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Andrew Fox discusses the principal political weapon of the Western Left, and its mobilization against political incorrectness in science fiction:

Coincidentally, the same years which have witnessed the emergency of speech codes on many campuses have also witnessed an accelerated symbiosis between the pro SF community and academia (in that greater numbers of SF/fantasy writers have as day jobs teaching at the post-high school level, and SF literature and film has become an increasingly respectable and popular subject of university courses). … For many individuals under the age of forty who have been through the university system, mau-mauing may seem normative, or at least unremarkable. They have seen it at work through divestment campaigns of various kinds (divestment from Israeli companies or U.S. companies which provide goods to Israel which might be used in security operations against Palestinians, or from companies involved in fossil fuel production, or from companies connected to certain figures active on the Right, such as the Koch brothers) and through shout-downs and other disruptions of speakers invited to campus whose backgrounds or viewpoints are contrary to those favored by student activists. (via)

It’s deeply disturbing, as pretty much everything is these days. (Those who know anything about China’s Cultural Revolution will find their pattern recognition centers sparking up.)

ADDED: Mau-Mauing is the perfect illustration of the fact that political ‘voice’ and ‘freedom of speech’, far from being near synonyms, are closer to antonyms.

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Place your bets

How long before Steyn gets Derbyshired?

ADDED: (From Aos):

In the aftermath of the Woolrich slaughter in England, the British police immediately arrested… a man for making anti-Muslim comments on Twitter.

And I thought, “Ah well, that’s Britain. They’re doomed, but we already knew that.”

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