I’m repeating an initial twitter interaction here because it seems quite critical to some of the plate tectonic rumblings working through NRx. My prompt was:

To which Michael Anissimov immediately replied:

(Of course there was more — interesting stuff.)

For some suggestive remarks about social prospects and differential speeds, see Andrea Castillo’s latest (and excellent) article on the tech-economy at Umlaut.

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  • pseudo-chrysostom Says:

    its a trick question really, the banker king already sits upon his fiat throne of monetary control. certainly he is not ‘officially’ sovereign, and his methods appear occult, but none can claim the influence he wields. indeed, the occultation of power is a defining feature of popular governance.


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  • Saddam Hussein's Whirling Aluminium Tubes Says:

    Aristotle saw tyranny / despotism / dictatorship as a perverted form of monarchy. I agree with this assessment.


    These two forms of monarchy are contrary in their very origin. The appointment of a king is the resource of the better classes against the people, and he is elected by them out of their own number, because either he himself or his family excel in virtue and virtuous actions;

    whereas a tyrant is chosen from the people to be their protector against the notables, and in order to prevent them from being injured. History shows that almost all tyrants have been demagogues who gained the favor of the people by their accusation of the notables. At any rate this was the manner in which the tyrannies arose in the days when cities had increased in power. … Others again grew out of the class which were chosen to be chief magistrates; for in ancient times the people who elected them gave the magistrates, whether civil or religious, a long tenure. Others arose out of the custom which oligarchies had of making some individual supreme over the highest offices.


    Monarchy is coming. Maybe not the monarchy that we need, but the monarchy that we deserve.


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  • Lana Says:

    More like a queen of the Penny Red variety. The ruling elite will enter NR and make it appeasing to the masses. (basic marketing) Look out for movies with NR characters that are based off this movement. If you want a clear picture of our government in 50 years, picture a coolhunter stomping on an anti-humanist face forever. The liberal elite, packaging your ideas into future governments, will always be more Machiavellian than your underground society of realtalk.

    All hail Penny Red.

    Patri Freedman is only the beginning of this transition into a reactionary state. If he offers you a place to build your country, who are you to complain? Just ignore the grinning face of Penny Red in the corner.

    All hail Penny Red.


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  • The Anti-Gnostic Says:

    An actual KING?

    Of course not. I’m frankly not sure America could have a king even if Americans wanted one.

    In the first place, WHO would be King? The bloodlines are hopelessly tangled, if not completely corrupted by intervening democratic acts.

    In the second place, who would ordain the American king? The Lutheran-Missouri Synod? The Mormon Tabernacle? Oprah? Joel O’Steen? Archbishop Jose’ Gomez?

    In the third place, a king is the head of an ancestral family who owns his people’s land and the apparatus of their State in allodial title. America has no ancestral people. All competing public claims to the American territory would have to be completely extinguished, and the dial reset to Zero, for an extremely forceful and powerful individual to lay claim to the land and State for the purpose of bequeathing it to his posterity.

    America may get a military coup but monarchy–very, very doubtful.


    admin Reply:

    I agree on all points. (It would be fascinating to see how Michael Anissimov would respond to them.)


    VXXC Reply:

    A military coup as normally understood isn’t possible.

    Because the Fyrd system of Saxon militia still quite exists both formally and informally.

    Because the Administration down to the very police and Military is Jeffersonian, that is to say distributed to lowest practical level.

    Because that is a moral bar so high it’s impossible to conceive of it being successfully passed.
    No we don’t just obey orders, no we’re not in it just for the check. Sacred Oath is Trump.

    Because the Regular Military is structured in the personnel system so as to make a coup nearly impossible, even if you had followers there is no leader. And no followers.

    Because seizing Washington only gains you Washington.


    The Anti-Gnostic Reply:

    Along those lines, I sometimes wonder if that’s the Deep State reason for keeping so many combat troops well overseas, where they can’t threaten the government and can’t defend the southern border with Mexico.


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  • VXXC Says:


    Yep. Just as soon as NeoLiberal Shock Therapy steals the real wealth – to pay off the paper debts – we’ll have an Aristocracy. Actually an Oligarchy, but at least the Demos will be well and proper crushed. It’s not just Regina Penny Red, it’s Lord Bieber.

    And can’t say you didn’t ask for it.


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  • bob sykes Says:

    Don’t we already have a semi-hereditary oligarchy? And hasn’t the oligarchy created the tools needed for a dictatorship?

    The oligarchy is flooding the country with Mexicans who come from and want a socialist state. They are also used to obeying a ruling class. So, I would expect that at some point amnesty gives the communist/socialist Democrat Party a permanent majority. The we will have the typical South American populist state like Venezuela or Argentina. In both those countries the government has popular support for its policies. But then, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco etc all led popular movements and had popular support.


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  • Hearst Says:

    The proper role of the Monarch is the people’s protector. He/she organizes the defenses against outside threats, but also acts as a check on the internal elites. Today these “internal elites” tend to be transnational in loyalty committed to commerce and global government with them at the top of the pyramid (with us profane goyim chiseled to fit as bricks in the lower part of the pyramid).


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  • Hearst Says:

    I tried to look it up, but can someone tell what a “techno-intelligence catastrophe” is?


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  • Mark Warburton Says:


    A techno-singularity?


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  • VXXC Says:


    SKYNET achieves consciousness. That is to say AI appears. The next step in evolution and sought as quest by Transhumanists. That’s the goal.


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