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When he speaks simply and off the cuff, [UK Labour Party leader Jeremy] Corbyn can have the moral clarity of a priest.

Well … yes.

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Make anything simple and two-tone and it is immediately appealing. Reminds me of the populist wing of #nrx and #altright also (because snap-fit-to-audience, a Crowdist method, is always socially successful, which is different in actuality from successful).


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  • TheDividualist Says:

    Reminds me of Tony Benn:

    “His mother’s theology had a profound influence on Benn, as she taught him that the stories in the Bible were based around the struggle between the prophets and the kings and that he ought in his life to support the prophets over the kings, who had power, as the prophets taught righteousness.”

    There is an interesting and probably important historic difference. When Prog memes were first raised in Catholic France, like Voltaire, they were explicitly anti-religious, anti-clericalist, and if not openly atheist at least tending towards that. Anti-clericalism is still a defining feature of the left in Catholic Europe. This is what I am used to, this is why I got so surprised what a gigantic cuck the current Pope is. I think in Protestant England it happened differently, Prog memes spread within the framework of religion, not against it, in various kinds of Dissenter churches, this also went on in America and this is probably why we have two different versions of leftism now, one, the winning, Anglo-American one, is explicitly Holy Joe and moralistic and really not that far from Puritan forms of Christianity, and the other kind of leftism, the Catholic-French style, is Enlightenmentist, anti-clericalist, and pretends to be rationalist and generally signals more smartness than holiness. This one is losing.

    I know little about Continental Philosophy, but according to Mark Lilla t hey tried sticking to a secularist Englightenment tradition up to Derrida who finally more or less accepted that justice, democracy etc. are basically religious (other-wordly, transcendent) concepts, because all their worldly versions can be deconstructed.


    Erebus Reply:

    >” the other kind of leftism, the Catholic-French style, is Enlightenmentist, anti-clericalist, and pretends to be rationalist and generally signals more smartness than holiness. This one is losing.”

    Does it still exist on the European continent at all? I can’t recall it having shown any signs of life over the past decade. The Nouvelle Droite is still around, and is actually becoming ever more important, but the New Left is dead and buried. The left has become so politically dominant in Europe, is so deeply entrenched, that “counterculture” has necessarily come to denote right-wing thought.
    …Importantly, the mainstream type of political leftism in Europe seems to be of the Anglo-American type, and almost wholly so. Even the so-called “technocrats” are nauseatingly moralistic and universalist.


    Ahote Reply:

    New Atheism movement in Europe is composed pretty much entirely out of Hébertistes. But, as a consequence of New Atheists’ rabid anti-theism they’re anti-Mohammedan, which puts them at odds with the mainstream left of today (which is why they’re being out-lefted by Anglo-American strain of Atheism, namely Atheism+). They still support the left though.


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  • Erebus Says:

    >”Now that he is in charge, many of Corbyn’s more centrist colleagues fear that his greatest priority—more important than winning the general election in 2020—is to restore Labour’s lost purity. “I don’t think he envisages himself walking through the door of No. 10,” a former adviser to Miliband told me. “I think he regards himself as a soldier in a longer fight. The Bolsheviks were this. It was about being there when the end comes, capitalism unravels, and the envelope opens.””

    >”“He is essentially anti-Western—I mean in political terms, in institutional terms,” one former minister told me.”

    >”Last November, after the Paris attacks, one of Corbyn’s shadow ministers, Pat McFadden, stood up in the House of Commons and asked Cameron to “reject the view that sees terrorist acts as always being a response or a reaction to what we in the West do.” Corbyn fired him for disloyalty. “The protest mind-set finds it very difficult to say, ‘This reality is not perfect but it is worth defending,’ ” McFadden told me, when I stopped by his office recently. “Underneath the relaxed geography-teacher demeanor, there is a line: you don’t disagree with the world view.””

    >”Corbyn: “[…] it’s about empowering people. That is what democracy is about. Is it going to be complicated? Sure. Is it going to be difficult? Absolutely. Are we going to achieve things? Oh, yes.””

    Oh, yes indeed. If this damned fool gets anywhere near the PM’s office, he’s personally going to drive the last nails into England’s coffin — and with, I’m sure, a smile on his face.


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  • Rod w Says:

    Corbyn provides much merriment to the nation as a sap with the mindset of a trot student from the 70s. His minders are more interesting. John Mc Donnell, like his leader, a cucksocialist who supports various terrorists like the IRA, Hezbollah etc ad infinitude, but more of a conniving thug, one suspects. And Fatty Watson, thug out of the Gordon Brown labour set, but like Mc Donnell, smart enough. Fatty probably more of a pragmatist but it will be interesting to see how it all plays out and who will end up with the key to the gimp suit, as it were… Nobody takes the idiot Corbyn seriously but… In the event of the Con party exploding over Europe, not impossible that Corbyn might make it to PM by a series of accidents. He’s even dumber than the late Tony Benn, late standard bearer of the idiot left, whom the Russian commies apparently didn’t recruit back in the Cold War because they thought he was too stupid to be any use! Unlikely but…


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  • Arkon Says:


    The anglo-fags are getting what they deserve aren’t they? Communist jew Enlightenment faggotry should be allowed to destroy its hosts everywhere so we can move on, and stop giving this degenerate anglo ruling class and its ideology any respect whatsoever. I always root for the far Left in the centers of degeneracy — these places must be sacrificed for the greater good of our people. Before long, a new breed of post-Enlightenment fighting whites will arise, and new nations created for our kind, because these Enlightenment universalist faggots are simply being out-competed by people with stronger creeds.


    Brett Stevens Reply:

    The anglo-fags are getting what they deserve aren’t they?

    The anglos resisted this until overthrown in the years following WWII, culminating in 1968.

    You might mean “the East Coast.”


    Harold Reply:

    “The anglo-fags are getting what they deserve aren’t they?” No.


    michael Reply:

    Tell us what you really think / Kidding Im with you basically but I think this idea of ceding the cities is as flawed as waiting for a collapse its not going to happen any collapse is only going to be an excuse to take the gloves off. the cathedral needs to be seized


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  • smg Says:

    I think of the academics as Bishops or Cardinals, politicians as priests, media as Sharia enforcers* (or prison guards), political parties as congregations – you get the idea.

    *mixing my monotheists religions, I know.


    Augustus Pugin Reply:

    and the lack of a Pope is no surprise given the cladistics involved.


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