Twitter cuts (#28)

Propaganda is almost entirely based upon selection.

(Frum’s been doing a remarkably convincing vertebrate impression on this issue.)

ADDED: Extra points all around for consistency:

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  • AD Says:

    “Propaganda is almost entirely based upon selection.”


    for instance

    GNON always loves babies


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  • Hattori Says:

    The anti cathedral response.

    The original video had about 700k views before being taken down.


    michael Reply:

    the one you linked to was fun why cant DE/NRX have a TV station to make funny videos


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  • existoon Says:

    Hmmm ….

    “Frontex says 71 per cent of the people who entered Europe illegally in 2014 were male and 83 per cent were adults. Eurostat figures show 67 per cent of people who applied for asylum last year were male. More than half of all Syrians who applied for asylum (57 per cent) were men aged 18 to 64, which means more than 70,000 men of military age have fled a civil war to come to Europe.”

    “According to the sources in the Interior Ministry, the police attempted to let women and children and families first, so they can get to the train station and avoid the riots, fights and clashes between the migrants that where happening at the Gevgelija train station. That was not well received by the migrants since 80% are military capable men, many of them former fighters in the Syrian Civil War. They attempted to break into the country by force, starting a riot and clashing with police. Afterwards when the situation calmed down and most of them were allowed in, some of the migrants were saying with laughter to the local media that they can’t be intimidated by tear gas since they were using tanks, machine guns, bombs, artillery in the war in Syria. Tear gas is joke to them.”


    John Hannon Reply:

    From the Channel 4 Fact Check –

    “We’re not aware of any statistics on how many Syrian migrants have been involved in the fighting, or on their ethnic, religious or political affiliations.”

    So their war might be migrating with them for all we know.


    admin Reply:

    UN says 72% male adults (13% women, 15% kids).


    michael Reply:

    Why bring sand to the beach?


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  • existoon Says:

    One of the possible answers is: lots of migrants are wolves, but let’s present them as innocent lambs so they will be perceived as wolves in sheep clothing in the end. Democratic support for humanitarian initiatives (searching and destroying migrant^Wsmuggler boats, great walls). Lots of military drones will be needed for humanitarian initiatives. Invest accordingly.


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  • michael Says:

    Charlie Hebdo with some deliciously dark humor


    michael Reply:

    and glen beck it seems is demonstrating no matter how well you understand cultural marxism christianity will always turn you into a cuck


    michael Reply:

    Kudos to Hungary who knew? can we crowd fund them the other two fences they need ? if they throw them up as fast as the first that leaves camp of the saint russia -ish and the alps or swim to france which is the cultural home of the camp of saints


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