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A couple of remarks on the recent unpleasantness which have every chance of becoming thoroughly mainstream. First, a reminder from Mickey Kaus:

… there’s a good argument that “welfare benefits + ethnic antagonism” is the universal recipe for an underclass with an angry, oppositional culture. The social logic is simple: Ethnic differences make it easy for those outside of, for example, French Arab neighborhoods to discriminate against those inside, and easy for those inside to resent the mainstream culture around them. Meanwhile, relatively generous welfare benefits enable those in the ethnic ghetto to stay there, stay unemployed, and seethe. Without government subsidies, they would have to overcome the prejudice against them and integrate into the mainstream working culture. Work, in this sense, is anti-terrorist medicine. (And if you work all day, there’s less time to dream up ways and reasons to kill infidels.)

Secondly, from Richard Fernandez:

The Washington Post sets out five charts to explain Sweden’s “youth riots.” “The violent youth riots that spread across Stockholm’s suburbs this week seem at odds with the public perception of Sweden as one of the world’s most liberal and tolerant countries.” We are told the “youth riots” are due to the relative underprivilege of the “foreign born.” But does the Post mean Chinese immigrants then? No they don’t. The Washington Post knows what it means and we are supposed to know what it means, but we are not supposed to admit that we know what it means.

ADDED: Foseti ties things together, beginning with this exquisitely ominous sentence: “In Sweden, only dark explanations can explain the burning cars.”

ADDED: Considerably less likely to become ‘thoroughly mainstream’ any time soon.

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  • James Goulding Says:

    The mainstream-friendly (Cathedral-friendly) element of Kaus’s commentary is the idea that even more forced integration is necessary.

    Kaus isn’t convincing. One large motivating factor for Muslim and ethnic minority rioting and violence is that this behaviour is encouraged, i.e. this is a means for their communities, and their young men in particular, to acquire prestige and power. When the Cathedral doesn’t want violence and intimidation to be a source of status, it crushes these primitive phenomena—e.g. in the case of native thugs.

    Of course, Dalit power is capped by the Brahmin caste’s need to maintain authority. But for the unremarkable individuals who riot and commit terrorist acts, this is both unclear and irrelevant. Humans love whatever power they can get.

    The relationship between Islam, as scripture, and violence—i.e. the small amount of truth in the works of Robert Spencer et al—is that Islam, being a religion of belligerence, is most consistent with the Cathedral’s distributed-Machiavellian need for a pet nuisance.

    Another motivating factor, I think, is that as a (relatively) genuinely religious people with a unique outside perspective, Muslims recognise the worst excesses of the Cathedral (a.k.a. the Great Satan) and, in their primitive way, perceive their aggressive piety to be the only means of staving off sexual incontinence, brutalist architecture and the whole tacky, infantilised culture of the modern West.


    admin Reply:

    Despite its own oft-remarked stagnation, Islam operates as a crucial political accelerator, because it speeds the mainstream into collapse. Both mainstream Left and Right assume a version of ‘progressive’ change. For the Left, this is to be catalysed by the enlightened state, promulgating universal egalitarianism (the Cathedral). For the Right, it is to be achieved by economic pressure, compelling adaptations or ‘upgrades’ through competitive dynamics. Both sides of this spectrum operationalize Islam to spike the other. The Left exploits Islam as a militant refusal of adaptation, celebrating its stubborn rage as multicultural victimology — and one with unique agency (compared to which all other recognized victim groups — with the possible exception of black urban youth — are total pussies). The Right, less deliberately (I think), leverages the complete unassimilability of Muslim populations to progressive universalism, collapsing the last credible remnants of state-level social solidarity in rampant tribal conflict. The welfare state is fundamentally incompatible with large-scale Muslim populations. Educational teleology disintegrates. The cohesive social narrative frays and burns. In the end, quite patently, “there is no such thing as society.” A new chapter begins …


    AWC Reply:

    Outstanding brief summary of Islam and how it’s utilized by both left and right!


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  • Anomaly UK Says:

    Re the Kaus argument, here’s a 2009 article by Gunnar Heinsohn describing even Gaza as basically a problem of unemployment / welfare dependency. I was struck by it at the time.

    As to whether the Swedish government really could crush the uprising if it were not more convenient to let it continue: I’m not sure. I think “native thugs” are generally more vulnerable to a crackdown, because, in my limited experience, they largely are people with jobs and families, and embedded within a culture that is sympathetic to the state and its ideals. The state is helpless toward the rioters for the same reason it is helpless towards the native criminal underclass, because there is no punishment or harassment it is willing to inflict on them beyond what it is already doing.

    (Obviously if the state were suddenly to start challenging Carlyle or Cromer, it could do what it wanted, but that’s beside the point).


    Vladimir Reply:

    I think you’re wrong about this. When the cops get the directive to pacify the native thugs, they know that they have the licence to do what needs to be done, and no journalist or other busybody will be hounding them for whatever violations of due process they may commit in the course of achieving this goal, within very broad bounds of discretion. In contrast, when it comes to pacifying the immigrant rioters — or leftists practicing approved forms of “civil disobedience” — cops know that their every move will be held under microscopic scrutiny by journalists, civil rights bureaucrats and activists, and others capable of creating nasty legal and PR trouble, to the point of paralyzing all effective policing.

    Ultimately, it’s about the cops’ awareness about who has powerful allies and sympathizers capable of giving them trouble, and who can be pushed around without concern. All the trouble with the criminal underclass and rioting is just another consequence of this basic intra-government conflict. (In this sense, it’s a precise analogy for the bungling foreign wars of USG.) Absent this conflict, maintenance of public order is a very easy task.


    admin Reply:

    Yes. This is the Moldbug model, and it’s right. The Cathedral is structurally incapable of restoring order, domestically or internationally. Insofar as it persists, deepening chaos is confidently predictable.


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  • name redacted Says:

    “unemployment + welfare dependency = war”

    technology is increating both factors on the left, so the right side will get larger. the future sure is bright, vibrant like a thermonuclear mushroom cloud. will the singularity bail us out in time?


    Thales Reply:

    Glancing at my Strauss-Howe wrist chronometer, I reckon we have about seven years.

    Sooo, probably not…


    admin Reply:

    “I reckon we have about seven years” — When people look back, they’ll think it had already, very clearly, begun.


    Thales Reply:

    Hindesight is…something…something…

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