what MORAL basic or If you prefer on what RATIONAL basis you claim the question must be answered. But of course you dont answer you insult. I answered it for you. There is no basis that requires the question be answered that is not moral, so you are demanding on a MORAL presumption that a question be answered according to another MORAL presumption that some sort of original nigger theory of property rights holds. No such nigger property rights do hold except in nigger slave morality theory. In real life he that can defend possession has ownership and with that ownership comes the right to declare the moral rights and wrongs within. pretty neat huh. funny your nigger brain understands this when your talking about french garbage philosophical oppression from false consciousness and shit. so think of it this way. false consciousness is realzzz like when the man oppresses you and declares his truth on your black ass that shit sticks or weez whips you to death and your conscious opposition dematerializes.

    ARE we good now? you understand its all ours because we can make it so, anyomne who question thus we can make no more. because we own it we can determine the rules within so EVEN within your idiotic excuse for a moral universe we still win it according to any morality you come up with because those very moralities give us the right like any stupid nigger to claim the right to our own truth comprende?

    fortunately being white and owning the universe we neednt resort to you bullshit value system though we simply make it so


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    No, you don’t understand anything. There was no moral consideration involved, insofar as morality might be ethically conceived. If you want to consider geography, population genetics, and cultural origination, as unavoidable examples of morality, at every point of their consideration, you’ve just moralised everything without exception, to the point of morality no longer having any conventionally determinate meaning. In which case, your proposal of it isn’t really saying anything determinate.

    European philosophy, generally, is partially rooted in Indian thought. French philosophy, through Saussure is directly influenced by Indian thought. British, or Anglo-American, analytical philosophy, and the logics it uses, are directly based on Indian thought. But those European borrowings are not as highly developed as their sources.

    collen ryan Reply:

    How can I say this more plainly fuck philosophy its all garbage. when it diverged from physics biology etc it became garbage semantics. And btw western philosophy is so not derived from india though it can be true that great minds think alike western thought rarely thinks like eastern thought.

    its you who understand nothing. I dont want to consider anything none of those things its you who claim they have to be considered that they must for some mysterious reason inform my decision to keep your kind out. I dont need to be informed by any of that. here is the process.

    we whites no longer want non whites around us we have the power to do that we do that. i dont give a fucking shit about your residency paper i declare them illegal i dont give a shit about colonialism history or what land you think is yours or when you think you held it I declare you an animal in my custody like the elephants and fish, i dont have to justify my desires and actions at certainly not to an animal, and what we humans may or may not discuss about how to treat animals outside our safe space is not a conversation for animals to participate or even hear. as i said and said and said the universe now belong to us the fact that you are alive in say india is no more relevant to my ownership of the universe than what position a certain fish or fowl or jungle bunny happens to occupy currently if i need you gone i will make you gone meantime you’re just an animal in my universe. maybe i need to make plain I own the animals absolutely the same way i own the rocks and the stars and the gold in the f=ground and the salt in the sea it is mine I am GOD,- how’s that for self hate nigger whites are gods- and i mean this we really could right now today demonstrate this if we had the inclination


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Yes, yes, it’s obvious you want to rule all things; as I’ve been saying, for some time now, “All ambition, but no ability.” That ambition-circuitry obviously gets increasingly frenzied and fried when faced with its vast swathes of ignorance, causing an escalation of aggressions, covert bewilderments collapsing again and again into the strident closures of set dogma.

    When that narcissistic strategy fails, it’s back to the good old Heideggerian Nietzsche interpretation.
    “Rather than not will, it wills nothing (destruction) at all” Heidegger

    You get your ideas as free giveaways out of a cereal packet: that’s really all neo-reactionaries mean, when they talk about involvements with reality. It’s the breakfast of inferiority.

    Wagner Reply:

    Artxell you’re not doing your people any favors here. You’re just giving people like me and Mike more and more confirmation that you’re a lost cause, for the meat grinder. And people like us are growing by the day – I suggest you watch the recent Pinker video.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Waggy, all you’re showing is that the intellectually inferior try to cover up their inferiority by making threats. There was an opportunity on this blog, for you and Collenic to prove at least a basic intellectual adequacy, but neither of you could even do that.
    Going back to the wider sociopolitical background, referring to it and the formation of your prospective gang, is not a demonstration of understanding, let alone of any vaunted intellectual superiority.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    How’s that? Given your lack of belief in the divine, it only sounds like a lack of self-belief, a lack requiring the unlimited acquiescence of others in order to sustain a divine claim without any actual or inner conviction.
    Or, given that you’ve said elsewhere that God is dead, it’s just a deathwish confirming your self-loathing.
    Obviously, not a creator God, but a Demon destroyer. Using a nuclear annihilation that was based on a Jewish creation, Einstein, which by the sounds of your anti-Semitism he should have kept for his own people, against you. So, not a creator God that gives to others, but merely a Demon destroyer who takes.

    I wonder if your animosity against Afro-Americans is explained by women rating Afro men as highest on the scale of attractiveness and desirability? Perhaps they get the women that you want?
    Or it could be a more visceral fear reaction? Tests done in the 1970s, showed strong physiological responses when white, American males were shown pictures of Afro men. Or perhaps you had bad experiences when younger, in gang fights. Who knows?

    Anyway, whatever the reasons, you could accurately claim to be the god of bigoted ignorance and tragic inferiority.

    Posted on January 9th, 2018 at 12:01 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    This is my idea of NRx pure:

    “Each little circle, though they all sit at the feet of the Queen of the world, now and then displays the spirit of a small provincial town. In fact, they are no different here than they are anywhere else. I am already bored at the thought of what they would like to do with me and through me. It would mean joining a clique, championing its passions and intrigues, praising its artists and dilettantes, belittling their rivals, and putting up with everything that pleases the Great and the Rich. Why should I add my prayer to this collective litany which makes me wish I were on another planet, and what good would it do?
    No, I refuse to become any more deeply involved, and for my part, I mean to keep away, and when I get home, to discourage in myself and others the desire to gad about the wide, wide world.
    What I want to see is the Everlasting Rome, not the Rome which is replaced by another every decade.”
    — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Italian Journey

    NRx atomizes away from the alt-right, then quarkizes away from itself within its own ranks.

    Fuck yo cliques.


    collen ryan Reply:

    yeah it keeps voting everyone else out while jabbering on about no democracy and no individualism simultaneously.

    Im with you and with them for that matter on truly wanting to just be left the fuck alone to pursue my own happiness. Its what i saw in atlas shrugged at 16 it why i bought a mountain in the rocky mountains that has no neighbors and you have to snowmobile into in the winter in my thirties. somewhere since i began to realise their really isnt any exit anymore( that might change at least for a while if we got rid of all the nigger races kekkek) the american aesthetic of absolute freedom was forged in a time of seemingly infinite continents inhabited only by little niglets with bows and arrows.

    Its fun to imagine a world empty of the jungle bunnies and we could play explorer and pioneer again and br free and if i really squint i imagine by the time we have repopulated the world again we will have some more planets. and can just go on being americans forever. But that is getting into nrx scifi territory. we are not going to survive the century if we dont cobble together a quick and dirty fix now. the quickest is just revert to white nations again. white nations have historically been able to provide a pretty high level of freedom without giving up to much civility.for now its the best we can hope for. The way i see it is my biggest problem is other whites alright its nonwhites and women and jews but without those minorities behind the goodwhites the goodwhites wouldn’t dare tell me i must ask permission to build a bridge across my river. Its only because the good whites buy nigger votes that good whites can do anything. no niggers no leftism well leftism goes back to being the faggoty opinion of academics without tenure


    Wagner Reply:

    What is the technical HBD phrase for whites’ ability to think long-term? That’s what I’m proposing, to hone that more. You seem to think we can just poof right into war. My intuition is you’re going to be wormchow by then and I’m going to be middle-aged. We need to prepare to way for that. If you look at most of the frogs they’re just sickening, they’re there own kind of “nigger mime”, all they do is repeat each other’s beliefs and call it memes. “Memes” more like “theytheys” amirite? Memeing is just an excuse not to think. They need to get out of the groupthink they’re locked in. I don’t advocate total anarchy, that would be idiotic, just more or less polite debate (ya know like we perpetually do instead of kissing each other’s asses like clucking hens?)

    RE: your previous posts, yeah I do feel warmth for the sweetheart type of woman but they just get boring after a while. More stable than the crazy bitches that I prefer (or at least that my dick against my will prefers) so I probably just have to grow up–how old were you when you started thinking more pragmatically about things? Also with the freemasons, I’ve considered that, my grandpa who died before I was born was the leader of the freemasons in the small town I partially grew up in (have a wild story about that actually) but I have the same sense about those guys I do about the academy, they’re going to be inextricably chained to the State and thus will be pozzed, so for the sake of intellectual cleanliness I’d rather just stick with teh internetz for now, where I’m free. That’s a good suggestion though – are you serious they’re desperate for young men to take over for them? Cuz once they’re dead I can just strip away all the poz LOL


    collen ryan Reply:

    future time orientation. thought to be selected by northern climates need to think seasonally.
    at first i thought you meant the french then i got the kek. Im too old to be an expert on the frogs. But the way i saw it, was theres quite a few factions being lumped. there was group from here that were kinda like the two of us that splintered off and called themselves heroic reaction for a while. there were th channers who i think are really true frogs and youre right its repetitive but i think thats a feature not a bug, theyre little kids actually in their parents basements and they are computer nerds and they team to make memes viral, which requires a lot of iteration. meme by the way is from dawkins and moldberg of course popularized it around here. the channers got so much play that the neo nazis well rather a younger sort of white nationalists wanted in and at that point it seems the whole professional WN things got organized which was another group entirely

    I think the mason are prob the most pozed as that was kind of their thing but yeah when im up in idaho all those groups are always trying to recruit me and i started talking to them when i goot that idea and its true theyre kinda dying of old age and want people to take on this thing they have kept going. and i thought theyre not going to be too picky or on the lookout for entryists and its not like you want to go in heavy anyway you just want to quietly spread the word that it would be a good thing for younger generations to assume power in these social capital repositories, i mean who doesnt like free realestate to use if you and a few friend go join you hang out with your buds the old codgers just figure your younins laughing they dont hear to good lol.

    you know what i said about the magna carta well about that time that sort of shit spread throughout europe assemblies of every sort advise the king authorize the king judge between the king and the cardinal or pope. judge between the king and his lords or some important town council. some were full on parliaments some toothless but the point is theres really only a short period where europe doesnt have at least some what shall we call it democracy? do you know the term the third estate were commoners and were usually included and while the first and second estates were like the houses of lords or in france the church and the lords were two estates the commoners elected their representatives, the low lands had all this big time. and when you look where this demotism was strongest it was where capitalism was getting the strongest foot hold. and the kings were not encouraging exit and patchlordism they were trying to crush factions and lords and consolidate power. moldbergism is all confused on history its just enamored of this ;meme” of puritans are to blame. i really am no huge fan of democracy i just say its in our blood. i mean honestly wag are you into bowing cause im not

    Wagner Reply:

    This is the meaning of “sovereignty is conserved” – you’re going to bow to someone whether you like it or not, and “the people” you (pretend to) want to bow to voted in Trump, and you don’t like Trump, and you can’t square that. I’ll gladly bow to a philosopher-king. Land isn’t one, Moldbug isn’t one, but someone a few years down the line may take their thought and go far beyond them, and I might bow to them. If you’re not a bower you’re a libertarian and I know you’re not comfortable calling yourself a libertarian. This is why I keep saying the only people worth bowing to are dead, and we should bow to them until someone worthy takes their place.

    On the question of masked infiltration and discreet, long-term subversion: it’s dangerous. Do it long enough and you forget where the lies end and where the truth begins. Strauss’s first crop of students did pretty well in terms of moving the pylons righward but now you see Kristol calling for Oprah to be president. To get anywhere in the freemasons I expect you need to go through lots of ritual indoctrination, and these guys probably are competent at weeding out the non-believers. People who are really good liars should try it but I fear even the best will get lost along the way. This warning issued by Jordan B. Peterson is important on two levels:

    “[I]f you keep your head down long enough and be quiet then you train yourself to keep your head down and be quiet and you get really good at that and you don’t make changes later. That doesn’t happen. And I see that with faculty members all the time. They say “Well I’d speak out but I still haven’t gotten tenure” and after they get tenure they say “Well I’d speak out but I still haven’t got a promotion to full professor” and don’t speak out, and by the time they’re full professor they’ve spent ten years training themselves to be silent little obedient sheep, and it’s not like they’re going to turn into a ravening wolf instantaneously. That’s all gone. You become what you practice.”

    Important for the obvious reason, but even more important in the meta-sense that JBP himself became a silent little obedient sheep and is apparently oblivious to that. You become such a sheep that you’re able to reflect on how people become sheep and yet not recognize that you yourself have also become a sheep.

    Case in point:


    Imagine the weight of truth you can attribute to someone’s thought when they were “doxed all along”. It’s not much. Land was born a company man and he’ll go to the grave as one, all the while protesting against others for being company men. More of a comedy than a tragedy but it’s still sad. I just see most of the older generations as scrap metal too rusty and impure to recycle. Sending them to the landfill is regrettable, probably how people feel sending their alzheimer parents to the nursing home. Since high school I’ve thought Thoreau nailed it with “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” You’re probably going to die alone and broken in a ditch with that attitude but what’s the alternative? Seriously. You Mike, like Jim, are looking for power in this life – and there are higher things than power. What’s democratic power worth anyway? Being the people’s whore, sign me up. Yeah, I’ll go with the ditch.

    Wagner Reply:

    Philosophizing with anonymity is going to sail way past philosophizing that is shackled to meatspace codes of prudence and conduct. This is still too new for people to see. The older generations who didn’t grow up with this technology are too proud to admit it. Well–that’s what nursing homes are for. People look at Hume keeping his Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion unpublished until his death and think “Oh we’re so far beyond those restrictions as a culture.” I’m trying to tell you codgers with the utmost gravity: no we’re not. We’re not.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    [Waggy] “This is my idea of NRx pure: NRx atomizes away from the alt-right, then quarkizes away from

    itself within its own ranks. Fuck yo cliques.”

    [Waggy] “I don’t believe in Monarchy, I believe in a room of aristocrats cursing at each other until they

    get to the bottom of things, and naturally one will be the wisest.”

    {AK}: In the USA, every disaffected, antisocial gumbo, hallucinates increasingly ridiculous forms of self

    conferred ‘aristocracy’. And look, there’s that search for anal release of your cerebral, excrement burden,

    again! And yes, you’re right, naturally there will be one whose zest for questioning, “Why?”, is more

    sustained and constipated than the rest!

    oh, clique = ‘room of aristocrats’, you stupid prat! lol


    collen ryan Reply:

    Only on the internet do browns get to be so insolent


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    It’s just accurate observation, not insolence. When the two of you write something showing the superior intellectual ability you both claim, then it won’t be accurate. You both seem to have an inability to do that, though.

    Incidentally, I could easily write a refutation of the arguments I made above, but neither Nick Land, nor mouldy bug, nor the rest of you, seem capable of it. Because, basically, you’re all dogmatists, and have lost the power to think.

    Posted on January 9th, 2018 at 7:28 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:


    as to the mason idea they among all those groups have a philosophical history, they were sort of the enlightenment club back in the day a sort of rational christianity. I doubt the conspiracy theories they are anything like that now, but as i said they are a special case, the rest are all simply fraternal and philanthropic. from an era that was less partisan. They were so agnostic the jews didnt even bother destroying them.I’m sure they try to be as PC as the next ngo but theyre very unsophisticated concentrating on local raffles for childrens hospitals and keeping the local chapters realestate holding functioning. they usually own things like a bar with hall and a golfcourse and campground, often these have become quite valuable but also expensive to maintain. My idea is its not necesary to lie or be someone else at all. thats the beauty of it. simply do what any right thinking guy does be a pillar of your community join the local clubs sell the raffle tickets enjoy the golf club. listen to the old guys racist sexist jokes and war stories, maybe you vote to steer against any PC propositions is all,and in a short while you will be the old guys in charge of the social capital and real estate, even then nothing needs to change much you just need to not become a tool of the cathedral, theres all sorts of ways to support the right culture through these groups innocuously. They pretty much already do that because they are so locally focused in small white towns.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Conservation of sovereignty.\]
    First off there were almost never any kings worth a damn there is no method for finding and replacing them when they die. every emperor monarchy almost without exception had some form of senate parliament assembly and or priesthood and or military to answer to.The absolute monarchs were far and few between never lasted.In euro world. And this is interesting. I dont know a lot about non euro history but i cant recollect any non euros that had these sorts of checks on power. I think like our higher status for women trait its just a white thing. Now that isn’t to say we don’t do hierarchy, hell we systematized it. But it seems we also figured out specialization and meritocracy within hierarchy.
    even when you had an absolute ruler he had to rely on his courtiers and councilors who to a large extent were the same as a senate.kings back then couldnt possibly administer personally their kingdoms, thats even more true now. so theres going to be a civil service to whatever extent the state extends its power.Its a myth that a king rules absolutely, he really only rules to the extent that he could theoretically simultaneously counter all the other interests in the nation. In reality he is constantly allying here and allying there to create the illusion of more power than he has. hes more a power broker or manager or market maker or shelling point. hes allowed to continue to make the market and scalp the spread as long as hes the best market maker offering the best price.even moldberg understands this he identifies all the other power centers, but pretends they didnt exist in the past. well maybe in ancient egypt or china or the zulu nation they had absolute monarchs, but in the euroworld we didn’t never ever ever did,even without all the priesthoods noblemen assemblies senates parliaments generals bankers and peasants with pitchforks you had a recurring theme of constraint of power that always comes up- Custom. The kings Emperors all had the higher authority of Custom, whenever the king overstepped or wanted to overstep its always first Custom that is cited as first defense. The root code of this euro Custom from greece to scandinavia is that monarchs do not rule absolutely.
    This is why I say the people are sovereign, its not being a populist its just a genetic fact whites are a smart enough and physically strong enough people with an independent streak that on some level have always understood that while hierarchical organization is necessary for success they always hold a veto over any authority they delegate to manage the state.Its why we are here debating this because we feel qualified if we were chinks we would not debate this because we would know it was for our betters to decide.
    Now moldberg and co are attached to this idea for a lot of silly emotional reasons but philosophically they are because they want to solve the inefficiencies and moral hazards of distributed power. ironically they sort of conclude distribute it formally, and this is not a bad start but they are very naively simplistic. and pretty fucking vaugue on specifics, and frankly i want all the details or its just bullshit, i mean seriously you want to overturn ten thousand years of human organization of a scifi short story basis?
    The good start is say reduce the size of government to private corporations. make Artxnelfag have to answer to a boss that can fire him for nor sorting letters fast enough. we can imagine without resorting to much sci fi larping that tech could take over much of the govt. that reduces a lot of moral hazard from the permanent civil service. we think in theory the peoples sovereignty is restored they can now fire their postal provider their sanitation provider and probably wont have to because the mere ability to swipe left will keep their postal provider on artxnells ass to sort faster. But look whats happening with your ISP like most of us you have one choice or you can get a dish at 1/10th the speed, your cell phones a bit better, but youtube and google and face book are like your isp. so theres a problem that needs to be solved if we are going to rely on markets. This goes to my right critique of capitalism. Its the consumers not the widget makers that actually in theory produce the desired effect of capitalism for a nation, the consumers we hope drive down prices and drive up innovation. we dont seriously think capitalists would innovate or lower prices voluntarily? as i keep saying if left to their own devices capitalists will sell you what they want to sell you for as much as they can sell it for. The only thing that makes capitalism work positively for its consumers is easy choice. and capitalists do whatever they can to make your switching brands a fucking nightmare. this is the problem with patches. the theoretical fact that i can leave some jews nyc patch is worthless if that means i lose the cost of transferring my property and moving it and all the social capital i have acquired over generations of my families residence in a place we once owned but moldberg gave to some jew as a fief with me as a vassal. whats really going to happen is if the jew has pissed me off so much im considering this i will instead get others together and kill the jew. sovereignty will indeed be preserved an it lies with the people who can ultimately kill you if all other negotiation fails.
    So even to remove the moral hazard of the civil service.;(and this would probably apply to most of the other power centers being many are already more or less capitalist enterprises or corporate enterprises relying on public support) you need a mechanism that enforces choice. That could be a state or a law or custom or culture or all.
    The monarchy thing is just an easy out for a complex problem these geniuses want credit for solving but didn’t. its just a big hand wave over a rat’s nest of detail they haven’t worked out. But it appeals to a certain type of faggot that played a lot of DnD or video games.Hey it appeals to that side of me i fucking love the middle ages, as rhome said i want to eat a renaissance faire turkey leg with some meade. hes right we all do him too. but we can never go back to the greasers. but look at william morris they went back in an entirely new way and created a new period we want to go back to. rebirth is a thing and the child always resembles the father but will be ultimately his own man. and yes artx dad will laugh at himself in the river of life – happy siddhartha?
    ok what kind of power can not be de moral hazardized by outsourcing to the market? Ill volunteer the custom and culture of the people and their nation. who is that guardian and arbiter?


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  • collen ryan Says:

    Conservation of sovereignty.\]
    First off there were almost never any kings worth a damn there is no method for finding and replacing them when they die. every emperor monarchy almost without exception had some form of senate parliament assembly and or priesthood and or military to answer to.The absolute monarchs were far and few between never lasted.In euro world. And this is interesting. I dont know a lot about non euro history but i cant recollect any non euros that had these sorts of checks on power. I think like our higher status for women trait its just a white thing. Now that isn’t to say we don’t do hierarchy, hell we systematized it. But it seems we also figured out specialization and meritocracy within hierarchy.
    even when you had an absolute ruler he had to rely on his courtiers and councilors who to a large extent were the same as a senate.kings back then couldnt possibly administer personally their kingdoms, thats even more true now. so theres going to be a civil service to whatever extent the state extends its power.Its a myth that a king rules absolutely, he really only rules to the extent that he could theoretically simultaneously counter all the other interests in the nation. In reality he is constantly allying here and allying there to create the illusion of more power than he has. hes more a power broker or manager or market maker or shelling point. hes allowed to continue to make the market and scalp the spread as long as hes the best market maker offering the best price.even moldberg understands this he identifies all the other power centers, but pretends they didnt exist in the past. well maybe in ancient egypt or china or the zulu nation they had absolute monarchs, but in the euroworld we didn’t never ever ever did,even without all the priesthoods noblemen assemblies senates parliaments generals bankers and peasants with pitchforks you had a recurring theme of constraint of power that always comes up- Custom. The kings Emperors all had the higher authority of Custom, whenever the king overstepped or wanted to overstep its always first Custom that is cited as first defense. The root code of this euro Custom from greece to scandinavia is that monarchs do not rule absolutely.
    This is why I say the people are sovereign, its not being a populist its just a genetic fact whites are a smart enough and physically strong enough people with an independent streak that on some level have always understood that while hierarchical organization is necessary for success they always hold a veto over any authority they delegate to manage the state.Its why we are here debating this because we feel qualified if we were chinks we would not debate this because we would know it was for our betters to decide.
    Now moldberg and co are attached to this idea for a lot of silly emotional reasons but philosophically they are because they want to solve the inefficiencies and moral hazards of distributed power. ironically they sort of conclude distribute it formally, and this is not a bad start but they are very naively simplistic. and pretty fucking vaugue on specifics, and frankly i want all the details or its just bullshit, i mean seriously you want to overturn ten thousand years of human organization of a scifi short story basis?
    The good start is say reduce the size of government to private corporations. make Artxnelfag have to answer to a boss that can fire him for nor sorting letters fast enough. we can imagine without resorting to much sci fi larping that tech could take over much of the govt. that reduces a lot of moral hazard from the permanent civil service. we think in theory the peoples sovereignty is restored they can now fire their postal provider their sanitation provider and probably wont have to because the mere ability to swipe left will keep their postal provider on artxnells ass to sort faster. But look whats happening with your ISP like most of us you have one choice or you can get a dish at 1/10th the speed, your cell phones a bit better, but youtube and google and face book are like your isp. so theres a problem that needs to be solved if we are going to rely on markets. This goes to my right critique of capitalism. Its the consumers not the widget makers that actually in theory produce the desired effect of capitalism for a nation, the consumers we hope drive down prices and drive up innovation. we dont seriously think capitalists would innovate or lower prices voluntarily? as i keep saying if left to their own devices capitalists will sell you what they want to sell you for as much as they can sell it for. The only thing that makes capitalism work positively for its consumers is easy choice. and capitalists do whatever they can to make your switching brands a fucking nightmare. this is the problem with patches. the theoretical fact that i can leave some jews nyc patch is worthless if that means i lose the cost of transferring my property and moving it and all the social capital i have acquired over generations of my families residence in a place we once owned but moldberg gave to some jew as a fief with me as a vassal. whats really going to happen is if the jew has pissed me off so much im considering this i will instead get others together and kill the jew. sovereignty will indeed be preserved an it lies with the people who can ultimately kill you if all other negotiation fails.
    So even to remove the moral hazard of the civil service.;(and this would probably apply to most of the other power centers being many are already more or less capitalist enterprises or corporate enterprises relying on public support) you need a mechanism that enforces choice. That could be a state or a law or custom or culture or all.
    The monarchy thing is just an easy out for a complex problem these geniuses want credit for solving but didn’t. its just a big hand wave over a rat’s nest of detail they haven’t worked out. But it appeals to a certain type of faggot that played a lot of DnD or video games.Hey it appeals to that side of me i fucking love the middle ages, as rhome said i want to eat a renaissance faire turkey leg with some meade. hes right we all do him too. but we can never go back to the greasers. but look at william morris they went back in an entirely new way and created a new period we want to go back to. rebirth is a thing and the child always resembles the father but will be ultimately his own man. and yes artx dad will laugh at himself in the river of life – happy siddhartha?
    ok what kind of power can not be de moral hazardized by outsourcing to the market? Ill volunteer the custom and culture of the people and their nation. who is that guardian and arbiter?


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  • collen ryan Says:


    Philosophizing with anonymity is going to sail way past philosophizing that is shackled to meatspace codes of prudence and conduct.

    well i have been telling nrx to stop larping an start building a secure free anonymous internet. because you’re right much power in that. however kid anonymous pamphleteers have been around awhile. They have a purpose but it is actually the cred of the author that usually persuades people humans selection process for info and shit. sans that they will follow a crowd asan authority which often proves the wiser choice.but sometimes a really bad idea.

    I guess you count on a good idea will be recognized by enough of the right people that soon enough you have butchers and bakers and candlestick makers claiming to be nietzscheans. I dont think it works that way. oh it does,some of the people who can actually weigh that level of thinking if it is also what interests them and doesnt conflict to much with other things that interest them will come around, but others who can weigh will just be more interested in something else that takes their cog power.and so on down to the baker who is not only incapable ( assumed) but also really mostly concerned with having to pay for obamacare out of money he was trying to attract talented bakery help with and cant seem to explain to said help obamacare is just like money. In short unless this philosophy has a practical benefit to enough people able to kill the other philosophers adherents it’s not going anywhere but around academic circles. neitz didn’t makes us nihilists too much cheap plastic garbage and jews killing christianity made us nihilists. and if truth be told god was always dead and word was bound to get out and we will eventually learn to deal with it. all the meaning we once gave life was no less bullshit than all the meaning we will again give life, life just is good if we make it so and think it so, however we have some dna code patches that reward some things and not others, we can synthesize religion we can praise god from the dead easy with all sorts of substitutes, but some things are not so synthesizable family volk nation these we must also raise from the dead and we cant replace them with fakes and fool our dna we tried it failed.


    Wagner Reply:

    “well i have been telling nrx to stop larping an start building a secure free anonymous internet.”

    Is that what Urbit is? Does anyone know what Urbit is yet?

    And yes I forgot to mention that aspect: anonymity today isn’t secure, ZOG knows every little hair on your head whether you’re anonymous or not. Being imprisoned for saying the truth still haunts the cyber-shitlords, subconsciously. If we all had 100%, not 99% but 100%, certitude that we were completely anonymous all hell would break loose. This is why we need nerds, to give us this technology. Yeah people will only listen to the high-priests but I’m thinking that the pariahs will sing their hymns in the shadows and expose things that cannot be *unseen* and those things that cannot be unseen will eventually circulate to the top and subsequently be distributed to the lower strata.

    I don’t believe in Monarchy, I believe in a room of aristocrats cursing at each other until they get to the bottom of things, and naturally one will be the wisest.


    Wagner Reply:

    Here is something dark that will happen once the internet becomes truly free:

    Never mind, I can’t say it. Maybe I will force myself to say it:

    Take this metaphorically or literally, there’s really no difference:

    Your throat skin is going to be gnashed out, and we will slurp out anything that is noodle-like like noodles, and drink as much blood as we can before we are full, then leave your corpse lying on its belly for the birds and insects.


    Wagner Reply:

    Has anything paranormal ever happened to you Mike?

    The above vampirism thing reminded me of something weird. Years ago I was ****buddies with this French girl and one day she was really depressed and I asked her what was wrong and she confessed to me that she had a congenital disease that required her to drink human blood. She said to keep it a secret so I feel kinda bad sharing it, she said she was embarrassed people would think she was “goth”. She said raw cow took the edge off but only human blood did the trick, and that her mom was the same way. So I let her drink my blood a couple times, and became very very merry after drinking it. Not to toot my own horn but I have a pretty sensitive BS-detector and she seemed completely sincere that she had this congenital disease that required she drink human blood, didn’t seem larpy whatsoever. What’s up with that? lol. Did I let myself be bitten by a vampire? lolol. She started taking some sea green algae supplement in large doses and she said she didn’t have to sate the bloodthirst anymore but I didn’t believe her, I think she just felt embarrassed.

    Another thing: another girl I knew said she was possessed and I, a naive 19 year old, offered to give her an exorcism. What happened I wasn’t ready for, these things really aren’t games. I tried to mock it out of her and I think he took revenge on me for it because he left her and entered me instead. For a few years afterward it would make me start crying thinking about it just because it was such an experience of pure evil. I called the thing “Clyde” even though I know that wasn’t its true name. It didn’t like me talking about it/him with others… Idk if he’s still “in there”, or if he left, or if he overtook my psyche completely such that I can’t see him because I am him now, but I … dunno heh.

    I was reminded of the latter experience while reading this book that explains Haitian voodoo in the language of quantum mechanics (what a concept wtf):


    Searching for the word “mounted” brings interesting results…

    collen ryan Reply:

    Has anything paranormal ever happened to you Mike?

    short answer yeah quite a lot. but i just typed a long one with two fingers so for now i won’t say much. first Ill say even if there were demons and vampires eventually we can explain them scientifically. And it can be surprising how something really inexplicable could be explained. That said although currently pretty atheist there’s a lot of things i experienced that i cant explain without resorting to really convoluted far fetched answers or saying i must have gone temporarily insane.

    The thing is several of these incidents were experienced by others as well. Ill give one of them I had a girlfriend wake me up because she was talking in her sleep loudly. she was seemingly having a conversation i was only party to her side of or she was talking to me but the voice was nothing like hers at all it was male middle aged and was speaking in something i describe as ancient aramaic, it went on for twenty minutes while i watched mesmerized almost, i realized it had been going on intermittently throughout the night and finally gotten to the point in the morning in brought me fully to consciousness. I subtly questioned her language ability before telling her what happened. she not only did not remember but sort of casually said yeah she had been told that before by family she was only 21 living home. the oddest part was she was not really that interested which you would think an accomplished faker would be looking for the payoff and want to keep discussing it.she didnt seem interested and i was interested to see if she would so i didnt and it never came up again but i never forgot it, and began researching it. it really common, people have recorded themselves or been recorded by family friend drs etc. theres some interesting patterns of what languages and times of history but it can be just about any time or language.

    I have heard you talk of the vibrating that happens when you leave your body and so i know you have done this for real it doesn’t always have the vibration and you have probably noticed the correlation with breath control in you real body to energy in your projected self. i could talk a lot about this but i9n the end i concluded my business is here not there, though i have agreed to and met others i know outside myself as well as met what seemed like non live humans forms who i spoke to outside.

    we had a summer house that was haunted when i was a kid almost everyone who visited met our ghosts who were nice and once we used a ouija board and it said go on a treasure hunt friday and we did and found 4972 dollars they had hidden.

    I had a prolonged ‘spiritual awakening’ that is easiest described as feeling like i was tripping on shrooms for a couple months there were amazing physical and mental side effects that went along with this.

    i once felt sure i was in a battle with evil while in london it lasted several weeks thing is im a hyper rational person and have always been pretty hostile to new age type things. being raised catholic though i did have some unwanted superstition

    I have had a bit of second sight /intuition stuff which i wish i would follow more i was ‘born with the caul’ which is said to be the cause of this sensitivity.

    I have a theory that quantum physics will explain these things eventually

    collen ryan Reply:

    well semantics and degrees, there’s no aristocracy so your aristocrats will be just powerful men, men who have to be listened to because they can potentially force an issue either alone or with an alliance. These men get power a number of ways but all ways are convertible to physical force, some may have aquired enough money and social capital they can buy armies or embargo, others perhaps just social capital that they can easily raise an army, some are master negotiators with a record of success that they can be trusted to follow. sure you could call them aristocrats if that’s appealing but they are not, they are citizens who through merit have acquired the power to influence.Somewhere among them you will find men who cheif power is derived from the potential physical force of t5he able bodied men of the state, one of them may have most of the populace at his back or several will have a percentage. This is always going to be the most powerful potential force in a white nation. Its a more subtle and slower moving force usually because once moved its difficult to stop and costly in its destruction. It best to be thought of as that big silent aristocrat in the corner.It seems the entire nrx wants to dismiss this power, which is odd since its the force that has made all the maojor changes in social organization in white nations. I think that reluctance is similar to the reluctance to look at capitalism from a right critique or recognize our socialist traits, we are so long defending these from leftism we fear the slightest inch given will be a leftist wedge. It may be something to watch for but being a reality it cant simply be denied. And this also raises the point of hierarchy or if you prefer natural aristocracy, i have to ask as i do with capitalism, what is it that we like about it so much? I would hope its not simply an aesthetic preference, or that the left hates it so we love it. I think the proper answer is that like capitalism it serves us.and so like capitalism we should like it to the extent it serves us and no more. like capitalism we should deconstruct its mechanism that makes it a preferable organizational tool and strip out the bulklshit and think about how we cn use the tool best and minimize the tools disadvantages. before we get to that lets go back a few sentences and ask ourselves who is this we that we want capitalism and hierarchy and whatever else to serve.

    lets say we have some extreme version of socialism on one side that wants to serve the totally useless for no other reason than they value uselessness, and on the other extreme maybe we have land who values no human at all if he can synthesize intelligence in a self replicating machine he sees no reason to continue the human race.
    I cant actually believe i have to refute these.But let me start with land because he is easiest to dismiss. the point of the inquiry is to develop a better model of HUMAN organization, lands post humanism have less of a place in a reactionary forum than marx does.Now if we take a tiny step down from Post humanism we could say there is the extreme socialist correlative hyper aristocracy. It has a lot in common with extreme socialism, they both are founded on theoretical philosophic absurdities that simply cant exist in real world.both destroy themselves if carried out exactly.hyper aristocracy does destroys itself first on paper. First you have a problem of what makes one a better, most who lean towards some vague way towards this kinda sorta assume cognition is the only important benchmark this simply isnt true if the game is to survive other traits could be very or even more important. smart people think we may not last the century yet no ones is predicting all sorts of other life may not survive. sure its a huge asset but not all. Next problem is the the philosophies core value; that the best are to be valued over their lessers leads to a aristocracy spiral. first the theory says everyone over a 130 IQ will go off on their own because the others are not cost effective, even if this were true within the entire population in question as soon as you separate out the new population it becomes true that the under 160s are not pulling their weight and so on.You pretty soon end up one person below transhumanism. the biggest problem is it simply doesn’t work in the real world its too small a population to sustain itself for all sorts of reasons from genetics to military capability.
    The extreme socialists have a similar problem only its opposite itteration by trying to ‘save everyone’ they save no one. i think around here we are all well aware of the problems with socialist economics and moral hazards, so i won’t elaborate on them. But i will point out that we have an evolved “socialist’ strategy trait thats a bit more pragmatic than the marxists. Of course its hard to talk about that because its fraught with socialist history which has pretty much sought to exploit this gene. But the fact is biologically speaking you and i are a construct of our DNA that sort of sees itself as a legion, while still acting from a local perspective in absolute terms { survival of this particular copy by any means} it still simultaneously runs a backup program { survival of the nearest copy of this gene if at all possible without compromising the original} Fortunately for our atomized ego constructions our DNA has given us skin in both these games so we feel ( which is an illusion) that its we who are surviving and ensuring the survival of our nearest copies in ascending order. Where socialism goes wrong is where it risks the original DNA for not just good close copies but terrible far off copies. But nature gets socialism correct, we know this because we are still here and still have these socialist genes. we know protecting our children works we know when we can helping to protect our brothers and cousins children works we know contracting of sharing excess resources when we have them for the same in return works be the resources food or violence or women or whatever.

    I am simply proposing we follow our genetic strategies. Now its worth saying again here these traits have developed randomly and the traits drop out slower than an environment may change and that the traits can then be repurposed with “unintended” consequences” and so Ill disclaim again its quite possible we are doomed that there is simple no system that will work with our current dna and if we cant develop a new dna and system to match we will be replaced.But Im hopeful we can muddle through if we stick to modified versions of the tried and moderately successful.

    So I say we have to accept that the smallest population that is sustainable is what I reluctantly call an ethno state because over the last 75 years its become necessary in the west and only the west (which happens to be the group I am wasting my time trying to save) to clarify that one’s nation has a genetic distinctiveness. I would go further and say its going to be imperative that all the euro ethno nations form an alliance and stop cooperating, this has of course more or less happened but it needs to be clear and since many of our best modern euro states are now mixed euro this sort of helps and proves we can.

    But even if we agree that we need to form an organization that’s goal is the preservation of the ethno nation as a whole and not be aimed at the lowliest at the cost of all or the elitist at the cost of all because these will lose the entire nation, lowly and elites as well, we are still arguing on how to do that.

    again we need to go our dna for advice, because we have established our business is essentially biologic, our constraints are biologic, our goal is biologic.we can do no other and not be in error of reality. So we are back at this question of who shall rule and whos interests shall they rule.we know it cant be a race to the top or the bottom, We know as you go towards the bottom there are diminishing returns on resource distribution vs production. But we have to be mindful that babies for instance are pretty useless in some sense yet we are wise to provide them with resources for a couple decades, women also we could probably replace even with today’s tech but they have uses that are hard to quantify, mothering, companionship, and sharing work loads they are better adapted to. we can get into all sorts of contractual socialism, do we care for the sick in return for being also carred for should be draw the short straw, how many geniuses, or soldiers would we lose if we cut those losses,But somewhere there is some pretty clear places we could cull a lot. I for instance carrying the alcoholic gene really shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce until we can edit that out. There has to be an incentivized economy where reward is comeasurant with both talent and hard work. in short its a pretty utilitarian market meritocracy, however its all in the service of the nations interest not the least or best, even though the best are going to be used to manage it is not theirs.

    why not? well because that would be stupid as we have just established, so lets just say the best of the best thats me has decided that the rest of the best cant just use the nation for their sole interests but that they can be well compensated for service to the nations interest as a whole. But there’s other reasons, the rest of the best havent really the ability they no only need the cooperation of the whole people or at least the majority of its more productive members. They need them to cooperate in defending against other nations and internal insurrections, they need them to cooperate in the production and consumption economy, they need them to replicate and to maintain a culture and social market that makes life worth living literally. And all of this means that in reality one or more of those elites is actually the representative of non elites, he may in fact be one of the smartest or richest elites in your room but the physical power he derives from those he represents is what youre reckoning with. Many around here like to pretend these faggot nerds are going to build an army of drone robots and simply tell the masses to eat cake and live like niggers. Its a fucking larp, its never worked whenever its tried you end up with more demotism not less. the people are sovereign like it or not theres quite a lot of them and nothing can get done without them cooperating. they dont move as quick as some wily jew courtesan but when they do watch out. besides they are not the problem its the other elites which have always been the problem. and this is why telling the elites that hey forget about all that civic duty shit that patriotism the nationalism the culturalism whatever we use to keep elites from running amuck well they will just run amuck and thats when things break down.

    look I get its a conundrum we need the elites because hierarchy works, they are usually some of the most productive and we need an incentive reward economy because that works.its hard to control them when they get into power. but the fact of the matter is thats what we have to do. Its what has always been done, its just that we would like to improve it further. youre all kidding yourself that ‘the elites’ ‘the aristocracy’ was ever a thing a stasis, its always been a market a battle, you become respected enough for your ideas your wealth your might they give you a title. everyone in the nation even during serfdom was always in that market that battle moving up and down those at the top always try to make fake barriers they cant hold them for long serfs become kings and kings serfs. Now this self interest is the correlative trait to the socialist trait and we must recognize its reality but not forget DNA works because it keeps many irons in the fire for black swans. we would be stupid to assume that the current years crop of snowflakes is the last word in our nations genetics. theyre just another crop of hipster faggots with a lot of self importance, in a flash they will be gone but the nation will still be here if we do not hang the nations fate on a couple of bright lights.

    so for the umpteenth time yes meritocracy hierarchy market economics but in service of the nation. I am still waiting for one example of mobs rising up on their own and instituting extreme socialism the type that is dysgenic. they never do they either rise up when really fucked long and hard or when some elite gets an idea to organize them for his own interests.The problem in national power struggles is not demotism its elite selfish interest which is a necity but needs to be tempered. One way to limit the demotism you fear is to pay the productive what they are worth. as ive repeatedly stated theres a theoretical value to say the idaho farm boy manning the nuclear sub that guards bezos container ships and mobiles oil etc bezos simply can run cant even invent a company like amazon without a lot of help like this what would it be worth if he had to contract directly. currently this is what happens he buys a paper and then asks a ‘peoples representative’ if he can have a discount on last mile postal delivery and not pay taxes on his income, then mentions he might have his paper do a nice story or a not nice story on the congressman. just an example of how elites can game the reard owed the idaho farm boy or chicago postal worker. sure its tricky to really determine fair compensation but its possible to do better if people are not being cheated they cant be pawnd by elites the truth is you can actually get away with cheating the living shit out of them before you can get much reaction from them. but its an issue if youre concerned with demotism, I have much simpler and direct ways of dealing with ambitious leftist elites.

    I think euros have always more or less understood all the above and have in fact in proportion to the available tech done what they could to manage nations equitably and keep elites from using their positions egregiously. over time thats improved. But a huge transition from agrarian to industrial distributed productivity and the power that goes with it faster than it distributed reward and marxism took advantage which as the reward caught up marxism changed its game to leftism multiculturalism racialism etc.
    the productive masses do not want to ruin the nation with unfairly high wages. get rid of the non whites and restore woman’s natural position of soft power and sanity returns. then you are left with keeping elites from robbing the joint I think law custom culture has to be reinstituted to do that, it wasnt so long ago it was a given that elites were public servants or patriarchs if you prefer.

    hashing things out in a room is


    collen ryan Reply:

    aristocrats hashing things out in a room is democracy, when they hash them out on a field its war

    Wagner Reply:

    Once we eliminate all traitors within all enemies without we’ll be able to develop tech that allows us to spend half our day “outside” if we so choose. All it would really take is putting ayahuasca in supplement form and making it cheap, or even putting a chip in the brain that is controlled by a remote, or hell, even by will. The aramaic language thing is really creepy, it makes me conclude PKD wasn’t batshit with his prolonged mystical experience. I’ve read lots of reports of that, doesn’t seem like it’s made up. I knew these two lesbians who claimed ghosts contacted them, and again, utterly sincere. There are witches and witch-doctors among goys, not many but they are there. Kenneth Grant says they occur in higher frequencies among Asians and Africans – science has busted our brains methinks. The point of life is mysticism, we forgot that along the way making all our gizmos and gadgets. Oh sorry, I meant stealing all our gizmos and gadgets from the Hindoo nuffins.

    RE: aristocracy: I’ve told you before I accept most of you say as some of the most realistic realism I’ve heard, but it’s good to have unrealistic ideals to, if not shoot for, at least loosely keep in mind. Yes, an aristocracy stands or falls based on the people’s force. Who is going to stir the big vats in the KY factory for all their anal lube? All I’m proposing is the people learn better to respect genius. The West has far exceeded all of the others to a humiliating degree, but imagine if we didn’t burn our Giordano Brunos at the stake or uninvite our Moldbergs from tech conferences. We compare occidental achievement to the rest of the world and pat ourselves on the back but aren’t we just comparing ourselves to a bunch of filthy, lazy animals? We don’t have much to be proud of in light of what we *could* have been had we not hemlocked the Socrateses for trying to instigate revolutions in thought and practice. You seem to want to preserve that mechanism! That’s some Islamic shit I hate to tell ya; they had some solid philosophers in the middle ages, and then they probably had a towelhead Descartes spring up and whoops, chopped his fookin head off. Fuck that brah, that’s barbarism. Again, I think of my Aquinas professor, if you spent five minutes talking with him you’d probably say “Damn, if you called the political shots instead of me things would probably turn out a lot better in the world.” Granted this guy is part of the quackademy, but I’m talking hypothetically, if we had redpill philosophers of his calibre I’d be perfectly comfortable letting them steer things from behind the scenes while I carry on my day to day life not asking any questions. You seem to be saying the people won’t allow that, and I detect you take a little delight in that. I’m saying yes I agree the people probably won’t allow that, but I do not take any delight in that fact whatsoever; the people obviously need to be disciplined if that is the case. Right-wing brainwash to make them believe in hierarchy, whatever it takes. The leftists made people believe in equalism to a fundamentalist degree, if they can do it we can do it, only using brainwash for the right reasons.

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  • Artxell Knaphni Says:

    HALL(UCINATION)S OF VENGEANCE ( ‘you sin’ nation)

    {AK}: Not cool enough to be accepted by flighty metropolitan tastes; social resentment; the city boy attempts a revenge of rural agitations, manipulating the good ol’ boys into taking his side, hell! they’re on his side anyway. Yeah, those city slickers’ll be sorry!

    Obviously, you’re a would-be town planner, nation planner, even; but you’re also status-obsessed in a very metropolitan way, explaining your urban resentment fervour, very well. The replacement of Catholic presuppositions with an atheist, dominion ideology, retrofitted to prevailing consumer self-inflation, as inflected through the self-serving romanticisations of gaming history. A self-elected, infernal apotheosis, reflecting a fundamental spiritual incompetence, “All ambition, but no ability.” Unable to psychically contain this predicament, agitation sets in.

    “It is notable, for example, that the contemporary agitator, the expert propagandist who has assumed the role of leader, dwells incessantly on his own person. He portrays himself as both leader and common man. By suggesting that he too is a victim of sinister social forces, by displaying his own weakness as it were, he helps conceal from his followers the very possibility of independent thinking and autonomous decision.
    He sets the pattern for that most contemporary phenomenon, the deindividualized, incoherent, and fully malleable personality structure into which anti-democratic forces seek to transform man.
    The content of present-day demagogy is obviously empty, accidental and entirely subordinate to manipulative considerations. Our homegrown agitators, in the absence of an American tradition of nationalistic aggressiveness, created an artificial fusion with Italian and German fascist notions. They have also borrowed from certain forms of religious revivalism, without regard to any specific content, forms which exploit such rigid stereotypes as the distinction between the “damned” and the “saved.”
    The modern American agitator has put these old-fashioned techniques to very good use.”

    {AK}: The same exploitation happens in the Middle East:

    “High Islam provides the urban population, and to some extent the whole society, with its charter and its entrenched constitution, in the name of which they can protest against excesses, notably undue taxation, by the state. The urban mob can riot under the leadership of a respected scholar, but this is not too grave a danger for the established authorities: the real danger for them lies in the alliance between a respected scholar and the militarily formidable peripheral tribes. Ironically, it is these tribes, whose daily practices and knowledge of religion, from the viewpoint of urban orthodoxy, leave much to be desired, who also provided the sword-arm which, from time to time, endowed that same orthodoxy with military and political clout, and made possible a great renewal. The preacher unites a group of tribes, upbraids them for their own ignorance and laxity, but at the same time urges them to support him in cleaning up the corruption in the city and its court, which incidentally means booty for them. If Paris is worth a Mass, then the tribesman generally reckoned that Fez (or some similar city) is worth a bit of purity. It is in this form that the circulation of élites operated in traditional Islam.”


    {AK}: There you have it! The Collenic preacher of a garbled, simplified, and absolutist, genetics; of a limited set of dogmas and their respective casuistries constituting only another empty ideology requiring the fervent inflation of repetitive delivery to blow up its loony balloon of resentful terror. Out of that resentment towards the corruptions of urban sophistication he so coveted but could not socially breach, he now looks for rural allies in his vendetta against
    that exclusion.

    Now he wants to trawl the lodges, not out of any sympathy with, or genuine interest, in the wisdom of the older generation, but to get his hands on their resources to feed the hunger of his pathological apocalypse.
    When someone believes their potential is exhausted, or their position in life is more than they deserve, they act Collenic.



    collen ryan Reply:

    Ok i sped read through that about every twentieth word you’re doing that commie structuralist thing where everything whites do and think is born of resentment and insecurities its the only motivating force you lefties know as i used to call my ex wife you’re a sullen resentful bitch artxnellie.
    speaking of commie tactics you ought to appreciate my idea its kind community organizer stuff except instead of protesting and rioting we sell raffle tickets for sick children and have boring white guy conversations about elk hunting and pickup trucks.

    so now you have torn us all a new one arty why dont you take a risk and tell us how the world could be made better? Arty im way older than you and i too once believed in race equality and all that crap, i mean i felt sorry for browns and bought the jews line about how it was all the southern mans fault. but i was also growing up in nyc and i watched the real world and slowly saw reality it took decades to really admit all i saw and realize it was hopeless. I get that sucks for the above average nigger but we have thought long and hard about how we might accommodate above average niggers and the plain facts are it cant be done. Now if you want to turn into a total fucking obama faggot nigger and start with the thats not who we are and end with Kumbaya then please fuck off nigger faggot.

    if instead you want to propose how white nations might maintain arms length relationships for mutual advantage we are all ears. I findia is not in fact as trump put it today “a shithole country” then what do you have to worry about? surely youre not moronic enough to be part of the magic dirt crowd? do you believe thats the secret to white success arty magic dirt in europe and use and NZ and AU and SA until it blew away? Im sure youre the type of commie that whines about colonialism in fact we have heard you. so if its so bad we expanded into your lands thenn how can it be bad we contract back into our own? its like the white flight and gentrification are both bad stupidity. admit it nigger you like living among whites. well i dont blame you if i have to live among anyone its gotta be whites unfortunately i have been gentrifying the shit out of brooklyn for most of the last decade making millions but living among way too many niggers and am at peak negro fatigue syndrome. Now maybe when i get back up to my mountain retreat and dont see a nigger for a year ill be more pleasant to you.
    speaking of collenics is it true you yogis swallow ropes and pull them out your asses to clean your colons thats very puritanesk of you no? that reminds me of another reason you should read moldyberg he uses all the hindu castes metaphorically, and his ideal patch is the aids infected lefty sanfranciso bay area I bet you would get along both of you being orientals and hipster faggots and all


    collen ryan Reply:

    {AK}: Not cool enough to be accepted by flighty metropolitan tastes; social resentment; the city boy attempts a revenge of rural agitations, manipulating the good ol’ boys into taking his side, hell! they’re on his side anyway. Yeah, those city slickers’ll be sorry!

    lol you know this is practically my exact take on trump i watched him get turned away from studio 54 one night hes a bridge and tunnel trol as we call non native new yorkers not of the only borough that matters [ oh youre up on oldschool pop culture so trumps the guy from saturday night fever in the white suit, hes so cool in bensonhurst and just cant put his finger on why he doesn’t translate. as for me I had my days as one of the bright young things im decades past all that having children( something you homos will never get) it changes you completes you. Ill tell you what went wrong with me from your perspective, first im old enough to have watched the transition from the old to the new world so i cant be fooled about what things were like or what happened. and being a new yorker i really got to watch the big players and the history unfold. i dint know what i was watching at first and was part of the wrecking crew in the 70s. But i had crazy drunk parents but they were really bright and educated and of the other era and without knowing it they taught me to really love western civilization and the rest of the world as well because thats a western civilization thing cultural appreciation. it didnt take too long to start to see that multiculturalism was really mono comercial culturalism that the left was really destroying all that was great in the world eventually i realized they intended to destroy white people as well.
    This isn’t debatable arty in my life time i have watched leftism progress to where it is now often blatantly calling for the annihilation of whites from their own nations and this after 60 years of watching it destroy the economy culture. so you can pretend people like me are the extremists but only a total clueless moron can not see we are actually witnessing the correlative of the rise of the nazis only this time against whites.you want to say right on colonialist bastard like the jews who are orchestrating it thats fine i get it youre wrong and stupid but i get the emotion. But all of you who are participating in this murderous project including the vast majority of non whites living in white lands are so wrong and so stupid and have been given so much evidence of this to no effect its really clear their no point trying to salvage this we are at a point where its open war. oh sure most whites are not awake yet. so keep whistling in the dark, but Im not kidding when i say if i were you i would set myself up back in india ahead of the rush. You dont have a chance you have no idea what angry white men are really like read some history we dont fuck around. I am sure thats sounds larpy to you vikings riding wolves and all, the thing is this sort of shit actually happens really regularly youre jut too young and brain dead liberal education to know that. my president today asked congress why we have to have peole from those shithole countries coming here. president havnt talked publicly about niggers like that in over 100 years and he didnt apologize when it was reported he doubled down and said the congress and press was advocating for other people he was working for us.If you dont get the the immensity of the things like that that have become a daily occurrence over the last decade you’re going to get swept up by history. Think of what newly arriving refuggees from the west are going to need when they hit calcutter and position yourself and youll do allright


    Wagner Reply:

    Artxell, as your friend, this is your best bet. I see you and I see a great brain that has been put to poor use. Just get out of here and start teaching people about yoga, I’m being completely serious. Leftist PoC are going to be murdered and history will be rewritten so that you never existed. People like me and Mike want to learn yoga from its inventors, what we don’t want is mimes reading leftist memes off a script we are all too familiar with. Really, save yourself before the hammer is brought down.

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  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    well when you say we are wasting our geniuses i would agree, but i dont think its my fellow steam fitters slighting them, well take me Im a fitter and if i had a say moldberg could be on the trilateral commision i have my reservations but hes got to be better than half a dozen international jews i can think of. Its fellow elites that waste other elites because they see them as competition to their self interest when they should be acting in the nation’s interest and begging moldberg to come to davos.

    I never responded about my libertarian views but you remind me of this with the bit about socrates and my alleged islamic morality. I have said i gave up on libertarianism not so much that it no longer appealed rather because it seems unsustainable which it now seems determined to prove with this left libertarianism they can purge. Im a white man i like freedom. I have said i would be the first to exit for that freedom but i dont see that possible anymore and at any rate sustainable forever. so we have this problem of a sustainable organization thats somewhat tolerable. I say first you gotta get rid of the non whites because well it clears out half the country for one thing and makes public space a hell of a lot better even for a misanthrope. but also it allows for a freer state because well niggers are wild animals and you cant have two sets of laws in a state. but even after all that you get the socrates problem the oscar wilde problem pick your disruptive genius. Moldbergs answer is if you have a monarch with absolute power these guys are no threat because they can yap all they want but its not going anywhere.but thats bullshit I watched lech walesa and the pope destroy the soviet union in about five years, This is what capitalism does to a nation. moldy says the puritians are still in charge but thats pretty ridiculous they got pushed aside by all the people that came with and after them people who were allowed to scoff at their well puritanism. Their own children pushed them out of boston politics in the third generation to make way for commerce as i sent you those links Candace Bushnells a mayflower girl. Culture is a fragile thing but very important, it does need to change sometimes but geniuses are just the type who like to tear out cheston fences. one of the greatest services proles do for a nation is resist cultural change. now they are not the ones who force hemlock down people’s throats they just stubbornly go about doing things as always concentrating on work and family. mass media has really fucked this up. I dont have a solution i am only pointing out theres a lot of genius all with the latest idea mostly contradicting each other the ideas are not wrong only partly right and usually not for general consumption. eliutes tend to assume everyone is like themselves and not the way the world is. Im not going to take an easy solution i know isnt true. like a monarch will just know the right thing and make it so. monarchs are as moved by culture as the rest. I think law has some use but i think we need cultural commitment too. the american revolution was some geniuses and in a lot of ways they were right and they took a lot of legal precautions about the pretty great for thought they had about what might go wrong, in the end culture did them in, it might be recoverable and tweaked a bit if it were a whites only place again but my point is law alone didnt cut it. genius didnt either,moldberg would say they were evil geniuses while he has points that they were left of monarchy from a certain perspective i don’t buy it totally. to me they were innovating with a new reality the transition from agrarian to industrial happened here sooner and faster by necessity and talent so we were the first to redo the organization to match, but went to far to fast since we were having such a success. and lost the cultural homogeneity … whatever i do go on.
    If we had red pill philosophers… well sure but by definition these are men who already understand whats real so whats possible or not and whats important. let me put it this way id rather Carlye were president than moldberg.I had a latin teacher I never could tell if he really despised me or really liked me but i knew i was not meeting his expectations and he was not having it. He asked me once in front of the class if i knew the difference between smart and intelligent was. I was about to give a smart alec answer when i got the look that said i better not and i realized he was telling me something about myself i might want to change. truth be told i never changed it i go for the quick half thought, oh i enjoy reading some pretty deep shit sometimes but truth be told i havnt the philosophers character. more of a cicero than marcus aurelius. anyway a lot of geniuses NOT THAT IM ONE are like that moldberg is probably a genius but hes a smart genius someone like Carlyle is more the philosopher king you want. the thing is the marxs and moldbergs are catchier

    I see my indian sidekick tonto has returned you had to make that comment about stealing tech from browns


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  • collen ryan Says:


    arty stop being such a stick in the mud mud.there’s no one here to impress not even rhome.its just some guys shooting the shit. No one here’s going to take whatever you prefer to call that marxism 2.0 so yeah in that respect we are dogmatists.
    the premises of the dark enlightenment rule out socialism and hold up a library full of data on human biological diversity every thing from sexual dimorphism to racial IQ differences to very minor but distinct traits that have to be taken into consideration in human organization. That’s he topic arty. if you keep dragging the topic back to marcuse and co youre just spamming. I know you have been around here long enough to know this to know we did in fact engage leftist critics intelligently and respectfully.

    Now i dont know how smart you are but nothing you have yet said has led me to think you’re particularly bright not to insult but i dont count fluency in deconstruct speak as a sign of intelligence in fact the opposite. I dont pretend to be any smarter than i am and i am not a good writer and dont care to try. but im a very logical person and not dumb and while i like some nrx it has big problems so i volunteered to be the whipping boy. you wouldnt bother with us if you really thought yourself so above so why not stop the bs and enter the conversation we are actually having or fuck off to some commie site.

    Its pretty clear you oppose whites resorting back to having their own nations again why don’t you simply explain why? or better yet explain why we who pretty much include the entire right side and half the left side of the political electorate of the western world if we were honest, why we are wrong to be concerned or be hopeless that multiculturalism can ever work. make your case arty. what’s so great about multiculturalism that whites should give up their only countries for it and everyone else keep theirs as backup? I dont think you have a coherent response so you pretty much do what the lefts in the media do is insult call us stupid nazis. Well at least those leftists have a shot at using that tactic to prolong the game, but you have no shot at convincing me or wag or nick that cultural marxism is a great idea and that we are sad stupid nazis, people in this day and age dont become nazis lightly , ok well maybe the kids do but well theyre kids.

    so arty stand and deliver why should we let you on board, can you even make lamb vindaloo?


    Wagner Reply:

    Again Mike, your Christian genes are showing. You talk to Arty like he has a soul. I’m christian-gened too and I’m not sure that is the case. A lot of these people are dirt-clods that perpetuate themselves, I hate to state this fact but “Christ is the Truth” made us value Truth over Christ bullshit which you physiologically, i.e. biologically, unwittingly betray. These people are not people, will you ever get that, Christcuck? Will you die speaking to these organized dirt-clods? I think you might. So Just Stop. Artxell is what we might call an AU, an artificial unintelligence. The only option for them is a bullet in the head, and you know this, yet you don’t, hence you keep chattering on with them. They can’t change, everything they say is programmed, they are meat bots, nothing more.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Dirt clods that funny, I remember the first time i heard someone use mud people i was shocked to my bones never really seeing any racism in nyc and in my 30s, and this guy had grown up in the village, i still cant imagine where he got that pre internet.

    Its true i have boomeritis a child of the 60s i am.and a jewyorker no less with arty intellectual parents. You guys think im kidding but Land really did make me a nazi. ok in fairness it was a long process that started with just watching people in nyc, reading a lot of history, Not going to university but for a couple semesters, One might think that my drunken parents deciding to pioneer the slums of the lower easat side in the 60s and my brothers and i being constant targets for being white would have an impact but it had little i adopted the non predjudice of my class. though i was streetwise and by the time we were teens my brothers and I were violent psychopaths, the overt racism we chalked up to just another example of how minorities are not very bright a thought we would never have spoken, which would have been “vulgar”. The tawana brawley, rodney king, and o,j things were informative and i think the bell curve came out about then. That was really big because the facts were undeniable that there was a biological reality underlying the disparate outcomes. Athe anti trump level of resistance to it which i followed up on and found laughable and chilling particularly the gould scandal. i began to realize my sacred science was BS too. But strangely the bell curve really didn’t change me that much I think a lot of us sort of put it to one side, I don’t remember what i thought after that probably as you say some sort of cuckservatism lets get rid of the moral hazards of multi socialism and let the chips fall. It seems really naive one could think affirmative action and welfare were going to be eliminated without a war, off course we had no idea how many niggers were pouring into the country.It was the zimmerman lynching i think that finally did it. having grown up in a slum i knew exactly how niggers think and act and what had happened that night, and I knew that by now after 30 years the rest of the country that hadnt lived it knew it to.But what really intrigued me was how the word racism had changed over my lifetime.It was really orwellian what was going on.It was always a slippery word, invented Im told by one of arty commie french jews. But it couldnt really be fully deployed at the time we were all still fairly rational not having been uniformly awaked to the reality of non reality by the french german jews.Oh we read sartre and shit in the 60s and 70s along with shit like updike and cheever and all the ny jew novelist and the nigger novelist and the original hipsters so much reading we did back then but most of us were not serious it was a freedom lalrp baby,of course the jews were serious and busy but we didnt see where they were heading not really or we didnt worry. Thats the thing arty when youre in the old zeitgeist you cant imagine its ever going to end its like the god like power you imagine your parents have until they get sick and die.
    No the Trayvon affair is what got the ball rolling, i went back and reread the bell curve and tried to find any legitimate criticism and found instead alfin, griffe du lion, steve sailer,and the nascent reaction.Somehow what herrnstein and murray were saying really hit me full implication, i dont think until then it had rrally gotten through to the right, the left got it immediately how it threatened their blank slate the right equally depended on that all men are created equal but they didnt really see that they did because of the curve among whites they really though still do that they are the party of inequality for everyone. they dont see that they know perfectly well this isnt practicably possible and is why they co signed ever piece of racial redistributionist legislation since reconstruction. That they are 150 years down this road and are doomed. and thats the cucksesrvatives that are sincere not the running dog neocucknservatives of the jews who want to impose a socialist capitalist world order.

    It hit like a ton of bricks i literally walked around for about two years muttering that if this is true and its undeniable so then we are doomed and of course this is about the time we all realize we are fucking infested with hispanics that the cucks have been lying to us and theirselves they are not natural conservatives or good for the economy but rather a fifth column that tips the political scale permanently making war inevitable. Because once you really get it you really get this can never work. while all this was going on i was gentrifying a black brooklyn neighborhood for a realestate play and wow the lower east side in the 60s was only 20% black and the rest puerto ricans i thought i knew my nigger races i had also led a pretty dissolute life and travelled in dangerous circles and never felt there was a place i needed to avoid but i never really lived in an all black place my job was very minority because of court orders and with my background the minorities rightly assumed i was one of those rare white raised in a ghetto which was true but only part of the story. Niggers are really a whole other level of animal. and i also realized muslims indians are really lower than puerto ricans and dominicans which is pretty bad artx people are capable of far worse anti civilization than you average hispanic, hispanics are pretty dumb and emotional maybe even more violent than sand niggers and towel heads but not as capable of really evil shit, ms13 is not evil shit its kids playing war.

    So yeah I sometimes forget a guy like arty is a mudcake. and arty this is why you are and why its utterly impossible. you can not think outside your mudcake perspective. and this is the crux of white civilization as elizabeth beaton said ( my english mum was always telling us what she said) ” manners are the use of ones imagination on behalf of the other” you see arty you only see the perspective of the nigger, you only gravitate to ideas that benefit the nigger. And heres the worst part arty youre a self hating nigger all of you immigrants are. you magical niggers that can read and write and mime white speech patterns and parrot french jew wreckers, you have fled you people because you hate who your people really are what you really are. you want to pretend you are not like them that they are an accident of white oppression and you are really the source of white hegemony that you wuz kangs. If you really believed any of that you would have stayed homed and helped your people resume their rightful place in the world. But you know thats a fools errand and instead opted to save yourselves. But you cant save yourselves because despite maybe some of you being half bright , as i keep telling Land cognition is not the whole story, and so you magic niggers have other behaviors you get a medical degree but you cheat the tests then you set up a practice and cut enough corners to kill people, you have shit children that are not magical at all, you only support the parts of west civ you like and alley with other niggers to destroy it somehow in your hi cog brains not understanding its not the special dirt that makes white nations great its the white people that you are attempting to kill off that make it great.No arty youre a mud cake all right it doesnt matter if youre a 145 IQ mud cake youre of no use to our project. and frankly to the extent im occasionally a sentimental human youre a disgrace to your people you may never turn india into much but you could certainly improve it a bit.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Well as we can see from the dispute above, ‘cognition’ doesn’t seem to be your story at all, definite lack of critical, logical, rational cognition, anyway. As I’ve already pointed out, almost all of the ideas you try to claim as ‘white’, originate from the East, India and China, primarily.
    If you’re a self-admitted, dissolute psychopath, as you say, that only colours your view, plots a course in life in which like follows like; like sees like; as the old saw goes, take so-and-so out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of so-and-so.
    Therefore it follows, maliciously mitigated maggots are quite naturally drawn to ideologies of pettiness, this is all that their bad experiences and limited capacities have trained them to see.
    It takes critical abilities and a sense of proportion to create new worlds beyond the horrors that overcome Conservative or Neoeactionary inferiority.
    No one’s interested in ‘stupid’ club. If it works for you, fine, continue with ‘stupid’.

    Wagner Reply:

    The millennials that by and large constitute the alt-right are interested in Eastern philosophy, that’s kind of just a millennial thing, and the adoption of racism hasn’t really mitigated that interest from what I can tell. A lot of those guys probably would have no problem with Artxell’s enlightened cousin coming here and giving classes on the Sutras and the proper lotus position. In an ironical dialectical twisht *sniff* most of the Asians I’ve known, IRL and online, have known less about Eastern phi than I do – a strange world when a neo-not-see is telling gooks about their own homegrown religions. I remember sitting in Christian church with my Korean ex and the Korean priest was wagging his finger about the evils of Buddhism and afterward SHE asked ME if he characterized Buddhism correctly, and I was like Nope. She’s a true-believer SJW, kinda why we broke up. All this to say that there is something fallacious about Asians coming here and lecturing us on leftism because leftism is basically the assertion that “minorities have intrinsic value” – and I’m saying the ones who keep their mystical traditions alive DO have value, but all that these leftist Asians have is leftism, i.e. all they have is the assertion they have value, rather than the knowledge of their mystical tradition that would actually give them real value. Catch my drift, Artxell? Your leftism begs the question.

    Wagner Reply:

    Imagine it’s not me saying this but a Jamaican dude, that might help:

    “French neocolonialists have colonized yo mind, mon!”

    Here’s my practical advice to you (for what it’s worth):

    Two highly esteemed men of the right, Eliade and Evola, both have books on Tantra. Why not read those, spot the holes that can be expected from occidentalist outsiders-looking-in, and write reviews explaining why they’re inferior. Protip: don’t *say* they’re inferior, *show* their inferiority, that’s a yuge problem of yours, stating rather than demonstrating.

    *while playing a bongo drum* “C’mon, mon.”

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Waggy, you don’t even know your own culture very well, let alone anyone else’s. Living in a consumer filigree of exoticisms, even of your own culture, is not guaranteed to provision any worthwhile insight.
    The initial dispute about exit logic and all of your responses to it shows all that needs to be shown concerning the claim of neo-reactionary inferiority. If you knew anything about Buddhist logic there would never have been any problem for you.
    Essentially, both your and Collenic’s arguments, so far, have been social and sociopolitical, not logically focused. Whereas my focus was logical. Your interpretation of that was to import your own ‘free border multicultural’ suspicions, evading not only the working out of logical implications, but the creative imagination of new logics, emerging out of a greater sense of the logics at play. This is just the minimum pre-requisite of theoretical speculation, but it couldn’t even begin, because of your addictions to immediate positivist relevance or significance, the positivist terms being the immigration issue, which admittedly is the concern of the post.
    For all his crassness, Collenic has some virtues that you lack, Waggy, primarily in terms of his consistency of delivery and focus. It’s obvious that you may look down on him a bit, brandishing whatever philosophical sophistications you have at your disposal. But you were no less positivist in your interpretations than him. You might be crafty and more cunning than Collenic, which is as much to say that he seems more honest than you. If he’s a psychopath, you’re a devious psychopath, lol.
    In any case, there’s another point, the argument that someone may share a similar view as a ‘leftist’ or Marxist, on some sociopolitical matter, does not make that someone either ‘leftist’ or Marxist. In addition, Nick Land has not to my knowledge ever been a Marxist, but I don’t really know about his early background, so I could be wrong.
    In my case, I’ve only voted once in my life, and that was for the Green party, so that shows environmentalist sympathies, not really political ones. This was back in the 1980s.

    Mircea Eliade was an ok scholar, certainly worth reading, and his name cropped up a lot in books I read or looked at, decades ago.
    Actually I might have some Buddhist stuff, quotes, on the computer somewhere. Probably better to spam those, than this ‘shit show’ we seem to be doing. Might help with the earlier dispute, to promote understanding. More interesting than politics, anyway.

    Posted on January 12th, 2018 at 4:26 am Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    god youre tiresome wags right youre not worth the bother. So its clear you see this you see everything as an opportunity to one up some white guys guess what im not going to get all guarded so you cant get a shot in, in fact you little description of the difference between wag and i years a gao i used to sound like wag more i just dont give a shit anymore theres nothing going on in a decade i need anything sharper than a mallet to solve, i dont even need punctuation or capitalization anymore i went through all this philosophy shit in my twenties it got me nowhere really. so if i want to offer a casual survey of how i went from an upper middle class half british child of artist intelectual to a “nazi” without the foot notes suck it nigger yopu want the foot notes go read the citations they are in their read all the nrx cannon with links I did read everything on the nigger jaymans blog and all of murray and hernsteins citations its not debatable its A SCIENTIFIC FACT NIGGERS ARE DIRT CLUMPS. do i look like bitcoin faggot that im going to haul the block chain of nigger brutishness around with me. Im at an age where i can watch a movie or read a book siz months later and not know oif i read it or not lol.
    as i just said youre in a hardware store looking for oranges. the discussion on the table every fucking nrz and alt right and paleo anything table is what the fuck to do with the niggers they are fucking useless. I dont need fucking derrida to solve that. you need derrida to avoid that question.

    you know why every other word out of my mouth is nigger? because for decades we all tried to spare your feelies arty you know the talented tenth nigger so we talked about the NIGGER PROBLEM by talking about moral hazards of welfare and a million other euphemism for the real problem divershitty. we pretended the scandanavian countries were like niggers and would say how their gdp could be 8.5673 percent higher if they didnt socialize, But what we were really talking about was niggers niggers niggers then NRX comes around and they do the same thing only Im not relly hip to the situation because land hasnt made me a nazi yet and i say yeah the problem is democracy the problem is puritans 500 years ago but when you really parse moldberg you realize no no no its niggers all the way down the west doesnt function anymore because too many niggers and we cant solve the problem cause we declared clods of dirt humans who could vote. so we cant vote them out and are to squeamish to kill them. so here we sit drowning in nigger and listening to you spit out moronic jew filth philosophy. You know god damn well how well read i am nigger you see the little crumbs i leave for you and others you just don’t like me intellectual contempt for you. You know god damn well nothing is of oriental derivation and if you dont youre even worse educated than i think. you ought to know its quite possible proto europeans were the ancient indians so even if anything were worth a damn in your shit culture it was white LOL. My first love was anthropology so whoever came up with whatever im all for credit where its due and dont know enough about india which i least find more interesting than east asia to say. but I have come to realize anthropology and archaeology are two of the most pozed as wag would say branches of science to a degree i find staggering they make shit up out of whole cloth and funny shaped rocks constantly but the genetics phonetics don’t lie, so we will see. In the meantime if youre going to claim theft of culture CITATIONS PLEASE OR ITS BULLSHIT.

    ” is this really what passes for intelligence in the nigger world did you jew professors tell you this was good work?

    The initial dispute about exit logic and all of your responses to it shows all that needs to be shown concerning the claim of neo-reactionary inferiority. If you knew anything about Buddhist logic there would never have been any problem for you.
    Essentially, both your and Collenic’s arguments, so far, have been social and sociopolitical, not logically focused. Whereas my focus was logical. Your interpretation of that was to import your own ‘free border multicultural’ suspicions, evading not only the working out of logical implications, but the creative imagination of new logics, emerging out of a greater sense of the logics at play. This is just the minimum pre-requisite of theoretical speculation, but it couldn’t even begin, because of your addictions to immediate positivist relevance or significance, the positivist terms being the immigration issue, which admittedly is the concern of the post.

    The last grade i actually passed was eight, now its true i kicked around schools even a couple universities for a month but the fact is Im an eighth grader. Let me tell you what sister irene would do with that paragraph nigger she would grab your ear and twist the fucking shit out of it while telling you what a stupid child you were and how you were wasting her life and the classes time. and dont even get me started on what some of the christian bros or jesuits who tried to teach me would have done to you.Just look at what my writing skills have deteriorated to since eighth grade you fucking moronic nigger and tell me what that gibberish up there means? because of my extensive dealing with stupid niggers who havnt words or thoughts i know what you want to say but you didnt say it. here let me.

    you want to say you have some mystical insight you call buddhist logic but instead of demonstrating it you try to mime commie french jews from the 40s and 50s because you have no clear idea of what buddhist logic is or how to express it though you want to imply its sort of a contradiction to the very concept of logic tus the whole anti west shtick.youre all over the place what youre really saying is we wuz kangs. but you know we are too smart for that so you try to dress it up with some budhism and some post structuralism and finnally an appeal this contradictory appeal to the logic that both your budhism and structuralism are in opposition to yet you think will give youi some cred with the white boys youre a fucking clown arty and an eigth grader can read you.But iots worse because youre alluding to that bullshit attemp from a few days ago when you tried to pretend EXIT was a logic problem and not a NIGGER PROBLEM. yerah remember that embarrasing moment when you found some new guy to listen to your shucking and jiving about exit like you were fucking that other faggot programmer Turing and you had just invented the Turing switch. But arty you arent that white genius and that wasnt a Turning switch or even a logic problem it was a simple NIGGER PROBLEM. see it was moldbug pretending whites were niggers and how to solve the nigger problem without saying ‘nigger problem’ and this is why i will keep with the reification of nigger until we all face the actual fucking nigger problem, arty back in vienna in 1900 we didnt have moldberg and he didnt need to solve an exit problem because all the little whites knew their place and did their thing some baked excellent pastries and some made excellent philosophies that have aged better than the strudel some like my maternal grandmas family made watches and clocks so no one needed to exit there were no niggers to solve turing and hitler were being born somewhere and moldbergs parents were stating to plot somewhere but the jews had not yet introduced the nigger problem only communism a bit.

    so when you shuck and jive that buddhist logic patch hotel california post structuralist garbage and cant even write bullshit well enough for an eigth grader to not call you on you know youre a nigger not even a smart one let alone an intelligent one.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Blah, blah, yeah, yeah, You still haven’t twigged it though, and therein lies your stubborn inferiority. Nice rant, though. Maybe you should be a rapper, lol.


    collen ryan Reply:




    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Not really a rap fan, but that was funny.

    This is better, I guess it’s a classic now – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9AcG0glVu4

    collen ryan Reply:






    ill give you a hint this is the end


    Posted on January 12th, 2018 at 9:16 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan</st


    heres one of your home boy niggers admitting hes a nigger, which is kinda funny cause he likes to give me shit like you do when i say it but he is actually pretty smart and just hates he has to be a nigger and his kids will be stupid niggers like his parents, but you want to argue about nigger stupidity go argue with jay or rhaz they are niggers and they undertsand the utter audacity of thinking theres hope


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Not arguing about anyone’s stupidity, but seem to have demonstrated your’s and Wagner’s quite adequately.


    collen ryan Reply:



    collen ryan Reply:

    youre not watching arty its not better i was there before that at led zeppelin and the stones ,the who all of them. what you posted was what your philosophy is, a long hair band, even in the 80s we called that areana rock suburban music. die antwoord thats clockwork orange zombie music like the pistols or the doors you keep ki8lling and trying to sell its parts but its been coming back like a zombie youre trying to kill the undead. you cant kill western civilization twice nigger. you already killed it you killed god you killed reason with your santa clause isnt real philosophy like we didnt fucking know that, you stupid fucking unimaginative literal nigger we knew god was dead that everything was relative you moron we were not stupid we were wise, but no you had to kill the easter bunny and santa clause and all of it wrecker. you moron youre tilting at zombies. get used to it youre in the post apocalypse you cant kill us again its giuliani time nigger has been for decades its just it takes a while to wake enough dead. youre a joke youre going to tell me all my white logic is subjective then tell me my logic is faulty? do you know what fucking happens to intellectual in times like these, well youre going to find out. I on the other hand have seen this long ago and am well prepared. enjoy the decline


    Wagner Reply:

    “Let me tell you what sister irene would do with that paragraph nigger she would grab your ear and twist the fucking shit out of it while telling you what a stupid child you were and how you were wasting her life and the classes time.”

    That pretty much sums it up. I think of him like a whetstone though, you’ve said lots of funny shit to this dot-forehead. This for instance, but there’s been so much I lose track:

    “90% of you non whites would not exist if not for us, and those that did would be living as you did 80,000 years ago sitting in the mud slapping flies and popping them in your mouth.”

    Didn’t know that about Rhazib and Jayman, that’s noble and admirable of them, makes me think better of the browns. Like I said, Art really isn’t doing his people any favors here. Acceleration-of-recognition-of-inexpungable-niggerness. And I used to vaguely entertain the rainbow n sunshiney theory that Euros and Indians were long-long brothas!

    You ever read Blood Meridian? I think you’d like it:

    “The black looked once more across the flames at Glanton and then he moved away in the dark. The white man uncocked the revolver and placed it on the ground before him. Two of the others came back to the fire and stood uneasily. Jackson sat with his legs crossed. One hand lay in his lap and the other was out- stretched on his knee holding a slender black cigarillo. The nearest man to him was Tobin and when the black stepped out of the darkness bearing the bowieknife in both hands like some instrument of ceremony Tobin started to rise. The white man looked up drunkenly and the black stepped forward and with a single stroke swapt off his head.
    Two thick ropes of dark blood and two slender rose like snakes from the stump of his neck and arched hissing into the fire. The head rolled to the left and came to rest at the expriest’s feet where it lay with eyes aghast. Tobin jerked his foot away and rose and stepped back. The fire steamed and blackened and a gray cloud of smoke rose and the columnar arches of blood slowly subsided until just the neck bubbled gently like a stew and then that too was stilled. He was sat as before save headless, drenched in blood, the cigarillo still between his fingers, leaning toward the dark and smoking grotto in the flames where his life had gone.”

    P. S.

    I think we might have found a SYNTHESIS Mike:


    (Yeah you don’t advocate do-nothing gaming but you get the point–I’ve had Tacitus on my shelf for a while that I need to finish).

    Wagner Reply:

    The word savage appears 50 times in the novel, nigger 39. I don’t have to google it to know that the aficionados of poz that make up our fine academies have had a field day with it. This reminds me why I like Westerns so much, men act like actual men in them. In fact, a couple weeks ago I bagged 33 John Wayne flicks off ebay for like $30, as an aid in the deconditioning process. I saw one guy on Jim’s blog say something that stuck with me: he said something like, he would make a deal with the devil if it meant Hollywood were burned to the ground. A-yup. After the death of God the masses get their myth-fix through movies. The main thing shitlords should shoot for is making a movie like Inglorious Basterds only turned on its head so it glorifies the Nazis – this would do A LOT of damage, it would blow a hole through the big wooden front doors of the Cathedral. Might not put a hole through the belly of the wizard of poz arch-priest behind the scenes (whoever it is), but we have to do this in steps.

    Wagner Reply:

    Grrr… Land’s voodoo is interfering with my mind’s wifi signal here, it’s hard to even type this. There’s an occult underside to the habbenings of this blog’s “commentariat”… Go back to the idea of “mounting”.. eh forget it, it will give me an aneurysm to continue that line of thought.

    How about this. Imagine that app that makes pictures of people smile. *When Land thinks about how Crowley exposed the secrets of the Freemasons: smiling* – “When Land thinks about how we expose the secrets of NRx: not smiling* .. The intersection of esotericism and the Internet, that is wh

    What was I going to say? Oh yeah.. channeling Kantbot here:

    2000-2100 will be known as the “Voodoo Century” in American history. Citizens will be thought dismissively as “cars” by 2100-2200 space-explorer citizens who think of themselves as “spaceships”…

    Always demand of interdimensional, infinity-tiddied entities that you be on top, lads. Don’t let them make you their bitch just because they’ve “transcended space and time”. Woo, good for you, now bend over.

    There once was a man who refused to be mounted by a Dæmon. This man said, “No.” He said, “You’re my horse now.” The Dæmon was thus broken. That man became to be known as the Buddha.

    One of the (many) reasons Bertiaux has been memory-holed is his realism that huwytes can use voodoo-technology more efficiently than failing Haiti.. He, e.g wouldn’t admit certain browns into his cult..

    Eh this is more of Land’s voodoo. You’re MY horse, Land!

    Boldmug Reply:

    An informant tells me that those who are possessed in Haiti are often referred to as “horses”.

    Makes you wonder what would habben if these “Things” rode colts rather than jackasses.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:


    It’s funny, I didn’t need to call you zombies, but did think of it earlier. You’re still using sociopolitical imagery, though, trying to distract from your earlier fiascoes. Supplementing your commenting failures with referential imagery.

    I’m not saying that anything at all is ‘faulty’, because that ‘faultiness’ is contingent on arbitrary notions of ‘function’, anyway -take your pick! Oh, you already have, the circulation of ‘stupid’! ‘shit’. Play that func-y music, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFiv9M577a4

    At least you’re consistent, whatever your metabolic state, zombified or not, all are equally inferior! Oh look, a ‘democracy of dunces’, and not in a good, Duns Scotus way!
    You’ll notice how often you refer to a ‘we’; dat socialism right there! lol

    What have you got against Father Christmas? He doesn’t believe in you, either, so you’re not on his Christmas delivery list.

    “Derrida: I try to keep myself at the limit of philosophical discourse. I say limit and not death, for I do not at all believe in what today is so easily called the death of philosophy (nor, moreover, in the simple death of whatever-the book, man, or god, especially since, as we all know, what is dead wields a very specific power). Thus, the limit on the basis of which philosophy became possible, defined itself as the episteme, functioning within a system of fundamental constraints, conceptual oppositions outside of which philosophy becomes impracticable.”

    Really, there’s is no such thing as ‘relativism’, it’s just a convention, so you’re claiming to ‘know’ it is merely conventional, another badly understood position, big deal! It’s understanding why that is the case, that is worthy, not producing ignorant hallucinations of yet more bad positions ( d?r???i ). I can do that better than you, too, if I feel like it. How the Land lies, the topography of criminality, deceit and inferiority! No St Nicholas, he! lol

    Or as the great Robert Sheckley said: “Weakening, Kraggash became evil; becoming evil, Kraggash grew weak.”*


    “His bastion fell in a night when Marvin kidnapped the Barbary apes, and Kraggash speeded across southern Thrace with his body in a suitcase. He was seized at the frontier of Phthistia, a country that Marvin improvised with considerable effect upon the history of Europe.
    Weakening, Kraggash became evil; becoming evil, Kraggash grew weak. In vain he invented devil-worship. The followers of Marvinity bowed down not to the idol, but rather to the symbol. Evil, Kraggash turned nasty: dirt grew beneath his fingernails, noxious tufts of hair appeared on his soul.
    Helpless at last Kraggash lay, the incarnation of evil, with the body of Marvin clutched in his talon. Rites of exorcism induced his final agony. A buzz saw disguised as a prayer wheel dismembered him, a mace masquerading as a censer brained him. Kindly old Father Flynn intoned over him the last words:
    ‘Thou gettest no bread with one meatball.’ And Kraggash was put into a tomb hewn out of the living Kraggash. Appropriate graffiti were carved upon his tombstone, and flowering Kraggash was planted around his grave.
    It is a quiet spot. To the left is a grove of Kraggash trees, to the right is an oil refinery. Here is an empty beer can, here is a gipsy moth. And just beyond is the spot where Marvin opened the suitcase and took out his long-lost body. He blew the dust off it and combed its hair. He wiped its nose and
    straightened its tie. Then, with seemly reverence, he put it on.”

    Incidentally, stop trying to introduce me to your sister, Irene, I’m not interested.

    Wagner Reply:

    Derrida, Sheckley, it’s like you subscribe to a Non-Indo Judeo ideology er somethin. Where are all the blue elephants? Talk about the Absolute Reality of Brahman? Did the Hindus believe Brahman was a conventional construct? I thought that’s what they thought of little atman, little artxell?

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    I think I posted this before, a few years ago – http://www.viewzone.com/matlock.html

    Posted on January 12th, 2018 at 9:20 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    pretty sure i read that i read a lot of western lit as in american west li when i bought the land out there. One of my favorites was crow killer the true story of liver eating johnson known in disneyland as jeremiah johnson but the real guy was a lot more like colonel kurtz. The tales of the mountain men who were the only whites out there then are truly amazing and not at all like we were told.

    Truth be told i also think indians are our cousins so are black africans and gorillas, in the right context i love them all. Have you seen Leni Riefenstahl’s african photography? The problem isnt really the niggerlynesses of the various niggers, its the stupid idea to try and integrate them into white nations. One of the most degrading things is what happens to a nigger when trying to function in our environment, I get why they are so pissed off, they cant win for trying. Honestly i don’t even see how this can be debated. We are not sending them to gas chambers, we’re asking people to please go home. We can see them again we can trade with them, do science, exchange cultural programs. Im sure we will continue to aid them to some extent.
    I don’t know what they thought would happen when it went from accommodating a few immigrants to population replacement coupled with calls for white extinction not just in the US but in every white nation. I cant even imagine what sort of gymnastic it takes a high cog elite to thinks this is a good idea its fucking stark raving madness. And by the nigger uprising of the 60s we should have understood this. In fact it seems from the civil war and colonial history thats not revised we did know this. There was very subtle campaign of insidious switching of memes around that went on for 150 years. Sorry I don’t really see puritainism as being much involved in that sure christianity is was ripe for pozzing by commies and that surely happened, but communism is a jewish movement they have used a lot of tactics to recruit the whites they needed to recruit to have it take over. christianity is one, philosophy another, class adivion another particularly in economies in industrial transition,gender and sexual orientation are others but none of them were really able to swing the euro people permanently into the sort of totalitarian states they wanted to rule until they came up with population replacement and racial redistributions. Even in russia which had the really late transition into industrialization and near serfs into the 20th century they throw off communism after 80 years, and even in scandinavia a natural socialist people their devotion to socialism never translates into the type of state the jews want to rule. white dont bend the knee well even very socialist whites like scandinavians.But introducing a near animal like human into highly advanced culture that was bound to fail and had no genetic predisposition to kneeling just the opposite that assures democracy can be used to vote in racial communism. remove the nigger vote and communism dies in one election in a few years we are flogging the non productive whites and instituting eugenics programs.in a decade feminism will be a historical anomaly.


    Posted on January 13th, 2018 at 1:17 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan


    let me put it in language you will understand; Nigger you be frontin. You want to slip back and forth between the rational and irrational side then on this side you have to make the case not drop deconstruct jabberwocky and yell racists are stupid. You’re allowed a zombie avatar that yells whiteys are whiggers but if that’s all ya got you’re just a dumb nigger frontin you know sumpthin. Knowing derrida is not knowing something derrida a jew nigger yelling whiteys are whiggers.
    You act like only one thing goes on at once i already explained what should be plain we are at the fin d cycle so you have two major waves overlapping, but each are applications of other waves, as a commie leftist running mud for the jews you know ow these waves helped you many are most are natural waves you commies jumped on, well the sa,e is happening in your counter amplitude. No really there is absolutely such a thing as relativism,its the only true thing those bastards ever said it just should never have been said.

    Dostoyevsky tried to warn you
    – говорит, смеется. ‘Только как же, спрашиваю, после того человек-то? Без бога-то и без будущей жизни? Ведь это, стало быть, теперь всё позволено, всё можно делать?’ ‘А ты и не знал?’ – говорит. Смеется. ‘Умному, говорит, человеку всё можно, умный

    but you couldn’t resist well the greedy jews couldn’t resist and you followed them to hell. Now you have won and insidiously substituted actual nigger slave morality for simply christian slave morality you want to take it back re orthodox your values. But you can’t everyones knows now god is dead there is no afterlife all is then permitted there is no good or evil only perspective. “My leftist daughter will say why because Im black?” If asked to do something she doesn’t want to do. Shes as devoted a leftist as you are but she knows in her subconscious youthful naivete its all bullshit just a power grab, eventually she will realize she shouldn’t say that outloud because like you she will work towards closing pandora’s box while the left is hegemonic. Or hopefully she will understand you are all lying fucking niggers that want her dead. either way its zombie time.

    So if the point that you are struggling to make is that wag and I have an equally subjective philosophy perspective or what ever you wish to derrida it as, well you’re not hearing the response. You’re in a fucking hardware store looking for oranges this is the DARK enlightenment the anti enlightenment. Land would like to think he is going to restore reason, wag thinks so too. They are both wrong its monsters all the way down. The reason why when i really looked at the nigger problem in your terms when i meditated on the death head it took two years is not simply because Trayvon Martin killed multiculturalism, or moldberg killed democracy or Nietzsche foresaw the murder in the cathedral derrida the jew stomping christ to death. Its all of that and more. Land gets it sometimes when he gets into the horror, but hes still attached as buddhists say to his rationalism. I saw the piles of children’s arms little nigger arms all the way down. Its over friend you opened the box now get in the box.

    So yeah our hells angels philosophy is laughable for now but not for long. we don’t need no stinkin philosophy no ,ore, no reason, no love no god no future for you. just fucking hells angels all the way down. Oh land or someone might make up some philosophy to justify it, Ill probably write some new norse mythology, but Nietzsche will howling with the idiots frightful hyena laughter off stage. It will b relative all right our relatives.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    In other words, you’re pissed off at your intellectual inferiority.
    It was the navel-gazing, I guess, you haven’t got any natural aptitude for it. You know it upsets you, gets you all angry, and even more stupid than you are already. I guess that’s why you turn the caps lock on, helps you read.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Arty when you have a specific argument against a specific assertion please post your fact filed argument along with citations. otherwise as we have told you fifty different ways you are just a nigger trying to sound inteligent by miming whites.

    In other news- it seems the press in nations like your own are having trouble translating Trumps shithole comment into the dindu dialectic because not only dont they have toilets


    But remarkably they don’t even have shit holes, or rather they have only the one, leaving the press with the conundrum of describing water to fish.


    Wagner Reply:

    JFC Mike how do we find ourselves in the lowly position of having to shame this cyber-streetshitter? We try to talk political philosophy and this disgrace of a human being keeps coming by and squatting next to us and letting out steaming loafs. You’re right, there is no exit if we’re part of the shaming crew against our will, FFS.

    “You’re inferior! You’re inferior! You’re inferior!”

    Meanwhile, back in India…

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Waggy, Collenic, and Nick Land; the three members of the Chandalah Trio, that triple inferiority threat!

    Bit difficult to ‘shame’ anyone when you given up moral commitments, Waggy!
    Less of the ‘human’, Wags, that’s you Occidental lot! None of that anthropic inferiority for us in the Orient! You’re to set up shrines around those ‘steaming loaves’, but you’re not to touch them or even breathe on them, keep your fetid selves well away from the Holy Excrement! You may, on occasions yet to be determined, worship from a distance.

    Wagner Reply:

    Yep I would joyously slaughter a million of your people if it meant saving one of mine from perishing of a fecal-borne illness. Fortunately for you and them we’ll just have to gently escort a thousand so of our corrupt oligarchs to a couple gymnasium sized “showers” and it will be a job well done; as for you and yours, we’ll leave you alone to literally writhe in your own shit like pigs, the karma you apparently had coming.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    I thought you and collenic said you were already dead, Waggy? Make up your mind, if the vimana squadrons get annoyed at your indecisiveness, they won’t be happy.
    Looks like the USA is getting a lot more ‘natural disasters’ since Trump came into power?

    BG 11.33: Therefore, arise and attain honor! Conquer your foes and enjoy prosperous rulership. These warriors stand already slain by me, and you will only be an instrument of my work, O expert archer.


    Posted on January 13th, 2018 at 4:58 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    Hmm another lost tribe at least we celts have the red hair and cheapness, but you guys do kind have that hook nose thing going on.


    Posted on January 13th, 2018 at 6:16 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan


    here a koan for you buddha how do you kill the dead


    collen ryan Reply:

    and do we are not pissed off at anyone’s intellectual inferiority, simply pointing out that your subjectivism killed universalism and we whites are now free to declare our particular truth. Guess i had to spell it out for you. So you see relativism might have been expedient for the jew it wasnt in the long run good for him, they’re not half as clever as people credit them. So when Land conjures up some new rationalism because hes a white boy and we likes us some rationalism its going to have a little asterisk well actually its going to be a little swastika, next to which it will say, ”empirically true for whites, results may vary” So the next time some filthy little french jew philosopher comes around with a shiv for santa instead of going on about natural law and all that well just say there’s another one we missed get him. We wont be universalists anymore so we wont be needing to carry that white mans philosophical burden (no offense gunga din) we will know perfectly well that its just our point of view just our very own self interest our truth our safe space. You may have your own and we may let you have it or maybe one day we will need it and take it, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azxoVRTwlNg


    Wagner Reply:



    What kind of psychopath are you Mike? Try-a-thimble kinda psychopath? A spoonful? A bowl?

    “Jewstew” may very well be considered a delicacy for a couple years during the war.

    I dunno if I’d deign to eat injun though, call me a snob.

    “(Always discriminate more.)” – Nick Land


    collen ryan Reply:

    Fee Fie Fo Fum I smell the blood of an englishman
    be he alive or be he dead
    Ill grind his bones to make my bread

    that and struwwelpeter was what i was raised on and they only fed us olives from their martini glasses

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  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan









    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Say all that to Waggy, your fellow ghost- zombie, he’s the one talking about shame.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Talking to yourself, isn’t helping you lose the argument gracefully.


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  • Klang Says:



    Posted on January 14th, 2018 at 7:34 pm Reply | Quote
  • Zimriel Says:

    dead bloooooooggg…goonnnna put it on you.

    dead bloooooooggg…goonnnna put it on you.


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  • Wagner Says:

    Ben “Sixsmith”

    Quote note “365”

    I’ve been wanting to make note of these synchronicities but haven’t wanted to seem like a “paranoiac”.

    I would rather be superstitious than deadened. There is meaning to be found in every second.

    A salt shaker I glance at shines at its corner from my lamp. Where does light come from? What is light? Where does the Sun come from?


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Böhme knows.


    Wagner Reply:

    That’s really intense. Need to start a Golden Dawn revolving around concepts derived from German philosophers. Exit-enthusiasts smitten by tech-development are distracting themselves from development in the way of personal askesis. AI nerds betray the same hedonistic urge as those yearning for fully automated luxury communism, which is just the vulgar “Heavenism” of the postsecular present: morbidly obese beanbag chair gerbil water drip existence. The right cares about hierarchy on the one hand- on the other, mysticism is the highest on the hierarchy, and in neglecting this they are leftists. Whether it’s full communism or AI it begs the question of What will one do under full communism, What will the AI do as AI? Answer: try to reach Nirvana. AI is treated as an endpoint as if the AI wouldn’t be concerned with God/Ideals/eliminating illusions in an eternal process of growth. The AI may sit in the lotus position on Mars for ten million years.


    Wagner Reply:

    So much oldman-contentedness going on in this:


    Reminds me of what N spoke of in the W2P, the “great relaxation of all the limbs” which he contrasted with “the warrior of knowledge who is constantly struggling with ugly truths”. Duhhhh technology will save us, my compulsive shitpoasting is free of sin.

    Wagner Reply:

    Ugly truth of the day: occidentals tend to blink (in the last man sense) when they hear that through certain physio-mystical techniques one is able to contact a higher being. Higher self, alien, angel, God, Tao, Logos, praeternatural intelligence, daemon, et al.

    These same ones, though they may not admit it, despise those thoughtless ones who use prayer for a lighter version of this.

    Prayer has never worked for me, I’ve always hated Christians (well, just look at them) but there are various ways to have supernatural experience. You think the natural is really the most natural out there?

    It’s not fun the process of getting there. That may be chiefly why all this is marginalized. It was easier for me to meditate more when I lived down the road from a Zen temple. Having a -n even small- community and a monk-superior goes a long way. We atomized NEET chandalas can still do it if we will it, we don’t need any of that.

    We live in a society that systematically shuts up any talk of hierarchy; hierarchy in certain forms, and hierarchy in itself. This means that the notion that there is a hierarchy in the very self is shut up.

    We often talk of the “death of god” as an abstraction that “happened”- no, we’re living right in the middle of it.

    If we do yoga, entheogens, if we lucid dream, and discuss these things with friends who have similar experiences, we will get out of it.

    Anyway, I finished Regardie’s biography of Crowley and was inspired by a few things the former quoted from the latter:

    “The Aspirant should make it his daily practice to travel on the Astral Plane, taking in turn each of the most synthetic sections, the Sephiroth and the Paths. These being thoroughly understood… he should start on a new series of expeditions to explore the subordinate sections of each. He may then practice Rising on the Planes from these spheres, one after the other in rotation… It should be his aim to obtain a comprehensive knowledge of the entire Astral Plane, with impartial love of truth for its own sake; just as a child learns the geography of the whole planet, though he may have no intention of ever leaving his native land.”

    “With a little practise, especially if you have a good Guru, you ought to be able to slip in and out of your astral body as easily as you slip in and out of a dressing-gown. It will then no longer be so necessary for your astral body to be sent far off; without moving an inch you will be able to ‘turn on’ its eyes and ears–as simply as the man with the microscope can transfer his complete attention from one eye to the other.”

    “We may consider all beings as parts of ourselves, but it is more convenient to regard them as independent. Maximum Convenience is our canon of “Truth”. We must thus refer psychical phenomena to the intention of “Astral” Beings, without committing ourselves to any theory. Coherence is the sole quality demanded of us. Magic enables us to receive sensible impressions of worlds other than the “physical” universe (as generally understood by profane science). These worlds have their own laws; their inhabitants are often of quasi-human intelligence; there is a definite set of relations between certain “ideas” of ours and their expressions, and certain types of phenomena. (Thus, symbols, the Qabalah, etc., enable us to communicate with whom we choose.)

    “Astral” beings possess knowledge and power of a different kind from our own; their “universe” is presumably of a different kind from ours, in some respects. (Our idea “bone” is not the same as a dog’s; a short-sighted man sees things differently to one of normal vision.) It is *more convenient* to assume the objective existence of an “Angel” who gives us new knowledge than to allege that our invocation has awakened a supernormal power in ourselves.”

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Angel of Intelligence

    Wagner Reply:

    Yes, a higher intelligence. Reading Mathers’ Kabbalah Unveiled now, a way he translates it that gets my tail wagging is “the Inscrutable Height”. He and his wife (sister of Henri Bergson incidentally) both say that there is a side to qabalah that is passed down orally, so we might have to kidnap a Jewish whitebeard and inject him with truth serum. *shniff* I joke, I joke. I’ve heard a few old Jews now say that people shouldn’t study kabbalah until they’re 40 or so unless they want to lose their minds, and a few times I’ve encountered Jews who were hostile to the idea of goyim studying “their” tradition at any age or maturity. I’ve survived a handful of N-induced psychoses now (probly in the midst of one atm tbh) so I think I’ll manage.

    It’s really interesting that this “Voice” shall we call it *is* a higher intelligence, and that Mr. Land, who takes Intelligence as a divine-signifier, never speaks of these methods of access. Just wait around flipping a coin and whistling until the AI comes… I chalk this up to Land being cynical about intrinsic value. It’s helpful to think about this via the eternal return. In the future when the AI exists, would that AI will the eternal return of being obsessed with the Uber-AI to the point that it didn’t care about intelligence increase within non-Uber-AI parameters? Just because a paradigm-shift may be on the horizon doesn’t mean we should fritter our days away. Imagine if every pre-paradigm shift entity did that. There would be a lot of frittering.

    Wagner Reply:

    Land: “There’s a *good reason* I don’t talk about this stuff!”

    Cheeky witch Dion Fortune: “Is there any good reason why initiates of the present day should put all this knowledge into a secret box and sit upon the lid? If they consider that I am wrong to give accurate information upon matters which they consider their private preserve, I reply that this is a free country and they are entitled to their opinion.”


    rohme Reply:

    I felt you guys would be interested in this:


    “The Optimization of Autography” Wouldn’t that be the best alternate title for any book written on state theory ever?

    Aren’t nutritionalists / “health-nuts” among the few who are actually living cybernetics experientially; at the limit of their structure?

    His speech is depersonalized to the basal temperature of an automated customer service operator.

    I’ve read Crowley’s ‘8 lectures on Yoga’; that constituted a breakthrough. I do desire to undertake the practice as he explained it. There may be originary texts for Yoga one could recommend – I would be appreciative! – but, as a practical and tactical compendium, those lectures seem like more than enough for me for now. Might you agree?

    I’m reading Sylvan Muldoon’s (btw, has anyone ever looked more like an extraterrestrial?) ‘The Projection of the Astral Body’. I would love to take Freud off the mantelshelf and toss him into the fireplace. If, after lots of concentrated effort, I do project, that would be nothing short of an internal revolution. A nice change of pace from being a ‘mossy atheist’! The guy who invented MRI’s is a Genesis-(t)humping creationist for goodness gracious!

    Interestingly enough, in Yoga, you gain equanimity under catalepsy: a precondition for astral projection. The processes of each seem to link up in a confluence of events; side channels into the same river?

    Side note: Films are dead and Youtube is one of the most interesting spaces for aesthetic experience.

    “Movie houses are a little more convenient and a little more cheap than the circus.” that’s around what my appraisal of its measure as an art form would be currently. (And, personally, I like the circus a lot more.)

    But the fault does not lie directly in the lack of imagination of filmmakers (though that lack surely may be seen and felt) Film cannot match the breadth of life Youtube ensconces within its frame. Film, from now on, can only try to create from what Youtube already captures exhaustively; kaleidoscopically; from every possible expressive angle; in every possible visual permutation. No, when an equestrian loses to a Formula 1 racer, you can’t fault the equestrian.

    The idea that films are sites of aesthetic pleasure but youtube’s amateur videos are not ignores the nature of the medium both share – the screen – and the relationship between the (I) eye and the screen (text); between visual cues and codified meaning. As television hyperlinked the language of film into blocks of content (“programs”), it also aggressively separated from film with its insistence on simultaneity. Films belong to ‘companies’, connecting it to theatre. And film’s indissoluble essence is theatricality. It is infected with proscenium-ism. But television belongs to ‘networks’, connecting it to the distributed infrastructure upon which its transmission relies – something which presaged the internet.

    Television created what I would call, ‘virtual realism’, in distinction to film’s ‘pictorial realism’. Television was unique in that it had a mode of representation that was (mis)taken for reality. It had this transparency, this camera un-obscura, which film did not. In truth, this transparency was nothing more than fallow reflexiveness. It was a technological fact, not an artistic innovation, that “when it’s live, it’s live”, “when it says on air, it’s on air.” That’s all it means. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Now the internet has done to television what television did to film. It has crushed television with its own immersive realism!

    Wagner Reply:

    I find Stanislav Grof’s breathing techniques more effective than Crowley’s. The latter’s yoga lectures are important in that they represent one of the first bigbrain Westerners taking Eastern mystical practices seriously (think of Emerson- he took the theory seriously but did he ever talk about methods toward better understanding the theory?) This is all still very new to Euros. I have a conspiracy theory that Schopenhauer was such an emo-kid not for any of his stated reasons but rather because he was dealing with the profound anomie that comes about when two colossal cultures collide. Reconciling Plato with Kant is one thing, and then you bring Hinduism in there? Must have been crippling being one of the first to get blasted by that antinomy. Of course Jung relays a more pedestrian reason:

    “Some people once watched Schopenhauer while he was taking a walk on a hill behind Frankfurt. He was walking up and down, always murmuring to himself, and they thought he must have great secret thoughts in his mind. Then somebody went up behind and listened to him, and to his great amazement he heard: If only I had married Ann So-and-So fifty years ago!”

    lolol so sad. Reminds me of how Land’s pessimism can be traced back to the fact that he misses fisting Sadie Plant’s slimy asshole, ahahaha

    Try out Grof’s advice- with it you can easily get to a mental plane that feels like microdosing. Are you still straight-edge btw (ffs)? There is literally no equivocation in the following logic: food and water are chemicals that produce consciousness; entheogens are chemicals that produce higher consciousness. Few know the extent of Crowley’s usage: https://imgur.com/a/b9mUB

    No, you don’t NEED them, they just help, a lot. A few days ago I read Fortune’s account of creation according to the Zohar and had a light mystical experience for a few hours. It’s eerie how small we are compared to God. … Speaking of Kabbalah yesterday I read a rabbi saying that it takes 3-5 years to grasp… That means in 3-5 years incipit “Dear fellow Jews”… There really is no better trojan horse than this. Alas the dumbgoyright will continue dumbgoying with their MEEMZ 😜 culture instead of building mind-weapons- fools.

    Wagner Reply:

    Maimonides’ distinction between true and necessary belief could help explain contemporary shitlib-Jew behavior:

    “in some cases the law contains a truth which is itself the only object of that law, as e.g., the truth of the Unity, Eternity, and Incorporeality of God; in other cases, that truth is only the means of securing the removal of injustice, or the acquisition of good morals”

    Do many of them *actually* believe in Equality or is it a conscious noble lie?

    It seems 99% of criticism directed at Equalism presupposes that they do actually believe it, i.e. that it’s a noble truth. Perhaps we could more insidiously get under their skin if we proceeded with the frame that we know that they know it’s a lie and that they think it’s noble, but that it is in fact ignoble.

    “The truth hurts their feelingzzz!!”

    “The world is becoming dumber with that policy though- do you really want the world to become dumber in order to spare feelings? That isn’t noble.”

    This strat is probably only handy in private. I doubt many will speak so heretically in a public space. It might help coax it out of them if enough people do it for a long enough time: “Truth hurts feelings, that’s where you’re coming from isn’t it.” “No, inequality isn’t the truth!” “You’re just saying that so as not to hurt feelings, admit it.” Or all talk is useless and exit to Antartica, who tf knows.

    Wagner Reply:

    By the way Rohme, sharing a link to a video on veganism and using the phrase “for goodness gracious!” go together.

    Wagner Reply:


    I think I’m getting the hang of this.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    «Slavoj Žižek’s Less Than Nothing: Introduction – Eppur Si Muove», a must-see new series of videos on Zizek’s.

    rohme Reply:

    Erik, how’s the married life?

    Yeah, I’ve been following that series. He knows his stuff and can simplify some really involved concepts.

    You familiar with this guy, ‘ChrisTTT’? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3Uk9E3WTCI

    Also, ‘Death’s Dynamic Shroud.wmv”s music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dr2dm1yQuD0&t=798s

    Your kind of wave. Mine too.

    rohme Reply:

    Erik! How’s the married life?

    Yeah, I’ve been following that series. He knows his stuff and can simplify some really involved concepts.

    You familiar with this guy’s music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3Uk9E3WTCI

    Wagner Reply:


    You have to admit, this was “a good one”.

    Posted on March 11th, 2018 at 5:17 am Reply | Quote
  • rohme Says:


    Hey Wagner, thank you for the replies.

    That is funny, Land and Plant. Young lovers. Clove cigarettes and coffee. Slime. Intellectual pretenses liquidated. Organs inflamed. Secretion, is that not the symbol of all honesty? It is clear Fanged Noumena was written by someone who wanted to get laid and maybe even drive a Ferrari. Kant had headaches, Nietzsche lost his mind, Land got fisted and fisted. (When someone asks me, “What is art?” I tell them, “Art is something artists use to make themselves more sexually attractive.”)

    Land’s targets are soft. He picks on progressives which is like picking on children with Down syndrome. Yet he fled his blog like the Samartians from Attila the Hun. He looks towards China which, in turn, looks towards the West to file its next patent.

    That’s a very interesting idea of cultural malaise with Schopenhauer and a very funny anecdote from Jung! Schopenhauer and Nietzsche showed disgust with the feeblemindedness of their own culture and those very serious remonstrations floated down to subsequent generations of even more feeble minds as a ‘cool’ way to reproach your culture for a commodified-culture. There are several degrees of denaturing and philosophical malabsorption between Schopenhauer and the emo-kid, but I see what you mean. Nietzsche failed at romance with a so-and-so and decided upon soiling himself – leaving mommy and sister warm presents in the morning – as the best course of action to go into old-aging, surely you have harsher words for him! Still, I’m sure (contra the Enlightenment, he did want an Enlivenment) the last thing he would have desired were are all these Millenarianists believing in an ‘Acceleration’.

    Serious question: how much is Acceleration still an Enlightenment project? (like “how much is Heidegger still a metaphysics?”)

    I am currently in the beginning of an 8-10 day water fast (I have no work or social obligations until the end of the month) and the resulting physical weakness will aid me in my yoga and astral studies. I especially like Crowley admitting to feeling as if he were going crazy. You’ve admitted your most intense sexual experience was with a tree. I don’t know if I’m destined for such things, but most likely I will try acid or LCD or DMT sometime in my life. I will read Stanislav Grof tonight! I assume I should start on ‘Holotrophic Breathwork’. So, thank you for this great information.

    And goodness gracious is a colloquial American expression I’ve heard since I was young. I can tell you didn’t watch the video and only read the title since the video really isn’t vegan (it discusses neither animal welfare nor environmentalism) but nutritional science. If the scientific literature had pointed towards a diet of raw meat as optimal for combating senescence, I’m sure he would have said drink egg yolks, not teas. This illustrates why I went into a spiel on film and television and the internet; nothing is what it appears and unless we begin to develop an aesthetics which is capable of parsing through the bricolage we are lost. We are awash in acid. Digital acid. We are sprayed with images like the pesticides on fruits. We are particulate in a global gut, bathing in acid de-fibre-ing us.

    A most playful curiosity: despite being a ‘cultural marxist’ relic, one would be hard pressed to find a greater defense for ‘Western culture’, than Adorno and Horkheimer’s Dialectic of Enlightenment. One would be hard pressed to find an album more ‘left-wing’ than Napalm Death’s From Enslavement to Obliteration. There is outward style but then there is content which is free from all final interpretation. Is Derrida not essentially correct here? Anything can be repossessed, which is why you say the dumbgoyright should be reading Maimonides instead of fishing for memes. With that said, I don’t understand your aversion to French thinkers. Baudrillard is as shamanistic as anyone; would this be a foreign paragraph within your own occult literature:

    “The objective illusion is the physical fact that in this universe no things coexist in real time–not sexes, starts, this glass, this table, or myself and all that surrounds me. By the fact of dispersal and the relative speed of light, all things exist only on a recorded version, in an unutterable disorder of time-scales, at an inescapable distance from each other. And so they are never truly present to each other, nor are they, therefore, “real” for each other. The fact that when I perceive this star it has perhaps already disappeared–a relationship that can be extended, relatively speaking, to any physical object or living being–this is the ultimate foundation, the material definition…of illusion.”

    You too are being thrashed around in a washing machine of simulacrum, cleansing you of existence. Despite your pronouncements, you are to schizophrenia what zero calorie sweeter is to cocaine. There are still little parcels of slime you hold like plaque around tooth enamel. For all your entheogens, you are still mannered like a foxtrot. I don’t hold that against anyone. It’s part of not losing your mind.

    Everyone recognizes, tacitly or not, there are innate and apparent inequalities between people. There’s nothing to convince anybody on when it is stated so plainly. As I’ve said before, I don’t believe in equality. There are people who are above me, there are people who are below me, I am not equal to either of them. You have tried to place me in that congregation many times, stating that either one is an equalist or a hierarchist and ignoring my attempts to point out equalism is the strategy of hierarchists and tolerant, liberal anti-racists are probably the most racist people on Earth, beside the Chinese, sorry to let you down in that designation.


    Wagner Reply:

    “Serious question: how much is Acceleration still an Enlightenment project? (like “how much is Heidegger still a metaphysics?”)”

    I try to not think of Deleuze’s rebranding of accelerationism which places it in the service of Marx against Nietzsche. This is usually what is meant when people speak of “accelerationism”, some kind of intensification of capitalism to force it to autodissolve. Land is at his core a shitlib and the sooner people realize this the better. It saddens me that only someone with modest intellectual talents such as myself is willing to stand up against him; no one else will so I just grimace and ask Really, guys? and have to do all the dirty work to chop his crypto-communist head off and lob it into the sea.

    This is a rough portrait of Nietzsche’s style of accelerationism:


    Capitalism? Keep N’s name out of your mouth when you speak of accelerationism. Most of you read him through Marx and Deleuze, it is pathetic and all too human.

    Rohme the question you should be asking rather than if accelerationism is enlightenmentism is “Am I myself enlightenmented?” I’ve talked with you for quite a while now and given much thoughts to your various posts- and I conclude it goes without saying that you are a zealous adherent of enlightenment orthodoxy. There’s no question. Mike responded to you more funnily than I will ever be able to.

    “We want liberation of the whole human species!”

    “What is human? Are all races technically ‘human’?”

    “Ya uh of course they are.”

    “What about the ones who threw spears through antelope for millennia and are more capable of murder than they are calculus?”

    “We enslaved them!!!! It’s not their fault!!!!!”

    “Nietzsche failed at romance with a so-and-so and decided upon soiling himself – leaving mommy and sister warm presents in the morning – as the best course of action to go into old-aging, surely you have harsher words for him!”

    I have no defense for him on these grounds aside that he risked his sanity in order to get to a higher truth, which most would never even consider. This is Marx’s equivalent contradiction:

    “For more than thirty years, Engels used the rather modest profits from his factory in Manchester to keep Marx’s family in London alive; at the same time, the family head used this money to overthrow an order of things in which a person like Engels was possible and necessary.”

    “one would be hard pressed to find a greater defense for ‘Western culture’, than Adorno and Horkheimer’s Dialectic of Enlightenment”

    Do tell.

    “Baudrillard is as shamanistic as anyone”

    I’ve liked what I’ve read. It’s more the generation between him and Klossowski. One of the important functions of philosophy is the development of a counter-canon. This is why I like Bowden and Moldbug. When a crew of thinkers is dominant in a culture it is necessary to graze against them, correct them, temper them. To do that you need geniuses of the past.

    “most likely I will try acid or LCD or DMT sometime in my life.”

    You’re making a mistake. You want to do it naturally, but I ask What is natural? Is fasting natural? Is reading a book natural? Sorry if I’m pigeonholing you here but 9 times out of 10 people who are resistant to experiment with psychedelics have a naive idea of “natural”. Are clothes natural?

    “Everyone recognizes, tacitly or not, there are innate and apparent inequalities between people.”

    Replace the word “people” with “races” and/or “genders” and we’ll be on the same page.

    “As I’ve said before, I don’t believe in equality.”

    Except when it comes to race and gender.

    “You have tried to place me in that congregation many times, stating that either one is an equalist or a hierarchist”

    This is a strategy of equalists who pretend to adopt a neutral pozition but are really trying to make a hierarchist more equalist.

    Serious question: how much is Rohme still an Enlightenment project? (like “how much is Heidegger still a metaphysics?”)”


    rohme Reply:

    You are right about entheogens. My inhibition is groundless. How many times have you tripped; countless? Do you use them routinely?

    I agree with you on N/Acc, but do Deleuzeans favor Marx over Nietzsche? I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just considering it.

    I’m pretty confident Fourierians like Jeremy Rifkin have never touched a page of ‘Delouse & Qatari’. Socialism is a big sandbox and most sandpipers haven’t gone past the tidewaters of Pope Leo XIII’s ‘Rerum Novarum’.

    The court intellectual historian himself is conspicuously absent for a critical engagement with Marx. Now Moldbug could say this is because ‘Marx is not worth the time.’ but, then again, his entire premise is ‘America is a Communist country.’

    “How much am I still an Enlightenment project?” – you pose the question as if I am not sufficiently self-aware. Come on: German Idealism; the entire German Romantic period?

    And what exactly is the implication with Marx taking Friedrich Sr.’s money? What kind of Puritan logic are you using here?

    With Dialectic of Enlightenment, Adorno and Horkheimer were maddened by the end of the period of Western high culture and the inauguration of Western consumer culture.

    Now I see why you would dislike the Golden Age of Pomo but, I have to say, if you want to see someone take a shit on Deleuze and Foucault, read Baudrillard’s ‘Forget Foucault.’ Foucault couldn’t write for years after reading it.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:


    lol — hit me an emial bro

    Wagner Reply:

    “You are right about entheogens. My inhibition is groundless. How many times have you tripped; countless? Do you use them routinely?”

    Countless but not enough. Haven’t tripped for a few years.

    “I agree with you on N/Acc, but do Deleuzeans favor Marx over Nietzsche?”

    Show me a Deleuzean that responds to this directly (which you neglected to do for the.. too many times now):

    ““Everyone recognizes, tacitly or not, there are innate and apparent inequalities between people.”

    Replace the word “people” with “races” and/or “genders” and we’ll be on the same page.

    “As I’ve said before, I don’t believe in equality.”

    Except when it comes to race and gender.”

    “The court intellectual historian himself is conspicuously absent for a critical engagement with Marx. Now Moldbug could say this is because ‘Marx is not worth the time.’ but, then again, his entire premise is ‘America is a Communist country.’”

    Good point. We acolytes are hoping that whatever he’s doing with Urbit will destroy communism, probably somehow via tech, in which case no direct verbal argument required. (Looking at Urbit’s twitter I’m surprised how few people interact with it- MM developed the most comprehensive plan/conspiracy/complot for taking over the world , I mean *cough* instituting patchwork, h8ers please show me someone who rivals him lmfao on one hand we have people saying lift weights, on another, people saying read books, on another, people saying wait for AI, yer all a bunch of morons compared to MM lol–bless all yer hearts tho [except Land’s]).

    ““How much am I still an Enlightenment project?” – you pose the question as if I am not sufficiently self-aware. Come on: German Idealism; the entire German Romantic period?”

    I quote again:

    ““Everyone recognizes, tacitly or not, there are innate and apparent inequalities between people.”

    Replace the word “people” with “races” and/or “genders” and we’ll be on the same page.

    “As I’ve said before, I don’t believe in equality.”

    Except when it comes to race and gender.””

    Respond to this directly, if only to prove Land wrong that Voice in fact is not futile.

    “And what exactly is the implication with Marx taking Friedrich Sr.’s money? What kind of Puritan logic are you using here?”

    I don’t get your confusion, it seems like a pretty clear demolition (as clear as pointing out N tried to be the ubermensch and ended up … https://imgur.com/a/26KgC

    “With Dialectic of Enlightenment, Adorno and Horkheimer were maddened by the end of the period of Western high culture and the inauguration of Western consumer culture.”

    It’s fun reminding Adornoids about how their master called people “philistines”, hated jazz music, and explicitly said (iirc in Minima Moralia) that N was more important to his philosophical development than Hegel or Marx.

    “Now I see why you would dislike the Golden Age of Pomo but, I have to say, if you want to see someone take a shit on Deleuze and Foucault, read Baudrillard’s ‘Forget Foucault.’ Foucault couldn’t write for years after reading it.”

    That is a good book, nothing new if you’ve already read Plato and Aristotle (even better is MacIntyre’s dismantling of Foucault). The problem with the pomo-cult is they presuppose that their guys are the peak of progress just because they came after most other philosophers- they don’t have a sense of a rise and fall pattern in the history of philosophy, way too aligned with Hegelian Progress (ironically, since they tend to hate Hegel).

    I’m an asshole to you quite a bit Rohme but I like you a lot more than 95% of other leftists I’ve known – not like that’s really a compliment, but I do appreciate our conversations, I just wish you’d directly answer my voidforsaken questions regarding the twice-quoted above as well as the related PotA metaphor.

    Wagner Reply:

    Oh yeah, out of the various texts on Kabbalah/Qabalah I’ve investigated lately this is the one that imparts the least confusing understanding thereof: http://www.illuminatiorderoto.com/resources/DuQuette-Chicken-Qabalah.pdf

    I told Land months ago to do a series on qabalah but of course he would rather fester in the quagmire he’s gotten himself into instead.

    I somewhat forgive this British nitwit in the sense that what he does makes Moldbug look bad, and when Moldbug looks bad Thiel looks bad, and when Thiel looks bad Trump looks bad, and when Trump looks bad, Europeans are going to be drowned in mud.

    Let’s just speak very simply here: you either care about the truth or you don’t care about the truth. Moldbug, Land, all the higher-ups before them care about truth but they believe a strategy is necessary to convey the truth. I don’t care about strategy. I’m a hyper-puritan, if you care about strategy over truth you’re a sinner in my eyes and I see no reason to not alchemize the matter that you call a life into smoke and ash, since that is what it already is by being a liar. I got wrapped up in this ideology because I thought you guys cared about truth, and now you have to suffer the consequences for false advertisement.

    Anyway, back to qabalah:

    My trajectory was: “the hermetic order of the golden dawn seems ‘cool’.”
    “What did these mystics of a few generations ago think was important?”
    “A lot of these guys wrote full-length books on Jewish mysticism.”

    White nationalists today are more willing to be open-minded to the Indo-Aryan theories expounded by Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano, acting as if Indians are closer to our blood than Semites… I don’t know how to tell you this without invoking some kind of strategy so I’ll just tell you straight out: Jews rule the world, Indians shit in the street. Whose mysticism would you prefer on this basis?

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Come on bro, Americans shit in the streets as well.

    Wagner Reply:

    That is a Christian thing to say. “So and so isn’t a savage, we’re all the same, Matthew 22:39, brother.”

    Exoteric: But what about our neighbor the overman? Don’t you love him too?

    Esoteric: It will be impossible for the Right to “progress” without standing for love. If you don’t stand for love you will immediately be met with the Tucker Carlson “huh??” face. Love is the bedrock of Being, there’s no getting around that; there is something resoundingly true about “thou shalt love thy neighbor”, Confucius’ golden rule, et al. Leftism didn’t become so all-pervasive among whites only because of Bioleninism, it was also because love is the one true god. This is why an ethnostate for us would always exist in a tension, because love leans fluctuatingly between love of the base–trying to raise them up–and love of the noble–trying to raise what is noble to a nobler height – “nirvana and a half”. The treatment of the savage has changed drastically within the last couple hundred years. Today I read Jack London’s short-story “The Red One” and even someone as paganly callous as myself was somewhat offended by the way he described what we in the current year euphemistically refer to as “third-worlders”. Just brutal- it’s a good read, Grant suggested it, very Lovecraftian. Later today I read some Moby Dick and there was a similar theme. In both cases what struck me was the realism regarding physiognomy. Idk how Iceland propaganda is but Americans are taught to believe everyone is equal in every way so you start to forget how much like monkeys the “former third-worlders” actually look. (This goes back to what I mentioned about body dysmorphia a little while back.) We’re brainwashed to not see that these people are at a lower evolutionary rung than whites. And if the “physiognomy is real” meme has any bearing, their appearance directly reflects the contents of their souls. The theory I’ve been nursing for a couple months is that the brahmin class, at least the upper-crust, has a pretty clear awareness of the cognitive (and we might add, beaut-iful) divide between the races, that they don’t buy blank slate theory but want to – to them, aristocratically – bend the hoi polloi into a nobler (read: more Christian) understanding through this noble lie, through miscegenation, because they know that no amount of propaganda is going to civilize the savage, only a replacement of genes will do that. So they request us to “share”. Sharing IS in fact caring, our kindergarten teachers were right. This is why the ethnostate will exist in a tension. The imperative of love can and does pull us that way, that’s simply our nature. The thing is Erikson, if everyone had the attitude that “we should pretend every country’s citizens shit in the streets in equal volume in order not to hurt anyone’s feelings” we’d never reach a consciousness higher than human because we’d be using all our energy and capital and genes on helping people who are lower than human. It isn’t necessarily unchristian to forsake the lower for the sake of the higher, Jesus spurned reputation, wealth, even his life, to beckon people to reach for the proto-overman that he called his father, God. There’s a double-aspect to love.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    ↑ looks like a disappropriation of Iesous.

    Wagner Reply:

    Read chapter XIX of this


    on Geburah to see how qabalah corrects Christ.

    Or, if you’d prefer Athens over Jerusalem:

    “Homer calls to the goddess in order to let the first word of Europe be heard… In the beginning there was the word “rage”…” (Sloterdijk)

    Unless Christians revolve their faith around the line of Jesus

    “I Didn’t Come To Bring Peace, But A Sword”

    the West is lost.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    you’re assuming that the niggerifcation of the West is gonna process faster than technocapitalist runaway (which has Japan, Korea, China, etc to help it); you think even a million Muslim & Nigger hordes in the West, which are already themselves using smartphones, PlayStation 45, and whatever are gona outpace the pace that their brains get subsumed into the technium?

    why? if you think so, what’s the argument for that belief?

    Wagner Reply:

    Every phase of ascension up the hierarchy of being matters. Your argument essentially is that we should allow the leveling entailed in miscegenation because cyborgs will make whites look like apes anyway. My question is why allow even that leveling? Think of the thought-experiment I suggested a little while ago regarding the bronze, silver, and shiny silver AIs. In the future why would silver cyborgs allow themselves to be leveled into half-silver half-bronze cyborgs because a gold cyborg is on the horizon? Why level at all? Things are right on the surface, u/acc boils down to “let go”- it’s just an excuse to give up. I ask again, why level at all? You all seem to presuppose that the AI is the endpoint. What if the AI just let go after it came into existence? What if the AI allowed itself to be leveled? Instead of striving to ascend higher and higher? Apply the categorical imperative to the AI (lol). There’s no reason to think “the AI” would not multiply and develop various individualized nodes of consciousness and thus develop antagonisms akin to our humble left vs. right, but there’s also no reason NOT to think the AI would not multiply and develop various individualized nodes of consciousness and thus develop antagonisms akin to our humble left vs. right, so imagine that the right-wing of the silver AI-nodes wanted to reach shiny silver but there’s a gigantic flock of left-wing AI-nodes trying their darndest to synthesize the silver and bronze models instead of scrapping the bronzes. Why would the right-wing silvers “let go” and allow that to happen? This is all an elaborate excuse to rationalize basic bitch “post”-christian communism.

    Wagner Reply:

    I have three theories as to why the venerable Saint Land would support letting go:

    1. This was a turning-point in regards to NRx’s explicit praxis: http://www.xenosystems.net/lunatic-activism/
    After Charlottesville especially, the gory, horrific implications of “accelerationism” manifested in “admin”‘s consciousness. Oh no, a fat hog’s grease-clogged heart gave out- and yet, from my perch, this event resulted in a soft castration of many members of the cyber-right (I’m thinking specifically of BAP). One job of the philosopher is to moderate extremes- Land sees frothing psychopaths fomenting (and I admit I haven’t helped in hiding this at all) and so decided to bring the butcher’s knife down, plausibly with his sovereign Moldbug’s piece on Breivik in mind. Sub specie aeternitatis this makes sense- philosophers have the vision of the whole from up above, they can predict the future in a way; suffice it to say, lunatics would only be counter-productive in the long-term.

    2. He wants to create a trojan horse to implode the academy from the inside. If you look at the mysterious curator of the blog Vast Abrupt, there are links to oooo racist oooo XS posts in which XS is honored. This would be a cunning move if true, but it would be at the cost of distracting his acolytes who don’t want to touch the impurity that is the academy with a ten foot pole from indulging in scarier and scarier and riskier and riskier thoughtcrime. Ah yes, the tranny question, let’s devote months of the few IQs of the cyber-right to that topic, ah yes, the AI question, let’s devote months of the few IQs of the cyber-right to that topic, instead of say, Moldbug’s practical plan to strip the (((Cathedral))) of power. Mike was right, talk of the AI in our current dire situation is bullshitting and evidence that detached-from-concrete-reality nerds need to be thrown in lockers right before a three-day holiday.

    3. Land is a cunt who has from the beginning been trying to undermine the reactionary forces ignited in large part by Moldbug. The question to ask him is out and through to hwat exactly? It could be that it was his wet dream to see Trump elected because that would mean the rightism latent in the West showed itself in its true hidden nakedness and therefore can be sooner met with a leftist reaction of a greater calibre than Trump to bury the right forevermore and usher in full communism.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    i don’t have this conception of AI that you noted. AI is not gonna be a levelling. it’s gonna increase difference.

    power players will know how to use it to leverage over the many.

    the breakdown of States and Order mean you’ll just be able to let your AI drone, or you can manually control it for fun a la Blade Runner 2049, and drone the nigger guerilla terrorist force on the streets of Stockholm.

    rohme Reply:


    I’ve enjoyed our tete-a-tete as well, but witnessing you prattle on about equalism as if there were an actual champagne leftist in the room for whom you could suffer as the object of his malignant stupidity is starting to chafe at me.

    Nobody wants to be equal.

    Go ahead and say the words, a few times, “I want to be equal.”, out loud.

    Have you erupted into uncontrollable laughter yet?

    None of us wish to be equals.

    The moment we find someone whom we could pin as our equal, we will just as soon have acquired a taste for superiority! (And good! What a frightening prospect: seeing your eternal twin, your perfect double mirroring you for all time, without harboring the hope, or grudge, for becoming other.)

    Untuck the threads of this phrase, ‘I want to be equal.’, and a better phrase will come falling out: the idea that ‘I want to be superior to what I am.’

    What has liberalism done besides pervert such healthy aspiration?

    Huwhites missed the moon with “All men are created equal.”

    Though they only meant, “All white men of property are created equal.”, they were still wrong.

    True universality is in the disaffirmation of univocity. No one is created equal.


    The next time you meet a ‘good person who worries’ and they proclaim us all as equals, mutter back the words, “All blacks look alike.”, and see how they react.

    If we are all equal then, obviously, the morphological differences of various ethnicities of the African continent should be concatenated until the accreditation of the absurdity, “All black people look alike.” is held inconvertibly.

    If this is offensive to you, imagine the idea ‘We are all equal.’: the interpenetration of commutativity; the cancellations of all difference; the estrangement of all to an irreversible and hollow type.

    If we are all equal, then what the hell is unequal? Nothing? What is equality then?


    The problem is not difference. Different cultures have co-existed in dynamisms.

    The true antagonism is the affirmative universality which aims to remove all differences.

    This is what your side and decolonialist people-of-color share in common: a hatred of ‘huwhite’ liberal sham-universality. (Remember I floated this idea to Artxell? I think you were both too distracted to revel the implications.)

    What white liberals should really ‘feel guilty’ about is the sham of their belief, the simulation of their guilt, the insincerity of their sincerity. Maybe this is how the true left can immunize itself, somehow turning white guilt against the structure which allows them to feel good about feeling guilty. “You should feel guilty towards your guilt too, because your guilt hasn’t fixed on the object for which you should really be feeling guilty: your sham universalism.” I would weep in public for that negation-of-a-negation.


    There is no reason why difference must coincide with brutal subjugation.

    What we do collect is that it is with equality the coincidence with domination becomes absolute necessity.

    Liberalism is going to get us all killed.

    Wagner Reply:

    “Nobody wants to be equal.”

    Damn, I can’t believe I’m about to phrase my retort this way but: that is a blatantly Eurocentric, patriarchal way of looking at things.

    “Go ahead and say the words, a few times, “I want to be equal.”, out loud.

    Have you erupted into uncontrollable laughter yet?”

    Imagine putting this to a Guatemalen who just got called a “stinking wetback!” by some construction worker, and he’s cryin’.

    Rohme: “Hey, ese, why aren’t you laughing?”

    Or if a girl is beet-faced, fuming, after her associate contemporary told her “Hey sugartits why don’t you get me a cup of coffee?”

    For Euro-males like you and me no shit saying “I want to be equal” is laughable, because – and there’s no modest way to say this unfortunately – we’re superior. (Yeah yeah we’ll never have the IQ of Cornel West but I’m speaking generally).

    “The next time you meet a ‘good person who worries’ and they proclaim us all as equals, mutter back the words, “All blacks look alike.”, and see how they react.

    If we are all equal then, obviously, the morphological differences of various ethnicities of the African continent should be concatenated until the accreditation of the absurdity, “All black people look alike.” is held inconvertibly.”

    This assumes that the standard Equalist dogma centers around physical appearance- no, blank slatism specifically affirms that all souls/minds/brains are equal. Leftists know they wouldn’t be able to pull the wool over our eyes in regard to equality-of-body, only the most frothy-mouthed extremists detached from reality and strategy would try to establish that.

    “The problem is not difference. Different cultures have co-existed in dynamisms.

    The true antagonism is the affirmative universality which aims to remove all differences.”

    Agreed, but usually when people talk about “difference” in such a way it’s a euphemism for “hierarchical difference”. If it’s not a euphemism it’s used as a crypto-synonym for “equal differences”, e.g. “Arabs bone 10 year old girls, their culture is just different–it’s not bad, it’s just different.”

    “This is what your side and decolonialist people-of-color share in common: a hatred of ‘huwhite’ liberal sham-universality. (Remember I floated this idea to Artxell? I think you were both too distracted to revel the implications.)

    What white liberals should really ‘feel guilty’ about is the sham of their belief, the simulation of their guilt, the insincerity of their sincerity.”

    Lol the sham is that we should have sincere guilt that they were lazy and thus became vastly surpassed by other racial agents. “Jee sorry I feel real guilty that you guys, much like animals, did nothing but eat and have sex for millennia.”

    rohme Reply:

    “Damn, I can’t believe I’m about to phrase my retort this way but: that is a blatantly Eurocentric, patriarchal way of looking at things.”

    So what? There are people who want to live in a Eurocentric society, there are people who want to live in an Afrocentric society. There are women who want to live in a patriarchal society, there are men who want to live in a matriarchal society. Some people want traditional societies, some people want hypermodern societies. The sham is we can all live in a Goldilocks society; a juste-milieu of harmonious universalism. Forget if such a thing is good in principle. It is impossible in practice.


    They are not interested in making their citizens equal, they are interested in making them idempotent.


    “Imagine putting this to a Guatemalen who just got called a “stinking wetback!” by some construction worker, and he’s cry in’.”

    The Guatemalan would think, “I work harder than this guy. I haul twice as much at half his size and could probably drink him under the table.” ¡Vete a la mierda gringo! ¿Qué te he hecho yo para que me hables así?

    The harmless observation I had wished to make was that there is something stronger than the ‘will-to-equality’: the self-oblative forces which arise out of an encounter with a superior; “the truest love of all” which Plato called admiration.

    Making ‘the white man’ the yardstick of equality – the pan in which all the cupcakes come out the same mold – effaces admiration with envy. It is also not an ethics. What is suppressed is the knowledge that this Procrustean bed of moralism fomented by white privilege is generated from lack, lack which is the subject’s desire. You should not have someone desire for you.


    “This assumes that the standard Equalist dogma centers around physical appearance- no, blank slatism specifically affirms that all souls/minds/brains are equal. Leftists know they wouldn’t be able to pull the wool over our eyes in regard to equality-of-body, only the most frothy-mouthed extremists detached from reality and strategy would try to establish that.”

    Equivocation is equivocation. Identical twins who share the same genetic makeup may ‘appear’ different. That is because between these copies there is still randomness of the allelic variation.

    Blank slatism has to deal with bodies. MED13L is not equivocal. Is it a univocal, abstract symbol.

    You’ve heard, “When I hear the word culture, I reach for my gun.” Well, when I hear ‘heritability or environment’, I reach for Lacan.

    “The signifier is what represents the subject for another signifier.” I, at breakfast, am: waffles; butter; strawberries; blueberry jam; maple syrup; or else; cottage cheese, low fat substitute, waist measurement, LDL levels. Sitting across from me, you maybe are: what is he thinking, cancel Amazon prime subscription; today looks like rain.

    Our bodies, at breakfast, in their materialities, are in the real. What can be said of these bodies which is not within the equivocity of appearance is of the abstract formalizations of chemistry.

    Race is the affiliation with filiation.


    “Lol the sham is that we should have sincere guilt that they were lazy and thus became vastly surpassed by other racial agents.”

    When the Portuguese had first made contact with the West African slave market, it was to buy back Portuguese subjects who had been taken by pirates. History is stranger than fiction, when it isn’t fiction.

    rohme Reply:

    Correction: “True universality is the disaffirmation of equivocity.”


    Wagner Reply:

    RE: Heidegger: dis funny: https://imgur.com/a/8cnL4

    Land: “Exit over Voice, plebs… btw here’s THIRTY SIX THOUSAND TWEETS.”


    rohme Reply:

    “What is the robbing of a bank compared to the founding of a bank?”

    What is the seizure of the means of production compared to its ephemeralization?


    “All modern revolutions have ended in a reinforcement of the power of the State.”


    What is the overthrow of the State compared to its peripheralization?


    Wagner, you and Mike have spoken about ‘Loss of Exit’.

    Isn’t that point where you give up precisely the point where you should start thinking?


    The West is balkanizing but it is being managed by the few who like making things smaller only so it fits inside their pockets.

    Doesn’t it then follow that real exit is not ‘leaving’, but counter-balkanization?

    Surely, the this is the only possible exit from a global system.


    Was it not the multinationals who really exited, transforming both places they left and places they went?


    Are corporations not constitutive of the real quality we’re factoring as place here?

    Can they not raise or sink Atlantis(s)?

    Does that not imply that corporations possess a communitarian aspect which is in-itself stronger than whatever is being implied by the simple notion of a ‘community’?


    Men may share much warmth of the heart but once a company-town is without its company it doesn’t matter what was shared.

    It is as if the whole town suffers damnation and men must move on quickly lest they become as useless to each other as they have to themselves.


    Socialists had tried to develop cooperation among workers against the alienation of labour, since the effect of proletarianization is that social relationships between workers take on the fungibility of the goods which they produce.


    The goal is not to flee but to transform the laws of place.

    The first step towards that transformation has already been established for us by our leaders. That step is their own delegitimization.


    Posted on March 22nd, 2018 at 7:01 am Reply | Quote
  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    @rohme, these first ~42 seconds are great! it’s amazing how many releases there are through «Vapor Memory»… one can never catch up with them all. i didn’t supposed there would be so rapid release of recordings in this scene, i wonder if a full-time job would be enough if only directed at consuming this scene were enough.

    i recently bookmarked the list of recordings in a reverse order so i can go through it from the beginning. the first upload there is of an aold release, Eccojams from 2010, but it is uploaded on this channel 2015.

    idk one goes through music so fast now that you sometimes do not like something you would at an other time like. i’ve mostly been listening to Dungeon Synth recently. Castle Creeps: A Dungeon Synth Primer, Published on Apr 20, 2017. https://youtu.be/4V5k3EQ1xHA

    what you link is not appealing that much to me at the moment, but the artist is clearly not untalented (chris†††). interestingly he has some Witch House aesthetic, and i’ve frankly been waiting for those two genres to mix. i thin i might like his frasierwave better.

    if you ever see a mix or a playlist of Witch House and Vaporwave together, let me know.

    as for marriage, it didn’t go through. i was too philosophical, and not a dancer enough. — is one way to phrase it. although i had a wonderful dance with both (two girls, lol). idk i don’t give a turd, it’s gonna take care of itself.


    Posted on March 29th, 2018 at 12:33 am Reply | Quote
  • artxellknaphni Says:

    “Settling the World” (1975) M John Harrison (00)

    “With the discovery of God on the far side of the Moon, and the subsequent gigantic and hazardous towing operation that brought Him back to start His reign anew, there began on Earth, as one might assume, a period of far-reaching change. I need not detail, for instance, the numerous climatic and political refinements, the New Medicine or the global basic minimum wage; or those modifications of geography itself which have been of so much benefit. However, despite the immediate, the ‘gross’ progress, certain human institutions continued for a while to function as they always had. I think particularly of those edifices of a bureaucratic nature, whose very structure militates against devolution.”


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  • Artxell Knaphni Says:

    “Settling the World” (1975) M John Harrison (00)

    “With the discovery of God on the far side of the Moon, and the subsequent gigantic and hazardous towing operation that brought Him back to start His reign anew, there began on Earth, as one might assume, a period of far-reaching change. I need not detail, for instance, the numerous climatic and political refinements, the New Medicine or the global basic minimum wage; or those modifications of geography itself which have been of so much benefit. However, despite the immediate, the ‘gross’ progress, certain human institutions continued for a while to function as they always had. I think particularly of those edifices of a bureaucratic nature, whose very structure militates against devolution.”


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  • Artxell Knaphni Says:

    “Settling the World” (1975) M John Harrison (01)

    “After dealing in a leisurely way with the rest of my post we were all delightfully relaxed in those first days, settling our shoulders, as it were, into a larger size of coat —I took the lift up to the top of the building where by tradition the chief has his office, to find him in ruminative mood.
    “Look at that, Oxlade,” he invited, gesturing at the panoramic sweep of the city beneath. “How much fresher you must all find it down there, now the hurry has gone. Eh? The air refined, the man refreshed!”
    Indeed, as I stared down at the clean and quiet streets, where a brisk wind and bright sunshine filled one with a corresponding inner vitality, I had been thinking the precise same thing. In the parks, hundreds of daffodils were out, the benches were full of elderly citizens taking calm advantage of the new weather, and somewhere a great clock was striking ten in thoughtful, resonant tones. So different from the grey springs of previous years, with their heavy, slanting rains stripping the advertisements from their hoardings to flap dismally in the wind over the downcast heads of the hurrying crowd.
    “Even you, sir, must find things changed,” I ventured. “In the beginning—”
    “Ah, Oxlade,” he interrupted, “there is still so much to be done, and I have little opportunity to leave this wretched office. Events, however slowly, progress; and my time is not my own.” My chief is given to these moments of reserve; perhaps it is his nature -who can tell?- or a nature forced on him by the exigencies of his position.
    But he allowed it to pass genially enough and turned the talk first to my wife Mary and the children – he is always perfectly solicitous – and then to the cultivation of orchids, a hobby of mine. The new climate of Esher is perfect for this purpose and I was able to inform him, with all due modesty, of some truly astonishing results.
    After a few minutes we came to the business of the Department.
    “Oxlade,” said the chief, “I would like you to look at some pictures that were brought to me by—” here, he mentioned the name of one of our most trustworthy agents— “early this morning.””


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  • Artxell Knaphni Says:

    “Settling the World” (1975) M John Harrison (02)

    “He darkened the room and on one of the walls there appeared a rectangle of white light, shortly to be filled by a strange series of photographic slides. “You will observe, Oxlade, that these are still-shots of God’s Motorway.” It was in fact difficult to make out what they did show; I saw only certain apparently random blocks and slices of light and shadow, and, central to each frame, some blurred image which I could make no sense of; they were of a uniform graininess. “The quality isn’t good, of course: but I have no reason to believe they represent anything other than a sudden intense surge of activity along the whole length of the Motorway.” He paused reflectively, and allowed the last picture to remain on the screen for a while (I thought for a moment that I could discern in it some mammoth organic shape) before replacing it with that passive,enduring oblong of white light.
    “A perfect whiteness,” he murmured, and we stared at it for some minutes of comfortable silence. Then he said: “I feel this may be as important as the affair of the atomic trawler, Oxlade.”
    A complicated business, with a solution perhaps more metaphysical than actual, which I well remembered, since it had led to my executive preferment.
    “I want you to go down there. Check the information. Look around. Test the air, so to speak. The Motorway must always be of interest to us.””


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  • Artxell Knaphni Says:

    “Settling the World” (1975) M John Harrison (03)

    “God’s Motorway: a lasting enigma. Certainly, none of us in the Department knew why God had caused His road to be constructed, why He should have need of a link between the lower reaches of the Thames Estuary and a place somewhere in what used to be called the ‘Industrial’ Midlands; none of the executives, that is – and if my chief knew, he was for some reason of policy or private amusement keeping the knowledge from us. Our curiosity was at that time intense, but necessarily veiled; so I was elated to have anopportunity to catch a glimpse of the great artery. It ran, I knew, a hundred and twenty-five miles inland from the front at Southend; it was by repute twenty lanes and a mile wide; all ordinary traffic was barred from it (indeed, there were no accesspoints),and it was central to His purpose. “Go down there tomorrow, Oxlade. Find out who else is there. Come back and tell me.” The shutters slid back, and the chief was gazing once more out of the window. After the projector’s harsh white rectangle of light, the sunshine seemed warm and mellow. “Still so much to be done, Oxlade,” he mused, “but an inspiring sight, nonetheless. Good luck.” My chief’s orders have been at times difficult of interpretation; but on this occasion, I felt that he had made himself unusually plain.”


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    M John Harrison’s, “Settling the World”, is an intriguing short story that I read many years ago, initially and quickly, probably in the early 1980s, but in the following decade it had more of an impact, being relevant to various concerns with the philosophy of technology taking up my interest at the time.

    His notion of “God’s Motorway” was an apt fictional metaphor of the uncanny nature of technological emergence. At the time, the notion of what one could call ‘technological spread’, modelling technological emergence along semi-organic lines, independent of the traditional distinctions and conventions by which anthropic culture carves up its world, or to use M John Harrison’s term, it’s ‘umwelt’.

    The point is to consider both organic and inorganic emergences together, not necessarily subsuming either one to the conventional modalities of the other, instead regarding these modalities themselves as conceptual grist for a combinatorial mill of perspectives whose combinations and analyses are no longer bound by the limits of traditional or conventional purposes. Allow each tendency its full expression, according to the internal logics of its own self-imaging; account for the traditional oppositions to it, incorporating everything together; once the mapping of traditional conventions is done, then start looking for something else.

    It’s not necessarily the case that technology is necessarily or exclusively required to emerge according to a dialectics of the divine, but it’s certainly a corollary perspective and the complicity that should not be ignored. It’s not that the possibility of technological emergence or that conceptions of the divine are obliged to follow the historical routes, commonly considered, either. But neither is it wise to ignore these relations as they might be seen to have actually occurred. One can take the traditional perspectives on these issues and treat them as surface effects of whatever novel perspectives one wishes to introduce and emphasise.


    Posted on April 1st, 2018 at 5:50 pm Reply | Quote
  • Artxell Knaphni Says:

    “Settling the World” (1975) M John Harrison (04)

    “I reached Southend, by way of Liverpool Street and one of the amazing new railway trains, at about seven thirty the following morning to find it full of white gulls, sun, and a curiously invigorating tranquillity. I decided to have a quiet breakfast on the seafront. I have always loved that row of archway cafes on the Shoeburyness Road, each with its strip of carefully tended forecourt crammed with gaudy umbrellas and gaily painted tables, from which you can hear the sailing boats bobbing against the sea-wall on a slight, inviting swell. To choose one to eat in if mere satisfaction of appetite is your object is the matter of a moment; to select the right one, the one that best suits your mood of the hour, must be a serious business: for you may sit there all morning, captured by the sight of the sea before you.”


    Posted on April 1st, 2018 at 5:51 pm Reply | Quote
  • Artxell Knaphni Says:

    “Settling the World” (1975) M John Harrison (05)

    “It was in one of these that I met Estrades, lounging back in his slatted chair with a bottle of mineral water and a long thin cigar. Under the old order, Estrades had been perhaps my craftiest opponent. All that was dispensed with now, of course: but once, somewhere in Middle Europe, I had had occasion to try and shoot off one of his kneecaps. Only a lucky accident of radioreception had saved him. We greeted each other now with a cautious pleasure. He was a tall, elegant man given to the most flamboyant of white linen suits and to buttonhole flowers of an extravagant size (although I noticed that today his carnation in no way matched my own home-grown Palaeonophis). Some said he was a Ukrainian, others a Kirgizstanian from the western slopes of the Tien Shan; but he had the lazy, undeviating eye of a Frenchman for the professional essentials, and the morose, ironic sense of humour of a Polish count. Estrades was certainly not his real name, but it is the only one we have to remember him by.”


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  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    Apropos stuff, Artxell. please email me as well, the address is here, at least so i can bounce some theories off you outside of the confines of this particular web space of Mr. Land. that goes for you too, rohme, and y’ALL. we can also exchange music, i’m not sure Mr. Land & his followers appreciate, to a high enough degree, us discussing whatever here, and it’s also just not utilitarian. we can set up our own forum or a Google group.


    Wagner Reply:

    “Mr. Land & his followers”

    Do you know any that aren’t completely useless? We have the right-wing which is mostly gossip and the left-wing which is mostly communist. All I see here is people who believe that they are people but who are really bots. “I’m flesh n bone! I have conchisniss!” You all do not fool me, I see what you are. It makes me frown slightly when I meditate on it, this, your plight, as a non-human in a human body.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    G. Eiriíksson, I’ve been going through a difficult and busy time for various reasons, so haven’t been able to engage anything much online, beyond quick comments on Facebook or a couple of quick posts on my blog.

    Obviously, Nick Land has been similarly preoccupied, as the abandonment of his blog shows. Waggy has basically been carrying this blog for months now, together with responses from Giuliani Rohme and yourself.

    On the appreciation issue, your own speculative comment history, perhaps, could not achieve its full scope in the telegraphic environs and abbreviated news-speak styles, that Nick Land set for this blog. I’ve referred to all that ‘up-to-the-minute’ rubbish before, pretty much at the beginning of this blog. Land is very good when he wants to be, but when it comes to the political he tends to ‘coast’. Nice seafaring resonance, there, lol. It wasn’t deliberate.

    A discussion group sounds good. There are lots of ways to do that, these days.


    Wagner Reply:

    *the chain of Land’s ankle-shackle clanking as he swabs the poopdeck, he mutters to himself Aarg, om juss lettin me ship coast*



    Here’s a thought to give us freedom: we can say whatever we want here because the maimscream media has a dread-hesitation about shitposting anything related to Moldbug or Land for fear that they will only spawn Dark Brahmins by doing so. We can literally say anything we want, we’re not going to get dokst. Anything connected to right-wing concepts portrayed in an intellectual manner they’re never going to touch.


    Wagner Reply:



    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Waggy brought up the “shitting in the street” question, yet again, on Twitter recently.

    It could be that the clumsy and primitive sanitation strategies of the West producing ‘superbugs’, is in some way at least somewhat mitigated by the advanced, high biotech strategies of “shitting in the street”, that is, if one looks at developments from a fresh, global perspective, lol. Obviously, young Waggy has not yet considered this possibility, lol. The ‘Excre-mental Tantra’, freely available in the akashic records, a classic of anti-constipatory thought, has always been among the greatest works of Eastern esoterica, and the most profound laxative literature!
    Even the Occidental discipline of biology is starting to discover that bacteria communicate with each other; they cooperate and coordinate actions. There was a time when humans and bacteria communicated with each other, too, to their mutual benefit. Some still do, we couldn’t live without them, but the symbiosis is so ingrained that most people are no longer aware of it as communication.
    The ancient Indian sages knew all this, of course, and could communicate directly to the bacteria. There were greater forms of symbiosis back then, enabling immortality and many other good and wonderful things. But those ancient Indian sages foresaw a communication breakdown with their bacterial brethren, and the rise of an age of monotheistic and Newtonian enmity coming from the West. They knew that this was one of the symptoms of Kali Juga, which would reach right into the Indus itself. So they programmed the culture and people according to the wisdom of the ‘Excre-mental Tantra’, hoping to avert total cellular war.
    The ‘superbug’ phenomenon arises as a result of bacterial political organisation. Faced with the clumsy gestures of anthropic disinfection, bacteria militarise themselves and their reproduction, along intolerant fascist or Nazi lines – the human is other, and must be destroyed – such goes their thinking.
    One can foresee the time when sanitary technicians are employed purely to “shit in the street”, a highly skillful vaccinatory operation, maintaining the multicultural communications of bacterial populations, and preventing the rise of ‘superbug’ fascism.
    All of this was known, of course, to the ancient Indian sages. I might write an ancient Shastra about it, sometime.


    rohme Reply:



    Artxell Knaphni Reply:


    It’s looking more and more the case that the desire to ‘shitpost’ is actually a sublimation of the desire to ‘shit in the street’. Obviously, the All-Trite’s incessant preoccupation with talking about both forms of ‘shitting’ – technically known as ‘dual excrementality’ – is a constant structural complicity, describing in ways yet to be theoretically delineated, the inner truth and constipatory essence of All-Trite conservatism.

    If we add to this the USA’s usual foreign policy objectives of constantly destabilising other nations, and supporting corrupt leaderships, thereby considerably helping to maintain the order of “shithole countries”; do we see at work an unconscious, Christian charitability?

    The harsh disciplines necessary for the anal challenges of Anglo-Saxon economics, strongly characterised by telegraphic speech patterns; by a ‘no bullshit’, simplifying positivism; and by an impatient irritability when the channels of simplifying positivism are not to be had; all these lead to a desire for laxative release which cannot be overly indulged in, lest profit levels and acquisitions suffer. However, by maintaining the order of “shithole countries”, could it be that the pleasures of laxative evacuation are had through vicarious observation?
    There is a double movement going on here, in the bowels of capitalism. Through the economic order, spectacles of foreign poverty are maintained, as ostensible scaremongering imagery to maintain the order of profitability and its anal demands. But simultaneously, with this capitalist production of poverty, there is a gifting of laxative wealth. No longer bound by the oppressions of capitalist toiletry, ‘shithole countries’ escape the anal disciplines of capitalist exploitation, free from the excremental mechanics of profit.

    Such a liberation, though its foreign, ‘Third World’, inauguration began long ago, is still largely a distant horizon whose future forms can only be guessed at, not yet described. When the First and Second Worlds, those mechanical economies of anal tension in ‘nation’ form, are, one day, retrojectively characterised as the Era of Constipation; an entirely different selection of insights would have come to hold sway, belonging to a post-laxative perspective never before attained. From this perspective, the concept of waste, and of production, once so well-defined as if etched into marble, will be among the most distant and vaguest of memories, it’s glyphic characters long ago worn away.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    It’s looking more and more the case that the desire to ‘shitpost’ is actually a sublimation of the desire to ‘shit in the street’.



    Wagner Reply:


    It’s okay though, IIRC I stole this idea from the Diamond Sutra.

    Posted on April 2nd, 2018 at 8:57 pm Reply | Quote
  • rohme Says:

    “Islamic Scholar Says Bitcoin is Compliant With Sharia Law as Price Surges”

    How much do you want to bet ‘Islamic scholar’ put his order in for ”moar coins’ before even cross-checking his juridical textbooks?


    Work, spiritual care, medical care, housing, food, occasional entertainment, free clothing, free burial, free everything.


    People streaming ISIS murders in bed with 12 other tabs open on their browser.


    Violence as ambient music.


    Is a man with a flamethrower sufficiently brave? I’d say only when his fuel has run out.


    Are drug cartels brave?

    Their members comprise of men from the national army or of paramilitary groups which once opposed them, as well as ovillagers whose towns the cartels have decimated. You join in your defeat. Stockholm syndrome as career choice.


    Far-right vs. far-left divide plays out in the keto-carnivore diet vs. the vegan diet.

    Keto-carnivores propose a return to our roots while vegans propose a return to rooted vegetables.

    Neither have a claim on The Past. They are both games, strategies, in our present moment.


    From marble statues to silicon sex dolls. A poem. A testes-moan-ial.

    It’s been two weeks since Julie, my realdoll 2 body d with the gel butt inserts, came into my life and I can’t be more satisfied. She’s everything I wanted and more. I spent years considering buying a doll, from the time I was a dateless college student till I was a dateless 30-something. I guess I was just too proud or too embarrassed to be a guy with a sex doll, but eventually I came to terms with knowing that I’m probably never going to have a real life relationship up to my standards but I still have needs. And Julie fulfills all of them. She feels so real and she’s so pretty. The sex is amazing. Not that I have that I’ve had tons of experience but it’s better than the real thing.

    I’ve always felt like a beta male and being able to be with a girl that looks like Julie could never happen. I feel like I beat evolution. I feel so lucky to be alive at a time when these dolls exist. Thank you Abyss for bringing so much happiness into my life.



    Posted on April 14th, 2018 at 1:21 am Reply | Quote
  • Artxell Knaphni Says:

    “Settling the World” (1975) M John Harrison (06)

    “During my examination of the menu we exchanged courtesies and anecdotes of mutual friends and enemies. Estrades claimed that he was bored; he had come over, he said, on the strength of a rumour (he would place no greater weight than that on any information from Alexandria), and had been in Southend for some days. “You must,” he said, “be interested in the Motorway, Oxlade my friend- no, no, I can see it plainly in the set of your shoulders.” He laughed in a peculiar restrained manner, his thin, scarred face remaining immobile but for a slight drawing back of the lips. “We are too old to play games. So. Take my advice. I have been here for a week, and have seen nothing in daylight but that which is already known. Go at night, go at night.” ‘That which is already known’ how could I admit that I knew so little? I determined immediately to do both, and turned the conversation to another subject.”


    Posted on April 15th, 2018 at 5:27 pm Reply | Quote
  • Artxell Knaphni Says:

    “Settling the World” (1975) M John Harrison (07)

    “Later, Estrades leaned back in his chair and yawned. “Tell me honestly, my friend, what you think of all this.” And he made a gesture which took in the sea, the Shoeburyness Road, the gulls like white confetti at some marriage of water and air. I was puzzled: I thought that it was a remarkably fine sort of day; I thought that I had never eaten such large prawns. He stared at me for a moment, then threw back his head to laugh in earnest. “As evasive as ever,” he said, wiping his eyes. “Oxlade, you are either the most stupid or the most careful of men. Look. Nobody is listening except the waitress, and she to her transistor radio. By ‘this’, I mean this whole thing, this—” he paused thoughtfully “this paradise for bad poets and old age pensioners in which we now find ourselves (you and I, who have left toothmarks on the bone in half the gutters of Western Europe!); this Eden in which we exercise ourselves by reading J.B. Priestley in a sunny garden in Kent—or, God forgive us, grow flowers.””


    Posted on April 15th, 2018 at 5:28 pm Reply | Quote
  • Artxell Knaphni Says:

    “Settling the World” (1975) M John Harrison (08)

    “”And yet, Estrades,” I said, a little pointedly, for I suspected that this final lapse of taste had been deliberate, “you find yourself perfectly in place. I grow orchids, and that is sufficient in the old days, I asked for nothing more; and you why, you sit at a cafe table in Southend, or some estaminet of Antwerp, with perhaps more freedom than before to exercise your wit, your (if I may say so) rather impractical and gauzy cynicism. No-one asks you to write bad poetry or, indeed, to judge the poetry of others. All of us are satisfied, in our individual ways.” He nodded slowly. “It is an argument. It is the argument. But it does not impress me. Can one find satisfaction in simply being satisfied? Is it that I am now allowed to be dissatisfied? I have considered it. I chafe.” He gazed out to sea, moved his hands vaguely. Hunger I can’t describe illuminated his face for a brief moment. Eventually, he turned back to me, drew on his cigar, examined his graceful, nicotine-stained fingers. “Satisfaction. Oxlade, I suspect we have been robbed, but I cannot discover how. As you say, each man is content: how then have I been passed over and left to wonder why?”””


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  • Wagner Says:

    Contra the We Wuz Hindus spergs of the right:

    “It may be asked why it is that the Western nations should go to the Hebrew culture for their mystical tradition? The answer to this question will be readily understood by those who are acquainted with the esoteric theory concerning races and sub-races. Everything must have a source. Cultures do not spring out of nothing. The seed-bearers of each new phase of culture must of necessity arise within the preceding Culture. No one can deny that Judaism was the matrix of the European spiritual culture when they recall the fact that Jesus and Paul were both Jews. No race except the Jewish race could possibly have served as the stock upon which the new dispensation was to be grafted because no other race was monotheistic. Pantheism and polytheism had had their day and a new and more spiritual culture was due. The Christian races owe their religion to the Jewish culture as surely as the Buddhist races of the East owe theirs to the Hindu culture. The mysticism of Israel supplies the foundation of modern Western occultism. It forms the theoretical basis upon which all ceremonial is developed. Its famous glyph, the Tree of Life, is the best meditation-symbol we possess because it is the most comprehensive…

    It is for this reason that I would recommend to the white races the traditional Western system, which is admirably adapted to their psychic constitution. It gives immediate results, and if done under proper supervision, not only does it not disturb the mental or physical equipoise, as happens with regrettable frequency when unsuitable systems are used, but it produces a unique vitality… I have seen so many attempts at spiritual development that were simply evasions of life’s problems that I am suspicious of any system which involves a breach with the group-soul of the race… The racial dharma of the West is the conquest of dense matter. If this were realised it would explain many problems in the relationships of West and East. In order that we may conquer dense matter and develop the concrete mind we are endowed by our racial heritage with a particular type of physical body and nervous system, just as other races, such as the Mongolian and the Negro, are endowed with other types.

    It is injudicious to apply to one type of psycho-physical make-up the developing methods adapted to another; they will either fail to produce adequate results, or produce unforeseen and possibly undesirable results. To say this is not to condemn the Eastern methods, nor decry the Western constitution, which is as God made it, but to reaffirm the old adage that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. The dharma of the West differs from that of the East; is it therefore desirable to try and implant Eastern ideals in a Westerner? Withdrawal from the earth-plane is not his line of progress. The normal, healthy Westerner has no desire to escape from life, his urge is to conquer it and reduce it to order and harmony. It is only the pathological types who long to “cease upon the midnight with no pain,” to be free from the wheel of birth and death; the normal Western temperament demands “life, more life.”

    It is this concentration of life-force that the Western occultist seeks in his operations. He does not try to escape from matter into spirit, leaving an unconquered country behind him to get on as best it may; he wants to bring the Godhead down into manhood and make Divine Law prevail even in the Kingdom of the Shades. This is the root-motive for the acquisition of occult powers upon the Right-hand Path, and explains why initiates do not abandon all for the mystic Divine Union, but cultivate a White Magic. It is this White Magic, which consists in the application of occult powers to spiritual ends, by means of which a large proportion of the training and development of the Western aspirant is carried out. I have seen something of a good many different systems, and in my opinion the person who tries to dispense with ceremonial is working at a great disadvantage. Development by meditation alone is a slow process in the West, because the mind-stuff upon which it has to work, and the mental atmosphere in which the work has to be done, are very resistant.” (Dion Fortune)

    Word to the wise: if you’re going to study qabalah study it quietly, I managed to alienate my few neo-not-see friends elsewhere by showing interest in it. It’s impossible to package in such a climate as ours (hence it’s foolish for me to plug it here- well I guess I’m a fool). Again, this logic seems unshakeable and I’d like for someone to prove me wrong: Jews rule the world, the highest expression of a people is its mysticism, it follows from the will to power to study kabbalah, or if you prefer the goy-brand, qabalah.

    Cut to satyr-play:

    “The mystical Nothing beyond the Cabalist Sephiroth [Bruno] symbolizes by the Ass, and this Ass of negative theology or Unknowing is the strange hero of [The Cabala of Pegasus]. In spite of appearances, I do not think that Bruno really means to be as blasphemous as he sounds in this. The ass which carries the Sacraments, Christ entering Jerusalem on the ass, had been allegorized in this sense as humble negation. Bruno knows and refers to such allegories. Bruno is not insincere, nor does he mean to be flippant. He just had an extremely strange religion which he expounds under extremely strange allegories.”

    Francis A. Yates, Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition


    Posted on April 15th, 2018 at 10:25 pm Reply | Quote
  • Artxell Knaphni Says:


    [Wagner] “https://imgur.com/a/kd0A2 It’s okay though, IIRC I stole this idea from the Diamond Sutra.”

    [Wagner] “Contra the We Wuz Hindus spergs of the right:”

    All of Western philosophy is subsumed within Eastern philosophy. All of the positions, the radical elements, and perspectives, are already within Eastern thought.
    If we take formal logic, that was only developed in two places, Greece and India. The West used the Greek-Aristotelian model up until the 19th century. Modern Western logic is based on an Indian model. It’s already been shown that Greek metaphysics, as far as its sceptical tradition is concerned, was directly taken from Buddhism.
    Arguably, the Western postmodernist philosophy tradition is a corrupted replay of Mahayana Buddhism, 1900 years ago.
    The prior statements, can all be backed up, by ‘Western’ sources.
    So your claim, that European philosophies are the greatest in human history can only be true from the limited perspective of a European conception of the human, not inclusive of the East. But it’s not true of all philosophies produced on the planet Earth over the last 4000 years. So if philosophy is your criterion, the West is distinctly inferior and derivative. Sorry about that.

    Monotheism was already strongly represented in ancient Hindu thought, it’s of Eastern origination. In any case, the inordinate emphasis of the distinction monotheism/polytheism is merely a superficial European preoccupation, one that avoids deeper consideration through the alienations of shallow objectification.

    Regarding Frances Yates, I’ve got her book on memory, somewhere, though I’ve never read it. I’m sure she’s okay.
    Back to the street-shitting, the Indus Valley invented flush toilets and drains well over 6000 years ago – India has been there, done it, and moved on, apparently to the advanced arts of “Excre-mental Tantra”, ancient shastra forthcoming. More than human, the techno-scatological gramme is necessarily revelatory of a truly human disgrace, in its European conception.


    Wagner Reply:

    “The prior statements, can all be backed up, by ‘Western’ sources.”

    You backing something up would be quite startling. Rather than Western sources I’d like links to primary Indian texts that, for starters, resemble Homer, Aeschylus, and Plato. After that let’s go with documents that resemble the works of Aquinas, Machiavelli, and Bacon. If you’re going to link me to myths about those blue people and anthropomorphic elephants I’d prefer if you gave me direct quotes from the texts.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Waggy, you don’t need me to hold your hand in order to google ‘Indian philosophy ‘, ‘Chinese philosophy ‘, ‘Eastern philosophy ‘, or ‘comparative philosophy’. There’s a huge literature available. I’m not an instructor, lecturer, or teacher, of others, at any rate. Anyway, I have posted some excerpts on Buddhist philosophy, before.


    Wagner Reply:

    Ah so you’re talking out your ass as usual.

    I’ve studied Eastern philosophy for years, most of it is wholly distinct from the thought that emerged in the West, and the West went far beyond your primitivisms, hence you live in a Western country while hordes of slum kids in yours are slowly dying of starvation as we speak.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Evidently, my “ass” seems to be far more well-informed about philosophy than you, Waggy!

    Distinctness and difference, that can be granted, of course. But you are going to have a hard time, an impossible one, really, demonstrating a Western philosophical development not already considered a cliche in the East.
    All of your citings revolve around what one could call ‘culture’ philosophy, that includes Friedrich Nietzsche. You never seem to consider technical philosophical developments. This, together with your (and Colic’s) seeming inability with even elementary logic scenarios, in the past, doesn’t inspire confidence in your philosophical judgements, whether of the East or the West.
    Perhaps that is why you and the All-Trite practice so much ‘shit-posting’, it substitutes for good or competent philosophical understanding? Mouldbug seems to write entire essays around kernels of simplistic rationalisation. No different, really, than Alex Jones.
    I call you all ‘inferior’, with good reason, it’s not arbitrary whimsy.

    Posted on April 15th, 2018 at 11:44 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    @Mike do you ever lurk here?

    Have you come across this piece of racist poetry yet?



    colleen ryan Reply:

    yes i take a peek sometimes can’t believe you three are still at it. Riechs book – ‘who we are” has set off a firestorm that makes me think the current year the social construct collapses, Cochran at west hunter has been hoisting reich by his own petard for weeks now dunking him like the witch he is. ironically hes using the truth half of reichs books to do the hoisting. Thi along with too many breakthroughs to count is going to demolish the narrative completely. The left will then say well if non whites are really half apes all the more reason we must help them with endless redistribution. That’s Ok let them dig themselves deeper as whites take a year or two as i needed to adjust to the utter hopelessness of the entire project. some fun facts that seem to be emerging that even I was quite surprised to see is the nazi seem to have nailed anthropology it seems niggers really are not humans they are hald archaic human an half a ghost pre human archaic hominid.basically half ape half earliest “human” Ok that one wasnt too much a surprize except they can pretty much prove it. The one that really surprised made me think of you and woggy. I always thought that neo nazi claim to every civilization worth a damn being early whites was a bit of we wuz kangs uh Thanes., then last year they seemed to confirm the early egyptians are closer to euros than current egyptians who are half a nigger , but now this bomb, the fucking aryans really were aryan maybe russian steppe euros invade the subcontinent from the north about the same time they descend on the rest of europe and cant rape them into blue eyed ness as well because the south is more populous with south asian type niggers like the real archaic niggers from guns germs and steel land new guinea now those niggers are not even half human they are pure animal like the ausie nigger or the san of course give me a true nigger animal over a half nigger anyday I like the san and the aboriginal but indian niggers and west/east african niggers its like weaponizing a wild animal giving them just a bit of cunning.So the upshot is every time woggy claims how great “his” ancesters were hes actually talking about early euro colonialists lmao.
    I also have been checking up on land and a few of the other nrx fanboys, somethings changed theyre all pretty hardcore antisemites and of course anti nigger of all types. In fact it seems the whole world is tumbling to the jew game even a lot of jews are fessing up these days I think the current year will also include jew HBD epiphany. Personally im a bit soft on the jews not that i trust them as far as I can throw them but i like them and i really think the quickest likeliest solution to the JQ is they confess their sins and become white nationalists I know every one says conversos are the sneakiest but it is a lot of IQ to waste and hitler had a hell of a time deporting them. the way things are going they just might figure white nationalism is whats good for the jews. On the other hand if deep state pulls this coup off i think war is coming and jews better run.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    The Indus Valley Civilisation predates any and all hypothesised so-called ‘white invasions’ so far suggested. It’s a development beyond any Eurocentric appropriation. Vedic India is a different story, perhaps, and could well represent the beginnings of the corruption continuing into contemporary times. You need actual evidence to claim a Eurocentric origin, not wishful bigotry.
    You’re better off sticking to your warmongering, as based on a dogmatic, genetic mysticism, at least that way you done your bit to maintain the ideology of stupidity into the future.


    colleen ryan Reply:

    yes woggy we said northern invasion vedic aryan language. pretty sure you street shitters didnt develop the indus valley civilization though. I mean seriously that like positing niggers built the egyptian civilization just look at the place today probably some other whites lol

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    There isn’t any actual evidence that ‘Aryan culture’ necessarily has Northern origins. To hold such a belief is merely wishful bigotry. Likewise, your ‘sureness’ about non-Indic origins of the IVC. Similarly, your strained belief concerning non-Negroid origins of ancient Egypt.
    The ancient world is still largely a mystery, one that both Eurocentrics and Afrocentrics paint according to their prejudice. The entire dispute is the most boring shit, which suitably explains the ‘scatological street’ projective preoccupations of its practitioners. Put your petty prejudices proudly on parade! Build those stupid text walls of positivist dogma! Colic (Mike? Stephen?) rides again, yee ha!

    Wagner Reply:

    More and more I see white girls around my age with little mulattos and no daddy in sight. This country is shaping up to be a real beauty. I remember a few years ago when I was first getting into the sickening concept of dysgenics and I expressed my disgust to a shitlib friend about fat white girls having kids with ghetto blacks and he looked at me like I was beneath contempt for thinking that was a bad thing…. I don’t know what to tell you guys, this country is going to be dumber and uglier next generation. I guess this is how nihilism manifests in real time- no one caring about intelligence or beauty.


    Posted on April 16th, 2018 at 5:56 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    “The Guatemalan would think, “I work harder than this guy.” – rohme

    @Mike, can’t you just see the tears of soy milk rolling down his cheeks when he says this?


    Wagner Reply:

    Now, why would someone with the name Rohme Giuliani tell ‘noble’ lies to justify brown people immigrating to America? Hmmmm….



    rohme Reply:

    But that’s not my position. You haven’t understood anything of my last posts, have you?


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    He doesn’t understand anything, Giuliani, he’s just “shit-posting”, as they, the All-Trite, call it.
    He’s trying to cater for his ostensible, doctrinal obligations of All-Trite dogma; to be an effective contrarian interlocutor; to produce a facade of convincing philosophic sophistication ;as well as trying to achieve a personal libidinal release. He loses his way, occasionally, “shit-posting” is a default reset for him, lol.

    rohme Reply:


    I think it’s reasonable to assume that would be how the Guatemalan would subjectivize the remark. A menial laborer is a person not allowed to kick their feet up.

    But there are more implications still.

    The Guatemalan is so significantly other that he is not prone to arriving at a DNC town hall to voice his complaint: ‘I wish that man would stop calling me that!’

    The idea of a grievance center is perhaps more alienating to him than the rudimentary, causal racism that must permeate his existence from time to time as he interacts in work spaces.

    rohme Reply:


    Lol. Yeah, you’re right. I don’t think he cares. Just the usual bric-a-brac thrown at me. The Horror of Redhook. Lmao.

    Wagner Reply:

    Did evolution stop at humans or not? Are all races and sexes equal or not?

    Neither of you ever answer directly.

    Wagner Reply:

    “The Horror of Redhook. Lmao.”

    Slavoj Zizek isn’t Lovecraftian, Lovecraft is a bunch of BS.

    You adhere to the ideology of thee pop-philosopher of our time, you’re a real brave man, Rohme.

    It’s astonishing to me that someone whose psychological flaws are so transparent is planning on setting up shop as a professional psychoanalyst, while I’m probably going to die in a ditch before I’m 30. Land, gibs me masters degree, just for the comedy of a wacko like me donning the title of doctor. –Which reminds me, I’ve never seen either of you once joke about yourselves. You can’t for a single second bracket your leftist personas and have a little chuckle- you are shitpostmodern fundamentalists!

    Wagner Reply:

    Nietzscheanism is basically a science of autotrolling, watch.

    Contra Immanence:


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    When Wagner doesn’t understand something, usually because he doesn’t want to, he just projects those default politicisations that he does understand, onto his interlocutor, irregardless of what his interlocutor actually writes. Now all of a sudden, it’s all about humour, lol. He’s learnt his lessons from Kelly Anne Conway, very well!
    I think we are all busy dealing with our respective lives, is difficult to maintain effective contributions on this blog, all of the time.

    The whole All-Trite thing has gone into a ‘holding pattern’, it doesn’t really know where to go, so it just repeats itself. Really, it’s all just moneymaking media. Sargon of Akkad, Jordan Peterson, Donald Trump; they’re all feeding the communicatory cliche contraption, circulating ‘whatever the recalcitrant gumbos want to hear’ memes, and making considerable amounts of cash out of it. Sargon of Akkad makes $8000 a month on Patreon. Richard Spencer can afford to hire $10,000 per event, lecture halls around the USA, so he’s obviously getting funding. It costs the universities $600,000 to police the events, money that could be spent in much better ways. They’re all scammers, morons catering for other morons! The Moron Bubble! But that’s so-called ‘democracy’ for you, it’s obliged to ‘represent’ the worst, ‘bottom of the bucket’ elements.

    Wagner Reply:

    You don’t have the right to call people trite when your political positions are identical to those of teenage girls who bingewatch netflix. What makes the farce that you call your life even more laughable is that you probably look like an elderly Jeet Heer.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    You haven’t yet actually demonstrated that “teenage girls who bingewatch netflix” are any more trite than your own output. And yes, Waggy, derisory ridicule concerning someone else’s personal appearance, obviously shows a distinct profundity of outlook, which in no way can be compared to the stereotypical concerns of “teenage girls who bingewatch netflix”, lol.
    I suppose you’re going to say this is an example of your tremendously sophisticated, and ironic, humour?

    Wagner Reply:

    I’m sure all the pretty white girls treated you as invisible before you became “rotund”.

    Wagner Reply:

    I’m trying to talk about how the earth is a cosmic dingleberry and the nothing outside it is a braying donkey in order to create a new unironic pataphysical religion to save the white race and you keep butting in saying your six arm elephant god thought up everything from the dithyramb to the groundbreaking discoveries of Neil Degrasse Tyson, don’t you have some microwave curry chicken lean cuisines to attend to? All your sages who prophesied time-cycles in the hundred thousand year range couldn’t foresee that all their best minds would have to leech off other civilizations for a proper bathroom experience all the while writing junk about French philosophers on the internet instead of aiding their starving slum brethren? You’ve got to be kidding me.

    Wagner Reply:

    Ghost of a 7 year old Indian boy appearing at the foot of your bed at 3 am: “Artxell my tummy hurts… Artxell why did you let me die? Artxell why didn’t you think of me more? Was Of Grandmatology more important than me? My tummy hurts. I haven’t eaten for 2 and half weeks. Artxell, please. Why did you let this happen to me?”

    rohme Reply:

    “Are all races and sexes equal or not?”

    Races and sexes are neither ontologically univocal nor are they logically or conceptually equivocal.

    You’ve read Aquinas. We need an analogy.

    Let’s say you said, knowing you prefer the rhetorical or polemical style, “How can the race and sex which invented the printing press, firearms, harnessing electricity, the telephone, the lightbulb, photography, the automobile, flight, motion pictures, rocketry, and space travel be ‘equal’ to any other other race or sex?”

    I would reinterpret this as: “Are there more individuals of any other race or sex who have been more inventive more than white males?” That’s the syntax for a proper analogy, the principle of bivalence, etc. There needs to be a proportionality whereby a ‘numericity’ is being compared.

    Anyway, your contention with equality is not logical but semiotical.

    Equality is an empty signifier. In the Declaration of Independence, all men are created equal only by virtue of the external support of a Creator who endowed all men with certain inalienable Rights.

    An equality is always that which is equal to its principle or ordering term.

    But there is yet another side. You tell me, do the various signs which configure to the races and sexes confer the same values or indicate the same status? Taking for evidence the concreteness of our everyday speech, is there an equality of the words: black, white, yellow, young, old, rich, sexy, ugly, stupid, poor or smart? Do these all mean the same thing? No. There is not equality there but difference and distinction. The equality is nestled up several level higher as an axiomatic, transcendent and incontestable, the equality of all being equal in respect as producers or consumers within a market.

    colleen ryan Reply:

    Now he wriggling and pinned upon the wall that isnt what he meant at all
    In the room the thots come and go talking of dr Giulianio
    thats you rhome fucking prufrock

    Wagner Reply:

    Cautiously putting this in quotation marks is totally “Do I dare disturb the universe?”:

    ““How can the race and sex which invented the printing press, firearms, harnessing electricity, the telephone, the lightbulb, photography, the automobile, flight, motion pictures, rocketry, and space travel be ‘equal’ to any other other race or sex?””

    Wagner Reply:

    “If you watch stefan molyneux he was like jord a year ago he slowly lost his religion he just kept following his logic like a good little enlightenment man and saw the truth.”

    This is exactly how the West is going to get out of this mess. More than leftism (or rightism for that matter), white men care about the truth. The only thing that will prevent them from being drawn out of the contemporary dogmatism is being genetically muddied, which is why the tentacles of the synagogue are slimily tightening around miscegenation as a solution to the irreality of Equalism- the only way to limit the humanity of whites is to take their whiteness away; likewise, the only way to grant humanity to browns is to give them whiteness. The elites are trying to create a happy medium perfectly apt for being completely controlled. Mocha + Homo are just the right ingredients to melt together in a pot for indolent trolllessness.

    Posted on April 17th, 2018 at 4:21 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Contra Amor Fati:


    It’s playing devil’s advocate against your most sacred concepts. You guys should try it out sometime, to save me the trouble.


    Wagner Reply:

    Contra the Will to Power:


    You two would really benefit from thinking this through, specifically. I guess you wouldn’t take advice from someone who believes evolution didn’t stop after “”homo sapiens”” though..


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Nietzsche’s ideas were obvious, ‘old hat’ cliches, to me, when I first read him; his value was not in his ideas.


    Posted on April 18th, 2018 at 2:43 am Reply | Quote
  • colleen ryan Says:

    Wag why are you playing Dr Phil with these creeps we already exposed beyond any doubt they are nothing more than medocre intelligence run of the mill commies, one of them a faggot nigger to boot. You’re a bright kid go fuck with some smarter people theres a ton of NRX ers that need a reality booster not having had one since they read ( moldberg) back in 08. Better yet go get rich and have some kids and raise them to be good little white supremacists


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Dream on, Colitis! Your exposure capability is limited only to your insane self, with its rigidly religious, pseudo-genetics cobblings, genocidal mania, and overall, antisocial aggressions.
    You’re another Kelly Anne Conway, unable to back anything up on the page, so you go wandering off, droning on with your mostly unsupported, idiosyncratic rationalisations. Again and again, you show so much inability in elementary logic, it’s embarrassing, or would be to a sane and decent person. You, on the other hand, are a typical example of the worst elements that the USA produces. An obstinate narcissism incapable of acknowledging its flaws; incapable of learning; incapable of everything except the production of litanies of sulky, genocidal hostility. ‘All ambition, but no ability’, is a definite description, seemingly invented just for you. Unfortunately, there are others like you, and it’s beginning to look like, bye bye USA, good luck in your new career as the globe’s insane asylum.


    Wagner Reply:

    I know Mike, I just miss the good old days. I was chuckling earlier today about the time you told Rohme he will get his teeth knocked in by the butt of a rifle in a gulag. Ahh, fun times. I’m beginning work on more Apollonian things now, I just don’t see a reason to terminate my filibuster here just yet. Rohme and Artxell are my foils, I’d rather have them than not (I really wish they’d be more creative but well you work with what you got). Nicole has effectively propped up NRx in Moldbug’s absence as the True Right in contrast to the alt-right, frogs, and fellow travelers. Until he blocks me I intend to uphold the real true right, which stands for thoroughgoing elitism; the fulfillment of the telos of elitism is esotericism so I usually stick with that. Nicole pretends NRx is anti-populous/anti-popular and yet maintains a firm silence on matters occult. I don’t claim to be an aristocrat or even close to one but my genetic karma apparently leads my 3rd eye to know well enough that if you’re going to try to concoct a cyber-aristocracy the occult, alchemy, succubi, astral projection, et al. are inevitably going to be part of the picture. Land’s silence on these things is a testament to his populousness.


    Wagner Reply:

    I know you’re thinking “We don’t need that, we need boots on the ground!” but please just take a gander at the leading alt-right personalities. We’re not ready for that. Boots on the ground is probably a couple decades off if we’re lucky. If we went 1488 race war now we’d all be imprisoned swiftly, demonized, and raped for the rest of our lives. For now we need to concern ourselves with shepherding shepherds. Probably some kid Barron Trump’s age will be a Napoleon figure. We need to develop some type of Antiversity to train the young how to be intellectual shitlords, and those shitlords will guide more pragmatically-natured kids to be woke generals. If you look at the internet-right now it’s animated non-being, the toiling of automata- I sincerely share Artxell’s contempt, just for different reasons.


    colleen ryan Reply:

    No I dont think boots on the ground literally. I think you thought would do well influencing the younger NRxrs lands gotten pretty racist himself on tweety so i think hes surrendered to the inevitability of its going to come down to race and the rest builds on that. The nrxrs your age kind of already see that but they really got mold on the brain and cant shake those ideas which ironically mold never intended to be canonized.

    yeah trolling commies is certainly amusing and id be lying if i wasn’t an addict but these sluts are done.

    boots on the ground, yeah like get rich inventing tech that can when the time is right be useful. boots on the ground rejoin the world have children make friends and influence people.boots on the ground learn skills acquire a refuge. If you’re like really good at making drones and other milspec toys then by all means enjoy your hobby. I do say we have to fight a lot, we might hard to say but for sure we need to understand we are in a fight a war for our very lives. how to most intelligently respond is not clear yet but our minds do need to change to one that all people have always had in our situation a willingness to die if need be.I doubt thats ever going to be in a firefight with the empire in the woods even if the war goes hot it will be more like the wars the empire has been losing the past 50 years. honestly i doubt even that i dont think theres a white man in america willing to fight for the empire. but that doesn’t mean we might not have to die taking down the empire.I guess i think we need to start thinking about how to disempower the empire. check out the left they actually do this they just last week pulled a false flag in syria then all of a sudden hundreds of them from all walks of life in unison started to use the phrase “comprehensive strategy” . They are evil wag you are too young to remember but what’s gone on has never in my lifetime ever gone on openly this assault on trump is outrageous they are breaking every law in the land to trump up some kangaroo court cause they failed to rig the election. the jew techlords are openly allied with the deep state against the people. we all see it its openly discussed. We are witnessing a top people will say its different this time it never different its alway the same something is going to happen to reverse what cant go on.wise people will be ready for that opportunity.

    Posted on April 18th, 2018 at 7:47 pm Reply | Quote
  • rohme Says:

    “In the Nazis, Heidegger thought he had found a movement that would reject universalistic liberalism in all its forms -Christianity, the secular Enlightenment, communism – in favor of a politics that would ground human history in the communal belonging of a finite historical people. By the end, Heidegger had accused Nazism itself of falling prey to liberalism through its metaphysical reduction of all human differences to race, its treating the Volk as a kind of super-subject akin to conventional liberalism’s subjective individual, and its capitulation to the idols of machination and gigantism. For example: “All well-meaning excavation of Volk-lore, all conventional cultivation of custom, all extolling of landscape and soil, all glorification of the ‘blood’ is just foreground and smokescreen – and necessary in order to obscure what truly and solely is: the unconditional dominion of the machination of destruction.”

    Reading Heidegger’s Black Notebooks 1931–1941 by Ingo Farin, Jeff Malpas


    Posted on April 18th, 2018 at 8:54 pm Reply | Quote
  • rohme Says:

    “justify immigrating brown people”

    I don’t agree with the immigrations of a people into a community violently resisting those immigrations. That sounds like a policy of chaos.

    My mantra is the immortal Buckingham chorus-line “Go Your Own Way.”

    I’m in agreement with Land. Why aren’t you?

    The time for fragmentation is at hand.
    Not the time for coercive moralism.
    Not the time to hold each other in bondage to our independent standards of truth and justice.
    Not the time to imagine ourselves as a still-possible singular collectivity.
    Not the time to continue down the road of liberal sham-universalism.

    The challenge for your side is not to take up a fight within the dominant political discourse.
    Not take to the streets, hold hands or cry out ‘viva la revolution’.
    Not to be a white Arab Spring.


    colleen ryan Reply:

    no ones white arab springing rhome. for the ten thousandth time all we are saying is dude i want my country culture back we never gave the jews permission to give it to niggers we want it back its ours the fact that i have to specify the our/us is whites is the fault of you jews yes rhome youre a heretical jew christcuck. That’s it no ones a national socialist just volk some of these continents we took have a mix of different white races so we cant say hey america is a german or celtic country its both. most of what you and other pozd types despise about the proles is a direct result of what your little experiment did to them. why do you think the jews are not trying to take over the easier target africa? The proles will recover just fine once we stop treating them as we do.


    rohme Reply:

    “We want it back its ours”

    What is yours is whatever has your name on it in title deed. Whoever disagrees is a mob and all a mob wants to do is Arab Spring.

    “most of what you and other pozd types despise about the proles is a direct result of what your little experiment did to them.”

    I’ve read Eugene Debs more times than you’ve been to the bathroom. What is it I despise about the proles and what is the little experiment that I did to them?


    colleen ryan Reply:

    No a title means shit the title must be backed by force violence
    how many times and ways must i say this
    The left has spent every fucking thing upstream of from western civilization right the fuck up to the violence it was founded on its all gone all of it stop your fucking denial theres nothing left for you faggots to bargain with to hock to bribe to pledge its all fucking gone wasted on niggers.
    whats left is the whites such as they are and the ground on which we still stand. I think i can work with that. you think you are are negotiating with alaric but its not alaric its a nigger alaric at least was your cousin and had your blood in his veins these alaics are animals there will be no coming back from this sacking.
    Youre just fucking wrong rhome you and the NAT REV cucks and JP all mobs are not the same a white mob is infinitely more preferable than an ANC government.
    But lets be honest scumbag mob is your little switch the actual mobs are your mobs the antifa commie mobs bought by the jews the nigger BLM mobs the pussy hat mobs the only mobs are anti white left mobs the actual problem is no white mobs its a lack of white mobs.
    Yeah and id use debs for toilet paper before i would read it on the can even if there were nothing else to read. so you answer your own question AIACC thats the experiment you ran on whites you and your jew pals

    Posted on April 18th, 2018 at 10:12 pm Reply | Quote
  • rohme Says:

    “The state is essentially a community.. The state is not merely a sharing of a common locality for the purpose of preventing mutual injury and exchanging goods.. For a state is a partnership of families and clans living well and its object is the full and independent life.” – Aristotle


    “The community is a fictitious body. The interests of the community comprise of the sum of the interests of the several members who compose it.” – Bentham


    “Does that not imply that corporations possess a communitarian aspect which is in-itself stronger than whatever is being implied by the simple notion of a ‘community’?

    Socialists had tried to develop cooperation among workers against the alienation of labour, since the effect of proletarianization is that social relationships between workers take on the fungibility of the goods which they produce.”

    Is the ethical substance of the community now located in the corporation?

    Taking as our model Ancient Greece, have corporations not focalized on the principle of arete, the pursuit of excellence? And have they not made themselves the destination for it, so that even the principle of paedeia and the institution of the University have been subordinated to preserving a professionalize, vocational and corporatize class?


    What is a community is extricated or centralized outside of it, so that communities depend on support.

    Perversely, the State utilizes modern political discourses which theorize the State as being the object preventing or blocking the actualization of ‘community’, so that “Every vote is a little ‘hair of the dog that bit em’.”

    The desires for communities which cluster the peripheral to an absent center is called politics.


    Posted on April 18th, 2018 at 11:17 pm Reply | Quote
  • rohme Says:

    “Hegel considers the pathologies of modernity by which the individual is affected – solitude (Einsamkeit) vacuity (Eitelkeit) depression (Gedrucktheit) – to be reducible to the common denominator of ‘suffering from indeterminacy’.

    Hegel finds a cure to these pathologies in the system of Ethical Life.”

    Alison Assiter, Kierkegaard and the Political


    “Homelessness is coming to be the destiny of the world. Hence it is necessary to think that destiny in terms of the history of being. What Marx recognized in an essential and significant sense, though derived from Hegel, as the estrangement of the human being has its roots in the homelessness of modem human beings.” – Heidegger, Lecture of Humanism


    Verwurzelung. Rootedness.
    Entwurzelung. Uprootedness.

    How do we talk about Verwurzelung without drudging up the glorification of customs or past social configurations which no longer work?

    How can we think through modernity and the micronization of desire?


    “Color, the very look of things, their Eidos, Presencing, Being – this is what changes.”

    Boundaries are horizons ‘from which something begins, its prescencing’.

    Boundaries produce changes by having a kind of efficacy.

    This efficacy is the Presencing of Being itself as Eidos.



    Oikos. House.
    Oikonomia. The art of household management.
    Oikeiosis. Familiarization (with oneself and others).


    What is the fate of the eidos of place-being (dwelling) beyond the symbolic dissolution of culture into its technological reproduction by means of a mass communication of a persistent equivalence of signs?

    “The whole All-Trite thing has gone into a ‘holding pattern’, it doesn’t really know where to go, so it just repeats itself. Really, it’s all just moneymaking media. Sargon of Akkad, Jordan Peterson, Donald Trump; they’re all feeding the communicatory cliche contraption, circulating ‘whatever the recalcitrant gumbos want to hear’ memes, and making considerable amounts of cash out of it.”

    What is the fate of Gemeinschaft? (social relationships)


    colleen ryan Reply:

    Yes the alt trite has come to the crossroads, they simply walked back to where national review was 15 years ago and now they can see what nat review couldnt see then that its race race race or cuck cuck cuck. they cant fucking believe it can really be that simple just like you cant. Youre jordan peterson. Jordy is an enlightenment man sing along its the tune of nowhere man. he has his universal values, he knows his history he knows his christian and enlightenment values have been his edge he knows he must keep a stiff upper lip, go down with the ship if need be but never defect on the rules of the english gentleman, hes confident if he keep the faith the english gentleman can once again win the prisoners dilemma. but hes wrong its not the same world hes not playing another english gentleman hes playing against niggers jews muslims wogs and faggots. They play a different strategy shame the cuck into keeping the stiff upper lip while taking his nation his women his wealth his markets his life. Jordy would rather sacrifice the entire white gene pool and every white nation than act in a manner unbecoming a gentleman. he rightly understands this worked for his people for millennia and that the key was be true to your edge like a card counter a stock trader trade your plan. Youre like them some are christians some jeffersonians some english gents other free traders. its not that we dont understand what was good and true about those old values or that we are inbred white trash looking for positive affirmation. we simply understand leftism has brought us to an existential point we are back at the point where we have to use violence to carve out again a safe space for our civilization project because you have lets the niggers and jews in the city gates and now we have no time for faggotry we must save our lives.If any are so stupid to think at this point you can build a civilization with niggers and jews then youre simply a moron. Jordy can see it hes smart enough we will see what he does the jews are the ones everyone has the most trouble with they are funny and smart and look at lot like us and it was so sad what hitler did . even i hold out hope they will turn full nazi and save themselves but it wont happen. If you watch stefan molyneux he was like jord a year ago he slowly lost his religion he just kept following his logic like a good little enlightenment man and saw the truth. lets not forget the enlightenment men had slaves they colonized continents they understood the manifest destiny of the white race. when they had to christ cuck they used the old testament like jews to justify authority tradition and their own people. NRX is also kind of stalled a lot left early and became nazis well evollians the rest cucked to the jews but they look enviously on the alt rights getting all the attention they were sure was going to be handed to them they need to re assess .Its really simply you can be the english colonel in the bridge over the river kwai and make sure you leave the niggers and jews the best damn ind=frastructure whites can make so they will damn well regret genociding you or you can be the american and kill the yellow niggers and win the war.


    rohme Reply:

    They are not at a crossroads of Race & Cuck, they are at a crossroads of Dumb & Dumber.

    They’ve reduced political discourse to conservations which can be overheard at your nearest truck stop.

    They’ve exploited the ‘I-can-say-whatever-with-a-fake-name’ ethos of the Internet only to find the tactic is untranslatable for brick and mortar folks who refuse to burn through social capital and respectability like Papiermarks in winter; so basically, it winds up only teenagers and Content creators, like the music business.

    But, most of all, the problem is their ideas are neither simple nor brave.

    Repealing federal preemption.
    Passing the amendment in a State’s Convention.

    That would have attracted every conservative in a million-mile radius.

    That is how you blow holes through doors.

    Nobody has to know you’re doing it because you want to build white hinterlands or metropolises. Keep your rank, white self-love to yourselves and actually dare to steal the fish from out of the shark’s mouth.

    Democracy is the crisis point for government. They call actual democracy Russian interference; this is what they’re saying: democracy is like a foreign invasion. Government can handle your marches. It can handle the semi-monthy pipe-bombing. What it can’t handle is for it to be seen as negating the will of the people.

    JP is a liberal. If you’re calling me a liberal, I am not. Regardless, he might throw his hat in with me if he read this post. I mean, the reason of think you freaks should separate is that I’m hearing it from all sides: blacks don’t want to be around whites, hispanics around non-hispanics, trans around cis. The fragmentation is total, there is no wholism, everyone just wants to make their money and die away from everyone else, I think I am the only universalist in that I’m seeing this all for what it is: Homelessness.

    I invite you to think.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:


    You’ve done some very well written comments, recently, Giuliani. Have only scanned them, not had time to dwell on them, unfortunately.

    Adorno: “The whole is the false.”

    The issue is that the ‘everyone’ you speak of is demanding the total commodification of their Being, according to their consumer desire, or preference. None of them seem to observe all the complexities of origination that produced the very commodity, whose sliced-off existential image they fetishise. They do produce standard aetioligies of partisan, causal, sometimes, to varying degrees, historical, explanation; but there are always significant neglects in these standard, usually positivist, idealisations.
    Someone like Jordan Peterson merely produces misrepresentations of European thought, maintaining scaremongering, strawman figurations of that thought; figurations usually produced in the USA, itself, anyway. We’ve seen this positivist pattern, before, in the dumbed-down psychoanalytic techniques exploited by Scientology. It’s ironic, really, given that the vulnerable detritus of broken-down desires receiving Scientology as a positivist therapeutic-commodity, is the human fallout produced by a market-culture emphasising positivist, ‘material wealth’, that largely installed itself using the propaganda techniques of Freud’s nephew. There’s a nice little circle or circuit there, with the constant being that the USA is always a stubborn, positivist market screen, wholly abandoned to its hysterical desires, but refusing, at any cost, to actually think.

    The libidinal chaos of this market disintegration generates a corollary anxiety within the individual subject, who, in whatever way, begins to discern the arbitrary mechanics of market dissemination. Firstly, there is the search for ‘responsible actors’, for final terminals of appeal; whether in the form of controlling authorities, the corruption of conspiracies, the scapegoating of some brand of witchery; it’s a unilinear hunt, a shuttling selection for the key, positivist pattern of unilinear explanation. The irony is that it is always a search for a form of agency, but one without factors of mitigating redemption, without justifiable defence. It is the desire to construct a ‘pure evil’ requiring elimination, whose first stage is the construction of positivist misrepresentations when no such agency can actually be found. Its second stage is the exacerbation of these positivist misrepresentations into a cultural scenario of Darwinian chaos, recapitulating both libidinal and market chaos, from where the stockpiled energies of elimination can finally be released in the contrived, positivist guise of a ‘necessary survival strategy’.

    These are some of the usual, ‘stock’ parameters of the ‘Occidental android’. It’s a consumerist epistemology, perhaps even a cultural ontology, in which Waggy and Colitis fit very well.

    Wagner Reply:

    (Brown and Browner describe why countries built by Whites should house them, and why Whites shouldn’t live there.)

    Wagner Reply:

    “They are not at a crossroads of Race & Cuck, they are at a crossroads of Dumb & Dumber.”

    HBD, hard science- stuuuupid stuff.

    “They’ve reduced political discourse to conservations which can be overheard at your nearest truck stop.”

    Stupid rednecks don’t want their countries overtaken by low IQ savages.

    “Keep your rank, white self-love to yourselves”

    Yeah let’s love savages instead.

    “I invite you to think.”


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:


    On the one hand, Wagner and Colitis complain about the ‘elite management’ of the USA neglecting the white labour that allegedly ‘built the USA’; on the other hand, they neglect the role of black, slave labour that, likewise, allegedly ‘built the USA’.
    On the one hand, Wagner and Colitis justify European exploitations of mere labour, through exceptionalist valorisation of elite intelligence, innovation, and management; on the other hand, they neglect the roles of appropriated, or otherwise expropriated, non-European and nonwhite, intelligence and innovation.

    In addition to those little contradictions, there is the neglect of how the land and its resources, bearing the USA, were taken in the first place, from another people. Yet Wagner and Colitis incessantly complain about the lack of ethnically exclusive rights to that same land.

    Whichever abstracted element of the inter-relational web gets privileged as a primary, ‘whites only’, causal factor, there is always a neglect of the very same element when its origin is non-white. It’s not so surprising that Native Americans expressed this so phlegmatically, as “White man speak with forked tongue.”

    Wagner Reply:

    White man speaks with forked tongue, hence you live in Britain and are steeped in Frenchmen. Haha what a moron.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:


    Wagner and Colitis’s problem is that they have no ‘self-love’, or if they do, it always occurs over a default background of irritable hate, the corollary of tight, positivist anal-discipline characterising the Occidental android’s tensions in following the arduous channels of dogmatic production.
    This has already been confirmed by Colitis’s statements, concerning the hostility levels belonging to his default war ideology, in which even his brother is his enemy.
    When there is no ‘self-love’, there can be no ‘other-love’.

    The lip service of racial ‘self-love’ that you’re attributing to Colitis, and admittedly he has declared this, is a distant idealisation for him, an alienated allegiance he yearns for – his declaration is of this yearning – but one he does not actually experience. How can he? His emotional investments have been endlessly deferred by his own hatred, and its fevered constructions of ignorance.

    Wagner Reply:

    If you had any self-love you’d be fluent in Vedanta and living in India. Your chosen place of residence as well as your preferred books of philosophy are clear evidence that you subscribe to white supremacy.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    The Native Americans were referring to the ‘white men’ they had experience of, probably your and Colitis’s ancestors. I didn’t choose where I was born, neither was I responsible for French thought’s partial recapitulation of the thought of my ancestors.
    Throwing around epithets based on ignorant and incorrect assumptions doesn’t help your argument, Waggy.

    Wagner Reply:

    You have the most pitiful inferiority complex I’ve ever witnessed in my life.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:


    Firstly, you don’t know what my “preferred books of philosophy” actually are.
    In any case, given that the doctrines and ideas in those “preferred books of philosophy” that you’re assuming do not originate in said “preferred books”, your point is a moot one. The foundations of much of what I write, the so-called ‘core ideas’, anyway, I developed independently, as a child, and it’s easy enough to deploy their movements in different discourses.

    If you want to insist on the point, the number system, and zero, is ‘Indian shit’, Wagner, and people like you still don’t actually understand it. In addition, the West struggled on with Aristotelian logic until the 19th century, a time when people like you would assume that the West had in some hypothetical race of nations, ‘overtaken’ the East, become a Hegelian sublimation of it. That, in this unilinear and progressive contest, the West should have had it all. But that wasn’t the case, despite Leibniz searching for a ‘characteristica universalis’, despite the attentions of the greatest mathematicians of the West, it fell to British mathematicians having to resort to India’s Navya Nyaya logicians of the 19th century, in order to supersede the Aristotelian model.
    Currently, physics has essentially been at a theoretical standstill for almost a century, most developments since then have been materially rather than theoretically significant. One of the reasons for this predicament is the clouding effect of the default, Aristotelian substance metaphysics and it’s easy positivist uses, by which Western thought is characteristically hamstrung. Hysterical overproduction of positivist images and objects is not necessarily the best way to achieve new theoretical understandings. Neither is incessant reactionary nostalgia for past, imagined cultural victories -that’s called resting on one’s laurels, and is a tacit admission of inferiority, by all those who engage in it.

    None of your epithets are going to work, Wagner, because they’re based on ignorant assumptions you’re unable to back up, mainly because your ignorance is the joint production of an inadequate philosophy syllabus at whatever college you went to; your own lack of curiosity and adventurousness; cultural myopia; and possibly, inadequate talent, who knows. Trying to cling to nationalistic assumptions, most of which are incorrect or plain wrong, in any case, isn’t going to work.

    colleen ryan Reply:

    rhome youre deluding yourself where to even start. we are so far beyond rule of law its ludicrous to talk of 10th amendment vs preemption it even more ludicrous to talk of the will of the people the cathedral manufactures the will of the people tailoring it to what the cathedral want to do next.occasionally the peoples will already aligns with the next step. Of course hes a liberal and so are you. you not just an enlightenment man but some weird christian commie enlightenment man no doubt a product of your upbringing getting sentimental about some areas and you’re marxist professors interfering with you while still quickening, you put up this intelectual show to razzle dazzle the contradictions. But yeah they are calling democracy russian interference, they were caught so off guard by the earlier than expected realization that the GOP are cuck shills that they were facing massive imprisonments and a constitutional crisis when it became apparent the deep state would be discovered to have spied on trump’s campaign through falsifying FISA warrants ( to say little of a dozen other scandals the likes of which our nation has never seen before) that they said fuck it and openly defied the people’s choice ( so much for your theory that they can never be seen to do that) and now they have gone beyond even the open coup and are literally dragging in everyone who knows trump and threatening to imprison them and their families for decades for anything unless they give them something anything on Trump. trump must be the cleanest guy in the world considering they have every phone call email and websearch hes ever made and still must resort to threatening the children of generals. Its anarcho tyranny. and youre complaining about it being too white too yang too capitalist. jesus get a life this ain’t no mudd club.
    youre not blowing holes through doors with any stinking laws youre retarded what the fuck have you been doing the past twenty years they interpret the law any fucking way they want the people can pass a initiative or specifically vote in a lawmaker or the law is crystal clear and they just get some fagot judge to say sorry cant do that.
    These people need to be killed they do what they do because they know no one has the balls to kill them.
    Jordan peterson is his real name so is donald trump as are the rest of the alt lite using real names like you they think the left gives a shit about laws and principles its incredible the left actually wrote a fucking library of books book that literally say what their tactics are and yet 50 years later you cucks still think they were only kidding. the only thing they care about rules is that you follow your own when it works for them otherwise any means necessary baby.
    The ability to make rules and force their adherence comes from the ability to do violence. the left doesn’t have this power but they know you are a faggot and wont use the power so it doesn’t matter that they haven’t the power they figure they will just roll over you until they do have the power, and guess what it looks like it will be soon, The question you have to ask yourself faggot is do i stand a better chance of living under mike and wagner or under the somali warlord. Hint at most Im going to stuff you in a locker if you try and start that commie shit again the somali is going to actually rape you then actually eat you and take your daughters for fourth wives oh and burn the world down and sell the contents of our museums and libraries to the slants to buy more khat

    Wagner Reply:

    “The foundations of much of what I write, the so-called ‘core ideas’, anyway, I developed independently, as a child”

    I’m sure you did. I imagine you were surrounded by white leftists who felt bad for the little proto slumdog millionaire and soothed him with tales of the evil of the white man and the superiority of the savage. This is simply recolonization masked as decolonization. Your brain is owned by whites.

    The only time you’ve (suspiciously vaguely) mentioned Eastern philosophy is when I’ve pressured you to, and taking a gander at your blog uhhh I see references to a bunch of… Frenchmen? And the way you’ve spoken on here from the beginning has strongly reminded me of someone who’s read lots of… Frenchmen? If you weren’t a white supremacist you’d be blogging about someone like… Patanjali? and if you hated whites you’d have moved to… India? Why haven’t you?


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:


    I suppose you have to ‘shitpost’, you can’t do anything else, such as come up with an actual argument. You’re reverting to entirely unwarranted and incorrect fantasies of politicised aetiology, again. I’m sorry that you see the facts as a ‘recolonisation’, but that’s not my fault, blame history.

    Apparently, regarding Patanjali’, I wrote the following note back in 16th of February, 2011:

    Firstly, it may prove somewhat problematic to utilise a modality of critique that derives much of its force from the culture-specific and inflationary preoccupations of Freudianism. Freud’s analyses, after all, were merely the logical corollary of a small part of Patanjali’s yoga sutras. Yoga, which has to do with the development of healthy potentialities of Self, does not neglect Freud’s concerns, but merely locates them, without melodrama. Conversely, Freud had to explore the realm of “pathology” to the extent of seeing its universal applicability, that is to say, its innate constitution being essentially implicated in “normality”. Much of the intensity, or “affect”, attached to this project, can be linked to the difficulties of the European ruling classes in maintaining “natural” forms of social goodness amidst the upheavals of industrialisation, the onset of modernity, and the morally dichotomous pressures of “administering” colonial interests. The culture of immoral force or enforcement of moral iniquity, sanctioned by a creed informed by a cartoon-like understanding of its alleged traditions greek philosophy, is beset by its own contradictions.”

    I’ve mentioned Patanjali a few times since, probably on Facebook, but I can’t find the comments. They probably draw parallels between Freud’s early neurone theory and Patanjali’s ideas.

    Your focussing on Patanjali and his yoga metaphysics, only indicates your own mostly existential concerns, rather than those of logic and technical philosophies. It also indicates the fashion of Western appropriation which exaggerated Patanjali’s work at the expense of many other yoga systems. I have encountered his ideas decades ago, but did not overly dwell on them.

    I’ve never stated any hatred of any people, whatever their dermic chromatics, so why would you attribute such an attitude to me? Just because I cite a common, Native American phrase? Just because that phrase has some or perhaps a lot of truth to it, in some cases? Your instant reaction, of attributing hate, only indicates your own absolutist, ‘black-and-white’, binary attitude. An evangelical, neo-Nazi, Nietzschean, lol!
    I critique, I don’t need to hate.

    Basically, all this ad hominem distraction, is not an argument. I appreciate you trying, Waggy, but your efforts are wasted.

    Wagner Reply:

    “Uncle Arty I’m so hungry 😭😭😭 It feels like I swallowed a knife 😭😭😭 Why are you wearing that pointy klansman hood 😭😭😭 Is it just to mock me 😭😭😭 I’M SO HUNGRY 😭😭😭”

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    In lieu of an argument, Waggy resorts to aesthetics, and multiple personality syndrome, as all the souls that his brethren’s exploitations deprived, come tumbling out on his keyboard, out of his ‘mind’.

    I say “1, 2, 3”; Waggy say “I, II, III”; the difference is “0”; but that “0”, Waggy’ll never understand.

    Posted on April 19th, 2018 at 12:04 am Reply | Quote
  • colleen ryan Says:


    yeah rhome two things cant be equal and strictly speaking whites are not supreme over niggers but answer me this who is best adapted for western civilization assuming that’s a fair description of the type of civilization you want to live in. if not please describe the civilization you would like and who genetically speaking is selected best for its success?
    Ig you equivocate yur a commie wrecker that should go live with the ANC and get a taste of what wreckers reap.This is the problem with your type you dont want to admit to limitation at all reality is waved away at the cost of buckets of white blood you never saw and wont acknowledge. what you want doent fucking exist youre like my kids when they were 3 or 4 and i had to keep telling them thats not one of your choices


    Posted on April 20th, 2018 at 2:04 am Reply | Quote
  • colleen ryan Says:

    I dont even read woggys anymore its like listening to rap lyrics heard one nigger rant heard them all


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Colitis never seemed to understand my comments, anyway, so whether or not he actually ‘could’ read them, is another moot point, lol.


    Posted on April 20th, 2018 at 2:05 am Reply | Quote
  • colleen ryan Says:

    Ill let you guys get back to arguing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin enjoy it the niggers will be here soon and expect some work out of you


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Highly considerate of Colitis to anticipate the needs of his new, African overlords! His reminding us of these needs, is obviously an ingratiating strategy directed towards some menial management position in the new order, but it serves as his characteristic form of welcome, as well.


    Posted on April 20th, 2018 at 2:15 am Reply | Quote
  • colleen ryan Says:


    this is what moldberg did he red piled himself reading too many old books, old books were written by white men who had direct experience. new books like rhomes are theoretical extrapafaggotry derived from several generations hence.
    And while we are both rooting for JP to wake the fuck up he may not. We all noticed that liberals main problem is they assume the world consists of people who think much like themselves, cucks do the same thing, neither of them has any first hand knowledge of the nigger or the jew, well they might know some but they don’t experience them in their native habitat they see them out working whitey. what you are asking is that they can see the utter hopelessness so clearly they realize there is no hope of saving multiculturalism that even armageddon will be preferable to the certain outcome. These are conservatives well liberals and as rhome just said all they worry about is white mobs because they’re such racists they don’t think nigger mobs are at all a threat.They dont understand how utterly broke they are they think they still have bargaining power they are asking alaric what they can keep and are sure he will leave them most everything because surely these niggers understand they are needed to run the joint. They have no experience of the real nigger a nigger doesnt think about who will run the joint thats a future time problem.I dont see JP or rhome ever getting how far up shits creek they have brought us.rhome do you even get what a quadrillion dollars of credit default swaps means? This is a direct result of printing money to equalize niggers and pay jews for the service because you know damn well whites would never vote for that much tax and if they did its more money than the value of everything in the world.you think oh good we will lure the slants into the IMF and trap them into democracy and all they did was steal everything you own and declare the new emperor. but but thats not how the game is played that isnt what i meant at all.
    The game you want to play is a white man’s game its a gentleman’s game could we reboot top that level again and play the game again as whites maybe but does it have the seeds of the destruction we experience built in. It does in several ways christianity is cucked enlightenment is an offshoot unless you can overlay it on a foundation that explicitly states white nationalism is the foundation which everything else serves you end up back here. we had that but it wasnt explicit enough. we knew only mad dogs and englishmen could do this and that what happened? hate to say it jews read say the jones girl whats her name she paints it all the brits then later americans marrying the jew money and giving them entre and they used it to level and wreck to ensure entre could not be revoked. you can make excuses and say they were scared it doesnt matter its a fact they did it they leveled it all by pretending to be whites and asking what would jesus and jefferson do dear cuck. The answer should have been jesus was a jew who gives a fuck jefferson would have had you horsewhipped jewboy for the impertinence of that question this is a white nation and all questions proceed from whats good for the whites. capitalism enlightenment ism democracy whatever the purpose of them all is to serve the white people they are not universal principles they are white tools not to be sullied by niggerjew hands.You are not even to take their name in your mouth vile jew.


    Wagner Reply:

    Hey Mikey I know you’re too busy trying to figure out how to balance as many shekels as you can on to the head of a pin but Erikson was right that you should start your own blog, just a place to share your thoughts.. I’m sure you’ve heard the rumor that retirement is extremely boring. What else are you going to do, purchase puzzles from Stormfront of le happy merchant’s head in mid explosion from a sniper bullet and put them together? I’d rather you kept posting here just because I like the fact that this is what Nick “Involvements with Reality” Land’s blog has transformed into, but you should have a place where you journal idle thoughts, some of us see you as a unique source of truth ya know? Sucks when you’re doing pragmatic bullshit instead of philosophizing, asshole. When I think about how I’d want to spend my retirement one of the first options that crops up is “Screwing with evil pieces of shit from my keyboard”- is this not the same for you?


    colleen ryan Reply:

    thanks wag
    i love trolling im pissed off and want the other side to feelz some pain but ultimately i too am being of that certain age -an enlightenment man .so my real motivation is i think if i kick in their doubethink they will have an epiphany. it doesnt seem to matter i know this isnt true that cucks and commies and who knows maybe even most jews are in a religious thrall not in a error of reason.
    i disagree with moldberg that this goes all the way up, the real power knows just what they’re doing. but neither is going to be convinced by my smashing their idols. They dont even seem to notice im arguing white nat from an enlightenment POV not a nazi POV. ( rhome did you hear that? you simply cant have the world you want in multiculturalism its comes in white only) in short im not doing anything useful. makes me just a troll for lulz which i will admit when i was a kid prank phone calls were the best.
    i know this will sound clueless, i actually thought if i could target some of the leaders of nrx i might change a few things. but while im no dummy the road my life took did not really equip me to write in a way they will pay attention to. i think maybe i had a bit of success here and there nick gave me a few pats on the head and has become a hard racist on twitter and theres a few other nrxres i do this too and have forced to confront a few things. They really are embarrassingly mesmerized by moldbergs every word.

    The other problem is I dont really have a final solution. By which i mean while i insist any civilization any reasonable euroman should want to liv in is going to have to be explicitly ethnat, short of a genetic harddrive replacement with a cultural software designed for it Im not sure i can guarantee we can stabilize. whites are universal men. we want to solve for everything.

    i was thinking about how inmherently cucked christianity is and how those nrxers who like the cucks before them want to salvage the christ cuck leg of the trichotomy ( which i argued against the day that chart was published) https://gatesofvienna.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/dark-enlightenment-map.jpg are still cucks the so called red pilled christianity they hope for is really red pill to the degree its old testament ie; jewish.

    now besides the fact its pretty sad a bunch of smart white guys thinks the best religion we can come up with is one invented from some jews 3000 years ago ( not that im agreeing we need a religion at all) ( and not that theres anyone more in love with the gothic church than i )
    yes judaism is more reason based, more actual justice based, it respects authority tradition and is certainly conservative but conservative of jewish interests.as any peoples religion ought be. But that these smart white guys cant see that the mere act of adopting another people’s religion is a fundamentally universalist act , an act that trasfigures a conservative theology into a universalist theology.
    …that you can not adopt judaism without adopting the jews which is pretty much what happens, and now you are open to whatever, hell youve pretty much made the jews your chosen people and established them as priests. And i dont say this with any particular menace towards the jews it will happen no matter if you adopt anothers magic.
    This is a problem you too will run into if you pursue the eastern religions if woggys people really passed down your highest truth then hes your brother. at least possibly again your master.

    any part of any truth that what we now think of as supernatural is either un-understood science or its religions superstition. we may indeed have a quantum side i need need no towel heads to explain that to me there have been plenty of euro paths that seem to lead to the same phenomena if i am inclined to dress up in cultural fetishes this pursuit of quantum human. but i dont because cultural superstitions interferes with rational pursuit of truth.
    nrx as i understood it pre trichotomy, was hard core truth. then looking for allies they found and reached out to some christians that were really paleocons, maybe gender pilled through old testament, or wise to the multicult scam.
    yeah nrx thought but wouldn’t it be nice if we could salvage all the orthodox christian votes erh i mean patch prospects no thats too biker uh consumers? and lets not forget nrx was conceived by a jew and had a large jews influence so already its got a reigion problem there. That this jew tells a bunch of white guys the key to understanding leftism morbid attack on whites is not jews involvement its calvinists is mindblowing. I mean im sure moldy actually thinks this hes a self centered autistic jew he cant possible see his own part that’s the jews achilles heel zero self awareness.

    yeah and to be honest we have all heard me suggest maybe we could do something like salvage the jews.But my idea is not to salvage people who believe in YW but to maneuver a situation where we can demand of secular jews to either leave or be de jewed by social and legal means. so we are not admitting jews we are expelling jews and admitting mishlings that so identify as white they are willing to prove it by any means devised. I actually think there few enough of them that a bit of tribalism if its indeed what hey have would do us good to say nothing of their IQ we bred into them apparently. I think what ails them is mostly inertia of their elders paranoia infused with leftist signaling- yeah they are running that show but in a re balanced civilization they could be reoriented if they could not identify themselves that drive would be individualized into the greater group reward system. christians are in the same boat as long as they have this idea that they have a higher truth than reality and that an ape is their brother a much as if not more than their actual brother theyre as bad as jews.similarly I dont need an army of ram dass’s the real buddhists will roll over a nation of tantrics.
    as usual this is much longer than i intended.
    I cant blog i cant even put together a decent comment when im really in high dudgeon i larp going youtube in full viking attire up on my mountain.That might sell in a low brow market. I do speak a lot better than i write.but seriously. I think you have a gift you havnt let the booze and drugs derail your education or rot your mind. and it can so be careful. you have the chops the yong nrxres would respect and you do see where they are right and where they are wrong. this is rare most are on one side or the other.the neo nazis white nats dont have the chops to make it happen and they frankly dont even understand why it need to happen most of the criticism they get is correct. yet they happen to be right it needs to happen. nrx is correct mainly about understanding the cathedral if not the jewish part in it.nrx gets GNON or how we are in a machine we cant really outsmart every play coming back to us.they get how this is paralleled in markets and how tech might interact. But they are enthralled to tech and see it as a friend.to the point at times you get the landians lining up for extinction by ai bot. nrx is way to suspicious of the average white man, not only do they blame democracy for what the manipulators have done but they seem not to understand a civilization of hicogs is not sustainable particularly when they insist on keeping what 6 billion nigger races on the same planet. we need the boots on the ground to hold the valuable turf, we need the consumers and labor markets, we need the 50% of fresh hicogs proles produce annually. and other reasons we euros are i hate to say it an organic whole. what we could easily do is start getting in shape but we cant do that multiculturally. some how what im getting at is misunderstood i think purposely. ask rhome or ask land how does mikes white nationalism differ from chinas yellow nationalism? they both want to make anyone who argues the necity for a safe white space for us to cautiously return to our edge without it being used against us as nothing more than hitler or KKK. well considering the hitlers look pretty brilliant from the current years perspective in comparison to the leftists who won. one has to wonder about nrx. i mean i know why leftists oppose hitler. well anyway i think this may be happening land seem pretty racist on twitter wonder if hes still married its possible shes on board there are jews who are pretty right and white but if you were one yourself youre going to be on guard and thats a tricky problem i think they need to be carrot and sticked that one of the wars i mean when i talk of war. you need to move the jews to conclude white nationalism is good for the jews. you also have to do that to the cucks but the jews giving the cucks permission would help cucks being cucks and all. alt right might be a good stick nrx might be a good carrot. but they work against each other with the jews egging them on. you either flip the elites or its a real war.
    Im thinking ill start another family and maybe adopt some white south african orphans to raise on the farm. I want to get more into my metal and wood working and mad science stuff if tech is going to help us we better have as good tech as darpa. I have a couple of moldbergs stars have no idea what the fuck they are intended to be. i think they are some sort of reboot he talked of basically secure internet if hes really doing this then hes saved us, because i have said fro the beginning tech will turn on us as soon as the cathedral saw we could outflank them with it they would exercise their authority over it. moldbug saw BTC was going to be pwnd or crushed and i think he must have seen communication and privacy could be centrally controlled but im of the generation where computers took a whole room in my highschool i have no idea what his stars are up to. but i know if somehow the internet is not retaken we are back to trad war guerilla not optimal.


    Wagner Reply:

    The way I see it, there were a few sproings coming out of Land’s brake-line and you and me took one of those two-man saws to it. It’s hanging by threads now and it will probably take two or three more heave-ho’s to cut it completely, and I don’t think I can do it without you.


    colleen ryan Reply:

    well i give him shit on twitter when i have an account not blocked and hes said something stupid. Its better there in front of his little acolytes but i really think hes getting woke. I think a lot of nrx is adjusting to the situation on the ground between moldbugs writing and the current year. existential destruction seemed only theoretically inevitable back then today you can actually see mobs beating the privileged whites or shooting cops and in both cases the state supporting them. you have to be rhome level pozd to not get this is an actual war. Land may also be realizing chinas not going to be the multicultural nirvana he hoped that the philosophy is whats good for the Han. Hes probably thought about where to re exit and realize mikey was right there’s no exit except in moldbugs imagination. A lt of what drives my WN is simply we cant win our lives alone. its just the reality. small groups of elites cant do whats needed to win against the forces massing. we need to hold our territory, we may need to fight large armies, we need a large enough gene pool to keep producing high cogs, we need a large enough labor and consumer market to pay for all that. and as i have said a thousand times i have seen no evidence its the proles that are dragging down the political discourse but lots of evidence its the right side of the curve.Not only have proles been fighting the multi gender/racialism but have consistently been more in favor of free economics causing their leftist betters to rGE FOR DECADES ABOUT HOW DUMB PROLES VOTE AGAINST THEIR OWN INTERESTS. what the elites really mean is the proles are not so dumb they dont understand the long term interest of free economies and meritocracies ( france excluded) proles get they are at a slight disadvantage but hope they will have a child that will benefit and hey calculate correctly half the hi cogs are born to the non hi cog parents. niggers on the other hand despite imbecility understand a level playing field is of no use to them and want free shit.
    so the elites who understand the deal yet puppeteer the multiculturalism what are they up too is the question. Maybe they are not all up to the same thing maybe there’s two groups of elites temporarily cooperating with intent to strike when moment is right, maybe they really have merged forever.
    there a point where a person is absolute negative cost to society that no amount of training amortized over any amount of time will ever pay for his keep in a modern state (maybe even in a third world state but that’s his problem) There a laffer curve of ability next up the curve is those if you train them and set up for them a system to utilize that training and are willing to amortize that cost over useful life of beast it pays its own way including the interest lost on capital expenditure. roughly speaking you’re not paying your way in the USA until you’re paying te taxes on about 40k income.

    so you could assume elites are either crypto commies only intent on taking over west with enough black bodies to enforce communism probably motivated by power lust. or you can assume hey are actually capitalists that have exhausted their markets and wish to sell more garbage to more people and understand even a 60 IQ african immigrant to the west will buy quite a lot of shit that wouldnt be bough in his village in africa.But where does this laffer idot get the money to buy this shit since he cant possibly be able to produce that income? well he gets supported by the whites excess income, its a scam to basically use whites to subsidize capitalist through their savings and by indebting them nationally.
    Come on these are smart peol the clintons soros gates bezos they know a nigger is not self sustaining they know an amerindian peon doesnt actually produce enough to have an american house suv all the gadgets and social welfare doled out to them. they even know that they cant even get enough taxes out of the whites to pay a quarter of this and so resort to ponzi economics to fund the free shit for apes.
    but follow that money further where does it go back into the pockets of those who are incharge.
    The only question is are the capitalists just going along for the lulz and making the best of the situation which was probably the case when this change began or have they taken the reins and are really the drivers.be nice to be the worlds greatest hacker and root around and find out. I suppose then theres the jew theory of everything that its payback for what our cousins the huns did and the jews are just full of hubris that they will be able to rule over 20 billion niggers and whites while keeping the slants in check. jews are pretty cocky any combination i suppose is possible all planning to plant a shiv at the right moment. what i find impossible to believe is he owners of the NSA and the rand corp and creators of amazon apple etc have no ability to understand cause and effect.
    Hey rhome do you actually think a half ape can be made productive enough to earn his keep in a western nation?

    Wagner Reply:

    I’m feeling off today, I frisbeed one of my masks into the void. This one will be next hopefully soon. For a long time I held the delusion that the internet is an eden but here too one has to play by the rules of the herd to get along. I shoulda bought one of those moldbug stars when I had the chance, I got the email and thought about it but didn’t. I’d make a philosophy patch where normie muthafuckas aren’t allowed to tread. I’d mess with, as they say in England, that “bonafide arse-shagger” on twitter more but no one listens to you if you don’t have followers and to get followers you have to schmooze, and I don’t do that. When I exit the internet what kind of job should I get in your professional opinion? I’m a NEET, man, I’m on the edge, I literally punched my last boss in the face lmao. It occurred to me today when I witnessed the meta event of a semi-truck carrying semi-trucks just like it that if I became a trucker I could listen to audiobooks all day, get paid to travel, and not have to endure the twaddle of mundane apes. I hate memeing but when Rohme said he’s read that socialist fuckhead more times than you’ve gone to the bathroom I felt exactly like this gif: https://i.imgur.com/xgz9nkR.gif There are 1000 classics to read and you read that, just lol.

    “Im thinking ill start another family and maybe adopt some white south african orphans to raise on the farm.”

    Sounds sweet (as well as a hilarious poke in the ribs to the establishment future gas victims). But why not adopt some Indian kids and brainwash them into white supremacy? Just buy them a complete hardcover set of the works of Jacques Derrida.

    “nrx as i understood it pre trichotomy, was hard core truth. then looking for allies they found and reached out to some christians that were really paleocons, maybe gender pilled through old testament, or wise to the multicult scam.
    yeah nrx thought but wouldn’t it be nice if we could salvage all the orthodox christian votes erh i mean patch prospects no thats too biker uh consumers?”

    It really gets me stroking my chin how people can identify as “Christian Rightists”- “Everyone who is now last will be first, and everyone who is first will be last” – Thus spoke Jesus. How do they square that? Jesus was a clear leftist, what do they hope to accomplish? There’s a straight line going from Christ to Clown World. Being reminded of higher ideals you share with your community once a week sounds pretty rightist, but I don’t see a right-wing future for Christianity- one must engage in “Talmudic bullshitting” to spin rightism out of the New Testament. I don’t mince words, I’m a Satanist. If Christianity leads to leftism this follows seamlessly. I wonder what percentage of people who read Lovecraft think the satanic worships depicted are scary and what percent think “Hm sounds like something I want to try”, cuz I’m definitely in the latter camp. With the media mindfucking most of the population all we can really do as things stand now to correct the death of god is organize small cults to perform ceremonies and rituals, and there are a few writers I tend to sympathize with who make the case that the Mysteries of Ancient Greece involved entheogens, just sayin.

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  • There is no Immigrant Land | Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar Says:

    […] http://www.xenosystems.net/quote-note-365/ […]

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  • vxxc2014 Says:


    Gray out on Twatter.
    Duty calls.

    My points made.

    Good luck.


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  • colleen ryan Says:

    @colleen ryan
    Hmm you could join the military and learn to fly but we might have a war not worth fighting or you could end up on the wrong side of one worth fighting. however i do think we need to march through the institutions the way they did and mil background could get you into deep state they are too stupid to really understand why your comments here disqualify you right over their pointy heads you could probably take over the joint.

    go to stem school and get involved in some billion dollar startup.

    wag even to day a smart white guy can do anything he wants the trick is not wasting your 20s figuring out how exactly the people who are what you want get there and getting on track. the trap is most people stay where they are planted. they live near where they were born or maybe where they went to school they do some career they heard someone they knew they dont look at the whole world and say i want to see if that career is what i think it is from the outside and find out how to get inside. The old system for upper and middle class whites was pretty good but its kinda broken but schools still better than fucking off most things are going to take a degree.

    people love to talk about themselves and ask any person about their job and how to get it and they will love to tell a kid all about it.


    Wagner Reply:

    Listening to audiobooks in a fighter jet lol you really know how to up the ante. We’re on different stages of life’s way is what I think it boils down to. I just want to absorb the western canon for a decade or so. I wish I could do that in an institution but well you think I’m much different from the way I post here? How long would I last there? When you said you’re starting another family it really made me think about finitude and how lucky we are life is so long. I don’t see the point of worshipping Apollo just yet. What I want to do and what I wish more neets would consider is thinking in the long-term: if we study a given subject for a few decades and write a book on it (from a right-wing, non-pozzed angle) when our hairs are graying it’s probably going to cause some damage. This is my style of infiltration. Some people are a lot better equipped for bureaucracy than me and if that’s where they’re drawn great but spending even a little time around leftist intellectuals makes me snap. For now I’m just focused on listening to the words of dead white guys. This is what “being trad” means to me- respecting our ancestors by giving the time of day to the greatest among them for a long time. I don’t know why this is even controversial. People say “go do something” like anything they’re going to “do” is more important than that. Isn’t the highest form of “doing” learning from the wisest? But like I said, we’re in different stages, you’ve already done your learning. Young people becoming cogs in the leftist machinery just doesn’t sound like the most prudent option necessarily.


    colleen ryan Reply:

    I id a lot of reading when young as i got older i read less work family projects. told myself ill retire to a booked lined library and really give myself the education my addiction prevented. Ive really only read enough to know how little ive read and how even les the average grad has read.So i do identify with that desire to get caught up on what we as a race and species has figured out thus far. On the other hand i often wonder if things had ben different would i really have made a good academic. for one thing Im a bit too, well i dont like rules also I found late in life i was not as smart as i thought not having gone very far in school i didnt really meet enough really high cogs to compare.
    its one of the advantages of school wag meeting ones peers lessons the sense of isolation all bright people have, as i insist their are quite a few not caught up in the sat net out in the wild and you will recognize them but not near in the variety as school.while its true bright people are by nature autodidacts even in a school setting there’s also a way we turbo boost when in contact with each other.It sounds like you are an academic.
    I have thought about great work that could be done from a right perspective if one were an academic. for instance while i disagree that boomers are the cause of the fall i do think we watched and had a hand in the last stage the popularization of leftism if you will. its still only 50% complete judging by voting patterns. But I watched the insidious propaganda campaign that brought this about. every bit of it documentable incidents and patterns and all of it completely rubbish thinking that i noticed even as a pre teen. surely You have read of some of the more famous examples from novels television movies theatre arts and of course we know what was going on in philosophy anthropology economics etc.it would take volumes to really illustrate the pattern thoroughly and make the case.Im describing I suppose the construction of the cathedral itself. it should really be called the anti cathedral since cathedrals were in some respects the high point of our achievement to current technology curve and the “cathedral” was nothing more than destroying all western knowledge.
    so you think youre what? too crazy for school, too right wing? crazy is not knowing youre crazy if you know youre different and you can train your impulse control which that lizard brains a bitch then youre fine. as for right wing, first theres a better chance they will flip you dont underestimate leftisms appeal its always got a lot of truth in it thats how they got cog elites to go left. alot of nrx wants to dismiss how partly reue leftism was and how its time had sort of come its historical inevitability due to upheavals. But the other point is The art of stalking. You have to learn how to appear like a leftist thats just a bit confused because some fact hes stumbled upon and invite correction. leftists just shut down completely when they understand youre not left. you could be a brilliant as Newton and they wont hear a word. but they have ruined their minds and can easilly be tricked into leftsplaining. This is moldbergs brilliance hes a leftist and gets this and so was able to do what few rightists ever have lead them down the garden path to a cul de sac. If you want to be famous for briliant rightism spend the first half of your career building a rep as a brilliant but quirky leftist laying little time delayed traps in your work that you can detonate all at once when the time is right and you have built a huge audience and have laid up enough wealth to give zero fucks.
    Of course learning is the highest form of doing and to the bright its compulsory for happiness.I suppose though i have found while money wont make you happy poverty can certainly make you unhappy there used to be a sort of dignified poverty anarcho tyranny and crowding from immigration etc etc has made poverty pretty shitty i mean theres small out of the way towns where one can live cheap if one has put away a little pile but without that there’s no work or wages are very low and you could find yourself in drudgery not academic reverie just to survive and maybe by midlife realize you would have had more free time if you had taken the road more travelled by.ironically boomers destroyed the path less taken through leftism that path is now a resort town full of bohemian bolsheviks in multi million dollar homes clipping coupons on their pottery barn start up ( i remember when that was a hippie store on fourth avenue that bought up the china from the steamships, the gap was a blue jeans store then,20 years later urban outfitters was a punk thrift store selling old doorman uniforms, and the list goes on theres very little left to live and study in dignity. But theres a lot of free money to learn to be a leftist.
    But having grown up in what a therapist described as a terrorist training camp i have always craved security thus all the land and self sufficiency in idaho and holding on to the steamfitting gig. I like taking the path less travelled but i want have the ability to abort when i want the grinding poverty i suffered in my addiction taught me i never wanted to be that at the mercy of circumstance again.so i tend to advise people kinda conservativly economically. despite being pretty unmaterialistic really hate not having a pile of cash in the bank to allow me to just say fuck you im outta here.Thats grown as Ive aged.
    Life is not long its incredibly short at your age you think of it as being 100 years, by the time you are my age you realize youre not holding the 100 year ticket that 85 is more likely and the last 10 will be hell. worse yet you realize 55-75 is not really going to be the new 30, that you cant really do at 55> what you can at 40 even or the odds are extremely unlikely (hope springs eternal) a 20 something ought to think of their life as ending at 50 -55 and furthermore try to understand your experience of time will speed up by about double every 5 years. a 6 year degree in your twenties will seem to take a century your child from birth to first grade will seem like a year passed. this your instincts are right about you only have one life and most people seem to squander it so live a conscious life but try to understand your conscience will change and from a older perspective you may wish you had done some things differently, youll never regret things like a year trekking the himalayas or building a cabin in the rockies. but if you get trapped in a situation where you have to grind to eat you may regret that badly. children change things in a way theyre a trap you cant just say fuck it anymore in good conscience so many postpone until very late and often end up with no children thats another trap. i dont know which way is better start early and be free by late thirties or put it off till late thirties kinda depends on your other plans its a struggle either way kids. if youre going to do a long track like a career or school id say do it all at once then be totally free later if youre going to trek himalayas till 30 then well its going to be tough to find a decent woman still unmarried at that age and willing to take on a broke older guy? at 20 we dont see this reality my kids were all accidents and frankly i raised them kinda haphazard as a result to their detriment. I know marry a rich girl!


    Wagner Reply:

    “Life is not long its incredibly short at your age you think of it as being 100 years, by the time you are my age you realize youre not holding the 100 year ticket that 85 is more likely and the last 10 will be hell. worse yet you realize 55-75 is not really going to be the new 30, that you cant really do at 55> what you can at 40 even or the odds are extremely unlikely (hope springs eternal) a 20 something ought to think of their life as ending at 50 -55 and furthermore try to understand your experience of time will speed up by about double every 5 years. a 6 year degree in your twenties will seem to take a century your child from birth to first grade will seem like a year passed.”

    That puts things in perspective, alright you’ve convinced me. I’m going to take care of some Apollonian stuff I’ve been putting off to be Land’s tulpa. I’ll reply to your other posts in a few days or who knows, weeks.

    “the other point is The art of stalking. You have to learn how to appear like a leftist thats just a bit confused because some fact hes stumbled upon and invite correction.”

    Nah I’d end up suicide-bombing the phi dept, that would be the most utilitarian option in that scenario.

    “On the other hand i often wonder if things had ben different would i really have made a good academic.”

    Your style is the only one free of pretension in the reactosphere, I always glare when people don’t respond to your points and tell you to correct your spelling and whatever. Just look at your name right now, you have a girl’s name and you quite simply do not give one fuck to correct the typo. More people should take stupid things unseriously like you do, I’d take your shitposts over the whole of JSTOR any day.

    Ah, at the risk of getting pulled in here longer, why is it do you think many reactionaries select Christianity as a device to survive modernity? It seems like even if they force it into a rightist groove their kids will read the NT, wonder WWJD, and conclude “be a leftist”… What am I missing here? Is that an easier solution than a new religion? Do you really think no-religion would work? Is a scientifically-grounded new religion possible?


    colleen ryan Reply:

    Re christian NRX

    deleted several long responses
    NRX does it same reason white nationalist and national review does similar things nrx sneers at wishful emotional thinking and hope of expediency.

    of all groups NRX should understand the god supernatural aspect of religious contructs is not only opttional it will inevitably get in the way and need to be retconned, not just because as you say kids will WWJD but other kids will what would science say and both kids will conclude their natcultgen is BS and must be burned down cause teens like to burn old shit down and express their dominant new genes.

    we cant be sentimental the conditions under which chritianity served us are long gone can never be re created and we must let go. This applies to all religion we can not order our survival on anything but reason, i didnt conclude this lightly it pains me. NRX should know this but subconsciously have thought ahead to what drove neitz mad and have turned away except rhetorically Land likes to larp he looks horror in the face but we will see.

    There’s no easy solution but we are already a no religion people so thats done we need to now become a empirical people that’s hard. I have though about a scientifically grounded religion too but its a nonsense concept religion is the assertion that we know something we don’t know, if we know something its science. we should strongly discourage people from acting based on ideas they have no reason to know are true. we must never let the state do something so foolish. If god wants us to act based on something other than the faculties aligned with the nature of the universe they developed in he will reveal this to our senses for all to witness until then all we know is science. we have discussed phenomena we think we may have sensed that we cant currently understand our cultures have taught us to assume this is not scientific observation but observation that science is not real and the supernatural is real.I have experience more of these phenomena than most people on the planet and you know what I have no way of even knowing if i really experienced it let alone what it was I think i experienced, for me to conclude if it happened its anything different from simply observing something i dont yet understand let alone to use it to question everything i do understand is pretty crazy. i do understand (vaguely) there’s something “quantum” about the physical universe that we dont fully understand except that they are observable realities. I dont need to make up a religion to explain things i dont understand yet but if i did i would be basically creating a bullshit reality and acting according to the bullshit i made up.
    we dont need to make up a religion to pwn the instincts humans have to better order our nations we can pwn those instincts through other means with fewer side effects. Basically i conclude race is the most appropriate way to rally people to cooperate in their common interest because thats the basis of the religious instinct and because by definition when you are appealing to a group on a genetic basis thats the most precise definition of your target audience, unless you want to go and organize someone else’s group to do something, what? I ought to want to simply outcompete the very existence of another group perhaps as a mean to that end i want to cuck them into a religion that serves me as there emperor? I think that empire strategy always backfires best to dispense with the people and just take the land much safer strategy.

    Wagner Reply:

    “we have discussed phenomena we think we may have sensed that we cant currently understand our cultures have taught us to assume this is not scientific observation but observation that science is not real and the supernatural is real.I have experience more of these phenomena than most people on the planet and you know what I have no way of even knowing if i really experienced it let alone what it was I think i experienced, for me to conclude if it happened its anything different from simply observing something i dont yet understand let alone to use it to question everything i do understand is pretty crazy.”

    “and you know what I have no way of even knowing if i really experienced it”

    You know that you experienced it. You hate neoreaction because it was supposed to be about reality and it cucked and I’m saying the same thing about certain woowoo occult paranormal realities that fall outside of the scope of “S”cientific endorsement. You think if scientists have deliberately lied about race and gender they’re not going to lie about other things? I’m just thinking ahead and giving advice from a young perspective like you give advice from an old perspective- If I was retired I’d be tinkering with weird spiritual things that happened to me, that I had to forget about because the going got rough and I had to focus on stupid animal things instead. You and Land disagree about a lot but you’re similar in that you’re a couple old farts, I’m just trying to help you guys lololol. Yeah yeah I’ll take your advice I have to live a more well-balanced life, but Idk how you did the networking to get where you are. So much lying and ass-kissing for that, it makes me sick. I just want to live in a hut in the woods if that’s what you have to do to enjoy honors in the world.

    “Science will explain this crazy shit….. someday…..” – As your daughter said regarding why she doesn’t clean her room – “cuz I’m black”: nigga PLEASE.

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  • colleen ryan Says:


    trumps bubble captions with hands circled

    This gay shit has gone too far

    One finger isn’t gay is it?

    what’s he trying to do hold my hand?

    she really is a beard.

    Melania’s never going to let me forget this.

    the things i do for this country

    Is he doin g what i think hes doing

    george warned me about the sand niggers but he didnt say anything about the frogs

    first he tried to kiss me now this

    no wonder his wife asked me to grab her by the pussy

    Macrons bubble

    does he know what this means

    do you think that finger means yes

    wonder if it would be to obvious if i just raised my little arm enough to grab a real handful

    so this is the pussy grabbing hand


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  • colleen ryan Says:

    @colleen ryan

    Gotta say i keep getting drawn into race race race and sounding like white nationalist nazi. Im the farthest thing from growing up in an arty intellectual family in NYC i have always been and continue to be pretty friendly interested in peoples from all over the world. we all have our good and bad traits. But I have never had a problem understanding the basic competition and my duty to do my best for my team, I can easily imagine being another race in full possession of the facts i know have and feeling the same way about my new race. Like most upper middle class whites I never though too hard about this though and like most assumed we whites would be just fine and I suppose subconsciously this meant I understood we would remain hegemonic possibly even inherit the universe but like i said subconsciously. I have always been political and hyper rational though and as leftism morphed into multiculturalism and as I began to investigate demography the way i once investigated economic leftism i began to realize my peoples hegemony was no longer assured in fact over time I realized Nothing in leftism nothing really on this planet mattered more than genetics that there really is no room for a laissez faire attitude That in essence it was us or them and their is nothing wrong with and everything morally right with supporting my people I even wish it were otherwise but it simply isnt. if whites can first of all even survive this lapse in judgement, and second regain the hegemony we had 100 years ago no doubt i could again be talked into a lax attitude about maintaining populations of competing races for various reasons but we are not there yet and from here i understand even that is like maintaining vials of smallpox you want serious safeguards of tiny populations. sure kike any human i can be triggered into emotional frenzy for various aspects of my people but its not about that in the long run its the simple recognition this is the frame nature created i have to do my part. yeah Im fucking glad im in the running, i can see easily why slants and jews think they ought to be the last race standing i feel bad for blacks and get why they are angry. Its not clear we will win its very clear we have badly stumbled and have one shot at recovering. anyone who thinks the slants or jews or fucking smallpox or cockroaches any other race is operating under the same christian selected cuck traits and will give us an ounce of fucjking quarter if they get ahead is a fucking naive moron this game is and has always been for keeps. yeah as a cucked white naive morno that saddens me i wish we could all get along but that’s a physical impossibility – ok not quite impossible there’s maybe some path theoretically where all the DNA of every life form on the planet (assuming there’s no life anywhere else) is somehow merged into only one life form and the environment frozen and random mutation eliminated through science then there would be no more we only the one species forever. _ oh wait guess what that species is going to call itself white people because we are going to do just that over the next thousand years we are going to snip and cut our way through the earth’s dna or the slants are or the jews are whoever does will take a different path and will get naming rights. My guess will be he most diverse outcome will be the white outcome


    colleen ryan Reply:

    and i also keep feeling like im dragged into this criticism of capitalism again not really comfortable and the two combined natsoc no that isnt it at all.not only did land make me a nazi he made me a commie lol kidding but in a sense half kidding nrx writing like moldbergs suggestion to read the anti federalist papers has the effect if youre capable of being honest to question all your premises and while Im still a capitalist will still defend it to any libtard between us racists I think we have to admit it not socialism has been the real cultural disrupter. now theres been a great side to that disruption but if like me you think what we essentially we have to solve is how to culturally proceed then cultural de stabilizers have to be carefully examined. if one of the big late leftist tactics wasnt commisim lite aka socialism and we didnt know all we know about the unintended consequences of a little capital control i would just say hey capitalisms great but we need to exercise a little control, but given the past people will assume you mean the same old type control. so i dance around and point to all the ways conservatives are ok with capital control and would not be ok with total uncontrolled capitalism to point out even we are not as purists as we pretend. anyone out there want to handle the medelin cartel public offering yes are you sure you have the insurance coverage? how about the security? so why should we let jews destroy our childrens sex lives with porn on demand? whey is “free trade” worth letting communist china become our arms and everything else supplier I mean do you really not get they intend to rule the world? and when they rule the world is it going to be a free market? its as insane as the enlightenment or NRX cucks thinking when gattaca is 10% white it will still be run on the values the nrx enlightenment cucks have. or libertarians not getting immigration. Im no economist i used to read them like a good little libertarian we all get the basics of market evolution but hey bio evolution had to learn to contend with cultural constraints the effect isnt catastrophic its temporal it slows it down to human speed


    Wagner Reply:

    “Gotta say i keep getting drawn into race race race”

    Kek, tell me about it. It’s such a distraction from higher things. Look at the kind of stuff this dude wrote about: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giovanni_Pico_della_Mirandola

    I guess someone has to do the dirty work, I just hope all this blows over sooner rather than later. Yeah some races are closer to apes than others woohoo so hard to accept…. and yet take a look at the complex efforts made by Artxell and Rohme to bury this fact.


    rohme Reply:

    Frederick Copleston over here.

    Since your into Kabbalah, have you read Luzzatto?


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    “CHAPTER 26
    Through the tortuous lanes of the central city they went, past the grim iron-grey
    walls of the Terc Fortress, past the infamous Spodney Asylum, wherein the screams of abused madmen mingled strangely with the squeak of the great waterwheel at Battlegrave Landing; past the howling of prisoners in the squat and ominous Donjon of the Moon, and then past the malodorous High Battlement with its grisly row of spiked torsos.
    Being men of their time and age, neither Marvin nor Sir Gules gave notice to these sounds and sights. Quite unmoved they walked past the Garbage Pond wherein the former regent had gratified his mad nocturnal fancies; and without a glance they went by Lion’s Gambit, where petty debtors and child malefactors were buried headfirst in quick-setting cement as an example to others.
    It was a hard age, and some might consider it a cruel age. Manners were refined, but passions ran unchecked. The most exquisite punctilio was observed; but death by torture was the common lot of most. It was an age in which six out of seven women died in childbirth; in which infant mortality was a shocking 87 per cent: in which the average life-expectancy was no more than 12.3 years; in which the Plague yearly ravaged the central city, carrying away an estimated two-thirds of the population; in which continual religious warfare halved the able-bodied male population every year – to the point where some regiments were forced to use blind men as gunnery officers.
    And yet, it could not be considered an unhappy age. Despite difficulties, the population soared to new heights every year, and men aspired to fresh extremes of audacity. If life was uncertain, it was at least interesting. Machinery had not bred individual initiative out of the race as yet. And though there were shocking class differences and feudal privilege reigned supreme, checked only by the dubious power of the king and the baleful presence of the clergy, still it could fairly be called a democratic age and a time of individual opportunity.
    But neither Marvin nor Sir Gules were thinking of these things as they approached a narrow old house with drawn shutters and a brace of horses posted near the door. They were not contemplating individual enterprise, though indeed they were engaged in it; nor did they consider death, though it surrounded them constantly. Theirs was not a self-conscious age.”

    © Robert Sheckley 1966


    rohme Reply:

    Brillant. I envision Ken Russell directing.

    Wagner Reply:

    Blah blah. This sums up our differences nicely: https://twitter.com/FrameGames/status/989624709896687616

    rohme Reply:

    Well, it doesn’t sum up OUR differences but maybe it sums up your differences.

    Regardless, SO WHAT?

    We have differences. Why should it be different?

    I’m supposed to kill you over your truth? Lmao.

    I don’t care what you believe and neither should you what I believe.

    Anything less is the Inquisition.

    And maybe you’re into that.

    I know you’re having fever dreams of some future esoteric church.

    Well, the occult is the most prone to rifts and flare-ups.

    Tell me, simply, what is it you wish this church to communicate to its congregants?

    What is its message? What is the truth?

    Wagner Reply:

    Oh Rohme, what karmic web have you been entangled in that you are so lonely that you resort to “hanging out” with evil ignorant white nationalists anyway? Yeah I’m lonely too, I just like talking about horrible realities and I respect you and Artxell for engaging with me. If I’m ever in charge of the gulag cafeteria system you two will definitely receive an extra half-helping of gruel. *splat*

    The concept of a church makes me smirk. I see a religious impulse in a few people like me who can’t find satisfaction in any existing church and I just want to make it clear to them that Hey there’s one guy who approves of your bizarre behavior if you decide to go out in the forest in the middle of the night with a small group of friends and bind together around some esoteric god or other.

    rohme Reply:


    Appreciate it.

    Perhaps you could assuage Arty and I by adding some garam masala and basil to our gruel’s to make our experience a little more authentically multicultural?

    Not to be presumptuous!

    I know if Mike were there, it would be non-stop rifle butts breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


    “Hey there’s one guy who approves of your bizarre behavior if you decide to go out in the forest in the middle of the night with a small group of friends and bind together around some esoteric god or other.”

    That sounds like fun, to be honest.


    You had brought up Pico earlier; I just wanted to leave you with this excerpt from Heidegger’s ‘Letter on Humanism’, which shares some resonances with Pico’s thought.

    “Yet being – what is being? It ‘is’ It itself. The thinking that is to come must learn to experience that and to say it. ‘Being’ – that is not God and not a cosmic ground. Being is essentially farther than all beings and is yet nearer to the human being than every being, be it a rock, a beast, a work of art, a machine, be it an angel or God. Being is the nearest. Yet the near remains farthest from the human being. Human beings at first cling always and only to beings.”

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  • colleen ryan Says:

    @colleen ryan

    there was one good reason NRX trucked with christcux it was the other locus (and maybe at the time the more thoughtful at least seemingly) of gender realism. And despite their best efforts HBD being the only really new insight of NRX gender was half their bag.Heartiste had not yet been really red pilled and was only accidentally an HBDer, hes since become i think a rock i dont read him often and i still have this prejudice but when ever i go slumming im always impressed. I suppose another element to the NRX christcux crush was a lot of the paleos and southern trads were older and so still legacy christian often kinda trad christian is some way larping opus dei, tridentine or something along the lines.It could be that the few of the younger NRXers we know who are religious were always that way and so they brought it with them there are a few i have always assumed they are larping serious christianity but i don’t know for sure.
    You know it could also have been a lot of razzle dazzle to hide from themselves and others what they really think (racist thoughts) I mean if your main insight is sex and race ism you might want to dress it up a bit or you might be dismissed as a white trash neo nazi.
    on the plus side i suppose it keeps the nrx jews on their toes.
    maybe they really bought jewbugs calvinists are the real zogs shtick and decided the only sane response is a papal inquisition- the fucking clueless irony of a bunch of wasps being sold a calvinist conspiracy by a jew is just beyond me.
    I also find it deliciously ironic on my celtic side that cucked wasp nrxers are simulataneously droning on about how cleverer they are than the beyond the pale and hajinal celts etc while larping the thrones and altars of the people they’re deriding, i mean the great HBD insight is the gene pool of wasps is a cuck pool and the other euros are not cucks- but there i go getting all anti elitist and irish again.Is land even a norman name?


    colleen ryan Reply:

    This is interesting on the joo q from vox



    Wagner Reply:

    “larping serious christianity”

    hAHAHA they do seem like total fakes, I don’t buy that they believe scripture is the Truth, they try to not only convince others it’s the Truth, they try to convince themselves of such as well.

    “we can not order our survival on anything but reason, i didnt conclude this lightly it pains me”

    OK Mike so our ethos is “let the weak die off” right? My hang-up with this is children, the elderly, and normie proles are weak and we need them to sustain a functioning society. I mean, I’m of the persuasion that believes that “reason” itself is something mythological- Reason is the new Zeus in other words, the top of the pantheon. Only a few can glimpse Reason Reason, we’re just peons compared to them. I think that faith is a brute fact of our existence, in the sense that when you say “we need to become empirical” I ask why, and when you answer I ask why again, and when you answer that I ask why again, until eventually you say “That’s just the way things are”. If you’d like to get into this, answer why to the first why and we’ll go from there but I can almost predict with 100% accuracy that you (as well as all other Empiricists) will hit an aporia that they can’t really go past; it all ends (and begins) in some kind of “leap of faith”. You’re 130 IQ so it will probably be trickier to lead you to this conclusion than most but in my experience the rule is that Science! advocates tend to believe in science the way fundamentalist christians believe in christianity: they’ve been told by many a solemn elder “this is the truth” so they believe “this is the truth”, and once you scratch the surface/screw with their heads a little they go into wide-eyed defender-of-the-faith mode. Anyway, I digress. Not only do the kids and grandmothers need faith, most smart people do too to some extent. It’s like a sun all one’s thought-planets revolve around, without it they just swirl away into chaos. I personally like this approach but I’m the kind of person, it’s been occurring to me, that would’ve been a Christian priest if I’d been born a century or even a few decades earlier. Priest-types can deal with chaos relatively well, it’s their job to organize it in such a way that those in their community who would be destroyed by it, won’t be destroyed by it. Time and time again here I come back to Nietzsche’s concept of master/slave perspectivism- this is the most important thing I’ve learned from N, and it’s been memory-holed by most of his prominent commentators. The thesis basically runs as follows: we’re always going to have herd-animals (priest-AIs will probably have a herd-animal AI-flock it will have to look after), herd-animals cannot endure the truth without becoming enervated and spiritually sickened, thus there will always be two perspectives of “truth”: there is the truth of the priest and the truth of the herd. If priests want to whisper something behind the hand out of the side of their mouths their risking the death of an otherwise good and loyal animal. If you want a religion of reason Mike you have to be prepared for a lot of people to die and/or go crazy, most plausibly, become hedonists of some stripe or another. Most humans, physiologically speaking, are not destined for truth, they are destined for humility and servitude, if you tell them the truth they dissolve, that’s that, they’re dead. So to conclude on M/S perspectivism, we can say there are people like Jim who propose Christianity from a Platonic perspective, i.e. propose Christianity as a noble lie, and there are those who propose Christianity from the perspective of one with a slave-physis. My contention is that the latter aren’t worth wasting my breath over; the Jim POV, well, Jim isn’t exactly easy to debate, he’s one of the smartest around here (and despite your protests against him I know you agree with me) but given the fact that the West and Christianity are essentially tomato tomatoh and the West is currently undergoing a descent into prog-hell, it does crop up in the mind how Christianity and prog-hell can be disentangled. If we go back to Christianity will our grandsons not have to repeat what we’re doing now? That is the MAIN thing that is driving me with this. If we go with Christianity will our future descendants have to trudge through the same problems that we face now? I would like to just end it here. I would like to nip it in the bud and be done with it, not only for our sake but for their sake. If Christianity got us here (WTF ELSE DID?) we obviously need to adopt a different faith.–“Reason”, I’d like that, but again, the grandmothers. I only advocate occultism for the few for now until we figure out how to formulate a religion on a mass-scale. We’ll probably find more answers dabbling with occultism than we will shitposting is my hunch.


    colleen ryan Reply:

    Hmm well i think i have talked about the utility of the noble lie and that i was once a defender of the noble lie, so i don’t entirely scoff at what you just said, but i think what i have concluded is this. I had to admit that battle was lost.we had long lost a critical mass of hi cogs who actually believed the noble lie because as you say even high cog reason even science can be wrong popper critical theory etc, probably more importantly i concluded we had also lost the battle for the average and even below average cog to believe the noble lie.Oh they believe what are purported to be noble lies still and sure we can trace some back to christian stuff but they non type of cog believes them on the basis of magic hell evil through antiquity and middle ages hi cogs needed christianity dressed up in reason.But today low cogs need a reason it may be lies about what the facts are or a clever sleight of reason but no one believes in magic. what more if there were ever a religion that was easy to believe without reason it ought to have been christianity, and finally i saw how fundamentally leftwing christianity is how easy that makes it for jews and cucks to use it for pwn. how cucked adopting anothers religion is, and how crazy it is to believe in magic. how theres many other ways to trigger the traits you might hope to trigger with a religion. how dangerous it was to have a religion that could be used to undermine authority.

    a few decades ago i might have wondered if you were right that the little people need this magici think its clear they have lived without it for some time, im not convinced it is the lack of religion thats degraded their behavior rather i think its whats replaced their religion thats done that.

    but its an intriguing idea you have that there is always going to be some sort of lie. I guess i have to say prove it what concept is just too much for people to bear.I dont think we can really know this by watching them triggered by race realism or whatever because they have been conditioned by fake realism to think real realism is not real but evil.if you had been raised to understand 100 years ago your ancestors too over the planet and all the lower races died off from disease war maybe even a bit of freelance genocide and a lot of failures to adapt to the new environment your ancestors created, but that oh well look around at the wonderful world we all live in today. would that be a truth too much to bear? i doubt it we pretty much know this is what we did to the indians no one cares you can drive o western south dakota and see some of the mostr appalling living conditions on the planet and no one cares we understand they just were stone age people that couldnt hack it couldnt be helped, no ones fault nature took its course. we can do that and simultaneously revere them as a sort of early euro a back to the land hippie with balls. a viking. No i think we can handle truth if we havnt been conditioned by lies to not be able to handle it. I have worked with a lot of mid and low cogs and frankly they dont give a shit about anything but being left to work and raise families mostly, its like they knows theres all sorts of things they dont know and that some of it will be very surprising so they not ever surprised. theyre not even stupid most of them just interested in other things.

    But as for your worries for the children and elderly, as you know i think lands truth is wrong a utilitarian spiral where the 1145s exit from the 130 and are in turn deserted by the 160s until land turns out the light on humanity and AI takes over is workable or as he imagines the most efficient system. so i would be surprised LOL if i learned it was time to turn me into soylent green already.i would expect to find in order to most incentivize everyone needed in a civilization a certain amount of social insurance was evolutionarily required.I admit i was a teen age john galter but while i do think we need to fairly rigorously stay competitive because other lifeforms. i think theres a point of diminishing returns. First of all Im at that age where im looking back and wondering what i spent my life on and like most post modernity humans am a bit bitter and I actually did a lot of adventurous stuff what its made me wonder is similar to my capitalism questions is what exactly is it i want my civilization to be efficent at. oh yes out competing the other civilizations lifeforms so i can at least have the luxury to ask the question, but assuming whites can do this with a modicum of effort what else is it am i trying to achieve. now we get to your debt socrates. I think the answer is i want a life i enjoy living that should be the point of my civilization after survival. The japanese have a culture like this oddly for a primitive warrior people though i think celts also. anyway I also say until we can design DNA to match a cultural software we have to work with a hodgepodge of evolutionary biases, we have a bias for grandmas strudel and the taste of children’s snotty tears and a soft spot for the deserving poor and of course women which strictly speaking we no longer need and in many ways would be better off without but we are also irrational apes. but its rational to admit we are irrational apes as long as we dont let it get out of hand.I think a ethnation run of public utility and private choice is a sweet spot. I think if we had full information we would act rationally enough. today we give charity to the point hat it causes way way more harm than good we do this because we are lied to about how much we a re giving, how much money we have to give how much debt we are taking on, how deserving these poor are how much help it is doing them, how many poor there are,how much is being skimmed, what is being done with the one, and a thousand other lies.Look at older times or primitive societies where these lies are not possible and you will see grandamas and kiddies still give a pauper a penny now and then but they are not destroyed by the reality of life.


    Wagner Reply:

    “i concluded we had also lost the battle for the average and even below average cog to believe the noble lie”

    This is absolutely crucial imo. I hesitate to speak of whites as such and I tend to speak of millennials because they’re the ones I know best: millennials in general are a cross between herd and priest and they suck at both. That is largely why I’ve turned my back on them and have given my funeral oration to them a few times on here now. Let me know if this reflects or contrasts with boomers, I haven’t known enough well to say. My generation suffers from an excess of consciousness; they see through lies TOO well. If I had to guess, a huge proportion of priests throughout history didn’t really believe the things they taught their laities–of course we can never confirm this because if they e.g. confessed on their deathbed they were bullshitters the whole time they’d send their flocks into nihilism–but with the priest-type there’s an excess of consciousness too, the difference is the priest is physio-psychically fit for it. With the enlightenment and the protestant reformation we sought to give the masses the role of the priest, and we are witnessing the consequences of that today: the masses are not meant for such a role. One thing you’ve taught me Mike is democracy is fit for whites to a greater degree than Moldbug let on, we’re the individualist race; we have an aversion to being told what to do, and autonomy is one of our highest ideals. With that said, there are what we could call “individualists among individualists” in the European race. These are people who know better than the common man What One Ought To Do, and the common man will likely despise being bossed around but it is for his own interest to submit. Millennials, probably whites in general, need to be bossed around by their betters. It follows from white supremacy that there are supreme whites within. I think you hate to admit it but your ethos is one of aristocratism, and I’m just unfolding your own logic. Think of Athens the time of Socrates- that was a time of democracy, and Pericles was king. Pericles evidently was a man that the people recognized the divine dwelling within- when he spoke people listened. There’s no explaining that aside from saying he was supreme, that’s just what he was. Today, our authority-receptors are busted, we reject authority as such. Whites are naturally very libertarian; the media manages to get under their skin because it presents itself as a “friend” of equal relation while in reality it’s a tyrant. You’re right, most whites in my experience pride themselves on thinking for themselves. They just don’t recognize that the media subtly shapes how they “think for themselves”. This is part of what I mean when I advocate the noble lie: whites abhor subordination and yet they need to be subordinate for evolution to meta-white to occur- thus I conclude that we can learn from the media’s subtle, conniving ways if/when we take over. The problem isn’t mind-control per se, it’s mind-control in a leftward direction. If we mind-controlled in order to advance as a (sub)species that would be good. As you say, most normie proles only care about family and being left to work- is it really so hand-rubbingly sinister of me to want a benevolent authoritarianism to subliminally influence them to care not only about work and family, but about, say, the fine arts as well? Not only is there a hierarchy among the races, there is a hierarchy among whites as well. Obviously there are lots of evil bastards out there that would try to use their power to lower the Euro to make him easier to control but I hold out the possibility that we can craft aristocrats if we get the governance right. My generation is doomed only because of what Carlyle called sham kings, real kings could’ve put our excess consciousness to proper use. The anomie from its misuse is so normal for my generation that no one even realizes it’s there- “That’s just life”. It’s there alright, I see it every time they talk about something other than higher realities–and they almost never talk about higher realities.

    “First of all Im at that age where im looking back and wondering what i spent my life on and like most post modernity humans am a bit bitter and I actually did a lot of adventurous stuff what its made me wonder is similar to my capitalism questions is what exactly is it i want my civilization to be efficent at.”

    Go on (if you wouldn’t mind). I try to get advice from old guys from time to time but as you could probably guess they’re a bunch of pozzed dumbfucks. What makes you bitter? You need to tell me or I might make the same mistake!

    “No i think we can handle truth if we havnt been conditioned by lies to not be able to handle it.”

    I don’t know about that. I’m working on mere anecdote here but I have a long, consistent history in my life of philosophizing with people who become nihilists afterward. I regret ever asking them questions (that’s really all I do, I’m not that good at giving answers) and they I guess look into the void and don’t come back. On one hand Socrates is my hero, on the other, I sympathize with those presiding over his trial. Over-questioning can cause civilizational collapse. Yeah Mike you’re dead wrong with this one methinks. As a synthesis I would say the truth needs to be shown in baby-steps or else disaster ensues.

    “I guess i have to say prove it what concept is just too much for people to bear.”

    Master/slave perspectivism. If we go too far down this rabbit hole it gets really upsetting. With this topic I always think back to Lessing’s dialogue:

    Falk: Ask whatever questions you like, and I must give you an answer.
    Ernst: Then there will be no end to my questions.
    Falk: Except that you can’t find the beginning.


    colleen ryan Reply:

    ““First of all Im at that age where im looking back and wondering what i spent my life on and like most post modernity humans am a bit bitter and I actually did a lot of adventurous stuff what its made me wonder is similar to my capitalism questions is what exactly is it i want my civilization to be efficent at.”

    Go on (if you wouldn’t mind). I try to get advice from old guys from time to time but as you could probably guess they’re a bunch of pozzed dumbfucks. What makes you bitter? You need to tell me or I might make the same mistake!”

    I think i cover this when i say i think we want to design a world that makes us happy, Im not sure thats possible without major changes rhome and orwell are right about the quiet desperation.So despite the fact i made major sacrifices to roads less travelled its seriously cost to the point i ma quite unsure how i ought advise someone your age.It really depends i think on yoyr temperament there are some people who can be perfectly happy in the matrix others wouldnt find any place within it bearable.If you’re really an academic then you should be fine. no civilization will make everyone happy but we used to have exit we no longer do. if our great grandparents had just wiped the other races off the planet when they should have we could have had a lot more exit time maybe even managed our population to have eternal exit oh well. that said i think we could probably do a lot better than we are doing.

    colleen ryan Reply:

    ““I guess i have to say prove it what concept is just too much for people to bear.”

    Master/slave perspectivism. If we go too far down this rabbit hole it gets really upsetting. With this topic I always think back to Lessing’s dialogue:”

    so you think proles will be shocked shocked that they are proles? LMAOROTFIT
    There’s nothing proles understand better than their place its pretty much what makes them proles, those that question this are not proles and must be acculturated to their proper place or they will become problematic.Wag we are apes we get status. But master slave is not a good way to express it apes dont have slaves quite. and apes dont really have masters, thug apes are usually ganged up on by- you guessed it brothers ie a group with a higher bond than culture/instinct they have the same blood. successful alphas have more than just strength they use capitalism and socialism to form social constructs of mutual benefit.This gives them rule by consent no force.Now its true some ape will sometimes come along and use pure force to override this so theres a balance of enough force to organize greater forces. its lands problem he sees cog as the greatest force it only sort of is whats better is to see cog as part of the force ability force is just force any force and its hard to come up with a cog multiplier that works against all the prole forces i mean not only every abled body but theyre not stupid either

    colleen ryan Reply:

    a long reply to the first part of your comment got fried. i said basically Im the end of the boomers almost. I said camille Paglia’s a good idea if i was at the beginning and were of course a genius. we both had enough of the west civ to be enlightenment men at heart. but the hippies really thought they were building something a decade later my end of the boom was sex drugs and punk rock.But both of us cant let go of the west civ myth and even though i know the hiipies were bullshit i got pozzd enough to also be sentimental about the times.But watcjing the decay I also got to understand what was really happening at woodstock was lord of the flies. and it didnt stop there by the 80s 90s i was saying multiculturalism was not teaching kids then appreciation of all cultures but cultural cynicism. That cultural appreciation can only begin with with ones own and through human commonality can we appreciate others. the multimonoculturalism was teaching kids that culture was bullshit and yet as human apes they began to build a counterculture of the flies. i aid moldbergs jew vs calvinist civil war was far more complex since more than jews and unitarians had to process it cammille and i are catholics and i am familiar with how and why she held out longer, if her family had emigrated as long ago as mine she might even be a reactionary lol.all sorts of americans decayed at different rates with different pauses and reactions increasing as mass media grew into what it is today. and here we are and your generation is maybe a hive mind without a culture and i think the left wanted this because you have no idea what was what could be.youre a nihilist generation and yes early boomers are a romantic generation well the ones who were hippies or wish to remember themselves as such.

    Im not a demotist im not a monarchist meritocracy is a higher hierarchy, whites wont have elites tell them how to eat or fuck or pray we want leaders to do higher order things and we will follow as long as they do that pretty well.
    you cant let the proles fall too far behind you might as well have niggers and jews and if you have niggers or jews you’re doomed, a nation has to be run like a family. as long as elites cultivate their family their family will earn their keep as long as elites are raised to see this they will not defect from the family but take pride in leading it ad will be honored for their duty. but when you have outsiders they do not care about the family in fact they see dividing family as a means to take over and have no attachments to what or who they wreck to do it. i suppose i should say families occasionally take in an orphan and can even be the better for it its not about purity but that is a miniscule amount we were in a massive problem when we freed the slaves without repatriating them and from what ive read which is limited we had already a problem with the jews for several hundred years to the extent it was a well discussed problem understood in exactly the same way a it is today so that too was obviously a mistake to continue.
    Im not sure if this was part of the lost comment or is in one of the others but i said circumstances changed say historical tends technology etx and some elites refused to change and other elites fought them meanwhile proles were suffering mismanagement, jews came upon this situation and took advantage of it, cant blame them it was too good to be true i mean you can if they hadnt we would have had a better outcome but self interest and all. cant blame the proles to the extent they were used by all the sides they were too just looking for someone to address the changed circumstances with improved management. you could blame the challenging elites after all from here they look kinda leftist, but I bet you and i would have been on their side we are rightist after the facts but naturally independent thinkers so we would have been more struck at that time i bet by the obvious mismanagement than the unintended consequences not yet observable. Im going to blame the old guard elites who failed to anticipate failed to train their fellow elites why defecing is never the right answer and pretty much were selfish idiots not good patriarchs.

    Wagner Reply:

    You have a lot more experience with proles than me but from what I’ve seen they tend to rationalize hierarchy, they’re never, never explicit/formal about it. A common way is they call cog-elites “know-it-alls” e.g. Are you familiar with the meme of “hiding one’s power level”? I have had to do that since I left the academy. I joked with one guy recently, told him a chimp could come in and drag him by the ankle out the backdoor and proceed to do his job instead of him and he didn’t take it well. I think that it stirs their guilt about not using their freewill to the fullest when you indicate that there exists a hierarchical higher and lower. So I try to avoid that. Idk Mike I think you’ve got to be shitting me to say you could go up to a prole, say, “You’re a prole, do you know what that means? It means you’re not really too smart or ambitious, you’re kind of lazy by nature” and expect them to blink and affirm “Yeeup”. You attach a certain numinosity to the prole, that seems to be a pretty consistent thread throughout your thoughts. I see them as necessary, so they’re numinous in that sense, but they’re largely only bodies. Consciousness is what is numinous. Proles are numinous only insofar as they provide the conditions for consciousness to be possible. Macrocosmically they’re the bone and muscle that forages around for food to support the mind to pursue projects that partake in divinity (sorry for my over-alliteration, I try to stop but can’t). I guess your stance is they’re an end in themselves, and yeah I get that, but worship of the body really does not fit what you have called elsewhere a white gentleman. We care about higher shit dawg. I’m starting to conclude that this will probably be a debate I’ll be in for the rest of my life: on one hand national socialism seems like the most practical option, on the other I can’t help but draw from the logic of national socialism a hardline aristocratism. If you want to break off nationally for hierarchical reasons what is stopping you from breaking off within that very nation for hierarchical reasons? Anything with the word “socialism” in it- doesn’t that just put a bad taste in your mouth? Proles exist to be exploited for surplus wealth to fund artistic and scientific projects. That’s where real progress comes from. Once we have a robot-caste “exploitation” won’t be part of the equation anymore, we can do it with good conscience. This is part of why I told you before “You’re still a Christian in ways you don’t realize”- some whites save the nigaros, some save whimin, some save proles. Strict hierarchism deems all these types unnuminous. You seem to uphold them as possessing an equal dignity, correct me if I’m wrong. Yeah Mike they’re humans, I have a good laugh with them once in a while, but they’re not human. This is essentially what I’m saying that you claim to rofl about: tell me you can say to them “you’re not fully human” and they won’t grow demon horns and start gnashing their jaws onto your neck, or worse, be incredibly saddened by this truth, and then you can rofl. Proles don’t know they’re “proles”, if they knew the full-truth of that they wouldn’t be proles for much longer, and we need proles.

    Posted on April 27th, 2018 at 2:50 am Reply | Quote
  • rohme Says:



    As compared to pre-capitalist societies, in capitalist societies the individual is emancipated – and alienated – from community.

    Community is replaced by mere instrumental association and class exploitation.

    As a result, in a class-divided, capitalist society, the state cannot represent the will of a community: it can only be a state for one class in its rule over others.

    Community here assumes great ideological prominence, precisely to compensate for its disappearance as society’s material foundation.

    In The German Ideology we read:

    Only in community [with others has each] individual the means of cultivating his gifts in all directions; only in the community, therefore, is personal freedom possible. In the previous substitutes for the community, in the State, etc. personal freedom has existed only for the individuals who developed within the relationships of the ruling class, and only insofar as they were individuals of this class. The illusory community, in which individuals have up till now combined, always took on an independent existence in relation to them, and was at the same time, since it was the combination of one class over against another, not only a completely illusory community, but a new fetter as well. In a real community the individuals obtain their freedom in and through their association. (Marx & Engels, 1970, p. 83)

    The further back we trace the course of history, the more does the individual, and accordingly also the producing individual, appear to be dependent and to belong to a larger whole. At first, the individual in a still quite natural manner is part of the family and of the tribe which evolves from the family; later he is part of a community, of one of the different forms of the community which arise from the conflict and the merging of tribes. It is not until the eighteenth century that in bourgeois society the various forms of the social texture confront the individual as merely means towards his private ends, as external necessity.

    Marx describes how the centrality of community in these pre-capitalist societies constrained the development of social productivity:

    All forms […] in which the community presupposes its subjects in a specific objective unity with their conditions of production, or in which a specific subjective mode of being presupposes the communities themselves as conditions of production, necessarily correspond to a development of the forces of production which is only limited, and indeed limited in principle. The development of the forces of production dissolves these forms, and their dissolution is itself a development of the human productive forces. (1973, p. 496)

    Marx saw communism as a reassertion of community, now in a higher form and on a vastly expanded, indeed global, scale. Communism is the ‘free association of producers’ – the re-emergence of community as a condition of production and as society’s overarching organizing principle, displacing market and state.



    Nick Land using the word ‘community’

    Catholicism, socialism, and nationalism have sought, in succession, coalition, or mutual competition, to rally the shards of violated community against it.

    Every Catholic of intellectual seriousness has seen this, for centuries. Socialists have too, for decades. The moment of ethno-nationalist revelation cannot long be delayed. Under modern conditions, every authoritative moral community is held hostage to private decision, even when it is apparently affirmed, and especially when such affirmation is most vehemently asserted.

    Substantially, if only notionally, freedom of conscience might tend to collectivity, but formally it locks-in individualism ever more tightly. It defies the authority of community at the very moment it offers explicit endorsement, by making community an urgent matter of private decision, and – at the very peak of its purported sacredness – of shopping.

    American history – at the global frontier of atomization – is thickly speckled with elective communities. From the Puritan religious communities of the early colonial period, through to the ‘hippy’ communes of the previous century, and beyond, experiments in communal living under the auspices of radicalized private conscience have sought to ameliorate atomization in the way most consistent with its historical destiny.

    There is no withdrawal from the course of modernity, ‘back’ into community, that does not reinforce the pattern of dissent, schism, and exit from which atomization continually replenishes its momentum.

    It’s that mechanism of selection that is the only thing that makes science important and makes it a system of reality testing. And this is obviously intrinsically directed against any kind of organic political community aiming to internally determine—through its own processes—the negotiation of the nature of reality. Reality has to be an external disruptive critical factor.


    Need there be any further affirmation Land is not a crypto-communist?

    Still, Land’s inadequation with community [and liquidation of it] only affirms Marx’s description.

    ‘Private decision’ is the metabolisis and catabolisis of communities.

    But what about this particular form of private decision itself? Is it not grounded in the non-decision of its precondition; the fact that one must choose to sell their labor in order to buy goods in the market?


    This is where it gets interesting..

    “The more cultivated and general the political understanding of a people, the more does the proletariat … dissipate its energies in irrational, useless and brutally suppressed revolts. Because the proletariat thinks along political lines, it perceives the cause of all evils in the wills of men and all remedies to lie in force and the overthrow of a particular form of the State … Political understanding conceals from it the roots of social distress; distorts its insight into its real aims, deceives its social instinct.”

    All this is to say it is pointless to re-assert the pre-eminence of community under capitalism.

    Which is to say everyone has it backwards.

    Don’t think of transformation as an abstract form of community challenging capitalism for pre-eminence because it is rather community that will emerge in its concreteness from the transformation of capitalism itself.

    You cannot have your communities of free association or self-regulation without becoming post-capital first.

    Either we are all communists or we are all suckers. It is that simple.


    Everybody wants this cruel joke over and done, that is, everyone those who feel themselves immune to social alienation, and terror, and waste, and pollution (all of which Land loves because he’s into ecocide and omnicide like the cool, edgy, cephalophilic Dark Sith he wishes he were between his mealies and his skirlies)

    The rest of us don’t want Acceleration. Let’s be honest, we’re not impressed. The amount of rabbits billionaires can pull from hats amidst rotting, decaying society is NOT impressive.

    “You haven’t seen anything yet!” No shit. You could tell that to a stage three cancer patient. The question is whether that anything is something anyone wants to see.

    The “Hurry up! We’re decelerating!’ schtick occludes the fact we’ve gone far enough. We’ve looked ahead and can see there’s a portion of track missing! We’re not dummies. We’re just bored. Frightfully. And the face-tentacles were temporarily dispelling.


    colleen ryan Reply:

    This bit about precap community is a left half lie, certainly capitalism has contributed to atomization but that has led to a more not less power polar organization, while capitalism dissolved some bonds it began to make new bonds that commies could not control so commies worked assiduously to insert the state into the individual we now live in a matrix each of us alone and each of us monitored by the opticon commies turned the state into.


    rohme Reply:

    You’re absolutely correct in stating the ruling class wants America to become a socialist hellhole with UBI and 24/7 VR.

    That you even want to call this ‘Cultural Marxism’ I do not have a problem with (though J.L.Talmon coined a better, even more oxymoronic term, Totalitarian Democracy) since the formulation of Cultural Marxism tacitly acknowledges it is not Marxism and I am still able to assert this very difference.

    Regardless of the nomenclature – whether you wish to call capitalists commies or commies capitalists – the underlying structure of society as theorized by Marx is not being objected to but confirmed.

    The middle class is not the outgrowth of some increase in power of the organization of newly-minted social bonds but an afterbirth of the capitalist class’s monopolistic expansion.

    That development of human capital was the development of the productive capacities of domestic markets for accumulation by the capitalist class.

    The emergence of the middle class was due to many institutional and associational efforts (trade unions, social programs, regulative agencies, etc.) but the dissipation of the middle class is due to the fact that domestic markets are insufficient for the expansion of the capitalist economy.

    The consumer sector is dependent on cheap labor to bring goods within the purchasing power of everyday Americans.

    This is not the result of perfidiousness on behalf of a handful of individual capitalists, it is systemic.

    Diversity and multiculturalism may be line items on the Cultural Marxist agenda, but that agenda is further underpinned by economic necessity of the control over the flexibility of labor markets through unrestricted migration.

    The difference between these two poles is, formally, the difference between ideological superstructure and economic base structure.

    Leave it to Marx himself to furnish us with the most elegant conceptual tools for invalidating Cultural Marxism.


    colleen ryan Reply:

    Rhome Im sure Ive said that while i wont waste ten minutes reading marx I have gleaned that he sorta saw the dehumanizing aspect of capitalism, aw thats nice Im sure its what you and stalin and mao and pot et al were actually trying to say and i really do believe you that real commi ism hasnt yet been tried and if i would just let you have a few more billion people to experiment on it would work. But no I must insist you just take another rifle butt to what’s left of your face.If it makes you feel im a bit more just i will give two more to Soros one for each of his excesses.
    meantime back in the sane world where we needn’t choose between lands paperclipping AI and stalin we are choosing white people living as they have before marx and before jews took over capitalism we are simply going to act like a family with common interests sometimes those common interests are kinda social other times kinda selfish we whites are kinda smart and can actually do math unlike you niggers and nigger lovers and we can actually calculate the net net diminishing return on soc cap and have the best of both.The formulas actually really a simple one = whats good for the whites?=

    colleen ryan Reply:

    your criteria of value is universal this lowers the wage value of whites to somewhere around nigger, my baseline is whites 1960 this makes niggers compost if jew capitalist dont have compost to hire they will have to pay whites what we require better yet lets compost the jews and have our own people do the capitalism

    rohme Reply:

    Transcendent value is merely the appearance of immanent desire.

    With money becoming the absolute form of value appearing for, or coming to represent for, all desire, I sincerely pose to you the question: who are you to speak on what should be, now that we all have money?

    colleen ryan Reply:

    I have a theory if i have to read a sentence more than once theres a lie contained within it.everything commies write has to be parsed to absurd extent and then its often nonsense hand waving attempt to make connections without having to actually argue for them. it usually starts with a non sequitur statement that you’re supposed to just accept as a given.Now im just an 9th grade dropout steamfitter so its entirely possible im just to dense to understand deconstruct speak, but its just i have read more than most have of the western cannon and a small amount of scientific work and even a bit of philosophy and dont have the same problem

    no money isn’t all desire its pretty limited in what it can buy
    desire and value are hardly interchangeable some might say desire ought to be resisted for a life worth valuing.
    who are you to put a monetary price on my power, money is one form of my power
    its a crazy argument for a commie when the wealthy have most of the money.

    rhome the problem of communism is one of power communism seeks to redistribute power, thats an unstable idea, you cant actually do that its a contradiction in terms. you try to make wealth a proxy for power but thats an imperfect proxy and it doesn’t even work. its is a good way to illustrate the underlying problem of the impossibility of redistributing power . when you redistribute wealth from a productive white steamfitter to a useless nigger ape what happens? I can tell you the stupid nigger takes the $2000. and he goes to her’mes and buys a belt to go to the nightclub the next day the stupid nigger who bragged about his $2000 hermes belt at the nightclub is dead from a puerto rican tranny (true story of affirmative action nigger working under me when he should have been sent to liberia 150 years ago) Ok next day rhome where the power proxy of $2000 you transferred to the nigger? it didnt stick because you cant actually do that. a decade ago you transferred a couple of trillion dollars to niggers and mexicans to buy homes. what happened? they kept refinancing and buying suvs flat screens etc where the wealth? flew right back into the pockets of those that actually had it all along. you cant really do what you want you can only create little temporary imbalances That in the long run just make things worse. Power isn’t perfectly well distributed but attempts at redistribution make it worse because they are by definition designed to leverage not the smaller level of true imbalance but the greed of the truly worthless and the greed of the instigators.

    Wagner Reply:

    Goddamnit I’m lmao. What a big happy family we have here.

    rohme Reply:

    You’re breaking into your talk-radio mode and it’s hard to keep up with the rants.

    Let’s stick to a quote-and-commentary style when we’re responding to each other’s posts.

    “the problem of communism is one of power communism seeks to redistribute power”

    You read what I wrote about power.

    “Power is that which is fixed.”

    How can you redistribute what is fixed?

    You cannot.

    That’s why we had a Stalin or a Mao, or the State Party, or state capitalism et al.

    You strive to seize the power that thwarts you, only to find, when you do seize it, you are as thwarted as when it was withheld from you.

    That is because power is not there.

    Power is a social formation.

    So it is throughout.

    Outside the White House, the problem is what’s going on inside the White House. Inside the White House, the problem is what’s going on outside the White House. And around and around it goes.

    The same applies to wealth. How can you redistribute wealth when wealth is a fixity of productive assets?

    colleen ryan Reply:

    “You strive to seize the power that thwarts you, only to find, when you do seize it, you are as thwarted as when it was withheld from you.

    That is because power is not there.

    Power is a social formation.

    So it is throughout.

    Outside the White House, the problem is what’s going on inside the White House. Inside the White House, the problem is what’s going on outside the White House. And around and around it goes.

    The same applies to wealth. How can you redistribute wealth when wealth is a fixity of productive assets?”

    rhome seriously? You actually think what you wrote up there makes some sort of sense describing the world? You want to convert rerality into ideas because it is you who has no power and hopes to swindle those who do out of it are you sure you’re not a jew? I haven’t seized power yet but i promise you if I ever did you would feel it.This is sleight of mouth. You have just said power and wealth don’t exist they are social constructs. Power is a little slippery you might be able to verbally try that with some morons but wealth seriously? so if whites have no power or wealth what is it you not i are trying to redistribute?
    In and out of the white house are powerful people maneuvering to wager their power in the hopes of more power. The fact of two powers does not equal zero power. need i really describe for you the exact powers and wealths the two sides have? at that level its not individual power but coalitions of individual powers ever shifting coalitions as the market conditions change. part of that power is wealth. some of it is the ability to do violence, if you buy the washington post you have converted one type of wealth into another, if you risk spend some wealth to make yourself president and win and can tax the shoit out of amazon thats power and bezos can have his paper keep saying trumps a traitor thats power they got that [power physically bezos sold books better than barnes and noble trump sold real estate and mythos.bezos maybe can get some niggers to riot and trump maybe can get me to go to war. hes offering me a deal mike throw your power you have accumulated in with mine and we will take back the wealth and power the media stole from you and me.and you and zuck are saying to the niggers the same thing except youre lying to the niggers that they ever had anything to steal or that you’re ever going to really split with them.
    so no rhome power and wealth is not a social construct its real its made by people to whatever ability they have and its requires constant attention to maintain which is why it cant be transferred.

    rohme Reply:

    Power is a social formation. If one becomes King, it is because it is agreed he becomes King. If one becomes President, it is because it is agreed one becomes President. If you become Supreme Commander of the Universe, etc…

    Seizing power is rather being seized by power. If you slip up, you’re out of there. CEOs haven’t ‘seized’ power. They play their role within the organization.

    As such, power is responsibility to others.

    Where does one hold one’s responsibility to others? At work.

    Work is the site of social power. Do not be fooled, government is just another form of work.

    You cannot redistribute power because you cannot redistribute a social formation. It is immaterial and, even in its mutability, it is always a whole.

    Hope that clears things up.

    colleen ryan Reply:

    NO rhome it doesn’t clear things up you still don’t understand how the world really works.
    before the president was the alpha chimp. yes its true the alpha chimp holds power partly by consensus i just went into this with wag and jim from the other side of this argument. But not just any chimp can get a consensus to lead the troop. first he is born alpha then he is born physically strong if he has both these traits he is off to a good start to his death because he’s on a collision course with other alphas born strong. he may be also born smart and notice the current alpha has some traits he can exploit maybe the current alpha is stronger but mean or perhaps our challenger isa better hunter and can buy more votes often what makes the difference is he has a brother or other relative. So yes theres some social horsetrading going on we call that capitalism trade goods and services power is a good and a service the first and the last thing to be traded. Doubt this, shal we move up a ocuple notched and look at the early way kings were made? di the most popular boy get made king? no it was very much like the ape he had to be close to the to in violent ability the most basic form of power and what it will always devolve to if it can. the only way women get to be kings is when men agree its a better compromise than the war that woud settle it instead. the woman is usually the lesser evil of two or more groups so evenly matched they will surly do a lot of damage to each other. the king often was pure force which created a safe space for other talents to flourish the king that could keep those talents from getting ahead of his power remained king not on popularity he found ways to prevent anyone else from cobbling together more power than him being king he has first mover advantage. the bigger more complex the kingdom the more challenging the game.But iots not social in the way you imply socialism its more capitalism trading favors goods and services if you be my vasel i will give you some land and serfs I can give these to you because i cani already have that power because i won the battles i have some knights we both know odds are i will get stronger not weaker.If you have ambitions to replace this king you don’t sit around thinking how to get more likes you sit around and think about how to get more wealth and intellect and strength without the king noticing and putting a stop to it,
    do kings or elites owe a duty to the ruled?
    Trick question you know i often argue for them to act as if they do? but no orally they don’t, its in their interest to, its no different than asking do the proles owe a duty to their leader no not morally its in their interest they cooperate. animals are social in both the socialistic and capitalistic senses apes share and trade they do this not because fagot altruism priest they do both out of self interest and there is a point of diminish self interest a point where not only haring but trading is not in one’s self interest but against one’s self interest.And this of course is true at every order of magnitude theres a point where you leave the kid behind or push dad out onto the ice floe theres a point you trade with china and a point where you starve those sl;ants back into the bronze age. tea for opium was a great idea top secrets for gorilla glass is suicide.Niggers and others we should have left alone out of kindness or killed quickly and taken their continents

    rohme Reply:

    At no point did I say the person assuming the position of authority would not have the capacity as an individual to hold the position.

    Rather, what gets determined thorough ‘consensus’ is the nature of the position itself.

    This is social formation. This is social evolution.

    Its mutational characteristic cannot be seen as owed solely to the endowment of the individual, for the individual is the one being cultivated for the position and not the position for him.

    It’s not about the alpha chimp who impresses us with superiority. It’s about HOW the alpha chimp impresses us with superiority. He dances to a tune and he is Fred Astaire.

    The position of authority grows ever more symbolic. It turns out it is the Cardinal who really is the brilliant strategist, or its the advisor to the President. With each further notch of social complexity, we become less hierarchical, less reliant on originary forms of domination.

    But, at the same time, we become eternally vigilant against ourselves on power’s behalf. Like the Catholic whom God is always seeing.

    Posted on April 29th, 2018 at 7:39 pm Reply | Quote
  • colleen ryan Says:


    Land wants to efficiently pit every last human against its nearest match until all are dead.
    You want to organize the first the 99% and destroy the 1% which will enable you to then organize the 90% against the 10% and then the 70% against the 30% until you have the animals eat what’s left of humanity.
    youre both really stupid men and the reason you need to be stuffed into lockers. I never once met a steamfitter or farmer with ideas like this but every asshole with an IQ over 125 thinks hes the next stalin


    rohme Reply:

    It’s already the 99% vs the 1%, the 90% vs the 10%, the 70% vs the 30%, until we have the animals eat what’s left of humanity, it’s just being regulated by institutionalized democracy.

    But that too shall come to pass.


    colleen ryan Reply:

    There’s democracy and theres democracy so yeah its always on one level all against all and yeah its best for all that that be mediated. It ought not be mediated in favor of the useless they should be eliminated. it should not be mediated in favor of the elites or they will find themselves dead of greed. it ought to be mediated to actually represented the true worth. like i said you both go too far youre crazy zealots. you and land wouldnt survive five minutes without guys like me id like to assuage your ego and say i need you but i wouldn’t but im probably a bad example of a prole ill say the average prole needs guys as smart as you and land and me for long term survival, none of us needs the nigger jungle asian, semite,or amerindians etc we could wipe every last one of them off the planet tomorrow and never notice. sure theres a portion of white we could do without and eventually ought to breed them out. for now since you geniuses have maneuvered us into a race war we need every man jack to hold our ground against the muds and more importantly the slants.
    like atypical elite you dont want to talk about the actual situation practically the worlds on fire and you still want to discuss the utopia. in utopia the 100 IQ idaho farm boy will earn what its worth to Bezos to guard his containers from the slants etc.my guess is bezos and the farm boy on the nuclear sub in the south china sea will be about the same the difference will be all the money youre wasting on niggers will go not o bezos but to the seaman and bezos will pay more taxes so america will look like a civilized nation again. a supercomputer will be able to verify that everyone is getting what they would get in an open bid auction between willing buyers and sellers in possession of all the information. so while it will still be all against all all will clearly see their interdependencies. commies will be shot along with the other useless mouths


    Posted on April 29th, 2018 at 9:05 pm Reply | Quote
  • rohme Says:

    It is catastrophic to confuse power (actuality) with potency.

    Power is that which is fixed.

    It is a formation, like that between the sun and the planets, except it is a contract, a formal delineation between social agents.

    For each of us, power is like the edge of a cliff.


    colleen ryan Reply:

    No thats semantics power may be a measure and potency the use of that measure but power is not fixed the basic form of power is force work violence ability another is intellect and knowledge another is wealth all can increase or decrease temporally.


    rohme Reply:

    Power as a measure would be actual while potency would be potential. When I said it is fixed that doesn’t preclude its mutation or change. It only means at all times it is fixed even when it is mutating or changing. This is an important distinction to make. Thank you for making me clarify.


    rohme Reply:

    I am specifically talking about the social formation of power. Work; violence; intellect; these are all potencies which bring power to its actualization.

    colleen ryan Reply:

    rhome spit it the fuck out man stop with the deconstruct speak it doesn’t make you seem smarter einstein said if you can’t explain it to granny you don’t understand it.
    what about power? its naturally distributed unevenly more can be acquired through this more often than not is a echo of the original natural distribution you cant redistribute it for so many good and obvious reasons it begs credulity that someone who doesn’t get that is intelligent or honest. do you fucking understand how evolution works? do you think you have found a way to get around evolution? what the fuck have you been hinting at for years now? what is it like an anti abortion thing you feel for the holy dignity of the nigger eucharist? fine Im partial to gorillas dogs raptors and pigs and bears though i eat pigs and bears. would i save a nigger from a bear? – yeah ide save a nigger from a bear happy? But i cant save a nigger from himself cant be done sorry.
    is it too bad people like yourself went to save the african souls and now they are wrecked? yes i feel bad they are wrecked because of people like you thinking they were people like me. do you want my forgiveness for what you priests have done to the nigger sure rhome i forgive you if you repent.

    rohme Reply:

    What I’m saying is that it is idiotic to counter power (social formation) with a mirror-image of itself.

    One should do what it is power does not, which is to form a new social relation.

    colleen ryan Reply:

    “What I’m saying is that it is idiotic to counter power (social formation) with a mirror-image of itself.

    One should do what it is power does not, which is to form a new social relation.”

    If youre saying countering power with an exact equal amount is likely to leave two broke dudes, yeah well in theory in reality one is probably slightly better and will come out damaged but with a clear field maybe even with his former opponent his new vassel.

    But for arguments sake people who are good at power games get this and they rarely just go head to head they keep rope a doping until the opponent sees they have been outflanked and surrendered without the actual fight.

    Im sure theres some form of white power that’s equivalent to black power in a sense. better still the white power movement is nothing compared to the black power movement. I wouldnt be part of the white power movement because of that. black power is of use to jews and others so while that is so it can bargain for strong alliances white power is of no use to anyone but say weev and aglins and the $PLC BTC account. Thats not he same thing as saying the european race has no power it has most of the worlds power its just being used for other things than the combined interests of the survival of their race culture an nations- and yeah in my modest way Im seeking to form new social relations new power alignments of segments of european people’s power.
    as a commie you shoul know all about this, maybe because as a commie youre working with the marginally powered and the useless you tend to get a bit creative and try and find ways to create illusions of power. But essentially when you incite mobs in social envy etc youre doing the same thing even a mob has some power depending on the population maybe even a lot. NRX doesnt like to admit this but the monarchs had to trade with the mobs when small arms and industry changed warfare between elites into a game of larger armies in return the monarchs gave up eventually their crowns. technology changed the ability to get power in the average person and in the average king.it wasn’t a king it was sam colt that mass produced small arms. This may give you hope but you would be wrong a nigger is not empowered by the obama phone enough to ever really be a player oh it gets him a better deal with soros BLM funding if he has video but in the end we are just going to ship them all back to africa because hes only useful to soros as a rioter not of any other use and he cant stop being shipped back to africa but ty shipping me back to ireland and well that didn’t work out so well for britain

    Wagner Reply:

    “rhome spit it the fuck out man stop with the deconstruct speak”

    Yeah I’m having trouble following this “exchange”.

    From out of the horse’s mouth:


    rohme Reply:

    “Thats not he same thing as saying the european race has no power it has most of the worlds power its just being used for other things than the combined interests of the survival of their race culture an nations-”

    The ‘European race’ has a social formation which is unconcerned with the ‘combined interests of the survival of their race, culture and nations’.

    Your idea of ‘world power’ is gobbledygook.

    World power is global capitalism.

    It is not colonialism.

    Capitalism and colonialism are different social machineries that one evolved from the other.

    That world power once had the appearance of a European identity is true no longer.

    Now, world power is agglomeration of capitalist social relations.

    As I said, ‘with each further notch of social complexity, we become less hierarchical, less reliant on originary forms of domination, but, at the same time, we become eternally vigilant against ourselves on power’s behalf. Like the Catholic whom God is always seeing.’


    colleen ryan Reply:

    No rhome capitalism is one type of power among many if capitalism were the only power we wouldn’t have militaries and propaganda machines or the academy or science etc.
    some white power is indeed concerned with the interests of the survival of the white race its people and nations and even to some extent its culture.the military industrial complex is very much interested in a euro hegemonic order containing the asians islam and african and amerindians is what they do. even the cucks at NRO are concerned with preserving the culture of the west you have heard of the culture wars? yes well that’s whites trying to preserve their cultures and cucks like yourself trying to destroy our culture because your tired weak a faggot etc.Whats only begun to happen maybe a decade ago is whites coming to understand the larger picture that all these smaller assaults on aspects of our culture people nations markets etc mean in totality how they are connected and how serious the threat.As i have said repeatedly what you mistake for indifference to our survival is do to two things we are very civilized and found out the depth of the problem so late the depth of the reaction needed is hard to come to grips with. and the other reason is we have been fed lies about what was happening and what the results were and will be.i guess theres a third reason jews have been at this false consciousness game a very long time whites have been brainwashed with jew jizz like you have to think self preservation let alone self pride is wrong, so even when information gets through and the existential nature of it get through whites like yourself scream but we deserve it its god’s will that we should die for the muds we are evil. Obviously youre still pretty confident this will continue until we are gone maybe but im not so sure. i have watched a stead awakening over the past decade that is worldwide. the propaganda tools are being deconstructed, the good cop bad gop is being understood new parties and political alliances are being formed.the disastrous economic and foreign affairs policies of globalism is being understood as is the alliance between leftism and globalism against white people all over the world.he may not be much but we have an alt right president of the united states and he does and says alt right things which force the jews and cucks into the open which wakes up even more people.people do not in fact care only about money or even power for powers sakes in fact id say those people are rare the clintons say what a lot of people care about is about to be destroyed the left is hiding this but they are beginning to realize it and will move with their power and capital to save what they love.The left is helping this because its drunk on its own power and before what they have already done is even exposed they are openly eating their own and sounding like the ANC or NAZI on CNBC bragging about they are going to do away with whites and take their ill gotten gains. when coupled with the fact that the anarcho tyranny is everywhere there nowhere to move with no niggers no schools no employment centers without the niggers and leftist thugs, there’s no resort for the wealthy not full of nigger trash like jayz and oprah running around like they own the joint.our media is saturated with nigger trash, the only culture we produce is nigger culture. what you think whites actually like this?


    rohme Reply:

    Do you understand the differences between whole and part, abstract and concrete, form and matter, actual and potential?

    For a soi-disant ‘reader of a good chunk of the Western canon.’, you should.

    Form is actual, matter is potential.

    You confuse the complex notion of the social formation of power with the simple (Latin simplex, singular) notion of manpower.

    Manpower is a single unit of men (maybe 10, maybe 300,000) available to be put to work.

    It is a quantity. A unit of capacity.

    This begs the immediate question: “To do what with? Manpower for what?”

    This “what” is what I speak of with the social formation of power.

    You keep talking about killer apes and conquest as if that contradicts me.

    I’ve only added this formation is mutational and over time notches out into further social complexities.

    You have yet to give me a substitute for the in-and-out-going-informational, processual model of social formations of power with something that can explain the dynamics of society we are looking at today, not 50,000 years ago, with ‘alpha chimps’ and ‘killer apes’.

    Posted on May 1st, 2018 at 2:49 am Reply | Quote
  • rohme Says:

    Two crusties
    on the street
    living together
    busking and train-hopping
    hitchhiking and camping
    have more love for each other
    than the entirety of the white race
    has for itself.


    colleen ryan Reply:

    you’re projecting you self hating cuck. what you mistake for indifference is a lot of other things.If you commies believed that you wouldn’t put so much effort into lying to whites you have essentially bult an entire civilization to do nothing more than lie to whites about what is happening so that they wont act the way any other human will in the situation they are in.Whites are filled from cradle to grave with lies designed o prevent them from acting in their own interests despite this and the thuggery behind non compliance you have only 50% of the vote in a nation now 40% non white. unfortunately for you your lies are becoming untenable. you could never have convinced them to actually pay for the cost of diversity so you ran up debt in their name and razzle dazzled econo talk to make them think this was no big deal. you hid how many were here until the cities bust at the seems you still hid it pretending every ruined town was an exception not a rule, you hid the crime, you hid how many intend to come here still, you blood libeled about the causes of the non whites poor performance, Your entire plan is based on lies and the goodness of whites, white are the second most civilized race they dont riot they dont believe in conspiracies theyre confident they can fix almost anything. But you have lied to your selves or youre actually suicidal because this will not go on much longer whites can no longer mover to the next town cough up another trillion the ponzi scheme is ending a war is coming and in war you will see how almost instantly it will break along racial lines, its not a WN fantasy its simply just how the world has always been, the browns will flee south again the blacks will riot and kill a lot of cucks in the cities and will be surrounded by whites and slaughtered M<y guess from those conditions leftists will be held accountable as will remaining non whites probably some will be allowed to stay under second class status others deported.frankly i dont know what you guys were thinking well i do it was good for the jews and you cucks were to stupid to see how bad it would be for everyone else We can only hope the slants cant take advantage of the chaos while its being sorted.


    rohme Reply:

    Wow, I have been very busy.

    I lied to whites. I ran up the debt. I hid the crime.

    How have I found time to write anything?

    And how have you taken time to read it but still not understand it?

    You fail to draw from the absurdity of the conclusion.

    Social relationships.


    The grander the scale, the more imaginary, until what we have is NO LONGER A RELATIONSHIP IN ANY REAL SENSE.

    The white race is not a super-colony just because capitalism is super-colonization.

    I am not the one who smashed the white race into pieces. They were never together.


    colleen ryan Reply:

    “The grander the scale, the more imaginary,” – well now we are getting somewhere. so lets reduce the scale 90% Mr international socialist, now we are at white people. quantitative 10x better quantitatively 100x?

    Now i never called for the pan white christiphate thats you christ cucks game, i call for EACH white nation to enforce its borders and eject its invaders. So that breaks the 90% reduction into about 50 smaller nations, quite a few of these ought in the interest of white diversity to be further divided into separate nations. additionally many of these nations are politically divided sometimes this represents a ethnic granualarism not always but its within the white culture that self rule be supported. These white nations every one of them is richer and a better place to live than almost anywhere else on earth, even ones like say albania have value is the survival of the entire race which can only be secured by working together as other races work against us. albania may be some dumb ass marginal whites but it would be stupid to give up mediterranean coastline and open the interior of europe to sand niggers. You commies want to make some big semantic thing of the use of the word white its no different than the there’s no such thing as race lie. the fact is the USA and much of the angloshphere is not any particular white but white is close enough these nations have proved white is the crucial ingredient not hajinal or something else.I like to think one thing the entire anglosphere and much of the hajinal has in common genetics is celt blood and lots of it. the other way the lie works is albanians are farther from icelanders than they are to turks, well true and maybe one day we shall retake constantinople and force them to reconvert but that argument is sophistry you can extrapolate it all the way up to finland and declare here’s no such thing as whites but there is it may be a spectrum and the line may be somewhat arbitrary but that doesn’t mean there is no such thing as whites and asians and africans etc. In fact drawing the line will genetically brighten the line compare brazil to america america drew the line at one drop and america remained white brazil did not.
    yes social relationships are based on genetic relationships i treat my closest relatives better than my farther relatives with limited exceptions. If you were not a white man i wouldn’t even bother explaining artx is a useless nigger but not quite an african chimp so i will occasionally give him a heads up about getting back to the swamp before the rush if a chimp nigger were on here we would all just ignore him. the french should look out for french interests the walloons and flemish each for their own but the french and the flemish should recognize they are cousins and whites generally are cousins when i have secured my family I will assist my cousin in some respects i may even assist another race maybe i trade with them but i dont open my nation to them i dont make deals that put my life in their hands i understand that like me they have their own interests and will like me pursue them ruthlessly.

    what you mistake me for a nazi? im neither a socialist nor were the nazis pan whites. This is just more commie lies trying to find word games as if we will get caught in your word web and what? not see reality before our eyes? only intellectual faggots are so stupid. The white race is not a super colony its 50 or so super colonies that ought to work together as a super race in matters that of foreign affairs and as ethno states in matters of national affairs and as families in matters of family affairs.so fucking simple even a nigger gets it everyone gets it but cucks. stupid fucking cucks you jew master gets it your nigger gets it your co ethnics get it just stupid fucking cucks whose brains are so full of jew jizz they cant think

    rohme Reply:

    Quantitative change leads to qualitative change (change in the relation). We need is a quantification of a qualitative change.

    Posted on May 1st, 2018 at 3:14 am Reply | Quote
  • rohme Says:

    Social relations.

    That is the whole of communism.


    Wagner Reply:

    Unconditional charity for irreversibly damned souls is the whole of communism.

    “Him the Supreme Powers marked in the making of him, slave”


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    ‘Supreme powers’ would not require reiterations of their determinations. Only the not-supreme would engage in such pointless parroting, in such a pseudo-religious way, whilst clumsily claiming to be beyond religion. You and Colitis both seem to have extreme, social anxieties.

    There are choices.

    Choices of whether to understand what one encounters, or whether one is content to merely functionalise it within some mechanism of cultural and positivist production. Choices of whether to passively accept the terms of that mechanism, solely and only for one’s own benefit, whilst passionately remonstrating when such benefits do not seem to occur, and, in addition, refusing wholesale to accept the passionate remonstrations and rationales of others, despite their being in corresponding circumstances.

    Choices of whether to refer to others with derogatory epithets based on surface judgements, whilst protesting if surface judgements are made about oneself.

    Colitis’s attempt to reduce the totality of anthropic culture to the terms of a steamfitter’s tyranny, the ecstatic and genocidal piping of his shit all over the globe, in his peculiar frenzy of full-spectrum domination. Yet all of it is based on an outlook of unquestioned, component consumerism.

    When the two of you explicitly advocate for enslavement and genocide of others, an advocacy based on criteria that the two of you are patently unable to fulfil, yourselves, the resultant comedy of errors constituting your productions emblematises only the prodigious callousness of ignorance expected of the worst kind of slave – an ‘Occidental android’, ‘to be sure’.


    colleen ryan Reply:

    genocide yes slavery of the useless is a dumb idea that leads to communism if the likes of wag and i can not do as we are planning then you have nothing to worry about we have already accepted gnon judgement as just.dont see how either of us qualify as consumers the vast majority of my wealth has always been invested no spent anmostly in tangible assets like land and commodities or business that are physical. as for our personal utility lol rhome youre what a commie academic? is there really anything less useful? wag may be young but hes already demonstrated a very high IQ and the ability to not be brainwashed thats pretty remarkable for his generation. I have aquired all sorts of skills Im quite confident i could actually build a rocket to take me to another planet with enough time and money. no we are not at all nigger like. you are the nigger demanding respect for nothing but the space you take up. what can you actually do rhome please dont say think you cant think you dont even qualify as sane let alone intelligent you think niggers are our equals and a good social and economic idea is to give them free shit. That qualifies you as a crazy moron. so what else can you actually do that makes life better for anyone if we put you out in the wild post war what would your skills be worth rhome would you survive or end up on a leftist slave auction block what would i pay for your useless ass. is there anything you could say to me to persuade me to buy you rather than let you go to dog meat guy? I bet you wouldn’t even take better care of my books than i do, No i couldnt trust you anywhere near books thats out. maybe you cook italian?
    yeah rhome we use “epithets” we even have emotions we hate you you have destroyed western civilization with you stupidity, you have bred billions of useless muds that we will have to destroy with your stupid sentimentality before marx you would have been a christian missionary before that a useless faggot priest, before that you would have been kept in your place tending animals. I defy you to tell us what you are good at besides lying to stupid people preist

    rohme Reply:

    “Unconditional Charity for Irreversibly Damned Souls”

    Sounds like the greatest gothic rock band never to exist.

    I would make a minor change to ‘Unconditional Defiance of Irreversibly Damed Souls’.

    Now can we get them signed to Alternative Tentacles?

    It holds universal (irrespective of the αξία) whatever you wish to do involves social relations – relations which are tethered to the capitalist system – throughout which $upreme powers, since the making of you, have marked in you “, slave.”

    You are ensnared in an emancipatory politics.

    You think not, well.. I hope you have some water to help take down that big ass blue-pill.

    As Baitalle said, “an indifference to, or contempt for, wealth displays a fundamentally sovereign condition.”

    That is what I wish to evoke when I speak of Gemeinschaft.

    Charity is too cheap.

    Your money is no good here.

    You have to give something of your self.

    And that which you give is given back to your self.

    Revisit Heidegger.

    Now I think I have the perfect band name, ‘Unconditional Self-Charity for the Irreversibly Defiant Souls’.

    Fuck Jello, I’ll start my own label.


    colleen ryan Reply:

    In the spirit of we wuz viking kangs riding wolves
    did you see Vox rebuttal
    of Jordy on the JQ. he got some theory that seems pretty good that la griffe is wrong
    it seems to this cursory steamfitter look that vox might be on to something, one could argue hes made a couple assumptions not yet supported which might need tweaking but still he seems to have done that thing that created NRX drilled down a bit further. Im not really qualified statistically and im emotionally invested in newton over einstein so to speak not hat i dont think einstein or better yet feinman pretty cool have to admit im not pleased with being a barbarian only race.

    If hes right its pretty important because it would be beyond whining about how we got suckkered on the basis of conspiracy theories dressed up as best selling thesis CoC. it would be math evidence not simply that they cucked us buy that we are systematically having our brightest kept out of the meritocracy to our existential detriment against say the chinese.What hes says implies a lot of whites are locked out in various ways- btw this would support my observation that i come across a lot of Hi cog white proles in the blue collar world.


    colleen ryan Reply:

    No rhome its the interruption of social relations I might socially relate to helping my brother out when his leg is broken ,communism expects me to support some nigger in africa it knows it cant get me to socially motivate to do such a retarded thing so it puts a gun to my head and trains my children to betray me.and why does communism want me to support some nigger in africa? because communist will become more powerful if i do.To make the con work they must midfuck weak faggots like tyourself into thinking theres some moral in taking food from my children and giving to a nigger in africa, you would think that would be hard to do after all your my co national co ethnic – but it turns out its not really so hard flatter you a bit that your in possession of a higher IQ and so can understand the gnostic revelation of the holy nigger eucharist, stir up a little class animosity, doesn’t matter which way you can tell proles to be communist with workers of the world unite or elites to be communist with anti racists cucks of the world unite just use the class resentment thing the prole will remember the sleights the elites will remember what the inside of that locker looked like and voila niggers getting paid commies getting paid more. alternately you can sophie’s choice them show them useless dying niggers and tell them it is their personal responsibility this nigger child is dying because they dont care enough to rob their co ethnic to feed the children- cucks being emotional and bad at math they fall for this every time. you can raise them from kindergarten to grad school to hate their own race and culture, a sort of stockholm schooling whereby you get them to identify with the kidnappers they grow up to hate their parents nations race everything but have warm and fuzzy feelz when they think of themselves as part of teh movement the family of feelz. yeah there’s all sorts of ways commies can turn some people into traitorous cucks.


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  • colleen ryan Says:

    @colleen ryan

    Your description of proles seems a bit much if they were as you describe and surely they do range down to that level then those would be on the top of the list to eliminate. you’re describing niggers mostly though.but for argument’s sake we should certainly find ways to continuously shorten our left tail and lengthen our right. the goal is to minimize difference within the nation, no its not equality its not allowing the disparity to grow larger than ned be because.Its exploitable by enemies of the nation, It makes for a more pleasant nation to live and happiness is the of the nation after security.It keeps elites from defecting which is the prime cause of nation failure.It makes for a stronger nation, you want as many health able people as you can get or at least a many as you need for security.Its the most efficient for governance the closer everyone is to each other the easier it is to cater to them. Its the duty of the elite to cultivate the proles, its a contract that in return for their submission and pledge of their power in times of need the elite will look out for their long term interests as they would their own family.If you dont do it the proles will eventually kill you and wreck your shit, just because they haven’t recently doesn’t mean they cant, just that they haven’t been cheated quite enough to make it worth their while yet, a little more immigration and offshoring and you will see some wrecking and killing.
    What you seem to be saying is you think you can get away with it and so why shouldn’t you they’re no different than niggers.This seems to be the NRX particularly Landian POV. You even pretty much make the exact argument- what exactly is the difference between them and niggers. well as you describe them not much.Im sure we could find some good examples byt then again they have been under constant neglect and assault for half a century or maybe forever so i would expect todays proles are as bad as they can possibly be.I would argue the very worst of them are still way better than blacks and browns and jungle asians the average white american IQ is 102 and some of those may be a bit more amerindian than they care to admit.So maybe we are arguing semantics. Im i a prole I mean i was a union steamfitter from a irish catholic family of them I think I qualify. In my life among the prole i found the distribution to be about the norm, i found people at the top of the prole culture to be about 130 IQ and rarely found white proles below probably 90. I don’t see the need to say to them you’re a white nigger i rule you what would be the purpose it would be counter to civilization we want to organize them to cooperate with us.And besides it wouldn’t be true he does deserve some dignity because they have value we can not exist without them. so of course they will get angry when compared to an ape and of course i would not get away with it either. i will get away with reminding them that I am in charge and if i want the work done a certain way they must obey the order usually i dont need to be so explicit and often after working with me a while my men develop a respect. because it is unusual for steamfitter to have knowledge outside the blue collar milieu they often conclude i must be some sort of genius but i have noticed many of the men who say this are as intelligent as i am they simply have a more limited experience of the world that sort of marks their class. I am positive union construction foremen average 130 IQ and are every bit as smart as the suits we work under including our bosses (who are unusually dumb and the architects and engineers. when i am in Idaho i found the same thing loggers, equipment operators,miners,roughnecks,military, machinists,mechanics, and all sorts of blue collar workers (there is little work that is not pretty much blue collar) had the full range of intelligence. So i dont know how you want to determine whos a prole and who isnt.
    whites do not have a planet or space colony the elites youre so enamored of their ability have bred almost 10 billion non whites with their globalist colonialist equality scheme while destroying the cilture that encouraged our own breeding we are currently surrounded by a planet of actual apes and some dangerous jews and slants and still they are waging war on their own citizens and other white nations. we can not survive if we can not hold our ground. north america europe australia new zealand. The yellow menace is pouring into russia canada USA australia with their agenda the jews are importing hundreds of millions of niggers into our nations. Its madness to be thinking of deleting any whites at this point. we still have a lot of ground and no way to defend it without warm bodies.this is likely to be true well into the future.sure at some point it would be nice to develop tech that would allow whites to reduce population size in order to enjoy all that land better and not live in ant colonies- another reason to get rid of non whites. non whites will not fight for us and suppress our birth rates through the effect of the presence.
    You say i have a consistent theme of prole numinosity like the nigger and jew questions and the capital questions im stunned i find myself on these sides of these questions with conservatives. I just said meritocracy is a higher form of hierarchy.You and land sound to me like youre saying you can dispense with your hands and your legs and that you despise your hands and legs because they are so useless.if your arms are so useless your mind has been weak strengthen your mind and take yourself to the gym and strengthen your body. you seem to get all hippy dippy about this as if you have some occult knowledge that ties intelect to spiritual power – citation please. Its not that i’m not familiar with the folly but my intuition say if there’s a spiritual power its associated with a balanced life and marked by happiness and proles win on that and hi cogs are particularly prone to depravity and depression.you also seem to imply im being charitable because sentimental. Imk not i dont enjoy the company of low cog proles any more than any elute scumbag i admit i enjoy the company of hi cog prole probably more than hi cog elites. But my championing of proles generally is purely reason based. we need them to survive, if we do it right we will be surprised how useful and enjoyable they can be.Its not charitable at all my point as always been they have a value that is usually cheated from them in some degree because its easy to cheat them but if say a technology were invented that allowed them to negotiate for their services without the structural disadvantage we would pay them a lot more in cash and status etc. and this tech may in fact be coming. for instance i point out one of the things they do we need is consume and produce. its critical they can do both. the chinese understand its foolish to only consume and the jews understand a nigger consumer is only as profitable as the welfare the jew can transfer from a white. but a white can do both. technology is rapidly empowering us to control our unitization, for now the jew owns our info thats not going to last soon all that information all that social content will be owned by the prole producers increasingly tech cap will have to bid for it. you may soon have to bid to have your car repaired Land thinks its will work the other way that we will all become nigger uber cabbies lowballing each other for a 15 minute job. jobs that simple will be automated if we get rid of the niggers if we dont then they will be enshrined in a distribution of wealth system. anything skilled will tilt the other way i know this because i have been on all sides of those trades and i know the imbalance is in skilled prole work white collar workers are overpaid. But its going to get more granular because the information is going to become clearer to all participants and because outsourcing and immigration is going to end ( or its game over white anyway) when corps can no longer triangulate third world labor and third world government corruption into easy profits corporations will have to decide do they want to operate in the west as western corporations or not. the west will not devolve back into socialism it cant afford to make that mistake again with china on its ass, it will simply have to become more social, corporations and labor will have to pull together to stay alive against the chinese who are already doing that. fortunately theres some merit in the wests thesis on making china wealthy to empower it proles – i mean it was retarded idea yes it would have been much much better to leave them in the bronze age but once we stop feeding them our own peoples jobs and wealth they are going to have to contend with their own peoples awakened desires, and then we will have a war with them maybe sooner hopefully not since they literally make our weapons systems still.yes chinese proles make our weapons systems but land thinks we don’t need our proles. Its as if someone is deluded that we can defeat our enemies by mind control.


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  • colleen ryan Says:


    Rhome heres the problem you have with your idea- it doesnt work, no seriously its not just how i know youre wrong its the problem you have.

    for it to work you have to get a lot of low Iq people to follow a convoluted argument and get incited and manage to overthrow and enslave their betters in such a way they could get more out of them than they would as their underlings. if they could do any of those things they wouldn’t need to do them all.

    You claim this social thing very vague it seems to be part ethic and part instinct. but it doesn’t really exist its one of those leftist half truths. we are not ants fundamentally socialist we are apes we negotiate out of self interest even you commies know envy works better than altruism to motivate you know if you were right there would be nothing for you to do it would just happen but it doesnt does it instead what happens is what self interest would predict. You have taken the stupidest possible tactic multiculturalism for increased socialism. the maximum socialism you can get is going to be within closely related nations managed for continuous self improvement and shrinking difference which is going to be eugenic. you could have then gone and replicated it at ever gradation of human but of course that wouldnt have yielded much power so that wasn’t the plan. niggers living in mud huts like other mud peoples until 100 years ago were fairly social as social as youre going to get whites were going through the latest disruption and were adjusting when you and the jew interfered you hit your sweet spot before you destroyed the northlands with niggers its true we would have continued to shed more of this socialism as the decades went by it went too far but in a good ethno state you can at least hope for a high mark of norwegian level and a low mark of say american 1940 whites just don’t need much help but we also don’t like to contenance much suffering bringing in the niggers is only going to collapse the west in race war and poverty that will harden hearts.


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  • colleen ryan Says:

    No let me try and explain reality with another analogy. If someone buys some shares in a corporation in a split second the price is different even on a day of no news of the corporation or effecting the corporations prospects. The shares are an absolute right of ownership yet while the corporation and the world remained exactly the same the price keeps changing in reaction to who now owns the right and the implications of that change of ownership has on the value or power of the corporation. In other words when power is traded someone is losing some and someone is gaining some there may be a temporal aspect where the loser expects long term to be better off perhaps not even in relation to the buyer but in relation to himself having not sold.

    Youre trying to say power is not power that the seller of power has as uch say about the powers value as the buyer. This is only true in the sense of the price and even that only when the relinquisher is selling his power and not having it simply taken or destroyed which is as often the case as not.a beta chimp or knight or anyone with a little power might be able to trade it, if you want to insist on your jew jizzed brain convoluted explanations that that agreement constitutes some sort of social yad yada yeah fine trading is social happy? But where does that get you as I said earlier its an argument against not supporting natural communism.Like money or any thing thats traded power is traded its traded for increase by the savvy and for survival by the useless.it does not remain finite post trade if it did no one would bother trading. yes as we became smarter and our white societies more complex due to being more trustworthy we became able to make ever more complex trades of everything including power.in fact that is how power became more than simple strength. That does nothing for communism you still have the powerless or practically so cand the powerful who are still correlated with natural gifts to a large extent.and you still have a thing that needs skilled care to not simply evaporate and so can not be transfered and you still would be a fool to put into useless peoples hands something so valuable. any trade is risky and while you should plan the trade and trade the plan as a rule you often have to use your experience while your position is open. meaning just because you observe once a bargain is struck both sides of the trade seem to be still negotiating and you want to mischaracterize that as a trade never happened its a purely social cooperation, youre wrong power trades happen what also happens is daytrading i might open and close positions in the same stock 50x a day i might trade around a position meaning for instance i might scale into a position of a certain size and from there scale up and down on the ticks increasing and decreasing my position. trust me at the end of the day every individual trade counted separately although i may decide it was a good or made plan. If say trump got into the race for fun maybe for brand appreciation he took on a certain position of say advertising and management expense, that was an actual cost not a cooperative venture, he found it gave him more leverage than he expected so he then began trades with the other players maybe they wanted him out to increase their chances against various combinations, trumps not that stupid he could see he was in a good position to trade around he cut deals and get getting the better of his opponents, At a certain point he made a brilliant trade with the GOP that they would support him if he won while he only promised to support a different winner if he thought he had been treated fairly things like that happened all the way through today every trade counts and yeah changes the conditions for the next trade but a deal is a deal ok not every deal is kept as i said earlier people steal power and people destroy power its worth mentioning not everyone trades much power some people work on minting their own power and building that up. You cant even say well oh but the market place and its rules are just a social construct they are a trade too. first came the killer ape and he killed the other troops alphas and made himself king od the apes and his troop now had a safe space that beta apes could use to exploit the environment – a marketplace is born – no a trade is born the killer ape say i will guarantee the safe space for a cut of all trades anyone welches ill clobber him. the market and the rules are trades to enforce through power.
    yeah as they get larger a societies trades get very difficult to ascertain whats really going on who knows why trump first got into the race i think to be president from the get go but who knows, I can tell you this it wasnt by consensus no one ostensibly allied with him through trades really wanted him to succeed.They are now beyond trading and are wasting their power in hopes of destroying his who knows who will win this is a war it may devolve to a killing war violence being the lowest common denominator of power then we would know who really had the power
    PS we are apes lying and bluffing is part of the game.


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  • colleen ryan Says:


    That might have been the horse that told neitz the future and drove him mad.

    Its just the same shit as any priest razzle dazzle they can change what it means as you object and in the end say you just are not worthy of understanding the truth.
    you should have seen Monsignor Karpinski when i asked him in second grade how god could have sacrificed his only son if the trinity was one god, and who the hell was jesus asking to take this cup from the night before? Lying to children that’s what priests do. hwe should have just said some scumbags tried to hijack the church is the second century so we fixed their asses with some loyalty shit tests dont think to hard about it kid the thing to remember is were catholics and they’re fucking protestants bastards


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  • colleen ryan Says:

    Hey nick Darpa beat you again remember how you told us all uber proved moldberg tech cap and i said DARPA always wins tech cap cause like its there tech and their cap and then libtard cities put uber out f business in favor of camel jockeys turned cabbies then you said but but ELON is the dark lord he will save us and i said well at least hes not another jew and now


    moldberg is dead stick a fucking fork in him global jew capitalists are not going to save us only we can save us and only by taking over the cathedral by force.now they got self driving tanks maybe you should waste another decade larping about dungeons and dragons while they invent another killer app literally. heres a thought nick instead of the word salad fagotry, killer apps literally


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  • colleen ryan Says:

    @colleen ryan
    Well Im going to live in my woods so if the gods want to talk they know where i am. The woods of north idaho are like something out of tolkien misty mountains huge trees streams everywhere i am so merged with them when i am home its a meditation. The nearest town is sandpoint the end of grouse creek if you are ever north or tshtf


    Wagner Reply:

    “Well Im going to live in my woods so if the gods want to talk they know where i am.”

    They will if you open yourself to it. Scientism tends to buffer against that. I just use scientism as a horseshoe in the boxing glove to knock out progs, there’s stuff outside the ring.


    colleen ryan Reply:

    i grew up loving science probably more than philosophy/theology. I always liked religion class and later arguing other ideas. But science i think was always my first love, take it apart understand it put it together better. I cant explain what happens in those woods but i dont have to let them it just happens instantly palpably I actually think its some DNA shit of my hallstatt genes that just reacts to northern forests.
    I think you’re more scientismish with your intolerance of proles, but i think i see a lot of this prole hate in nrx and it could be i dont get around suburbia enough and have not seen the level of damage. the city has few whites and all elites idaho has good whites still hardly touched by modernity when i arrived since refugees from elsewhere. but on the net i see a lot of white trash in fact it seems pop culture is so incredibly trashy mix breeds inanities i cant imagine who they are catering to. so maybe you kids are seeing something. all i can say is I remember the days when all men wore hats and suits and women were ladies the dna hasn’t changed in my lifetime. we had a very high degree of civilization and had only begun methodically raising that in the underclasses but even then they were more civil than our elites today with exceptions rare. so don’t believe the leftist lie that this was a veneer and lie or that niggerization is inevitable.
    I had a bit of vertigo and it threw me off my more productive activities and i ended up breaking my vows to stay off the web so you may find me gone again hopefully now but its addictive. rhome just want the world to be more complex than it is so he can claim occult understanding he good at the jabberwocky but if you force him to translate its just the most absurd statements. hopeless cuck


    rohme Reply:

    You understand the dualism of ‘subjective’ and ‘objective’ had to be invented as a concept, right?

    (It’s less than 300 years old.)

    Can you tell me who invented it?

    ….. (Jeopardy them)….

    Heard of a man, Immanuel Kant?

    Remember you asked me what is Western civilization?

    It’s Socrates, Plato, Aristotle.

    We’re barbarians without Greece.

    It’s hard to imagine the formalism of Western science without Plato.

    You talk to the most brilliant minds in science, they’ll tell you they’re mathematical Platonists.

    They’ll say there’s a ‘mathematical world’ which not only exists independent of the physical world but has the most fundamental existence.

    If the world of mathematics is independent of the physical world, then how did we get ‘in’ it?

    We did it through language.

    Philosophy (filo sophia, “friend of” “wisdom”) in Greece was a bunch of guys knocking about being wise.

    Then Socrates comes around and starts whipping everyone’s ass, throwing people out of saloon doors.

    These wise-guys we’re called Sophists.

    He’s a Sophist killer.

    What Socrates introduces which is novel is methodical doubt.

    Plato, a student of Socrates, fashioned his methodical doubt into a school which would teach how to access the underlying nature of reality through ideas.

    The concept of idea (ιδέα) was invented by Plato.

    ἰδεῖν, idein, meant “to see.” and εἴδω, eído, meant “I see.” but ειδής, eidei, meaning “kind”, “type”, “form”, “essence”, is Plato’s invention.

    ιδέα is not νόημα, which means ‘thought’, ‘purpose’, or ‘mental design’, for Plato, ειδής are not mental concepts of men, but mental concepts of nature.

    πραγματικότητα, pragmatikotita, means “reality”.

    πράγμα, pragma, means “thing” and Κοίτα, koita, means “look upon”.

    But Plato is not looking at “things”.

    He is thinking about ideal things which are real.

    And with that, Plato halved nature in two.

    Nature no longer pertained only to matter, but to a virtual field of ‘forms’ or ‘ideas’ which underly all existence.

    Aristotle, a student of Plato, invented the concept of substance and essence, ουσία, and birthed a dozen disciplines of Western science in one fell swoop.

    I would go on but I’m afraid I’m being too pedantic.


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  • colleen ryan Says:

    @colleen ryan

    thats funny cause after the last beating i administered i had to take a shower and the ‘idea’ occurred to me that your problem is you have no experience of the actual world, everything you think you know you learned in derrida’s cave.
    and here you are actually confirming it but attempting to appeal to an authority you think Ill respect more than derrida.
    So Im pretty sure i have many times conceded that in cave speak we have to give the left their subjectivity and the uncucked response is not to argue with them about the world outside but simply say excellent our white truth in our white nations- good luck caveman.

    again you’re arguing against yourself commie, ill take decart before de horse for 300 comrade, I am therefore i think of things that are,or that might be. so what power capital are real things, commies try and turn them into unreal things because commie do not want or cant do the work it takes to acquire them in real life. you’re a scam artist liar a grifter. youre not too pedantic rhome i may be an ninth grade dropout but it was catholic school about equivalent to a couple of doctorates at a commie school.

    the mid consciousness problem has nothing to do with this, but year be they greeks 2500 years ago or germans 100 yers ago people with blond hair and blue eyes are pretty clever apes but theyre still apes and they still bleed. The fact that you can trigger their ape brains with some lies doesn’t make the lies real it proves social evolution is all. Your entire argument is that when push comes to shove apes ar socialists not self interested individuals and that ( and this is a moronic leap) proves lies are real. the only apes when push comes to shove that are going to beg instead of fight are those that cant fight and that wont stop the powerful apes from deciding things in real life. rhome do you know why this is always and everywhere indisputable? because any ape willing to use power wins.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Mediating your so-called ‘reality’ through the virtualitease of the Internet is a possible irony which you can’t help revisiting, again and again, for your fix of imaginary confirmation.
    You really should stop trying to pick on Giuliani, Colitis/S.C. Hickman, you’re old enough to be his father.
    No one needs you to give instruction on modes of ‘power’.

    Giuliani, Kant did not invent the concepts of ‘subject’ and ‘object’.
    You’re also wasting your time with these basic arguments, Colitis/S.C. Hickman has read more philosophy than you, though he’s not really very good at it, being essentially a dogmatic ‘materialist’, and fairly influenced by Zizek, who might be entertaining but is essentially rubbish. Colitis/S.C. Hickman reads a lot, quickly and superficially, just enough to follow the masses in their dumbed down, contemporary debates. He’s doing a literary experiment, when he comments here. If he isn’t Hickman, it doesn’t really matter, because their thinking patterns, and moves they make, are the same.


    colleen ryan Reply:

    Tell you what woggy you can have the world in your mind and I get the actual universe OK?


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Plenty of assumptions, there, Colitis/S.C. Hickman!
    Ontological, ‘what’; ‘world’; ‘mind’; ‘actual’; ‘universe’.
    You’re promoting old corporations that are starting to slip away, Colly.
    No matter how much you yell and shout, you’re not going to get them back by being stupid. Haven’t you learned that lesson, yet? Obviously not!
    The more you protest, the more you’re going to lose.
    Something in you suspects this, but you don’t understand it.


    colleen ryan Reply:

    No woggy you dont understand whats been happening this past decade its not what the jew told you would happen when you spread it for him he promised you would be a kang but instead youre still slinging curry on your little scooter and sneaking hand jobs in toiets so mom won’t find out you should be a kang you got a degree in commie and brown whining why didnt they hire you why must you work for your uncle in the curry shop and have those rude white boys make fun of you a kang

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Colitis, despite your best efforts, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to replace David Attenborough. Nor, any time soon, are you going to add anything significant to primatology, in addition to what Donna Haraway has already produced.

    I guess that you already did concede intellectual inferiority, with the ridiculous crap about my being Waggy’s ‘master’. You’ve done it over IQ measurements, with respect to the Chinese, and so on. Essentially, your claptrap about ‘edge’, invariably reduces down to ability to deliver violence. Given that scum of your ilk incessantly complain about the so-called ‘impulsive’ violence of others, your mystifying boasting about ‘edginess’ merely reduces down to a simplistic harnessing of impulse. Basically, it’s the stockpiling of weaponry, which any gang can do. The problem with a nation composed of rejects such as yourself, is the inordinate reliance on military power to solve non-military problems.
    If you actually came from a military family, you might not be so casually gung ho about war.

    I guess your comments on this blog are an attempt to compensate for philosophical mediocrity elsewhere. It serves as both an experimental and emotional release. I guess the overproduction of incompetence has considerable value in the USA, and you always follow the herd, don’t you, Steven.

    The reason you think Indians make shit curry, Colitis, is because the taste is no longer discernible to you, given the host (i.e. your) production of shit, and its excremental expression from your mouth, and keyboard, I guess. Carry on commenting, if you must, but eventually you’re going to drown in your own shit. No doubt, when that happens, you’ll blame someone else as you gurgle through your own excrement.

    colleen ryan Reply:

    woggy i certainly never said you were waggys master you’re a nigger how could you be a master? well as for euros what can i say here we are still ruling the world for 3000 years must be doing something right violence ability obviously has an intellectual component particularly post sticks and stones. so although we are the biggest people in the world and the strongest that hasnt been why we deliver the best violence for a few thousand years. as ytou say the slants seem to have 2-3 IQ points on us yet there we found them along with all you other muds 100 years ago sitting in the bronze age well they were you others were neolithic still are its probably fair to say india is more backwards than africa. so what do whites have that is our edge? something thats for sure. whatever it was we couldn’t manage to teach it to you wogs no sooner did we pull out than you collapsed back into the slime

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    No, you’re completely wrong, yes again, you don’t even remember the shit you write, Colitis-Steven lol!

    In context:

    {Artxell}: “If you want to insist on the point, the number system, and zero, is ‘Indian shit’, Wagner, and people like you still don’t actually understand it. In addition, the West struggled on with Aristotelian logic until the 19th century, a time when people like you would assume that the West had in some hypothetical race of nations, ‘overtaken’ the East, become a Hegelian sublimation of it. That, in this unilinear and progressive contest, the West should have had it all. But that wasn’t the case, despite Leibniz searching for a ‘characteristica universalis’, despite the attentions of the greatest mathematicians of the West, it fell to British mathematicians having to resort to India’s Navya Nyaya logicians of the 19th century, in order to supersede the Aristotelian model.”

    [Wagner] “This is simply recolonization masked as decolonization.”

    [colleen ryan, April 21st, 2018 at 3:06 pm]”This is a problem you too will run into if you pursue the eastern religions if woggys people really passed down your highest truth then hes your brother. at least possibly again your master.”

    Waggy prattles on about ‘philosophy’ and ‘truth’, incessantly! He uses stock ideas to do so, all of which have earlier Eastern, usually Indian, origins, which directly influenced Greek and British appropriations. Ergo, Waggy’s “highest truth” is derivative, of Indian derivation. From this “highest truth”, of course, no Indian would want such an ignorant ‘slave’ as Waggy, or you, lol. It’s just quality control! lol

    colleen ryan Reply:

    woggy there wuz a black pharaoh and about 600 ad indians used a kind of a zero. but kinds of zeros go back 3000 years in various cultures mostly white or proto white. zero has a lot of uses and frankly definitions. Youre trying to claim the most esoteric in 600 ad but 2500 bc greeks are arguing about the esoteric nature of zeron can nothing be something and if so what. sp please stop lying india contributed a bit to the knowledge of humans yes doesnt really change the big picture does it.
    No i didnt say wags should give up philosophy i said he should give up on religion generally and other people’s religion particularly. religion is what we call shit that we thought up and have no evidence of. usually by priests to control people, its really a dumb idea to allow in any rational civilization ( philosophy alleged to be the pursuit of reason though lately not so much) Not only is the use of religion to stabilize a civilization of ones peoples generally open to preist hijacking your intent for their power but using other people’s religion is in itself an act of cuckey which is the antithisis of civilization, There is no such thing as a multi ethnic civilization what that term describes is the destruction of one people in favor of another, this may be when europes is destroying your civilization by ‘colonialization’ or down the other side of the curve when the nigger infection begins to destroy european civilization by allowing former colonials into the motherland. if you want a land another has kill them all and take it is the best course.If christian had not adopted the jew religion they would not have allowed jews to keep colonizing europe and its new lands.the very act of adopting christianity is admitting the jew is the chosen people but something something. Wags choosing to adopt indian myths as a frame for his interest in what he hopes is some occult knowledge all cultures have claimed to explore and have each their own frame none more than a claim unsubstantiated is him tacitly saying wogs are on an equal footing with euros this will lead to the types of problems we have now. I dont blame wogs jews or niggers for their own claims to kandom you have ‘your truth’ enjoy it and its results, we have ours. strictly speaking we can not say which is more true except by looking at he results, the results are that various euros and proto euros have ruled the earth or been the apex of human achievement for 3000 years more or less, Even i never believed the extent claimed by nazis and neo nazis not that i knew anything about neo nazis anything but the past decade of genetics archaeology etc seems to be confirming the most audacious of claims, in retrospect this sort of makes sense that one people would have done most of it when we know for sure they did quite a lot of it.i know it sucks to be a nigger i feel for you but cant stop and cry with you we have a universe to colonize.
    most of your philosophy is magical thinking not reason best understood by reading Frazer not kant.An idea is not a thing its that simple really trust me on this you and rhome claiming to conjure power from thin air is just apes lying to get a banana they didnt pick it works a couple times then you get torn to shreds for your efforts.

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    You’re using religion as a red herring. Such associations are not relevant to the points being considered.

    Ancient Greeks were not “arguing about the esoteric nature of zeron can nothing be somethin” in “2500 bc”. Even Minoan civilisation doesn’t go back that far.

    The rest of what you’ve written is just garbled regurgitations of erroneous assumptions you’re unable to demonstrate the truth of, but the incessant repetition of which you obviously consider to be some form of wishful validity.

    You might try being graceful when you lose your arguments, colitis.

    colleen ryan Reply:

    “Ancient Greeks were not “arguing about the esoteric nature of zeron can nothing be somethin” in “2500 bc”. Even Minoan civilisation doesn’t go back that far.”

    yup I mispoke i meant to say 2500 years ago which would be 500 bc.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/0 -diagrees with your we wuz kangs theory, i mean they try like they try and pretend niggers dont have low IQ but they can just lie right out so if you read you see everyone had zwero 1000 years before you even the fucking mexicans lol.

    “You’re using religion as a red herring. Such associations are not relevant to the points being considered.”
    Heres the problem wog no one is considering your points this is a blog about neoreactionary ideas, you have been trying for 5 years to hijack the conversation and talk about commie jew idea- no one here gives a shit about commie jew ideas. And ideas is generous interpretation actually they are just garbage lies for low IQ suckers.

    whats actually under discussion here is how white people can reorganize their nations in such a way that they dont again end up third world shitholes full of low cog niggers wanting to discuss commie lies in hopes of getting free stuff from the people who make stuff. And wags thought religion might be a good social glue and might even be true and i said using a nigger glue implies niggers a re useful and that begets niggers in ones nation eventually, and besides religion is not true any religion that is true is science. real religion being not true is the attempt by liars called priests to swindle low cogs and other challenged citizens of their power in hopes of leveraging against the state. since priests are alway looking for a way to triangulate other peoples power using another’s religion would give them a two fer nigger validity that they would use to introduce niggers into reich and sanction of nonsense which they would use to claim occult knowledge. So no woggy not off topic, whats off topic is everything you have ever said here.

    You will find I am very grateful when i lose an argument in fact when that happens I will be you ally but wogs sputtering that priest deconstruct speak does not constitute winning an argument it constitutes you proving you’re either a moron or a liar. we are not even having an argument wogs because you have nothing intelligent to say. Whats happening is youre desperately waving your hands in hopes one of us whites will recognize your humanity like but like most indian street beggers you dont deserve notice you have like the rag heads in mumbai mutilated your own body rather than do honest work in your case you lobotomized yourself with jew jizz right into the brain stem. so all thats really happening is you’re doing your street theatre and Im laughing at you because im misdirecting my anger at my co ethnics and the jews at a stupid little wog pawn in their game- but hey it amuses me so theres that

    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Colitis, there’s nothing in that wiki article that proves or disproves my points. It’s an interesting article, though, and there is some stuff in it which is theoretically evocative and useful. So, thanks for that.

    You’re only considering the concept of zero (sunya) partially, in terms of its bare functions within positivist schemas (“bigger pictures”) that you know and take for granted. Or as a philosophical and ontological concept, say, in Parmenides, then Heidegger, replaying the usual ontological transactions, default discourses on those themes. That’s very different from what I’m talking about, which is far more radical.

    All that you have done, is to expand the notion of zero along historical lines familiar to you, you haven’t thought through the perspective that it enables, giving it full scope, then transcending that. It’s as if I were to talk about ‘steamfitting’ and ‘pipes’, and then go on to claim a practical experience of their possibilities that I do not have.

    Neither Heidegger, nor Zizek, represent the most highly developed thinking of what I’m talking about. Derrida is probably better in this regard, not so much in what he positively writes, but in what his writing implies.
    Heidegger ‘actually’ displayed considerable interest in Derrida, going so far as trying to arrange a meeting between them, possibly through Gadamer. For whatever reason, that did not happen. The Colitis-Waggy school of interpretation, obviously would view this as Heidegger’s ignominious leftist lapse! lol

    Don’t you ever get bored churning out all your anti-Semitic and racist rants?! If you actually thought through all the different positions that you talk about, especially the ones you’re against, you might find ‘higher’, or at least, ‘different’, forms of understanding, enabling you to cope with your concerns in better ways. How do you expect to colonise ‘the universe’, when you can’t even cope with one planetary ecology, continually obsessing about other organisms on that planet? lol

    It’s your choice to frame the exchange according to geopolitical gossip of the moment, as perceived by the conspiracy circuits of your fevered pathology. I guess that gives you some sense of relevance and compensatory power. But it’s only an imaginary frame, sustained by a vulnerable desire, susceptible to all that it excludes and doesn’t understand. There are many ‘games’ going on, most of them positively unknown to ‘humans’. I watch all of them, and occasionally play, here and there.

    Wagner Reply:

    “And wags thought religion might be a good social glue and might even be true and i said using a nigger glue implies niggers a re useful and that begets niggers in ones nation eventually, and besides religion is not true any religion that is true is science. real religion being not true is the attempt by liars called priests to swindle low cogs and other challenged citizens of their power in hopes of leveraging against the state”

    The question is can science provide social glue. I think we can agree that we need social glue, unless you want to desecrate the “atomization is a huge problem” meme, which I’d be amused to see. Mike if you were going to tell a noble lie, calling a religion “a religion of science” would be a good one. Scientology already beat you to the punch, may have forever ruined any slight tweakings of the brand, e.g. scientosophy lol Or look at the Yudkowskites calling reappropriating “Rationalism”, another brand down the drain. You don’t realize that I’m being meta-scientific when I talk about the noble lie. You think Jim ever talks about that? Or Land? Of course not, they’re Christian priests; meta-priests talk about priestcraft itself. N’s philosophy in large part could be said to be an experiment in meta-priestcraft (have you read him yet?!)

    Something that stuck with me pertaining to religion was from Evola via Erikson: it’s mostly about rites and rituals. That’s how people get the “well-balanced life” you speak of. No not people like you, you universalize yourself and expect everyone to be like you, you yourself said your underlings sometimes wonder if you’re a genius. Most people need to be reminded – ritual=remembrance. I do certain rituals myself and that helps, it would probably help you too if you did it, but it would be even more robust if there were a community doing it together. I know you’re not going to say “science covers that”. Science plays the part of, looking at human beings, we can say that scientifically people need to be recurrently reminded of certain things or they forget, and they need to remember or else they become nihilists/hedonists/leftists etc. We can deduce certain truths scientifically that we all believe in then hang out in a solemn setting and remember them together, but even science’s truth’s are kind of paltry when it comes to what I’m talking about regarding “what should be remembered”. There’s only so much one can glean from materialism (is science inseparable from materialism?) You want to tell yourself that the extremely strange things that have happened to you throughout your life didn’t happen but you know they did, or you would know if you had had a ritual to remember them by. Were those “material” things? Materialism is by definition to do with the mundane. I’m talking about the transcendent. This is why I talk about slipping ayahuasca into the morning coffees of old codgers because I know no matter what I say you’re just going to write it off, you need to have the direct experience of it, words about it just flutter away and appear meaningless because our egos occupy a mundane sphere.

    Here’s the article of Evola’s if you’re interested: http://www.hyperion-journal.net/the-sacred-in-the-roman-tradition.html

    Also no I don’t see any harm in syncretizing various faiths to create an Über-Religion. In fact that seems like the only way forward. Many races had a golden age, you don’t have to kiss the existing race’s feet to appropriate their greatest forgotten insights.

    rohme Reply:


    I don’t mean that he invented a concept universally across all languages. I should specify what exactly he did uncover from within his own tradition, in which the universal language was Greek and subsequently Latin.

    Subject, as it is now applied to human experience, cognition, or perception has its roots in the Latin subjectus, which means “what is under”. It was is a translation of the Greek ὑποκείμενον, ‘hypokeimenon’, meaning “underlying thing” or “substance”.

    In the original Aristotelean meaning, substance is the underlying reality of all things.

    With Kant, the human mind is the subjectum, the underlying reality of all things, in which the faculties of ‘judement’ can immediately grasp a phenomenon (which in Greek and Latin means appearance or manifestation)

    Kant calls the object in the dimension in which it cannot be ‘subjected’, or placed under, the faculty of intuition, neither substance or appearance but noumena, “thing-in-itself”.

    He created both a new form of Idealism and Phenomenology right then and there.

    Are there any comparisons you could make between Indian philosophers that spring to mind?

    I’m a little familiar with the Yogachara school, which covers, pretty much all of Western philosophy up to Freud, lol, but I’ve only read it in English. :/

    I would love a philological perspective.


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Kant emphasises epistemology, the structures of subjective knowing, that’s slightly different to an unqualified claim that he ‘invented the subject’, even within the Western tradition. Think back to Descartes’s replaying of St Augustine. Perhaps it would be better to say Kant ‘reinvents’ the subject, or reinvents it ‘anew’, emphasising its constitutive role in experiential representation, judgements, et cetera.
    The rest of what you’ve written is fine, in both comments.

    The Yogacara school is usually seen as an idealist or consciousness based philosophy, something which its earlier Mahayana predecessor, Nagarjuna, would strongly reject, as based on the conventional figuration of ‘mind’. A good book, I think I quoted it here before, is “The Central Philosophy of Buddhism”, by T.R.V. Murti, which does quite a lot of comparison between Mahayana Buddhism and other, both Eastern and Western, thinkers and traditions.

    colleen ryan Reply:

    so for those of us for whome english isnt a second language and capable of abstract thought i said if wags IF wags continues to adopt a nigger race religion its a a strategic mistake because like whites who adopted the jew nigger religion you end up having to pretend the religions inventor is a human- and here you are as i predicted claiming to be wags equal or better. On the other hand pretty sure the religion is white aryan so theres that. still religion is bullshit now no more religions and priests.
    You know woggy if you want to convince yourself india was the source of all knowledge and it came from the animals that now inhabit the swamp its no skin off my nose. I bet rhome would believe it hes cucky. But youre not going to get me to buy your we wuz kangs of zero its a well worn bullshit story like egyptians were niggers and camel jockeys invented algebra so sell that revisionism to someone that went to your online curry university I have an 8th grade degree from a white grade school we learned actual history


    Artxell Knaphni Reply:

    Basically, you’re saying that Wagner should give up philosophy, in favour of producing shit out of his mouth, and shunting that shit around with poorly engineered pipes, just like you, if he wants to be culturally ‘all-white’.

    The appropriation of Indian ideas was freely and explicitly expressed by the appropriators concerned as a matter of mainstream, historical record. So no revision is necessary.
    Of course you’re not going to ‘buy it’; it doesn’t fit in with your bigoted, consumer desire.

    Even if your weak speculations were to be entertained, it really doesn’t matter what skin colours my ancestors were, the point is that it’s ‘actually’ my ancestry, not yours.
    Yes, there were Celtic peoples in India and China, but they were obviously the adventurous ones, following their healthy instincts, and heading towards lands of the rising sun. Your ancestry was obviously the opposite, going in the other direction. Lo and behold, the carefully crafted stupidity of your discourse is the expected, genetic result!

    The biggest laugh, and, incidentally, direct proof of your flagrant incompetence, was that Google search thing about race and couples, or whatever, that Wagner brought up.

    It’s sad, Colitis, but no one really cares about your brand of ‘actuality’, any more. It’s an inferior product, it’s a lie, and it doesn’t look or sound good.

    rohme Reply:

    “Apes willing to use power wins.”

    You are talking about the individual, I am talking about the group.

    One does not exist without the other.

    We have ranges of “what we can do” or “what’s possible” and “what we can’t do” or “what’s not possible”.

    Power determines “what we can and can’t do” and “what is and isn’t possible”.

    This is not to say we can’t do what is said we can’t, or what isn’t possible.

    One will just be going against power, declaring oneself sovereign and above it.

    And if one comes out on top, one is not really sovereign – above power – but even more so a part of it.

    Power absorbs what opposes, contests, conquers it.

    It never falls back to zero.

    A mutation is never back-to-zero.

    Zero would be: “There is nothing you can’t do.”, “Anything is possible.”, you know, a Coca-Cola ad.

    This applies nowhere and to nothing.

    I don’t see what’s controversial in this.


    colleen ryan Reply:

    LOL theres no such thing as a group rhome aa group is an idea isnt this kant or someone the thing in itself jesus man. groups dont act individuals in groups act-= jesus man arent you the one constantly telling me and wag theres no such things a white interests? well youre right theres wags white interest and mikes whites interest and each of our power we contract to use against you and that mud ape woggy. the range of what i caN DO IS DETERMINED BY WHAT POWER I HAVE ACQUIRED OR INHERITED, ho big how strong how smart what did i then do how educated how much money did i make things physical realities are my power to trade squander whatever i demonstrated how you can use trade to increase power much like one does with capital and wealth.Of course power can go to zero I once traded an account up to a quarter million in a year from 17k that was real actual money POWER and guess what i did i lost it all again, you age and lose your power you can get sick injured or fat, you can get addicted to drugs or some commie liar and lose your ability to think to act. you can have a million man army and be the king of a empire and squander it fighting in russia or afghanistan. you can be a respected woman and act like a whore and lose all your power, theres a million ways to run your power to zero with no one else getting it and theres way to increase power by a trade where both sides win.but im explaining basically capitalism to a commie.Youre talking nonsense rhome stop listening to lying jews. having your power reduced is not still having the same amount of power maybe you lost your wealth and your army power and youre still alive with a 170 IQ and only 30 years old well its hard to quantify but you have lost some specific quantifiable power for sure but you have some other powers you didnt lose and maybe you can rebuild power and maybe instead you will take to the bottle then kill yourself and lose it all.
    rhome you dont want to understand youre having cognitive dissonance because the jew jizz in your brain is being boiled by this viking power.


    rohme Reply:

    I see.

    I suppose your nose would have to have some interest before it decided to smell anything.

    I quite take your point, though.

    We will just have to agree to disagree.

    Posted on May 3rd, 2018 at 12:07 am Reply | Quote
  • colleen ryan Says:


    No rhome you have failed to say anything concrete i explained to you the ape power and then how trump used the same technique to become president against the will of everyone by force and by trade af actual things and services he worked his way from one type of power into a position of extremely more power.Your type of power is what lost all of you thought you could theorize away trump but you couldn’t.

    power is a real thing it can be physical power it can be wealth which might buy physical power, it might even be information and intellect both of which are actual things and also which are used to acquire actual power. I even explain bezos and his newspaper power he had to pay a lot of money for that power and he has to do actuarial things to maintain it or he will lose it what the paper does it does in the real world it talks to real live people like an ape would it picks their ticks and strokes them and makes fun of it rival because one day bezos and his allies want to control the us military because when you control the us military thats fuck you power rhome thats king fucking kong monkey business.

    here’s another thought experiment where have our differing opinions gotten us in terms of power over the other? Nowhere lies dont work on me and truth doesnt work on you and since we are not in the same space i cant make you.do you think its a coincidence only the powerless fall for communism its because the lies are free and they have no power to lose the only people with power in communism are the ones leading the scam. Its a bunch of beta power people that go around collecting votes from the homeless and trying to sell them to carpet baggers it failed in white peoples land because white people have power so commies imported niggers the niggers dont understand anything but free shit but thats ok nobody understand post modernism beyond free shit-
    here rhome this is your big idea if we find useless animals and promise them free shit if they riot we can blackmail people with shit for nuisance money and get a big cut ourselves. Brilliant rhome except you cant bring yourselves to stop so you have crossed the point where its no longer cheaper to pay it cheaper to kill you all in fact its the only way to even live at this point is to kill you all- are you happy you’re going to get billions of people killed see you in hell rhome.


    Posted on May 3rd, 2018 at 12:26 am Reply | Quote
  • colleen ryan Says:

    Hey rhome AI thinks, is it?


    Posted on May 3rd, 2018 at 12:28 am Reply | Quote