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… Here’s another way to put my concern. The percentage of global GDP which is held in relatively non-free countries, such as China, has been rising relative to the share of global GDP held in the freer countries. I suspect we are underrating the noxious effects of that development.

If freedom has become disconnected from economic competence, then classical liberalism is dead.

(The XS suspicion, however, is that Cowen’s sense of “freedom” has been so corrupted by social democracy that it’s incapable of doing the work he wants it to here.)

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I’m going to assume that snake is English (despite all natural-historical evidence to the contrary). The point is hard to contest, regardless. The ones that bite are better.

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Here’s another bone for the local liberty crushers to gnaw at:

Countries as varied as Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, and Botswana that experienced dramatic economic growth and prosperity all shared the following practices and institutions: private property rights, the rule of law, low costs of market entry, and trade liberalization. All of these variables are critical components for an economically free environment that encourages entrepreneurship and wealth creation. […] In sum, if there are no sound institutions in place, namely private property rights and the rule of law, economic prosperity is virtually impossible to achieve no matter how many brilliant people and natural resources your country has.

Heritage is (mostly) measuring the right things.

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Some sheer Gnon gospel from Captain Capitalism:

Understand that previous to democracy and even modern day civilizations, there were automatic punishments built into the world that people would pay should they make stupid decisions.

Did you poke a saber tooth tiger with a stick?
Did you spook a herd of mammoth into stampeding the village?
Did you eat berries that you saw no other animal eat?

If you did any one of these stupid things, you would die and your stupid genes along with it.

However, even within civilization stupid decisions were punished.

Did you breed without being married, thereby forcing the tribe or village to support your mistake?
Did you parasite off of society insisting on being a talentless bard instead of an industrious farmer?
Did you commit crimes, stealing from people precious food and items that were in short supply?

Well at best you’d be ostracized, and at worst, you’d be killed. Again, taking your inferior genes and decision making ability out of the gene pool.

The point is that yes, you had the personal freedom to do many things. But neither society nor nature was going to protect you from the costs and consequences of making bad decisions. In other words, yes you had maximum, 100% freedom, but you also had maximum, 100% responsibility.

Enter democracy. …

(Liberty without Social Darwinism is an abnomination in the eyes of Gnon.)

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Vanished Liberty

Administrative note:
Somehow while attempting to add Captain Capitalism (link) to the Outside in ‘More Liberty’ roster, I obliterated the whole thing — still no idea how. Mentioning this in apology to all blogs listed there, with assurance that it does not represent a moment of sudden communistic fervor. To be rectified ASAP.

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The conclusion to a fascinating, data-rich post on support for free speech:

The consistent free speech position gets stronger as you get more liberal, and, as you get more intelligent. But it is interesting that the position where you won’t allow a racist to speak but you will allow a Muslim cleric to speak gets more frequent among liberals and the very intelligent. This, I believe, explains some of the rumblings and equivocation about free speech absolutism. These are a minority, but they are vocal. In contrast, though there are hardcore civil libertarians on the Right, it is almost certainly true that many conservatives who support the right to blaspheme Islam are less willing to stand up for the right to blaspheme the flag of the United States (e.g., allow someone to defecate on it, for example). […] Tne major caveat that needs to placed here is that traditionally the elites of this country have been more defensive about free speech than the populace as a whole. That’s probably because the elites are worried more about power plays by their rivals. Ultimately politically oriented free speech is important for those with ambition and aspirations.

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There’s a seemingly irrepressible enthusiasm to discuss Outside in speech codes, so let’s do it here (please). For the precursor exchanges on the topic, see here, and here.

I only became a methodical Moldbug reader in 2011, so I cannot pretend to have followed the degeneration of the Unqualified Reservations comments section in real time. What I did see, making my way back through this blog, was the rapid collapse of its comment threads into an open cultural gutter of no conceivable interest to anybody with a three digit IQ — a situation that hit nadir and remained there. We are talking about what — even inactive — remains arguably the most important blog in the history of the medium. If anyone wants to suggest that its accrued commentary is a model to be emulated, they are encouraged to make the case, for the entertainment value alone.

At the other extreme of cognitive ambition, is 4chan/pol/, a veritable sewer of senselessness, where the idea of an intelligent conversation is an absurdity from the start. This is a discussion forum that revels in its own crass vulgarity. It too is a negative model, to be deeply appreciated for the lesson in degeneracy it provides.

My default assumption is that everything tends to ruin, unless actively tended. UR shows what a naked laissez-faire policy leads to, if crudely interpreted as confidence in self-correcting bohemianism. Spontaneous order requires dynamic entropy dissipation merely to survive.

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