Reaction, Repetition, and Time

Whether considered within the registers of physics, physiology, or politics, ‘reaction’ is a time-structured notion. It follows an action or stimulus, which it reaches back through, in order to annul or counteract  a disequilibrium or disturbance. Whilst subsequent to an action, it operates in alignment with what came before: the track, or legacy, that defines the path of reversal, or the target of restoration. It therefore envelops the present, to contest it from all sides. The Outside of the dominant moment is its space.

Reaction forges, or excavates, an occult pact between the future and the past, setting both against the present, in concert, and thus differentiating itself from progressivism (which unites the present and future against the past), and  conservatism (which unites past and present against the future). Its bond with time as outsideness carries it ever further beyond the moment and its decay, into a twin horizon of anterior and posterior remoteness. It is a Shadow Out of Time.

There is a far more immediately practical reason for reaction to involve itself in the exploration of time, however: to take steps to avoid what it could scarcely otherwise avoid becoming — a sterile orgy of disgruntlement. Finding nothing in the present except deteriorated hints of other things, reaction soon slides into what it most detests: an impotent micro-culture of vocal, repetitive protest. This isn’t right, this isn’t right, this isn’t right quickly becomes white noise, or worse (intelligible whining). Even when it escapes the ceaseless, mechanical reiteration of a critical diagnosis (whose tedium is commensurate to the narrowed times it damns), its schemes of restoration fall prey to a more extended repetition,  which calls only — and uselessly — for what has been to be once more.

If the New Reaction is not to bore itself into a coma, it has to learn to run innovation and tradition together as Siamese twins, and for that it needs to think time, into distant conclusions, in its ‘own’ way. That can be done, seriously. Of course, a demonstration is called for …

[Note: ‘physics’ deleted from the first line to pre-emptively evade a righteous spanking from enraged Newtonians insisting upon the strict simultaneity of actions and reactions within classical mechanics]

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  • ? Says:

    Visser, M. E., Caro, S. P., van Oers, K., Schaper, S. V., and Helm, B. (2010) Phenology, seasonal timing, and circannual rhythms: Towards a unified framework. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 365 (1555). pp. 3113-3127. ISSN 0962-8436 (doi:10.1098/rstb.2010.0111)


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  • admin Says:

    Thanks — I’ll check that out.


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  • richeyrw Says:

    I know you have mentioned it on UF, but one thing missing from this apparent retrenchment is the eschatological angle, which while related to the “West is Doomed” criteria you mentioned as one of the two primary is nevertheless its own animal.

    The reason I mention it here, is that while I like the idea of an innovative singularity bringing to pass the neo-reactionary utopia, constitutionally I am inclined to think the world is going to end with more of a bang than a whimper. But I’m eager for a demonstration of innovation married with tradition as opposed to nuclear weapons domestically partnered with post-modernism.


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  • admin Says:

    Lots on this topic to come.
    Sadly, though, my ‘demonstration’ is going to be far more about being adequately metaphysically stimulated as we nibble our radioactive roach-burgers in the ruins, than about the historical inevitability of ‘neo-reactionary utopia’ (I imagine you smiling twistedly as you wrote that).


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  • richeyrw Says:

    (I imagine you smiling twistedly as you wrote that).

    Of course…


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  • Wagner Says:

    Another day, another spiritual trial. Always looking up at the sky waiting for a ladder to roll down from a helicopter to take me to a facility to swap my fingerprints.


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  • Wagner Says:

    I wish I could drop certain subjects, it’s just that—

    “Here we go again! What is it this morning?”

    It’s just that I don’t see anyone else talking about them so I feel an obligation ya see. If the bluechecks quit sigh if they quit *chattering* and took up the mantle it would be a blessing to me, I’d finally shut up. THEY control the discourse in a way, as do the ones who award the validation symbols by their names, and we’re talking world-politics here, so there are not unprofound implications to all this. So much for a preamble.

    I’ve been imagining Zucker and Zuckerberg as little boys listening to elder yids talk about the holocaust. Hearing about these horrors drastically shaped the thoughtspace of today. I imagine them looking at little Mexican children at the border and strongly identifying with them, via their empathy with their ~grandparents. These are the kinds of wires and gears in the machine that the bluechecks systematically avoid.

    Holocaustianity 🌜🌎 Zoom out

    Now let’s take a look at what the hoi polloi is always in a hubbub about. They rage out about the Tyrant-Monarch who wants to build a scary wall and keep the little jews I mean Mexicans not Jews, Mexicans, save the Mexicans from the gestapo I mean their living conditions (which in neither case were caused by their genes obviously).

    Whether you think the Jews deserved it or not, let’s just be neutral, this is the content of our nation’s subconscious that is never talked about- “They would have died gruesomely!! oy!!! if we didn’t let them move here.”

    So trying to look at our weltanschauung objectively this is what I see. Seems biased on the part of the Zucks, and everyone pretends it’s a cohencidence. And the loyal dutiful goys fall in line, 6 billion Sorries are never enough.

    Meanwhile if we keep gaining browns eventually they’re going to be in the majority and guess what that means in a democracy? Meanwhile guess who moves to Israel when that happens?


    Wagner Reply:

    Does anyone else’s default google page look like this or is someone just messing with me, mine’s been like this for months:

    Sign of the Times. The post above this one is permanently happening in the “fourth dimension”, the background, the always-already of our historically situated human subspecies. It’s instantly forgotten as all programming (religion) is and fundamentally underlies all political debate. The more we talk about it the more it will turn to myth, then we can finally move on to the posthuman.


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