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A glimpse into the anarcho-capitalism of the dark web:

Despite his caution, [Dread Pirate] Roberts’ personal security remains an open question. But the potential lifetime in prison he might face if identified hasn’t slowed down his growing illegal empire. “We are like a little seed in a big jungle that has just broken the surface of the forest floor,” he wrote in one speech posted to the site’s forums last year. “It’s a big scary jungle with lots of dangerous creatures, each honed by evolution to survive in the hostile environment known as human society. But the environment is rapidly changing, and the jungle has never seen a species quite like the Silk Road.”


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  • Discipline Says:

    Considering that developing services on the internet is now mostly a way to give the American government more front ends to insert their back end into, maybe there are better opportunities out there for services like Silk Road that deal in more serious products.

    Y’know, defense contractors operate on legendarily inefficient engineering methods. Maybe it’s time to deploy some of the methods that work so well for producing Japanese cars and American software towards producing cheaper and better weapons. Disposable one-shot pistols are one thing, but how about the $5,000 drone?


    admin Reply:

    ‘Dread Pirate Roberts’ seems to be considering the same possibilities (which will undoubtedly do wonders for his security profile).


    Posted on August 18th, 2013 at 2:08 am Reply | Quote
  • Lou Finch Says:

    I’ve been re-reading Fanged Noumena. Why don’t you write about poetry anymore?

    (I know this is unrelated to the post, it just happens to be your most recent one.)


    admin Reply:

    Would getting back to this count?


    Posted on August 18th, 2013 at 1:08 pm Reply | Quote

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