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Quote note (#365)

Immigration sense from Ben Sixsmith:

But what of proposed merits of open borders? A consistent failure of the Economist’s article is a reluctance to distinguish between different migrants. If one finds the study, it turns out that 54% of the men and women who expressed a desire to migrate came from Africa and the Middle East —with another 20% being from Central America. Yet the most successful immigrants, in terms of launching businesses and earning wealth, have been found to hail from Asia and Europe. A UCL study found that European immigrants to Britain contribute more to the economy than they take from it while the opposite is true for non European immigrants. It is senseless, then, to claim, as the author of The Economist article does, that immigrants are “more likely than the native-born to bring new ideas and start their own businesses”. Immigrants do not come from “Immigrantland”. Population differences related to entrepreneurial and earning potential are real, and significant, and difficult to bridge.

(Always discriminate more.)

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Twitter cuts (#135)

Holy Gnon Abomenon!

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Sentences (#61)

Tyler Cowen on the Brexit message:

if you are thinking that voting “Leave” does not at all limit Pakistani immigration, you are truly missing the point; this vote was the one lever the English were given for sending a message to their politicians.

(The entire post is impressively Ideological-Turing-Test-competent.)

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Chaos Patch (#90)

(Open thread + links)

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Charlie Rose interviews Lee Kuan Yew (Oct 2009).

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Twitter cuts (#32)

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Chaos Patch (#86)

(Open thread + links)

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Quantum foundations of entropy. Efficient slime. Hot-head rats. Chimera. Hilbert curves.

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Quote note (#193)


Carle C. Zimmerman, the Harvard historian and sociologist, was not a religious man, but in his book Family and Civilization, which examining the history of the decline and fall of ancient Greece and Rome, and looking at medieval and modern European history, Zimmerman found that the presence of 11 factors preceded the dissolution of those civilizations — factors relating to the atomization and fragmentation of what he calls the “domestic family” (one man + one woman, exclusively). Those factors include widespread divorce, the loss of a sense that the domestic family is normative, and the general acceptance of sexual diversity (called “perversity” by Zimmerman, but he wrote in 1947).

In Zimmerman’s view, the family is the basis for civilization, and “familism” — an ideology that in general puts the family’s needs above the needs of the individual — is necessary for a healthy, stable society. A society that has lost familism will follow customs and impose public policies that work against the domestic family, thereby eating its seed corn. Fertility declines, and with it, the civilization’s ability to thrive.

So says Zimmerman. If he’s right … this is us.


(Yes, the first sentence of this quote is a grammatical train wreck — beyond anything I could work out how to fix. Read Dreher’s intro. to the article for a — partial — excuse.)

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Chaos Patch (#80)

(Open thread + links)

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Government intelligence. The claim of tradition. Against schooling. A Polish prophet. Cryptic aliens.

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Quote note (#184)


It is little surprise that people want to move from badly organised countries to better organised ones. What is more surprising is that the causes of bad national organisation are so often ascribed to external factors rather than to the people who live in such countries. The theory seems to be that some people, by an accident of birth, had the good fortune to be plonked down in a place with laws, institutions, roads, schools and hospitals, while others had the misfortune to be born in places with dictators, gangs, muddy tracks and slums. According to this world picture, if you move people from the unfortunate to the fortunate geographies, then the world’s problems are solved.

One consequence of escaping this common error is the downgrading of the territorial obsessions common on the right. Free association is the real topic of concern. Pieces of real estate are never more than rough proxies for that.

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Arguments that indiscriminate immigration is socially beneficial are too widespread to pick upon in detail — spend any time over at The Economist or, for the full-throttle ‘altruistic’ version, Bryan Caplan’s place, to be inundated in them. It’s hard to see how a lack of selectivity could ever be advantageous from the perspective of the demographic recipient, but the whole discussion evades a far more toxic problem. If a case for the mass implantation of unscreened foreign populations is couched in the language of self-interest — however misguidedly — it can, at least potentially, be engaged rather than merely diagnosed. (This blog has no problem with immigration in general whatsoever.)

Far more disturbing to any surviving assumptions about sane social policy decisions is the very different argument (exemplified by the Cathedral-crazed second questioner in this clip (via)) that immigration is a punishment to be embraced, in a form of religiously-intoxicated, collective self-flagellation, to scourge the sin-blackened Occident, unendingly, for its ineliminable historical crimes. This is ethnomasochism in its purest instantiation, and argument is wholly irrelevant against it. Such moral-religious convulsants do not want ‘good’ (productive, orderly, talented, aspirational) immigration. They want the lash. No ‘racist’ profile of potential immigrant groups can be vicious enough to elicit aversion, on the contrary — the more harm that is promised by the incomers, the more sobbing gratitude accompanies the invitation. Immigration is meant to be torture, so what use are brainy, well-behaved entrepreneurs? The ideal immigrant in this vision of infinitized moral purgation is not a social asset, but a wretched, dysfunctional parasite, or better still an arrogant, contemptuous aggressor. ‘Model minorities’ are erased from the picture entirely, because they do not exact the suffering that is so ardently desired. (“You can wander through Chinatown late at night without being robbed, beaten, or raped — what’s the possible spiritual value in that?”) To repeat the essential, and hideously consequential point: Immigration is supposed to punish us.

This is the terminal pathology of Western Civilization, in its ‘highest’ state of expression. There is not much that can be said to be fortunate about it, except that it cannot be indefinitely prolonged.

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