Sentences (#58)

David Harsanyi asks a basic question clearly:

Why is it that so many of the same people who are skeptical about exporting liberalism (count me as one) are perfectly content with the idea of importing illiberalism?

(For future reference, the immediate background.)

Additional succinct sanity from the Harsanyi piece:

… it’s true that most refugees are fleeing genuine and horrifying violence. But it is also true that many refugees bring with them — through their culture, ideology, and faith — the same conditions that bred the violence in the first place. … Like the two presidents before them, Democrats now function in a fantastical alternative reality where every denomination is equally decent (other than, perhaps, orthodox Christians here in U.S.) and all of humanity share the same values and the same dreams.

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    But it is also true that many refugees bring with them — through their culture, ideology, and faith — the same conditions that bred the violence in the first place. …

    Spengler proven right, yet again: every population gets the government/culture it deserves!


    Julian Reply:

    I think you mean De Maistre.


    Aristocles Invictvs Reply:

    That’s Maistre not Spengler…


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  • Neocolonial Says:

    Because all parasites need a host and this one is dying.


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  • Sentences (#58) | Alt-Right View Says:

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  • Dale Rooster Says:

    “None of this is to say Muslims can never assimilate in the West. The U.S., for the most part, proves the opposite.”

    Assimilate to Yankeestan or Plainland? The theological divide in the West between Right and Left is deep enough to ask the following question: to which “US” would said Muslims might be assimilating.? My bet would be Yankeestan.

    “If, as Ayaan Hirsi Ali says, we keep pretending this has nothing to do with Islam, we will never actually talk about the problem.”

    After Orlando, it’s time to ask Progs why they hate homosexuals so much as to disagree with Trump’s proposed ban. Frizzle Frizzle Frizzle.


    smg Reply:

    The high portion (well educated) end up as sophisticated apologists inside the Cathedral. The low portion end up with the same degenerate behaviors as poor Americans until they find Allah and murder some infidels. The middle portion are hanging on by their fingertips same as middle class Americans – atomized and isolated. They don’t assimilate completely because there’s nothing valuable left to assimilate to.


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    Omar Mateen was a registered democrat, though I seriously doubt he was a Bernie bro for the (((obvious reason))). I suspect he was a conflicted homosexual — I mean a real homosexual, and not the low grade homosexuality manifested by Muslim men, especially in their native countries where rapable blondes are not on the menu. This is not a trite Freudianism. Just look at his numerous chin-stroking selfies.


    smg Reply:

    Possibly. It is odd that he focused on gays when Afghan culture tolerates and even condones boy rape/sex. I wonder if his father shared his ideas about homosexuality or expressed the more Afghan type tolerance for it.


    D. Reply:

    Afghanistan is unusual in the exceptionally high prevalence of man/boy sexual activity and the value placed on it in its culture, but this same behavior is found at a lower level throughout the Muslim world. They find nothing hypocritical in turning a blind eye to men taking sexual advantage of boys, while executing men who engage in homosexual activity with other adults.

    Cryptogenic Reply:

    I can’t decide if this bolsters or undercuts my case:


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  • Excremental Pessimism Says:

    What if both should be eradicated? From over here both are utterly shit and done away with. Some what get the hesitance to exteriority that is sweeping the globe at the moment, there is a complete incompatibility between the two that is dangerously overt. Yet there seems to be nothing worth saving in this interior, or “Western”, socius.


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  • jack arcalon Says:

    Our liberal overlords don’t mind the West becoming more Muslim as long as they remain firmly in charge.


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