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Fiasco is rooting for Trump.

(Hillary, then fiasco, would be the optimum sequence.)

ADDED: This is the kind of thing that makes Fernandez a candidate for the most lucid political commentator writing today —

The really shocking thing about 2016 is that the public was far more radicalized than the pundits and pollsters — and politicians — anticipated. This mental state accounts for the curious reaction of Trump’s supporters to his gaffes. They ignore them and double down on their assertions. In other words they are acting just like left-wing publics have acted for years.

Suddenly both sides want to hurt the enemy (rather than that being an exclusively leftist thing) — and all hell breaks loose. Welcome to 2016.

ADDED: Kinda sorta related (but worth pinning up anyway) —

This is a major factor in the class-based schism in the GOP: One class, which never had much truck with the leftist-promulgated / college-inculcated speech codes, is completely against this bullshit, and the college educated folk are trying to rescue a Decent Speech Code out of [t]he horrorshow of the left’s speech codes.

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    War, followed by an Obama dictatorship, would also be excellent.


    admin Reply:

    Trump, then it will all be okay — Alt-Right fantasy world.
    Hillary, then it will all be okay — dupe-tier Cathedral fantasy world.
    Trump, then it all goes to shit — Cathedral deep strategy.
    Hillary, then it all goes (even further) to shit — Right Acceleration.

    Obama Dictatorship sounds promising, but the mechanics need work, and Civil War has to follow.


    Alrenous Reply:

    Hillary can’t make it go to shit the way Trump can. She will produce normal, business-as-usual catastrophes, which have frankly been done and don’t excite anyone. The only reason a Hillary win is good/BTFSTTG is due to being obvious electoral fraud, thus landing the coup de grace on democratic legitimacy. If even America can’t election, who can?

    Normal catastrophes, like recessions, will get overshadowed by Trump catastrophes, and the nature of Trump catastrophes are very bad for the Cathedral. For Trump to get his wall, or indeed anything of his platform, he’s going to have to crush the Cathedral. It will break before it bends, it’s gotten too complacent – it won’t be a temporary setback, as it could be, they’ll fight to the death.

    Alternatively, the Cathedral crushes him. This will reveal that POTUS is powerless, and deliver the coup de grace to democratic legitimacy. There’s no way to subtly not build a wall. Either bricks meet mortar and make beautiful music together, or they don’t. There’s no way to subtly not ban Muslim immigration. Either Trump crushes Cathedral, or Cathedral crushes POTUS.

    Either way, a win for chaos and disaster.


    admin Reply:

    “Either way, a win for chaos and disaster.” — You should be aiming for a gig as his speech-writer.

    Eldrick Reply:

    The Trump longshot remains, potentiality for fomenting a civil war within the NatSec state (Pentagon v Foggy Bottom/Langley) and turning NatSec State vs. Cathedral (MA State Trooper APC in Harvard Yard).

    More likely centrist Trump provides cover for a myriad of simultaneously failing post-war institutions.


    Alrenous Reply:

    I’m disappointed – though I shouldn’t be – that the impossibility of an Obama dictatorship doesn’t go without saying. (Thus I neglected to mention it above.) The man is a career patsy. There’s hardly a leadership bone in his body. Obama puppet dictatorship, maybe – but look at how silly the words seem.


    John Reply:

    Totally agree. Obama doesn’t actually want power. He just wants people to like him. It’s obvious that he can’t wait for his term to end so he can move on to his true calling of magical negro celebrity.

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    Land could be a crypto-leftist in the sense that, if Hillary wins and it goes even further to shit, and an Ubermensch savior arises out of the wreckage, the Ubermensch savior could be an instance of it going even FURTHER to shit, whereupon a leftist savior arises out of THAT wreckage.


    Apatheos Reply:

    If, following Carlota Perez, the Green technology revolution is the necessary bubble following information technology; Clinton seems poised to best accelerate this. However, Trump may privatize the federal natural preserves and parks. Maybe even Canada.


    michael Reply:



    Cryptogenic Reply:

    Then there is the popcorn. It continues to be enjoyable to see the smug and complaisant, like John Stewart, reduced to Rumpelstiltskin foot-stamping. You cannot leave out the popcorn.


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  • John Says:

    I have to admit that I really don’t get the love for Fernandez. For me, all of his content is just meh.


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  • August Hurtel Says:

    The conspirators are afraid of the non-conspirator.
    The criminality has lasted a long time. The Republicans and Democrats must have promised not to go after each other, because they never do. They say bad things about each other, but the only time someone gets put in jail for something is when they also happen to be upsetting their own leadership. James Traficant, Rod Blagojevich, etc…

    Suddenly, there’s potential for the Clintons and the Bushes to find themselves under indictment. There’s potential for a cleaning out of many, many government employees. Regardless of whether or not Trump necessarily intends to go this route, he probably will, because there will be intransigence. They will want to sit on their hands and let the economy tank, expecting that Trump will be blamed, and that they will be in a better position to run against him in four years.

    The mutual blackmail has worked for the Bushes, Clintons, and a variety of others, but suddenly they are threatened with and outsider that they’ve got no blackmail on. And the easiest route for Trump to implement his plans is to simply remove the criminals and replace them with people loyal to him. I’m pretty sure the F.B.I. is ready to go on quite a few investigations, but they aren’t going to move until they feel safe about it. Additionally, sometimes the F.B.I. is involved in shady things too, to there’s probably some blackmail there too.


    michael Reply:

    perchance to dream


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  • SVErshov Says:

    Everybody trying to read Trump, and compose their message.

    Thiel: – let me first move to Mars then you can do anything you want
    Marillyn Hewson (Lockheed Martin/CEO) – you are showman, so lets make it clear whose ‘president’ you are.
    Black Life matters – you are not black, but we undertand not all white people are bad.


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  • frank Says:

    How anyone can predict–with a shred of confidence–the likely outcomes of a president Hilary or Trump is beyond me. To me, it’s too chaotic to conjure a meaningful strategy.

    Hilary wins:
    > Everything goes to shit–civil war ensues–god of democracy bleeds, and eventually dies.
    But then the following could easily happen as well:
    > Money printing and central bank propaganda works for another 8 years. During those 8 years Hilary imports tens of millions of third world criminal voters. Hilary chooses a commie SCOTUS. SCOTUS trashes 2A. South Africa style home invasion massacres against Amerikaners become common. Amerikaners are demoralized and learn to live with South Africa-like conditions. Slow decay into Brazilo-South Africa.

    Trump Wins:
    > SHTF and economy breaks. Trump is blamed for it instead. People keep worshiping democracy. Another Obama is elected in 2020. Slow decay into Brazil.
    > Trump causes an actual war between Red empire and Blue empire. Civil war ensues, America fragments. God of democracy stays alive.
    > Trump de facto ends democracy by abusing executive orders, retires government employees, ends Cathedral. In other words, soft coup.

    The situation is unpredictable, there’s too much uncertainty.


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  • Peter A. Taylor Says:


    James James Reply:

    Just checking you know Duffelblog is satire.


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  • S.C. Hickman Says:

    Craps anyone? Snake eyes rolled by Hilary and Trump. Obama steps in with the death blow, ousts the Senate and Congress, becomes Czar of Czars – leaves the Civil war in Joe “Schmoe” Biden’s hands, offers amnesty to Thiel, gathers his Cronies from Wall Street and the Middle-East and strikes out for Mars with nukes to blow the poles and start the climatic engine rolling… else, the Coup ends in failure, Hilary and Trump roll sevens, both share in the exploitation bound by pre-nuptial agreements signed long ago at a fundraiser Trump gave for Hilary running for an earlier Presidential race… They shut the government down and enforce Martial Law and take a Holiday to the Burning Man Festival where they are duly crowned sacrificial gods and burned in effigy by delirious fans… the Nation goes on a 10 year Carnival – the Lord of Misrule in absentia now plays a fiddle on Mars Colony singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’…


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  • michael Says:

    if trump wins and turns out to be a smart guy which is hard to believe unless hes a fucking super genius. so hes smart and actually tries to clean house all hell will break loose, The libs are going to be apocalyptic just for his winning but if he tries even obama level disregard for “law[asif] they will go apeshit both on the street and inside. This will enrage the trumpsters having suffered through 150 year of fake conservatism and have their savior thwarted well white riot and then we will see who really has power the police and military will tip the balance.
    If he gets through this phase or survives long enough the end is in doubt the economy comes into play it may just start unraveling theres not much supporting it, the cathedral could crash it out of desperation, it might surprise and capitalists come out of the shadows.
    depending how that goes it could get international it could be war world war we could even lose war then again trump would launch

    If trump wins and hes who he seems they are going to cut him up It will be hard to watch and the tension will rise he could be vindictive and do some crazy shit that might be fun and that might still play out like above but most likely he will be humiliated as will his followers but they will explode one day probably not while being humiliated later.

    if she wins it will be continued acceleration hard to imagine after last eight but count on it being shit you cant even believe today.If they can keep the ponzi scheme going if not its war and civil war
    probably they keep it going and domestic terrorism begins by whites, this will be spectacular muslims will look like rank amateurs, movie stars politicians will be assassinated it will match her left acceleration in blood. the left will not fight back theyre fags. the cops and military will reluctantly do their jobs without enthusiasm knowing its ex police and military mostly on the other side.This will embolden the right and left street theatre will be unsafe and stop.

    definitely not time to run low on popcorn


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  • Jack Arcalon Says:

    There could be an extreme age, but it hasn’t begun yet.
    Seems most folks are still waiting for someone else to be first to break the political correctness taboo. There’s no stronger fear than losing respectability.
    It doesn’t help the media has completely blocked all non-PC explanations and viewpoints.


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