Sentences (#24)

Reports say lightning struck the crane in Mecca before it collapsed into the Grand Mosque

Note: It is not being suggested here that Gnonology has spontaneously sublimed into a revealed religion.

Here‘s some suitably chaotic video, mostly of value for the date stamp.


ADDED: It’s cranes versus skyhooks. “One might look to the potential deep in matter, ‘cranes all the way down,’ as Dennett puts it.” The prophecy is strong with these guys.

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  • Sentences (#24) | Neoreactive Says:

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  • spandrell Says:

    Allah is merciful. Gnon is not.


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  • Adam Selene Says:


    “What better way to die than by dying whilst performing Hajj?”

    The above might easily be categorised as a playground response (belief software patch) to the jeers of karmic punishment, if it were in fact just that – a mere reaction – except its not. Some muslims who may not have even noticed the coincidental date will think this.


    spandrell Reply:

    I think dying in battle gets you more huris in heaven.

    A good idea would be to shout “fire!!” in a crowded theatre, i.e. shout “Infidel infiltrator, over there, no, over there!!” during Hajj.


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  • Alrenous Says:


    A high-information (sensu that link) object is one which carries a lot of history around with it. It’s path-dependent, and preserves the fact that path has been taken.

    Seems obvious to me that this history-ladenness is the important part, not ‘information’ per se, whatever that happens to be. Information, if lost, can be copied from somewhere else. The lemur, if lost, has to be re-evolved from scratch.

    Or perhaps not, if intelligence is still around. Intelligence, if lost, really does have to be re-evolved from scratch.


    Alrenous Reply:

    Preserved improbability.


    Lucian of Samosata Reply:

    Seems to mesh pretty straightforwardly (from what I remember) with Mayr’s philosophy of biology.


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