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Stereotypes III

There’s an exchange in Sam Raimi’s movie Oz the Great and Powerful, where the fake wizard, speculating on the incentives for success, says to his monkey(ish) companion and servant Finley:

“We’re going to find this wicked witch. Steal her wand. I’ll get that big pile of gold. And you can have a nice pile of bananas, alright?”
“Bananas. Oh, I see, because I’m a monkey? I must love bananas, right? — That is a vicious stereotype.”
“You don’t like bananas?”
“Of course I love bananas. I’m a monkey. Don’t be ridiculous. I just don’t like you saying it …”

(I seem to remember Sailer citing a similar joke at some point — probably from a more reputable source.)

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Twitter cuts (#29)

Catalogued among ‘discoveries from the Outside’:

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Terminator Genisys

A confession is necessary at this point, and it’s one that might disturb people a lot. I have seen this movie twice. (Once on DVD, alone, and once with the Better Half + friends under optimal 3D IMAX conditions.) So that’s the scary part over with. (Official trailers, 1, 2. Neither at all great, but the second is a little better.)


It is, undeniably, as schlocky as hell. Sometimes, though, that provides a window all of its own. In this case the crucial factor is the compact between AI-Singularity and time-travel narratives, which the Terminator franchise put together largely by itself. Terminator Genisys sticks to the knitting in that respect. Paying to see it is an investment in this story. If you think it’s an important one — however abstractly — then you’re doing the Lord’s work, or somebody’s, or something.

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Pacific Rim

Well-engineered, formidable, yet also lumbering constructions are directed into battle against horrific monsters, with the fate of the world at stake. Guillermo del Toro’s movie Pacific Rim is one of these entities, and the ethno-political review by ‘white advocacy’ writer Gregory Hood is another.

Within this cascade of monstrous signs, a convulsive re-ordering of the world from out of the Pacific is a constant reference. With the shocking scale of a tsunami, and the insidiousness of an obscure intelligence, it inundates the Old Order, starting from the ocean’s coastal ramparts. “When alien life entered the earth it was from deep within the Pacific Ocean. … the Breach.” City after city falls prey to the Kaiju. “This was not going to stop.”

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