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Twitter cuts (#131)

This cuts (at least) two ways.

See also (via).

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Post-Democratic Politics

Apparently we’re already in the next phase:

To call Trumpism fascist is to suggest that it demands from us a unique response. We can deploy the “fascism” moniker to Trump’s ascendance by recognizing features like selective populism, nationalism, racism, traditionalism, the deployment of Newspeak and disregard for reasoned debate. The reason we should use the term is because, taken together, these aspects of Trumpism are not well combated or contained by standard liberal appeals to reason. It is constitutive of its fascism that it demands a different sort of opposition.

I doubt whether they’ve thought this through, but don’t let that get in the way of progress.

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Quote note (#293)


Trump isn’t Hitler. But in 1922, Hitler wasn’t Hitler, either.

This card is on fire, but might as well play it anyway.

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Merkel’s Mess

Damon Linker paints the gruesome picture almost perfectly. (Read the whole thing — it’s not long.)

In the course of a few months, Angela Merkel was transmogrified from a moderately talented German politician, into one of the most destructive leaders in world history. If that sounds like an exaggeration, it’s only because her responsibility for dragging the European continent back into a new 1930s still awaits the unfolding of events. Even without complete relapse into a dark age of authoritarian anti-capitalism, the wave of rape, pillage, and terror she has unleashed will now — inevitably — devastate millions of lives, and structurally degrade the quality of life for tens of millions more as they seek to protect themselves in markedly more adverse social circumstances. It will all get extremely ugly. As Linker dryly remarks, “let’s just say it’s unlikely to end well. … And the storm has only just begun to gather.”

What was she thinking? Assuming — as seems fair — that she doesn’t positively want to usher in Hitler 2.0, her catastrophic policy decisions have to be misguided. It’s probably no easier for the readers of this blog than it is for me to cognitively sympathize with the deranged path she has taken. One can only infer that she genuinely believed a vast flood of predominantly young, male, Islamic, tribalistic, and historically-traumatized incomers, with a hallucinatory sense of (unrealizable) cultural and material entitlement, would immediately transmute into fungible production units and contribute to European pensions financing. The Economist pretends to believe the same thing. I’m forced to accept it’s possible to believe it, despite finding the flying spaghetti monster significantly more plausible. If this depth of delusion really has a grip on the minds of Western elites, any outcome other than utter disaster is most probably unobtainable. A cynical lie would be far less dangerous.

In a single stroke, Merkel has converted the Raspail and Houellebecq scenarios into vivid contemporary predicaments. European collapse has been radically accelerated. For that, a certain dark gratitude is due.

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Sentences (#59)

Just putting this out there:

Lets just be honest here and state the fact that the “altright” is essentially a neo-nazi movement.

(As you can see in context — despite the weak pseudonym that I’m not going to dox — it’s from a sympathizer rather than a critic, if that makes any difference at this point.)

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Twitter cuts (#57)

(This kind of abysmal insight is what NRx is for.)

Continue Reading

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Chaos Patch (#92)

(Open thread + links)

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Trumpenführer panic update (going hyperbolic): “Are Republicans and Democrats finally uniting against Donald Trump’s racist fascism?” Straight-up Trump-Fascism howling and analysis (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9). Running the numbers (and more). Ridiculous, or not? He’s a hate machine. Family values (video). “Asked about what prompted the statement, Trump said simply, ‘death.'” The broken Overton Window. Molyneux and Whittle on the case (video). What a guy! Plus, more chaos (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). The Left Accelerationist argument for Trump.

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Science is dead and what’s left is raw power.”

Tegmark reviewed. “Bullets are magic.” ISS on the chopping block. Pluto video. Dark fire. 4D celestial mechanics. Quantum indeterminacy. Quantum hell. Beyond the End. Flaky (but fun).

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T-shirt slogans (#18)

Democracy is slow-motion fascism.


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The Fear


Ryan Cooper:

I made the case just a couple months back that Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is a sort of fledgling Mussolini, nurturing an incipient fascist movement. As the first primaries approach, and Trump’s lead in the polls is actually widening, his development toward outright fascism is progressing faster than I feared. […] As of August, Trump had most of the ingredients for a fascist movement: the victim complex, the fervent nationalism, the obsession with national purity and cleansing purges, and the cult of personality. He was missing the organized violence, a left-wing challenge strong enough to push traditional conservative elites into his camp, support for wars of aggression, and a full-bore attack on democracy itself. He’s made much progress on all but the last one.

The last one is the only point of NRx intersection, but if he takes The White House, there’s going to be plenty of deranged: “See, this is what the Dark Enlightenment leads to!” analysis (among the upper echelons of the leftist commentariat). No, this is what democracy leads to. It’s called radical populism. (Unfortunately, that’s a message that isn’t going to be heard.)

The Left would rather hand lurid fascism the keys than stop what they’re doing (they’re already doing the non-lurid version). That would count as a perverse moral vindication — cooking up the enemy they always said they wanted to stop. Eventually, they’ll manage it. The Ancients already knew that’s how this thing ends.

It goes without saying that NRx should back away as far as possible, while scattering signs of protection (not that it will do any good).

ADDED: Trump speaks.

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Man in the High Castle

The TV series trailer.

Could it be that people are beginning to understand that fascism won the 20th century? (With no sign of a major reverse so far in the 21st.)

Since ‘fascism’ tweaks people’s Godwin nerves, it might be better to talk about ‘pragmatic populism’ — so long as it is initially understood that no substantial semantic revision is thereby taking place. Whatever we call it, it’s what has ruled the earth for close to a century, as the culmination of democracy, and the way classical liberalism is actually destroyed. It plays on basic human traits in a way that leaves every other ideology in the dust — tribalism, resentment, vicarious identification with authority, extreme susceptibility to simple propaganda, and all of the remaining highly-predictable, easily manipulable, aspects of hominid social emotion. Ultimately, it’s what humanity deserves, strictly speaking, since it is nothing other than the cynical exploitation of what people are like. The fact that the most insultingly trivial redecorations of this mode of social organization suffice to convince even articulate intellectuals that something else is taking place serves as an ample demonstration of its tidal historic momentum. Fascists Pragmatic populists think that people, as a general political phenomenon, are irredeemably moronic tools, and they’re right.

The more politics we get, the deeper pragmatic populism digs in.

ADDED: Background to the Times Square shot. “The more familiar it is, the more terrifying it is.” (Quite.)

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