T-shirt slogans (#18)

Democracy is slow-motion fascism.


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  • Bob Says:

    Caesarism is the more accurate term, although I suppose the term “fascism” is more salient now and most people today probably think Caesarism has something to do with salads.

    Spengler and Weber talked about democracy leading to Caesarism, Weber specifically in the context of American presidential politics:


    “Max Weber argued that every mass democracy tends in a caesarist direction. Weber employed the term to stress, inter alia, the plebiscitary character of elections, disdain for parliament, the non-toleration of autonomous powers within the government and a failure to attract or suffer independent political minds. A hundred years ago – even before present-day modes of campaigning, before present-day modes of political fundraising, before television advertising – Weber was of the view that the position of the President of the United States lies on the road to a pure form of caesarist acclamation. After analyzing Weber’s views, the paper examines recent trends in American presidential politics.”


    Quint Essential Reply:

    I’ve said it for a long time. Roman history should be required in every school, and in depth study of the Late Republic. Though that’s partly because of my own focus on it…

    The Gracchii brothers’ story really shines light on the perils of popular franchise. It would take a very closed mind not to see it, I think.


    Rucoi Reply:

    I’m not sure Caesarism is currently concentrated in the Presidency, at least not according to this: http://www.xenosystems.net/popcorn-activism-ii/

    The concentration seems to exist as an activity who’s figurehead are varying ideologies accumulated and deposited into a low common denominator output i.e. self-righteousness.


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  • Setra Says:

    At any place moldbug mentions communism you seem to replace the word with fascism. Is there a particular reason you make this inversion?


    admin Reply:


    Fascism is an altogether more serious thing than communism, because it can actually work. (WWII was a conflict between three versions of fascism — five if you count the East Asian ones — and the global order is still based on the one that won.) Communism in power always switches to fascism once it hits Left Singularity — a transition point that is usually (and vividly) indicated by mass cannibalism.

    It’s not difficult. A regime with zero realism is not sustainable. Fascism coopts capitalism, nationalism, and religion, rather than pursuing their utter liquidation, which allows it to exist (outside a faculty lounge). “America Is A Communist Country” is cute — and when interpreted correctly, true enough — but its concrete implication is that the place is run on fascist lines (ideologically-populist flexible-managerial statism).


    michael Reply:

    I see it more like the commies couldnt sell socialism to enough americans but realized some of their side destabilizing projects had potential so switched to redistributing wealth [ and later power as occult wealth] to minorities and outgroups instead of classes. Everything that looks like fascism is rhetoric to gin up this or that minority and its supporters. Its still redistribution at heart. That said most fascist were commies too since they are both populist and propagandist sort of makes sense they will converge.I suppose the test is whats the motivation is it religious or signaling. again these are conflated but most leftists are genuinely motivated by moral impetus while less only signal to get along.


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