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Making the case for Brexit water-tight:

If the English vote to leave the EU, the Scots will vote to leave the UK. There will then be no Britain. Meanwhile, the shock of Brexit to a continent already staggering under many crises could spell the beginning of the end of the European Union.

ADDED: It’s a trend.

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Twitter cuts (#50)

The consistency here is surely far more striking than the disparity.

(FWIW I’m more sympathetic to the EU stereotype than the indigenous one.)

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Chaos Patch (#79)

(Open thread + links)

Yes, this merits a serious response. Swimming left. Two equilibria. Principled positions. White blight. Difficult spreads. Zones of progressive failure. Idiots at the controls. Popular activism. Cultural analysis. Order force. The weekly round, and the week in doom.

Elements for a popcorn apocalypse: Trump (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6); Corbyn (1, 2, 3, 4); NRO (1, 2, 3), yellow stars at the NYT, bathhouse genocidaires, the ugly European, re-colonization time (see also), counter-revolution in the Vatican, burning with indignation (and icy dissent), TSA-grade security, scary book of the century watch, bullet points, and the most confusing story of the week (1, 2). Taylor Swift is, like, way problematic. Imitation games.

Refugee chaos (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9). An AoS round-up. “Among them actually there were no women, no children – the vast majority were aggressive young men …” (If anyone has bothered to try and deny that, I’ve yet to see it.) Rising Dampier (1, 2). Best to get on with it?

Negative economic theorems. Half-baked Alaska. Back to the Malthusian trap? How to isolate mass murder memes. Eugenics for the left. Poor brains. Deep roots of poverty (the NYT notices). Women in philosophy.

The Kaiser’s Jihad.

Quantum-resistant protocols. Superconducting graphene. Large Hadron Collider info-graphics. Falcon Heavy schedule.

Alexander on Chomsky. Error and destiny. Pynchon in disguise? Star Trek politics. Vickies.

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London II

Surreptitiously recorded commentary on The Thing:

It‘s started to spread from … to …”

“You see some remnants of the housing estate people around, and they really seem as if they’re from another century…”

“Of course, the Conservative government is not going to do anything to stop what is happening …”

“There are still islands of social housing …”

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Gentrification is the topic everyone is discussing, with the systematic pricing-out of problem populations (to provincial demographic dump-zones) as the scandal no one in polite society can admit to any ambivalence about. It’s unspeakable, of course, especially since it is making the place so much nicer. An undertow of London secessionist rumor — straight out of The Peripheral — adds to the dark buzz. Also crucial is the “best horse in the glue-factory” dividend from the implosion of continental Europe. Overall, then, a vortical collapse dynamic of far more intriguing ambiguity than expected by the civilizational exiles here at Outside in.

… And overlooking the process (at Marble Arch): the ‘She-Guardian’ — make of her what you will.

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The fact that exhaustion is so obviously the negative of cognitive capability has to contain an important lesson, but I’m too jet-lagged to begin piecing it together right now.

Since failure to produce an XS post off even the most dismally nominal kind counts as the supreme expression of discipline collapse here, it made a good model for a festival of collapse. At the last minute, the attractions of a nonlinear-ironic self-subversion proved irresistible, and so the Cretan thing happened.

(Arrived in the UK, so Zombie activity reports forthcoming at earliest practical opportunity. Right now, unfortunately, it appears that introspection would be the most effective way to generate one.)

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#AAA UK-Style

The profound, utterly cynical contempt for the basic principles, procedures, and personalities of democracy™ exhibited by this phenomenon is highly encouraging.


With added meta-amusement:

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Chaos Patch (#64)

(Open thread + links)

Order is hard (plus). The Camp of the Saints gets real. P2P blogging. SoBL coming to Social Matter. Are you open-minded? Unwanted agency. Small government. What if it doesn’t happen? Anomalies. Too much good stuff at The Future Primaeval to list (it’s also now looking almost unbearably cool), plus relevant audio. Friday frags. Weekly round ups.

Narco-socialism. Islamic Vortex gnaws Saudi Arabia. SA is toast (plus). Ireland leads the way. Security commercialization in Nigeria. Shale oil’s deep momentum. Huntington versus Fukuyama.

Web security is broken. Democrats don’t get Silicon Valley. Automation.

Ideological oddities in the UK (plus). Also, some mainstream insight.

WASP rule. Re-Colonization and Future Orientation. Where public policy misses biology. Where Pinker got lost. Religion and morality (topologically related). The death of trust. America’s secessionist DNA.

How to disagree.

Murray on David Hackett Fischer. Steves reviews Every Cradle is a Grave. Gottfried on Lind on disintegrated America. Clark on Mad Max. Latest excerpts from the Latter Day Pamphlets.

The Chinese Strategic Tradition (1, 2).

Hare Krishna founder was a Hindu shock.

Salon bursts a blood vessel.

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Exit Pressure

It’s impossible to tell anything from this story about the effectiveness of exercising an Exit Option. It should be expected, anyway, that the option itself does the work, even if pulling the trigger has to contribute to the general credibility of virtual exodus.

As an exemplary case, however, it would be hard to beat. From the statement by Preston Byrne, of eris:

If [the Communications Data Bill] is passed into law, we are likely to see a mass exodus of tech companies and financial services firms alike from the United Kingdom. We are happy to lead the charge. […] In keeping with our promise in January to leave the country if the Conservatives were returned to power with this policy on their legislative agenda, we have promptly ordered all of our staff to depart from the United Kingdom and to conduct all future development work abroad. […] Additionally, with immediate effect, we have moved our corporate headquarters to New York City, where open-source cryptography is firmly established as protected speech pursuant to the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, until such time as we can be certain that the relevant provisions of the Communications Data Bill will be stricken from it (otherwise, we will reincorporate in America and continue our business here).

(To add a “Go eris” at this point could be reasonably criticized for redundancy.)

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UK General Election ’15

Briggs captures the essentials:

You have to love — I do — how the cessation of accelerating profligate spending is called in Europe “austerity”. Here [in the UK] the slow-down-in-speeding-up-yet-still-increases-in-spending are called “budget cuts”.

The “let’s carry on decaying at a genteel pace chaps” party won (unexpectedly). Insurgent parties did badly (except at the geographical — rather than ideological — fringe). A status quo outcome, then. A shallower, longer decline path it is …

The more positive implications concern territorial disintegration. Deepening political alienation in Scotland, and a commitment to a referendum on Europe, promise opportunities for multi-level secessionary tides to strengthen.

Also, the left will go even more nuts. When the teeth-gnashing commentary begins to roll in, I’ll try to link some as Schadenfreude tonic.

ADDED: Conservatives know that they’re losers, even when they ‘win’.

ADDED: HBD Chick applies some biorealism to the election results.

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