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Quote notes (#40)

John Tamny, with a thought so pristine it requires no framing:

Federal default means the federal government will have less money to waste. If so, let’s get moving on defaulting.

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David Stockman rests his analysis of recent economic history upon one basic presupposition, whose modesty is expressed by an intrinsic inclination to a negative form: Radical dishonesty cannot provide a foundation for enduring financial value. This assumption suffices to expose the otherwise scarcely comprehensible rottenness of American public affairs, to organize an integral understanding of the gathering calamity, and to marginalize his work as the over-excited howl of a lonely crank.

In any society where minimal standards of civil decency were still even tenuously remembered, his ideas would be simple common sense. In the bedlamite orgy we in fact inhabit, Stockman’s thoughts appear wildly counter-intuitive, rigidly structured by uninterpretable imperatives, and suffused by an improbable aura of doom. In fact Stockman is quite clear — implicitly — that under American political conditions sanity was strictly unobtainable. The coming calamity fulfills a (bi-partisan) democratic destiny — but that is to anticipate.

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Quote notes (#29)

Neoreactionary crime-think twitches in an unlikely place:

I am well aware of how this statement is likely to play among my liberal friends: to say something like this is to be orientalist/patriarchal/arrogant/imperialist/racist, but could it be that it may also be true?

(3QD tacks quite determinedly Islamo-leftist, but this whole piece — on the US Syria decision — is well-worth reading, and the first half, in particular, is excellent.)

ADDED: Another unlikely crime-think eruption.


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Quote notes (#28)

Some  ‘who-whom’ sense from Andrew C. McCarthy:

To me, the shrieking over weapons of mass destruction is the international version of the Left’s domestic campaign against guns, and of a piece with its trendy revulsion against land- and sea-mines. This is the delusion that discord is caused by the song, not the singer.

(Yes, sorry, it’s from the National Review, but it’s right.)

ADDED: Why stop at National Review?

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Worth waiting for, even without the triple word-play.

(Perhaps the master of the house could assist with a categorization problem: Is this long-awaited arrival a neoreactionary blog?)

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Reality Check

Spandrell takes concise argument to a whole new level.

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Zimmerman Walks

Anarcho-Tyranny loses one.

The feverish media spin: It doesn’t mean anything (see ABC at the link).

Nicholas Stix on what it would have meant (had things gone to plan), with the conclusion:

George Zimmerman must be kept out of jail. But even then he will need to get a new name, a new face, and … a new country.

In fact, we all need a new country.

ADDED: So it has to be time for some Charlie Manson Helter Skelter action, Goldman Sachs style.

ADDED: Nydwracu is on the case.

ADDED: Delingpole: “Half of the US (the Obama-voting half) is up in arms about the verdict of the Zimmerman trial. The other half is breathing a huge sigh of relief that the justice system in the US is still functional. (If but barely.)”

ADDED: Tortured liberal watch.


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Rectification of Names

Foseti explains (in his own comment thread) why our contemporary sovereign is properly described as the Cathedral. The terms works because:

It mocks those who think they’re above religion, it conveys information about the structure of their beliefs, and it’s beautifully concise.

(The effectiveness of this term is no reason to ignore its more technical Moldbuggian complement, the Modern Structure, suggests Anomaly UK.)

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Reality Check

Foseti, commenting at his own place, asks rhetorically:

Don’t you think that writing to save the world is – in itself – fundamentally progressive in nature (not to say wildly presumptuous)?

Even those tempted to answer in the negative need to think this through patiently, because the pretensions this question punctures are typically distinguished by their thoughtlessness. Modern politics became psychotic when agitated scribblers convinced themselves that they had the tools, the right, and even the duty to re-order the world in accordance with their pamphlets. This is a Left tradition that few have yet derided enough.

To carve out cognitive independence is one thing, to deform it into practical idealism is quite another. Indeed, dripping our dark poisons into the milk of idealism might easily be the most practical difference we can make. Soaring words and rallying cries have already done far too much. It makes sense to take a step back, into skepticism, humor, undistorted proportion, and the hypothetical mode, before advancing further down our tracks … wherever they lead.

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