The Islamic Vortex (Note-1)

An executive summary of Ali Khedery’s open letter to President Obama: Face it, ISIS is your ally bro.

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  • Chris B Says:

    Yeah. Everyone ones your fiend, apart from those evil Iranians and their allies.

    The middle east is done. It’s toast. The whole thing is going to burn and take down the western world. The neocons cannnot grasp the ramifications of removing state control.


    E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Reply:



    WasEnlightened Reply:

    >The middle east is done. It’s toast. The whole thing is going to burn

    The Arab world has been rife with revolutions, wars, massacres, assassinations, and religious fanatics for the entirety of the post-colonial period. The headlines are bad, but do they really represent a new baseline of chaos and slaughter?

    >and take down the western world.

    Doubtful. We might be better off; putative airline hijackers or bombers might be denied visas.


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  • Chris B Says:

    It’s shocking how much “experts” have zero idea what is going on. Absolutely zero.


    Aeroguy Reply:

    I take a small amount of offense to that seeing as how I’m one of those sausage casings that fell off after the first stage of the assembly line where the MIC brand of expert is manufactured. From what I’ve seen, they’re not so much clueless as they are psychopaths filled with a fair amount of bullshit while being either highly competent or socially savvy. For the deep state, blowback isn’t an unintended consequence, it’s what they have wet dreams about. There is no disputing that 9/11 was the best thing that ever happened to the deep state nor is there any disputing that another one would just make them even more powerful.

    4th gen warfare exists because it is allowed to exist, because the actors are protected, it’s just proxy warfare but along ideological lines (I’m not at saying 4GW actors are irrelevant and I’m glad you’re following through on investigating 4GW, just that the power of the state is a function of resolve. Most people have no interest in fighting, provide bread and the appearance of security and they’re loyal. Corporate farms proped by USG produce surplus bread which can be shared with pawns and USG has plenty of security at their disposal, both still apply even after financial collapse). It is more decadence than it is the seventh trumpet. The US military has only been defeated in 1812, all other so called defeats were either strategic retreats or in the most recent cases, misguided idealists being bitch slapped by reality. Genocide would be so easy (or closer to home killing every young man who doesn’t submit starting with the scum no one will miss and then working it’s way up to us), but it isn’t practiced because we enforce restraint and set the example on what the limits on state violence are set at. We enforce restraint because we can afford to, because we’re decadent. When the gloves come off, and they will eventually (during the financial collapse), that’s when the trumpets will sound.

    Rome was sacked how many times before it finally fell? Washington has only been sacked once (gently) and it was at the beginning of it’s history not during it’s empire. Also, the left singularity isn’t as close you might think, even after the worst of the world altering coming violence is over the march left will continue. Don’t forget, the financial collapse is coming, it will arrive before the gloves come off and the new financial order that is established in it’s wake will incubate the progressives as they jump ship from USG. This is why I really want Elizabeth Warren to become President, it will help trap them on the ship. They’ll still survive but greatly weakened. Hopefully weakened enough for us to break away (building the righwing counterculture is important because they will form the body of this group) unmolested (in spite of our alternative financial order in opposition to the new financial order) and cocoon ourselves while the rest of the world finish their march to left singularity. There could be other rightwing splinter groups around the world, depends on if they’re smart enough to reject populist oligarchs, or to be fair, if a Czar Putin could be nonpopulist in which case Russia dominates (however corruption is the rule there which makes populist government inevitable even if they do get a respite) but I’m still pessimistic about China.


    (Post)Apocalyptocrat Reply:

    Much truth in your comment. But why do you say that even after the worst of the world altering coming violence is over the march left will continue?


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  • Aeroguy Says:

    Breitbart summarized part of an interview of Cheney with the statement: President Obama doesn’t think that US power is beneficial, but rather “part of the problem.”

    This statement along with other signals is telling me that Obama and the deep state/foreign policy establishment are not on the same page and in a state of conflict. Mind you I could be wrong and it’s merely the activist/neocon wing of the deep state/foreign policy establishment whining in public for being shut out.

    Without detailed information it’s hard to tell what the true Realpolitik is. Bush is a good example of what happens when a President deviates from Realpolitik however in his case he was still eating out of the hand of the deep state. Obama is deeply cynical in his domestic politics but given his writings Cheney’s statement is probably right which would also lead to a deviation from Realpolitik. It’s the deep state/ foreign policy establishment’s job to play Realpolitik but like all bureaucracy their #1 priority is themselves and these guys are the experts on playing politics. It’s probably both, the out of power neocon/activist wing is whining (these are the guys who gave us Rumsfeld, they deserve to be out in the cold) while Obama’s overt actions probably defy Realpolitik (not necessarily the way neocon/activists would have you believe but it probably does involve a fair amount of incompetence and micromanaging) and the deep state/ foreign policy establishment’s covert operations support themselves first and US Realpolitik second.


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  • The Islamic Vortex (Note-1) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Amon Khan Says:

    That letter is a transparent piece of NWO propaganda. You’ll notice that his only real concern is Iran, which is making a legitimate bid to impose a new order on the region that doesn’t entail submission to Anglo-Zionist imperialism or the Wahhabi terrorists and the degenerate house of Saud.

    If you are looking for events that will signal the downfall of the present order and the birth pangs of a new age, the defeat of the Anglo-Israeli-Saudi axis and the ascendancy of Iran, Hezbollah, Syria and their allies Russia and China in the region would be a defining event. Personally, I think it’s probably a matter of time, with the main questions being: how many nukes will fly, and how many millions will die? David Goldman (aka Spengler) says 3 million young Arab men need to die for there to be peace. Me, I think a lot of Goldman’s kind need to die too…


    Y.Ilan Reply:

    As an actual Israeli, each time some outsider spouts about “Zionist Imperialism” I can’t help but laugh. You seriously think we have any sort of imperialistic ambitions, eh? We wouldn’t be such a small place if we had any sort of ambitions beyond being left alone. What kind of imperialist gives up a large swathe of oil rich land after winning a war?


    Alex Reply:

    I’m sure Mr Khan doesn’t seriously think anything.


    zimriel Reply:

    I’d take Arabs’ concerns about “Orientalism” more seriously if they weren’t so prejudiced against Westerners and, more so, against their fellow Semites.


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