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Goad on America’s racial psychosis:

It’s a logically impossible world where somehow society is rooted in white supremacy, yet this same society’s cardinal sin is white supremacy.

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  • Hostem Populi Says:

    Does anyone believe the narrative anymore?

    Someone in the blue tribes will know it to be a lie, but go along with it to keep his tribe in power. The SJW is an automaton, so the truth value of its beliefs are irrelevant.

    Someone in the red tribe will know it to be a lie, but go along with it to keep himself from being destroyed. (The cuckservative being the red tribesman who’s internalized this false consciousness. They *might* believe the narrative.)

    Perhaps the walking, talking blessings of diversity will believe it, because logic is a racist tool of white oppression and it’s convenient. (And coherent beliefs weren’t really going to happen anyway.)


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    Absolutely, yes, people really believe this stuff. Human beings are really good at believing stupid stuff, especially when it’s advantageous for them to believe it.


    Hostem Populi Reply:

    They might “believe” it, up until it matters if they “really believe” it.

    How many white people take advantage of those dirt cheap old houses in black neighborhoods?


    michael Reply:

    its not simply being told lies its also not being told how to distinguish lies from truth which was a big part of education once upon a time. So while they may see evidence that seems to contradict narrative their are all sorts of supporting arguments that they cant weigh, many will be circular crime causes poverty causes crime they loves them cycles just not operatic ones. which is why its pointless to argue the facts you would be taken down dozens of side roads and need to command the facts on every one, then if you can do that the facts will be disputed it wont matter the source there will be a dozen arguments from government conspiracy, structural racism, corporate collusion etc, If by some miracle you can get them to accept the facts against the dubious explanations of why reality doesn’t matter,you will then be up against the relative argument -‘thats your truth’ and likely circle all the way back to lived experience and start all over, if you can avoid that detour and point out if truth is relative then leftist values are no more true than nazi values. you will now be at the emotional argument it usually starts with well that just how i feel, if your partner is a high IQ you will be stunned and probably prod how they can be so irrational, at this point they may cry or become angry and call you vile names and try reporting you at least socially if not worse.About half way through this you will get the vibe that people who try to force adherence to reality and facts are judgmental assholes and kind of mentally disturbed and a bit evil.

    Duder Reply:

    What a lot of people seem to fail to realize is that these practices and policies are being invented and originated, and passed on, by people who are essentially psychopathic.

    These ideals originate in minds which do not have the goal of making the world better, but actually are motivated quite simply by a blind and sociopathic hatred of white human beings and white civilization generally. That’s the truth friends. This could arise from any wing of the Marxist thought, but ultimately it’s really rather straightforward and easy to identify those most responsible.

    If you can’t recognize then how can you possible fight this disease?

    I am pretty sick of the half truths. Either admit it or don’t. This crap is all coming from cultural Marxists in the universities and media. It’s a nest. If you really want to stop it, target them and expose them. Or don’t.


    Xoth Reply:

    But they want you to be sick.

    Grotesque Body Reply:

    Excluded middle: a significant proportion of blue tribe members don’t really think in terms of truth/falsity, strictly speaking, but in terms of social proof. Likely applies to many red tribe adherents as well.


    michael Reply:

    yes true I also live in rural northern idaho and work in the construction industry in nyc, while I would maintain the salt of the earth types are not nearly the rubes they are portrayed as its true they have a boblehead thing as well, what I find disturbing though is this. If you are intelligent and a good communicator you will garner their respect and they will trust you to teach them something very often, they have a humility about intellectual things. But even more disturbing is the liberals tend to be very well educated and yet completely immune to reason. I only have about a year of high school and less of college but catholic school in the 60s/70s was really big on the study of rhetoric and argument as a prerequisite to education


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  • SVErshov Says:

    narrative can be handy when concept remains undefined, it even can bring you airports back home (from Greece with love).


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  • Mr. Archenemy Says:

    It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? A society founded in sin guarantees permanent employment for its priestly caste. Actually, they’ve created a growth industry. Repent, comrades!


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Goad on pretending this wasn’t imported in the 20th century.

    Racist as a concept and word is an imported cultural cancer.

    Feminism being centered around not drunkenness [the actual American disease Suffragettes mobilized to stop] but centered instead around rape by male family member is a disease of a cousin marriage culture. Arabs have same problem.

    Race isn’t a native obsession. The political support for 1965 comes from the common American instinct for decency towards our neighbors. I quite remember the 1970s forward.
    The obsessive psychosis built really starting in the 1990s. Rather like the feminist obsession with rape and incest being an imported cultural cancer common to a certain cousin marriage culture the obsession with race isn’t native to White English speaking Europeans who are naturally cosmopolitan due to the cosmopolitan Polis and culture of 17th century forward England. Yes – Albion’s seed by necessity have been cosmopolitan in practice for 400 years.

    Race and white guilt are an imported and grafted from the Top Elite psychosis resulting from our foolishly allowing our elites to outsource day to day governance. Sure there is natural human friction but the racial world these deluded kids believe in is all their own lifetimes. In the 1980s this was at best fringe shake your head academic nuttiness. Only from the 1990s forward did this nonsense begin to get purchase.

    Yes kids even in the 1980s we didn’t have conversations like this, just as we SMH at the crazed concept of gay marriage – something not even whispered until the late 90s.

    Albion’s seed by necessity have been cosmopolitan in practice for 400 years.

    The Race madness is the madness of 1.8% of our population that makes up double-digit percentages of our elite. Also only true since the 1990s. Really. For instance Jonah Goldberg and Robert Rubin are both creatures of Clinton forward. That was the decade of government/elite capture kids – and it was The Rape of Russia vast riches that enabled it.

    What Moldbug and Admin are doing calling this “American” is like saying Meyer Lansky was Italian. No he wasn’t.

    I’m not actually of course Racialist or Anti-Semitic. I’m just pointing out these are not native disorders. If these were native disorders then America or possibly England before her would have gone this way along with the genocides of either Mao or Hitler by the mid 19th century at the earliest.

    So to recap:

    *Albion’s seed by necessity have been cosmopolitan in practice for 400 years.

    *Baggage from Eastern Europe and it’s cyclical barbarisms and depredations has made it’s way into our public consciousness as the Commanding Heights are for this brief period 1993-2015 dominated by that alien culture.

    *Rather like cousin marriage the feminist obsession with rape/incest isn’t native to White Europeans who are the most outbred group in history. As opposed to the most inbred group in history. NO it’s not NORMAL to be raped by Daddy/Uncle. Except in certain families. Like say Woody Allen’s family.

    *Racial obsession and purity of blood aren’t native to the American or even English psyche.
    Sure there’s recognition of different races. However until the 1930s it was common to call the French and Irish a different race than say English.

    *The death of the last of the old WASPs in the 90s allowed for the 60s Trots in waiting to finally seize their moment in the 90s – and they leveraged the privatization of the USSR’s former assets and that the most venal American political dynasty ever was elected in 1992 and to get their claws into every aspect of our government – save Local Law Enforcement and Military and that’s simply because both of them require danger, dirt, risk and Honor.

    *We’re living through a brief moment in history that’s ending now. It began in 1993 when Clinton named Rubin Secretary of the Treasury and Goldman Sachs/Wall street and USG/Treasury all got married with the vast wealth of the former USSR fire sale being the Dowry. Naturally enough the corruption spread pandemically through the government and elites with the vector being seemingly endless rivers of money.

    *This period of 1993-2015 has been extremely destabilizing for essentially 3 reasons:

    1] The dominant group’s recursive tragic error is they cannot bear to police [hurt] their own.

    2] Vast amounts of money are required to cycle daily to an ever larger pool of those in the loop and it’s required vast Fiat creation of anything that can be acceptable even as momentary article of transfer of wealth

    3] Neurotic Fear and Guilt of the host nation’s defense mechanisms combined with suppressed racial loathing of the host people’s lead to reflexive undermining and disabling of the host nation’s defenses. If DOJ’s Jaime Gorelick hadn’t disabled USG’s Intel and Military -both of whom found the 9/11 plotters- 9/11 wouldn’t have happened. She’s not Muslim or on the Saudi payroll – why do it? REFLEXIVE INSTINCTS.

    Note I mark the end of the period as 2015 and that’s the rise of Trump and the return of the natural yeomanry and stock of the American Nation to control. It’s not over yet but it’s clearly ending.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    So again: it’s not America’s native racial psychosis. Anymore than it’s America’s cultural cousin marriage with the attendant rape/incest in the family feminist psychosis.

    If you’re a young person reading this: everything you think is normal is the last 25 years. The previous 25 years – which were bad enough – weren’t like now.

    The present is about as normal as Gay Marriage.

    The Present is as normal as “Allah Akbar” being screamed in Texas, California or for that matter Germany or Paris. It isn’t normal.

    The good news is that was the Left Singularity and it’s ending now. If it wasn’t Trump – and if Trump fails – it will be somebody else. Sane people with guns will take the reins now.

    No lay down and die isn’t an option. You see the rest of us aren’t going to lay down and die – of course not.

    Now stop listening to Nihilism and get off the damn couch. Get out on your lawn and defend your home.


    Erebus Reply:

    >”The good news is that was the Left Singularity and it’s ending now.”

    What makes you think that it’s ending? What, for that matter, makes you think that we’re anywhere near the event horizon?

    In any case, I don’t think that anybody here is “listening to Nihilism.” Nihilism is one thing, acquiescence to reality quite another.


    Gentile Ben Reply:

    Nihilism, as I think it, is a mature understanding of Gnon, otherwise Nihil itself.


    michael Reply:

    elites at a certain point in a culture always seem to get lazy effeminate go slumming become corrupt stop building and fixing society and instead throw fiat at problems stop ruling their countries and lose control of their families,and outsource administration to carpet bagger class, begin to scorn their countrymen, import foreigners for servants and soldiers etc etc.Its as if once a culture reaches a certain point maintenance becomes a bore and left experiment entice.
    While i would say I saw clearly much earlier what was happening I agree I can not imagine it happening if the jews of the post ww2 era had not pretty much engineered it and used outsized power to push it along.along. The 60s and 70s at least in NYC had all of todays themes radical feminism racism transgender gay communism etc I never saw it interrupted as is claimed to have happened during Reagans years etc, It only became more mainstreamed every year.In the 40s and 50s many of americas non jewish futrure academics artists intelligentsia etc came as young people to places like NYC and fell in with a lot of i can I put this delicately, radical jews. Now these jews were probably ot intending to overthrow america consciously just being jews and their parents were often communists and anarchists going back to the turn of the century. In fact a similar dynamic had happened in the 20s and 30s and while the time wasnt quite right and it remained an mostly intellectual phenom it laid a cultural groundwork for this synthesis. In fairness america had a problem it should have repatriated the former slaves, and a senseble solution has yet to be found foe what to do with women many of whom are too bright to be satisfied with domestic life yet who are never the less wholly unsuited to administer the culture. So the time was tight something was bound to happen but it neednt have gone so wrong. My guess is post ww2 the jews figured they were safer in a sea of minorities that totaled a majority and set about it.
    Im not aware of the Russian angle beyond the looting,but do see the cultural marxist/ globalist economic alliance generally. Its so insidious for the first time in my life Im questioning total capitalism of course that is partly fed by consumerisms destruction of culture as well.


    vxxc2014 Reply:


    Ah yes but what’s the current NYC Trend Mike?

    The Trend is the NYPD turning their backs [HUGE].

    The Trend is Trump is getting elected by adopting this formula: He busts balls.

    NYPOST nailed it the other day. Trump is the return of Mike. The White working class returns at last. We’re men, it stood to reason our day would return.

    Cheer up. A New Yorker Construction magnate is leading the hard hats back into stewardship of the nation.


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    If the rise of der Trumpenfuhrer has any lasting positive impact at all, it’s going to be outside the actual machinery of democracy.

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  • Anthony Demarco Says:


    Call us when you bag your first G-man.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    I’m not after G-Men.

    I’m after enemies. What you’re mentioning is a conversation “Stay out of the way.”

    Find us if your balls ever drop.


    Anthony Demarco Reply:


    So, your enemies *won’t* be sending federal agents to your compound? That seems extremely negligent on their part.

    Until you show us the body count, your balls are just as undescended as everyone else’s.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Mine are fine dangling where they are.

    If you’re not going to fight and wish to lay down and die the decent thing is to die quietly.

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  • Mark Citadel Says:

    “It’s a logically impossible world where somehow society is rooted in white supremacy, yet this same society’s cardinal sin is white supremacy.”

    Thus we witness the macro-extension of the Limbaugh Theorem.


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  • Hostem Populi Says:

    And it all comes back to why they convicted Socrates…


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    On the other hand if you want to lay down and die then do it in silence.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Leftists love having someone to blame for all their failures. Kind of like White Nationalists and Jews, come to think of it. Buncha Reds.


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  • E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Says:

    This is perfectly logical, I think. For from the Puritan thesis arises the concept: society is a sin.


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