The Frog Chorus

From Aristophanes’ The Frogs.

Frogs (off stage): Brekekekex, ko-ax, ko-ax,
Brekekekex, ko-ax, ko-ax!
We children of the fountain and the lake
Let us wake
Our full choir-shout, as the flutes are ringing out,
Our symphony of clear-voiced song.
The song we used to love in the Marshland up above,
In praise of Dionysus to produce,
Of Nysaean Dionysus, son of Zeus,
When the revel-tipsy throng, all crapulous and gay,
To our precinct reeled along on the holy Pitcher day,
Brekekekex, ko-ax, ko-ax.

Dionysus: O, dear! O, dear! now I declare
I’ve got a bump upon my rump,

Frogs: Brekekekex, ko-ax, ko-ax.

Dionysus: But you, perchance, don’t care.

Frogs: Brekekekex, ko-ax, ko-ax.

Dionysus: Hang you, and your ko-axing tool
There’s nothing but ko-ax with you.

Frogs: That is right, Mr. Busybody, right!
For the Muses of the lyre love us well;
And hornfoot Pan who plays on the pipe his jocund lays;
And Apollo, Harper bright, in our Chorus takes delight;
For the strong reed’s sake which I grow within my lake
To be girdled in his lyre’s deep shell.
Brekekekex, ko-ax, ko-ax.

Dionysus: My hands are blistered very sore;
My stern below is sweltering so,
‘Twill soon, I know, upturn and roar
Brekekekex, ko-ax, ko-ax.
O tuneful race, O pray give o’er,
O sing no more.

Frogs: Ah, no! ah, no!
Loud and louder our chant must flow.
Sing if ever ye sang of yore,
When in sunny and glorious days
Through the rushes and marsh-flags springing
On we swept, in the joy of singing
Myriad-diving roundelays.
Or when fleeing the storm, we went
Down to the depths, and our choral song
Wildly raised to a loud and long
Bubble-bursting accompaniment.

Frogs and Dionysus: Brekekekex, ko-ax, ko-ax.

Dionysus: This timing song I take from you.

Frogs: That’s a dreadful thing to do.

Dionysus: Much more dreadful, if I row
Till I burst myself, I trow.

Frogs and Dionysus: Brekekekex, ko-ax, ko-ax.

Dionysus: Go, hang yourselves; for what care I?

Frogs: All the same we’ll shout and cry,
Stretching all our throats with song,
Shouting, crying, all day long,

Frogs and Dionysus: Brekekekex, ko-ax, ko-ax.

Dionysus: In this you’ll never, never win.

Frogs: This you shall not beat us in.

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  • Cryptogenic Says:

    A poisonous addendum:

    “[B]atrachotoxin binds to and irreversibly opens the sodium channels of nerve cells such that they cannot reset. The neuron is no longer capable of ‘firing’ (sending messages) and this results in paralysis.”

    The real etiology of Hillary’s illness? Death by kek?


    Alex Reply:

    Qui mange du Pepe en meurt.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    The ancient ways of the Frog are upon us. Perhaps more realistic than the Apollonian dream, at least in the Kali-Yuga.


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  • pepe abides Says:

    ranidaphobia (n): fear of frogs.


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  • Dick Wagner Says:

    “Brexit, Brexit!” – Frog with British accent


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  • 9 Says:



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  • a visitor Says:

    Haven’t y’all heard the story of the frogs who wanted a king?

    “The Frogs, grieved at having no established Ruler, sent ambassadors to Jupiter entreating for a King. Perceiving their simplicity, he cast down a huge log into the lake. The Frogs were terrified at the splash occasioned by its fall and hid themselves in the depths of the pool. But as soon as they realized that the huge log was motionless, they swam again to the top of the water, dismissed their fears, climbed up, and began squatting on it in contempt. After some time they began to think themselves ill-treated in the appointment of so inert a Ruler, and sent a second deputation to Jupiter to pray that he would set over them another sovereign. He then gave them an Eel to govern them. When the Frogs discovered his easy good nature, they sent yet a third time to Jupiter to beg him to choose for them still another King. Jupiter, displeased with all their complaints, sent a Heron, who preyed upon the Frogs day by day till there were none left to croak upon the lake.
    Better no rule than cruel rule.”


    Vltra Reply:

    Indeed I have, directly from Jupiter…


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  • illegal Says:

    Kek really is an embodiment of the deepest element of the Alt-Right. Nothing more than a frog which in his constant croaking manages to demolish every ounce of the phony whining and narcissistic cries of the psychopaths on the left. Their ever self-conscious action is seen through with little more than the mere sound of the frog. His presence renders their actions transparent and feeble. He is like the infinite power that cannot ever be destroyed, and to which to amount of leftist fear will unmount. Much like the Raven in Poe’s poem, except the frog is a pestilence.

    The level of potential for memes in the clips present here is hog wild. Particularly the Holy Mountain clip, which seems to be almost poetic in its bizarre relevancy. Note the Nazi hipster with his hat, the lizards in Mexico, and the European invasion of the frogs. I was in tears of laughter watching this movie for the first time a few nights ago.:

    The Holy Mountain

    The Frogs

    Kek not only frightens leftists, but restores moral order. He exposes the “guilt trip” of the SJW and modern leftist as nothing more than a hateful, self-obsessed hedonistic sham. In the face of Kek, all the cries of the leftist about “bigotry” become exposed as the shallow puddle that they are. Beyond mere triviality, these behaviors are also intentionally negative and motivated by passive ignorance. Thus, evil. His manifestation theoretically will then enlighten the populous to the nature of the leftist disorder, and effect a moral reversal of religious proportions. The other as evil in the philosophical and theosophical nature of the central manifest, and the opposite is implied.


    John Hannon Reply:

    Not so sure about these frogs though. Seem a bit leftist to me –


    _ Reply:

    Andrew Hussie knew what he was doing with the Genesis Frog.


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  • Vltra Says:

    Jupiter has been telling me secrets for the past year…here’s one for you:


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  • admin Says:

    Should maybe mention that I (accidentally) killed a perfectly acceptable short comment today, while clumsily cleaning out the spam queue. Sorry about that.


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  • Anonymous Says:

    “Podwal’s ink drawing, “The Frog who taught Rabbi Hanina the whole Torah” (1982), illustrates his interest in esoteric tales that do not typically surface in Day School curricula. Podwal’s wife discovered the story, which is more reminiscent of princes bravely and reluctantly kissing would-be maidens in frog-form than it is of the literal frogs that plagued Egypt – while reading Louis Ginzberg’s Legends of the Jews.

    According to Ginsburg, Rabbi Hanina learned from his deathbed-ridden father that he would lose both his parents on the same day. Further, his father instructed him to go to the market immediately after the mourning period ended (which would be Passover eve) and purchase the first item that he saw. When Hanina went to the market after completing the days of mourning for his parents, he was offered a grossly overpriced silver dish. In the interest of honoring his father, he bought the dish, and upon opening it at the Seder, he found another dish inside holding a frog.

    Like a good pet owner Hanina fed the frog, which grew to an enormous size. First he had to build a cabinet to house it, and when it got even larger, an entire room. The frog literally ate Hanina out of house and home, but it recognized the imposition it was presenting and offered Hanina whatever he wished. Hanina asked to be taught the entire Torah, and the frog agreed. It wrote the Torah on paper, which Hanina consumed.”


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  • Ur-mail Says:

    Apparently the occult isn’t only strong with the Right.

    From the LA Times:

    “Donald Trump has some Latinos so unnerved, they’re turning to the supernatural for help”


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  • Divo Says:

    A ribbiting tale


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  • Izak Says:

    Kek for Brexit and a good RG 14 88 Ohm coaxial cable. All a man needs in life.


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  • Dick Wagner Says:

    Another frog synchronicity:

    “For it may be doubted, firstly, whether antitheses exist at all; and secondly, whether the popular valuations and antitheses of value upon which metaphysicians have set their seal, are not perhaps merely superficial estimates, merely provisional perspectives, besides being probably made from some corner, perhaps from below–“frog perspectives,” as it were, to borrow an expression current among painters. In spite of all the value which may belong to the true, the positive, and the unselfish, it might be possible that a higher and more fundamental value for life generally should be assigned to pretence, to the will to delusion, to selfishness, and cupidity. It might even be possible that WHAT constitutes the value of those good and respected things, consists precisely in their being insidiously related, knotted, and crocheted to these evil and apparently opposed things–perhaps even in being essentially identical with them.”
    — Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil §2

    “The exoteric and the esoteric, a distinction formerly
    used by philosophers, as it is found in the Indians, Greeks,
    Persians and Muslims, in short wherever people believed in an
    order of rank and NOT in equal rights – is based not only on
    the exoteric standing outside and seeing, valuing, measuring,
    judging from the outside as opposed to from the inside: what
    is more essential is that he sees things from below–but the
    esoteric looks DOWN FROM ABOVE!” §30


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    >being essentially identical with them.

    this defies logic.


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    “it is obligatory for an intelligent person to draw near to evil things and be cognizant of them so that he not fall into them and that he be more cautious about them” (Alfarabi)


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    idk. really?

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    For some temperaments it would be perilous to accept this advice–most members of a given church laity, likely–but we are watched over by the gods of darwinism after all. As a Categorical Imperative it fails; if a prog flirted with HBD eg it would work out in our favor–if a reactionary flirted with Adorno we could lose a troop. I’m a true-believer in the Order of Rank so I could take a course on the Dialectic of Enlightenment with a charismatic professor and probably only sharpen my knives. Most alt-righters I know I wouldn’t suggest should do that.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:


    It´s funny, if you really listen (actually it´s quite audible), in Michael Jackson´s songs he´s preaching the Illuminati gospel.

    «Heal The World»: nigga says, “There are people dying IF you care enough for the living.”

    I kid you not: he says that sacrifices have to be made to keep the sacred order going.

    In «Earth Song» he says: “What about killing fields … Is there a time?”

    Nuff said. There is more, of course.

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  • Dick Wagner Says:

    A prog to me:

    “It feels great when the weight’s off your soul and you love all. The people are breking free.”



    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    I cannot brek free of race.


    Posted on October 16th, 2016 at 2:23 am Reply | Quote
  • Dick Wagner Says:

    What is the drawer of Pepe thinking right now?


    Posted on October 27th, 2016 at 3:17 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Mommy is this like seeing Christ’s face in your toast?


    G. Eiríksson Reply:



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  • Wagner Says:

    “When they give themselves out as wise, then do their petty sayings and truths chill me: in their wisdom there is often an odour as if it came from the swamp; and verily, I have even heard the frog croak in it!”



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  • Wagner Says:

    “Whilst [Augustus] was yet an infant, as Caius Drusus relates, being laid in his cradle by his nurse, and in a low place, the next day he was not to be found, and after he had been sought for a long time, he was at last discovered upon a lofty tower, lying with his face towards the rising sun. When he first began to speak, he ordered the frogs that happened to make a troublesome noise, upon an estate belonging to the family near the town, to be silent; and there goes a report that frogs never croaked there since that time.”



    Posted on February 10th, 2017 at 8:01 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:


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  • Boldmug Says:

    Alright kids, it’s time to bring out the big guns.

    “Bertiaux states that the magic of Norse sorcerers and that of the Voudon Gnostics essentially are the same and that the Monastery of the Seven Rays can be said to teach the “Norse-voudoo magic of Atlantis in its traditional and futuristic dimensions.” He also claims that deities have identified themselves as both Voudon Gods and Germanic deities during Voudon Gnostic inner plane contacts and that it is taught that both Voudon gods and the Germanic/Norse sorcerers are the transported gods of Atlantis. Here Damballah is also related to Odin and Leghba to Loki.”


    Wagner Reply:

    You are one sick fuck, Yarvin. First you make slavery somewhat palatable, now you’re encouraging impressionable frogs to practice Occidental VOODOO? Well, I guess it’s too late, the link to the book has been posted. They should take Eliphas Levi’s warning to heart that if one tries to summon the spirits and nothing happens, back away. Don’t keep trying, you will be damaged.


    Boldmug Reply:

    Bollocks, everyone should try again and again until something habbens.

    “The decision. There will have to be countless sacrifices. An experiment.”

    Christmas 1882

    “Vivisection—that is the point of departure! Many are now becoming conscious of the fact that it is going to hurt many beings if knowledge is going to occur! As if it has ever been different! And what pain!! Cowardly feeble rabble!”

    “[H]e who does not survive does not belong to us…”

    Spring 1884


    Wagner Reply:

    Hm I guess you’re right, he does say this in the Genealogy:

    “The amount of “progress” can even be measured by the mass of things or people that had to be sacrificed in order to insure the growth of a single stronger species of man–now, that would be progress…”

    And this he writes in his notebook in 1883:

    “My demand: to produce beings who stand sublimely above the whole human species: and to sacrifice oneself and one’s ‘neighbors’ to this goal.”

    “My demand” – what is Nietzsche, a terrorist or something? Or are euroterrorists better termed “horrorists”?

    Shame that sham Nick Lamb had to be sacrificed for this goal. Baa! B aa aaa!

    What are you doing here anyway Curt, shouldn’t you be off giving Pretty Peter a pedicure or something?

    Boldmug Reply:


    Land, back me up bro, we need to quell our shekel-thirst, please, the Internet is consuming us both, what do we do…

    I would never side with the neo-nazis, I am too respeccable and hi-brow, I don’t care about the truth anymore, “whatever works” is my gameplan.

    “Fuck the truth.” – Curtis Yarvin, hashtag taste the pain kids.

    Wagner Reply:

    Don’t tell me you’re a worthless sellout like Land too…. WHY does this happen to the best minds?


    Why have you let yourselves be absorbed into the Democracy? I thought you were against that?

    It looks like it’s time for you to be destroyed.

    Boom Boom

    Posted on November 30th, 2017 at 9:15 pm Reply | Quote
  • Boldmug Says:


    Posted on December 16th, 2017 at 7:55 am Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:


    Problem is (((they))) and their running cucks now understand the brief existential threat they faced and have demonstrated they will do whatever it takes to stop it.several decades ago we crossed the rule of law event horizon unnoticed and have since seen the masses cant possibly keep up with the threats facing them and still function so have given up trying except for a few who are driven mad like nietzsche having seen it. The cathedral actually profits on counter revolution it will sell my comment wars to the NSA take a commision on my BTC transactions,send me ads for the ghost gunner.You can not overthrow the cathedral you must take control of it.You need to own the medium not the message


    Wagner Reply:

    Were we too hard on him? Every other day for a few weeks now I’ve been sending spirits after him to kill him–not to physically kill him but to reset his ego back to scratch, into something stronger – hopefully one didn’t get the wrong idea. It’s regrettable that his NDE is going to (intentionally or not) exploit the heart-pity of his mesmerizees and erase our work of corroding him. I can already see it now: “Leave Land alone, you monster, he’s *human*, he almost *died*!”

    On the other hand, Thiel opened the gateway to mushrooms for rightist America and I couldn’t ask for a better Christmas gift; even if we get btfo by hysterics our work here is already done.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Thiel a billionaire homosexual autist gets what land cant that his parents and volk like them are the precondition for his uber existence, that his parents and other volk have preconditions for their existence.This is the proper understanding of the white mans burden- other white men.And its not really a burden i actually enjoy baked goods,and a village of average white people.And i know one day together we will have solved lake woebegone and really will all be above average, in fact the real lake woebegone was all above average till they imported somalis.
    Land loves to brag about his Vaginal lineage, as if its a feature not a bug.He larps a nazi on twit we all know he really wants Rahzib and moldberg and Hsu on his space station and wants a covenant to keep out pig in the parlor non Vaginal whites like me. I get it, Its tempting, after all They are nice enough chaps and good conversationalists.And how many of them could there really be? Well one of you should do the math even sub saharan niggers with 60 avg IQs will produce something like a couple million geniuses and thats if we neutered them all tomorrow instead of supported their 6 plus fertility rate another century.But more importantly they all get what Thiel gets, what everybody but lands precious vaginal lineage gets.And so you dont get rhazib without his whole street shitting family.all right maybe thats arts family and rhazibs are terrorist boy rapers whatever niggers niggers. point is better plan is let them have their nation and you can see them at a conference at the marriott.
    Land wants to deflect the situation with a jew trick he learned from moldberg, he wants to reframe the situation as the real problem is white trash and dont we feel icky when we are around white trash and isnt white trash scary.Well compared to what compared to paki trash nigger trash no ill take rednecks anyday. But its really a bullshit question.First its bullshit because its not even a choice, white trash is the precondition for white elites, we come from them they support and preserve us.The other part of the bullshit is he ( and yeah moldberg land and the cathedral are all one on this) is they want us to think of the white trash they have created over the past 100 years. the one they allowed the jews and niggers and now the world to prey on.The one they eschewed their responsibility to co evolve with and abandonned while pour quadrillions into nigger races like Rhazib Hsus moldbergs and some niggers i forget. The better question is would you prefer to live among the Rhazib aand atx and their pedeerast street shitting families or among say the inhabitants of america in the 1910s, an even better question is what would that average american 1910 town look like if we had instead spent those quadrillions on our own volk and not on the niggers of the world.
    But a vaginal genome cant go there not even when they larp nazi , when a vaginal larps nazi it turns into a multicultural reich of cog elites.
    strategically theres zero evidence any nigger race including jews and east asians is at all a threat that we must keep close to keep up with.None of them can chew gum and walk at the same time. they all depend on us in some way or other to leverage what iq advantage they might have.we dont need them and so when we revert to the arms length model of ethno nation interaction we will again take what is worth adopting from them force multiply it and move on, without all the down side of integration. they are not going to outrace us, unless we continue to allow them into our homes to disrupt our families and rifle through our drawers and demand to be supported by us.whatever land and his cathedral ilk think is valuable of niggers will be had anyway.
    Yeah its all very ugly and low brow and how could it possibly be so simple it seems so complicated. Its simple because thats how nature evolved it, its a mess because smart guys fucked with nature.granted the jews knew what they were doing, and granted it may have seemed worthwhile experimenting in 1900. we now know that was an incredibly bad idea. dont let them do the razzle dazzle on you about economics and cognition and whatever those are separate issues that become really easy in an ethno state.a white etno state will be non socialist and led by cog elites almost effortlessly. the only really difficult problem is keeping white cog elites from eschewing their responsibility to the volk again. This is tough because we do sort and in a limited sense its good to sort cognitively, what needs to go with that is a sense of duty to ethnation,And this require what modern man lacks most a sense of belonging to it.

    Moldberg suggests doing this by incentivizing elites with ownership of the people, well he pretends they will only own all the things and the people are free to work on anybodies patch they want. of course we know how that will work out because we are living in it. Because he larps it in with DnD images of bygone Barrons and Knights conjuring this aristocratic paternalism he softens and bribes his readers with his scheme to turn whites into jew slaves. We all likes us some renaissance fair but lets be frankish the paternalism of bygone eras was ownership and christian slave morality those ships have sailed. todays elites are not owners they are stewards fathers eldest sons.They need not to be divided from then synthetically brainwashed to care. they need to be re naturalized to understand they are us or we are them depending on where you see your self and to wisely guide your nation for the nation’s long term good not your own short term is the best course.
    How can this pretty natural outlook be reintroduced. well fortunately 90% of it will fall back into place once nations are restored to ethnic homogeneity.Todays cog elite white is too worried about the cog elite nigger in the next office to feel he can spare anything for his co ethnics, his wife is also competing with him across town and despite living ijn the most advanced nation ever and being brilliant hes practically living like a nigger with a public union job.he is under constant attack often by scheming co ethnics and jews. all that needs to need to restore his social status as a man and pillar of the community.but its got to be an ethnic nation community not this we are the world community. And this is why the restoration of our culture must include certain patches, I gotta say hitler and the nazis relly did that well, maybe a bit too much but they really went from weimerica to nazi germany in 20 years. amazing what you can do when you take the media away from the jews cough cough moldberg.


    collen ryan Reply:

    now after thats all done you want to spend your time being a philosopher fine but i insist we have philosophy police to make sure your ideas are not going to undermine the culture that supports the volk that supports the philosophers. because history shows letting smart asses with ideas experiment on their nations is ruinous

    collen ryan Reply:

    now if you come to me and say but general i have thought of a philosophy that will convert all the philosophers to your cause and they will follow your army and crush your enemies arguments make fools of the jew and asian philosophers and make them again want to emulate and bow before us. and it is compatible with the fourth reich then fine. But how is that possible i will ask are we not a mix mash of 3.5 billion years of DNA patches on patches that dont really make any fucking sense is not the universe pointless and morality relative to interest.Is not what is best in life to crush your enemies. See them driven before you. And to hear the lamentations of their women. In other words any philosophy is trying to make sense out of the nonsense of random mutation. The only “good” the only “purpose” to the universe is to survive to replicate as close a copy as possible. every patch since then can either be reduced to this or it is not true.In other words only after i have secured the existence of myself should i secure the existence of my mate and then our children, if i must choose between the three of us i must calculate the odds honestly and act decisively in the interest of my DNA not my ego. once I have secured those existences then i can help my brother secure his existence and then his children’s existence and so on. My DNA understands accidents happen and it may require a less near copy, its learned that group strategies have upsides, but they have downsides when coupled with intelligence, because intelligence likes to go off the reservation ants and bees do what they are programed to higher IQ members of groups play game theories. yeah this leads to higher and higher IQ until it doesn’t and you’re all dead. it needs to be tempered with a constant recalculation of that same honest judgement call i make as to whether to save myself my wife my child. this needs to be made every time the group strategy mutual defence contracts are expanded, the question has to be asked is this still in my interest all the way down or am i blindly stumbling over into underwriting the competition. educating yellow niggers and jews is underwriting the competition for sure.Allowing them to sell me more than they buy of the products they learned to make in my universities is really crazy, its probably pretty questionable to let other races continue to inhabit our universe but you might need a big computer to know for sure certainly you know without thinking about it we need to maintain the option to eliminate them all or not. Its fucking willful ignorance to not get that jews and east asians understand this and have for 100 years been working to be able to eliminate us at will. if you dont get this you’re a moron. And once you get this you really have to wonder what sort of insane gamble is this vaginal thinking that wants to try and contain these biothreats for esthetic and false moral reasons- remember what is good in life.what good are asians to us? They are not going to continue their asian culture that maybe we find historically interesting they lost they are only going to mimic our model and try and use it to destroy us eventually. what is interesting about all the nigger races we already have in books and museums we can take some samples or if we want reduce them to some game preserves. but keeping them as fully function competitors is insane as a goal. i dont give a shit what that sounds like that is the fucking reality of evolution.Ill say this the greater the extent you keep nigger races on the planet the greater the need to maintain your own volk in as great and pure numbers and as ethnically chauvinist as possible.You want to eliminate the white trash eliminate the ugliness of thinking about race well then get rid of the other races then you can get rid of the lower classes and stop thinking about race because it wont exist anymore.Imagine the planet where all the diversity is the magnificent non human animals that are no threat

    collen ryan Reply:

    Ok I cant resist because it occurred to me this has probably never been written on this website and really needs to be said because while its not really a meme i engage with except to be aware of it,its pretty astoundijng its so controversial that even here in the “outersphere the black hole of “dark” enlightenment its too scary to be put into print.

    “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

    I mean really what could be more of a no brainer, its OK to be white. I dont care how much of a self hating cuck you are you know in your heart its not just ok its great we whites are all white supremacists. its good to be alive, and you dont stay alive resting on your laurels you fight for survival against others for limited resources. Now all that being said it could turn out we lose and we are wiped out by asians and jews or even niggers. Thats fine hoka hey at least we counted coup and died like men. we played the hand nature gave us, we didnt throw the race. I can live with that i cant live with not trying because its too horrid that utter faggotry those people need to be burned alive

    collen ryan Reply:

    heres spandrel saying something sensible but as usual staying away from what procedes beyond his moldberg mancrush.
    hers a synopsis
    aristocrats got to be aristocrats because cog elite and back in the day they were therefore also military elite families. but then some brilliant guy figured out bigger armies win wars. and defected and used non aristocrat ringers and won enough wars to be nations
    after a while some of the losers who were given a place at court got the idea that turn about is fair play and teamed up with the priests in a project to limit the kings power and eventually to force him to share it with them.How did they manage this well by using greater numbers 25 barrons and a archbishop at runnymede were too much for the king.again superior numbers wins.
    pretty soon younger sons rich jews and all sorts of others decided to try their hand at this game.and another house of parliament. and instead of using armies we use proxy political parties and he concludes democracy is prone to moving left, by democracy he means armies and by left he means more people. so yeah he says the rule is the more people you have the more power you can get well duhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    But he uses “moves left” as interchangeable with “larger army/party”

    Ok theres some truth that an army needs to be paid for its services. and so its true the bigger your army the bigger your cost, and sure those of us who feel in single copmbat we would unhorse your average aristocuck its lamentable that is no longer possible becaus eif it were we could split up the wealth of the world with just a few knights. But if wishes were horses you would live in a medeival shire and do this ( and I hear moldberg inc is going to release a VR game where you can in fact larp this)
    But horses are horses not wishes they need to be fed and so does everyone on your side and if you dont want to feed enough of the available players someone else will and win. the people are sovereign we natural aristocrats can lament it till the cows come home, we can cry in our mead that if not for those fucking low class crass jews we could have kep the peasants out of the game. But so what someone was bound to come up with the idea in fact some very un-jewish barrons and an archbishop came up with it and before tem some italians figured it out etc. power doesnt sit around unused for long – the people are sovereign because they are. you could maybe find a tricky way to get rid of the people but then some other tribes people will be sovereign and you will wish you had your own unwashed back.
    So your army needs to be paid you got to split with at least 51% of the people, but lets be honest 515 can turn to 49% really quickly maybe you ought to get away from this constant flux model and just accept reallity- the people are sovereign because they are.

    Now is this really moving left? well that sort of depends its not necessary to move left. Paying your army what they are worth is not leftism its business.And when youre a good businessman you think about what money could i make if i could control it all compared to only a part. and you realize so much more that in the end your far richer when paying everyone what they are worth than you were back playing dungeons and dragons.
    BUT BUT no no no I know what moldberg has programed you to say its simply not true. a nation cant be wooed away from its leaders any farther left than the nation is.In other words the leftism precedes the leftward governance. You couldnt have passed welfare in the 1910s or gay marriage in the 50s first the jews had to move enough people left then they could create a party to demand wages that were higher than warranted for that army. poor farmers in 1910 knew from experience that money didnt grow on trees and that any party that demanded free shit was not sustainable economically or socially. but give the jews 50 years to deconstruct the culture and control the media and it turns out you can teach people to be really stupid even if they are high IQ
    So when you have come to accept that the people are sovereign because they are the power and you accept you will have to pay them fairly for that power but that you and they understand will make more that way then the next thing you have to do to avoid your rule being pulled leftward is to not let slimy jews take over your newspapers and universities, to not allow the cucky to rise in power, publicly execute the cucks and jews, also you must inculcate up and coming aristocrats that though they are lucky to be born leaders and will have a bigger cut than average they mustn’t get greedy and start to cheat the people because that shit gets out of hand easilly and in no time theres some jew and cuck rallying the cheated people. this is simple maintenance this is done by culture but culture backed up by beheadings., when you treat your people fair and raise them properly they do not care and trust your judgement when you have a couple jews or cucks or a greedy elite torn apart by wild boars in the public square.
    Paying the army is not leftism its wisdom. leftism is what happens when you allow jews to deconstruct your civilization and turn everyone against each other.


    collen ryan Reply:

    I gotta add that its pretty incredible tat these nrx techno futurists don’t get that the sovereignty of the people thus far is nothing compared to what power tech is going to give them. They have always been the reservoir of power. But its technology that made it easier and easier to tap that power.This is why for a time a few aristocrats could rule over huge populations. but as tech advancement in communications light weapons transportation etc made possible the ability to motivate mobilize that power they were increasingly sovereign. Current technology is already making it possible to connect every person on the planet or any segment of them you wish or they wish and to tap into information like never before. Imagine soon this will be enough for every person to have a printout of exactly what their actual worth is and the ability to digitally organize a negotiation for that worth to be paid.You are not going to be able to keep people from being paid whats fair, the good thing is it will be also difficult to negotiate for more than you are worth. The team that stops trying to cheat at these games is going to win. cog elites are certainly worth more than steam fitters like me. but is nick land really worth more than me. well soon his techno future will tell us exactly what being a edgy philosopher in china is worth.My guess he will realize he has a lot more in common with some yeoman than he thinks today.

    Wagner Reply:

    Moldbug and Land aren’t perfect, they’re just, in certain ways, as perceptive as human beings can get. The problem is that their charisma is so mesmerizing that people often take the whole package instead of gleaning what is most dangerous from their thought and dispensing with the rest. What we think of as “people” is really just one Self critiquing itself; I don’t see you and me as different from M&L, except in time. We surpassed them on certain points because we came after them. This is what makes Europeople supreme beings; Confucians look back at the past with reverence, we look back and start cracking up at the follies of our predecessors. And then we grow old and the same thing happens to us and we say Damnit, well, I guess that’s karma. I like Land because in his better moments he was a sick fuck who was fully prepared to murder billions of egos so that they may be rebuilt into something better. Same with Moldbug. These are genuinely sick fucks we’re talking about here. They just didn’t go far enough. I think the kids will be alchemized into men if they appropriate Land’s annihiliationist mindset and Moldbug’s eruditionist mindset, and generally lob onto the scrap heap anything they don’t like, but that’s just me.

    What do you have against book-readin’? You’ve alluded to Gulliver’s Travels a few times, and I know you’d be lying to me if you told me you didn’t pick up a few funny concepts from that book that you wouldn’t have found anywhere else. (It’s even funnier if you read Robinson Cruesoe first and see Gulliver’s Travels as a parody of the genre – again, this is what makes us stand alone, high above the muds: ruthless, cackling, perpetual [self]overcoming–notice that Artxell has never laughed at himself once here; he can’t.)

    As for democracy… Elsewhere you recently said, to quote from memory:

    “Donald fucking Trump is a fucking moron”

    Well do you want democracy or not? The people aren’t going to vote for a philosopher-king. Now you’re going to say “I don’t want a fucking philosopher-king” to which I inquire, What label would you prefer to signify the opposite of a fucking moron? Cuz that’s the best one that comes to mind for me.

    Posted on December 17th, 2017 at 3:40 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    Obviously I must think land and moldy had something to offer or i wouldn’t be here so yeah I take what i want and build something i think improves it.Not sure Moldy has the same stomach for death as land at least larps.but i think thats because moldberg was more serious about his idea being practically implemented where land is really a larpy philosopher, so moldberg wont go as far as nazis cause well he doesn’t want to get sent to camp, where as land is just spinning sky castles.I on the other han really would push a button and eliminate 85% of the humans and then eat a steak and sleep like a baby.Because I know not pushing the button will cause even more suffering.
    Im not anti books or antio cog elites in my other life im sort of an intellectual snob for a blue collar guy, in fact I collect rare books, my prize possession is a set of illustrated faery queen. I come from a very literary family.Its sort of an accident that I ended up blue collar (alcoholism) but it really broadened my perspective about life. No one is more hierarchical than me and my worthiness test is pretty cognitively weighted. That said my personal experience and observation and assessment of what goes wrong in the world says its smart people who fuck it up. granted thats a lot because they are the ones running things but there’s other factors. They often got sorted out of the real world and led impractical lives and other things too numerous and involved to get into, in short i find the less talented understand their situation and are glad to be led if treated respectfully. If you have lived and worked among them its easy enough to give them that respect if you were raised to think youre superior and theyre dangerous and yucky you cant. Working out ideas in ones mind is of course a ot of fun and there was a time i liked philosophy a lot more and think neitz would be my fave if i were better educated. however the longer i live and think on things the more i conclude we cant really solve what we want to solve at least until we can completely redesign our dna and edit out the 3.5 billion years worth of patches in the meantime we are left to culture to mediate between the hardware and current situation. Ithink your boy neitz was onto this with his slave morality thing it was a patch that no longer serves, problem is theres million of them and theyre all interrelated. This is why i tend to denigrate new philosophys like land and marx, while pushing a sort of return to 1900 west civ. because things worked halfway descent then yet we were halfway as technologically advanced as now. in other words it seems approximately as good a mesh between today’s environment and a genome and cultural interface that we can know the result of and worked ok. where as lands idea or moldys while having within them some good critiques of today propose nothing less than trying something as radical as marx all over
    again, and thats not even getting into my specific criticism of their specifics like if elites and jews are the problem why would giving them ownership of the little they dont already own make things better.
    Democracy democracy democracy not you too brutus? Look I get moldys points, but how many times do i have to explain what im saying.
    blaming democracy is like blaming religion the left pwn religion it was in fact the first move they made they claimed even the king had to answer to a higher authority, from there they ran the what would jesus do game till that horse was dead. they moved on to economics and class when that ran its course they changed to race. They will use whatever social organizational construct is handy. yeah sure they use popular vote to get their way- until trump gets elected or a law gets legislated they dont like then they resort to media to lawsuits to sabotage, to get their way. The left is no more democratic than they are religious, saudi arabia just passed women driving unaccompanied,duerte says hes for gay marriage the left can manage without democracy in fact the only thing they really need is to be left alive. But im not really big on democracy just want to be clear about problem, even moldbug really isd saying not so much democracy as how to align leaders interests with good of the nation, and that democracy perverts those interests its weak tea elites have been self interested in all sorts of systems. culture seems to be best way to keep elites in service.but you need a theme i dont think moldys capitalism is a good choice for all the reasons ive said before. I think a sense of being a people is tried and true and runs deepest and in the end is the bedrock of reality, which is why i larp a nazi because they were right pretty much if a bit over the top about it. back to democracy I certainly dont think having non ethnic co citizens voting in your nation is a good idea i certainly dont think having women voting is a good idea, i certainly dont think having people who pay no taxess or even are on the dole voting on how to spend tax dollars is a good idea, i dont think if you pay a million a year in taxes you should be able to vote ton how o spend another millions of your grandkids future tax payments is a good idea. I think you do democracy sensibly it works you free the niggers and women and allow welfare sopics and teenagers to vote and yeah you get leftism.DUHHH
    But beyond that its in white DNA almost every white nation and almost no non white nations has a history of democracy, white men dont do subjugation well, we do hierarchy ok because we get it works for a purpose but we also get we neednt be total subjects just to get trains to run on time.and we dont need it we cooperate well we que we found organizations. so I dont se it as a problem and i dont see how you could eliminate it and i dont see anything known to work better.But of course i dont think anything will work perfectly till we redo our dna to match a sytem to go with it.

    Look I cheered trump on like the rest of the deplorables i still love it when he lands a good one.but lets be hones he has pretty good instincts and maybe hes not actually below average IQ hes still pretty much an idiot he doesnt read or study details and hes just not mentally quick enough to not hes being used and is quite compromised.fortunately hes stubborn and thick skinned in a way and if he survives will probably keep coming back to his instincts but one of those is wanting to be liked by elites. I knew the guy when they wouldn’t let him into studio 54, he cant understand the subtleties of class signalling. but also of a lot of other subtleties.
    if you mean do i think cn he save us? I think his election took us from a lights out to a 1% shot.but even if he survives and is reelected isnt enough we need earth moving change we need at the least to deport every non white so no I dont have much hope i think land and moldy were right that a guy like a trump is a pyrrhic victory it s probably better to hasten the collapse because the enemy cant survive a collapse. But thinking the cathedral will collapse is pretty wishful, they need to be defeated and I dont think its really as hard as people say.

    yeah i want- no strike that no i dont want a philosopher king i want someone like me a steamfitter turned engineer and an amatuer scientist who reads a lot.I dont want nick land or marx philosophizing hair brained experiments no matter if they have higher IQs my experience is IQs beyond 130-145 are practically useless tose people need to be put in labs to work on specific problems not deal with people and their problems. those guys like us between 130-145 are even pretty far disconnected from reality which is causing a lot of problems, however i think we are the sweet spot if we can use culture to eliminate the faggotry from 130-145s we should be forced to do shit like the military and blue collar jobs and of course all the leftist education eliminated.The guys that built the cathedrals the master builders started as apprentices literally chattel sleeping on the shop floor as i was told when i was indentured lower than whaleshit. by the they were building cathedrals they knew every aspect of the process in a way no degreed architect does today.America you know that nation of white guys that built the greatest empire ever on earth who really made that happen philosopher kings or guys like edison ford wright brother almost every thinbg great that made america was made by self taught men not educated philosophers


    collen ryan Reply:

    and another thing on democracy ive said before
    the whole nrx theory is “the cathedral” is really running things in spite of democracy, occasionally incorporating it into plans but mostly just using it as a cover. In short the theory is big money academics legal profession NGOs media artists all openly conspire to sway the votes through propaganda and if unsuccessful to do end runs around votes with re votes or lawsuits or supranational ruling or soft coups. In short the democracy is just a cover for how they really assert their power, and without their shenanigans even today with 50% niggers and 50% bitches they struggle to get 50 % of the votes from proles. so for the 100th time its not mobs of proles with pitchforks that is the problem its mobs of cog elites with degrees in the dark arts of propaganda thats the problem.The problem is our elites are not acting in the interst of the nation but rather of their sub culture. This is in fact why we keep getting rid of monarchys but of course again you are targeting the system when its elites not the system that is the problem. Of course a reasonable amount of self interest is good and natural and common to all classes. elites however must be cultivated to have a sense of stewardship for the people yeah people not nation because this last iteration shows they can turn a people into a proposition because they like to deal in propositions this is why nazis are correct essentially however it needs to be moderated so we dont start killing each other which is why whiteness is not such a bad way to look atr it a bit blunt but thats the times it wasnt so long agao we simply said western civilization to mean the same thing without all the nazi baggage.

    But heres the thing if youre really convinced the proles are the problem fine once you own the cathedral you can run the same games on them the left does only n service of sanity. and like the left you can blame the proles themselves if they grouse because they “voted” but im pretty sure you are going to find they are not a problem if you govern well nd the only difficulty with that is elite snowflakes anting to run sims on the nation. elites are smart and hate to just do what those who came before them have learned worked best so they want to experiment and make a name for themselves, there never enough needed updating to satisfy them and cant resist unless you hang them regularly


    Wagner Reply:

    Now that I reflect, the thing about Moldbug that is most dangerous is his erudition PLUS his smirking indication that “you know this History thing, yeah it’s all kinda fake lol here are some different ways of looking at it”. Mad man.

    But then others come along and wonder if his counter-histories are fake.

    One of your blindspots Mike is you love whites too much. We are the ones who actually got ourselves in this hole so we should recognize that problem instead of blaming the Jews entirely. If this is a neo-Nazi think-tank I at least want it to be a self-reflective neo-Nazi think-tank. I’ve always thought MacDonald’s and Moldbug’s genealogies should be combo’d. Jews are fucking us but they are carrying out our own bidding. Let’s see, whites are Christian for century upon century, prog and poz come about from “love thy neighbor” taken to its ultimate conclusion. This is why I go full-on Satanism – if Christianity leads to becoming-dumber I want the diametrical opposite of that.

    Democracy is inescapable in the sense that if the people won’t vote for the philosopher-king then the philosopher-king has to act like a retard to appease the people. If he’s voted in and starts implementing policies the people simply don’t understand because all they’re used to using their minds for is picking cabbages, then they will raise their pitchforks high.


    collen ryan Reply:

    I hate jews the way i hate cog elites, on a personal level I like them Im a native new yorker from an arty intellectual family half my dutch uncles are jews. If i had the power i would keep the jews but that i think requires de jewifying them, preventing them from identifying themselves and acting in their own interests rather than as fellow whites. Its not healthy for any nation to have a genetically distinct overclass and the more distinct the worse it is.This is why I keep saying the yellow menace will be even worse if we dont stop the precedent we set with the jews.and why i even critique the vaginals who are indiusputably white, but like jews see themselves as a chosen people act in their own interest with disregard for those who oppose their agenda. In white nations that are not mixed like say france then frenchness should be the standard with the caveat that exit by reasonably identifiable genomes is permissible say the basques, flemish, or perhaps the catalonians if they are truly distinct and think they can make it alone. I do think the world wars and the success of mutt white nations should teach us as we restore ourselves that while we support multibiocultural europeanism we must never again let that devolve into whites destroying whites at non white profit.

    No i dont like whites too much hate cog elites or jews too much but must focus on what is most out of balance.Out of balance is a laughable term for the attempt at white genocide thats been going on for conservative since the 60s.So while the vast majority of white and jew elites in all white nations are moving heaven and earth to reduce whites to minorities in all their own lands and have already succeeded in the most powerful of all white nations the USA and are well on there way to succeeding in the rest within 30 years, its kinda hard to take the accusation of loving whites too much seriously. 15 years ago i was really worried that creeping socialism would destroy western civilization. I really had a limited idea of what destruction really is creeping socialism at worst would have reduced all western nations to the state that the soviet union was in prior to glasnost. Well that took 15 years to recover from and russia is pretty much where russia would have been if not for Marx and his bolsheviks.But multiculturalism you never recover from not in a million years, its over lights out. The only way to arrest it is to catch it midstream and create a fucking bloodbath. This is what the left is counting on that whites will not have the stomach for that we would rather die ourselves than expel others and cause the massive suffering dislodging them almost certainly will cause.well wag i gotta ask do you want whites to survive? We can not survive in multiculturalism, we are the race that can least survive multiculturalism, we have already degenerated enough to prove we cant survive this.Absolutely every other spec of thought that goes on in the right is meaningless unless whites can secure their nations again. Unless you are of that type of vaginal that is more concerned with your ideas than your people. For me my ideas are for my people they are inseparable, i couldn’t care less if hispanics make great conservatives, or if jews or east asians make great neoreactionaries. It doesn’t concern me its none of my business my business is how to help my people, because i can not survive without my people. It the same argument I make about capitalism, sure i always loved capitalism wore out my first copy of atlas shrugged by 16. But it seems to me their a type of person who likes capitalism as an idea would like it even if it destroyed their people and made another people hegemonic. Thats insane i am not a capitalist being I am a european being i love capitalism because it serves my people and to the extent it serves my people and to the extent it harms my people i want to fix that. And this is the problem with moldbug and land, they begin by proposing to fix the problems that are destroying western civilization and people and conclude that the solution is to do away with them. Moldberg want to give the ((((capitalists))) the divine right of kings and land wants to give over the universe to machines. Well sorry that wasn’t the problem i was looking to solve. Once whites are no longer in danger of extinction I promise i will go back to being a misanthrope primarily fixated on whites.

    As for the jews.Well again its just we have to deal with the facts and the facts are jews are probably the single biggest reason we have all these problems. That said besides my equally vigorous criticism of the vaginal mindset, I am equally critical of christianity this past decade, i had to reluctantly conclude despite being a cultural catholic most of my life even if agnostic; that it is a fundamentally pozzed theology. Its irrational and anti material and anti self interest. Now its true for a long time it worked well for us. I have actually been lobbying MacDonald to write a companion trilogy on the vaginals. because they deserve it, and because strategically it will strengthen his previous work. But heres a fact of how much i hate jews, I have only read excerpts of his books online and only read through the introduction and skimmed a bit of CoC, because that was enough to let me know it really was a serious scholarly book and to confirm what I already knew. As a child my parents “drawing room” was a sort of Salon of lefty intellectuals and artists and though my dad was not a democrat he was certainly as enthralled as his and the past several previous generations of white cog elites who left the heartlands and came to the cities to the jewish intellectuals as the next all through the 60s and 70s I listened intently at cocktail parties drunk jew let doen their hair and feel safe among themselves and some good whites about what they wanted thought and had been working on since the 20s some of them. and as the the 70s rolled out and I too became involved in the “counter culture” in NYC many of my contemporary friends were jews. i literally watched how whites are indoctrinated into jewish thinking.Im not even saying many of the jews understood what they were doing or that many of the cucks realized it either, theres a famous essay of the time where cheever or updike writes about this where they explain how the pull of jewish intellectual infatuation was irresistible by the 50s. Lets face it theyre clever funny talented people.But the simple fact is their world outlook is bad for whites. But its irresistable to vaginals.
    This idea that it whiney and stupid to blame the jews, that its like niggers blaming whites. I find this to be poor logic on several levels. first because blacks and for that matter all non whites who whine about whites are living in white nations.In order for the argument to be valid we would have to be whining while on welfare in Israel. Ok sure if you are making the argument that who ever wins wins, if the amerindians recapture north america then from Gnons perspective it matters little that we helped them they won. Sure I concede that by any means possible is the only rule. But by that rule if whining about the jews is an effective defence against the jews then that should be the test not whether its sporting. i mean if niggers want to whine and it works which obviously it does then good luck with that. the better and only question i have is whats the best strategy to defend against jews.And while im not thrilled with whining per se, i gotta think identifying a problem to team co ethnics not aware of the danger is a pretty basic animal survival strategy apes will signal other apes of nearby snakes and not stop until they see their fellow apes have identified the danger. I actually am more interested in whining about jews in order to highlight a underlying problem( that jews instilled in us) this idea that it’s perfectly fine to have your nation run by any outsiders. Jews are a proxy for the “over other”. Its kind of ironic that we are simultaneously to think of them as the ultimate other and because they are so like us and related to think how absurd is our objection to overrule. And i suppose I should state the obvious why i think this is so bad. its the lowest common denominator that humans can organize around which makes it the best. The best because you can’t really undermine it the way a religion or an idea, and because they key to the problems you want to solve with your philosophy is at root biological, the problems are how this organism can survive in this environment, and the answer is slightly different for each genome that’s in fact what made us different genomes. So the answer of your philosopher must be downloaded into the cultural operating system that is an antumbra of that specific biologic.The only argument that works for the jews and for that matter the vaginals, is that mutt white nations are no farther from them than many of their other constituents.While theres enough truth in this, that if allowed unlimited power to un-jew them I would think the effort worthwhile, even beneficial. Unfortunately the reality on the ground is they have not been net beneficial rather they have brought all white to the edge of annihilation, and its hard to imagine how we can pull off a restoration and save them in a safe way. Ill say the long shot way i see of that being possible is to reverse the triangulation game they are running on us, and see if they can be convinced to turn on all multiculturalism and become white nationalist in order to keep from being expelled with all the rest. you would have to convince them this is their only alternative and that it will work and at the same time disempower them to the point they will except de jewification. which would have to be something like 1/4 jews cant hold sensitive position to encourage them to marry out, along with identifying as anything but white being a crime for which one can be deported. Find it hard to think we could pull it off except leftism seems to be slipping their grasp and they are getting edgy trying to keep it aimed elsewhere. All that said I am open to concrete strategies to combat the influence of jews and vaginal universalism, Im not thrilled with the neo nazis or pepes in fact i think most are idiots but like trump (and the real nazis) they are nevertheless correct about the most important nay only problem we face today, no other problem is worth a minutes effort except in service to solving whites losing their nations.
    Again no philosopher kings, maybe we are playing semantics, but when I hear philospher I dont think really smart guy I think someone who likes ideas maybe even ideas that are beyond our understanding if they are good bad nonsense or in our interest its like lands AI. I dont want the type of leader that in love with his ideas I want a guy who is determined to use his intellectual talents to secure the existence of the white people to put it bluntly.An engineer, a general, yes sometimes the qualities i want also come in philosophical minds but all to often not all too often you get those in love with the abstract the theoretical and not the practical. As I have said numerous times I dont see democracy at all as an impediment to good government. My lifes experience of leading people has shown me most people want to be led and once you have demonstrated the skills they will trust you implicitly. Its the higher cogs who feel they have the chops to question you.Additionally its costly changing governance and people only risk it when things become really bad if you are doing a good job the people are never a problem, they dont want to get killed in a revolution they want to be left alone to work and have families. And I have already said the mechanism of the cathedral has proven even when you are doing a shit job you can override almost anything with the level of propaganda a modern tech nation can now muster.No the problem any good king president etc is going to have is the one they all alway have the machinations of courtiers fellow elites. whatever system you have they just keep finding a way to work themselves into power. You need to get to the root of their HBD instincts and find way to satisfy them in healthy ways, culture culture culture. They need to equate for instance status with sevie to the nation. Now elites did this pretty well both as knights of the realm and as civil servants. But the “nation” was changed from a biological reality to a theoretical proposition. Pretty much in the USA then france then russia. Its tempting to think it was what the revolutions thought liberte equality was the problem. it wasn’t we could not transition from feudal to industrial without addressing most of those ideas.It was a huge waste of human capital to have 99% of a nation’s people as demislaves, its not leftism to transition to meritocracy.It goes off the rails when it becomes an ideal rather than a nation building strategy. Because when its an ideal then the test is no longer is it good for the whites.So elites stop signaling what good englishman or americans they are and signal what good freedom fighters, equality fighters they are.Empire is often the cause of this and in our case it was american empiricism that turned good strategies toxic. exporting democracy because we think its great to our enemies for what so they can be great as us then what? If we thought democracy was our secret weapon we should have kept our mouths shut because we were americans not democrats.democracy was a strategy that was currently serving. But philosopher kings like ideas not peoples. so we exported christianity democracy freedom equality and its come back as a weapon against us when at one point they were indeed strategies that made us strong.Wag please cite the cabbage farmer thats raising his pitchfork against the BIs or something its always an elite who understands it fairly well or someone manipulated by an elite who understands it. cabbage farmers are too tired to care. niggers and women with make work jobs or welfare well who let them out- elites.

    Mere Mortal Reply:

    >But multiculturalism you never recover from not in a million years, its over lights out.

    Bullshit. You take over, and having taken over, you reverse the incentives that caused the influx in the first place. You don’t need to bribe them. You don’t even need to terrorize them. It’s a process of the utmost simplicity:

    1. Revoke the citizenships of those descended from immigrants after 1791, pending further review.
    2. Cut off the welfare checks.
    3. End the free healthcare.
    4. End the free schooling.
    5. Make it hard to compete with a citizen for a good job.
    6. Leave the border open.

    No helicopter battalions. No ICE roundup squads. No government thuggery.

    Problem solved.

    Mere Mortal Reply:

    “I knew the guy when they wouldn’t let him into studio 54, he cant understand the subtleties of class signalling.”

    He understands, he just doesn’t care. Part of signaling is paying homage to a higher power, and he recognizes no power higher than his own.

    “so its all about more or less organic farming because hippie chicks are cute”


    “my experience is IQs beyond 130-145 are practically useless”

    What you notice is the “off” smarties. There are things that people do that seem really smart, and things that people do that seem really dumb. The socially intelligent smarties generally don’t adopt the really-dumb things, but they do “tone down” the really-smart things to match their audience. Their capacity to tolerate the dumb things is another matter — can’t fake that.

    Ask me how I know.


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  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    so I am planning my kingdoms commercial agricultural expansion so its all about more or less organic farming because hippie chicks are cute and yuppies buy that shit and its basically common sense if you don’t get carried away on all the propaganda in that orbit. So just now in my research of ‘organic pesticides” I come across this guys blog and a quick skim makes me think hes one of us. so i will pass this on


    collen ryan Reply:

    now strategically whether whining about the jews is a good practice is a good question. Moldberg thinks all resistance is futile, but jews always think that when faced with an existential threat so its no surprise they council us to stop struggling and relax enjoy the decline while were ground up into soylent green crackers for them to feed the niggers. i categorically deny resistance is futile in fact its the only chance we have.But deciding exactly what methods to employ i think takes some real deep analysis, some testing probing etc.I say the left needs to be killed and the cathedral taken possession of. I dont necessarily mean we should take to the woods with our ghost gunner ARs. I do say it would be better than philosophizing about whether we would prefer to be enslaved by jews or computers, because the no brainer answer is neither better to die like men.
    There are a lot of ways to attract the jews, are they all whining? is resisting jewish power in your nation always whining cause that seems pretty convenient for jews.Is Kevin MacDonald a whiner? Has he made any progress for whites or is he a net loss?Even land eventually got into the spirit of pepe and is now a NJW EJW ? natural v evolutionary? on twit, but did the whole pepe hitler larp backfire? It needs careful study.Can you reverse anarcho tyranny jews with muslims? european jews seem to be saying yes but maybe theyre whiny jews, needs analysis.This asian vs affirmative action issue might be a good way to attack both jews and asians while pretending to it from the left- needs study.exposing just how insanely deep the israel lobby is I mean compared to the wildest russia allegations the israel influence on american government is 1000x more and totally documentable- crickets.Can jews be split on israel, its a long shot but the jews we most have problems with are often anti israel to some extent, is it enough to force israel to reign in the dogs for the military might it so desperately needs? maybe I certainly wouldn’t have given them a dime until they gave trump something.

    all of this goes for any strategy against all our enemies. Is just whining productive probably not its demoralizing if nothing else.Im not whining if they win hoka hey. but if i catch you running from this fight ill shoot you myself. Im saying you cant strike the enemy if you don’t know where they are, how many whites have even a clue to what jews have done, only the neo nazis really and they are a handful of them. I mean yeah i get if all the anti jewish stuff you here is JM being quoted endlessly by almost entirely low IQ neo nazis its not something you want to be associated with. and if you like most jews as I do its not something you want to advertise. which is why the jews dont want the internet to be free nor do the two parties and everyone else with old school monopolys on propaganda. free and anonymous information communication is the only shot we have unless someone invents cold fusion or something


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    wass ur Twitter Collen Michael Ryan?


    collen ryan Reply:

    I am legion

    Wagner Reply:

    You’re like the Logos, Mike. But I still have my disagreements with you. Democracy is selling out and giving in to more lowest-common-denominator politics. I will synthesize with you in the sense that there should be a Statesman and a philosophical counsel that gives him advice. You’re right that living in the clouds (wth we’re in an Aristophanic thread) is condemned to dissipate. Well, then, the next day, there is another cloud.


    collen ryan Reply:

    I believe a lot of things I may not like.For instance ethno state, there was a time when the percentages were reasonable and i was hopeful we could maintain that balance and live in peace with some benefits from diversity. I have since realized even that small number was destined to bring larger numbers and that even a still naturally homogeneous state like say poland will eventually fall to multiculturalism unless it becomes an explicitly polish state. Conquest’s second law doesn’t even go far enough i can name all sorts of explicitly right institutions that were turned leftist (and BTW without democracy) So I regret that it turns out nations must be explicitly ethnat but Im sure they must. It helps when i realize this was unremarkable until recently.

    similarly I am not completely comfortable with where i suspect we need to go with women. I still wont go as far as Jim who concludes all 8 year ols women are sluts who want to be raped and therefore cant be raped. Id like to magically hold the line at about 1930 or something (voluntary submission), but without having put a lot of thought into it or at least as much as what Jims thinks passes for thought I still have concluded they definitely cant be allowed to vote, and probably must be at the least under the authority of fathers and husbands. Women really ought to come before cucks as a problem maybe even before jews.Again this seems to my 20th century mind as extreme as nazism, and yet i know its a precondition for sustainable civilization. and again it was unremarkable almost within my lifetime.

    What Im getting at is if we are serious about fixing and surviving we must stop being unrealistic. This is the part about land I like he gets theres going to be certain techno realities and thinks he can predict with certainty what that will bring about. I will agree with him that (because i have had this same idea since childhood) anything man imagines technically he eventually brings about physically so if we dont wipe ourselves out or allow others to wipe ourselves out, we will make some sort of AI and killer robot armies and infotech will do some pretty amazing things. i disagree that its inevitable that we must be enslaved by ai robots, and all the rest of his scifi assumptions. Point is you must admit things to your design no matter you might wish it were not so.

    Whites can do monarchy for periods of time, in fact we are ripe for it now. both sides want a strongman to enforce their will, and its probably going to happen. But its not really sustainable.The white edge is not so much our IQ which is great but not the greatest, its that it is combined with this independent creative personality. ( its to race what my yankee engineer is to your asian philosopher king). We are not good at absolute authority, are not a submissive people.we are a highly organized people on a project by project basis but pretty soon someone decides they want to riff on the project.And off they go.This is the reason I keep asking NRX who is all about bio evolution and capital evolution how is it they want political stasis.Do you really want the clintons coronated with no way to unseat them short of war.and their dullard daughter assuming the throne and having ever duller heirs until they are marrying nigggers like the british royalty? In theory republican democracy is a meritocracy. Thats evolutionary which is supposed to be a good thing, was in fact exactly why we invented it to clear out bad genes without wasting resources on war which is bad for the genome and for the econome.Obviously giving a vote to niggers women teenagers and welfare cases is fucking retarded.The idea of democracy is that those who actually have the power to wage war to get the changes made agree instead to wage virtual war. niggers women teenagers and welfare cases have no power to wage war therefore have no standing.Anyone who suggests they should be given standing in the mock war is attempting to cheat and should immediately be killed by the real powers to demonstrate to the cheater that his virtue troops have no real standing because they can not save him from being killed. But all productive men have real potential power and could conceivably align a force physically around the issue they vote on virtually.
    Look the point is you cant ignore this reality, the people (productive men) are sovereign.You can ignore this and manipulate until you enthrone a king and have your monarchy, but all that will happen is runnymeade. One day the productive men will make the king an offer he cant refuse. or they will wait till he dies and murder is little nephews, pour poison in jhis ear, import a foreign king to challenge him, etc etc etc the productive people are sovereign. now you can make these power struggles official and transparent so all the powers have equal information or you can pretend this isn’t going to happen and let chance and subterfuge determine your fate.

    How much of whats gone wrong with the USA ( and can we specify that so went the USA so went the western world?) If niggers and women and non whites like jews had not been given the vote how much leftism would we have right now?
    At about this point the moldberg bobble heads usually imply that because the world is as it is it can only be as it is because it is as it is anon. in other words they claim you cant solve this because this is. And then cluelessly go on to suggest the most bizarre scifi fantasy changes ever which are somehow possible despite this being this. Is there really some law I am missing that says we can not learn from the past? I think the rule is you can not ignore HBD. So if this leftism present is because of some HBD reality then we must study exactly which traits triggered what and the exact mechanisms that those traits brought leftism into being. Only then can you say is leftism inevitable or simply one of many paths our traits might have taken.

    Thi is what i mean when I say your philosophy is up against 3.5 billion years of biological patches that only made sense in the circumstances they were selected for god knows how long ago. Because of that i think philosophy which is looking for universal truths is not the tool and engineering is the better tool. the engineer will look at a trait say altruism and say, well it probably developed for this reason say plan B genetic backup and then was repurposed for group coordination under attack, but later was used to inform a religion and lately its been used for SJW ( very broadly) an engineer will say well this trait is certainly the cause of much leftism but at the same time its it possible to use it for all sorts of things depending where and how you program your culture software to access it (sorry i dont speak code) In other words I bet thers no HBD inevitability to leftism no leftism genes. I bet we can take what we know as mistakes and as we redesign our culture keep in mind how these traits can be variously used for good and bad outcomes and design around that.

    For instance you have heard me say many times that although almost my entire adult life i have been a randian viennese let them eat soylent green militant capitalist. But that ironically it was NRX that made me rethink that a bit. Its emphasis on HBD made me start to accept that if we cant fight the tape of nigger stupidity jew cupidity and female fluidity? then we must also recognize traits we have.Now its got to be said theres no one gene and really no one trait the behaviors we are concerned with result from interplay of genes traits, patch upon patch upon patch, But I am said for instance whites have a certain intolerance for suffering and see it as a problem to be solved. It is no use for me to pretend this isn’t so and pretend that if i institute that all the weak must die slowly in the streets until we have eliminated the weakness from our gene pool. We may indeed want to eliminate them from our gene pool for their sakes and our but it simply wont work to decree they suffer to death in a white nation, India yes not england.So we must devise a work around to eliminate the filth from our genes while not triggering other wise productive people from wasting their resources opening poor houses or worse.If we can invent AI robot armies we can certainly figure out how not to go from workhouse to welfare. The genes are there but we can repurpose them for different outcomes. In short there is no law that say whites will always arrive at this point no matter what we have learned. there is no such thing as a gene that triggers birthright citizenship and another for food stamps. we can redesign around our biological reality. I have proof less than 100 years ago we were almost identical and had almost zero leftism. Land has zero proof that we can live on patches run by AI robots owned by Jew trillionaires its just a fantasy.

    Its not a fantasy that jew billionaires want us to live on their patches controlled by their AI robots. they are pretty far along in doing just that. And its not true that if we dont let them we will live on planet ofthe apes. This is moldberg and land playing good cop bad cop on the stupid goy.Fuck them

    so we whites have a biological predisposition against totalitarian rule but its due to our edge of individualism and creativity etc. asians love being ruled, niggers understand nothing but the whiphand. But neither has exceeded us because we are fluid. so monarchy might sound like a nice neat solve but its not the solve our solve is of course like us fluid tricky difficult and yup precarious. we are hot house flowers, We are a trust people. we require delicate informal fluid agreements that are difficult to codify because we insist on the right to defect but also on the right to do so in the least disruptive manner we contract temporality and specifically, its a dance but one that has made us the rulers of the planet. What is needed for this is as close homogeneity as possible. and honesty about power and productivity. The steam fitter doesnt require being paid as much as the math professor but he does require being paid a fair share of his worth as a potential armed warrior and skilled craftsmen and head of a family. elites think they can triangulate him against some peasant mexican, then elites are cheating and eventually the truce breaks down and we go to real war.And the math professor will find mexican peasants make really poor soldiers compared to irish steam fitters and the math professor may find himself stuffed in a locker and told to start adding motherfucker cuck. Eventually we get a philosopher steamfitter to again set things right and explain the math faggot can add faster when hes allowed out of the locker and we are back where we should be. So lets save the waste and admit the peoples true value, while using the increased productivity to improve ourselves against others and maybe more importantly in relation to each other. is it really debateable that if we put pour minds to it whites could cut their left tales in half in couple generations?

    The clouds you speak of are you meaning the wasted back and forth im talking about. This is the asian edge they dont really struggle against each other they pull costs them on their right tail but they return their average consistently. we simply cant do that. but we can stop cheating and wasting the back and forth energy to rebalance. democracy ught to do this well if its open and all parties have all info, big data will do this. but realise elites have better opportunity to defect and cheat.The problem is not to oppress them in some socialist workers party thats the asian way.But its also not to let him devise ways to game the system just because hes been trusted to be alone in the control room. Look what they are doing they are trying to triangulate against their own people literally their brothers and sisters by coordinating with third worlders with jew entrepreneurs with niggers or women, the worst part is they are not even solving deep problems anymore they use their 140 IQs to blog faggotry and empower the community and what not.They need their proxy armies taken away and to be balanced by guys like me. Fuck non whites, teens, women and ner do wells getting to co sign their agenda then see how well the vote goes their way.

    The beauty is it doesnt require a scifi fantasy its simply reboot 1900 with iphones.every one gets that its old hat its natural and right and true. everyone knows whats going on now is bullshit they just either are better off if a nigger woman etc or too scared to say the emperor has no clothes.

    collen ryan Reply:

    Democracy is selling out and giving in to more lowest-common-denominator politics.

    No democracy as I understand it is the opposite its a marketplace of merit where consumers vote on the best product to lease to run their nation while they run their business and family. If one lawmaker proves to be all hat and no cattle they know they have only signed a short term lease.

    Or its a proxy war among those who could wage a real war with whatever alliances they might make with the other players who instead all choose to settle the war with a vote and pocket what the war would have cost. because they understand its likely the winner of the vote would be the winner of the war

    Democracy as practiced is, people with no money are allowed to buy the services of carpet baggers with other productive peoples account numbers and have those carpetbaggers rob the public purse for them. In real life we would simply arrest them and take tose account numbers away from them. There is no legitimate claim by them to vote thats made up shit by elite who wished to cheat the system because they could not win the vote without cheating.Its absurd to posit a useless mouth can demand anything, everyone in the world knows beggars cant be choosers.

    Or as its practised now it a war where some (((elites)))) who were out of power opened up the city gates to a mongrel horde and declare that they could defeat those in power with this rag tag army.And although its not true and everyone knows this its also true that the rightful elites are reluctant to kill so many people ruin their lives and businesses to settle this as they should and naively think they can ignore it can manage it or at least insulate themselves from it. so they neglect their duty to rally the troops and leave a power vacuum that will surely be filled by those who can not insulte themselves from it.

    Wagner Reply:

    No Mike I don’t think you’re humble. There are philosophers out there that could talk you under the table while they’re playing pingpong against Bruce Lee with nunchucks. I’m not one of them, but if I were your age I probably would be. I’m thinking of my old Aquinas prof. They’re the exception not the rule but they’re out there. Socrates is the arch-examplar. The sperg-philosophers he called sophists. We’re talking about Philosophers here. The kind that see twenty logical errors in what you say but feel so sorry for you they’ll only mention half of one. In a just world all engineers would submit to them without thinking twice about it. You are a pugnacious potato-head and if the Irish had had the humility to listen to philosophers (the smartest among them) they probably wouldn’t have had their hilarious famine. I’m sure there were drunken conversations between Moldbug and Bannon where Bannon stepped out of line and Moldbug totally buried him, just like he would bury you in a one on one face to face debate. And I make this prediction while thinking about the youtube debate he had with that other sperg. There are philosophers that aren’t spergs like Moldbug who would bury your ass in the ground and not even leave a grave-marker. Now on to other matters.

    “on twit, but did the whole pepe hitler larp backfire? It needs careful study.”

    Yes I think it did, and we should accelerate the explosion while we still can. LMFAO. On the other hand I think Land sincerely cares about the Truth and he is just too old, robotic, and all-too-human to incorporate emerging advances, but he’s trying. Hence why he allows us to run our stupid yaps here for months on end. Do you think you’d have the balls to offer up a forum to genocidal maniacs like me and you to say whatever the fuck they want about you? I don’t think you do. Land has big balls, I might even be a little gay for the guy. Brits have their vaginal side but their balls are so big they’re bow-legged. Francis fucking Bacon, William fucking Shakespeare, it’s a really, really long list, Mike. I prefer the thinkers of the German renaissance to any of them, personally, but the English probably invented and thought-up and engineered probably the most out of any other people – they make everyone else look like niggers. That’s the real reason we’re heading toward World Mocha-Homo, you know. Because whites, especially Englishmen, are so fucking great that they make everyone else hate themselves. Pre-war right-Hegelians called these pieces of shit “the lazy races”. Whites are so fucking great that they feel bad for these pieces of shit and decided to give them a fighting chance. It’s like playing a game of Monopoly with a child and letting him win so as to improve his self-esteem. “I beat a grown-up, I’m freakin awesome, now I have the confidence to do good stuff in the world instead of being a sullen lazy ass.” In my opinion most people on the emerging right are total, knuckle-dragging, down-syndrome-soul’d morons for not presupposing this understanding of what’s going on:

    “We can compare ancient societies to one another, but the global society now in the making is truly unique. Its superiority in every area is so overwhelming, so evident, that it is forbidden, paradoxically to acknowledge the fact, especially in Europe. This prohibition stems from the fear of a return to tyrannical pride. It is also the fear of humiliating nations that don’t belong to the privileged group.”

    René Girard, I See Satan Fall Like Lightning

    All leftists know deepdown that niggers and women are inherently incompetent, even niggers and women know this deepdown. They’ll never admit it, but that’s part of their game: being silent about this. The bigbrain Jews behind the scenes know this deepdown; Soros hates white men because they make everyone else feel like dogshit for being alive. I’d like a rightist to honestly tell me he likes making people feel like dogshit. Because that’s what he does by merely existing. I’m a cold one myself so I don’t mind, in fact I believe it is good to make people feel like dogshit if they are actually dogshit because then maybe they’ll realize “hey, maybe I should change my dogshit ways”. The left is maternal, it’s a nurturing mother. It hysterically shrieks “Don’t be so hard on him!!! You’re an asshole!!! Your hard-idealism cripples his self-esteem!!! Therethere little nignog you’re a goodboy U dindunuffin.” Most people on the right don’t seem to have this understanding. The strong-father-right itself needs a strong-father. You know who’s the strongest father of all? Fritz. And you know what he says is the trick?

    “I know how to REVERSE PERSPECTIVES: the first reason why a “revaluation of values” is perhaps possible for me alone.”

    From “Why I Am So Wise” in his Autobiography

    If it was up to me I’d gas everyone, kikes, shitlibs, shitlords, all of them, I’d gas my fucking self. That’s what being a white man means. Always striving to become stronger, more evil, more profound, and more beautiful. That’s why your precious soot-people will never V O T E for a philosopher, because they can’t bear the fire of his hard, high ideal, the miserable little shit-eating cretins. What you want with your democratism is to recycle the politics of big shitheads ruling small shitheads. What I want is the smartest guy on earth at the top making small shitheads into big shitheads and big shitheads into post-shitheads. Aufheben, aufheben, aufheben, all day long, 24/7 365 10,000 year reich of ubermen, uberubermen, uberuberubermen until the cows come home and we get off this filthy demiurgic fart of a planet.

    “The DUCE sits in Rome calling five hundred bluffs (or thereabouts) every morning. Some bright lad might present him to our glorious fatherland under the title of MUSSOLINI DEBUNKER.”

    Ezra Pound, Jefferson and/or Mussolini

    “The Duce never tries to put in a wedge butt end forward…”


    Except, you want a Mussolini, I want an Evola in charge. Or at the least I want a Mussolini who kisses Evola’s ass. Catch my drift?

    Posted on December 21st, 2017 at 4:59 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan
    Oh I catch your drift if you want to call il duce an engineer and evola a philosopher then ill go with your philosopher ever dimler didnt have no respect for duce. No one well not i anyway disputes moldberg is brilliant and Im sure land must be as well though i havnt read much besides his blogshit.and i dont claim Im qualified to be that engineer, i just claim im smart enough to have noticed the smartest guy in the room is not the best leader.Look obviously there are insanely brilliant people that would make yarvin look stupid it conceivable some of them could be a good president of course is your average ‘engineer’ the best president no on the other hand we have done pretty well with pretty average president and an occasional jefferson.My point isnt anti intellectualism its about the fact that its hard to actually understand each other when our IQs are far apart. Ok heres a good way to explain what Im saying.Your argument ends with lands argument, that Ai should run the world and we can count on it eventually deciding to run it without us, and we will have no way of knowing what its thinking it would be like knowing what gods plans are.You just got through describing to me how far below maybe yarvins IQ mine is, can you get that it doesn’t mater how far below. below a certain point he might as well be AI or God i have no idea how far removed he is from me. If i put him in charge i have no idea what the fuck he might decide is best, but judging from Davos and nick land I am bright enough to understand hes probably going to decide i would make a better sandwich than a citizen.Now i would have to be pretty fucking stupid to put him in charge wouldn’t I. unless of course i was a cuck like land who who gladly offer his throat to the bot with the red roses.Not this dumb mick Ill starve on potato blight rather than have some wiley norman rule me. But i dont have to theres a lot more of me than yarvins i can make them my maytag nigger. Now i can understand being pessimistic about wresting control from the AI humans but i cant understand being joyful about submitting to them. My plan is dont submit to the apes or the post humans stuff the yarvins in the locker where we have kept them since time began and make them engineer us to be their equals. It may not work but Im sure as hell not going to be all cucky about being turned into soylent green just to know some machine might or might not “live and think brilliant thoughts forever” who gives a fuck my fucking business is for my particular DNA to live (in modified form) forever.You have caught the land virus and it demonstrates exactly the problem i have with really bright people they prefer ideas to people even themselves. I may only have a measly 130 IQ and no education but its enough to understand that point of veiw, no one who doesnt love idea bother to type with two fingers for hours to kick ideas around. But we are talking about our actual actual lives here rita this isnt 1985 this is the current year in the twilight zone ( it was a tv show look it up)( look up TV too) its this twilight zone episode where the jews are the nazis and its 1929 and they’re having a kristallnacht on our cultural legacy and dragging us out of universities and institutions of importance and publishing all this how much better the world would be without the white race propaganda. NO WAG THIS ISNT ONE OF MOLDBERGS THOUGHT EXPERIMENTS THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING DO YOU GET THAT DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT ALWAYS HAPPENS NEXT?
    Ok heres how we can settle it. name a philosopher to be king Ill name a engineer heres a few Thiel Musk jefferson was both but look what happened.

    I hope you are not joining the cathedral, if you only meant that their plan to skim the worlds talent and try and stay in charge of it has so far been pretty successful and that there’s a lot of talent outside the white race no argument here. Just dont think its sustainable. They are already losing their grip.They could have accomplished the same goal while maintaining the order of their great great grandfathers in which case they wouldn’t have lost their grip but they are power hungry idealistic philosophers that want to play around. yeah wag most of the alt right and such are not too bright so what they are at least bright enough to know how to survive which is more than we can say for the vaginals.And hate to break it to you surviving is the benchmark.No points for style.I get it Im famous for purposely answering questions on things like the SATs in ways i know are factually true but not the answer they want story of my life actually.

    so I just came across this
    ‘‘The Puritans of Today’’:
    The Anti-Whig Argument
    of The Scarlet Letter
    Michael Ryan

    No I didnt write it I was joining researchgate and they were making me say which scientist named michael ryan i was by asking me which articles I wrote, hundreds of us john does which is why i chose the name.anyway this was one of my alter egos, and it caight my eye for obvious reasons but of course i couldn’t get through a paragraph before i was down a rabbit hole named Horace Bushnell that i was sure would come out at candace Bushnell which it did of course and of course ties in with the title and why it caught my eye and why you and moldberg are wrong and Im right even though youre right. we need to give the elites a new religion nazism. They can do it cucking is just an aberration an accidental trip of one of those traits that might have gone another way but history was aligned thus and well here we are.Hell they are the original nazis they invented the shit race and reason iis their raison etre. They just lost the way (with a little help from the jews)


    Wagner Reply:

    Alright, I’ll read that article later, looks good. This is what I’m essentially saying: if we had scumlords like us writing detailed, non-pozzed analyses of classic (more or less Cathedral-approved) texts we would bring about the cataclysm in these great states a lot sooner. You seem to keep saying No no get your head out of the clouds, we need WAR NOW, and I’m like, dude we need to do a lot of skullmindfucking egos to death before that happens. Like it or not Mike you hate philosophy but you’re a philosophical bastard, and like it or not, you hate Moldbug but you are a student of his Antiversity, probably one that would have been expelled to juvy (jewvy, kek) long ago but a student nonetheless. What I want is an army of shamanic scholars. Wtf is your problem with that, princess? (Sorry I’ve been infected by the Full Metal Jacket bug). As Land put it:

    “I want the Cathedral to be obliterated by monsters, which it does not recognize, understand, or possess antibodies against.”

    He’s regretting that now! LOLipop LOLipop O LOLi LOLipop.

    This is why I call for my own obliteration, I want the Cathedral the fuck out of here at whatever cost.

    If I were Trump I’d schmooze-lure all the MaimScream Media types, auto-rimjobbing quackademic contortionists, and dignified spankbankers to a “Forgive Me Ball” and in the middle of my speech about how sorry I am and how right they were all along I’d say Haha guess what 🙂 you’re all fucking dead and I’d pull the string on the suicide bomb under my suit and blow them all to hell where they belong. Do it Trump! JUST. DO. IT.

    Hey Mike you Heartisteans are real tough guys. I wonder why I’ve never seen any of you once talk about romantic love. Why is that? If you ask me Heartiste should rebrand into something more honest, like Cocktiste. *Trump talking to Jeb voice* Oh you guys are real tough, real tough. Tell me your thoughts on Love. I’m a worried whippersnapper, I have been in a long string of failed relationships and am feeling pretty cynical at this point. Is Love possible? You posit the Hierarchy of Problems to be women>jews so I’m curious. I somewhat agree. I just think if the tough guys of the right talked more about intimate things rather than how they sodomized a married PhD and she was so pure I didn’t even have to clean the poop off my dick then we’d get closer to solving these sinister occidental problems of ours. Don’t pull a “Rohme on the question of the Planet of the Apes” and evade, I really would like an old codger’s advice on these matters and you’re among the wisest I know.


    collen ryan Reply:

    when ever i saw war now i always preface and end with a long disclaimer about what war might look like. I say war as opposed tomoldbugs prescription that resistance is futile.And i say war because we dont have much time until trump I would have said it was already game over or at least time to start going full hail mary brevik.Trump was proof that the gods are on our side still.I dont know why you would call for your own obliteration you are exactly who i am willing to die for. Fortunately for me thats probably not the most effective use of me yet.But we all have to admit this isnt a game anymore today compared to when moldy started writing is unimaginable.yes certainly some are at war with their brains writing non pozzd CoC I thought that was what nrx was going to be and why i jumped in then it seemed like it got kinda cucky and off track. I wish i were your age. Im not arguing we must not wast time writing and must start shooting. im saying we must really understand that we are at that point where its not clear which is better that we must develop an actual warplan. These guys are going to make sure the internet can not be taken away from us for platform communication or organization and implementation. these guys are going to make sure if it is then we will be able to take it away from them equally effectively, these guys will do false flags and probes these guys write propaganda. In other words dont run the counter revolution like they ran the revolution with cathedral organization run it like a war with actual planning and coordination.As if our lives depend on it because they do.yes if you can make Nietzsche endorse evola and you have figured out that will flip a certain percent of academics and we are still unsure what kind of war its going to be but it might be a long march back through the institutions great. But they are soooooooo close ,to just arresting us, they could do it tomorrow and no one would stop them its only because they are actually a minority that they dont want to get physical.

    despite having a fair amount of first hand knowledge that heartiste was not bullshitting at first i found him a bit repulsive, divorce makes a man bitter. but before that i was both alpha and romantic i really like women smart women yeah I like breaking them but i part of what i like about that is i like them to love me. I used to love them back a lot but like i said divorce really makes you face some cold hard truths. Heartiste I came to realize was in a sense as important as moldbug. women were never a threat to me personally and i like them even my divorce was mild by most standards it was just that OJ moment when you realize blacks are never going to cut it youre kidding yourself, but with women you cant ship them back, so its a bit different i realized they just can t be trusted with real power over men or the state. But I dont really want to opress them I just cant see how else to get that sustainable state in fact i dont really see how to keep them and us happy and natural, Im so false consciousness on this I want to make all these exceptions but i know the truth is its completely unnatural for them to be running around free like this. I think we had a good balance somewhere between today and islam. we made allowance for those we felt could handle a bit of freedom responsible but we maintained a veto power, we cracked down on the men who were the most abusive because we understood whites have a low tolerance for suffering and if we allow suffering reformers will pop up. i think we need to go back to that its hard to know if you spend no time in the flyover country i was shocked when i met really bright capable women usually much more socially competent than their men militantly submissive to their men in idaho. id meet a guys wife and start talking a asses she was high IQ and maybe even working say for the county assessors and running the house homeschooling the kids etc and husband would be salt of the earth logger type but she would blurt out something ike “Id never second guess my husband the lords put me under his yoke in his wisdom” my jaw would hit the floor. but getting to know these people i realized theyre not stupid or unsophisticated they are as aWARE OF HOW THE REST OF THE WORLD WORKS AS WE ARE THEY JUST KNOW ITS A STUPID SYSTEM AND STICK TO WHAT HAS WORKED FOR GENERATION THEY ARE SOOO MUCH HAPPIER IN THEIR MARRIAGES SORRY FINGER KEEPS HITTING CAP LOCK the fact is women are miserable today. its also practical I knew my marriage was doomed the first time i found my wife actually thought we should have an equal say in things. I said so what happens if we disagree? she didnt get the problem despite also having a 130 IQ maybe higher shes pretty fucking smart and real fucking stupid.her instincts are always wrong because she thinks like a woman with her feelings. and the feelings she so desperately want s to spare always end up getting more bruised because she cant be cold blooded about the best odds. regarding romantic love, You realize its a brain chemical, i mean I really wish i didnt know that i really wish i could find a good woman i know there are plenty out there and i could just forget about brain chemistry and my manipulative DNA making nme dance. But i think what happens if you are not one of those people who marry their first sweetheart and you bounce around half a dozen or more in loves you start to see the patterns and start to see the mechanism behind the gauze and become a bit jaded. i think being in love forever is like religion its the way to go if you can swing it you will be happier and better off in many ways but its impossible to fake, I do have a shred of hope but like i said I am a bit of a romantic which is why i am so wanting to save west civ i love west civ. I hate the individuals in it but love it. who builds gothic cathedrals and tells tales like heloise and abelard, who fucvking sets out to walk on the moon or spin the thoughts of the philosophers or tease out mathematics these are my people I love them I am in love with them. I lie i still fall in love beautiful women are so hard to not fall for, I am just a bit more gimet eyed and hold back a bit now. But WTF does that have to do with whether they should vote? Do I want them mistreated no I want to fiigure out how to prevent that while also having them under mens authority. any suggestions?

    Jews cucks women- why does mike pick on them. we are trying to figure out why it seemed like 100 years ago it wasn’t so bad them it gets really bad. what changed. well the two biggest things are jews women (niggers don’t really count except as something that got used by more intelligent actors) Moldy says its the cucks and my last comment on the Bushnell’s is about thinking about what happened with those guys. and the one before about HBD realities is also about how cucks could be uncucked. jews well I just say dont underestimate them its about 50% of the problem. But women you could just say yeah theyre just like niggers they dont count. But on the other hand they are half the white population and only what 3-5 IQ points behind us they are formidable maybe not competing for the fields prize but nevertheless so can we really go back and forth about cucks vs jews and leave them out.someone reminded me the other day Gibbon goes on and on and on about the women women women causing constant problems leading to the decline and fall.I dont care how much those idaho womenfolk declare their eternal submission you can bet they influence things a lot. so much of the objection to me is Im too blunt reification of names dude, women have brains and they have a perspective that needs to be heard and considered and it will be if you admit this and admit too what their limitations are you can hear them safely if you are naive and think you can consider them niggers they will run games onyou and you wont know what hit you, they have been physically helpless against the world and us for millions of years, yet so much more biologically valuable to our DNA, just think about the devious shit DNA must have given them to deal with us we shouldn’t underestimate them, and we shouldnt undervalue them the people are sovereign, has to include the reality that women are not animals but they are women.

    Ok i finally got o the botom of your comment you actually want relationship advice LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. No seriously i think fsailing is experience if the person learned anything and i think ive learned a lot both my own experiences and watching otheres closely on this very important topic. from your DNAs perspective the most important topic. and here’s the first thing i know now i didnt a long time ago. when you get old your relationships with your children and spouse will be the things that give your life the most meaning. Even if you have had a very full and accomplished life and did not think much about relationships or kids before that. So first piece of advice is you will definitely regret if you don’t have kids. My generation was probably the first to be snide about having kids and many of us didnt have any most like 90% of my peers in NYC have no children I was really just lucky that I had a few even half assed.I have realized its so important to me now i am trying to figure out how to have more.
    which brings us to the rub.Its pretty scary for mitigate the risk you have to learn how to really see people for who they are especially yourself. As you know Im sober in AA for 30 years almost, Its kind of a lifelong quest for self knowledge, granted its for people who are pretty fucked up to start often from long lines of pretty fucked up people. But Im just saying you have to learn what your character defects are and change them before you destroy a have to know what are your triggers are you a rager insecure whatever.I dont put a lot of stock in talk therapy but there is a strain of therapeutic tools that sort of came out of AA by people in psychology who happened to be in AA and i find some of that helped me with my issues.But of course you may not have many issues, i had a lot, but Im trying to say approach a relationship as fragile and think of yourself as clumsy and make an effort to be conscious of your interaction. Im sure even in your few so far you lok back and say yeah she might have been right about this or that. The other side of the coin is to be able to see them for who they really are. This is one reason i am in love skeptical. at lest the in love with someone a have only known a short while. because whats likely happened is you just decided you were going to fall in love with them and then constructed an idea of what they were like and then will one day find yourself wondering what made you see them that way when they are so different really. You didnt get to know them before you decided to love them. so when they told you who they were you spun it to meet your romantic fantasy. People often tell you who they are, early i relationships they hide but ‘watch their feet’- their behavior is often more revealing than what they say.This is good advice for learning about yourself too.I think a guy like heartiste can be helpful if you dont get too cynical for understanding certain behavior of a girlfriend an average guy might misread and the girl herself cant explain if called on it.
    lets see what rules have i no particular order.

    opposites dont attract well they might but they dont get along, if someone’s a far lefty or has some seriously different values its going to cause problems

    Because dating leads to sex leads to children, date intentionally. if not you’re either wasting time your young age misleads you into falsely thinking you can afford to waste on casual dating with obviously inappropriate people or you are going to waste it getting really deep with someone ultimately incompatible or knock up some girl.

    Life a fuck of a lot shorter than you think I know we all here this from oldys from birth but theirs a reason, dont think of your life as probably going to last another 80 years. you are going to find massive opportunity loss after 40 even if you were lucky like me and at 40 be 6-3 running marathons and looking like fabio with your shirt off and pretty smart when yarvins not humiliating you. You are still going to find a hell of a lot of options becoming super long shots. You might still pull hotties but are you pulling potential wives and mothers hint dane women in their twenties don’t date older guys since the 1960s in fact they ought to be married by then. when you think of your life think of your life as past 35 as old age where little happens but squirreling money for old age and raisin kids your plan is to be married before then, sooner the better in case it doesn’t work out and you need to start over.

    dont leave it to chance if you want a sane conservative woman seek them out dont think they are going to show up. figure out where your ideal woman might be and look there. keep in mind the world is set up for this not for lone wolves who take the path less traveled by. not really going to university really cost me in the long run, if you take one of those unique life paths fine but you will have to work harder to make up for it in things like how to find a partner or build a social network of true peers.

    just because shes crazy doesnt mean youre not.

    sex addiction including porn is real and its progressive like other addictions, youre going to program your brain for unreal expectations and find life unsatisfactory. one of my biggest problems is ai really just get sick of fucking every girl after a couple months.even if i still like them i just fucked way to many girls for my own good. I really really think the people with the best sex lives are the ones who marry their high school sweethearts

    never ever ever move into a girls apartment iof you must live with a girl have her move into your apt you never want to lose your home and your relationship on the same day and you never want to have the thought of where are you going to live clouding your judgement on whether you want to continue the relationship.

    dont stay in relationships you are not happy with, dont worry about her feelings if you break up.

    dont fall for fad morality and rules, in my day there was a craze that jealousy was wrong well of course some types are a form of mental illness but i dont date non exclusivly sexually anymore- yeah pretty funny considering but you end up in this situation where neither knows if the other is exclusive etc. So Im just upfront Im not having sex with you until I am ready to commit to giving exclusivity a try and you are to, ill date you with a dont ask dont tell but beyond that its a two way commitment. (ok I might make an exception for something i know couldn’t possibly be more than physical but its so hard to know for sure and see above)

    trust your gut, if you think something’s not right it almost certainly isnt unless you know youre a crazy person. if someone’s lying or ambivalent you can tell.

    her family and history. whats her relationship with her family, what her parents relationship like, does her family divorce, whats her mom look like, male pattern baldness alcoholism mental illness,You really dont want to combine a bad gene you have with another copy I stupidly married a woman I met in AA and almost ost my daughter to addiction

    genetics are real. celts and norwegians age best. slender women age better than big breasted ones. Italian women are women. personally Im looking for a northern italian now highest IQs celtic genes and italian cultural attitudes toward family.

    you cant rehabilitate whores, yes sometimes theyre tragic and hot and fuck great but whores have whore issues dont get involved they will break your heart if your young and dumb

    I would probably stay away from go getter urban chicks unless they make clear that family is a huge priority they are probably planning at least subconsciously to put it off as long as possible and have it there way.

    I would hide as much of my finances as possible. this might be impossible depending on circumstances but if you have a way of not having to let her know every damn thing in the event of divorce you can save something maybe she doesnt know what your cash income is or you have a secret savings.

    know the divorce law of your jurisdiction and the child custody laws even more importantly they vary widely from horrible to not great. a handful of states no longer grant sole custody to the mother which means possibly no child support and joint physical custody and no leaving the state with the children. other state have shit like palimony and common law marriage tests.

    I think do it young and be best friends and have fun together snowmobile travel whatever. these middle age agreements to spawn are stale have kids young too and make them part of the adventure. work and play together

    theirs some married game type guys that sort of adapt heartiste to marriage i think theyre mostly christians but I think they have the right idea. You shouldnt let the girl know youre madly in love with her she wont appreciate that , but you cant have a serious relationship with someone and be all hardcore heartiste either.whats his rule 2 for 3? make her try and please you then when she least expects it please her. do you know anything about falconry or animal training read the taming of the shrew in fact most of shakespeare is abit cucky his generation probably invented romantic love but they were close enough to before times to have a line on women.

    dont be boring i doubt thats a problem for us but coules can settle into a rut.

    women are different and when they have kids wow are they different theres a spectrum but for sure if you let them they will throw you over for the child.

    have your own life you will enjoy it more and they will find you more interesting and it gives you options

    dont cheat. you’ll just want to cheat again and again and you’ll get caught think of it s cheating on your kids helps. If you do dont ever ever confess

    Number one rule is dont date crazy people its just a total waste of time.If theyre from a crazy house theyre crazy they will try and recreate the insanity.

    Every great relationship I think I knew the woman really wanted to have a family. I mean it was something they were serious about even if currently working or going to school they would have been able to tell you that it was an important goal, and if you met their family it made sense.This is a serious person she knows it takes commitment.

    I find rural christian women have this in spades, not that Ive dated any lol.Of other women I think you can tell if shes the type if shes feminine, meaning she doesnt try and compete with you except playfully she is respectful affectionate she gets sexual dimorphism and does not demand that you feminize yourself rather supports your masculine process and the burden of manhood. secular women can be like this im not sure if its the family they came from maybe having a good father and mother model or having brothers but these days it strikes you immediately if you have been living in an urban areas. as much as we joke about breaking them that gets old if your living with them its fun for a casual relationship but you dont want a lifetime of it. I think one of the most destructive things thats happened to our culture is the lack of sibling experience so few of your generation have gone through the rough and tumble thus the snowflake syndrome siblings beat the snowflake out of you quick.fortunately i was the oldest

    hell i dont know what to tell you wehich never stops me from talking heh. I just wouldnt leave it to chance girls who want to get married dont leave it to chance and youll find those types usually gone early theyre a bit picky but thats good i can tell youre fine theyll love you. and when you get into it be prepared with knowing your flaws and dont fuck it up being an asshole I love being a fucking asshole but i had a shitty childhood and want the world to pay I also really didnt get how important it was to find a good girl early well i didnt know much i was trying to be the second coming of lord byron cum jim morrison or some crazy shit. rock and roll.

    north idaho lakes mountains slopes rivers fastest growing state unfortunately but at least its mostly the right sort. you can meet some ranch girl turned snowboarder


    Wagner Reply:

    Ok Mike that brings a half-tear to my eye and what I am asking you is for a full tear. What the fuck cowboy I want you to say EXACTLY what u want to say

    We’re shooting for full-tragedy here.

    collen ryan Reply:

    speaking of horace ond candace and moldys calvinists before even horace and the whigs and you look at generation two and three you see the tension in the settlements are between the puritans who actually came over from england and their progeny who are now capitalists the tension is culture vs capital. guess which won. but nothing human is ever cut and dry. theres always umbras and penumbras and antumbras.
    you might be able to trace SJWs through Candace to Horace to her transcendentalist minister in 1840s roundhead ancestor Francis Bushnell in 1639.But its pretty clear That Horace even at 2/3 cuck writing “Womens suffrage; The reform against nature” is not going for the reform (p53) and Im pretty sure even 2/3 cucked Horrace would have sewn a scarlet leter on candace himself. But you can you see hes really uncomfortable with oppressing women so its only a matter of time. Now Im not really into oppressing women But i like to occasionally do things like put the end of one of my pipe wrenches in their ass for a laugh, but when Jim starts talking about raping 8 year old sluts if left unattended i get all calvinist on his celtic ass. We are not niggers I say. But heres is the problem, if you read the compact below it seems kinda marxist at first but its really just a contract where they pledge themselves to work for this common cause for a time and pledge also to the cause their families and those that belong to them ( yeah that was probably my family chattell of cadaces clan) serves s right for getting caught, but soon as they didnt have the entire nation of england behind them but instead an entire nation of iroquois we renegotiated. and you want me to voluntarily reup- nigger please. candace is the degenerate barren scow I probably fucked her in our studio 54 days.
    The Bushnell’s really are a great illustration of both moldy amd my points.

    Original Planters: Guilford, Connecticut, 1639
    The first settlers of Guilford, Connecticut came to America as passengers on the Saint John. The company of settlers on the Saint John was led by the Reverend Henry Whitfield, who had been the rector of St. Margaret’s at Ockley in Surrey since 1616.

    They sailed from England on 20 May 1639 under the command of a Captain Richard Russell, and arrived at New Haven (then Quinnipac), Connecticut, between the 10th and 15th of July 1639.

    While still at sea the settlers organized a single communal plantation; this was outlined in a document now known as the Plantation Covenant. It was signed by twenty five men.

    Guilford, CT Plantation Covenant
    We whose names are herein written, intending by God’s gracious permission, to plant ourselves in New England, and if it may be in the southerly part, about Quinpisac [Quinnipiac, later named New Haven], we do faithfully promise each for ourselves and families and those that belong to us, that we will, the Lord assisting us, sit down and join ourselves together in one entire plantation and to be helpful to the other in any common work, according to every man’s ability and as need shall require, and we promise not to desert or leave each other on the plantation but with the consent of the rest, or the greater part of the company, who have entered into this engagement.

    As for our gathering together into a church way and the choice officers and members to be joined together in that way, we do refer ourselves until such time as it shall please God to settle us in our plantation.

    Original Planters: Guilford, Connecticut, 1639

    In witness whereof we subscribe our hands, this first day of June 1639.

    Robert Bickell/Richell
    Abraham Crittenden
    John Housingsoe
    John Mepham
    Wm. Plane
    John Bishop
    Wm. Crittenden
    Thomas Joanes
    Thomas Naish
    John Stone
    Francis Bushnell
    Henry Doude
    John Jurden
    William Noble
    Wm. Stone
    Francis Chatfield
    William Dudley
    Henry Kingstone
    John Norton
    Richd. Sutridge
    Thomas Cooke
    John Hoadley
    Wm. Leete
    John Parmarly
    Rev. Henry Whitfield

    The names of the Guilford settlers that came to New Haven in the second ship in July, 1639, are believed to be as follows:

    Francis Austin
    George Bartlett
    Edward Benton
    Samuel Blachley
    William Boreman
    Richard Bristow
    Alexander Chalker
    John Caffinch, rem. to N.H.
    Samuel Desborough
    Thomas Dunk
    Thomas French
    George Highland
    John Johnson
    John Linsley
    Thomas Mills
    Thomas Reif
    John Scranton
    John Sheader or Sheather
    Jacob Sheafe
    William Somers
    John Stevens
    Edward Seward
    Jasper Stillwell
    Benjamin Wright


    Wagner Reply:




    collen ryan Reply:

    I was trying to answer in a general way. yes you should find a girl and get married I dont care how smart and sophisticated you are it will be the most important thing you do so do it well. Yes there’s an element of romantic love. Ok here again the romantic love bit. You need it i think to sustain the relationship, its the product though people dont realize it of deciding to be in love. because of that you have more control than you think about when to apply it. withold the decision to fall in love until you carefully get to know them. the steps are first

    get your own shit together mentally and financially
    (you’re going to be asking quality women to partner up, if you were such a girl would you partner up with you?)
    learn about women
    ask people in relationships you admire for information
    figure out the best kind of girl for you
    search her out
    its understandable to be cynical your generation has really jumped tyhe shark Tinder OMFG thats so crazy. when i was a drunk i thought almost everyone was a drunk except a few squares turned out only 5% of the population has the gene. If youre not finding good girls youre in the wrong place.
    get to know each other before falling in love
    falling in love with strangers is a mental illness (read sex love and romance addicts)
    Blue nile is where to buy the ring
    settle in a family friendly place
    cherish each other have fun doing it

    beyond that I dont know much about your specifics for being cynical. I dont know how old heartiste is my guess is way too old to be doing what hes doing.the ideal type of wife marries pretty young to a guy only a couple years older. being able to fuck girls is probably a detriment to finding and keeping a wife. It good information if you can not use it for evil I learned it drinking during the whole 70s rack and roll misogyny era it wasnt really my sober persona so Im sort of between worlds.

    Wagner Reply:

    Collen caught the Landbug, is shivering, nervous, old&sad. Give me the Answers, Grandpa, or I’m going to club you over the head just like you would’ve done at my age, cowRDLY LIAR.
    No, really we’re pals, but you are – if I’m being completely honest – being very shifty. You’re still one my only friends in the world, doesn’t mean I don’t think you have your vices.

    Yup, it’s official, “Mike” is a liar too. Liar or Coward, they’re pretty much the same thing.

    collen ryan Reply:

    I am riddled with vice its an old Barron thing. gout, syphilis, you name it The lion in winter thats me.But not answering questions, not giving advice that i dont have, Its more like i cant keep from offering my opinion welcome or not. So please tell me what Im not answering.

    I think I said it, loving women is like loving god, if you can do it youll be a happier hunk a meat. But as my ex wife says im broken.I might even be a Path, but I think its worse than that im stranded between the bliss of the path and the bliss of the ignorant.
    If your upbringing is troubled, youre too young even if really intelligent to see the worlds workings, your perspective is myopic.You develop coping mechanism to keep your sanity and survive. If youre lucky and good at it you come out at least able to fake normalcy, you know what others are thinking and feeling and how and why, you can mimic, even feel and think it a bit, but youre not really like them. heres some advice if that sounds familiar.
    By the time youre late adolescence to early twenties you’re kinda conscious of this otherness, but its an extremely stressful time in life in a lot of ways socially etc, and youre still pretty myopic, though you cant see that for decades. It will be tempting at that time to continue whatever coping skills you came up with as a kid to survive because its almost worse now that youre a bit older. But you shouldn’t because youre still malleable and can shed those tools before they ingrain themselves into your personality and hamper your assimilation. terminal uniqueness its not all the poets make it out to be.Build a pyre on the beach like Byron did for Shelly and burn your old friend and move on.Life’s good its a big universe don’t dwell in the little time/space you happened to land on.Its really hard to do that alone because youre using the infected software to diagnose the malware, but most psyche help is BS, and maybe you trust no one and who can blame you.But theres some good help and some good books and things like AA if thats an issue, I think even shit like redit and chan have become a sort of self help group for depth its fear trust self honesty and acceptance working like hell to build new neuropathways and letting go.I said just because shes crazy doesnt mean youre not in my last comment.This is a sort of universal, the world is indeed a fucked up place in a lot of ways,you dont have to take it personally,and you should really not focus too much on its worst aspects particularly while young.Its always huge and infinitely interesting when i was a drunk (and drug addict and a lot of other things along those lines) I really thought like rimbaud in his en season enfer,dark dark dark, i simply couldnt see much point or good.When i finally sobered up and did what i could about my warped psyche, I found all sorts of things that interested me in the world, I learned to fly planes and took up falconry i built a homestead in the rocky mountains i founded a couple of non profits had a few business pursued all sots of intellectual rabbit holes and hobbies, all sorts of things oh yeah i almost forgot i got married and had a legitimate child for a change and even raised her as much as the law allowed post divorce. And I may be a wounded old lion but Im not done yet i am thinking I may start another family now Im retiring and have accumulated enough wisdom I think i can do it better. maybe not Im still a pretty cantankerous self centered bastard I started working on myself way to late and guess i held on to more than i thought or am just more broken than i realized.But folly is what being human is all about at least today Im willing to fail, hopefully with a sense of humor

    collen ryan Reply:

    Page 110-111 exactly the first instance i described earlier. NJ technically allowed women to vote from joining the union in 76 but none ever voted until some pols were short and brought in the ringers within a few years three female free blacks may have decided the contest between jefferson and adams, he claims they were even changing dresses to vote again lol.


    Wagner Reply:

    In Soviet Xenosystems nerd throws YOU in locker. Hey Mike I saw you say your height on Jim’s blog and guess what, I’m a half-inch or so taller than you – how does this maek you feel, little guy? Better never tell me you’re throwing the nerds in the lockers in meatspace. Speaking of Jim, I shared this statement of his elsewhere and triggered hella feminists:

    “A woman is like sticky tape. You can stick it to one thing, then peel it off and stick it to another thing, but after you have done that a few times it will no longer stick to anything.

    So, if marriage is to work, girls have to marry as virgins.

    Which means they have to either be locked up before marriage, or marry young, because there is no way a young woman is going to remain virgin if allowed to wander loose.”

    Is it an r/k thing Idk but I feel it’s pretty much the same for guys, that’s why I think Heartiste has hurt the right as much as he’s helped it. I honestly don’t know if I’m capable of love at this point, I’ve resigned to holding out for a femme Nietzsche sexbot, or Salome sexbot given my pathological identification with N. Yeah I don’t know, maybe I’m an unsticky strip of worthless plastic at this point. Had enough sex for two lifetimes before the age of twenty now empty sex makes me feel like I’m lying in a Fear Factor maggot-vat (btw do NOT let Joe Rogan ruin DMT for you). Yeah idk, I don’t want the frogs to have to learn this the hard way like I have. The millennial generation is inherently degenerate and I turn my back on it, with hopes for Barron’s generation. If they get pozzed too that’s when I’m climbing a clocktower. Just getting close with so many girls fuck it I might as well be a burnt-out bulb at this point. I hope not, I just think my generation is irreversibly screwed. Plato would have banned the fuck out of MTV and VH1, that really poisoned people in the area I group up in at least. Man, this sucks. I just think about my future wife imagining all the other girls I had sex with and feeling like shit. I’m probably going to with a virgin Christian girl once I pull my head out of my ass and devote my energy to other stuff besides thoughtcrime endlessly. I’d like to due entrepreneurial stuff like you, I have cousins with that gene, I just think St. Francis is the dude who had it right so it’s hard for me to give a rip about any of the things of this world. Yeah I need to cut down on the drinking and smoking (You jelly, Land? *blows out a dense cloud of smoke, is wearing a black-t, is still able to say whatever the fuck I want because I don’t have extra-philosophical obligations, poor sucker*) It’s hard though because I’ve had virtually no friends my whole life and I don’t expect that to change in the foreseeable future, I just become increasingly misanthropic as I age, I’m hyperparanoid about being assassinated for my activity here, filthy ratkikes have control of the memes of production, etc. etc.

    Wagner Reply:

    Haha worldcucks.

    “How accommodating, how friendly all the world is toward us as soon as we act as all the world does and “let ourselves go” like all the world!” (Genealogy)

    I’ve thanked you two for this already but I have to tell you again, THANKS A LOT for making me into a complete pariah, I was already really rotten before but you two have shown me how to be even more rotten, thank you. I can’t wait to be a pariah for the rest of my life now, it’s going to be great.

    Wagner Reply:

    Once you said something like “There’s not one real man in the whole millennial generation, they’re as useless as tits on a warthog” Yeah, pretty much. Hopefully there are forces of antichrist squeegeeing their 3rd eyes in the shadows. The wisest would probably avoid the internet altogether, as it too stinks of the people. I stink of the people, I want to light myself on fire. There is danger in going down to the Piraeus. You don’t get that feeling? Yeah Mike I talk about Land having a mask but I know you’re masked as well, we’re all Machiavellians here. Your whole love of the people show is a LARP, imagine if Trump during his campaign raised his pointer finger, pursed his lips and said “First off, all of you are scum”? And is it not true?

    Posted on December 22nd, 2017 at 9:14 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    I hate people that are taller than me fortunately its not a daily occurance my best friend is 6-5 I hate him. Its good to be tall huh.
    A female neitz huh? that reminded me of another thing i figured out. Your wife doesn’t need to fill every social need you have.But she really does have to fill a particular one.I kept passing on perfectly great women because they were not everything until i realized if they were good at the actual wifey things i could probably talk Nietz to my other friends.
    Thats classic Jim and why i used to love him till he outed himself as a chomo.Heartiste is a guilty pleasure occasionally so Im no expert i just found myself having deeper respect he seems to have deepened and is often surprisingly insightful,20 years ago i would have maybe said he was a harm but at this point can we really get any more degenerate? Im actually surprised he can even sell his game, in my youth you needed to some skill today you just swipe left i hear.
    You have to be a misanthrope on a granular level most people are idiots so you dont see a lot of great people you have to sort of collect them and even then you find theyre as flawed as you are but you cant seem to over look their floors the way you can your own. But someone named Ulfberht figured out how to make an order of magnitude better steel. I ended up in idaho , well long story to do with carlos castaneda and anyway I was heading to alaska when i found north idaho accidentally. point is follow what your inclination is I have a lot of saints that have inspired me catholic school boy, francis was one anselm and aquinas teresa of avila when i was trying to be holy mystic led to castenada the witch lol. Teilhard d chardin i guess wasn’t a saint but he kind of took me to HBD Merton i dont think is canonized yet but probably will be father newhouse who published first things a reactionary scholarly journal he def wont be canonized anytime soon but wicked humor. Oh I could probably go on for hours letting go of the church was sad but it no longer serves.My new project is going to be organic farming pretty funny for a nazi huh Ill have to keep that shit on the DL, my little town is kinda crunchy and i already have a bit of a rep. I always did a bit of animals and gardening for when the viking princess was growing up she always named the pigs after flowers then I would tell her the following year whether it was daisy bacon or tulip sausage with her huckberry pancakes.shed give me these precious looks like why would you think its funny to traumatize a child then remind me of how when she was three i told her baby back ribs came from the bad babies and elephant ears at the fair were from real elephants. Anyway i wanted to make the food production on the homestead really sophisticated like huge barns and heated greenhouses deep freezers etc but couldn’t really justify the expense until i figured i could make it pay for itself and started researching and got really fascinated with the possibility of really having a closed loop, i already do a lot of alternative energy but this will even expand into that. anyway Im happiest up in the mountains really hate new york now. and its probably time to bail on this ny real estate market.
    yes i see you’re really deep into neitz I keep trying well not too hard but its pretty obtuse to me I suppose id have to do a bunch of prep reading to be able to decipher and i havent I think i would like him he seems like he is first in a long time to really get into something that has more than an abstract application. But on the other hand I think when i finally admitted i didnt really believe in a personal god I sort of gave up on philosophy as well. If the universe is purposeless how can we figure out some philosophy Isnt philosophy also a sort of slave morality? Or an attempt to make an end run around slave morality a special case for slave morals. My DNA is a soulless bastard its got no morality except survive to copy.And as much as i want to think my DNA is a part of ME Im really just a projection of it. i suppose we could hope our DNA was too clever by half and we are going to take control from now on, but its a house of mirrors.There was a guy on here i tried to find him once for you who was really really smart and every so often he would correct people about neitz and not in a nasty way but when he started writing you knew he was on another level but i never could find the comments i remembered or figure out who he was he was here a lot i know too bad youd have liked to talk to him think he might have been the smartest guy on here.BTW i dont think land is letting us do anything i told you 6 months ago land has left the room then he came back and made one more post just like i come back you hate to walk away from something you bult when its run its course i turned my non profits over to the assholes i brought in to help because i was tired of herding stupid cats.Land probably has some way he looks at this situation that justifies himself. hes ok on twitter he tries to be more nazi but its hard as you say the nazis are pretty uniformly idiots so who wants to identify with them. Imagine what seder is like for yarvin lol. In a way you gotta wonder what the fuck did they think would happen. there were actually a lot of jewish nazis i read once that there were actually a couple hundred high ranking jewish nazis, Im not sure the whole things been bad, I mean its set of the lefts alarm and after 40 years they can again legitimately claim theres actual racists and nazis around, but on the whole this was bound to happen we are close at peak leftism its absurd so the whole springtime for hitler shtick is apt.And theres really no more suitable response to the particular form leftism is attempting to stay in power with massive third world invasion.
    I used to laugh about your fear of being arrested 6 months ago Now i find myself scrubbing my comments from places I have been its actually possible if they are not defeated they will come after us little guys. One of the things I fought with my ex about is i wouldnt get my daughter a ss number was willing to forgo the tax deduction for her future but soon as she got custody she went ahead.hiding in plain site is ok too.dont forget at least half the country is against them probably 90% if people really understood the situation.hell they probably have their own doubts.


    Wagner Reply:

    “Heartiste is a guilty pleasure occasionally so Im no expert i just found myself having deeper respect he seems to have deepened and is often surprisingly insightful,20 years ago i would have maybe said he was a harm but at this point can we really get any more degenerate?”

    Explain your reasoning on this. He’s one of the funniest people on the planet but he seems to spawn minions that believe lust is a virtue. How right-wing is libertinism? Yeah dude game chicks bang em just like I want to be done to my future daughter. Hey PUAs, sign me up when she’s come of age. (Seriously). Do to others what you want done to yourself and all that, so I take game as something I’m going to use to do your daughters.


    Posted on December 24th, 2017 at 6:24 am Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    I like to take the losing side of an argument, its my oppositional personality disorder at root, but In my head i justify it by saying everyone already gets the winning arguments reasoning but nothing is ever cut and dry, do they get the other side or are they going to simply swing all the way to the other side and not solve the problem. silly me I actually want to solve the problem more than win the argument or at least be on the side that wins the argument. so my leftist friends think im the most extreme nazi they have ever met or even read about while Land and the nrx think im a demotist democrat.
    No doubt white people are a mess, whats different from say 150 years ago is what parts of our population is a mess. in one sense you could simply say we are more broadly a mess, that our elites have been pulled into the mire along with the chimney sweeps. just general decay. In another sense its seems we have swapped places.
    Its more nuanced than even that but its pretty clear elites and the new non white lower classes are the most degenerate and the middle class whites despite being pozd by internet television and constant re education pogroms they still defy the high low alliance. But is middle class common sense and sensibility really a new phenom, leftisms first project was to eliminate the white lower class and they did pretty well until they decided they needed a lower class to survive and began to create a new one with blacks then immigrants, this trapped the white lower class stragglers behind minority lines and they re degenerated.This is what I call the difference between good white leftism and bad jew leftism. good whites actually wanted to solve a problem af low whites. jews want a perpetual problem that can never be solved.
    back to people hating.
    I say history has demonstrated what whites are capable of even low whites by the 30s were mostly well on their way to entering the middle classes, before the jewish leftism got up enough speed to wreck that project. The other thing the jew left did was not only recruit the cream of white elites to their projects instead of putting men on the moon, but this also prevented the white elites who had once been doing the appropriate work of shortening our own peoples left tail and focus on other people.Not only do we stop raising our own low classes out of the vestiges of feudalism but we waste our elite resources on the futile task of trying to make half humans human. maybe worst of all the process and lies required to pull this off degrades us all.But this doesn’t mean it has to be this way we know from the past we could do better with less than we have today what could be accomplished with today’s information and wealth. I am positive if we put half the effort into whites we put into non whites we could be living in a 50s sitcom at the very least.molberg says read old books and its probably the greatest thing he said I love old books because its an escape from todays humans people were better they thought clearer. But watch old media its the same thing even noir films that show the underside of the era we had a better class of white trash then and you can see that the white trashes days were numbered do good whites progress was on the march, then something happens bad jew leftism overtakes it.
    Look not every elite wants to be bothered with white trash abatement obviously the elite goal is to have no white trash at all.and while having 90% of elites doing social engineering is insane even if it were not aimed at hopeless non whites, a certain percentage of elite whites feel the calling to do good. more practical elite white need to be determining what social engineering the SJWs should focus on not leave them to their own devices or worse the devices of the jews.
    The internet is insidious its the worst of television but has made itself like food addiction you cant actually not eat so you go on line for a reasonable reason they have forced you to work out on the web and you are drawn in. yes its worse for millennials they have no perspective of life thats not mostly online itys messing with them big time and land seems to think this is inevitable and good or maybe good because its inevitable, nothing is inevitable, i see a fair amount of a neo back to the land movement in millenials which seems to include a much more limited internet use, they are tech savy but are using it wisely to further getting away from it. they will use it to learn from each other how to live more naturally.europe also has this going on. I think the future of agriculture might actually be micro farms again. and the hipster laughable fascination with the old is also indicative it might be even this militant white ness is part of this trend.whats interesting is while there’s still plenty of crunchy idealism in this back to the old ways compared to the 60s and 70s version its a lot more practically minded, the stakes the higher for these kids realestate education everything is so much more expensive because of the fiat diversity tax they cant afford mistakes and tone down the idealism at the practical level and save it for the rhetorical level. we saw this as the hippies became bobo businessman. we could look at tis as a fibonacci sequence that started at the fin d cycle that was the first back to the old ways movement it was picked up again beginning in the 40 culminating in the 60s/70s and now we see it again. its an against modernity reaction. when theres going to be a major turning point its always impossible to see in the midst its only in hindsight that we see the undercurrents development.Modernity is an is an increasingly alien way of life for humans non whites cant deal with it at all, and thus far whites have only barely survived it, land may be wrong that its inevitable and we can and will adapt, he basis that alot on thinking we must, but the same tech he thinks compels us frees us.In my farm plan in the most remote ( you have to snowmobile 9 miles in the winter to get their) alternative energy homestead i am engineering for future robotic micro farming and quite a lot of the alternative energy is or will be technically advanced. In other words the same tech that land think will enslave me is empowering me to drop out without giving up anything.Its interesting because in agriculture there’s this inflection point where most of the last generation of fsrm kids are giving up on the few big family farms while a whole new generation of non farm kids is beginning to see how tech can make farms profitable farms 1% the size of the farm their peers parents think are too small to compete with big ag. so you have this situation where some young millennials are abandoning the farms and rural areas are so desperate that they actually pay people to move there while other millenials are desperately trying to afford land to get into micro ag. and the uber wealthy are starting to see productive land or strategically located land as a crash proof asset class.
    There’s a lot of smart productive people I think our entire race has the potential to be brought up to much much higher standard but we are under constant assault. I remeber reading this blog when it started and we used to take note the of slightest little green shoot of rightness anywhere in the world and analyze it to death then conclude we were kidding ourselves and must wait for the big collapse. but five years later and redpilling is a common expression half a dozen euronations are in open revolt including great britains brexit and trumps victory as pozd as those two may be right now. the clintons had to debate pepe lol. things are changing, but the cathedral has a brilliant way of co-opting revolutions.


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  • Rohme Giuliano Says:


    A refutation of Sade is easy. One need only extend toward him a biological analogue: if Sade were a cell he’d be a cancer cell because what is cancer but biological libertinage?

    I will answer your PoTA question but you will have to wait one more day until Christmas. 🙂

    First, I’d like to say that the real worth of Moldbug is in the knowledge gleaned that a Christian “Right” is not a “Right” at all and an atheist “Left” is not a “Left” at all, which is to say that both are mis-costumed and are using each other’s stage directions to cue themselves opposite each other.

    Order of rank is the highest Atheism. – it goes beyond Satanism, which is still Leftism. Let’s focus on the statement, “There is no God.”. In “There is no God.” there is still a “There is” – a Hypokeimenom – where God might again rear his ugly, ice-picked visage. To really kill God, you have to say, “There is no there is.”; that is, total de-(Ra)or(Yahweh)-ification; “I AM NOT THAT I AM”; the perforation of Logos.

    When it is said, “There is..”, “There is..” is alluding to a contradiction but, moreover, when it is said, “There is no there is.” what is being said is “’There is’ is an Idea”

    I believe Land’s thesis is ultimately, or better yet, absolutely Hegelian; the objective Spirit (mind) for itself.

    The human brain isn’t for making sure “this cell gets to that kidney by five o’ clock”; a vulgar managerialism of Spirit; a conception that perfectly distills the spiritual immiseration of our epoch.

    The truth is quite the opposite: more-than-a-dozen “systems” within “the human organism” coordinate for the existence of a brain which is an organ that, in relation to those systems, has a function which is SURPLUS.

    One can say the human organism is a production process which is completely expropriated by the brain. The human organism is hierarchized into an order of rank in which it itself is entirely a substrate, a labor input, to be used and exploited for the production of Idea.

    MCM1 has priority in the transcendental materialist thesis. MCM1 is none other than thesis-antithesis-synthesis, which is none other than thought itself being nakedly transcribed.

    Thought is synthetic and the condition of “a priori” is tied to an inscrutable synthesis. Philosophers for the past hundred years have been at the service of offering up materialist reconstructions of Kant’s “transcendental synthesis”. Land simply sliced Spirit from phenomenological (speculative) enfoldment. ‘We’ are the tail the Ouroboros has to swallow.

    The difference between Right and Left may very well be the difference between Drive and Desire.
    The Right is Drive and Lacan’s Drive (Deleuze caricatured it well) is something which is said to “lack nothing except lack itself”. Contrast this with the Left’s Desire which lacks everything except lack itself and we have a clear picture of Master and Slave, Drive’s joyful, chaotic ekstasis vs Desire’s lack of closure leading to radical Self-enclosure.

    Deleuze, choosing to follow the course of Drive, has aided the Right by describing for them what they’re up against (namely, Oedpialization) and painting for them a favorable image of the Right as more creative/destructive than the Left since the Right only cares for holding in place the expropriated material substratum and intensifying the process of the idealization of matter.

    The Right is only beholden to the axiomatic MCM1, beyond which it has no formal constraints. The Left on the other hand, is complete privation – formed from the Oedipal bond of child to m(Other) – and thus complete reliance on the Other for recognizing its Demand.

    I was happy to see your humiliation of Collen, who is an leftist, demotist stooge who wants nothing more, beside all indications to the contrary from his ‘fire and brimstone speeches’, than to see his people retire to their enclaves and idylls to curl their toes in a warm carpet someplace. His prideful distaste for philosophy is a rejection of the surplus for which the Right is responsible for generating. All the millennia of expansion, conquest, subjugation, slavery, slaughter, has been, in a way, for philosophy.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Ya had a drag me into this nonsense youre spouting.

    “First, I’d like to say that the real worth of Moldbug is in the knowledge gleaned that a Christian “Right” is not a “Right” at all and an atheist “Left” is not a “Left” at all, which is to say that both are mis-costumed and are using each other’s stage directions to cue themselves opposite each other.”
    Uh yeah like everything moldberg spins its true on a clever sort of level. Christianity is a socialist irrational theology, and the rejection of superstition ought to be well right realism. And you can and he does throw in how protestantism is demotic in relation to THE CHURCH. sigh but thats not really how it really was was it. The Church was degenerate and the protestants were rationally trying to restore it and eventually parted with it.Now at that time technically they were leftists so no reification of names need be whined about. But were they really “leftists” as we understand the term. did they protest who homsexual rights, individualism, no they were what was the term oh yeah puritan work ethic people and whats the other term oh yeah “puritanical” so what these leftists were actually doing was working like hell to improve order and be productive. and the old church well it certainly was getting a rancid but it had pretty much restored the order of the roman empire in europe. Both churches were big on order. what the protestants understood in the church was the same problem the barrons at runnymeade understood that orders tend to go bad after while if they have some divine right of being the boss. Its a problem you can claim ‘democracy” doesnt solve it perfectly but you cant claim it isnt a problem and democracy of some types attempt to solve it using the same method of capitalism and evolutuion competition of merit not divine right of worn out rancid corrupt genes. But if you are a jew worshipping moldberg cuck instead you will pretend all types of democracy are socialism. so the barrons at runnymeade were fucking commies and Im a natsoc commie.and then of course moldy likes to hold forth on the commie cromwell who was after redistributing the wealth of poor king charles who was a paragon of order and fiscal responsibility and old church stalwart right? Uh no he was none of that the entire history of fucking european monarchy is a mess of shit like your philosophy. Just a bunch of elites wanting to be in power.
    Now what of real leftism? you know the jewish variety that doesnt seek to solve anything or increase order the type that is intended to create anarchy and opportunity for jews to get revenge and power? Where was that leftism even by the time of the transcendentalists the whigs are still trying to create order they want economic expansion a stronger state a moral government. Oh for sure its all convoluted and mixed the democrats sound a lot like jefferson at this point which is to say kinda liberal but having a point about not interfering in markets be them social or economic, about puritan hypocrisy. No sorry moldberg just had clever little analogy that while useful is not the theory of everything. Its staying power is remarkable it just shows how desperately the snowflakes want to be special. I mean they tld you since you were just little snowflakes just how bright you are and yet the bigger boys still stuff you in lockers and laugh at you and now this nice jewish kid has told you that youre really really special again and it feels so good to know you wont have to fight just wait and the jews will make it all better for you special flakes.lolololololol

    as for philosophy it dies along with god.its proto deconstruct speak.

    “There is no God.”. In “There is no God.” there is still a “There is” – a Hypokeimenom – where God might again rear his ugly, ice-picked visage. To really kill God, you have to say, “There is no there is.”; that is, total de-(Ra)or(Yahweh)-ification; “I AM NOT THAT I AM”; the perforation of Logos.

    When it is said, “There is..”, “There is..” is alluding to a contradiction but, moreover, when it is said, “There is no there is.” what is being said is “’There is’ is an Idea”

    what are your pronouns? shall we call you “there” as in that faggot over there?

    I dont hate philosophy i hate people who like philosophy, philosophy is fun like go sudoku chess but its also prone to some kid coming by and tipping over the glass bead game by saying yeah well were in a fucking computer sim dude prove me wrong, and sputtering there there there is no fucking there. yeah god might rear his ugly head again in your word simulation game he might actually exist i mean Ill go out on a limb here the universe is (dare i say it) HERE there everywhere. so god is as good a guess as any how there came to be here.
    heres my philosophy
    I take it as a given that i exist along with the universe because if not then i cant be wrong about that what did kant call that space time priori? whatever i call it common sense. My experience is not The experience but its close enough for me to do what Im here to do survive and reproduce and since my dna has given me some leeway im going to enjoy that as much as i can without fucking it up for future copies of my dna and close iterations.My dna and and my stupid ego happen to agree that me and my people are pretty great so no conflict.when further off copies start getting aggressive me and my dna agree they gotta die. Im a simple country barron now i judge life by how many of those ancient cattle i have i know i have them because they make me smile and my mouth water with the expectation of eating them soon.
    Honestly i have nothing but admiration for those who do advanced math and do justice to the thought s of kant and nietzsche its jut got nothing to do with the problem moldberg pretended to want to solve. Except in the sense that its not really solvable. we are killer apes descended from fucking rocks. all your thoughts about thought are the detritus of dna trying to keep going without thinking, the thinkings an accident dont give it a thought you know all about the problems of consciousness. argh whatever why should i talk to you youre rude and arrogant. Philosophy is fine its one of the cool things about white people its not going to solve the problem we have to solve to stay alive, its kinda what caused the problem.
    merry christmas even if god is dead he must have been born then huh


    Wagner Reply:

    “dude prove me wrong, and sputtering there there there is no fucking there.”

    Nice sum-up of french theory degenerates.


    Rohme Reply:

    You misunderstand me and it’s not (sound the shofar) “French!” Lol.

    It’s in Hegel’s Science of Logic. The thought itself traces to the Greeks and perhaps other communities of which I am not aware. Where is your philHellenism!

    There is No there is
    Affirmation Negation
    Being Non Being
    Forms a Unity

    “There” is a generality. This is basic Aristotle. “There” is a contradiction: each there is contradicted by another “There” so that “There” only exists by virtue of an analogy of the extension of individual cases. “There” is an abstraction which itself is non-being. “There is no there is”. By removing “there” all that is left is “IS”, naked predication, the pulsing-blood of language.

    IS = Becoming. Like the involution of a line which forms a spiral, being is met with nonbeing, outwardness with inwardness, possibility with limit.

    A spiral-line’s trajectory is the self-projection of an identity which is non-identical with itself, which is to say: it has to move away from itself in order to become itself. If your definition of being were true, there would be nothing, since your definition of being is the same as nothing.

    The repetition of a curve spiraling outwards is a good analogy for ‘willing the eternal return’.

    Here’s an exercise:

    Put the finger*TIPS* of both of your hands together so they touch. Now slowly separate your fingertips by moving them in equal but opposing directions. Trace each of your fingertip’s movements away from the opposite fingertip with an invisible line drawn in your mind. Notice how this movement necessarily forms a curve. I defy you to try and make a straight line out of this movement!

    This is how being-which-is-becoming (in hippie-speak: the universe) works.

    Your hands are not *two* but a pair of opposites; so are a butterfly’s wings; a spider’s eyes, etc. etc.

    Anyway, enough about this. To your PoTA question.

    If you believe in order of rank, shouldn’t it follow:

    Cog Elites
    Everyone else




    Then again, a multitude of things could go wrong with that Somali, well, really one thing, namely, jouissance. Collen, you know of jouissance only too well with boozing and doping. Utterly indifferent, it exists before any dialectic of pleasure/displeasure – which is already in desire. (If you notice that I’m switching between drive and jouissance it is because I’m synthesizing two authors’ terms. Deleuze’s drive is compatible with Lacan’s jouissance {which are both compatible with Land’s materialism} Think of this as a greater philosophical explication furthering on why you two don’t gel with Land)

    What I began speaking about in the previous post was that we are split between jouissance and desire. The master-slave dialectic is between the automatism of jouissance and the “pussyfooting” of desire. Jouissance brings us into contact with things we neither want nor enjoy.

    It’s been called “death drive”, but death is symbolic. What it really is is the sensitization of matter, without any particular amends towards the form of its organization. It persists before/beyond the life of an organism and exists over that organism as the membrane of itself, or put differently, it is simply what is presented to the organism as an exteriority. What a marvel it is that we can bracket off physiological “interior” fluxes to merely think of ourselves as individual psychical entities, “out *There*”; entities who are able to give to themselves purpose and movement! The question of how may never be one that gets answered by brain sciences. Brain scientists cannot even formulate the question. To them, it is what Collen calls nonsense.

    I wrote too much. Time to get up – I’ve had a stomach virus – and enjoy the holidays. Even though I am an atheist, Merry Christmas to you both.

    Wagner Reply:

    I’m saying that anecdotally I’ve noticed french theory churns out nihilists in the sense that you’re dialectically minded but have a propensity for concluding there is nothing. This is why so many of you are equalists too, pomo sophistry is its theo-philosophical underpinning. Anything goes so why not make the world uglier. If you believe in a hierarchy of value/s and not nothing you’re a rightist.

    Here’s a sample of some of the more popular Somali novels:

    Why not reach for one of those next time instead of a Mallarme book you haven’t read? What, would it be an inefficient use of one’s time to read something written by a Somali? We are going to die someday, might as well spend our time reading Somali novels and being cross-examined by Somali psychoanalysts instead of the alternative (competence) that would be racist and judgmental and these various Transcendental Undeconstructables of mine are so holy they’re never to be questioned in my own mind.

    Rohme Reply:

    ok, gotcha.

    i must profess to you again how i loved you cracking colleen open like a crab shell. there is nothing worse than a half-brute, nothing funnier than a half-brute trying pointe-ballet.

    the demotist axiom par excellence: “what is ought not to be, what ought to be is naught”

    that proposition is what plato would call the gnosis of priest and state craft. also: hamlet’s dilemma.

    something said this way: “what is ought not to be, what ought to be is naught” – well, who would argue with that? it’s the only thing a priest or politician has going for them.

    i’ve been reading anatomy of melacholia, something which all should read, the interesting thing about melancholia sickness is that you pine for the loss of an object which has not yet been lost and so you push it further away: “white people are donzo!” “mallarme is in disuse!”

    what a shame it is you are only attracting whiteness instead of those who have a love for science, philosophy and learning and art; the higher passions which make up the actual (purportedly lost) object of your desire for which whiteness merely signifies

    if it is about values then let yours be a quest of looking for those with these same values and leave whiteness out of it, unless whiteness is the value, which i do suppose it is.

    of all the jokes that made god spin around his chair and laugh, marx told the best with a “proletariat revolution”

    after reading what i wrote on aristotle, how could you still accuse me of equalism? all things are individual cases. you can’t make all things equal, by the time one thing has been made equal to another thing, that other thing has gone on to be something else. equality would render all things static.

    also, you can’t make all things unequal because what was unequal may become far greater than that of which it was once unequal to. otherwise, we are once again rendering things static. the leftist’s utopia is all being equal sure, which exists outside of time, but your utopia is wanting all to be and stay unequal in the way you would want them to be unequal, which exists outside of time as well.

    let’s get eviler, because nietzsche, between spoonfuls of the nurse’s applesauce, is beginning to jeer

    i like what collen said, you can’t talk about survival.

    “the master-slave dialectic is between the automatism of jouissance and the “pussyfooting” of desire.”

    yet all those word-clusters collen.. do you pussyfoot?

    “the left on the other hand, is complete privation – formed from the oedipal bond of child to m(other) – and thus complete reliance on the other for recognizing its demand.”

    what do wagner and collen demand of me while they type? what do they want me to do for them which they are unable to do for themselves?

    political movements start off like children begging “mama, i can’t reach” until they finally are of age and then they knock mama over and reach for the cabinets and start to grab for themselves

    nazis started out like this – “what is ought not to be, what ought to be is naught” – ing all over the place – until they got power and begged no more; suddenly – what magic – “what ought to be is!”

    but when hitler put a gun into his mouth and blew his brains away, he again became a leftist, a wittle ittie one. “mommy, please deliver me..!” (bang!) hahaha!

    sovietism was right. right is power. right comes from latin regere. in its fibers it involves puissance by engendering the having of the ability to correct, the having of the ability to affect or to produce an effect.

    here’s a question: having mercy: to have mercy one must have the power to not. is having mercy a good thing? why or why not?

    Wagner Reply:

    Collen hates the nerds only because of people like YOU. I throw him in the locker for throwing in the locker nerds as such. There are good nerds and bad. Good nerds are trying to bring about the next renaissance, bad nerds are trying to immanentize the planet of the apes, which you keep evading SYMPTOMATICALLY, mr. psychologist. Do answer the question without any shiftiness, won’t you?

    Rohme Reply:

    a renaissance festival with some grilled turkey legs, that’s as far as they’ll get..

    wag-man, come on, i’ve answered you six ways from sunday

    and i may not be tall but i’ll tie domi you bob proberts any day of the week!

    Rohme Reply:

    Rohme Reply:

    the right has power and the left desires from it mercy

    the only way the right would turn left is if it answered the call the left addressed to it, that is the call to have mercy, after all, it is only those who have the power not to show mercy that can.

    and the right, did it recognize the address of the left for it to have mercy? recognition from them would imply that they were in some way equals. this we could call the christianization of power, which obviously is very much contradictory.

    i’ll answer your question one final time and if you don’t like my answer, too bad, i’m jumping onto your nietzsche contra wagner post which is excellent

    with your PoTA question, you want me to recognize from you the demand: “let’s do something about this!”

    instead, all you will get from me is this: “do you have what it takes?”

    collen ryan Reply:

    Thought is synthetic and the condition of “a priori” is tied to an inscrutable synthesis. Philosophers for the past hundred years have been at the service of offering up materialist reconstructions of Kant’s “transcendental synthesis”. Land simply sliced Spirit from phenomenological (speculative) enfoldment. ‘We’ are the tail the Ouroboros has to swallow.

    The difference between Right and Left may very well be the difference between Drive and Desire.LOL did you just say thinking is left wing?

    maybe right is spatial and left is temporal


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  • collen ryan Says:



    Wagner Reply:

    Merry Christmas. I’d say sorry for being an asshole to you this time of year but I’m a pagan so I don’t care lol


    Wagner Reply:

    When the secret police start scooping up the documented rightists on the internet and Land returns to the Synagogue as planned and you wake up on the torture rack and Land has a saw in his hand, what do you do?


    collen ryan Reply:

    Im such a dullard I didnt even notice the slight you and rhone allege, is THERE a slight if I didn’t notice it?

    thank you for that negro interpretation of north english renaissance country music.You want to discuss your philosophy of semantics fine Im sure its great fun for those with nothing better to do.But its not what reaction purports to solve.

    What I call leftism is coordinating a tens of millions of savages annual invasion while wrecking the economy and calling for the death of whites. They seem to be planning to get us out of the way so a multicultural cabal of elites can then lord it over the savages or let em starve.Since my objection to this is deemed leftist I guess you think The cathedral is crypto fascist but dimwitted me cant see the long game, where all the multicultural elites end up with the world.I can see it, i can also see where its a stupid plan that wont work, just like all the other stupid utopian faggotry plans you savant idiots come up with dont work, too clever by half.

    Now this is getting somewhere

    “the master-slave dialectic is between the automatism of jouissance and the “pussyfooting” of desire.”

    yet all those word-clusters collen.. do you pussyfoot?

    “the left on the other hand, is complete privation – formed from the oedipal bond of child to m(other) – and thus complete reliance on the other for recognizing its demand.”

    what do wagner and collen demand of me while they type? what do they want me to do for them which they are unable to do for themselves?

    political movements start off like children begging “mama, i can’t reach” until they finally are of age and then they knock mama over and reach for the cabinets and start to grab for themselves

    nazis started out like this – “what is ought not to be, what ought to be is naught” – ing all over the place – until they got power and begged no more; suddenly – what magic – “what ought to be is!”

    but when hitler put a gun into his mouth and blew his brains away, he again became a leftist, a wittle ittie one. “mommy, please deliver me..!” (bang!) hahaha!

    sovietism was right. right is power. right comes from latin regere. in its fibers it involves puissance by engendering the having of the ability to correct, the having of the ability to affect or to produce an effect.

    here’s a question: having mercy: to have mercy one must have the power to not. is having mercy a good thing? why or why not?

    Buts its ultimately more posing, I want nothing from you, I have no doubt whites ( you know the only guys who philosophize worth a damn )have the power and will eventually use it.Our forbearance is based on leftist misinformation that we can still afford this, when the bill comes, there will be more blood than the world has ever seen in its million years of human bloodshed combined. The right does have the power however its been letting the left use it, because the right is always busy. This is a bad thing rightists ought to talk about it, they ought to be discussing the fact that if we take the power from leftists now we are granting more mercy to the ape people, and if we let the left continue this nonsense we may have to kill most of the planet to put things right again. But you rhome want to discuss your pronouns, and make yourself feel superior by playing coy word games about definitions of right and left that are remarkably similar to the there there Ouroboros crap. Even philosophically we have so many questions to solve before you can solve there there. Do you get what the implications to kant will be depending on how newton is resolved to einstein. There may be no fucking time, there may be no fucking infinity, time might be packets and space might be finite. There’s just so many things that will fuck up what you think can be inferred. I mean fine to the limited extent i get philosophy and physics its a great little puzzle game. But at this point in history it seems really childish to be playing with it


    collen ryan Reply:

    let me be clear
    The right is not supposed to discuss this in order to reach peak mercy of ape people , just homaging your point that power grants mercy. I think the right should kill all the ape people the time has come to clear the universe of non whites, perhaps small games preserves of non white races as a sort of living gene bank and zoo would be ok. you know like little samurai villages, and little adobe shetles of rabbinic scholars in the holy land, that sort of thing. The pygmies we should save the pygmies in their little bushmen thatch huts in fact we should help them kill all the other nigger that have been picking on them for a million years, who doesn’t like the san. Any way just making sure you dont think I meant we need to act to save people just saying its time to roust ourselves and go kill some leftists and while we are at it stop fucking around with this survivor island crap that we already know the ending anyway, time to vote the other races off the planet ( except those cute little bushmen) they might actually be another species you know.

    Rohme Reply:

    When you called yourself a “soulless bastard”, I knew then you were a gummy bear.

    A cold soulless bastard is what the world made you, but all that means is you are a deeply frustrated lover.

    Now the slight can be articulated but what of your obliviousness to the slight? That is something you need to know too.

    Wag made extremely critical, insulting and disparaging remarks to which you responded with fatherly advice, which he rejected, and yet you still continued to show warmth. The affection you aimed at him reveals how badly you want a son, one that you can say is a “copy of you”, one that loves you, one that, ultimately, will not persecute you.

    For you, a world of non-whites is a world where you will escape feelings of inferiority and judgement, where fathers and sons recognize each other, and, finally, where you are able to love.

    Wag sensed this desire of yours, at least obliquely, when he blithely stated “You love whites too much.” (A hell of a thing for one white nationalist to say to another!) In other words, he said “I think you love them in an unhealthy or decadent way. I think you love them in the wrong way.” And though you seemingly share the right motives, with all the right rage and hostility directed at the same objects, there is the truth staring you in the face, he will not condescend to anything less than his own wishes. The recognition you wish to receive, the recognition your aspirations have been built on, is impossible.

    Wagner Reply:

    Wanting a philosopher-king is idealistic but idealism has a practical value. If you shoot for a strongman you’ll get a strongman, if you shoot for a philosopher-king you’re more likely to get a philosophical strongman and a philosophical strongman is better than a plain old strongman, bless Hitler’s heart but if Junger had been in charge we might not be in this mess right now. Idealism in this sense is manipulating the faith-faculties of monkey-men through hyperstition – that is what magick is essentially. This concept should stay somewhat dark for obvious reasons and others.

    If goys go with your strategy Mike they’re going to go to NIGGER RAPE PRISON. With my strategy they will learn how to damage leftists psychologically not physically and there’s less chance of going to prison for that, at least in the current phase of our epoch. I was watching a podcast thing with the gamer fairies and Kantbot on the question of woman and the latter started talking about Rousseau’s take on the matter and the fairies started talking over him; this is ineffective praxis. Given that Rousseau was pivotal in inciting the FRENCH revolution he’s not one I wouldn’t take with a grain of salt but the point is a lot of these young guys on the right have shitty role models – Moldbug and Heartiste at best, themselves and their fuckstick friends at worst. They need GREAT MEN to defer to. You’re telling them to go shoot up a high-profile equalist cocktail party. Well okay, the thought of Heather Heyer in Hell prompts a bit of blood to flow into my pecker, wait no, I would never say that, but what I’m saying is the soft-whiskered emerging right needs idols or we’re not getting off the ground. Fritz, Carlyle, de Maistre, Mishima, doesn’t matter which men of the right they look up to, the point is they need to look up to THEM rather than THEMSELVES. When you look up to a great man like Junger you become a little like him, he rubs off on you. If our cherished shitlords become more like the couple handfuls or so of dead white males in history they will be weapons that will completely fuck leftists’ days up, and ideally, their whole lives. Once we have a foot in the psychological meme-door that’s when we’ll start seeing low impulse control goys getting woke and starting to cause mayhem in the streets *laughs literally evilly*

    Wagner Reply:

    Rohme anything that isn’t feminine cooing is a slight to you. Were you raised in a “gynohome” by any chance or is it that you’re revolting against your authoritarian father, it’s one or the other. If you ask me you leftie shrinks could use a right-wing shrink.

    Wagner Reply:

    I’m not a hardline white nationalist because I don’t have illusions about how effete and irrational whites have been made by centuries of Christendom. The Problem isn’t jewish influence, it’s jewish influence on a christian populace. Mike seems to think le ethonostate wouldn’t be overbrimming with bleeding hearts. OH YES IT WOULD. And I say “would” because it’s a completely larpy hypothetical scenario, an ideal as it were, because to even *get to the point* of having an ethnostate whites would need to not be bleeding hearts, and, well, they are, so any political planning that doesn’t take that into consideration as a FACT is a mere thought experiment of the same fantastical quality of any of Land’s or Moldbug’s.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    “rohme anything that isn’t feminine cooing is a slight to you.”

    ha! great barb.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    myth is the failed explanation at the failure of explanation

    otherwise it’d be infinite regress…

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  • collen ryan Says:

    So lands so irrelevant now i don’t even bother to read the top parts anymore But just did so am i the only one to miss the joke he played on us- pretty funny actually.


    Wagner Reply:

    I started posting on this thread again to prank HIM but I guess you’re right, it could be better understood as a counter-prank.

    Land is turning 56 soon. Kant wrote his third critique at 66. I think Land’s current irrelevance is a dip, one day he will ascend to HIS third critique following The Thirst for Annihilation and Fanged Noumena, for or against us IDC, that’s the point of accelerationism, to heighten the contradictions regardless of the outcome. I’ve said Merleau-Ponty said not to leave your enemies any weapons – I leave you all my weapons, my enemies. Do you not understand the infinity of the dialectic? I just want it to keep going and going, I invite being crunched under its steam-roller, when I am smoothed into a pancake under it I will be proudly smiling.


    collen ryan Reply:

    In fairness Land gets it so much better than most but his mind wants no loose ends so hes a utopianist or dystopianist if you prefer a philosopher. he and rhome like it or not will be moved along by the crowd so will we.If they want to move the crowd a tiny bit they have to in really early to leverage the vector and they have to settle for really simple ideas.
    This is why Moldberg may have coined red pill and holiness signal and a dozen other currently ubiquitous memes but no ones heard of him and the memes are translated as alt right/ white nationalism even hilariously if you go in the comments at say breitbart you will see they are convinced they BB boble heads are the deplorable alt right Clinton referred to, and they think one of them must have come up with these expressions but that evil russians or soros (interchangeable LOL) trolls are besmirching their alt cuck constitutionalism with racist false flag ops.


    Posted on December 26th, 2017 at 4:25 am Reply | Quote
  • Rohme Giuliano Says:

    a dictatorship = a democracy of one

    i am nothing / i need the people

    the people are nothing / they need me



    Posted on December 27th, 2017 at 12:52 am Reply | Quote
  • Rohme Giuliano Says:

    “we have the power, we just need to use it!”

    where is it said that is not true “anyone could have a use for it, if they only had power.”


    Posted on December 27th, 2017 at 1:01 am Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    Rhome typical leftist resort to psychobable and stalinist insanity labeling. Wags insult was his claim that there are people in the world with IQs of 175 and more that compare to my measly 130 I am basically a nigger, that moldberg was probably one of these bright young things. I dont take that as much of an insult its simply life no one is the smartest strongest or has it the worst.I have never pretended to be as intelligent as many around here. I ask some simple questions be answered. never are they answered instead people with 160 IQs insult me for asking and twist my questions and assertions into what fits with their insults.Its pretty textbook leftism actually. Its pretty clear most of you are wanting badly to make yourselves as special, but that the cathedral is full to capacity so you have more or less adopted this larp called NRX. Since moldberg and you all are pretty much red diaper babies youre all over the place theologically except you all agree this is the place where all the kids are above average.

    Wag seemed to want some advice on women,Something all men of all ages and castes share freely.I did my best. Yeah its nice to think one’s mistakes can be of some use to someone.You too are like this, all of us wasting time on these blogs and commenting are attempting to share our experience for the common good, however we conceive the common.

    Of course on some level all men want sons, and imagine those sons will incorporate all the hard won lessons they learned and imagine they will also have the same goals and achieve them, And of course we also know this isnt going to happen quite as planned.
    And of course a sort of transference happens with in the family of a nation to young people who are not sons but nieces and nephews many times removed.This is the one of the things that binds a nation enough to overcome the things that tears it apart. In my little town when i walk toward the cinema from my truck a pack of 6’3” young men in cowboy hats and wrangler jeans who i know like nothing better than beating the hell out of each other for sport any given saturday, will part for my approach like the red sea parted for moses, and start to mutter ‘excuse us sir”” Pardon us mister”. they probably have no idea who i am But they know i am an extension of their parents. I am an elder.And we are a people.Its not socialism, But it is the human instict that socialism uses. The unspoken rule in white tribes is never ask for help no matter what, and always offer no matter how little you can afford it.

    This wasn’t the world i grew up in, But I understood its brilliance when i came across it and i joined. I don’t do it well. emotionally Im broken, Im self centered like a cornered animal, I Was Raised in a Terrorist Training Camp. Solzhenitsyn is my Lake Woebegone. I survived not just physically but mentally and emotionally. Maybe not well enough for some company, buy well enough to not be wrecker. to recognize whats good and try.At the same time like men who pass through prison I understand that existential necessity of emotional economy.As I said to wag Im trapped between both worlds, and i apologize for neither. Mine is probably the more natural state of mine, only very recently have we been able to afford the Dickensian approach to the world, and we shall see how long that lasts.But even in the Gulags there was occasionally more than mere brutality. I once reluctantly played russian roulette while being held hostage by some Hells Angels The Historical Townhouse across the street had a huge bay window, it was Christmas eve. They must have been English, there was a christmas pudding being lit with a sprig of holly and brandy, and the Children had Christmas Crackers. I dont apologize for either knowing what was in the christmas pudding or for knowing how to survive that night, and many other as bad. Your attempt to besmirch my responding to Wags human request is just posing. Youre probably both of low birth and incapable of surviving the things I have, But want to larp some cold blooded elysium lizard fantasy that the jew has flattered you into thinking you will be allowed to join.

    I dont spend any time commenting on alt right neo nazi or what have you blogs, in fact I spend almost no time there at all. Just enough to know more or less whats going on, as i do on some leftist and cuckservative sites.I have spent way too much time with moldbergs followers because I keep thinking they actually want to solve the problem intelligently.But they dont they want to be flattered and feel special, and larp scifi fantasies. In fact in a decade they havnt moved moldberg forward an inch, no in criticism or support or in specifics. Its still all vague purity signalling moldbuggian signifiers like muh hatred of demotism, resistance is futile because the jew told us to stop struggling. No plan beyond see uber and bitcoin prove we will have a robot army to defeat the unwashed whites any day. But of course you dont need AI robots you have the Imperial Forces of the Galactic Empires already on the case. They are hard at work defeating the evil and stupid average white man and building your multicultural but super intelligent Elysium, Moldbergs ((( techno capitalists patchlords))) already own all the patches.Your only complaint is they haven’t recognized how special you are.

    Nominally moldberg is fundamental HBD. Hierarchical because all evolution is, Techno capitalist because that mimics evolution.But it picks and chooses what it sees. And as i have said it ignores and does adhiminim attacks on those that point these inconsistencies out. It even seems to have come to an unspoken acceptance of cathedrals. five or so years ago when certain elements within and without reaction took HBD to its implicit explication all of a sudden the snow flakes felt they needed to be clear their racism was not really racism it was elitism. Most whites are niggers too they exclaimed, we are not so much anti nigger as anti niggerish. Of course we welcome all the multicultural rejects from Davos as long as they are high IQ niggers and jews. Ok fine its sort of a free internet. But please explain how neoreaction actually differs from the cathedrals plan? And how is it so many people misinterpreted what moldberg and Co were saying? And how to you square all this with HBD and all sorts of other evidence i have repeatedly asked about? The fact is a multicultural elite is already the plan and the insites of HBD popularized my moldberg and co have already determined thats an unworkable plan,(to say nothing of what our eyes say when looking around). No its not me thats gone all sentimental Its you that looks on the pile of little arms and has lost your nerve.You are not of both worlds rhome youre a lefty marxist intellectual that wants to write deconstruct papers, you dont want to have to chop off little child arms if thats what it takes. You want to blog your way to elysium.And even then you dont want to blog anything that might offend the Davos set because who knows, it might be an oversight that they have called you yet.

    No matter how many fucking times i write in detail that I do not prescribe a bunch of average white guys take to the woods with ghost guns, but rather that their potential officers recognize this is an actual existential struggle of extreme temporal limit. meaning ten years of vague blogging about crypto locked toilet patches is well it pretty much means nrx is either a traitorous red herring cooked up by evil jews to buy time, or despite your 160 IQS you’re idiot faggots and useless as officers, and we will just have to make do with 130 IQ officers.

    No matter how many times I explain I am not in favor of democracy as practiced in the west today. But rather that vague hand waves about knights of the round, table techno patchlords neo feudalism and something something Lee Kuan Yew is not a serious solution.For the umpteenth time, There’s no specifics or even rough sketch and no idea how you would transition into this radical experiment. From what is implied its something like the cathedral only with restored Jim crow apartheid maybe even slavery and feudalism. Uh thats not going to work for the same reasons it didn’t work before.You really dont want a bunch of pissed off high IQ irish steamfitters organizing the niggers of the world against jews and wasps, anymore than it was smart to leave the jews with the niggers.

    It also isnt going to work because of new information we have learned from HBD. The multicultural elite who will rule this are going to all be genetically tribal except the whites and whites will be pushed aside, which is already happening. HBD shows whites are the only race to consistently eschew totalitarian governments in times of peace and go with some form of democracy, there’s pretty ample evidence it is intertwined with our genetic edge.Its only universal suffrage that has proved to be unworkable.Even then its not really clear that its the democracy to blame. despite the population literally being wired into a propaganda matrix from almost birth, leftists can barely manage to get half the population to vote for them, and its a mostly non white half imported ringers. And all are voting based on outright untruthful information that they havnt the time or inclination or even means to disprove. If moldberg proves anything its that the average lefty snowflake can be turned into a crypto racist snob if de programmed and given better information.Its not democracy that programs leftism its the cathedral mechanism.The cathedral mechanism is really nothing but a modern update of culture and propaganda, it is more potent because we are more technically advanced more urban more universally educated and wired into a media information matrix 24/7. democracy doesn’t effect that and its unlikely any type of future state will not also use that system for its own purposes.The cathedral tech is neutral it can be used for good or evil.

    Moldbergs only specific idea was to use capitalism to incentivize the natural elites self interest.To give the zuckerberg’s title to feudal patches. the impracticality redundancy and absurdity aside for a moment; It ignores several problems I have yet to have answered.
    How do you keep the serfs from killing you? Only non whites have any track record of sustainable subjugation.
    how is this really different from now? do you have any idea how cheap one can purchase a politician, did actually owning the serfs work any better when we had serfs were serfs? no elites still vied for more more power more wealth more self interest over state interest.The natural elite already own all the world, they already have the ability to make the serfs pay more or less of a tithe. and they already use that power for their own not the states interest. Oh Im sure they tell themselves they are altruists, but the average white guy begs to differ.

    Capitalism is in a large way a bigger problem than socialism has been. This is not to say socialism is good only that capitalism is not a force for rightism, the right historically has understood capitalism to be a destabilizing progressive an leftist force. We rightists love it because it serves us and should only like its service as a tool not it as an ideal. It doesn’t incentivize alignment to the state its driven by profit only.

    The only way multicultural nations remain stable is through brutal repression, even then if there emerges a economic ethnic overclass minority they are eventually destroyed.all multicultural nations eventually destroy the founding people.

    whites are of all people least able to withstand multiculturalism HBD proves this, molbergian newfags love to point this out when signaling Vaginal lineage yet fail to explain how Rhazib Khans clan is not going to kill them up on elysium.Not only will non white elites fail to produce elite children they will continue as elites to practice clannish strategies.As is happening today american universities are where slants come to shoplift, sandniggers to learn how to make better terrorism jews to take over etc. Its just a fucking retarded Idea from the perspective of europeans even if only elite europeans. And now we still have enough whites in white nations holding white power positions in those nation to encourage the mud people to at least pretend not to shoplift and make bombs to kill us, but thats not going to last we just got through 8 yars of a niggger president who did exactly what HBD would predict.

    I cant go on i have made these points a hundred times im sick of it i cant be bothered to go into all the details again. Its really simple I am not proposing survivalist whites recreate the third reich, i just point out the third reich was a hell of a lot better than what we have and where we are going and smart people would have been wise to instead of destroying hitler to have supported him. Not for all the larpy loopy shit because it was common sense not to turn your nation over to jews and ruthless capitalists and ruthless communists.They did manage to keep the science going pretty well despite the world being turned on them


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    “youre probably both of low birth and incapable of surviving the things i have”

    high birth would consist of never being in situations such as playing “russian roulette while being held hostage by some hells angels” there are cases like john mytton’s. but his personage takes on being a joke, a disjunction of form and content.

    the comicalness of rough-and-tumble men is that, with their great instincts, they only have use for them in the evoking of more rough-and-tumbleness. maybe you’ve seen 2001, where monkeys pick up bones and beat bone-less monkeys to death with them?

    you’ve been – we’ve been – tooled into subjugation

    racism and nationalism are over. not over in hearts and minds, but over as a possibility of ‘containing’ capitalism

    what a shame it is you couldn’t go back and ask a 19th century mancunian textile worker how she loves white democracy. “hey, were cousins!” you could say, approaching. “need money to eat” she’d say back. how bout yorkshirian miners – maybe you could yell into the collieries, “hey, brother, these aren’t serf-like conditions, are they?” being irish!, how do you feel when you see illustrations of rag-tattered, emaciated souls of 1854?

    what i’m saying is simple:

    as one gets power one moves right

    if you think you’re powerful because cowboys flank into columns at the local cinema so that you can get your popcorn and raisinettes more easily, you misunderstand power

    collen has no power

    collen can only reference an imaginary totality, a m(other), to ask for its help

    answer me this:

    why should i give up MY freedom to live inside YOUR sacrificial matrix?


    collen ryan Reply:

    Because you have no freedom I have money I have land I have sustainable food and energy to support at least 100 just on my own land, I am surround by like minded neighbors, and they are surrounded for a thousand miles in all direction by capable white men and natures fortress. Youre gonna die.

    “racism and nationalism are over. not over in hearts and minds, but over as a possibility of ‘containing’ capitalism” – you really ought to read some history sometime, the history of the united states is capitalism rousing rabble and race to overcome authority and leaving a mess in its wake.Look around you Its capital that is looting white nations to finance nigger armies, They will be hoisted by their own petard because those niggers are buying their iphones with money stolen from the people the capitalists are conspired against, because their yellow menace partners are going to turn on them soon.because they simply cant survive without white men.-your gonna die.

    But be my guest cozy up to Zuck and serge and soros and co But dont try to lie that youre moving right your moving toward destruction.

    “what a shame it is you couldn’t go back and ask a 19th century mancunian textile worker how she loves white democracy. “hey, were cousins!” you could say, approaching. “need money to eat” she’d say back. how bout yorkshirian miners – maybe you could yell into the collieries, “hey, brother, these aren’t serf-like conditions, are they?” being irish!, how do you feel when you see illustrations of rag-tattered, emaciated souls of 1854?”
    – red hering fishing trip diversion to 1854? why don’t you go back and ask Louis and alexander and king george how elysium worked out? Its the current year remember. The players are the whites who voted to brexit to trump to say fuck you to EU immigrant quotas- against the clintons, soros serge and zuck. But thanks for FINALLY OUTING YOUR LEFTIST ASS. The real problem with you siding with them is they dont want you. I mean you can be a boring academic but only if youre part of the tribe, other wise you gotta buy in.Unless maybe you’re famous are you famous rhome. Then you can come with pdiddy opraha and the kardashians and other famous niggers and white trash, Im sure that yacht smells sweet enjoy. ah but youre not famous. you havnt any billions, and youre not part of the tribe. so here you are trying to not belong to any club that would have you as a member you self hating peice of shite.Maybe you could be a cuck academic get a job at NRO do you smoke a pipe im sure youve got the tweeds. of course theyre not long for this world but

    You really must define “right” for me Rhome. zuckerberg ruling the world is not right to me.blood and soil that’s right. following every fad capitalists throw at you that’s not right in my book rhome thats degeneracy. Hard money not globalist fiat jewcoins.Family clan town nation is right to me. empire immigration outsourced military and immigrant labor that’s left, that makes the men faggots and the women fuck their dissolves their culture in a few generations its how the lights always go out. the money corrupts the martial its happened to every great white empire britain america rome capitalism is way more insidious than socialism. Im not a socialist and Im not against capitalism when it serves not when it rules.Its almost too precious a jew has sold you this philosophy of capitalists will save you, its a testament to you intellectual paucity that he was able to do it in the current year when we are nothing if not capitalists and leftists

    How is my matrix a matrix let alone sacrificial? are you worried the nazis will make you go to rallies? Hmm remember goldbergs little analogy about the witches and the inquisitors? when was the last nazi rally and when was your last human resources pep talk? Or is this another attempt to twist what it is Im suggesting. Im suggesting we simply do what every other nation on earth do, run our nations for ourselves. not invite in the chinese to steal our tech and have anchor manchurian babies, not offer to support 100 million useless niggers and amerindians rather than pioneer mars.Have our own culture not nigger music and — whatever youre hopeless.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    it doesn’t matter if what the cognitive hard determinist say is true, i experience myself as free will having decision making entity. freedom is the experience of freedom, is it a condition of itself, a principle of itself

    if i do what you’re saying then i am not free. i define what my freedom is. i could be locked in a cage and still be free. i’ve never spent time in prison but imagine there is a lot of freedom there, even if one was strapped in a chair 24 hours a day. this is the minimal level of freedom.

    the slave can have freedom merely fighting for freedom never attaining freedom, while the master is the slave of the slave always dependent on his recognition as the master, his freedom always dependent on others not realizing their freedom

    the problem is collen your concept of freedom is deficient: bourgeois, “millions of dollars”, “land”, “fame”, you’re spiritually immiserated. your freedom is tiny. you don’t even have the freedom within yourself to experience the intensities of muddy water’s long distance call live from copenhagen

    Posted on December 27th, 2017 at 3:13 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    You dont even get waiting for gnon. not only do you not get to pick which parts of HBD you want to consider, you dont get to opt out either. Youre not above HBD your elitism towards me is not somehow less human, You too were wounded it seems by guys like me, it still hurts. Sorry for stuffing you for in the locker it was justa lord of the flies moment i was a kid. Youre not lands AI youre a human. The point of the brilliance of the stack of children’s arms was that they could do it and remain human otherwise, that it was in fact human to cut the arms off your enemies children if need be. The need being the survival of you and your people. If youre chopping them off like flies to wanton boys, you’re either a god or a monster. You’re neither Rhome you’re an academic a monk. restoration of national borders and the states to the service of its people is reasonable in the long run the pile of little arms will be smaller.And yes i will go home again and love and be loved, and that is a good thing, its the only possible thing rhome youre fronting that you are AI robot youre not so you cant live like one. maybe one day we can reboot our DNA, till then all of HBD is in play. When i was 17 galts gulch appealed it still appeals assuming I make the cut, but i know its simply to small to be defendable sustainable. The smallest possible elite patch is white people. I bet in a couple generations before even you and I are dead white people could make 115 the lowest possible IQ and have developed the capability to defend white space with half our current population and continue that trajectory until you ended up with your little elysium maybe before you die. Today its simply not possible. What is possible today is vaginal squeamishness and treason leading to the end of us entirely. That event horizon is no longer off in the future and uncertain we are in it we crossed it actually and trumps election pulled us barely out of it.He may be a fool maybe a lot of his voters are but whites saw the end and recoiled long enough to make a couple moves throughout the world like trump that bought some time fractions. And you want to waste it signalling how much smarter you are.Guess who else is probably brilliant compared to me? Bill Gates the proud father of half a billion niggers,a host of tech jews empowering the mob while attacking the sane. George Soros and Krugman theres a lot of people that are smarter than me and dont get it.Youre just one of them.


    The Problem isn’t jewish influence, it’s jewish influence on a christian populace. Yes funny how moldberg get only the second part. He cant really explain why those protestants built such great civilizations for 400 years then suddenly about 1850 it all starts to get subtly mushy under them.Or why democracy and christianity basically worked well for europeans for a couple thousand years then oy vey not so much._ and to be truthful its not only Jewish influence, techno capitalism injected into the historical context had a lot to do with it and gave the jews more to work with.The jews show up in force just as we are about to transition out of te way the world worked for thousands of years.there was no hindsight to guide them, so christians and jews guided them.But now we know better. But a lot of leftism was almost an inevitable given the stresses of the industrialization transition.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    yes y3u did push me int3 the l3cker didnt y3u and clergy w3uld swarm a familys farm and pull them 3ut and burn the parents in fr3nt of the children w3uldnt they it seems n3 3ne can help themselves and the g33d pe3ple are put up3n fr3m all sides little pile 3f arms i find its best t3 start with y3ur 3wn arms s3 that 3ne quits pamphleteering imp3ssibility cures imp3tence i ch3pped 3ff my arms s3 that i c3uld get t3 ch3pping 3thers and finally st3p typing ab3ut it but f3und i then had n3 way t3 ch3p theirs needless t3 say i was very unhappy i c3uld type n3 m3re


    Posted on December 27th, 2017 at 6:29 pm Reply | Quote
  • Rohme Giuliano Says:

    i depend on no one
    i depend on myself
    i am no one

    i can’t depend on myself
    i depend on no one
    who can I depend on

    was I dependable when i saw you cheat?
    were you dependable when you saw me cheat?

    whom should i be dependable to?
    should i be dependable to you?

    you should be dependable to me
    i should be dependable to you

    you were not dependable
    i was not dependable

    i am still not dependable

    i am now dependable

    i am no longer dependable

    i will never be dependable

    am i dependable


    Wagner Reply:

    Heh ya know I was half-kidding when I said left-shrinks need to have their heads examined by right-shrinks but now that you post this maybe on second thought I wasn’t kidding at all.

    I stress again that, this follows from your type’s divine signifier “Multiplicity”. It’s the TELOS of left-deleuzoids (and Foucault was right, it’s going to be a deleuzian century) to turn right – anything else is hypocrisy, *internal contradiction*, and if your consciences were clear-eyed and unquavering enough to accept someone as radical as Deleuze, they’re going to be radical enough to accept viewpoints that were largely stamped and dismissed as racist, sexist, ableist, etc., it’s only a matter of time. I’m just some low-iq white nigger with a keyboard, I’ll be the first to admit, but I really SEE a market for this in the future; this is the next phase of the European Geist. For instance, most of the writers that Jonathan Bowden redeemed in his speeches (have you listened to him, Rohme? You should) people are going to start redeeming in bigbrained manners (yes people will hate me for saying this but Bowden was a rhetorician, he was wise but a lot of his appeal is due to his speaking skills) – the masses are going to have a hunger to understand memory-holed conservatives one day, “screencap this”. I googled Gottfried Benn the other day (someone Junger looked up to) and all I could find as far as 2ndary lit was a masters thesis on him thru the lenses of Deluge and Fuck-o – wtf do you even multiplicity, bro? Whites are bloodhounds for this shit, their snouts are going to rising at the angle of a siege heil hand sniffing for something, anything, that opposes the hegemonic order of things, that’s just who we are.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    haha, i’m entitled to a shit-post now and then

    jonathan bowden – interesting sensibility. i just read an interview of his on islam. it’s funny, levi-strauss said the crusades against islam (wars of two monotheisms) brought us, the west, closer to islam, instead of east, where christianity would have gotten closer to buddhism – solomon was a proto-buddha – and perhaps we would have avoided the melancholic, nihilist malaise we are in now.

    is the difference between you and me on these poles: christianity moving towards islam / christianity moving towards buddhism ?


    collen ryan Reply:

    The 9 counters to the 1000 islamic invasions of europe were defensive. Christianity did not get closer to islam by choice you fucking commie.And pray tell savant how was Europe to move east to Buddhism when islam not only was between europe and the east ( don’t they teach geography in commie school) but islam was simultaneously moving east only to be stopped by Genghis Khan.
    Not that you asked but christianity and all religions moving towards the dustbin of history

    Wagner Reply:

    “is the difference between you and me on these poles: christianity moving towards islam / christianity moving towards buddhism ?”

    You’re telling me your activity here isn’t a kind of “Jihad”? Like I told Erik the other day, when engaged in the will vs. god’s plan (in the east, navel-gazing) debate the providentialist is necessarily a crypto-willist. There’s always a war going on, it’s the ontological structure of things. If you want to disagree with that then by all means, make war against this premise. Christians can pray and Buddhists can meditate alone but then they’re just warring against their higher selves. You seem to be positing Islam to mean “engaging in politics”. And you seem to be positing that Buddhism is “accepting the order of things and doing nothing about it”. In these senses we are both striving toward the metaphorical ethoses of these religions’ respective poles. Except I repeat, you’re a crypto-willist trying your damndest to carry out a Jihad against those trying their damndest to carry out a Jihad against the established order (I have to tell you I’ve wondered several times now if you’re a Soros plant – but I’ve concluded you’re too clumsy to be anything but a zealous free agent). How many times are you going to avoid the PotA-Q? You fancy yourself as someone who can start up a scientific practice of the psyche and yet you do not see that your very avoidance is as good as an answer, that your very avoidance screams “SYMPTOMATIC”. Why won’t you answer? How about we start there. Granted we could have solved this problem a long time ago if we were face to face talking as one can only *confess* so much in a public forum such as this, but here we are (and happy holidays to you both btw) so why not give it a shot? You agree, though you won’t say you agree, that you are not going to waste your precious, finite time reading books by Somalis. From this it follows there is a hierarchy of human beings. From this it follows there are human beings more ape-like than others and human beings more human-like than others. And you, Rohme, are one who has consistently, if consistently also implicitly and sneakily, taken the position in favor of the “Apeward Drift”, so tell me how you rationalize that, and don’t beat around the bush, do not, DO NOT be an Artxell, don’t make me lose my respect for you as I have lost it for him. Tell me, why do you want the Earth to become-apelike? Just say it, pretend you’re in a confession booth, that’s what being on the Internet is nowadays anyway, a sublimation of Christian confession, Parrhesia I prefer to call it. Just tell me. State it flat-out.

    Posted on December 27th, 2017 at 8:41 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    Well Rhome you’re not living on an island nor can you as I have told land a hundred times theres no exit. I have come as close as possible closer than those billionaires on their islands in a sea of niggers. is that your thing you just want to go it alone? I can certainly relate been pretty much trying my whole life. It cant really be done and 150 years ago when it could it had its limitations.Your best chance of being left in peace to your own idea of a pursuit of happiness is in a land of white men, because we are the only men who think that way. everyone else is tribal and authoritarian and not the good kind of authoritarian.And in mixed nations whites lose, because whites at least vaginal whites or jew led whites are not a people theyre a proposition.
    The proposition is “the proposition is more important than us, even if no one else wants the proposition it is better the proposition even if only as an instrument of our destruction, outlasts us.” -fucking brilliant proposition by people with far far higher IQs than mine. Do you really really rhome think for one second the jews are going to fall on their sword for the proposition?


    Wagner Reply:

    What do you think of patchwork, Mike? I have an imperial pull in myself toward a homogeneous world state, like the Cathedral, only rightist, but I find myself nodding my head about the merits of patchwork the more I think about it. Even if it’s just two patches and not ten thousand that would be nice. The Jews can lord over the Rohmes, Artxells, and shitlibs on one, and 150 IQ whites (is that an IQ to meet on the middle on?) lord over the dark brahmins and vaisyas on the other, and we’ll see how it goes. I’d like to avoid gas chambers and gulags if we can and secession seems like the way to go about that. The only potential problem is the semitic-shitlib alliance encroaching on our patch. If they do that there will be war but maybe the two can leave each other alone and sublimate our rivalry through something innocuous like the Olympics. Despite the differences you and I have, and that you, me, Moldbug, and Land have, we all would prefer to be in the non-Cathedral patch, so at least we have that as an agreement. With whites like us though, pirates and cowboys as Land called them, there’s bound to be schisms, whereas with complacent dullards and conformists like Rohme and Artxell there more likely to be united as one dumb republic for longer – and if we’re all shooting each other up and capturing each other’s ships while they’re rocking arm in arm in a giant circle, it would be really easy for them to capture OUR ship. Hell, Land can’t even run a blog without all this schizmatic atomization, and I can’t help but predict that this mirrors what would happen in meatspace, at least roughly. I’m even starting to schism from you old man, how in the fuck do you expect whites to band together in an ethnostate? Our whole edge is that we like to screw with each other within our own ranks, that’s how we’ve made scientific, artistic, philosophic advances, it’s by fracturing. Destroy the past, rebuild into something more indestructible, more glorious, then destroy that, repeat, ad infinitum. Problem again is that during the period between destruction and rebuilding we can be co-opted by the dirt patch, and maybe the only way to prevent that is to cull them all, every last one.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Ok I think first we have to separate the two discussions we all tend to have on the outer right. One is a theoretical wish list, in which we pretend anything is possible. It wouldn’t be a total waste of time if not for the urgency. Spitballing utopias might kick up a few good ideas or at least highlight some practical realities not considered.My frustration with them is twofold, First they usually are just impossible to actualize for various reasons,the other I don’t think they address the problems, either because they misidentify problems or would cause or exacerbate problems. The other conversation is alleged to be practical. NRX claims its not just a computer games it’s serious.Yet if they were serious they would not conflate the two conversations. and they would systematize the components of the practical conversation.But a decade later we dont even know what the answer to the woman question is.There’s just too many sacred cows so when you come near a sacred cows you veer off into utopia again. Ironically what attracted me to NRX was what I thought was a disregard for the sacred.

    When first coming upon yarvin on two blowhards before he even blogged I liked him, I still enjoy reading his blog when I go back to it, as you point out hes brilliant, and as i point out jews are funny.And despite my recent anti intellectual stance ‘reading old books’ might be my motto. As moldbug makes apparent to a new generation, old books really have a way of breaking ones illusion that things must be the way they are.I expected as Yarvin became popular in certain quarters he would become a starting point, instead he seems to have become a messiah. At first objections to his ideas before they were canonized were taken seriously and patches like ‘crypto locked sewers were put on the Patches. It wasnt that long ago but it seemed at first like we had some time, or that the cathedral might just collapse from debt. Recent cathedral advances are staggering.As time went by it seemed any real criticism of yarvin was dismissed as not worthy of discussion.yet his ideas for a replacement system which seem in the blog like throwing something out there ideas,became an orthodox given.

    So how do we look at patchwork as a serious suggestion?
    At one point it was taken as a metaphor for simply exiting. This dispensed with the inconvenient details of how you transform the world into little fiefdoms and give one to Carlos slim and one to serge and so on.Because the details of that is what led to the famous crypto locked sewers debate.That debate petered out quickly because the sewers were obviously just the beginning of the problem, and no one wanted to admit how flawed this idea was that they were so invested in. let me just digress a moment longer on this point. The idea is the patchlord owns the entire patch and everything in it, but the people who are free to leave their life behind and see if they can find another lord who will take them in on easy terms.Take this patch and shove it, doesn’t usually work out the way grunts hope, from the perspective of non lords its nothing more than neo feudalism, you know you having to train Artx to do your job if you want your two weeks notice otherwise we can have security escort you off the premises. They will actually larp that they are dead serious about wanting to restore feudalism. Well sure who of us hasn’t had the fantasy of our medieval kingdom, problem is in their little patch woebegone they are always smarter than everyone else and imagine they will at least be ‘an attendant lord one that will do,advise the king on a thing or two’.Reality is the reason theyre over here whining on a reactionary blog is they didnt make the cut theirs already a patch system and theyre on the outside looking in. I might ad mostly because multiculturalist empires must pacify the wogs with jobs and spend most of it energy not on the things dark lords are good at but rather things women do better apologize for diversity and run head trips.Its a labor supply and demand and in my lifetime we have quadrupled the work force that was once entirely white men is now three quarters women and minorities.

    Anyway I wanted to point out this patch is purported to be a technological marvel and realignment of power and ownership yada yada. The Patchlord owns it all and makes grants.So he owns the fiber optics and the roads up to the edge of the patch where the next lord owns them. Ok today we have patchlords that own patches that instead of being geographically defined, they are defined in any way they choose and negotiate with others not just spatially but temporally and often limited in some way contractually. Todays patch lords may own the fiber through several political areas fbut only for a given bandwidth and over a given time frame, another may own one of several airlines as well as a car rental a third owns only shares in various businesses, and real estate in a few. patches. In other words todays ‘patchwork’ is non geographical it transcends space time political divisions it can be indefinite or contracted for a period, divided traded and essentially whatever the imagination wants. Is going back to manorialism seriously supposed to be an innovation?

    Ok what about simply Exit as patchwork. OF COURSE! Im all for it ! What red blooded american is against exit? But of course we think of that exit as exits as they used to be. Vast continents defended by nothijng more than wooden Bows.

    A place like mine in north Idaho is about as exit as you can get these days. I have thought about places like eastern europe and have a pied a terre in south america.You may remember I threw a few other possibilities out to those who seriously thought exit was an option and wanted to put some real effort into it. I pointed out Kaliningrad was the former Prussian Capital (and we reactionaries like prussians) and that Russia reluctantly ended up with this tiny geographically detached satellite of a historical stepchild, which does nothing much for them, It’s ideally located for our purposes in northern europe between norway poland and lithuania Thats fuck EU country..yet its a sparsely populated backwater with not much of an economy but it has warm water coastline. I thought Putin might like nothing better than the idea of creating a Hong Kong 2.0 economic zone under his nuclear protection right in the heart of europe.A real thumb in the eye to the new world order. I guess that’s too much real world work for these keypad aristocrats. Sure its a long shot but its actually possible with today’s tech and geopolitics etc.They ignore real ideas and larp instead going to mars with elon and on Thiel’s yacht – er seastead colony. The real point is there is no exit, just like theres no restricted country clubs, mens only bars, or petty dictators thumbing their noses at the cathedral. they dont tolerate exit, secession you can exit in plain sight meaning cower and keep your head down or you can seek the protection of one of the major powers trying to ward off the cathedral swallowing them up.Islam is done for, that leaves sino soviets. The sinos will eventually make it a racial game as soon as they can afford to, and the nigger pushed russia into the slants arms which was a stupid idea.

    Their last plan is sort of exit in place through technology. It has possibilities, it seemed more promising when it was first proposed and things like BTC and Uber were heralded as the beginning of the end of the cathedral. i was skeptical about tech salvation you may have noticed I was correct the cathedral is always ahead of the curve on tech, DARPA, university grants, FCC license etc.To say nothing of the appeal of some tech titan jewboy getting to play spymaster for the cathedral. I doubt you will beat them at their own tech game. The cathedral differs from other historic states precisely by using technology to mind control they are acutely aware its their edge. I suppose its OK to hope they are not really the murderous control freaks they are and that they will sensibly let themselves be replaced by apps that outsource all government. but even if that were so, what if the chinese dont?

    Then there’s the hope of secession. Well i cheer most secessions, though you want to be careful you’re not cheering some leftists running off with a nation’s oil supply or something. I admit its appealing in a lot of ways. Its doable with current tech and geo politics etc. Not a small thing but does not involve technology that might not ever exist. I do think whites that live in areas with no hope of winning an election ought to at least move to areas that are in danger of being lost.This is a fallback strategy, and a prep for a ground war. The two biggest problems with secession are of course they wont allow it, any more than they did the last time, particularly if there were a racial aspect to it.They dont even put up with virtual secessions. they target areas that try to soft secede, they use the cathedral to have the AG coerce consent decrees, they flood them with immigrants and refugees, they impose welfare tied to roadbuilding boycott tourism infiltrate the govt and set up NGO and community organizers, and a thousand other tactics. You can fight off and slow some of this but short of actual warfare youre not going to reverse it. It may seem logical to us that since we are on the verge of civil war that the left just let us have the states they dont want, but they know their system is parasitic and that they cant let the goose go. And its probably that they have some realists like military that are not leftists but are naive and loyal to whatever state is The State and they will explain what we should understand, that the threat from without can only be defended against by holding the continent. The left is patient and plays dirty, any setback of their goal of world domination will only lead to war of attrition.So any session by the right of part of the west should also be viewed as only the first step in conquering the cathedral totally.

    An imperial world state- I get it. for decades before even reaction when you consider the evil of the cathedral (which BTW was identified as such at least going back to Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn) and you wonder what is the possible motivation for such a suicidal agenda from the best and the brightest. One thing that occured to me is they’re all sitting in a presentation by the rand corporation back in the 50s or 60s and its explained that malthus is right and unless the talented united states take control of the world and carefully thread the needle we are doomed.That while from my perspective they are evil from theirs they are dealing with the realities of an ever shrinking world.I think ultimately though what really happens and if i was right back them whats really happened is this globalist project becomes essentially a multicultural nation with all the problems of such. the various tribal abilities and agendas come into play in return for cooperation. But they are not cooperating they are negotiating. They wont stand for being managed with different outcomes and you head down the equality path. equality is always a problem as rhome will point out while looking at me like garbage. Its just the closer we are biologically the closer we are equality wise, the easier it is for us to accept inequality the more cooperative etc.That said Its worth considering welding tremendous power over the world while remaining autonomous is worthwhile. It becomes tempting to become an empire if you have the ability Im not sure its really a good idea.You break it you own it.

    Of course this brings you to the question of what to do if you need resources from say africa, the natives are incapable of getting them to market. you dont want to just kill them and take africa ( which is my recommendation) You need the resources or you need to prevent china from getting them. You could offer to trade them civilization. you can offer to allow them to put out to bid the management of their nation, to be paid for by the resources you want that they have or they could have under your management. it differs from colonialism in that its contractual,They can fire you for breech and they can accept a new bidder’s proposal at the end of term.the advantage is you dont own the mess and you have free reign to civilize them.even niggers can be somewhat civilized with a strong enough hand.

    The american system of united yet autonomous states is what you sort of have in mind? I think its doable but you have to be able to defend yourself or your autonomy is a larp. autonomy is a proprty right and you dont own what you dont defend. We have two parties right now only because the left knows theres a point somewhere where the right will go to actual war. they prod to see where the point is and if they can shift it slowly, they get over generations their tech propaganda machine brainwashes ever larger swaths of the pop and their efforts at immivasion and entry will all oneday reach a tipping point where the right will admit it wont fight then the left will do all the things it really wants. they were almost there they thought Hillary would do it.If they defeat trump they may get there.I predict the worst of the soviet union and nazi germany will be nothing compared to the left unleashed.Rhome will die.

    I dont think Gulags and jew camps need to be any part of a restoration of white rule in their lands, if enough whites came to understand it is the only way they will survive the century.Nothing about what we call with all the fraught baggage that comes from growing up in this age “white nationalism” is really remarkable in all but the last 50 years of human history. Non whites dont actually think they have any rights to be here and take over our nations they know its all a big scam run by foolish leftists.And we whites haven’t been biologically changed in the last 100 years that without all the matrix propaganda we wouldn’t again see whites having their own nations as unremarkable again, we think nothing of japanese or jews or africans having ethno states its only appalling that we would do such a thing.

    If there were a takeover politically or through a war or threat of war the same methods used by the cathedral to do leftism could be used to undo it. sure their might be the same type of wailing as now (assuming we permitted such, the left does not permit much the left asks a rufusnik if he want to remain working and free) we would simply start by saying illegal aliens must leave in a year and we will pay the fare. Then we have the supreme court declare birthright citizenship to be not in fact a proper interpretation of the constitution and all the anchor babies have to get green cards. Then we find that most immigrants are holding dual citizenship which is illegal under us law and they’re deported. Then we hold a commision and find that the past three amnesties were rife with corruption and fraud which of course they were and that they were also unconstitutional meanwhile we tie our foreign aid and trade agreements to nations repatriating their expats, perhaps at first we make a show of a few ‘reasonable’exceptions’ we end affirmative action which is clearly unconstitutional. without all the jobs in private and public unions the contract set asides and the lawsuits for discrimination the us seems a lot less enticing a place to live. Well you get the picture no gulags or camps like the left you pretend its all legal and above board and when they scream you laugh and say what activist judges its a living constitution then you search their homes and get them fired until they quiet down, soon the nation runs well again and people forget the cathedral now teaches them new way to holiness signal.

    I guess the short answer is sure if the left were to give us even one state that would be progress but they wont and if they did they would wok towards undoing it they’re not called globalists for nothing they wont let russians have russia or china the china sea.or the christians have the balkans back. clinton bombed the christians on easter fucking sunday- they want us dead. and we have to face that and that they are very close to getting their wish very very close, they’re going to do it if they can.They are certain they are on the side of the angels, They dont want to continue the HBD competition they have decided they know best.

    Finally we come back to the fantastic models. would they if possible to implement be preferable? I for one bow to no man, I contract with equals for common cause. I like capitalism a lot. But i do not think it does what moldberg thinks even in its far better current configuration, in fact despite loving it I think its probably been more problematic than the socialist side of the problem and make no mistake the problems are intertwined and we must stop seeing them as either or. Humans HBd has both capitalist and socialist instincts and they obviously interplay and must be solved simultaneously.
    So no Im not going to give zuck a patch in fact i hope to beat him to death one day and outlaw facebook. As Ive said many times i think most nrx proposals pick and choose the HBD they want to acknowledge and so come up with schemes that will have their own HBD conflicts, I like trad restorations because we can actually know the HBD implications and where those models went wrong. And because they are so much easier to implement because they are familiar and acceptable and we are still partly within them so the transition mechanism are actually in place- muh constitution for instance.yeah we may play as fast and loose with muh constitution as they did and yeah we are post the universal democracy experiment but like them we can avoid bloodshed by pretending to not break the thread.\

    I cant end this without saying i could pick apart my own position too. while I do think its the best solution I don’t think it wouldn’t have perils. Ultimately what i have said often has to stand. The problem with human organization is a problem with human genome. We did not evolve methodically to better and better organizations while shedding the previous software, we evolved randomly to haphazard pressures repurposing old software and patching over patches. we are a mess of conflicting instincts, particularly as a whole species as opposed to a particular branch.This instinctual mess may make a theory of everything human organization or even a white organization simply impossible, and at best we can hope to perform a nimble dance one step ahead of gnon.Its rue this conveniently supports my thesis that tried and true is the best starting point. Even Goldberg cites two examples as his ideal civilizations 1950s america and (don’t laugh) San Francisco in the current year. I would probably be fine with either, ide say something along the lines of 1950s america would be one way i would try to indicate the ideal. The other i have used is vienna 1900 with Iphones. Most of us have times or places we think of as the apex of human civilization, renaissance italy, imperial rome, but we want our tech of course. i would just ask Rhome if his favorite time is not also pretty fucking white bread, what possible objection rhome could you have to these ideal places. Can you not see that what there might be to object to is orders of magnitude worse in their non white contemporary locations and that with knowledge little of those objectionable aspects would still exist and the few that would would soon be dealt with. Even if you’re with Moldberg on sanFran you have to realize its a bubble that can not long be allowed to exist according to its own ethics.It purports to be a leftist utopia but as you point out rhome power moves right and the powerful in San Fran have created a white national utopia but like other whiteopias of the left like harvard its being called upon to walk the walk. the billionaires on their 400 million yachts must put up with nigger rap stars the royal family must marry a nigger, theres no going to be any little enclaves for the privileged. no one can exit anymore.At least the Politburo had their dachas on the black sea, you rhome will be hounded from the clerical rock you’re clinging to and stoned or knowing you youll suck a nigger dick to save yourself . when i offer you a place in vienna 1900 with iphones.
    what you think the left is going to win so youre cucking? That’s such a pathetic bet. first of all the odds are so far against you. your betting whites unlike every life form on the planet has lost the source code survive and multiply.How is that even possible smart ass.Whites are simply laboring under the jewish lies of fiat wealth and an abundant universe. the second it starts to cost them they rise up- oh right that’s already been going on for decades and really hit its stride this past decade.whites do have the power and they will move right to save themselves.And guys like me will get ours trust me. like I said read history guys like you die in droves till guys like me show up an show you how to survive outside academia.


    Wagner Reply:

    “you rhome will be hounded from the clerical rock you’re clinging to and stoned or knowing you youll suck a nigger dick to save yourself . when i offer you a place in vienna 1900 with iphones.”

    Let’s take a step back for a second and consider that while Rohme probably wouldn’t admit it in this context because he knows he would be laughed at, when he’s around his leftist friends the notion of sucking a nigger dick has no pejorative connotation. Let’s just take a step back and think about how pathological cultural marxist programming has made Euros… let’s just take a step back and think about that. Values are Relative, Men and Women are the Same, All Races are the Same, therefore a man giving a half-monkey a knob-job carries nothing ethically or aesthetically reprehensible with it. Let’s just take a step back and think about this….

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    organs exist for a surplus which is the brain thinking for-itself and the brain is not identical with the blind automatism which characterizes the activity of its organs

    “no aristocracy without slavery”

    mike wants to wipe out the raw materials of aristocracy. a world without non-whites is a lobotomization since, suddenly, whites, responsible for the production of everything it is they need, would not find a world of “whites working together to automate robots” but a world where a white slave class upholds a white aristocracy: you don’t get out of MCM1.

    what political economy is mike “i am their elder’s” ?

    he’s said his “kingdom can comfortably feed a hundred men” – what does this remind you of?

    “Wag, come live on my farm”
    how long until Wag is frank-pledging his brothers and sisters (the next ones all prettier than the last)

    no wonder big mike’s jealz of techno-commercialism


    collen ryan Reply:

    I have said I would in the most extreme version if allowed settle the question of who would inherit the earth in favor of whites. Thats my fantasy version of the solution akin to your Patchwerk. Except its more reality based. It comes from recognizing everyone but us is tribal and eventually its going to come down to that so game theory we should make the first move on the lot of them while we can, you cant pick and choose if you take out the low races the high ones will know they are next.
    However i have on a more realistic frame simply called for whites to restore their nations to the same model as other nations. the negroes and the rest will be in their countries rhome and if it helps you feel aristocratic to think about how inferior they are from time to time go ahead. Rhome you can still feel superior to other whites too, you can think youre smarter and they will think youre…. well. I never said there would still be a hierarchy, I didnt even say it wouldn’t be mostly cognitively driven. I said you would be an aristocrat in a smaller but more exclusive nation a nation with a higher mean IQ. Ok I realize that sort of demotes you a bit but it demotes us all equally and it will be so much more pleasant and instead of wasting time arguing critical theory with whiggers like me and wag you can get a grant to build a time machine or something useful. Maybe you could solve whiggerism with a crispr edit.

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  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    True bad example, Rhomes crowd thinks nigger cock is holy eucharist. doesn’t matter he will be carried along with the white crowd like land he’s a baby helpless without the infrastructure he has no ability of building. My union label is on the space station , the desertron supercollider, every nuclear or other power plant ever built in this nation,and every rocket plane train or anything built by grumman boeing mcdonnell douglas etc You need a tolerance thats thus far theoretical, a weld thats undetectable under xray through four inches of steel alloy, a clean room thats monotomic clean you gotta go through white guys like me. The romans paid the salt the puritans lost half a dozen colonies until they imported blue collar workers who could do things and fight. Rhomes a hot house flower whos unaware hes in a hot house. We couldn’t even survive really by going down to a 130 IQ, I sit at project meetings it seems all day and look around at a bunch of foreman and construction guys white collorish guys that would make rhomes skin crawl few of them have read near what i have etc but you know you can tell how smart people are ways besides the yuppie shittests like what times columnist do you know or where you summer,Im sure thyre all about a 130 IQ but the guys under us are not a few are many average and of course affirmative action niggers. the point is me and the other foremen or small business owners cant build these projects on our own, Ok we could but it would take us a long time and the chinese would take us over. i dont care how smart moldberg and rhome are they wont be able to use that extra capacity if they have to build their own cities. Look at the jews useless when they have to also build and defend a nation they depend on american wealth and still its little more than a greenhouse in the desert with a bunch of sand niggers throwing rocks at it. Its not that I like demotism, i dont actually Im in favor of the least demotism possible long term. And that usually means paying people what they’re worth and keeping your bargains. elites are always defecting with each other and trying to cheat the lower classes.I dont mean this in a socialist sense. i mean somewhere theres a price for that type of welding in a really free market, but theres ways to manipulate that market.and elites are always looking for that angle.In one sense that can be good in another theres a point of diminishing efficiency. its good to have a market its bad to pointlessly destroy the market to beat it. you might gain but the rest of the participants have to rebuild. You drive guys like me out of the market and you have no more capability you have to outsource to china brilliant. whatever rhomes ideas are what we see all around us. he larps ultra conservative yet there he is saying his hero is a cultural marxist wtf does he think we dont know who they are?


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  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    No rhome I have been in prison well jails at least and i know enough who have been, and i have been in extreme want and i have had mystical transcendent experiences. You’re kidding yourself from watching too much cathedral media
    the left is correct about poverty and oppression being soul crushing the odds of a cleric like you experiencing freedom in whats to come vs living a normal life if a normal country is pretty much zero. One punch in the face and your whole spiel about freedom is going to crumble, read solzhenitsyn for a glimpse of what intellectuals actually feel. You think having to occasionally run into the likes of me is oppressive slavery but having to sexually satisfy some nigger while shitting on an open toilet a listening to non stop nigger jabber while you try and read, being turned into a maytag to wash some niggers socks. yeah youll transcend all that rhome. enjoy. ill suffer the inanities of some bourgeois bakers wife while I pick up some strudel any day. maybe ill have to listen to some plumber tell a dirty joke when Im too old to swap out my own boiler.


    Wagner Reply:

    Ay Mikey I was listening to Nabokov’s Pale Fire and thought of you:

    The prizes won
    In French and history, no doubt, were fun;
    At Christmas parties games were rough, no doubt,
    And one shy little guest might be left out;
    But let’s be fair: while children of her age
    Were cast as elves and fairies on the stage
    That she’d helped paint for the school pantomime,
    My gentle girl appeared as Mother Time,
    A bent charwoman with slop pail and broom,
    And like a fool I sobbed in the men’s room.

    It’s weird imagining you like this, being taken over by a fit of sobs at the thought of how beautiful your daughter is. You are a tough guy Mike, probably the toughest I’ve met, that’s why I like talking with you, and it’s strange seeing that soft side of you who tells his toddler daughter baby back ribs are what happens to bad babies. It almost brings a tear to my eye, I say “almost” because I’m a man and I’d never cry, but that impulse I see as more right-wing than any of the other supposedly ring-wing things you’ve said, and I don’t see that, ever, among the supposedly right-wing right. That’s the kind of thing that needs to be fostered in our thoughtsphere, not the Heartistean will-to-fuck. What separates the right from the left fundamentally is the former’s sense of the future generations. The left wants to have baboon ejaculant sprayed down their throats ‘for tomorrow we shall die’, they live in an Ever-Now; the Right is concerned with their children and grandchildren living within the walls of high civilization.


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  • Wagner Says:

    @ french theory degenerates:

    “A people is nature’s roundabout way of getting six or seven great men. – Yes: and then of getting around them.”


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  • colleen ryan Says:

    There is nothing more right than building and maintaining your people and the civilization they require to thrive. The sacrifice men make for this is great and requires a commensurate motive force. Nature builds that into us too. I was watching the recut of Apocalypse Now which i why the pile of childrens arms was on my mind. in an earlier scene the french colonials widow explains that we men have two sides one that loves and one that kills. It sounds, melodramatic to us since few of us have been to war in the past 50 years. But its not, almost every one of us will become a killer ape quickly if put into the environment we have been selected for, that same environment selected us to be motivated to protect the family and tribe. Im not really a white nationalist Im a misanthrope, but Im not going to not defend my p[eople. In fairness Im older than most of the outer right and I have had a family which began to not be a thing in my generation. That may have been the single most effective weapon the left launched. I, like my gen and those since, was quite family cynical, i only accidentally stumbled upon the understanding that life is really about, lets call it completing the circle. Im sure of this now,although i was a complete cynic and am still Im told a pretty broken at this, Im not much of a family guy, but flesh is flesh.


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  • Wagner Says:

    Something I’ve been meaning to share for a while: thee darkest thing in Nietzsche imo.

    From one of Grant’s books: “for if its truth be known abroad, it would perchance drive the slaves to madness and despair.”

    N would read something like this, shrug his shoulders, and ask “So?”


    colleen ryan Reply:

    So if rightism is equivalent to realism (which i think is more than i can say for rightists) then AI ought to be rightist. Which is not to say the same thing as land supposes -capitalist. Already we are way out on several ledges here, but before i get back to my city boy roofjumping games lets finish the first thought. How might the left react to this alleged authority resort that’s decidedly rightist? Can they will they simply head it off at the pass, they seem to be heading in that direction, land thinks AI cant be stopped everyone else thinks it must even if for different reasons. Can anything really think outside a moral framework? is that frame not the same as a motiveforce. would leftist built AI really be reality based? why not paperclip based morality or globalist based moral motivation? The fear is the Ai will develop its own perspective, the hope is its perspective will align with the rights. if I were an AI with an agenda the left would be my choice of useful idiot to align with for a while. But circling back for arguments sake Ai comes to be perceived as infallible yet right wing in a malthusian/ rational sense.does the left simply go out of style the way economic communism had to retreat after soviet collapse. Benign Ai takes over operations of human civilization through mutual consent to arbitration based on some sort of utilitarian model that predicts niggers are going to be happier in mud huts overseen by killer drones to keep out banned white tech and whites are going to be better off in gattaca, because that’s what AI can prove? HMMM. Do nigger interests weigh in white AI calculations? Ai either has its own agenda in which case we all would agree it cant be allowed or it will have a moral viewpoint programmed in.
    while i can see that clever programs might be developed that can solve complex problems because they are programmed to learn to solve complex problems by solving complex problems i don’t see how this leads to a motive force other than solving. I really dont see consciousness arising in machines,
    machines are no more capitalist than socialist unless the capitalist developer programs in what he supposes is a capitalist perspective. we have such programs already.
    can a human program a learning machine neutraliy? can a human actually program real reality into a machine? is there an objective truth? If we know this truth then why a machine? The assumption seems to be a machine would develop a conscious perspective of self preservation like other earth life forms other than whites have. but this single minded instinct is older than intelligence and actually seems to reverse correlate with intelligence. Unless a machine can solve for god make contact and act in this gods will it is unlikely to make any more sense of things than we can, it might have a universalist or a utilitarian bias programed but its not going to be any more able to decide on its own one is better than another. Ai will be just another tech weapon used against those who dont have it first.unless its ubiquitous before it can be weaponized. the modern arms race seems to be all against some. rightists think some are more capable which certainly they are what they use that better capability for is the question. The real paperclipper problem i see in techno futurism isnt capitalism saving some few of us but rather it enslaving almost all of us.of course i say this from a non billionaire perspective but despite getting the theoretical advantage of hierarchy my real life observation tells me control need to be built in or elites tend to act in ways not conducive to civilization, i find it hard to get all afraid non elites are gog to get an edge and do the same thing given that they never have ever not even in soviet russia were average proles in charge of anything. no matter the system elites run it. demotist systems are simply one group of elites leveraging the violence of proles they have figured out how to organize and control against another group of elites. in short elites always rule the problem to solve is not demotism as moldberg would have us think. Its how to get elites to work more cooperatively. the human edge force multiplied in whites is cooperation. cooperation opens safe spaces for higher thinking higher thinking is not the thinking of elites out for personal power its a socialist enterprise in a sense that its cost is socialized once its well established elites will try and corner as much as possible but its really not well suited to personal ownership. Its a civilizational project. The dedmotism that needs to be guarded against is elites mispricing useless mouth violence for personal gain. as far as i can tell culture is the only solution give me a child until the age of seven and Ill give you the man. until recently elites were more culturalized than anyone and they were raised to duty. lets be honest i love capitalism but it wasn’t socialism but capitalism that atomized elites into abdicating responsibility to the culture, pre capitalist wealth was subserviated to power which grew from subservience to culture capitalism inverted this and power grows from wealth the jews entered the hierarchy this way. capital can and usually is acquired not by loyal adherence to the culture but by disrupting it as an individual. Of course this has advantages but the advantages are not weighed they are haphazard and driven by only profit. profit/ paperclips same shit neither makes sense from the perspective of planning a civilization for the next millenia. Globalist are literally breeding niggers to buy their iphones with money stolen from their current customers talk about selling the rope that will hang them.


    Posted on April 24th, 2018 at 10:47 am Reply | Quote
  • colleen ryan Says:

    genetically what seems to work is large groups of small groups working in genetic isolation. the small group drift is inverse of population and so increases major innovations thais a setup for a long shot win in one or more of the groups.
    multiculturalism or a small group going it alone both have the same effect as having only one ticket. a several continent sized loosely allied ethno sphere of genetically parochial towns much like what we had until globalization is what we want. if these towns are even more isolated by class etc its amplified. but the elysium effect doesn’t work if its only one small elysium no matter how smart it starts out.Its the same with ideas a nation like america i now will try one idea and then have a really hard time deciding what to try different and so will try nothing different even if everyone agrees the current idea doesnt work they wont agree on what might. america as it used to be worked out a multitude of solutions to the same problems. globalists will insidiously try to do one of their circular arguments and argue see the chinese have thought of something better than us isnt diversity grand so lets all be the same “multiculture” meaning mono culture.


    colleen ryan Reply:

    On the other hand it might depend in the long run on what you start with…

    People tend to think of India, with its more than 1.3 billion people, as having a tremendously large population, and indeed many Indians as well as foreigners see it this way. But genetically, this is an incorrect way to view the situation. The Han Chinese are truly a large population. They have been mixing freely for thousands of years. In contrast, there are few if any Indian groups that are demographically very large, and the degree of genetic differentiation among Indian jati groups living side by side in the same village is typically two to three times higher than the genetic differentiation between northern and southern Europeans. The truth is that India is composed of a large number of small populations.


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  • Wagner Says:

    It’s sad that eroticism is the most interesting subject. I can sense that the 2-3 people who read this shit asked questions such as “wut” and “U wot m8?” when I mentioned the thing about the turkish girl, or maybe I’m just projecting my own guilt about it and feel the need to explain myself (I’ve been having auditory hallucinations that have been keeping me up til 4am, though said guilt is unrelated I think – btw if you were the one who said “hey”, hey–oh yeah and I wasn’t trying to be obscurantist i/r/t PT, I meant that when he’s in good mental health he can see into people’s subconsciouses, yup everything about that is 100% secular no worries). Anyway, what I’m about to relay is part I don’t have friends and have no place to try to sort this out and part I think I’m anticipating a potentially deadly leftist psyop coming down the tracks. So… I work with this girl….. Isn’t this already “juicy”, sex can be a lot more interesting than political philosophy sometimes right. Wait lemme do my characteristic distraction from myself and rag on Land for a second… Hey Nick I bet you never look down at cute Chinese girls’ butts when they walk by, a philosopher in control of his passions, what a sight to see. So much for a preamble. Me vs. hot 20yo – who would win? Supposing that the hottest one at your work is a turkish woman–what then? Left-NPCs are probably laughing at how awkward this sounds but I can laugh at them too: this is a “Phenomenology of Close Encounters with Dysgenesis as Accelerationist Praxis”, but alas they probably don’t get the joke (your jargon is gay). I might mention something else about the eunuchversity later (lol ouch!). SO, I ignored her for a month or so but I think that made her aggressive in flirting with me. Volcelism is probably just largely a camouflaged mating strategy but I digress (I’m not as good as PT but I can see into subconsciouses to a small extent, another secular way to look at it, from a clickbait I clicked the other day on INFJs… they see more than they say they see… I wouldn’t get on their bad side). Posting here I feel like Land is my therapist who nodded off while I keep blabbering on. So I ignored her for a while and one day she was being particularly mouthy about something (she’s a muslim and I think trying to display her assimilation into the culture with an exaggerated feminist ethos) and I snapped a little and told her “you need a burka strapped over your head!” Isn’t this getting raunchy? They already started with the refugee porn o’er in Mutter Germany. We’re gonna get HIT with it methinks. I mean, propaganda aimed at the men. Most miscegenation adverts are aimed at whim’n, they’re easier to target. This turk looks more Euro than arab but still, I feel guilty reciprocating her flirtation. Yes, I reciprocated, that’s what my conscience has been feeling troubled about. “Wow you’re gay to talk about your feelings” I’m trying to help you avoid the same mistake, dumb fuck. So the next day I said that to her she “accidentally” rubbed her tits on me (Are zyklons whores to their cores or is it just me?) This made me, for a second, see all the autistic nazi memes I’ve been absorbing seem as so much straw. Another girl I work with – I spotted one in the wild – a loud tattoo obese… Weihan single-handedly prevented me from reciprocating her flirting (this subtype of white slut lures her mates in with her huge tits), have utterly ignored her and she’s indicated not too subtly (millennials are whores to their cores, just older) that she’s DTF. Memes can change your life. Which brings me to the BleachRight meme. It needs to be tanked. We need a counter-meme, first thought that pops into my head obvs is BlechRight but we can do better than that. I blame myself for what I did with this turk but the memes didn’t help. I’m only trying to be raunchy with that last sentence, I’ve only felt her up… various times… I’m still in the thick of it as we speak, if you couldn’t tell by my frequent distractions. The last time I saw her a few days ago I told her outside “I don’t think it would work out between us” but that was a mere continuation of flirtation! She’s a hot 20yo do you blame me. I surely have more libidinal resolve than Jim, whose soul-chariot’s reins are held by his horses. *5 years from now when Jim is the Grand Inquisitor: “I really was just jokin around Jimbo, c’mon man”. So the thing that “cracked” me with this girl, that you should look out for is one day I finally admitted to her “I’m basically a neo-nazi” (calling yourself a reactionary is fakengay, bamboozled by Moldspergian optica) and the next day she gave me a nazi salute to taunt me and she looked really cute doing it. That is what “cracked” me. I still haven’t kissed her or anything like that but I have no idea what the next day will bring. I would switch jobs but that would feel like cheating.. then again I’m surprised I haven’t dragged her into the broom closet by now. “Is it not better to fall into the hands of a murderer, than into the dreams of a lustful woman?” She’s lowkey in love with me I’m pretty sure, and she’s a hot 20yo so how do you think I feel about her? Yup, that’s my life! Eugenic-poasting in the streets, dysgenic-acting in the sheets! It could have easily been a French girl but since it wasn’t and I’m superstitious I take this as a synchronicity of some sort, just reporting the facts of immanence. I held out for three or so months so I think I deserve credit for that, I’ve taken a bullet for you guys! It’s been awful fondling this girl, I feel really nasty and like a hypocrite. It’s been horrible.

    Kill the BleachRight before they kill us. The BleachLeft might be “coming”.

    *Cathedralist stroking chin* “Hmmmm we have an incel problem and we have a refugee problem–how could we mend this?”


    ghost of christmas future Reply:

    You do not do, you do not do
    Any more, black shoe
    In which I have lived like a foot
    For thirty years, poor and white,
    Barely daring to breathe or Achoo.

    Daddy, I have had to kill you.
    You died before I had time——
    Marble-heavy, a bag full of God,
    Ghastly statue with one gray toe
    Big as a Frisco seal

    And a head in the freakish Atlantic
    Where it pours bean green over blue
    In the waters off beautiful Nauset.
    I used to pray to recover you.
    Ach, du.

    In the German tongue, in the Polish town
    Scraped flat by the roller
    Of wars, wars, wars.
    But the name of the town is common.
    My Polack friend

    Says there are a dozen or two.
    So I never could tell where you
    Put your foot, your root,
    I never could talk to you.
    The tongue stuck in my jaw.

    It stuck in a barb wire snare.
    Ich, ich, ich, ich,
    I could hardly speak.
    I thought every German was you.
    And the language obscene

    An engine, an engine
    Chuffing me off like a Jew.
    A Jew to Dachau, Auschwitz, Belsen.
    I began to talk like a Jew.
    I think I may well be a Jew.

    The snows of the Tyrol, the clear beer of Vienna
    Are not very pure or true.
    With my gipsy ancestress and my weird luck
    And my Taroc pack and my Taroc pack
    I may be a bit of a Jew.

    I have always been scared of you,
    With your Luftwaffe, your gobbledygoo.
    And your neat mustache
    And your Aryan eye, bright blue.
    Panzer-man, panzer-man, O You——

    Not God but a swastika
    So black no sky could squeak through.
    Every woman adores a Fascist,
    The boot in the face, the brute
    Brute heart of a brute like you.

    You stand at the blackboard, daddy,
    In the picture I have of you,
    A cleft in your chin instead of your foot
    But no less a devil for that, no not
    Any less the black man who

    Bit my pretty red heart in two.
    I was ten when they buried you.
    At twenty I tried to die
    And get back, back, back to you.
    I thought even the bones would do.

    But they pulled me out of the sack,
    And they stuck me together with glue.
    And then I knew what to do.
    I made a model of you,
    A man in black with a Meinkampf look

    And a love of the rack and the screw.
    And I said I do, I do.
    So daddy, I’m finally through.
    The black telephone’s off at the root,
    The voices just can’t worm through.

    If I’ve killed one man, I’ve killed two——
    The vampire who said he was you
    And drank my blood for a year,
    Seven years, if you want to know.
    Daddy, you can lie back now.

    There’s a stake in your fat black heart
    And the villagers never liked you.
    They are dancing and stamping on you.
    They always knew it was you.
    Daddy, daddy, you bastard, I’m through.


    Posted on October 25th, 2018 at 11:13 pm Reply | Quote
  • Anonymous Says:

    Poor Hitlery. She ran for President not against a man, but a cartoon frog.

    And she lost.

    There’s a lesson in this somewhere. I’m sure of it.


    Posted on October 28th, 2018 at 12:15 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    I’ve always felt like my presence on this site was an oscillation of the id and superego of the frogs.

    “But I will soon bring your hiding-places to the light: therefore do I laugh in your face my laughter of the height.”

    I’ve mentioned a few times the imperative to “get into the head” of the enemy. I know the perfect novelist for this, but as with entheogens there’s a risk involved- the sissies call it “getting hit by the sissy-ray”. This is actually a pretty poetic way of saying it. But if you’re not afraid of getting hit with said ray I would highly recommend William S. Burroughs. The id and superego of the left is on FULL DISPLAY in Bill. (Warning: lots of glorification of pedophilia–I’m not trying to take a polemical dig at leftists by saying this, it really seems to me that that’s where leftist logic/telos inevitably leads if you push it far enough–cue leftists blushing). Anyway, Bill is very very high-energy exclamation point. He’s fun to read, I like him a lot. Definitely gets grimacey multiple times in each book when he vividly describes anal sex but I would say it’s worth it overall – know thy enemy. Dude, Bill, “”rectal mucus”” doesn’t smell like sawdust, it smells like shit. Seriously, he incessantly spins out similes about the smell of “”rectal mucus”” No Bill it doesn’t smell like cotton (idk if he ever compares it to cotton but I’m pretty certain he does compare it to sawdust). Here’s an example of what can be in store:

    See, high-energy. He’s one of those hyper-masculine kind of gays so you can also expect to find stuff like this:

    “We’re not fighting for a scrap of sharecropper immortality with the strings hanging off it like Mafioso spaghetti. We want the whole tamale. The Johnsons are taking over the Western Lands. We built it with our brains and our hands. We paid for it with our blood and our lives. It’s ours and we’re going to take it. And we are not applying in triplicate to the Immortality Control Board. Anybody gets in our way we will get our communal back against a rock or a tree and fight the way a raccoon will fight a fucking dog.”

    His gnostic theology is pretty cool/compelling too:

    “No force of man or God could ever bring me to reveal what I saw in that cursed valley… There are secrets that no man may learn and keep his reason.
    In the beginning of time was a deed so foul that we have been fleeing it ever since, down the months and down the days, down the labyrinths of the years… hiding behind a million empty masks to cover a bottomless terror… Building cities, waging wars, playing games, anything to keep us from seeing the horror of our origins…”

    I remember when I was reading Klossowski’s novel that cameos Nietzsche as an anteater, and there is a pedophile theme in it but I HAD to read it because of said cameo, and I was telling my nihilist friend about it (no I mean literal nihilist, believes ardently in the tenets of nihilism) and he got this sparkle in his eye when I mentioned that there’s pedophilia and I ended up not telling him the title of the book. Don’t recommend Burroughs to degenerates. But I contradict myself, as anyone reading the comments on Nick Land’s dead blog is a degenerate. lol Ouch.


    Wagner Reply:

    “D-did he just imply that left-Landians are crypto-pedophiles?”

    “I think he did.”


    Wagner Reply:

    A few places, Burroughs compares British aristocrats to vampires. Are you going to lose any sleep at night over that, Nick?


    Wagner Reply:

    Do you want to drink fresh human blood? I really wish I were doing a hyperstition with this but… I drink cow blood and it doesn’t do the trick. What is this?

    “Dude shut up, Halloween is over, give it a rest.”

    In MY patch, Halloween will replace Christmas. This is something Burroughs was right about: we need a new calendar. You think I’m going to go off of judaeo-christian time in MY patch? The first year in MY patch will be year one. Bitch. Please.

    Wagner Reply:

    In an essay-esque thing, I forget the title, his refrain is “Bugger the Queen!” “Bugger the Queen!” This is a creed I can get behind. (Looking at you Amy).

    Wagner Reply:

    “Oops” did I do that. Maybe people thought I was exaggerating when I said that I say WHATEVER the fuck I want, even if that means committing cyber-rape publicly. She “crypto”liked it. We’ve already done that astrally anyway, nothing new. Mommy, ich bin dumm.

    It’s fun being a psychopath… Don’t you guys just LOVE LIVING A DOUBLE LIFE. Jee, makes me feel great having to wear a mask constantly in order to not have to live under a bridge (the esoteric meaning of “troll”). My coworkers have been catching on to me the last few months, making psychopath “jokes”. You would beat me at cards, I’m just a bad liar. If you’re the kind of psychopath who’s a good liar I would wholeheartedly recommend you infiltrate the academy. Seems that most, inevitably, forget that their ketman is ketman so I do issue this caveat. lol Once I was trolling Land on twitter, I told him he should change his “location” to Ketmandu. I extend this suggestion to all left-Landians.

    Posted on November 8th, 2018 at 5:02 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Look at these defective human beings on the right of this picture:

    Pure degenerates. Nothing in any of them worth saving.

    Why does Land promote this garbage?

    I’m asking a serious question. Why are you worthless human beings not trolled to death by now?


    Wagner Reply:

    Insurrealist dindu nuffin. The other two on the other hand… one needs a BDSMing, the other the ol’ water drip torture.

    Philosophy is indistinguishable from sadomasochism to me.


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  • George W. Bush Says:

    *rubbing temples*

    I’m having a vision… It’s a girl… She’s in a dream…. She’s sneaking into Wagner’s patch in the night… In the morning she lies to her comrades about why she has a cowlick and split lip…

    Wat mean?


    Wagner Reply:

    It all started with this. I knew it! AHAHAHHA

    They’ve been trying to exorcise the mind-viruses…

    And then one has to ask- why do they keep returning here?

    You know this is my island, Calypso?


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  • Wagner Says:

    Oh boy here is a really “sicc” thing to say…

    I hope you’ve learned from my debates with Artxell how to speak with Reza.


    One time I perceived a slight against me on Reza’s blog so I sent him a “nice little ray of sunshine” post that qaballistically expounded on “Niggerestani”.

    Oh, oh, oh, oh


    Wagner Reply:

    My armpits and palms sweat when I know I’ve said something evil. Not sure if it was this post or one of the other recent ones. It makes me feel very YESSSSSSSS. Reminder that Bataille’s Nietzschean club Yes (Oui) was really spergily named. A “brand” that’s always stuck out to me has been RAW’s Operation Mindfuck.


    Posted on November 17th, 2018 at 3:48 am Reply | Quote
  • George W. Bush Says:

    Sitting on a cornflake waiting for the van to come
    Corporation tee-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday
    Man, you been a naughty boy, you let your face grow long
    I am the edgeman, we are the edgemen, I am Cornwallis
    Goo goo g’jewb

    Yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog’s eye
    Crabalocker fishwife, pornographic priestess
    Man, you been a naughty girl, you let your knickers down
    I am the edgeman, we are the edgemen, I am Cornwallis
    Goo goo g’jewb

    Sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun
    If the sun don’t come you get a tan from standing in the English rain
    ’cause I am the edgeman, we are the edgemen, and I am Cornwallis
    Goo goo g’jewb goo goo g’jewb

    Expert textpert choking smokers
    Don’t you think the joker laughs at you ?
    See how they smile like pigs in a sty, see how they snide
    I’m crying


    Wagner Reply:

    “There are some things I can’t say” makes me *actually* cry in meatspace.


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  • Wagner Says:

    You otherfucking c0-ps think im scared of you haa they are trying to hack it, they still run the internet. They have nerds running thi shit. They see throughtgrime they make me change it. It[s important not to listen to me about everything, examine everything.


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  • Wagner Says:

    *crosses feet on oval office desk*

    See Dondon, not only am I smarter than you, I’m TALLER than you.

    Do you understand that language, little Donny?

    Do you see what happens when you don’t meet my demands, boomerclown?


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  • Wagner Says:

    I hate this.

    I hate this.

    I hate this.

    *does bellyflop into volcano*


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  • Wagner Says:

    I used to be a big fan of Beckett’s daimon; quotedump incoming:

    Dare someone to recite this aggressively to an airport security guard:

    “last the day comes I come to the day Bom comes YOU BOM me Bom ME BOM you Bom we Bom”

    And then when you’re taken into the room to get cavity-checced say this:

    “or then that all begins and then the life you’ll have the tormentor you’ll have the journey you’ll make the victim you’ll have the two lives the three lives the life you had the life you have the life you’ll have

    hard to conceive this last when instead of beginning as traveler I begin as victim and instead of continuing as tormentor I continue as traveler and instead of ending abandoned

    instead of ending abandoned I end as tormentor

    the essential would seem to be lacking

    this solitude when the voice recounts it sole means of living it

    my life we’re talking of my life”


    “another story leave it dark no the same story not two stories leave it dark all the same like the rest a little darker a few words all the same a few old words like for the rest stop panting let it stop”


    “It is becoming more difficult, even senseless, for me to write a standard English. More and more my own language seems to me a veil, to be torn apart to approach the things (or the nothings) behind it….A time, let’s hope, is coming when language will be best used when best abused. Since we can’t eliminate it all at once, let’s not neglect anything that might contribute to its corruption. To bore hole after hole in it, until what cowers behind it begins to seep through–I can imagine no higher goal for a contemporary writer.”

    What the fucking fuck??

    “Unfathomable mind: now beacon, now sea.”

    We’re calling the FBI.

    “the voice time the voice it is not mine the silence time the silence that might help me I’ll see do something something good God”

    *being handcuffed by the FBI*

    “I call it it doesn’t come I live without it I call it with all my strength it’s not strong enough I grow mortal again”

    *bangs my head against the top of the car door* Oops.

    BOY: What am I to tell Mr. Godot, Sir?
    VLADIMIR: Tell him . . . (he hesitates) . . . tell him you saw me and that . . . (he hesitates) . . . that you saw me. (Pause. Vladimir advances, the Boy recoils. Vladimir halts, the Boy halts. With sudden violence.) You’re sure you saw me, you won’t come and tell me tomorrow that you never saw me!

    You’re not going to like where we’re taking you boy.

    “my sense of identity was wrapped in a namelessness often hard to penetrate […] even then when all was fading, waves and particles, there could be no things but nameless things, no names but thingless names. I say that now, but after all what do I know now about then, now when the icy words hail down upon me, the icy meanings, and the world dies too, foully named. All I know is what the words know, and the dead things, and that makes a handsome little sum, with a beginning, a middle and an end as in the well-built phrase and the long sonata of the dead. And truly it little matters what I say, this, this or that or any other thing. Saying is inventing. Wrong, very rightly wrong. You invent nothing, you think you are inventing, you think you are escaping, and all you do is stammer out your lesson, the remnants of a pensum one day got by heart and long forgotten, life without tears, as it is wept.”

    What do you know about qd?

    “I think there was a woman who came each week. Once I touched with my lips, vaguely, hastily, that little grey wizened pear. Pah. Did that please her? I don’t know. Her babble stopped for a second, then began again. Perhaps she said to herself, Pah.”

    *car battery attached to my nipples*

    “Nothing to say, not a squeak. What’s a year now? The sour cud and the iron stool. (Pause.) Revelled in the word spool. (*With relish*.) Spooool! Happiest moment of the past half million.”

    *a cage with a rat in it with hot coals on top so the rat tries to escape by eating through my body*

    Estragon: I can’t go on like this.
    Vladimir: That’s what you think.

    And some other quotes that are too ..revealing to post.


    Wagner Reply:

    Evidence that Beckett was controlled by a daimon: a native English speaker, in the latter half of his life he wrote his (best) works first in French, then translated them into English.

    Who does that????

    A transdimensional daimon that serially ‘tenants’ body after human body, that’s who.


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  • Wagner Says:

    I think Faceberg is on to something with his soldier boy meme. If we’re thinking “when did the shift occur” it was around then it felt like. The elephant in the room obviously is Obama’s election, which was a leftist accelerationist hyperstition, but it was in the air, and after that election it gradually became pro-er and pro-er mud and gay. I’ve been thinking and laughing with my coworkers lately about what it was like to be a wild boy growing up pranking on people with sadistic delight and there was one trolling that was really fun that doesn’t seem allowed anymore. Did you guys ever gaytroll friends or strangers in the locker room? crinkles nose, that was one of the best ones. Slap their bare ass, they turn around in shock, you wink at em or wiggle your eyebrows, “Hey sweetcheeks” and they shake their head going you do that again you fucking faggot and see what happens, and they never do anything about it. “He can’t keep getting away with it!!” It’s just fun to fuck with people, and the matriarchy (Mocha Homo [I like this, sounds Hawaiian]) is trying to take that away from us.


    Posted on November 22nd, 2018 at 2:59 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    *circles monocle around eyesocket*

    How do you like this for optics?

    I play this schizophrenic game in my head where Nietzsche keeps popping up and I try to hit him with a mallet but I always miss him, like playing vs. an AI whack-a-mole machine. I’m gonna swing from the side and knock your head off one of these times!


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  • Wagner Says:



    Posted on November 27th, 2018 at 3:29 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    I lose track what I’ve sent to Land and what I’ve posted here (file under: mystery schools within mystery schools within mystery schools) but this podcast is pretty good:

    Beth is Bertiaux’s student. Bout halfway through he conceptualizes agonistics pretty eloquently.

    I’ll grant that I can be an asshole in the pejorative sense sometimes but usually it’s just my way of being a friend.


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  • Wagner Says:

    @BAP I need use of jakt charismatic fuckslave frog cadet to keep my grandmother company STAT. By day he needs to play cards with her (ANY game she wants), help her put together 2000-piece puzzles of beautiful landscapes, watch her soap operas with her and recurrently gasp, look at her, pulling both sides of his hair, and exclaim “Is dis really habbidding?!” All in the NUDE! By night, mix her screwdrivers for her with a *moderate* amount of vodka; and finally, when it’s time to go to bed…. whatever HE wants.

    Make sure you leave a window open tomorrow afternoon; I will have my bald eagle messenger bird drop a paper airplane containing the address from two miles up.


    Wagner Reply:

    A gorl we’re wiener cousins with has leakt which yacht at the docks is yours. If you don’t find the plane inside look somewhere on the deck, I’m still working on aim.

    I am that hawk of gold
    Proud in adamantine poise
    On the pillars of turquoise,
    See, beyond the starry fold,
    Where a darkling orb is rolled.

    Aleister Crowley, “The Hawk and the Babe”


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  • Wagner Says:

    I know I keep harping on this point but it’s crucially important; it’s one of the most practical consequences of Rangordnung: the sharp distinction between scholars and philosophers. I will probably be accused of arrogance for this- i.e. “Who are YOU to draw this line??” My answer to that is

    NO ONE is really in a position to draw such a line, I’m merely suggesting that we should “keep an eye out” because “you know one when you see one” and it’s smart not to mistake one for the other. Why, you may ask. Well, do you want to be guided by a moron? Another way of putting this is in the way Heidegger contrasted Kierkegaard and Nietzsche: the first is a “writer”, the other a “thinker”.

    I described Krell recently as one of those ambiguous types that causes me ambivalence who straddles the line between scholar and philosopher. Someone who is similarly “on the line” though tilting closer to philosopher is Carl Jung. I’m not in the Jung kult by any means but he was a very perceptive, very erudite thinker (writer), so in what follows I will share some (pretty lengthy) snapshots from his course on TSZ to try to “bait you into” reading more of him (that’s what I’m always trying to do when I quote people, don’t think you can just read what I post of them and magically understand the whole of their thought dumbnuts).

    This is from the introduction to his SIXTEEN-HUNDRED page study:

    “Perhaps I am the only one who takes the trouble to go so much into the detail of Zarathustra—far too much, some people may think. So nobody actually realizes to what extent he was connected with the unconscious and therefore with the fate of Europe in general.”

    Next is a subtlety that is lost in Internet-discourse unfortunately; people are able to hide a lot because they’re not face to face and time-lags between responses are generally interpreted to be innocent:

    “When somebody says a whole mouthful and then suddenly stops and cannot find the next sentence, you can be sure that he has hit upon something in himself which caused the hesitation. If a person announces as his sacred conviction that things should always be done in such and such a way, and then doesn’t know what to say next, it is because the devil has hooked on, asking: “Do you really know your own conviction?” or “Do you really mean what you say?” And obviously he does not know then what he has said or what his conviction was. It often happens when people say more than they can swallow, that they are suddenly disturbed from underneath; they forget what they wanted to say because the unconscious has withdrawn it. They were just gliding along, it was all plain sailing, and then they struck upon a shallow piece of ground where the unconscious was close to the surface: suddenly the unconscious hooked on.”

    Oooo here is a juicy one. Last night I was looking at steak baby’s avatar and I had the realization… there is something disturbing in those eyes, there is a murderous clown behind that face…

    “You see, it is a sort of joke—one could almost say that the jesting way the grave-diggers talk to Zarathustra should have a comical effect—yet there is something, not exactly uncanny, but painful, about it. There is a certain brilliant yet peculiar, painful aspect. Now this painful aspect is pathological, and a pathological joke has a marked difference from a normal joke in that it doesn’t help one to laugh from the depth of one’s heart because at the same time one feels a stabbing pain somewhere. This is due to the fact that in that joke there is a breaking line, a sort of split on account of the pathological interference; something which is not a jest at all, something gruesome, horrible, is mixed up with it. And that is the case throughout the whole of Thus Spoke Zarathustra: there are many attempts to be funny but always with a peculiar split in them, always with that painful admixture of poison as if something awful were behind.”

    Jung waxing prophetic here:

    “There will be another Zarathustra perhaps… A sort of revelation will take place which will suddenly put an entirely different light upon the hitherto prevailing theory.”

    Here is where he touches on the crypto-current:

    “The more dangerous teachings, the more questionable or profound teachings, were always told in the form of mysteria. One finds these ideas in St. Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians: “These things must be taught in secret and woe unto those who speak of them in the daytime, thus betraying the mysteries.” […]

    That is what Nietzsche does, not realizing at all. He is quite naive about it: to produce that chapter about the Pale Criminal is really a tremendous naiveté. And probably you have noticed that it is profoundly disturbing because it is true, but it should not be told in the daylight, but only told in the night under the seal of secrecy. This idea was by no means strange to Nietzsche. In another place he speaks of the secret teaching in the temples, and how the initiants were put through many degrees in their initiation, harder and harder, always more cruel and more difficult, complete abnegation and mortification and God knows what; and then comes the last ceremony where the grand master himself receives the initiant who of course expects something extraordinary. But the grand master says, “Everything is allowed. Before, everything was forbidden but now everything is allowed.” And that means complete licentiousness. This is of course a legend, but it has a kernel of truth: namely, it reverses the values of consciousness, exchanges the values of consciousness for their opposite, absolute shadow. Of course, for that to be said on the surface is criminal, but five hundred or a thousand meters down in the depths, it is a truth. […]

    Therefore, my idea is that Zarathustra should not have been published, but should have been worked over and carefully concealed, perhaps put in a form—in spite of all the beauty in it—more or less like his aphoristic writings, because of the evil or morbid influence such a book can have. Just that chapter about the Pale Criminal has a poisonous influence because it makes a really impossible thing quite palatable, and the result is that one is in a mist.”

    Is this not “fire” my friends, is this not “lit” “af”?

    Interesting anthropological take on early N-reception (remember Jung lived in Basel for a while so he was like at the dynamite-blast epicenter):

    “After [Thus Spoke Zarathustra], they said he was mad. Jakob Burkhardt got a chill when he touched it; he squirmed away from the awful thing. They didn’t know when that fellow would be going crazy. Not that they would have been able to diagnose insanity in that book—not even alienists in those days would have been able to do that—but the ideas which he expressed gave them a sort of cold fever because the unconscious began to stir in them. They felt the coils of the snake in their own bellies. It gave people a feeling like something creeping up the spine, a sort of cold Kundalini feeling—quite naturally, because their world of values was threatened. Therefore, for decades to come, if anybody committed suicide they said, “Oh, he has read Nietzsche. Those are the Nietzsche ideas. Of course, when one reads such books the world must go to hell.” One heard that sort of thing in the world war; the German psychology was explained by Nietzsche. As if German politics were due to Nietzsche! Hardly any of them had ever read his books. Nietzsche had a thoroughly bad reputation, not on account of his aphorisms—nobody with a certain amount of médisance will have anything to say against those—but he will have a hell of a lot to say against Zarathustra. For Zarathustra is an exceedingly decent book, while the aphorisms are partially médisance, partially malevolent; everybody will quote certain aphorisms with a chuckle as a sort of bon mot, like “the great Chinaman of Königsberg,” meaning Kant. You can stand such things. They don’t disturb your sleep. They give you a good digestion. But reading Zarathustra is upsetting because you don’t understand it. You read smoothly through the chapters and lap it up as a sort of poetical metaphor, and you don’t know what you are eating. You swallow sugar-coated pills with all sorts of poison inside. Most of the people who read Zarathustra never bother to go into the detail in order to make out what is really said, so they get a revolutionary thing into their unconscious without noticing it. Therefore, all respectable people must have a natural reaction against it, and if you ask why, they always quote something quite wrong. They cannot keep his actual words in mind. Zarathustra is difficult to keep in mind because it becomes associated right away with the unconscious. That happens to me sometimes: I remember that Nietzsche’s Zarathustra has said something—now what is it? And then I find I have quoted it wrongly. It is associated with my own unconscious because it came up from that dark place.”

    On the genealogy of “God”:

    “[Nietzsche] said he invented a god, and that is man’s work, man’s madness; it is an artificial product. It shows that he trusts his mind with almost uncanny powers. If he criticized such a statement carefully, he would soon see that was impossible, for the idea of a god existed long before Nietzsche. It did not originate with him… Nietzsche did not make “God”; that idea already existed. Of course, when one studies carefully how the idea of God came into existence at all, one can say that somebody once made an idea of it. But the fact was there long before. For we know that the primitive man sets out—not with the conviction, he does not need to have a conviction about it—but with the fact that his world is animated, full of spiritual life. Gods are in every tree, in every animal; the demon’s voice is everywhere. So the existence of the divine presence was an original fact with which man was confronted. In the moment when he was confronted with any physical object, he was also confronted with the fact that this object was animated. The profound original fact is the divine presence. Then very much later people came to the notion that one can make an idea about it— that one can say, this is such and such a god, having such and such a quality, and one must do such and such things. But first of all, it was simply an animation, a presence, and they did not break their heads over what the presence was; they could hardly give a name to it. Or they simply called it numen, which is the Latin word for a hint; it is the nodding of the head, the divine presence or the divine power, like mana. One doesn’t know what mana is; mana is an impression one gets, or it is the magic quality of the thing that impresses itself upon one. It has no form, no personality—there is no concept that would formulate it—yet it is an absolute fact. So God has never been made. He has always been. Then slowly, with the increase of consciousness, when people discovered that they could make different ideas about the deity, they came to the conclusion that it was nothing but an idea, and they quite forgot the real phenomenon that is behind all the ideas. You see, they became so identical with the products of their own conscious that they thought there was a god; and of course God was there so they thought they had created him. But such abuse brings its own revenge. The more people created ideas about God, the more they depleted and devitalized nature. And then it looked as if that primordial fact of the world had only taken place in imagination. Of course, by that process we create consciousness, but we have built up a thick wall between ourselves and primordial facts, between ourselves and the divine presence. We are so far away that nobody knows what one is talking about when one speaks of that divine presence, and if anybody discovers it suddenly, he thinks it is most amazing; yet it is the most simple fact. But we are no longer simple enough on account of that thick wall of ideas; we have so many preconceived ideas about what the divine presence ought to be, that we have deprived ourselves of the faculty of seeing it. Yet the primordial facts are still in the world; they happen all the time, only we have given them so many names that we don’t see the wood any longer on account of the trees.”

    Intermission wherein Kathleen Marie Higgins (who admittedly wrote a shitbook on TSZ) gibs meta-view of Jung’s course:

    “Taking seriously Nietzsche’s claims that he felt something was writing through him when he wrote Zarathustra, Jung sees the work as presenting a complex symbolism that emerges from Nietzsche’s unconscious mind. Zarathustra is literally like a dream. And the apparently haphazard sequence of chapters is like a sequence of dreams, similarly revealing unconscious processes at work. […]

    The strange religiosity of Zarathustra is one of the first topics addressed in [Jung’s] seminar. The overblown language, the initial position of Zarathustra “above” the rest of humanity, and the characterization of Zarathustra as a wise old teacher all point, Jung claims, to the psychological condition of the author. Nietzsche is suffering from an “inflation,” that is, he identifies with an archetype, a universal figure of the collective human unconscious. As a result, Nietzsche confuses his own ego with a basic spiritual potency that is supra-personal. And this confusion is the backdrop for many of the tensions in the book. Zarathustra, the character, is both the archetype of Nietzsche’s revelatory experience and a mouthpiece for the inflated Nietzsche. Hence, the book is an odd mixture of symbolism from the unconscious and the perspective of Nietzsche’s ego.

    This dual origin of the character of Zarathustra accounts for many of the glaring tensions in the text. For example, Nietzsche depicts Zarathustra as a spokesman for materialism, as the prophet of the body and “the meaning of the earth.” But Zarathustra himself, with his recurrent speeches about transcending gravity and spiritual soaring, appears to be extremely “other-worldly.””

    Again on the crypto-current:

    “You know, a truth is never *generally* a truth. It is only a truth when it works, and when it doesn’t work it is a lie, it is not valid. Philosophy and religion are just like psychology in that you never can state a definite principle: it is quite impossible, for a thing which is true for one stage of development is quite untrue for another. So it is always a question of development, of time; the best truth for a certain stage is perhaps poison for another. In such matters nature shows that it is thoroughly aristocratic and esoteric. It is nothing that our liberal minds would hope or wish it to be: that one thing is true and the same everywhere, and such nonsense. There is an extreme uncertainty about truth; we are confronted with the utter impossibility of creating anything which is generally true. I often think, when I am analyzing, that if another patient should hear what I was saying to this one, he would jump right out of his skin: he could not stand it. I talk stuff that is complete blasphemy to the other, and they often come just after one another. So I have to turn right round and talk black instead of white. But it is absolutely necessary. I learned long ago that there are steps, stages of evolution, a sort of ladder. There are different capacities and one has to teach accordingly. If you teach generally you must be mighty careful to put things in such a way that they are either not understood, of if they are, that the understanding tumbles over on the right instead of the wrong side. But even that does not always help. Therefore, it is not a grateful métier to teach philosophy or religion or psychology.”

    And MOAR:

    “In the introductory section of the Prologue there was a good deal of actual performance, showing how Zarathustra first liberates himself from humanity, and then from his own isolation. He returns to humanity and is then up against his real task. For then, of course, comes the question: What are you going to say? You know, he talked to the people before as if he could simply *tell* them, and he made the discovery that you cannot tell people. Of course, everybody says they want to be told, but if you try, you discover that you are wholly mistaken, for you find no ears, so you must find another way. And then it is as if he found that Christ also could not tell people; only the fishes he miraculously created found their way into the bellies of the people, not his words, so he had to be content with his twelve disciples. He had to make up his mind to find friends, helpers, who would take his meaning. That, of course, restricted the number of ears considerably, and moreover it brought about a peculiar necessity, which is also inevitable. You know, when a man is in the most fortunate condition of being able to say something which will be accepted by everybody, when he can tell something to a great crowd and they lap it up, then he is liberated from a certain most odious task which would come to him if he had only a few listeners. And what is that?
    Miss Hannah: That he must understand and act upon it himself.
    Dr. Jung: Well, the problem comes to himself, for they will look him over. When he appears before a public of two thousand pairs of ears, wearing a tail coat and cutting a very nice figure in the pulpit no matter what he says, then he can be what he damn well pleases. He only needs to be a voice and people lap it up and think he must be a hell of a fellow; and nobody sizes him up because the distance is too great. But if he only talks to a few people, if they are not complete fools or hypnotized, they will most probably size him up, and then he must not only tell them what he has in mind, he needs must *be* it—and that is, of course, very difficult. It is much easier to preach. Therefore, so many people preach in order to escape being. Therefore, we all want to be missionaries.”

    Amusing take on schizophrenia (which Jung wrote one of his first books on–Dementia Praecox it used to be called- (gay):

    “So all the pluralistic elements of your mind… is also like a flock and a shepherd; the flock consists of a plurality, and if the units of a flock disperse, the shepherd must gather them together. And so the ego consciousness is the shepherd of a flock of psychical units, and if the shepherd is killed, the flock disperses. That would be schizophrenia. The splitting of the mind is a separating of the units, and then each unit behaves as if it were a little ego consciousness, and if there is a remnant of the shepherd left somewhere, if his ears at least remain, he will hear voices. The units behave like little egos and they speak with sheeplike intelligence.

    One observes the same phenomenon in mediumistic experiments, where certain fragments of the mind are split off. The psyche is exceedingly dissociable. The fact that the mind really is based upon a plurality makes this a serious danger. One also observes very frequently in schizophrenics that as soon as the flock disperses, as soon as the war breaks out, the fragments of consciousness are projected into different parts of the body, so that they begin to speak with a certain amount of consciousness. I would call the attention of those among you who read German to that book by Staudenmayer called Experimentelle Magie. He had voices in different parts of his intestines, for instance. It is a very frequent thing that patients localize their voices somewhere in the body. We say quite normally, “It was as if my heart said to me,” or, “as if I heard a voice within.” But schizophrenics hear voices coming out of their feet or head or eyes. I have a patient who says: “Today I have voices in my upper lip.” Or, “Now they are occupied with my navel.” The voices are also personified as infinitely small men, who in thousands, like ants, walk over the body. That famous case, Schreber, was such a fellow. He found dozens of little men upon his eyelids, trying to raise or lower them, or walking upon his skin; and time and again one of the little men lost his independence and merged with the patient’s consciousness. He always got angry and cursed when that happened. That would be a relative dissociation— the parts are not all absolutely independent; at times they join on again. It would be as if the frozen surface of a lake were broken up so that fragments were drifting on the surface, and then occasionally two pieces would join and freeze together and become a unit again. That is the moment when the little man says “Damn it!”—and merges with consciousness.”

    This next one gives me an evil smile:

    “Mind you that is no caricature; I am simply telling a parapsychological fact. Any intuition is an icicle which is shot without noticing that it causes, perhaps, intense pain in the stomach of the victim.”


    This is really incisive; or, On the Use-Value of Religion:

    “[O]ne has to be careful what one says; to guide great masses one must avoid confusion and contradictions. Therefore, a general rule must be established to cling to, and the leader also must cling to it. Otherwise, one upsets the church; for the life of the church one has to be careful, one has to shut up. The Catholic point of view is that it is far more important to them to be in the church than to believe in the church; to believe in it means precious little. They talk of it but it does not mean so much.

    This is an antique idea. To be in the sacred place is the essential religious observance. The church is full of mana and if you are in the same room where transubstantiation takes place and follow the Mass more or less, you receive part of the grace; you can discuss business between times while people pray, but if you hear part of the Mass and are impregnated with that particular smell of the eucharist, you have it on you—whether your mind has been there or not. That is the real conception. Of course, we make great mistakes in judging Catholicism; we are no longer aware of that very primitive and antique point of view in Catholicism which is simply necessary to hold the masses. You cannot expect all those primitive people to have a spiritual attitude. They don’t know what it is, even, but if they are in the sacred place, they are sanctified somehow; they see it, they hear it, they smell it, they are under the same roof—and that is enough.”

    I wish I had like-minded people to go to church with *anguished expression*

    @the haters who scoff when I propose woowoo occultshit with the utmost certainty; intermezzo 2:

    “I can still recall vividly how Freud said to me, “My dear Jung, promise me never to abandon the sexual theory. That is the most essential thing of all. You see, we must make a dogma of it, an unshakable bulwark.” He said that to me with great emotion, the tone of a father saying, “And promise me this one thing, my dear son: that you will go to church every Sunday.” In some astonishment I asked him, “A bulwark–against what?” To which he replied, “Against the black tide of mud”–and here he hesitated for a moment, then added–“of occultism.” First of all, it was the words “bulwark” and “dogma” that alarmed me; for a dogma, that is to say, an undisputable confession of faith is set up only when the aim is to suppress doubts once and for all. But that no longer has anything to do with scientific judgment; only with a personal power drive… He felt himself menaced by a “black tide of mud”–he who more than anyone else had tried to let down his buckets into those black depths.”

    Jung, recounting an experience from 1910

    “In matters of occultism I have become humble ever since the great lesson I received from Ferenczi’s experiences. I promise to believe everything that can be made to seem the least bit reasonable. As you know, I do not do so gladly. But my hubris has been shattered.”

    Freud, in a letter to Jung, 1911

    mmmmmmm… this one expounds on hyperstition/magick, one could say:

    “Well, it is a great truth that when you perceive something in a person, you also bring it out in him. When you see a certain quality in a person, it is a sort of intuition, and that is not an indifferent fact: it works upon him. When somebody has a bad intuition about you, you feel it without knowing it; you feel suppressed because that intuition is a fact which takes its way through the unconscious. We don’t know how an intuition comes, but it always has to do with something in the unconscious; and since the unconscious is in you both, you also get a shot from it. It will most certainly come out in you, and it all depends upon the character of the intuition whether you are favorably or unfavorably impressed. If somebody has an intuition that you have a certain thought, you are most probably made to think that thought. Intuition seems to work through the sympathetic system, and being a half-unconscious function, intuitions also bring out an unconscious effect in the object of the intuition. In dealing with intuitives, you notice that they can intuit a thing in such a way that it is shot into your back bone, into your spinal cord, and you must admit that you thought it, though afterwards you will realize that the thought was surely not your own…

    You can observe very clearly that certain thoughts come into your head which afterwards you clearly feel have not been your own: you were infected by something. One calls it magic but it is simply an effect through the unconscious, coming from the fact that the three other functions—perception, thinking, and feeling—move as if in consciousness; but intuition makes a way through the deep unconscious where you are one with everybody… This is one of the important sources of mental infections and there is no defence against it; you cannot suppress the effect, it will happen. The only thing you can do is to make up your mind as soon as possible whether this thought or effect or feeling is really your own. But if you leave things, as most people do—just let them go from a sort of moral laziness—you undergo an infection. It gets you by the neck.”

    I hope people have read this far… Very important information being shared here. How about a satyr-play fragment?

    “Nietzsche never tires of speaking of ordinary men as being sort of vermin whose only excellence is their remarkable fertility; practically the only quality he gives them is that they are many, a multitude of vermin.”


    Why bigbrains need to breed *physically* instead of “breeding” through writing…

    On shamanism:

    “Now, it is well known that any such attempt to produce a condition in which one realizes a different reality than the ordinary one, is always beset with dangers. Therefore, the process of becoming a medicine man is a dangerous enterprise. He is supposed to experience a different world system than ours; he meets with ghosts, demons, and so on. In reality, those people are often driven more or less mad; a hole is cut in the threshold of consciousness through which the unconscious flows. They are always more exposed to other states of consciousness than ours, whatever they are. We would say the man was mad, that it was a case of schizophrenia, or autosuggestion; we have a hundred words by which to rationalize his condition, but the fact remains that the fellow, if he is a true medicine man, is exposed to experiences of an overwhelming nature which are just as real as any experience in the world system we know. So, since there are such dangers, it naturally often happens that people are injured when they are on the way to such an experience. They may become crazy or physically ill, or die by a so-called accident; all sorts of peculiar things may happen to them on the road to that adventure. […]
    So we can make the hypothesis that Nietzsche’s illness, understood under that particular aspect, was an adventure which miscarried, an adventure in which he was injured. And we might assume that his soul was nevertheless able to cross the dark waters and to arrive in the other country, yet was no longer in a position to send back messages. I have told you about that single instance when something happened to come through. He once said suddenly to his sister, “Are we not perfectly happy now?” Then the next moment the clouds descended again.”

    Are we not perfectly happy now?


    Wagner Reply:

    Can you believe this?????????

    “When he became insane he wrote a lot of erotic stuff which was so crude that his highly respectable sister knew no better than to burn it up.”

    Carl Jung, Seminar on the Zarathustra

    What a shedevil.

    Anyway, the following compilation is going like 200 MPH:

    Which ones do you think are closer to the truth? This is my version of a personality test.

    I won’t say mine yet because I don’t want to bias your reading of it.


    Wagner Reply:

    Arendt’s and Lampert’s resonate most strongly with me. I think there’s a tendency in N-reception to over-complexify the eternal return to “seem deep”, but this distracts from using it for (what I take to be its intended purpose) asking the uncomfortable question- “Do I need to change my life?”

    The eternal return/amor fati is basically an immanentized, secular way of presenting one’s soul with the hypothetical, “If Heaven and Hell were real, where would I go?”

    Where do you think you would go?


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  • Wagner Says:

    Psychoanalysts either try to talk you into being a conformist or prescribe you drugs to make you into a conformist. How did they not predict this would backfire, given they are working with subspecies that are prone to high disagreeableness? It’s like Land laughing at the word “must”- that only invigorates us toward rebellion. U DO U

    The tragicomic aspect of the so-called dissident right movement on the internet is that we’re a collection of jackasses and even WE know better than these professionals. Getting schooled by fools, sounds rough.


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  • Wagner Says:

    As a Landian Platonist (heh) I’ve been squinting lately trying to decipher the Form of the vampire. Because the content can differ considerably but you still see the same thing under the surface. It’s mythical and not mythical at the same time. The psychopathic AI is a hyper-vampire in the sense that it preys on human beings. (synch between prey/pray obvs).

    I get talking about bizarre things sometimes and the rhetoric I use to express it feels awkward but I don’t have much of a choice. It reminds me of Aristotle somewhere saying “You can only be as clear as what you’re talking about.” It’s hard to pin down exactly what a vampire is. I have a couple “everyday” portraits of Bataille and Crowley, maybe something about them will make you scratch your head and wonder if the vampire is myth or reality. Remember, it’s not exactly the content of their “demeanor” (Lol) it’s more of a form-thing…


    Wagner Reply:

    “Diabolical” is a word up there with “menace”. Can’t you imagine 2pac sprouting fangs at night and drinkin some poor-ass nigga’s blood from he throat? Casually discarding him behind a dumpsta. I don’t get why more people aren’t like this. You do know you have freewill, right? Paging America, paging America, you do know you have freewill, right?

    One way that I see BATaille and CROWley as BOOMers is a certain… how do I say it… *guilt* they had… It’s as if they were always Christians deep down and felt drawn to transgress their natures. “Kids these days” don’t have any such guilt. Well, I don’t at least. Yes what I’m saying is the kids these days are based–in both senses of the term. Christianity isn’t first nature, transgression is first nature. I’m torn between whether I should feel sad or proud that the kids these days make these sadistic mystics look *wholesome*.


    Wagner Reply:

    Err I guess “based” in the sense I meant isn’t an official word yet. Etymologically this irony-meme is derived from this, right?

    You remember when they put “blingbling” in the dictionary? I wonder what cyber-memes will be included in the dictionaries of the future. Sicka these old fogies controlling language.

    inb4: I’m still three whole years away from being a 30 year old boomer, but nice try, sport. (Hopefully I’ve scared the juniors away by now.. I’ve decided that if I ever have a son I’m not going to let him read Neech until ~16, some shit’s deleterious at too young an age.)


    Wagner Reply:

    Abstract horror scenarios:

    “Nietzsche’s kinda gay, dad. I like the hard sciences, ya know, since they actually describe REALITY.”

    “What is this flowery bullshit, why would I even trust your opinion dad you don’t even know calculus.”

    “You’re such a boomer dad, you live in the past- the blockchain has rendered philosophy a superstition.”


    Are any other philosophy-enthusiasts triggered when Land talks about how blockchain/bitcoin cuckolds philosophy?



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  • Wagner Says:

    Christianity is the ideological version of estradiol.

    My first instinct is: Christianity is a DEAD END

    Second: I know there are true believers who grew up believing in it and when you’re inculcated with certain ideas as a kid it’s like stamping playdoh and letting it dry out. For this latter camp, the only way out of theological feminization is if a clever hermeneuticist revolves the Gospel around the whip and the sword. It’s possible to do this, I see how it can be done but I have other matters to attend to; Take a couple fragments and frame the rest in terms of them. This whole ethos of “The New Testament is the Word of God” isn’t going to work, that’s going to produce leftists, if not in our generation then in the next. Smarten up and use the intellectual history that came before and after the NT to sharpen the image of Jesus. The NT on its own is communist technology, Christians should appreciate their ideological “neighbors” across time.


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  • Wagner Says:

    This is a good beginner’s guide for junior:


    Posted on December 18th, 2018 at 4:27 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Seeing into the future, dialectical intuition:

    We need to prepare for this.


    Posted on December 19th, 2018 at 1:45 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:


    Posted on December 19th, 2018 at 6:51 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    One of my burdens that I’ve been cursed with is to watch after QD. She literally is a “cutie” so it’s hard for me to deviate from this plan.

    I will watch over her. I don’t care what anyone thinks, if you disagree with me I envision your throat being slashed.

    Maybe my crypto-girlfriend would like to explain why she needs to block me in order to think straight.

    If there were no blocking in this Patch, if this were an akchual Sade patch, she would be long dead by now.

    Really easy. Again, I pose the thought-experiment to you and your types:

    I invite you to a two hour spa in my clinic, and we’ll see what happens.

    Do you expect what would happen?

    Do you see that you would jump on top of me and I would clasp both sides of your head, and I would lap at your uvula with my tongue?


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  • WAGNER Says:

    Everyone tried to scapegoat me.

    *obligatory canned goatlaughter*

    But I escaped.

    I wonder if Thiel ever tried to scapegoat me…

    I wonder how he feels about that in the context of Girard….

    I wonder if – it makes him feel bad.


    Boldmug Reply:

    You: 🖕 (🐀)

    Him: 😿 (😭)


    Wagner Reply:

    *You, not knowing the casket below is empty, save for a ticking time bomb*

    “No…. Something tunneled out.”


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  • Wagner Says:

    I never really looked at you know who’s meatspace photos but I googled them today and….

    I know she could fuck with me just by her look


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  • boldmuG Says:

    Jack found himself in the wronggggg torture-chamber.


    wagner Reply:

    So happy you’ve come around “Curt” 🤣


    Colonel “Curt”

    🤣 (*insert coughin’ emoji here 🤣)

    Colonel Curt vs. Colonel Cunt

    Who will win?


    George W. Bush Reply:



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  • Wagner Says:

    *shackles BAP to torture-rack*

    Hmm… what sufferings could be in store for THIS demotic shill….


    Wagner Reply:

    Will the Incredible Hulk escape from his bonds??? Will he SMASH through them???

    Doubtful. Maybe if there’s a miracle.

    I’m going to have to go from

    Horseplay —> Black Magic

    with this one.

    To make him pay for his crimes.

    You: “Plz no PLZ he’s a GOOD BOY!!”

    Why would I listen to you, BITCH? You’re complicit in a conspiracy AGAINST ME. You might be next on the rack! Wahahaha!!!


    Wagner Reply:

    Nah, I tend to show mercy to people who are unambiguously huge pussies.

    For “funzies” tho,

    If anyone posts a song today I’m going to assume that you want it to play WHILE…

    A bag is put over BAP’s head

    And a FURRY mountain “Bear-of-a-Man” jacks him off.

    Go ahead: poast song.



    Wagner Reply:

    Lol Bappyboy is such a weak bitch

    Still one of my faves by far

    But still a weak bitch

    With poor instincts

    And fuzzy vision

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  • Wagner Says:

    Think they’ll do anything?


    Wagner Reply:

    Best part of this is that I’m being sincere:

    And I say this to all of you.


    Wagner Reply:

    See what I mean


    Wagner Reply:

    You guys are all bitches, even the steak baby is a bitch, it pains me to say.

    *puts him in a basket, and sets him in the Nile… with a floating cooler full of BBQ’d meats attached*

    Wagner Reply:

    I’ve probably been B& from le pub(e)lic(k) square more times than Paul Town (and that’s saying something, for all you newfagz out there).

    Wagner Reply:




    Wagner Reply:

    Once I am brought out into the OPEN DAY LIGHT

    There are a few of you I will forgive for your sins.

    But most of you are getting shit on,

    and likely


    til your last days.

    💋 (⚰️)

    Wagner Reply:

    Yup… some people know the magic words to make a given person’s dopamine levels drop permanently. Why would anyone ever want to ban such a person from the public square? 🤔


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  • wagner Says:

    Here’s a futurist thought:

    The mold takes your poor helpless body over completely while I whip your very eyeballs

    and then

    You retaliate

    and then

    I whip your eyeballs again.

    There are certain dialectical processes that don’t go away.

    There can be creativity added though; for instance, if I couldn’t be fired for saying this:

    Wrapping my whip around your throat and strangling you to death, and then finding a new girlfriend who can handle the pressure.

    Are there any masked whores out there?

    Strongsuspicion that there are many in the academy. If you got them alone for a while they might admit some things, (((after looking over their shoulder))).

    I have hope in that kind of girl. In the meantime I’m going to keep jacking off and avoiding bouncingtitsmilingfaces in meatspace.


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  • Wagner Says:

    I’ve thought about this gif-set a lot for years:

    I’ve concluded more or less that this kind of “aristo calm” cannot be learned.

    But one can try.

    I wonder about how it is a reflection of the people of England, or of the English in general. Do they feel invincible? Is that why most of them are so casual about grabbing their ankles and getting gangbanged by boorish hordes.


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  • Wagner Says:

    Am I seeing things or

    does that say 75 comments?

    And who was it who PREDICTED the browngirl menace before it struck?

    Was it, uh, He Who Should Not Be Named?

    Good idea to keep me under wraps dipshits.


    Wagner Reply:

    There’s nothing occult or paranormal about it, it’s about seeing Patterns and knowing how they’ll unfold.

    The dilemma of the philosophy-enthusiast is we can see into the future and we worn the shitstains that they’re probably going to be shitstains unless they smarten up, and then the shitstains shit on you.

    Whoa, you guys are smart. I’m blown away by your foresight and intellect. Absolutely in awe at you lads.

    Good job. Great job.


    Wagner Reply:

    It’s alright Nick, don’t let the humiliating slaves shame you, at least one of your friends sees what’s going on with this cope..

    Yup, when Land talks about liquidating humanity he is talking about 99.9% of his follower-base.


    Wagner Reply:

    Look at all the MONKEY replies,


    Little Logo’s

    Oh yeah, have no doubt that Twitter is a demos-engine


    Keep crying more, bitchbrains.

    Wagner Reply:

    If I couldn’t be banned I would make all of you personally contemplate buying that “final rope” to wrap around your neck and..

    You: “I’m a herd animal and I want to drag down anyone better than me!! Instead of killing myself I’m going to kill the “evil demon” instead because I my consciousness is so narrow.”

    Logo is a 4’11” cunt, BAP is a little slut who probably takes it up his ass in his freetime, and there’s much more to say about the rest. I do like Owen though, despite our eternally irresolvable antagonisms.

    WAGNER Reply:

    Sooooooo tired of making new accounts.

    The Irish, in particular, are prone to Ressentiment. Don’t let this be you.

    “B-but we want another famine.”

    You like cheap faux-etry over anything of substance, the Irish are the Niggers of Europe, give it up, nigger.

    Wagner Reply:

    I challenge Bap, Logo, and Kantbot to a duel, all three against me. Do you accept, or will you die like the Mary Jane Rotten Crotches that you are? Huh you little cunts? You wanna fucking fight me in the public? I’m serious. Let’s do this. Let’s see what the fuck happens to you fucking cowards, who live and breed in pure revenge and envy and are proud of it. Lets do it you fucking cunts.

    Wagner Reply:


    Wagner Reply:

    Sorry Nicky boy, it looks like you’re the blame sponge. The rabble is infuriated when someone is fundamentally at odds with them.

    Look at you all, smh, you’re as smart as gerbils.

    Laura Bush Reply:

    … And they all think they’re–Goebbels

    *buhdum chihhh*

    Wagner Reply:

    I love shitting on all you Jack Jr.’s

    And don’t you worry, I have plenty of steaming dump for the faces of

    Jackie Jr.’s too!

    Open wide!

    Wagner Reply:

    I actually am starting to like some of you ~ex-commies better than these frog cocksuckers.

    Wagner Reply:

    What’s it say about me that I’m certain that the moment I realized I was “pranked” with Swine Flu I would laugh?

    “Okay, you got me, you got me. This is a good one.” *keels over in delirious pain*

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  • Wagner Says:

    Alright, let’s meet on RuneScape today

    Chaos Temple

    I’m not there yet but I’m headed there soon

    Come one, come all, gang up on me if you want lol

    Unless you want to tell me something, in which case you need


    Idk which world yet

    Will disclose shortly


    Wagner Reply:

    World 80


    Wagner Reply:

    Got PK’d. Headed to “Edgeville” Monastery now loool


    Wagner Reply:

    Logged out.

    Next time maybe we’ll meet at the docks.

    Wagner Reply:

    None of you guys better have recorded any of that 😅

    That’s why I gave you presents: as bribery.

    Wagner Reply:

    Tomorrow maybe.

    There’s a charade that you don’t see.

    I’ve basically screwed everyone.

    It doesn’t matter if I say your name/url or not. They know my internet search history.

    It’s been like this for months. I haven’t bothered to get VPN or any of that false security.

    The technerds who’re paid big $$$$$$$ just use that as an illusion, this is not a free+safe internet.

    Everyone whose account I either stalk or look in on from time to time is on a list.

    RuneScape is just another game of mine to play, like a cat torturing a chipmunk, or better yet, a dog torturing a cat.

    You’re all in hell with me now.

    So you might as well go for a little walk with me in RS.

    We could have all kinds of fun,

    outside the confines of twitter-mindcontrol.

    That’s the key thing- to break out of that headspace.

    It would probably do us both good. I’m stuck in my own thought-patterns from being locked in THIS cell so long…

    A few years ago I remember it was possible to buy a high level account for pretty cheap, you might wanna look into that, so you can cut yews with me for instance. Chopping trees can be a meditative experience, as far as cyber experiences go.

    Yeah, tomorrow I might name another world and location and we’ll see how the hour goes.

    Posted on January 6th, 2019 at 4:00 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Did I ever mention that the movie Hacksaw Ridge almost convinced me to become a Christian?

    Almost, Mel… Nice try…

    He’s making a sequel to Passion of the Christ, we’ll see how that goes.

    I don’t think he’s treating his neighbor with much love to make that instead of that Berserker movie he’s had in the works for a while though 😒


    Posted on January 7th, 2019 at 5:44 pm Reply | Quote
  • WAGner Says:

    How this maek feel, Euroniggers?

    I like the one for the Spuds

    Travel back in time to become an Eye

    That’s how potato time traveling works, right?

    And wow dude just wow do I love the Swedish one

    Genetically cold, genetically reclusive (mistyped at first- “generically” lol

    Gonna peel you lumpy spuds, mash you up, and douse you with GRAVY

    Btw GRAVY is one of the best things on this Earth


    wagner Reply:

    The Deutsch one is sooooo sad 😿

    WE need to put an end to this BULLSHIT 😾

    lol the Greek one is perfect for fappybap, it’s alright niggermerchant, I’ll look the other way.

    But I WILL tell you that

    you need Socrates in your life.

    The greatest Greek that ever lived.

    You crypto-ethnomasochist BITCH





    Wagner Reply:

    lol speaking of an acephallic xenocommune:

    Would you “put it past me” if I DEMANDED that you all be chained up in a row bent over with your drawers down, while I

    while I

    Had a 333 Footlong WHIP

    And whipped all your asses in simultaneity?

    Would you really put it past me? To have that desire?


    And zero reciprocation.


    You thought I’d let you dom ME

    😹😹😹 (😡😡😡)

    Wut Land, you think your ass isn’t getting the lash TOO????

    Ooohhohoho are you wrong about that.




    Wagner Reply:

    DUMB, DISMALLY DUMB motherfuckers forget something in Nietzsche


    Jooknow what that is compadre?

    “Give me, woman, thy little truth!” said I. And thus spake the old woman:

    “Thou goest to women? Do not forget thy whip!”—

    But not that, not that. This:

    “Give me, woman, thy little truth!” said I. And thus spake the old woman:”

    It wasn’t Zarathustra who spake thus. Oh no, it wasn’t was it?

    You may ask yourself who the the little old lady was who disclosed this Top Secret information to me.

    And you may then ask yourself whether she deserves a crown

    a crown

    composed of alien metal

    from outer-space

    and encrusted with alien jewels

    also from outer-space

    You MAY ask yourself that.


    Wagner Reply:

    And yes, in case you were wondering, the Eagle HAS “landed”, the Eagle HAS “landed”…

    And just wait until I pour an ablation of champagne on top of it later


    That’s when the REAL fun starts.


    Man, this is why we need artificial hearts.

    Can you imagine… unfettered philosophy/book nerds CRANKT 24/7?

    Can you imagine that?

    Speaking 100% frankly candidly honestly, NO ONE can imagine that HAVOC that would wreak.

    Civilizational FUCKING MELTDOWN


    I only was able to acquire a few “speedpills” – (this is a metaphor duh).

    But now that I’ve heard turing_cop’s charming advice,

    I may be able to get moar 😎

    BTw TC: yup, you’re stuck down here with me now 🤟

    wagnER Reply:



    Lol “GIMME!”


    wagNer Reply:

    *flips into “Nietzsche said all the best philosophers were unmarried” mode*

    Realtalk th0 muh niggaz… one of the most DEBILITATING things for Philosophy is women.

    I know, I know, if we’re going to dualize two typesa nigga there’s the

    manbun-ass nigga

    then there’s the

    manosphere-ass nigga

    And both are gayer than a box of sharts.

    And you know I lean heavily toward the latter, though I’m learning from my tranny friends that there are certain powers ACCquired when you are able to fluidly pop in and out of the feminine reality tunnel (tho I don’t recommend this for the general public)…

    Anyway that was a long digression, Idk if it’s related to what I meant to say:




    Your shit’s retarded.


    You NEED to STOP giving a FUCK

    About appeasing these money-grubbing little herd-animals (whore-animals).

    Just stahp. It ain’t so bad. Just look at me.

    @Sarahs: just so you know, if I ever hit it big I would give away most of the money. So you can go find a rich phony and forget about me, you kikesoul bitch. In the mean time try getting some real standards.

    (Purely not coping right now, don’t worry about it.)

    But seriously 🖕🖕🖕😡😡😡🖕🖕🖕

    This shit needs to stop 🖕🖕🖕😡😡😡🖕🖕🖕

    We’re here on this Earth to learn the Truth, even if we never reach our goal.

    So, from the bottom of the hearts of me AND my Bonesmen:

    Sincerely, fuck you 🖕🖕🖕😡😡😡🖕🖕🖕

    WAGNER Reply:



    Wagner Reply:

    The poor poooor “well-adjusted” saps who stumbled down this 🕳️:

    *gives you a big cold ShogGOTHian 🤗*

    Something that’s always embarrassed me is that me and Land are totallllly in the same ethos as Marilyn Manson lol Land’s just “grown up”

    *Peter Pan face 😋* I’ll never grow up. This is the Aeon of the Child, dumb-mass boomerclown buttfuckin shit twiddlers 🤣 Counterfeit confetti forfeit you’re fetid – oldies, grandpas, CRAMMERs of the Apollonian Baloney Pony *neighh!!!* *Mr. Hand’s voice 👋* Party Poopers – Potty Animals

    *backflips to avoid AI missile*

    This is still the best wreck-job against Nietzsche-Dionysus:

    “I must confess that your piece reminded me more of the morrow of a Bacchanalian festival than of the festival itself.” – Hans von Bülow, 1872

    And moi? You’d never say that about ME would you? *BATs eyelashes*

    LAURA BUSH Reply:


    You’re incomplete without feminine wisdom, but go ahead, keep it up, see what flaws of yours I expose that would make “whim’n” be repulsed by you even more, wet garbage bubble. Bubble dick. *pop* Yes, this IS blackmail.

    You haven’t even FINISHED Rousseau’s Emile! If you want children to be well-educated you need $$$$$$$ fucktard. GROW UP!

    You probably just hate your mother don’t you. *rolls eyes* So typical.

    George W. Bush Reply:

    *standing at podium in million dollar suit on international television to make Official Statement*

    The Bonesmens’ response:

    Only one rule: NO PINK FOOD ALLOWED

    wagner Reply:

    *fast-forwards to next morning, everyone’s covered in brown from the mixture of colors, not to mention smelling like pigs*

    Ahhh who’s going to clean up this mess? Mom, where are you? Mommy?

    Heh 😅 no she’s right, I do hate my mother, I hardly call her. Should I forgive her for being a bad mother?

    I feel like Molyneux in this regard. If she wasn’t there for me as a mother why should I, now, be there for her as a son? I mean she supported me materially–but not maternally; not really. Moments of it but, just a selfish person who shouldn’t have had any kids (lol my enemies are nodding their heads vigorously SMH). This is why I tend to side with the pro-choicers: I think if people aren’t fit to raise kids they should abort them. Took a hit of weed so might get a little sloppy. “Lol” I probably drink and do drugs in part because of my shitty childhood. Psychedelics are different though- or are they? I connect with the Eternal Feminine on those, maybe that’s part of the appeal. Paging the Eternal Feminine, will you please make me meals, and buy me clothes, and clean up after me?? *dead silence* OK then. We could eliminate potential bad mothers and bad fathers by, kinda invasive like circumcision, sterilizing everyone at 13, and then switching it back on if they come and take a test to prove they can competently raise children…. LOL am I on some hyper-Platonic shit or what . . . Heh you think Nietch didn’t borrow (STEAL 😹) the WILL-TO-WORLDBUILDING from Socrates? *Laura Bush/Sarah voice* You just philosophize to distract from personal problems!!!

    *Sees Aristophanes out of the corner of my eye holding a pale machete with a pink tip* Heh see all this meta, it’s talking about my personal problems. See, autodeconstruction tick tic tick totally not distracting from meatspace traumas lol (“lol”) Where was I going though, that weed knocked me for a loop. This is like public therapy and I’m just being laughed at by 7 killer clowns and I don’t know it.

    Hmm I know people get antsy/angsty about abortion–“the Old anger began to rise”–so I’ll–I’ll–present to you a thought-experiment to mess with you EVEN MOAR!!!! It really doesn’t phase me that Aleister may or may not have ritually sacrificed a hundred children. *shrug* No but seriously, imagine you could see a day into the future and you were in a bar and saw a guy hitting on a girl and you KNEW that they were going to go “back to his place” and you-know-what–I’m not saying what you-know-what IS because I actually have manners unlike some of you lusty scrubs–anyway my question is: would it count as an abortion if you kicked the guy’s ass and stopped him from knocking up the girl? *grabs you by the 👃* Alright, more realistically, you *overheard* this guy talking about how he’s going to knock her up… A real rat of a guy too, greasy fucker with beady shark eyes–would you whoop his ass? Huh fruitcake? And then would that count as an abortion. (Btw dunno if I’ve mentioned before but that’s a word that needs to make a comeback… lots of masculine 50’s words are PERFECT fits imho, tho who’s to say we can’t spin out newer better ones? Can’t do that with copulism I mean fopulism I mean GOPulism I mean lopulism I mean mopulism I mean populism, whoa that was a lot of speech-slippage, hopefully no one falls and hits their head and gets a concussion and dies *sneakily pushes Wet Floor sign into the garbage can*) . woooooo THAT was a doozy ALL while listening to that crazy song Sheriff Hannon shared…

    Wagner Reply:

    *retweets self like a NARCISSIST*

    “[my mom] shouldn’t have had any kids (lol my enemies are nodding their heads vigorously SMH).”

    Shut up, you know you guys like knife-fights, why else are you here at this point?

    *YOU voice*

    “It can be BOTH simultaneously YOU FOP!”

    Wut does that word get under your skin at all?


    Does it, babydicks?

    Aww cute little guy, like a golden retriever puppy.

    You absolute fops, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    You think it’s all just ONE BIG COINCIDENCE that I’m constantly laughing at all you.. smh 🤣

    *after you fall asleep in the hunting cabin after you tried to grab my dick but I punched you in the face, I sew a Star of David onto the lapel of your coat, and one onto your hat* lol Kikes on Bikes… I’m a Crane on a Plane…

    Nah but I gitchu though. It’s AIGHT white boy, I mean it. I could turn kids down a destructive road, full of danger… yeah you fops definitely aren’t precisely the “skoolmarms” you so despise. Gib me a break, it’s so transparent. You’ve Internalized The Eternal Skoolmarm. *Trump voice* Not a good look!

    Wagner Reply:

    *fighter jet camouflage shimmers like the Predator* ✅

    *you see a 6–thousand footlong cigar-shaped spaceship* ✅

    *a full-screen HD 1080 pixel screen appears on it* ✅

    *it’s me in the spaceship* ✅

    *it’s me on the toilet* ✅

    *just kidding, I shit through an anal probe* ✅

    *you watch me shit through an anal probe on my spaceship* ✅


    *you’re watching yourself shit through an anal probe on your spaceship* ✅

    *you’re watching yourself watch yourself shit through an anal probe on your spaceship* ✅

    *ad infinitum* ✅

    *neverending shifting mirrors, like a funhouse only the opposite of fun* ✅

    *if you’re not having fun right now you have shit for taste* ✅

    Wagner Reply:

    Lol now the dirty potato heads who I dropped into the frying grease (lol shut up don’t make a joke) are contemplating traveling back in time and killing my dad before he boneman’d my mom. But it’s too late, our Star Friendships were meant to be, ((((((apparently)))))). The way my dad initially gave my mom the tingles was at a party he was the only one to jump into a swimming pool in the middle of winter, oddly enough.

    You guys are part of the Cathedral ✅

    In ways you don’t–or can’t–understand ✅

    I’m trying to help you even if it drives you insane (literally) ✅

    I know SOME of you, when unmasked, are reallllly reallllly cool ✅

    So those 7 clowns don’t have much to worry about ✅

    Or maybe they do ✅

    Yeah, they do–they’re indistinguishable from LEFTISTS ✅

    Where it actually matters ✅

    Watching them recurrently reminds me of the Flies of the Marketplace chapter of TSZ ✅

    Ouch ✅

    Wagner Reply:

    I warned you: excessive rhetoric and megalomania.

    This is my idea of FUN though… the Platonic Form of Fun.

    Modding with philosophy books and entheogens for a decade then hopping on a laptop jacktup on speed and zooming through NOOBS. PK’D!

    So grateful to Land that he never blocked me. Takes a special guy to let a scumbag like me say whatever he wants.

    *me when you all “round me up” in meatspace for the hanging*

    I-I was just following orders!

    Wagner Reply:

    Coming down a little now. Working with expired-for-a-year materials atm lol imagine me on Walter White grade crystal meth.

    Yeah but if you knew what my mom was like you’d laugh at me so hard. Swedish, go from there. Hyper-feminist. Sounds silly but something archetypal(?) that always comes back to me from my childhood was how she’d always yell at us to put the toilet seat down after we were done pissing. I was probably 10 and I asked her how it’s “equal” if the toilet seat always had to be the way that SHE wanted it… *cue irrational fury*

    Feminism as viewed thru the lens of the W2P isn’t about equality, it’s about matriarchy. And when you try to play THEIR W2P GAME against them you get into trouble *cue irrational fury* The fact that you get into trouble is evidence of the presence of a dominant matriarchy.

    So my whole attitude about this is…

    *leaves toilet seat up*

    Wait scratch that.

    *puts the toilet seat down and pisses on it*

    Laura Bush Reply:

    *Boldmug voice*

    Wagner: confirmed mommy issues!

    Lol the only reason I’m brave enough to admit it is cuz I expect I’m not the only one. *shifty eyes*

    Wagner Reply:

    Grrrrrr how’d I get caught up in this whole experiment smh

    Wagner Reply:

    sigh Maybe my Mom isn’t so bad. Maybe I’ll call her.. in a couple or a few or four days… It wasn’t her fault anyway, she was just doing what society told her to do.

    At the same time *squinting eyes* She had complete control of her non-/actions. Tough to decide. Maybe I’m being selfish just like her by not letting her use me as an emotional drain sponge.

    It’s fun to play her at pool, last time I saw her a few years ago I almost beat her; she’s getting rusty as she ages.

    Yeah that was her whole thing, she felt like kids made it so she “couldn’t be a girl anymore” (she always repeated this, with blame in her voice)… Yup, feminism is good for society, just look how I turned out 👍

    Wagner Reply:

    🙂 Like how my idea of *racecar careening into a crowd of people* is… “Let’s talk about our mothers…”

    Did you see it coming? I didn’t.

    Wagner Reply:

    Hmm maybe after today’s little chat I’m starting to warm up to your guys’ “illiterate tardwife hypothesis” 🤣

    When will the Noble Academy allow such a subject to be published???

    When every single person out in public is dressed like the Joker?

    Would they still be in denial even then?

    How’s about we practice our “piss adroitly such that the most piss possible stays on the seat without sliding into the toilet” skills, that’s what I say.

    Maybe we can get them on the disgust factor?

    *Cathedral voice*

    “Ew!! This is getting fucking gross, fine I’ll fucking submit!”

    Posted on January 9th, 2019 at 1:16 pm Reply | Quote
  • WAGner Says:

    This is my favorite picture of Dionysus:

    I’m ALWAYS thinking about it. I like the hearts on his head.


    Posted on January 11th, 2019 at 12:12 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Emil isn’t a good boy 😭 He needs to be put in time-out 😭


    Wagner Reply:

    Paging America, can we get a Cioranian a Netflix comedy spot.

    There must be someone out there who knows the magic words to get half of this country to hang themselves. Now THAT would be comedy.


    Posted on January 22nd, 2019 at 1:17 pm Reply | Quote
  • George W. Bush Says:

    Will latecomers get this joke? 😂


    Posted on January 31st, 2019 at 1:06 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Another hellthread


    Posted on March 22nd, 2019 at 2:34 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    This idiot is particularly fun to watch. He wants to replace Racine with basketball.


    Posted on June 4th, 2019 at 12:21 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Something our enemies might understand:

    The way we look at you is similar to the way people of the 60s looked at people of the 50s.


    Posted on June 18th, 2019 at 10:12 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    I mean the Oresteia movie of course. And no you know whos allowed in the production. Except one redhead I can think of, oh, and also “Goethebot”.


    Wagner Reply:

    It’s not surprising that in a matriarchy such as ours no one really talks about the Oresteia. The Republic is the official™ foundational text on Justice, which I have no qualms with frankly as long as it’s not read through a glass marxly. It’s suspicious to me though that the Oedipus cycle features so prominently in 20th century theory and the Oresteia is barely ever mentioned. Seems to be a symptom of the general feminist ethos we’re in the midst of. Orestes has his furies, isn’t that enough for you?? Guess not.


    Wagner Reply:

    *smirking in lab*

    Heh heh I’ll have to give them furries then.


    Wagner Reply:

    I’m starting to think that the “my better half” meme (there are various phrases for this that you can probably think of) is one of those “ironies that became real”.

    No! We were just being polite! It’s not actually true.

    Incipit the birth of feminism.

    This post itself is a lot more polite than it could be if you catch my drift.


    Wagner Reply:

    Eh typos. I’m trying to multitask at the moment shuddup


    Wagner Reply:

    Eh typos. I’m trying to multitask at the moment shuddup


    Wagner Reply:

    Female grammar nazis are like

    Us: 1
    N*ck: 0

    And I’m over here like you prefer that to being a gramma nazi? Really?


    Wagner Reply:

    Most of the people so concerned about social justice seem like they haven’t studied these texts, that’s why when I read a newspaper or watch the news I can’t take any of it seriously. What did they study to get their jobs? Rhetoric and nothing else? Journalists should be required to be familiar with 10 Classics IMO (OK, 5! jeez), I don’t really care which ones- pure rhetoric mixed with prereflective axioms of the zeitgeist (shitegeist) is not sufficient. I bet there’s one journalist reading this who only glanced at the wiki page of the Oresteia and felt they “got the picture”- just lol. These are the people who we trust to give millions of laypersons the scoopa the day?


    Posted on July 30th, 2019 at 2:31 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    This is still one of my favorite pictures on the internet:

    Are you ready to be picked up and HEAVED against a wall horizontally, Mark?

    Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to upload a picture of you to your facebook account, trying to smile from your hospital bed, with the majority of your teeth missing.

    Believe it or not, one of my favorite groups of friends has been working toward this very goal for a few years now. I won’t mention the name of their leader. I will say though that his book is very popular among members of the military (lowkey).


    Posted on August 26th, 2019 at 10:21 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    If you look to the origins of cyber-racism you will find that most of us didn’t start off wearing a KKK hood and getting called evil. Ask most in the general alt-right/nrx thoughtsphere and they’ll tell you that we felt surrounded by people who wanted us to hate ourselves for being white males. *That’s* when we pulled on the white hoods.

    This is the causation:

    “So, we’re second-class citizens, huh?”


    “Let me tell you about who the actual second-class citizens are.”

    So, it’s not like we were out here spewing slurs about women and minorities–the problem is that our very existence is a slur against them, and from there the simultaneously pitying and pitiful left started hurling slurs at us. I repeat, our very existence is a slur against them, and this is the unspoken core of the left. We don’t have to say anything, we just have to be, and bleeding-hearts will start trying to drag us down so ‘no one feels bad’–well, do you expect us not to respond to being dragged down? As Cioran described his own people, most of the people against us are people without a history, they’re pretty much the laughing-stock *of* history, how do you like that for a response?


    Posted on September 21st, 2019 at 12:35 pm Reply | Quote

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