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Quoted in Jared Taylor’s review of Guillaume Faye’s The Colonization of Europe:

“Allah is great. He brings madness on the enemy.”

Much else of (grim) excellence within, including this:

Mr. Faye has no hope in politics: “No solution can be found unless a civil war breaks out.” An ethnic uprising combined with another sharp economic downturn would bring the crisis to a head. There is no time left for either politics or metapoli[ti]cs.

XS would very much like to find this judgment unpersuasive.

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  • oh_really Says:

    Well said, I think a lot of people are thinking this way.

    The deeper question is, how might such a thing most come about in a way that slants advantageously? It’s not an easy question to answer confidently, but you’ve been observing and predicting in this sphere for a while, and your forté is cool and immoral, longterm extrapolation. For good or ill, the gnonish mental experiments of xenosys get read, and tend to carry weight.


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  • S.C. Hickman Says:

    I see it’s filed under Lunatic. What about your old buddy, Alexander Dugin? Here’s his The Manifesto of the Global Revolutionary Alliance from Russia’s premier lunatic:

    The Fourth Political Theory

    Eurasianist ideas — still consisting of anti-liberalism, anti-modernism, anti-eurocentrism, the structuralist approach, and multipolarity… The idea behind this was to create the normative for the future, completely removed from any modern political tendency — beyond liberalism, Communism and fascism.

    1. We live at the end of the historical cycle. All processes that constitute the flow of history have come to a logical impasse.
    a. The end of capitalism.
    b. The end of resources.
    c. The end of society.
    d. The end of the individual.
    e. The end of nations and peoples.
    f. The end of knowledge.
    g. The end of progress.

    2. In general, we are dealing with the end of a vast historical cycle, whose basic parameters are exhausted and upset. The expectations that had been a part of it are being erased or have proven to be deceptions. The end of the world does not simply happen, it unfolds before our eyes. We are both observers and participants in the process.

    3. The current situation is intolerable, not only as it is, but also because of where it is going. Today, a catastrophe; tomorrow, species-wide suicide.

    4. Those that have saved at least a grain of independent and free intellect can’t help but wonder: what is the reason for our current situation? What are the origins and triggers of this disaster?

    5. Just as there are causes for the current disastrous situation, likewise there are those whose interests depend on the status quo — who want it to last, profit from it, are responsible for it, support it, strengthen it, and protect and guard it, as well as prevent it from changing its course of development. This is the global oligarchic transnational class, which includes the political, financial, economic, and military-strategic core of the world’s elite (mostly Western), as well as a broad network of intellectuals who serve it, and executives and media moguls who form their loyal entourage. Global oligarchy becomes the enemy of all mankind. But the very presence of an identifiable enemy gives us a chance to defeat them, a chance for salvation, and an opportunity to overcome the catastrophe.

    Dugin, Alexander. Eurasian Mission: An Introduction to Neo-Eurasianism


    S.C. Hickman Reply:

    He fairly well hits the mark on the Cathedral concept just here: “This is the global oligarchic transnational class, which includes the political, financial, economic, and military-strategic core of the world’s elite (mostly Western), as well as a broad network of intellectuals who serve it, and executives and media moguls who form their loyal entourage.”


    S.C. Hickman Reply:

    Also his statement against false universalisms: “It is not only a struggle against Western universalism. It is a struggle against all universalisms, even Islamic ones. We cannot accept any desire to impose any universalism upon others — neither Western, Islamic, socialist, liberal, or Russian. We defend not Russian imperialism or revanchism, but rather a global vision and multipolarity based on the dialectic of civilization. Those we oppose say that the multiplicity of civilizations necessarily implies a clash. This is a false assertion. Globalisation and American hegemony bring about a bloody intrusion and trigger violence between civilizations where there could be peace, dialogue or conflict, depending on historical circumstances. But imposing a hidden hegemony implies conflict and, inevitably, worse in the future. So they say peace but they make war. We defend justice — not peace or war, but justice and dialogue and the natural right of any culture to maintain its identity and to pursue what it wants to be. Not only historically, as in multiculturalism, but also in the future. We must free ourselves from these pretend universalisms.”

    Dugin, Alexander. Eurasian Mission: An Introduction to Neo-Eurasianism (pp. 172-173). Arktos. Kindle Edition.


    Yahgurlwojack Reply:

    Dugin is certainly more likeable than admin, though this seems of courae a conscious choice on both of their parts


    New Roman Action Reply:

    By ‘likable’ do you mean ‘charismatic’?


    New Roman Action Reply:

    In any case it´s pathetic to talk about the likableness of someone while oneself is, as it were, wholly anonymous.

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    “No solution can be found unless a civil war breaks out.”

    One of the fundamental tenets of the New Right is that cultural shifts preclude political shifts, an idea inherited (indirectly) from Fred Nietzsche.

    Civil wars take many forms. The Brexit vote was one of them. Democracy aims to avoid direct conflict and so, it is likely that during this time, direct conflict will be avoided, but first there is going to be a massive spread in “anti-government” attitudes.

    From disaffected “intellectuals” to the middle class to the working class and finally to the faux-Brahmin elites, just as the 1960s radicalism moved…


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  • michael Says:

    So Admin seems we have been here a thousand times before
    Now that you are pinned and wriggling on the wall Im pretty sure you will come down in a moment and say that is not what i meant at all that isnt it at all.So let the play commence.

    So you agree we are submitting to our own certain destruction by non whites and that because of this insanity politics is hopeless. No voice.

    This is happening in all western nations.[I hope you dont think you are safe in china once white military hegemony is taken over by a coalition of the ANC and ISIS] So there is no sustainable exit. except wait for it…….

    The technological fixes you hope for are so vague and so far off, predictions even of what they will be, or what decade they will be available are absurd. In fact efforts by nigger lovers and the objects of their desires have for half a century been working to stop technology as racist and a waste of money better spent on making niggers equal. So even if this invasion were stopped today youre not going to get your tech, if any tech miraculously is developed DARPA will get it and give it to President Malia Hussein Zuma Obama. Or do we Dark knight have moles in NSA?

    Capitalism doesn’t seem to be an ally any more, its hard to say if they pwnd marxism or the other way around but one things for sure Big money and big marxism are on the same team and its not the white guy team.


    It seems to me all the infighting on the far right is because there is VOICE,EXIT,and WAR, but you and some others never mention war. Or rather equate it with mindless violence vaguely synonymous with socialism.
    Voice we all agree is hamstrung by cathedral politics and technology, though i think this blog and other voice tactics are evidence that voice for as long as its allowed is not an entirely useless weapon if used inventively.To what ends is the point we are discussing.

    You seem to put all your efforts into exit, Now as one who built a self sustaining and fairly defendable Galts Gulch in ’92, Im cool with exit. If I thought all I needed to do was move to iceland Newfoundland Id sell out in Idaho and Brooklyn and be rebuilding my hydrogen electrolyzer there. But.

    Since 92′ its become clear, exit will not be tolerated; [Do I really need to get into examples?]
    or even possible, Because not only has Bill Gates etal [tech money BTW] fathered a couple billion niggers with a repop rate of 6-2 over the next 25 years; the cathedral has made it crystal clear they plan to distribute them all to the west, Not mind you by the thousands or ten thousands or millions but by the tens of millions regularly scheduled delivery or the next decade,The US is already 40% non white.
    They have also made clear they will not be letting up on 1960s kill whitey reeducation they are mainstreaming it. They are demonstrating they do not want assimilation they want us dead. Just last week three resettled sand niggers gang raped a 5 year old girl then pissed on her in Idaho.
    So inquiring minds want to know what do you see that we dont, Because what it looks like is you admit voice and politics is hopeless, That doom is imminent, your exit strategies depend on such absurdly unrealistic time frames that even you routinely conflate them with science fiction,but you council do nothing.Why because moldbug says so?

    Now if youre simply saying, well fighting is such certain death and your children and civilization will die anyway you might as enjoy the decline,Then stop the fronting, how is that different from NRO?
    Even it it were hopeless would it not be better to die fighting?

    And how can you believe in the possibility of patches with crypto locked toilets and AI controlled robot armies but find defeating the cathedral hopeless? The Cathedral is OZ you must see that,They know they are on a runaway train they want to be stopped.Except the few who profit and the newly initiated 20 somethings.
    Intelligent people could solve taking the cathedral if they applied themselves, certainly its more realistic than this scifi approach. Its not that tech or moldbugs insights wont have place we are simply out of time, Davos hasnt called.
    And now the play will end as it always does.
    The final argument being this moldbuggian nihilism “The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday – but never jam today. “


    admin Reply:

    You seem to think kicking of RaHoWa is going to be easier than pushing forward on a whole range of Exit technologies and strategies. So, be my guest. Of course, I expect the only option the desperate populists will arrive at will be pointless crimes of the Breivik type (which strengthen the enemy).

    Faye is expecting the Muslims to move first — in some kind of Jihad-insurrection. That makes sense. Certainly more than the Alt-Right “Hey, if we can only be nastier to the muds somehow it will all come out right!”

    “Die fighting” (Kek). What exactly does that mean, concretely? Go on, seriously, tell me. All I’ve ever heard is chanting. It’s like a dog barking at a motor-car, pretending that if it wasn’t on the leash it would sort that piece of tin out good. Even more absurdly, NRx gets treated as if it was the leash. “Let us off! Woof, woof! Why are you holding us back?” We’re not holding anyone back, nor could we — go for it. Chase the car. No one’s stopping you.

    But unless you’re moronic enough to go full-Breivik, you won’t. Because there’s no freaking plan or anything like one. It’s empty bar-room chest-thumping, and the idea it’s somehow more ‘real’ than what Moldbug has been up to (even prior to Urbit) is a laughable delusion.


    michael Reply:

    Im not chest thumping and Im not going full Brevik I am sincerely asking myself what the fuck are people that seem to be more intelligent than I possibly be thinking? Can Soros and Clinton seriously think they will be allowed to rule once the ANC/ISIS has the numbers, can they not see it will be soon and irreversible?
    And what are people like you thinking or NRO types for that matter you seem to get how existential it is and I think you get how fast it is happening, [you may not get that people like me have read and appreciated MM since he was commenting on Blowhard and elsewhere as well as all sorts of other precursors to the DE. We get the impact certain tech will eventually have the problems inherent in democracy and all the rest.] but you are spending time theorizing literally about crypto locked sewer systems. Trust me you cant crypto lock a sewer system oh sure you can probably spend a trillion dollars and twent or thirty years figuring out how to lock a sewer system but all someone has to do is dig a hole punch a bunch of holes in a 55 gallon drum and voila red neck sewer system hey in India they dont even bother with the drum.The point is if you think you have the resources to work out the pay toilets and gun locks then you certainly have the several orders of magnitude less resources needed to simply take over the cathedral.
    You really dont see it as obvious is it that we dont have the time to invent elysium?
    No ones suggesting ruby ridge style revolution, I have been very clear that the intelligence that would be used to build crypto toilets and guns is what should be used to seize the cathedral. Imagine we could read anything we wanted on any computer or server in the world and yeah I mean those computers.What kind of power does that give you. Its not impossible undisciplined people have come really close.Just a for instance. I think a few dozen really smart guys could brainstorm a hundred ideas in a few hours of ways to turn the cathedral on itself, how to find out of who is a dissident within the cathedral, what are hundreds of millions of westerners really thinking what would they do under what provocations, which and how to infiltrate cathedral institutions, millions of things could be done that would take nothing like what building AI robotic armies will take.Forget the tech part the WNs are correct there is a very good chance the west is on the verge of massive civil war race class whatever its a powder keg.That an opportunity that happens rarely in human history but DENRX hasnt a clue of what sort of government they would field tomorrow if they were given the power.Not a fucking clue.And why you cant concede the basic common sense that it ought to be white is beyond me.
    So like with Soros and Clinton I can only conclude you all are not as smart as I think or you really hate yourselves and us and want us dead.


    Blogospheroid Reply:

    wesearchr, praised by admin in this blog is an attempt to turn the cathedral’s most useful investigative jounalists against itself.

    AQ321 Reply:

    What war are you planning on fighting? The far-right is not equipped to fight any sort of real war; not even with people who have military and intelligence experience(like me) lightly peppered in the mix. Taliban fighters have better training and more experience than most of you retards. And if you happen to be one of the few people with the proper knowledge and experience, and you are blathering all over the internet about orchestrating organized violence(Yes, talking about it fits the DoD’s definition of terrorism)…well, if I were you, I’d be bit concerned about things that go bump in the night.

    Maybe you should go back to your tendies and anime, because right now, you are playing with fire. And I promise, you will get burned.


    Xoth Reply:

    That time I realized the US had lost the war in Afghanistan too. Nothing to do with training or fighting experience.

    “An astonishing survey reported today by the Wall Street Journal claims that 92% of 15 to 30-year-old [Afghan] men didn’t know about “this event which the foreigners call 9/11″ after being read a three-paragraph description of the attacks.”


    AQ321 Reply:

    if you’ll recall, I specifically mentioned the Taliban not the general Afghan population. Generally, we were not fighting the general population. Secondly, what does their knowledge of 9/11(or lack thereof) have to do with their ability to be formidable combatants? And finally, do you seriously consider “The Blaze” and “WSJ” to be creditable sources of intelligence? The survey cited was done by ICOS, and surveyed 1,000 Afghan men in both Kandahar and Helmand provinces. Do you know anything about Afghanistan? Look at a map. That is a small fraction of Afghanistan, and how many Taliban fighters and insurgents do you think they surveyed in those provinces? An area of Afghanistan that had the largest U.S. Military presence at the time. I can tell you, probably none. What does any of this have to do with the ability of Taliban fighters?

    Xoth Reply:

    You’re pursuing a war where your opponents don’t even know why you’re there. It’s just another day in paradise to them.

    AQ321 Reply:

    The general Afghan population were not our opponents. Even if the pretext for going there was deceptive and misguided, it had nothing to do with the general Afghan population. And as I pointed out, what you provided is not anything close to evidence that the Taliban was unaware of 9/11. Not that it really matters anyway.

    As an aside, if you survey the average person who is not engaged in geopolitical interests, even in the US, people are clueless. People who were there when it happened even. If you survey people about shit that isn’t immediately relevant to them you’ll discover that you wasted time finding out what you already knew; that they don’t know anything about it. But hey again, your point still has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not Taliban fighters were/are formidable combatants.

    Xoth Reply:

    The collateral damage don’t even know why you’re there blowing up their weddings. The Taliban don’t know or GAF either. Half of them were born after 9/11 anyway. You’re just another foreign enemy tribe to be driven out.

    And that has nothing to do with how formidable or experienced fighters the Taliban are. “Nothing to do with training or fighting experience.”

    So to return to the alt right: That kind of mentality at home is probably the worst nightmare of the DoD and permanent bureaucracy. Or should be. No need for any advanced training or flanking envelopment at Cannae or deep coordinated strategy using the internet and smartphones, that’s just garnishing. No top down leadership to be blown up, only bottom-up reaction. Just relentless hostility and opportunistic violence, this time not by welfare trash but by former tax payers. Things fall apart.

    michael Reply:

    The constitutional issues on discussing “revolution” were settled unequivocally in the 60s. No ones suggesting terrorism.And the west is full of discontents at every level of government its a simply matter of finding and organizing them. Elites are dying to be stopped they know they are on a runaway train they just dont want to be the first to say the emperor has no clothes.


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  • Meursault Says:

    Would admin consider changing the background of comment replies from black to a lighter colour? It gets hard to read at times, especially on a mobile device.


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  • John Hannon Says:

    Thankfully Faye’s apocalyptic picture of Muslims in France is difficult, if not impossible, to relate to Muslims in Britain. Whether it’s because “our” Muslims are mainly Pakistanis rather than Arabs, who knows? But having lived and worked alongside them in inner city Birmingham all my life, I have to say I’ve always got along absolutely fine with them. For instance in the years I worked alongside a large number of them in the NHS, they would bring in home-cooked tandoori chicken and samosas to share with everyone at the end of Ramadan and at Christmas we’d share mince pies and even exchange Christmas cards.
    So Muslim cultural assimilation IS possible, just as in previous times the distinctive culture of my Irish ancestors was assimilated –


    John Hannon Reply:

    Alright, after witnessing this the other day, even I have to admit to concern about the Muslim population here, if only on account of its ever increasing size –

    A record 90,000 this year (biggest Eid celebration in Europe) and who knows how many next year or the year after, or in 10 years time. Nevermind that it all passed off completely peacefully, it still felt like an invasion, and sadly no amount of samosa sharing kumbaya is ever going to assimilate such numbers.
    Now which direction is Mecca again?


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  • and they will be moved, and be mad | Says:

    […] XS would very much like to find this judgment unpersuasive. […]

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  • proleaklypsis – informationtradition Says:

    […] admin Reply: July 2nd, 2016 at 2:46 pm […]

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  • Beur Says:

    Reading this as an Arab in France, living in a comfortable, leafy suburb about evenly divided between North Africans, Portuguese, and East Asians, I find myself thinking of the old Jewish joke about the rabbi who used to read Der Stürmer:

    “ When I used to read the Jewish papers, all I learned about were pogroms, riots in Palestine, and assimilation in America. But now that I read Der Stürmer, I see so much more: that the Jews control all the banks, that we dominate in the arts, and that we’re on the verge of taking over the entire world. You know – it makes me feel a whole lot better!”

    Nevertheless, at the risk of dispelling the pleasant glow this review gives me, I feel that it’s worth pointing out a couple of its more bizarre divergences from reality…

    Review: “Large non-white families are charming, but any white woman with more than three children is a broodmare too stupid to have a career.”
    Reality: Nice as it would be if the French made an exception to their anti-natalist principles for immigrants, the reality is that they frown on any sign of a woman being family-oriented at least as severely in immigrants as in “françaises de souche”. There is one difference, though: immigrants are likely to have at least a few foreign friends, and hence be a little less susceptible to the pan-European social pressure to think of babies as a terrible inconvenience.

    Review: “France is no longer capable of deporting illegal immigrants.”
    Reality: France forcibly deports about 15,000 people a year.

    Review: “Charity towards the unfaithful is worse than absurd; it is blasphemy.”
    Reality: Uh, no: charity is sadaqah, which can be for Muslims or non-Muslims alike; for a typical example of the latter, try,77716.php. Zakat corresponds more to tithing.

    Review: “Muslims know that the open practice of other religions in forbidden in their own countries”
    If by “their own countries” this guy means “Saudi Arabia”, sure. If they mean the countries that most French Muslims actually come from, not so much.

    Review: “The other reason is that Europeans refuse to understand race.”
    Reality: Most of the (North African) immigrants this guy is complaining about are white. Quite a few of them are physically indistinguishable from Frenchmen – much less from the Portuguese and Italians he approvingly cites.


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  • TheDividualist Says:

    @Beur have you by any chance saw La Haine (1995)

    Youth in that movie are 40 years old fathers now, most likely, and their teenage children in the same situation… Arabs and Blacks in the banlieaus, hating each other and white society, hating the police who are also mostly Arabs and Blacks… it was one of the defining European movies of my generation. Despite that it is a mainstream movie (Canal+) and thus heavily PC-filtered, it still gives the impression that 1) it does not work, it is fully dysfunctional 2) the primary reason it does not work is not that whitey is being raycis to angelic holy immigrants, the problems are far deeper and more confused than that.

    Anyhow, the important thing to consider is class, not the money sense, rather the education sense. The most common mistake is ignoring that: we are often guilty of it, so are liberals, so are everybody else. You are obviously upper class (highly educated). The educated classes are by nature cosmopolitan and easily integrate internationally. You have more in common with a white Oxford student than the average Syrian fugee. It is largely due to this that the educated white elites don’t understand the problem: when they look at immigration, they look at their classmates, and they see someone like you, or someone like Razib Khan, and deduce, correctly, that these people are OK. And then deduce, incorrectly, that all immigrants are OK and the only problem is lower class whites being small minded hateful bigots to them.

    And the deadly irony of history is that it is even part true: of course lower class whites have something of a small minded hateful bigot in them, that is what lower class means, if they had more complex minds they would climb the class hierarchy. However, the killer joke is this: lower class Blacks and Arabs are EVEN MORE of a small minded hateful bigot, because they didn’t have 300 years of Enlightenment trying to make them into something else, also because they have a culture of ressentiment while whites have a culture of historic guilt, and so on, many reasons.

    And the suicidial mistake of white elites is not admitting this aspect. And ideally it would be the job of someone like you to point that out: i.e. take the worst lower class hateful stupid white bigot, multiply him by three, and you got the lower class Arab. Or Black.

    And then to arrive to the conclusion that maybe it would be better if these people were somehow isolated, separated, segregated from each other. The educated elites should freely mingle, there is nothing wrong with that, but the small minded lower class brutes of a white, Black, Arab background should be separated for their own safety, ideally by firmly guarded national borders, if not possible, then by some kind of an internal segregationism.


    the Dark Elf faction that actually maintains the human Imperium Reply:

    Nature > Nurture

    < Gnurtur


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  • the Dark Elf faction that actually maintains the human Imperium Says:

    And they will be moved, and be mad.

    The who do, who do?

    What you

    done said to people.


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