Sounds like a plan …

If Putin was facing down Fernandez he’d have something to worry about.

ADDED: (In a spirit of scrupulous nihilistic detachment.)

ADDED: “Whether the administration was, as The Washington Post reported, “blindsided” by Russian military operations, or whether it quietly welcomed the bombing as some kind of macabre burden-sharing, Moscow’s Syrian initiative makes matters worse. As Nancy Youssef of the Daily Beast recently tweeted that she ‘overheard’ at the Pentagon, ‘Right now, we are Putin’s prison bitch.'”

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  • Ryan Says:

    You have to wonder why Fernandez sees a problem with Russia entering the war in Syria. The worst case scenario is that the Baathist government is able to restore peace and stability. The best case is that Russia gets drawn directly into conflict with proxy armies armed and supplied by the United States. Was the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan a good or bad thing?


    Alrenous Reply:

    Fernandez is American. He therefore wants American tribes to succeed and less-local tribes to fail, even if the further tribes’ actions support his goals and the American ones don’t.


    Mike Reply:

    Fernandez is a Filipino national who lives in Sydney (last I checked). He studied at MIT though.


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  • Sounds like a plan … | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Jochem Frank Says:

    Not sure what current US requirements in-country are, but didn’t much of the supplies needed by the coalition enter Afghanistan via the “Northern Route” (i.e., transited Russia) and wasn’t much of the coalition-required AvGas purchased from Russian sources…?


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  • Mark Citadel Says:

    Putin and the motivators that are pushing his regime in various directions are really fascinating. I have an upcoming ROK article on the subject. It is like Russia somehow pulled an Engelbert Dolfuss from the wreckage of the Yeltsin era.


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  • Scott Alexander Says:

    First of all, is there some way to remove sea mines once you’ve lain them? Otherwise this becomes a big semi-permanent disaster, cf. Laos.

    Second, what’s to stop Putin from saying “Oh, so mining random waters is okay? All right, just mined Odessa / Tel Aviv / Hormuz, have fun.” He doesn’t seem like the sort to give in easily.


    Hattori Reply:

    I thought about that too. Wiki describes a bunch of countermeasure methods but they all seem like a major pain in the a**.


    Lucian of Samosata Reply:

    “First of all, is there some way to remove sea mines once you’ve lain them? Otherwise this becomes”


    Ryan Reply:

    To defeat the mines they can potentially use the combat dolphins they took from Ukraine when they annexed Crimea:

    Dolphins are so awesome.


    michael Reply:

    youre calling rapists awesome?!


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  • SVErshov Says:

    Chinies ships on the way to join Russian.


    admin Reply:

    The general WWI-ishness of the situation is getting ridiculous.


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  • ryan Says:


    Teach dolphins not to rape.


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  • Lucian of Samosata Says:

    “Russia has created a Frankenstein in the region which it will not be able to control,” warned a senior Qatari source.

    Qatar confirmed for master trolls.


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  • SVErshov Says:

    when no good choices are left look for the bad ones, ‘nothing counters cunning but more cunning’ conversion of constraints into new opportunities for action. some sequence of acceleration.


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  • Wagner Says:

    This is the hyperstition of hyperstitions:

    “… no irony intended.”

    How will the millennials ever recover??

    Is there any wizard of oz in particular you’d like to see thrown through the window of their skyscraper?

    I guarantee you we will film it, and I guarantee you you will enjoy it more than anything you see in the movie theaters.

    Throw one out a window and we’ll see how the rest “adjust” to our new way of dealing with scum in this country.


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